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Chapter 697

Phillip Zong reminded him, “Mailbox.”

Ana Lin slid the page to find the location of the mail box, clicked in, and asked, “The first one?”

Phillip Zong gave a hum.

Untitled, Ana Lin clicked in, and she scanned it.

The content is that Song Yaxin had been to the obstetrics and gynecology department, and also indicated the time, place, and which doctor showed her.

At first she didn’t take it to heart. Then she looked down. It was a copy of the medical record. Every patient was kept on file in the hospital. Song Yaxin had an abortion operation at that time.

Ana Lin frowned, “She and her ex-husband have children, divorced?”

Phillip Zong asked her to continue watching.

Ana Lin’s mood became more and more disturbed. Didn’t Keller Shen say that Song Yaxin and her ex-husband had no children, and they divorced because their ex-husband cheated?

The abortion time is not far away, more than two months ago.

She continued to look down, and Ana Lin was not calm now.

She opened her eyes wide. Below is the evidence of Song Yaxin’s derailment. She and her lover entered and exited the hotel. Song Yaxin cheated during marriage?

Isn’t her ex-husband cheating?

She looked up at Phillip Zong, “Is this true?”

“It’s true, Milton Guan went to investigate it personally. The only thing that is not clear now is how she let her husband carry this pot, even her parents are kept in the dark.”

Ana Lin was stunned and didn’t like Song Yaxin very much, but she didn’t expect that she could lie to others.

This is obviously not good character.

Isn’t this lying to Keller Shen?

Ana Lin felt that his three views had been refreshed.

How could he be so excessive that even his parents cheated.

Surprised, Ana Lin started to worry about Keller Shen, who he personally introduced to them and admitted to be his girlfriend.

If Keller Shen knew about it, how would he react?

What should Keller Shen do?

Phillip Zong took a sigh of relief, knowing she was worrying again. He took the phone and found the information and photos sent by Alan Su. The photo was of Marsha Sang cooking. When Keller Shen was helping her, Alan Su stood at the door and took pictures. Down.

“Look at it.”

Ana Lin didn’t doubt that he brought it over, and he saw the photo at first sight.

Who is this girl?

She read the message sent by Alan Su and realized that Keller Shen was with this girl now, Ana Lin’s cognition hadn’t been refreshed again.

She never expected that Keller Shen would “step on two boats”. Song Yaxin didn’t solve it here, but he got better with another girl over there.

After reading all the information sent by Alan Su, Ana Lin knew what was going on. What Keller Shen liked was this girl who was with him now.

Not coming back, and deceiving Song Yaxin is to let Song Yaxin take the initiative to let go.

Ana Lin returned the phone to Phillip Zong, “I didn’t expect that Keller Shen had so many clues.”

The last time I heard the name Marsha Sang in Alan Su’s mouth, I saw a real person now.

“I don’t think Keller did this properly. It’s a waste of others. He should come back and make clear with Song Yaxinxin.”

If Song Yaxin didn’t give up after waiting for two months, what would Keller Shen do?

How to explain to others?

After all, he himself began to agree.

“Do you think he can come up with this kind of attention?

According to his character, he should have come back to deal with it a long time ago, and in all likelihood, Alan Su paid him attention. “

Phillip Zong still knew the two of them very well.

Ana Lin thinks so, it must be Alan Su’s attention. According to Keller Shen’s straight temper, he will definitely come back and tell Song Yaxin clearly.

“Will you tell Keller what you found?”

Ana Lin asked.

She felt that she should let Keller Shen know, and it would also help him end the relationship with Song Yaxin.

Phillip Zong nodded, “I will tell him, as for how to deal with it, he decides for himself.”

Ana Lin nodded, thinking this was the most appropriate.

Phillip Zong finished the bowl of soup, and Ana Lin asked, “Do you want more?”

He shook his head, “Enough.”

Ana Lin thought for a while and asked, “Do you like to collect red wine?”

Phillip Zong frowned, what did he ask?

Ana Lin made no effort to tell him to look at the wine cabinet, “So much wine, special collection?”

“No, a lot of other people gave it, what’s wrong?”

Phillip Zong’s heart was stunned when he was asked, where the wine had been kept, she never asked, what happened today?

Ana Lin smiled, “It’s nothing, just because I was suddenly curious, I went up first.”

She put down her chopsticks and got up.

Now Zong Yanxi sleeps with her, she has to take a bath first, and when her daughter takes a bath, she can sleep with her arms around her.

Ana Lin took a shower, put on loose pajamas, half-lied on the bed, picked up the phone, sometimes she would chat with Lena Qin for a while, it was all about the store.

Now Lena Qin is in the business, and the development is pretty good. She recruited a few more designers, and with the help of Gibson Shao, she found a few well-crafted garment masters and embroidery workers.

Customization has high requirements on the craftsmanship of the garment master, and ordinary tailors cannot complete some special designs.

She sent a message to Lena Qin, but no one responded.

She thought that Lena Qin might be busy, so she put down her phone and prepared to lie down. Phillip Zong came in with her daughter. Zong Yanxi had already taken a shower, wearing short-sleeved shorts and a pink silk pajamas with lace edges. Phillip Zong put her away. On the bed, she immediately crawled into Ana Lin’s arms, Phillip Zong stood by the bed and looked at her daughter, wondering when she would be better?

So clingy, there is no time to breathe.

Ana Lin glanced at him, “What are you doing while standing?

Not going to bathe? “

Phillip Zong unbuttoned his shirt with one hand and said, “Tomorrow I will take her to the company.”

So Ana Lin can rest.

When he was not at home, Ana Lin was holding him alone.

He looked shocked, Zong Yanxi was about to enter the first grade, she was a lot taller, and also fatter, always holding too tired.

Besides, she has this body now.

It is better for him to take it to the company.

Ana Lin was speechless, “What are you doing with her?”

Phillip Zong said, “Let her see more people and help her recover.”

Zong Yanxi watched Phillip Zong blink her eyes, turned her head and buried her face in Ana Lin’s arms, as if repelling him in this way.

Phillip Zong didn’t pretend to see it, turned around and went to the bathroom.

Ana Lin lay down, put her daughter in her arms and patted her on the back, “Aren’t you sleepy?”

Zong Yanxi shook his head.

Ana Lin picked up the “Little Pig Snoring” on the table, “I’ll read you a story.”

Zong Yanxi nodded.

Ana Lin bowed her head and k*ssed her forehead. She was so lively and playful before, but now she became so quiet, she was worried.

Phillip Zong took a good shower and came out. Zong Yanxi was not asleep yet. Ana Lin moved in to make room for him. He walked to the bed and sat down and reached out and took the book in Ana Lin’s hand. I will read it to her.”

Ana Lin just happened to be a little sleepy, so he nodded, Phillip Zong hugged her daughter and hugged her. In fact, he heard where Ana Lin had read, and deliberately asked his daughter, “Where did your mommy read? “

Zong Yanxi pointed to the line read by Ana Lin.

Phillip Zong said softly, “Ruth tells her father where she has read, and father wants to hear Ruth speak.”

Zong Yanxi drilled into his arms without speaking.

Phillip Zong touched her head, sighed, and continued to read stories to her.

When Zong Yanxi fell asleep listening to the story, it was already two hours later, Ana Lin was already asleep, Phillip Zong put down his book and turned off the bedside lamp.

At night, he heard Ana Lin’s voice in a daze.

“His~ It hurts…”

Chapter 698

Is it about to give birth?

Phillip Zong’s sleepiness was instantly dispelled. He turned on the bedside lamp and looked at her nervously, “Is it a stomachache?”

Ana Lin frowned and looked uncomfortable. Phillip Zong didn’t care about putting on shoes when he got up from the bed, and walked to her side, “I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Speaking of him bending down to hug her, Ana Lin grabbed his hand and shook his head, “No, it’s not that my stomach hurts.”

She couldn’t move, her body was stiff, and her legs suddenly cramped.

“My leg cramped.”

She said uncomfortably.

Phillip Zong lifted the quilt and looked at her legs by the light. Her pajamas rolled up, revealing two thin white legs, brightly in front of his eyes, “That leg cramped?”


Her brow furrowed deeper and deeper, and her tendons were painful as if they were knotted. She grabbed the quilt and said, “Uh-it hurts.”

Phillip Zong’s face was tense, rubbing her cramped leg, there was no tactic, just to relieve her pain.

It took a while to relieve the knotted pain, Ana Lin raised his head and said, “You go to sleep, it’s much better.”

Phillip Zong sat on the edge of the bed, put her legs on his own, and continued to knead her.

“Go to the hospital tomorrow.”

Ana Lin said, “This is normal, and it will happen when the month is old.”

Phillip Zong pressed his lips and said nothing. He couldn’t replace this kind of pain. The only thing he could do was to try his best to relieve her discomfort.

Ana Lin moved his legs and acted like a baby at him, “Do you feel bad for me?”

Phillip Zong patted her leg, “I don’t feel bad.”

Ana Lin pulled his leg out, Jiao said, “Go away, don’t let you rub me.”

Phillip Zong grabbed her ankle, “Don’t make trouble, be good, I will rub it for you and it won’t hurt.”

“You don’t feel sorry for me, so I won’t let you rub it for me.”

Ana Lin arched his legs, trying to break away, not to let him touch.

Phillip Zong smiled lightly, “Willful.”

Ana Lin said sternly, “I will be willful, and I plan to let you support me in the future.”


Phillip Zong squeezed her thigh, and Ana Lin said coquettishly, “It hurts.”

Phillip Zong asked, “Does it hurt?”

Ana Lin pointed to the leg.

Phillip Zong came over, Ana Lin realized that he was going to k*ss himself, hurriedly retracted his legs, and whispered at him, “Phillip Zong.”

“So afraid of me k*ssing you?”

Phillip Zong looked at her through the light with a serious expression, “If this is a son, how about sending him to City C?”

Ana Lin…?



She couldn’t understand what he meant.

“What if it’s a daughter?”

Ana Lin asked.

“Then I must be by my side.”

Ana Lin sat up and asked a little excitedly, “What do you mean?

Is it a son, you don’t want it?

You just don’t want a son like that? “

“My child, why would I not want it?”

Phillip Zong sat over and took her into his arms, “I think so, if it’s a son, let him take your surname as you left one for your father, you haven’t really changed your surname.”

As Phillip Zong said, Ana Lin can understand and understand.

But what does this change of surname have to do with gender?

“If it’s a daughter, why can’t you give me the last name?”

Soon Ana Lin thought that he had said he liked his daughter more.

He couldn’t help but curled his lips, “Aren’t everyone patriarchal?

How do you favor women over men? “

Buzzing—At this moment, Ana Lin’s phone vibrated.

Phillip Zong picked it up and saw a short message from a string of unnamed numbers.

“Who, is it Lena Qin?”

Ana Lin took it over, “I sent Lena Qin a message before going to bed, and she has never returned to me.”

Then she clicked on the text message.

Phillip Zong didn’t know, he took the phone away before he saw what information Ana Lin was.

At this time, Zong Yanxi’s body moved, as if she felt that no one was around, and wanted to open her eyes, Phillip Zong turned over from Ana Lin with her arm, picked her up, and patted her gently. Back, “Dad is here.”

Zong Yanxi reached out and touched it, as if it were his father, and put a sticker in his arms and continued to sleep.

Ana Lin stared at the phone and couldn’t help but narrowed his eyes.

The content of the text message is, Today your husband is wearing a light gray suit, white shirt, and black tie. The man in formal wear is very attractive.

] “Who sent the message?”

Phillip Zong raised his head and asked in a low voice while seeing Ana Lin.

Ana Lin deleted the message, assuming it was a prank, and said faintly, “Nothing, spam messages.”

She lay down, leaned her body on her side, and put her legs on Phillip Zong’s body. After a month of age, she would suffer from sleeping. Lying on her back would oppress her heart, and she would have to raise her legs on her side to be comfortable. “I’m sleepy.”

Phillip Zong put his hand on her lap and said, “Go to sleep.”

Ana Lin lightly closed her eyes and didn’t worry about the text message. After all, many people could see what he was wearing. This was normal. She moved to find a more comfortable position and soon fell asleep.

When Phillip Zong woke up in the morning, Ana Lin and Zong Yanxi were still asleep. When he got up, he moved very lightly, fearing to wake them up.

When he was about to go to the bathroom, the phone on the table vibrated. Since Zong Yanxi was frightened, he would set the phone to vibrate at night, just in case the phone rang at night.

He picked up the phone, there was no name displayed on it, a string of numbers, he hesitated, and walked to the house to make an external phone.

He pressed the answer button to his ear, and stepped on his slippers downstairs.


“it’s me.”

After Keller Shen bought the mobile phone, he immediately contacted Phillip Zong.

“I’m fine, everything is fine, don’t worry about me, but I won’t go back temporarily.”

Phillip Zong walked to the table and poured a glass of white water, “Is this your phone?”


Keller Shen returned.

“After I send you something, you decide whether to return.”

Phillip Zong picked up the white water and took two sips.


Phillip Zong said, “Watch it for yourself.”

After speaking, he hung up the phone and sent what Milton Guan found to Keller Shen.

He decides what to do.

At the moment, Keller Shen was sitting on the headline under the tree. Hearing the sound of hanging up, he took off the phone and quickly received an e-mail. He clicked in to browse.

Looking at him, the brow frowned, and the frown became tighter and tighter.

Song Yaxin’s pictogram in his heart is actually okay. Although she doesn’t like her, she doesn’t hate her either.

I subconsciously think that Song Ju is such a good person, and her daughter’s character is not bad.

So he always felt that Song Yaxin was like Song Ju.

But she never thought that she would be… Song Ju is an upright person. How could she hurt others so selfishly?

It was obvious that she had the wrong first, and she pushed all the mistakes to her ex-husband’s head.

Let her ex-husband be the target of public criticism, she disguised herself as a victim.

What kind of person is this?

! ! If this email was sent by someone else, he would definitely not believe it, but it was sent to him by Phillip Zong. It must have been investigated clearly. Otherwise, according to Phillip Zong’s personality, no, he would rashly tell him the matter.

“What are you looking at?”

Marsha Sang hugged his neck from behind, lying on his back, chin resting on her shoulder and looking at his phone, Keller Shen quickly turned the phone back to the main page.

Marsha Sang leaned in his ear and asked softly, “What is so scared of me to see?”

Chapter 699

Keller Shen turned around and said, “Nothing, I will deal with it, Marsha Sang, let’s go back.”

Marsha Sang’s expression paused, and quickly pulled out a smile and said, “I listen to you.”

She got up from Keller Shen’s back, “I’m going to pack things and bid farewell to the children. By the way, I’m here to ask you to have breakfast.”

Keller Shen stood up from the stone sliver, put the phone in his pocket, and followed her into the house.

Marsha Sang’s voice came from inside the room, “I can’t bear these children.”

“You can come back to see them in the future.”

Keller Shen said.

“You said you want to help them, don’t forget.”

Keller Shen said, “I didn’t forget.”

City B.

When Ana Lin woke up, Phillip Zong was no longer there, and Zong Yanxi was still asleep. She got up and went to the bathroom to wash. When she went downstairs to see Phillip Zong was still in the living room, she thought he had already gone to the company.

She walked down and put her arms around his thin waist from behind, “Get up so early.”

Phillip Zong put down the cup with the water in his hand and turned to look at her, “Why don’t you sleep a little longer?”

Ana Lin pressed against his back and said, “I can’t sleep anymore.”

Phillip Zong glanced at Yu’s mother who was in the wine cabinet, and when she was sure she would not look here, he turned around and pulled Ana Lin into her arms and leaned over to k*ss her lips. Ana Lin flinched for fear that Yu’s mother would see it. .

Phillip Zong didn’t allow her to retreat, clasping her head to fit herself.

Ana Lin knew that he was tougher than him, so he catered to it.

When Phillip Zong let go of her, she held his neck tightly and took a bite on his shoulder through her pajamas. She deliberately used some strength, knowing that Yu’s mother was there, he didn’t dare to make a sound in pain.

Soon she saw Phillip Zong’s painful expression, and she was relieved with satisfaction.

Phillip Zong pulled open his neckline and looked at his shoulder. The neat row of teeth marks was about to bleed.

He blinked, “Are you trying to murder your husband?”

Ana Lin didn’t believe it very much, “I didn’t work hard.”

“What happens if I use force?”

Phillip Zong doubted his ears. Does he need to bite and bleed before he exerts force?

Ana Lin saw that he was really in pain. She stretched out her hand and pulled his collar. The teeth marks on her shoulders were not only deep, but also really bleeding. She didn’t know that she would use so much force.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, I’ll find a medicine box for you…” Phillip Zong pulled her, “No.”

Ana Lin didn’t want to bite him. He blamed himself for being indifferent or not. “It hurts or not…” “It’s okay, just treat it as the mark you left me, and I will leave you one in the future… …” “I do not want it.”

Ana Lin is not stupid, it hurts so much that she doesn’t want any marks.

“Don’t fail.”

Phillip Zong hugged her and deliberately pulled her neckline, not really wanting to bite her, just wanting to play with her.

It’s too itchy Ana Lin couldn’t help laughing.

When Wanda heard the noise and looked over here, she saw Phillip Zong holding Ana Lin in an ambiguous posture. She turned around hurriedly, perhaps because she was moving too fast, or she was too panicked, her hand slipped, and there was no bottle yet. The Kaifeng red wine fell on the ground, bang! With a sound, the wine bottle was torn apart, and the bright red liquid was flowing all over the floor.

The air was instantly filled with a faint aroma of red wine.

Phillip Zong and Ana Lin looked over at the same time, Wanda stood stiffly on the spot, and smiled slyly, “You go on, you go on, I didn’t see anything, and I will clean it up immediately.”

Ana Lin blushed and pushed Phillip Zong a little bit. She walked over and saw that the bottle of red wine that Song Yaxin had said was placed in the middle grid was broken. She couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Such a good wine is a pity. “

Phillip Zong looked at her, “Do you know what kind of wine this is?”

He remembered that Ana Lin didn’t study wine, right?

She has never seen these wines here for so long, and she only knows the more famous domestic liquors.

“Song Yaxin said, she has a lot of research on red wine.”

Ana Lin said, thinking that she always talked with Phillip Zong, it was no wonder in her heart.

Phillip Zong’s cold snort from his nose obviously didn’t have a good feeling for that woman, even contempt for it.

The firm arm encircled Ana Lin in his arms and held her upstairs, “After she comes, she will excuse that something is going on. Don’t let her come in, so as not to disturb you.”

Ana Lin said, “I know.”

“But I don’t think she will have a chance to be here in the future. I told Keller Shen about the matter. According to his personality, I will definitely come back and tell Song Yaxin clearly.”

Ana Lin nodded, thinking it was right for Keller Shen to come back to deal with it, and it would be even more unclear when she dragged her back.

When she has nothing to do with Keller Shen, naturally she will not come to the villa again.

She raised her head to look at him. The profile of the side is clear and distinct, and it forms an elegant arc with the neck. His skin is very white, and the bridge of the nose is even taller when viewed from the side. Even the eyelashes are so long that she makes people jealous. Pouting, “Does your company have a crush on you?”

Phillip Zong looked over suddenly, very inexplicably, “Why do you ask?”

Ana Lin thought of the message he received last night and said, “It’s just that someone praises you for being attractive and that there are women at work. Stay away from them.”

Phillip Zong smirked, “Why, jealous?”

Ana Lin glanced at him without saying anything.

Phillip Zong reduced her smile and just wanted to ask her who said it. Zong Yanxi woke up at this time and found that there was no one around him. She was about to cry immediately. Ana Lin reached out to hug her. Phillip Zong said, “I will hug her. .”

Zong Yanxi, who had just woke up, had no energy and lay on Phillip Zong’s shoulder and rubbed his eyes.

Ana Lin went to find clothes for her daughter in the closet.

Phillip Zong held Zong Yanxi to wash her face in the bathroom. Ana Lin found the clothes her daughter was going to wear today and put them on the bed. At this moment, the mobile phone she placed on the bedside vibrated and she reached out and picked it up.

It’s the text message from that number last night.

She frowned and nodded.

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