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Chapter 700

The content is, Good morning! Ana Lin stared at these words, if it is said that the message last night was mischievous or sent randomly.

So what does this mean this morning?

Phillip Zong washed his daughter’s face and walked out, and saw Ana Lin standing by the bed looking at her phone, and walked over. Ana Lin was too engrossed to find that Phillip Zong was already standing behind him. Phillip Zong asked who When I sent you a message, she was taken aback.

“Why do you walk without sound?”

Ana Lin was clutching his heart, his heart still beating.

Phillip Zong looked at her, “It’s not that I am walking without sound, it’s because you are too absorbed, who sent you the message?”

Good morning?


Jenkin Bai?

Are you still loyal to Ana Lin?

Ana Lin sat on the edge of the bed, looking up at him.

Phillip Zong looked back at her, “Why don’t you speak?”

Ana Lin turned to the previous message and pursed his lips. “It’s very strange. There has been inexplicable information since last night. What does this person mean and what does he want to do?”

Phillip Zong took her mobile phone, turned it over, and then frowned, seemingly surprised.

“Are you messing with flowers outside?”

Ana Lin raised his eyebrows, not deliberately suspecting him, just that he really couldn’t figure out who would do it, and couldn’t find a suitable reason.

Phillip Zong glanced at her, did not speak, and sent the number on her cell phone to his cell phone, “I’ll figure it out, don’t think about it.”

Ana Lin lowered his eyes, “I didn’t think about it, I just felt a little uneasy. Who would do this?”

“I will find out.”

Phillip Zong’s voice was slightly cold, with imperceptible anger.

She was in a good mood in the morning, but her heart couldn’t be calmed by such a trick.

She was scared, and she was really afraid of another moth. This time Keller Shen’s incident was unpredictable. What about next time?

“How is Gu Bei?”

Ana Lin asked.

It was him last time.


Gu Bei has completely finished playing with himself. He had the opportunity to go abroad to avoid the disaster of jail. Now he is seeking his own death, and no one can save him.

Ana Lin looked down, “It won’t be him.”

Phillip Zong told her not to think about it, “I’ll find out, your daughter is hungry, let’s go down to eat.”

Ana Lin nodded and reached out to touch her daughter’s face, “Let Yanchen come back today, and I can play with her. Suddenly there is no one at home and it is very deserted.”

There used to be Lena Qin and Zong Qifeng Roberson Cheng, but now they are no longer there, and the villa suddenly became quiet and cold.

Originally, Phillip Zong wanted to take Zong Yanxi to the company. Seeing more people might help her recover, but when the text message happened, he gave up the idea of ​​taking his daughter to the company.

Now the main thing is to figure out who sent those messy messages to Ana Lin’s mobile phone.

“I’ll pick him up after dinner.”

Phillip Zong said.

Ana Lin nodded.

The room was cleaned by Yu’s mother, but there was still a faint smell of alcohol. Phillip Zong asked Yu’s mother to open the window for ventilation.

Wanda said, “The windows are all open, and the smell may not disappear at once.”

“If you don’t get used to it, just stay upstairs.”

Phillip Zong raised his eyes and looked at Ana Lin.

She has no appetite and chews the food in her mouth without a bite.

Maybe it was because he was thinking about things and didn’t pay attention to what Phillip Zong said.

So there was no answer.

Phillip Zong looked at her.

Knowing that she promised not to think about anything, but she didn’t know how much she thought about it.

He sighed, “Why can’t you listen to something?”


Ana Lin returned to his senses, and did not hear what he said.

Phillip Zong also lost his appetite. After Ana Lin finished eating, he gave Zong Yanxi to her.

He left the villa to pick up Zong Yanchen.

By the way, Zong Qifeng and Roberson Cheng were brought back to the villa together. There is someone in the family who can help Ana Lin to take Zong Yanxi. Now Zong Yanxi doesn’t even follow Yu’s mother. When he is away, Ana Lin is the only one. Take it, it’s not convenient for her to have a big belly.

At nine o’clock, Phillip Zong picked them up.


Zong Yanchen ran over and lay on her lap, looking at her sister, “Isn’t it all right?”

Ana Lin reached out and touched his forehead, “Yes, so I called you back to play with my sister.”

Zong Yanchen has always been sensible, nodded vigorously, and then kept talking to his sister, “Ruth, I have something for you, do you want to see it?”

Zong Yanxi blinked at him without speaking.

Zong Yanchen was not discouraged, and continued to lead her to talk, “Do you really want to watch?

Did I give it away? “

Zong Yanxi remained silent.

It seems that toys can’t seduce her, so Zong Yanxi went and carried the whole set of toys that she had played with.

In fact, Phillip Zong didn’t pick them up at the old house today, and they planned to come back. They bought these toys yesterday.

Zong Yanxi has been playing family games, but Zong Yanchen has always felt naive and reluctant to play.

This time my sister was frightened so that he was not in good spirits. He was willing to do anything, as long as he could make her sister get better soon.

Zong Qifeng walked over, “Ruth, come and hug grandpa.”

Zong Yanxi drilled into Ana Lin’s arms, expressing his unwillingness with action.

“Grandpa, we’re here to live.”

Zong Yanchen took Zong Qifeng and sat on the carpet, while Roberson Cheng took Dabai and joined them.

Zong Yanxi blinked and looked at them. Zong Yanchen arranged the toys, especially the toys for the play house in the kitchen. They were very complete, with various ingredients, and pots and pans. They could chop vegetables for cooking. The princess house. The princess lives, she has always wanted to play.

After a while, she took the initiative to get down from Ana Lin’s arms and join them.

Ana Lin breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, she finally changed a little.

Although I still don’t speak, I am willing to play with others.

On the other side, Phillip Zong arrived at the company. After entering the office, he walked to the desk and pressed the inside line, “Tell Milton Guan to come to my office.”

“Good President Zong.”

He unbuttoned his suit and sat down at his desk. Milton Guan received a call from his secretary and came to Phillip Zong’s office. When he arrived at the door, he didn’t knock on the door immediately, but stood at the door and knocked. Ring the door.

Soon Phillip Zong’s voice came out.

Milton Guan pushed the door in.

“Go and check for me, this number.”

Phillip Zong gave Milton Guan the number to send messages to Ana Lin.

Milton Guan took it and lowered his head and said, “Okay.”

“Wait…” Just when Milton Guan was about to leave, Phillip Zong stopped him, “Why are you tired recently?”

It looks like a frosted eggplant, which is not like Milton Guan.

Milton Guan shook his head, “No.”

“This year’s annual leave, I will give you an extra week.”

Phillip Zong opened the documents that needed to be signed on the desk.

Milton Guan wanted to say something and stopped. He wanted to say something to him, but he didn’t know how to say it. Finally, he said, “Thank you, Zong.”

Chapter 701

Milton Guan walked out of the office and closed the door, looking down at the number in his hand, his face became extremely ugly.

Because he knew who did it without checking.

“Assistant Guan.”

The secretary came from the pantry and saw Milton Guan approaching him and greeted him.

Milton Guan was too engrossed and didn’t notice someone coming. Suddenly someone shouted in front of him and frightened him.

“You came out of there?”

“You just came out. Why do you look so absorbed?”

Speaking of the secretary, he looked at the paper in his hand.

Milton Guan covered the paper, “What are you looking at?

Go to work. “

The secretary glanced at him, “I’m not too scared to see it. Seeing you look so pale, I guess it’s not a good job.”

Milton Guan immediately touched his face, “Is my face not good-looking?”

The secretary ignored him and returned to his post with water.

Milton Guan walked towards the elevator without further questioning. He glanced around to make sure that there was no one. He flashed into the stairwell at the elevator entrance and took out his mobile phone to make a call.

No one answered the call, Milton Guan continued to dial with a gloomy face.

Finally the phone got through during the third call.

Milton Guan asked angrily, “What do you want to do?

! “

“Why are you so angry?

I’m swimming and don’t bring my mobile phone. You will scare me so fierce. “

Gu Huiyuan was wearing a white blanket and sitting on a recliner. She touched her leg, “Is so anxious to find something to do with me?”

Milton Guan gritted his teeth, “What did you do, don’t you know it?”

Gu Huiyuan laughed, “I really haven’t counted. If you mean that I sent a letter to your boss’s wife, then I admit that I did it, so what do you want?”


“Okay, you help me ask your boss to meet at the Hyatt Hotel, and I will stop…” “You dream!”

Before Gu Huiyuan had finished speaking, Milton Guan cut her off sharply.

Gu Huiyuan fluffed his hair, “You don’t have to agree, then continue to tell me, your boss’s whereabouts every day, I continue to send text messages to his wife, as if his wife is about to give birth?

I don’t know if it will be irritating…”

“You are enough! “

Milton Guan yelled, “What do you want to do?”

“What do I want to do?”

Gu Huiyuan laughed, and then said coldly, “He killed my dad and put my brother in jail. What do you think I want to do?”

“Those are on their own terms!”

“Milton Guan, why, don’t you recognize people if you want to put on your pants?”

“It was you who framed me…” “Even if I framed you, but you slept, I took a video. There is only your face and you are naked. If I sell it to the YY website or the news media, I guess it can sell for a good price and make you famous…” “Gu Huiyuan!”

Milton Guan was anxiously pale, he couldn’t wait to strangle this woman.

He never expected that he would go to a bar for a drink, would be drugged, and he would go to bed with her, so he would go to bed. The woman also took pictures of him and used video to threaten him.

Gu Huiyuan originally wanted to design Phillip Zong, but she really had no chance and could only start from the people next to him.

Alan Su and Milton Guan were also her targets, but according to her observations, she was not good at it, and it may not be a threat.

Finally locked the target Milton Guan.

Milton Guan slowed down, “Let’s meet.”

Gu Huiyuan smiled and asked, “Do you miss me?”

Milton Guan stubbornly held the phone, “Stop talking nonsense, the bar last time.”

“it is good.”

Gu Huiyuan responded.

Milton Guan hung up the phone, opened the door of the stairwell gently, and looked out to make sure that no one had come out. He got on the elevator, walked out of the company downstairs, and drove to the bar last time.

Gu Huiyuan was faster than him. When he arrived, Gu Huiyuan had already arrived.

She was wearing a black suspender skirt, sitting on the deck with her legs folded, Milton Guan walked over quickly, grabbed her wrist, and dragged the person into a box.

Gu Huiyuan stroked his chest and smiled, “So anxious…” “You want to point your face.”

Milton Guan bared his teeth.

Gu Huiyuan smiled, “Assistant Guan is a gentleman now?

When I slept with me, I was very brave. “

Milton Guan clenched his fists in both hands, “Let’s talk about it, what do I want to destroy those things?”

Gu Huiyuan retracted her hand, walked to the sofa and sat down, bent over to pick up the wine on the table and poured a glass. She squeezed the wine glass gracefully and shook it gently in her hand, “Do you think I am short of money?”

Still lacking men? “

Milton Guan didn’t say a word, and stared at her firmly.

It is said that beautiful women are poisonous. This may only be true. The woman in front of you is highly poisonous. Once infected, she will have to be skinned if she does not die! “I have only one purpose. Don’t think about making it easier for people who ruin my family.”

Gu Huiyuan suddenly raised his head and his eyes were sharp, “Assistant Guan, if your father and brother are in jail, what will happen to you?

When nothing happened? “

“If they are good people and no one moves them, they will have their own fate. It is their own cause. No wonder someone else. Your brother could have gone abroad for a lifetime abroad, but he had to die. Who can save him?

Are you a woman and want revenge?

Besides selling your body, what else can you do? “

Milton Guan tried to persuade Gu Huiyuan, “Let go, you have your life, why bother to ruin your life for them, my boss’s method, I know myself that you will not be his opponent, if you let him know that you are Don’t think about being a demon!”

Chapter 702

Gu Huiyuan did not show the expression of stage fright. Instead, he stood up from the sofa in a relaxed manner, walked to Milton Guan, and stretched out his hand to grab his tie, “I am definitely not his opponent, but don’t I have you?

Are you not the one next to him? “

Milton Guan looked down at her hand and sneered, “Are you so sure I will help you?”

Gu Huiyuan reached his chin and blew hot air at him, “If you don’t help your woman, who do you want to help?”

“Ha ha!”

Shut down squeezed her cheek, “You are at best delivered to the door, mine?

You do not deserve! “

Gu Huiyuan was not angry, and smiled, “Whether it was I delivered it to the door or you took the initiative to find me, it is not important. The important thing is that you slept with me, why do you want to go wrong?

Then I’m going to sue you with great fanfare? “

Milton Guan squinted his eyes.

“Don’t stare at me.”

Gu Huiyuan raised his leg and rubbed his side, “I like you to be gentle with me.”

Milton Guan, “…” “Can you make a face?

Don’t be so cheap? “

Milton Guan threw her away.

Gu Huiyuan knocked on the corner of the table, she clutched her legs, “Milton Guan, don’t overdo it.”

“It’s you who is too much, do you think I will listen to you when I sleep?

Just a few photos, who you are willing to give to whom, as for the video, if you want to send it to that media, send it to that media. I Milton Guan will never be threatened by a woman. “

Milton Guan slammed the door after speaking.

Gu Huiyuan sat on the table, looking at the closed door, clenching his hands tightly.

Not reconciled, she took out her mobile phone and called him.

Milton Guan drove the car and heard the phone ring. He took out and took a look. He saw that it was his number, but did not answer it. He threw the phone aside and let it ring.

No one took care of Huiyuan and was not discouraged, so she sent messages instead.

Soon the phone’s ringing stopped, and a text message sounded. Milton Guan reached out and took it, took a look, and said, “The future is gone?”

] Milton Guan pulled the car over and replied, I have a future when I meet you?

] Gu Huiyuan didn’t give up, Can you really be your boss without even having your own face?

】 【Gu Huiyuan, meeting you, do I still have a face?

Gu Huiyuan bit his lip and dialed his number again. This time Milton Guan picked it up, “What else do you want to do?”

Gu Huiyuan asked, “Can you really not have your own future?”

Milton Guan answered without hesitation, “Yes.”

“Are you a dog?

What’s the use of being so loyal?

Didn’t you work for someone?

As long as you help me, I can let you be your own boss, you have the ability, I have…” “Gu Huiyuan, do you think everyone else is like your family?

People without humanity and morality are inferior to pigs and dogs, Gu Huiyuan I can’t control you, but you don’t want to manipulate me. “

Gu Huiyuan held the phone for a long time and could not speak.

Milton Guan asked, “Why don’t you speak?”

“I do not know what to say.”

Gu Huiyuan’s way.

She really couldn’t refute Milton Guan. Her father and younger brother both took the blame, but she was a daughter and sister, and she couldn’t be indifferent.

“Milton Guan, I will ask you one last time, are you really not helping me?”

Gu Huiyuan asked.

Milton Guan is still the answer, “I will not betray.”

“Okay, don’t regret it.”

After speaking, she hung up.

Milton Guan looked at the phone, the screen still showed that it had been hung up, and with a beep, he pressed the end button and threw the phone aside, pressing his elbows against the steering wheel, covering his face.

It took him a long time to let go of his hand, he wanted to understand something in his heart, and made a decision.

He restarted the car and soon he drove to the company.

He parked the car, got on the elevator, and stopped at the office floor. He stepped down and walked directly towards Phillip Zong’s office.

When he was about to knock on the door, the secretary said, “The boss is not here.”

Milton Guan turned around and asked, “Where did he go?”

“Not in the itinerary, I don’t know where to go.”

Said the secretary.

Those not in the itinerary are all private matters, she doesn’t know.

Milton Guan frowned.

“Do you have anything important to report?”

The secretary looked at Milton Guan in a hurry.

Milton Guan did not speak, and returned to his office.

His office is located diagonally across from Phillip Zong’s office. It is very spacious and well decorated. He walked to the desk and stretched out his hand to caress the desk top. Gu Huiyuan said that he was working for somebody, not fake. He was indeed working for somebody. However, he feels very fulfilled. He can have the status of today, with Phillip Zong’s trust and entrusted responsibility. Otherwise, how can he have the opportunity to show his fist?

How can one be without a conscience?

He could not help Gu Huiyuan to frame Phillip Zong.

He could see that Phillip Zong cares about Ana Lin.

How could he ungratefully provoke them?

He lowered his eyes, took out his mobile phone, found Phillip Zong’s number and dialed it out.

Phillip Zong is accompanying Ana Lin for check-ups. She will have regular check-ups this month. She is undergoing fetal heart rate monitoring. She can clearly hear the fetus’s heartbeat and whizzes through the machine.

He stood beside Ana Lin holding her hand, his heart was complicated and excited, but listening to this voice, he could feel that this was a very energetic child, his heartbeat was so powerful, which shows how vital his vitality is. exuberant.

Even the strength of holding Ana Lin’s hand has increased unconsciously.

Ana Lin felt a little pain and sweating a lot, but she did not say aloud to remind him that when there were Zong Yanchen and Zong Yanxi, he had no chance to hear the heartbeat in his abdomen. Now that he has a chance, he will be excited. , Is a normal response to being a father.

At this time, the mobile phone in Phillip Zong’s pocket rang.

He took it out and saw that Milton Guan was calling, and he pressed to hang up, and he was in Ana Lin’s ear and said, “I’ll go outside and answer the call.”

Ana Lin nodded, “Go ahead.”

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