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Chapter 676

As soon as he opened his eyes, he couldn’t adjust to the light. He closed and opened his eyes again and again. He was completely awake after repeated several times. He remembered that he had fallen into the river and was hit by someone with a small wooden boat. Then he was beaten again. Now he thinks, He can still feel the pain in the back of his head.

He moved his body and wanted to sit up and see his surroundings clearly. He remembered that the man knocked himself out because he was afraid that he would corrupt him. How could he send himself to the hospital again?

This is not in line with common sense.

When he tried to move his leg, he found that he was pressed down, and looking down, he saw a familiar face.

Marsha Sang?

Why is she here?

Perhaps it was because seeing her too suddenly, the heart was beating fast.

Marsha Sang slowly woke up, and saw someone looking at herself overnight. She rubbed her eyes and said in surprise, “Are you awake?”

Keller Shen looked at her for a long time before speaking, “Why did you—how come here?”

“You passed out and were seen by my student. The hospital I sent you to should be me asking you, why did you show up here?”

Marsha Sang sat up and rubbed his numb arm, “Do you still have a headache?

are you hungry? “

Keller Shen didn’t say a word, just looked at her like this, and answered the question, “Why suspend school?”

Marsha Sang lowered her eyes, “I don’t want to read it anymore.”

I used to work hard to be a mother and to become a woman who can match him. Later, my mother was gone. After listening to Song Ju’s words, she understood that no matter how hard she worked, she could not become a person who could help him.

She didn’t know who else she could work for, and she suddenly lost all motivation.

Life has also lost its direction.

After the confusion, she hoped that the knowledge she had learned would not be in vain, so she came here to be a teacher. She did not charge any tuition fees. She had saved some savings before. While being a teacher, she also worked part-time online for junior high school High school students take online classes and earn rewards. She uses the money to buy books and exercise books for the students, and part of it is used for life.

Although she is not very wealthy, she is good at calculating and will not spend money randomly. Living in the countryside does not cost much, and there are more classes left.

“It’s a pity to give up on such a good university.”

Keller Shen could not understand her thoughts.

Marsha Sang smiled, “You are not my parent, just leave me alone, what do you do now.”

After leaving City B, she changed her mobile phone card, and even the classmates who got along well cut off contact.

She thought, since she decided to leave, she walked cleanly and cleanly.

She thought she would never see him again in her life.

“Your…” “Marsha Sang.”

Wang Wen came in carrying breakfast.

Wang Wen is 21 years old, sophomore, tall and thin, wearing a casual white T-shirt, white skin and full of vigor.

Originally, Keller Shen wanted to ask Marsha Sang to borrow his mobile phone and call Phillip Zong to inform Phillip Zong, but Wang Wen interrupted him and then forgot.

Watching Wang Wen deliver breakfast to Marsha Sang, and watching him smile softly at Marsha Sang, countless question marks hit his heart.

Who is this man?

“Why are you here so early?”

Marsha Sang didn’t expect that he would come to the hospital so early. How early would he have to get up to get here from the village so early?

Wang Wen smiled, “Let me guess, you must have eaten nothing yesterday, am I right?”

Marsha Sang said nothing.

“If you don’t speak, then I guessed it right. I know you don’t eat well, so I will bring breakfast for you early.”

Wang Wen put his breakfast on the table and saw that Keller Shen had woke up and said, “Hello.”

Keller Shen responded.

“I bought breakfast and you can eat it. It won’t taste good when it gets cold.”

He opened the box for the breakfast he bought. There were porridge and fried buns. He handed the fried buns to Marsha Sang, “This is delicious. When I was in high school in the county, I ate this every morning.”

Wang Wen is a sunny boy who makes people look clean and comfortable, especially when he is smiling, gentle and kind, Marsha Sang raised the corners of his lips unconsciously and said, “Thank you.”

Keller Shen frowned as Marsha Sang smiled at Wang Wen.

“Don’t always say thank you to me.”

Wang Wen didn’t like her being alienated from himself.

Thank you for the word, just to meet him.

Marsha Sang smiled, “I won’t say anything, have you eaten yet?”

“I ate it when I bought it.”

Wang Wen replied.

Marsha Sang walked inside and handed the fried bun to Keller Shen, “Wang Wen said this is delicious, you can try it.”

Originally, Keller Shen didn’t want to eat, but wanted to let her eat it by herself, but looking at Wang Wen’s eager expression, he stretched out his hand and took one. He didn’t know the intention of this move. In short, he did just that.

Fried buns with vegetarian fillings, but the taste is really good, the bottom is crispy and the skin is thin and there are many fillings.

The filling is made with leeks, vermicelli and egg, with shrimp skins, the fragrance of leeks and the freshness of shrimp skins.

Marsha Sang opened the lid of the porridge and gave it to him, “You will choke if you eat this, and eat it with the porridge.”

Keller Shen looked at her and asked, “I have eaten them all, how about you?”

Marsha Sang smiled and said, “I’m not hungry yet. I’m hungry. I’m going to buy it. I’m not injured. I can walk around at any time.”

Keller Shen didn’t answer, “I don’t like porridge, you can drink it.”

Marsha Sang put down the porridge, “I’ll pour you a glass of water…” “You don’t need to worry about me, drink the porridge first.”

Keller Shen interrupted her.

Suddenly she realized that she was too enthusiastic and made him feel uncomfortable, so she hurriedly retracted her hand and took a sip of the porridge.

Keller Shen handed her a fried bun, “You can eat it.”

Another sentence was explained later, “I have no appetite.”

“But what if you don’t eat?”

Marsha Sang didn’t understand his intention, and said, “You have to eat if you don’t have an appetite.”

She held a fried bag of water and handed it to his mouth. Keller Shen was stunned for a moment. Soon Marsha Sang also noticed that his actions were a little improper. When he was about to withdraw his hand, Keller Shen reached out and looked at it. He accidentally touched it. When they reached Marsha Sang’s hand, the two suddenly shrank back almost at the same time.

It’s like an electric shock.

Wang Wen could tell that they seemed familiar.

And Marsha Sang was very good to him, so he took the initiative to say, “Marsha Sang, you must have not rested all night in the hospital. You can go back to bed after you eat. Here I will watch.”

“I don’t need someone to take care of it.”

Before Marsha Sang spoke, Keller Shen spoke first. He swallowed the decoction bag that Marsha Sang handed over, lifted the quilt and got out of bed. Marsha Sang put down the porridge and said, “You can’t get out of bed. The doctor said that he will observe for 48 hours.”

“It’s okay, my own body, I know it myself.”

Keller Shen insisted, he poured a glass of water and drank it.

“Are you leaving?

Let me call a car for you. “

Wang Wen said.

Keller Shen raised his head and looked at Wang Wen. He seemed to want to let himself go.

Why does he want to go to himself so much?

Keller Shen’s gaze shifted to Marsha Sang’s body.

Because of her?

She-in love?

But if she said she liked herself, did she change her heart so quickly?

Can not help but feel depressed.

“I can’t leave yet.”

Keller Shen looked at Wang Wen and said, “Her mother once entrusted me to take care of her. I always need to know if her current life is good or not, so that I can leave with peace of mind.”

Chapter 677

Wang Wen was stunned. What is the relationship between him and Marsha Sang?

He even saw Marsha Sang’s mother?

Since he got to know Marsha Sang, Marsha Sang has never said about her own situation, but simply said that she has no relatives anymore, how her relatives are missing, she doesn’t mention a word, and he knows nothing about the specific situation. .

Now, it seems that Keller Shen knows everything.

Although the two are very familiar, Keller Shen and Marsha Sang are not the same age.

Maybe he thought too much.

Also, since he met Marsha Sang’s mother, he must know Marsha Sang’s family well.

In this way, he can understand Marsha Sang’s past.

“You are Marsha Sang’s friend. It is okay to understand her current living conditions, but the doctor said you have to observe for 48 hours. You can’t go now.”

“I’m fine, I know my body.”

Keller Shen didn’t ask for Marsha Sang’s opinion, so it was so decided.

Marsha Sang looked at Wang Wen, then at Keller Shen, “What are you doing?”

“He is your friend, there is nothing wrong with going to see where you live…” “He is a good friend, but…” Marsha Sang obviously didn’t want Keller Shen to re-intervene in her life.

She didn’t want to.

It’s embarrassing enough.

If she didn’t write that letter to him, and didn’t confess her heart, she wouldn’t mind, but now in this situation, how can she face him?

“Can’t I go and see where you live?”

Keller Shen stood up, “Take me to see.”

Marsha Sang stood still, Wang Wen touched her arm, “Let’s go.”

Marsha Sang reluctantly, she looked at Keller Shen, “You are not my relatives, and you are not qualified to care for the good or bad of my life. Don’t talk about what my mother has entrusted to you. She is dead. You don’t have to keep that promise. You’re okay, just go back, there should be many people worried about you.”

After speaking, she took Wang Wen’s hand, “Let’s go.”

Wang Wen looked at her holding his hand and was stunned, forgetting to react at all, or breaking free, his heart thumped wildly.

Standing in place, Keller Shen didn’t seem to expect that she would reject herself.

Looking at the back disappearing at the door, for a moment I forgot not knowing where to go.

Marsha Sang let go of Wang Wen when she went out. She walked out quickly. Wang Wen looked down at the hand she had grasped, squeezed it tightly, and ran after him, “Marsha Sang.”

“Why do you hate him so much?”

Marsha Sang paused and looked back at him, “Who said I hate him?”

“You didn’t hate him, why did you leave him in the hospital with an injury?”

Wang Wen questioned.

Marsha Sang suddenly became speechless, yes, Keller Shen is still injured, how could he leave him here?

She turned and walked back, Wang Wen continued to follow, “Marsha Sang, do you want to go back again?”

Wang Wen realized that he was a contradiction. On the one hand, he wanted to keep Keller Shen and listen to Marsha Sang’s past from his mouth. On the other hand, he did not want Marsha Sang to have contact with him.

“I know one. It is not appropriate for me to leave him here alone. I should wait for him and I will send him away.”

Marsha Sang wanted to understand that he walked faster.

Back to the ward, there was no one.

he’s gone?

“Just now the doctor came for a round, he went to the doctor’s office.”

Keller Shen’s patient next to the bed said.

Marsha Sang nodded, turned and walked out of the ward toward the doctor’s office.

She heard the doctor’s voice as she approached.

“You injured your head. We have done an examination for you. The status quo is all skin injuries, but the possibility of concussion is not ruled out. This requires you to go to a hospital with good medical conditions for an examination. Do you feel unwell? ?”

Keller Shen replied, “No.”

“If you insist on leaving the hospital, you can. Just go through the discharge procedures. If you have headaches, dizziness and nausea, you still have to go to the hospital for a check.”

The doctor ordered.

Keller Shen said, “Okay.”

“Then you go to handle the discharge.”

The doctor said, Keller Shen said thank you, and walked out of the office.

He happened to see Marsha Sang standing at the door, he was taken aback for a moment, “Marsha Sang.”

Marsha Sang smiled and pretended to say indifferently, “We know one, you are still hurt, I leave you alone, my conscience will be upset, you have to leave the hospital, I will help you with the formalities, you sit here and wait Now, I will be back soon.”

After speaking, he turned and walked towards the discharge department.

Keller Shen stared at her back, looking a little surprised, Wang Wen walked over to interrupt his gaze, “Hello, how do you call you?”

Wang Wen’s words pulled Keller Shen’s thoughts back, and his tone was light, “Keller Shen.”

“Big Brother Shen, can I ask you something?”

Wang Wen said.

Keller Shen frowned and didn’t like to call himself the eldest brother, as if he was very old?

But nothing said, “You can ask.”

Wang Wen thought about it in his heart before asking, “What is the relationship between you and Marsha Sang?

Are you familiar?

You seem to know her past very well. Can you tell me what happened to her before?

Why don’t her relatives? “

Keller Shen was surprised, narrowed his eyes, “Don’t you know?”

Did he think too much, this boy is not her boyfriend?

Wang Wen didn’t hide it, and said generously, “I like her.”

Chapter 678

Wang Wen sat on the row of chairs against the wall with his elbows on his knees and fingers crossed. He said seriously, “I liked her the first time I saw her. Later I learned that she came to the village school as a teacher. There is no charge, and I will buy learning books for the children. I know she is a kind and good girl, and it is true that she is a very kind and caring girl.”

At this point he paused, “She is reluctant to mention more about her past. I really want to know her, and in the future I want to be someone who can take care of her, become her relatives, and rely on her.”

After hearing so much, Keller Shen’s focus is on, “You– are you in a relationship?”

“To be precise, I am pursuing her, and you are her friend.

Do you want her to be happy? “

Wang Wen stared at Keller Shen’s expression.

Although Wang Wen was already very smart, he was still not qualified to peek out information from Keller Shen’s face.

For some reason, Keller Shen heard that he was still pursuing Marsha Sang, but they were not in a relationship, and their mood was inexplicably relieved.

The spirit is also very good, but he didn’t show mercy to Wang Wen, “Of course I hope she is happy, but you are still a college student, can you support yourself?

What are you taking care of her? “

“I will graduate in one year, and I will have a job…” “Then wait until you graduate and have a job.”

Keller Shen interrupted him mercilessly.

“As a friend, you shouldn’t say this. You should bless her and approve of her finding happiness…” At this time, Marsha Sang went through the discharge procedures and walked here, “What are you talking about?”

Keller Shen curled his lips and said, “It’s nothing, can we go now?”

“of course.”

Marsha Sang said with a smile.

Wang Wen stood up and walked to the side of Marsha Sang, smiling at Keller Shen, “You are a guest, we entertain you, let’s go.”

After speaking, he took Marsha Sang’s hand and walked to lead the way.

Marsha Sang looked at him incredulously, “You…” “Hush.”

Wang Wen leaned over and whispered, “You just held my hand, now let me hold your hand.”

Marsha Sang was very uncomfortable, “I am in a hurry…” “No matter what your situation is, you are involved anyway, and now you must return this favor to me.”

Wang Wen smiled.

Keller Shen stared at Wang Wen’s hand holding Marsha Sang, his heart felt like a stone was blocked, and he kept thinking, why didn’t Marsha Sang push him away?

Does Marsha Sang have a good impression of him?

What is so good about this young boy?

What is her look?

The more I think about it, the more unhappy, the more upset in my heart.

He walked forward quickly and pulled Marsha Sang’s hand away. Marsha Sang looked at him in surprise, “You…” Keller Shen pretended to be calm and said, “Walk as you walk. You hold it like this and you occupy all the way. How do other people walk?”

After speaking he stepped to the front.

Wang Wen held it with both hands. Since he did not approve of his own pursuit of Marsha Sang, he doubted Keller Shen’s thoughts about Marsha Sang. Now that he is like this, it is obviously interesting to Marsha Sang that he would do so.

But he is so much older than Marsha Sang. If he is inappropriate, he will be even more inappropriate. Why is he so self-aware?


Keller Shen found that they hadn’t followed and said back to them.

Marsha Sang blinked and her long eyelashes trembled. She lowered her eyes and walked over to follow him.

Not to be outdone, Wang Wen walked to Marsha Sang’s side, the corridor that was originally not wide, and they walked side by side so that all the roads were occupied.

Marsha Sang walked out of the hospital and went to take a taxi. There were many taxis at the entrance of the hospital, so it was easy to stop the car. Wang Wen wanted to show Marsha Sang and pulled her aside and said, “Take the taxi to me.”

Marsha Sang said, “No.”

She doesn’t want to cause trouble to others.

“You girl, don’t always show your face, don’t always be polite to me, we are all so familiar.”

Wang Wen smiled, with red lips and white teeth.

She seemed hypocritical to refuse, and nodded, “I’m sorry to trouble you.”

“What’s the trouble with this.”

Wang Wen walked to the side of the road and stopped a taxi and asked about the price. After he found it suitable, he called Marsha Sang and Keller Shen over. He politely opened the front door and said to Marsha Sang, “Let your friend sit In the front, he is injured. We will sit with him and wait to meet him and cause a second injury.”

Marsha Sang felt that what he said was reasonable, and just wanted to agree to Keller Shen’s words, “I’m not that delicate, this little injury is nothing to me.”

After speaking, he took Marsha Sang and sat in the back.

Wang Wen, “…” Keller Shen and Marsha Sang are now sitting in the back seat. If he sits in the back, it will be very crowded and he can only sit in the front.

On the way, Wang Wen looked back from time to time, but Keller Shen didn’t speak, just looked outside.

After taking a trip, Keller Shen suddenly asked, “Is this far from City B?”

“Not very far, more than a hundred kilometers.”

Marsha Sang replied.

Keller Shen nodded.

After more than half an hour, the car stopped at the entrance of the village. Marsha Sang paid for the car, but Wang Wen refused to let her pay, “I will pay.”

Marsha Sang resolutely refused, “You don’t have much money yourself, and you have to go back to school in a few days, and you have to spend money. I took a lot of online classes last month and I have plenty of money.”

Then she closed the car money.

Keller Shen had nothing on him, only a piece of dirty clothes. When they were making money to pay, he could only watch from the side.

He is the largest of the three of them, but at this moment, he is the poorest and most speechless.

“Let’s go.”

Marsha Sang said to Keller Shen.

Keller Shen nodded.

There are no roads in the village, and there are still mud roads, but it is still easy to walk if it does not rain.

Marsha Sang pointed to the school in front and said, “It’s the school in the village, and I will be a teacher in this school.”

Keller Shen followed her fingers and looked over, a tiled house with six or seven rooms and a playground at the door.

It should be the end of get out of class, there are many elementary students.

“Teacher Sang! Teacher Wang!”

The sharp-eyed students saw them and cried out.

Soon a few fast children ran over.

Marsha Sang pointed to Wang Haonan and said to Keller Shen, “He found you at that time.”

Wang Haonan grabbed his head and smiled, “I thought you were dead.”

“It’s on TV to check whether people are dead. It’s to touch your nose. You definitely didn’t touch your nose.”

Said a classmate.

Wang Haoran suddenly realized, “Yes, next time I must touch my nose to see if I am breathing.”

“Look at you all being stupid.”

Marsha Sang wiped their sweat, “How come so many dead people touch your noses and go back to class.”

“We want to take Teacher Sang’s class, will you teach me today?”

Wang Haonan and the other two classmates looked at her blankly.

Marsha Sang thought for a while, “Be late, I’ll go there when I have time, and I can let Teacher Wang teach you first.”

Wang Wen is not happy now, he is going to class, then Keller Shen wants to be alone with Marsha Sang?

This man seemed to have an idea about Marsha Sang, sometimes looking at another serious one, confused him, and couldn’t figure out whether he was interested in Marsha Sang.

I still reject them to be alone.

“Just let the principal get them on first. Your friend is still wearing dirty clothes. He is about the same height as me. I will take a set of my clothes and change him.”

Marsha Sang nodded, “Then I will trouble you.”

How could she forget that Keller Shen was still wearing dirty clothes, and she must be uncomfortable to wear.

“You go home to get your clothes, let’s go back first.”

Marsha Sang said.

Wang Wen nodded.

The school bell rang and the children ran back to campus.

Marsha Sang took Keller Shen to her residence. There were a total of two rooms. The rooms were covered with concrete floors. There was a gas stove in the outside room. She could cook by herself. A folding table and two stools were placed against the wall. The bookshelves, although the conditions are limited, are very clean.

There is a bed in the back room, a desk and a computer next to the window. There is a curtain in the innermost room. A small water heater is installed behind it, which is a place for bathing.

“Don’t look at this simple place, I have lived here very steadily.”

Marsha Sang stood by the door.

Although there are two rooms, it can be read at a glance.

Keller Shen pursed her lips, the conditions are very simple, she will be very promising to continue studying.

He turned to look at Marsha Sang, “Marsha Sang, you are still very young and have a future. This should not be your home.”

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