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Chapter 679

Marsha Sang casually replied, “What does the future mean to me?

The people I want to cherish are lost. Even if I finish college and have a good job, will I be happy? “

Keller Shen raised his eyes, and Marsha Sang was standing at the door, and the light from behind enveloped her, and she was enveloped in a halo of emptiness.

He couldn’t see her expression clearly.

There is only a thin outline.

He suddenly clenched his hands, “Are you planning to live here forever?”

Marsha Sang turned her back to him, sat by the door, and looked into the distance, “I don’t know, maybe I will get married and leave here…” “Who are you married to?”

Before Marsha Sang finished speaking, Keller Shen quickly interrupted.

She wants to marry?

Who will you marry?

That boy?

“Don’t marry.”

After speaking, he realized that he was getting better, why should he not let her marry?

“I mean…” He searched for the words, “I mean you are still young.”

“I know, thank you for your concern, I will arrange myself, you can rest assured.”

Marsha Sang propped his chin, “Actually, it’s pretty good here. The people here are very simple, not bad-hearted. It’s very comfortable to live in such an environment.”

Keller Shen was speechless.

Everyone has the right to choose what kind of life to live.

He has no right to interfere.

“Will you get married?”

Suddenly Marsha Sang asked.

Keller Shen couldn’t see her expression at the moment, only a back, and he was not a liar, saying, “Yes.”

Marsha Sang knew that Keller Shen could not stay married all his life. Moreover, he was so good and had a woman who liked him. He was just a little bit enthusiastic about feelings. He should have married and had children long ago, but his heart was hurt by the thought that he would get married. a bit.

She wiped the corners of her eyes with the motion of grabbing her hair, and said, “Very good, is it with Miss Song?”

Keller Shen lowered his eyes and hummed softly.

Marsha Sang clenched her hands together and forced back the soreness that was pouring into her throat. She relaxed for a while, and waited until her voice could speak calmly before saying, “This is very good. She has such a good family and long Well, it’s about the same age as you, and it can help you in your career. It’s a good match. You will be very happy if you get married.”

Are you happy?

Keller Shen felt that this was a very distant word, or a word he couldn’t understand.

“Do you think I will be happy?”

Keller Shen asked blankly.

Marsha Sang looked back at him, “Are you showing off your happiness to me?”

I have already said that I will marry Song Yaxin, now I will ask her, will he be happy?

Keller Shen smiled sadly, “Do you think I am showing off to you?”

He suppressed a smile, leaving only a sense of sorrow, “Marsha Sang, I…” He wanted to say that he was not happy, being with Song Yaxin was not because of love.

However, he was interrupted by a kid.

“Mr. Sang, Ms. Sang…” A little boy ran over.

“What’s wrong with Cocoa?”

Lu Keke is a second grade elementary school student.

“Wang Haonan fell and his legs bleed.”

Marsha Sang stood up and asked, “Where is the man?”

“Still in the classroom.”

Marsha Sang ran out immediately. Wang Haonan was sitting in the classroom, still bleeding on his knees. Marsha Sang walked over and saw a hole in his knee, blood flowing, shocking.

“How can I do it?”

Marsha Sang squatted down.

“The cockfight knocked on the stone.”

Wang Haonan has good grades, but he is also naughty, and the cockfighting he said is not really two chickens fighting together, but a game.

Two or more people can play together. The player carries one leg with hands, stands on the ground with one foot, and bumps with his knees. Whoever puts down his hands or falls down, even if he loses.

A game that boys like.

“Coco, go and get my medicine kit at home.”

Knowing that these children are mischievous, she prepared some simple disinfectants and band-aids and other drugs.

Lu Keke ran out, and Keller Shen followed, standing in front of the window and looking in.

The classroom is very simple, the red paint on the wooden desks is about the same. The floor is covered with red bricks. There is a blackboard in front, and the podium in front is also a wooden desk, just like the desks, but the chalk blackboard eraser on it is placed. They are very neatly placed.

In order to make the classroom alive, some children cut off the mouth of the drink bottle and inserted wild flowers on the desk.

Although simple, it feels very warm.

Lu Keke brought the medicine box, Marsha Sang opened it, and took out the iodine and cotton swabs. She was a little bit afraid to get started, for fear that it might hurt him. However, if the weather is hot and it is not cleaned in time, it is very likely to become suppurative and inflamed. more serious.

“You bear it, it may hurt.”

“Mr. Sang, will you leave us?”

Wang Haonan has red eyes, “We will all be reluctant to bear you.”

Marsha Sang frowned, “Who told you that I am leaving?”

“Teacher Wang said, he said you are a college student from a prestigious university, and you are better than him. It’s a shame you are here with us.”

Said Wang Haonan red eyes, “Teacher Sang, will you leave?”

“He lied to you, I started, you are a man, you have to hold back.”

After Marsha Sang took a cotton swab and dipped it with iodine, he cleaned the blood from his knee.

Wang Haonan tilted his head up, not looking on his knees, and deliberately talked to Marsha Sang to divert attention, “Mr. Sang, who is the man you saved?

Do you have a good relationship with him?

You were so nervous at the time, I saw your anxious eyes were red, and it was the first time you talked to me so loudly. “

Looking at Marsha Sang’s black eyes, Keller Shen suddenly became profound and complicated, and his heart began to look forward to Marsha Sang’s answer.

“He and I—we know people, we count as friends.

Sorry, the teacher will try to be gentle in the future. “

Marsha Sang lowered his eyes and focused on cleaning his wounds.

Keller Shen suddenly felt a little lost. She used her comment on the relationship between them, saying, “It’s a friend,” even a friend reluctantly?

What does she want to consider herself?


Feeling frustrated.

“Mr. Sang, since your relationship is not very good, why do you care about him so much?”

Wang Haonan continued to ask.

Marsha Sang frowned, “Where are so many problems at a young age?”

“Teacher, just tell me, you think I’m hurt.”

Wang Haonan acted like a baby at her with a smile.

Marsha Sang pursed her lips, “Can’t help but understand?”

Her identity is not worthy of him.

His father is a gambler, his mother is a murderer, and Keller Shen is a policeman with a very high position.

Her proximity will affect him, right?

Once she thought she could help him if she worked hard, but now it’s ridiculous to think about it.

He has succeeded, and it may take her ten or eight years to succeed.

I don’t know if I can catch up with him.

How to help?

Only people who are equal to him and have a clean family background match him.

“Teacher Sang, what does it mean to be involuntarily?”

Wang Haonan asked curiously.

He doesn’t understand the word.

Marsha Sang raised her head and explained to him, “It’s just that the body can’t help it.”

It was as if she could not choose her own birth.

“Your body, you can’t be the master, who can be the master for you?”

Wang Haonan felt that there was a problem with this term.

Marsha Sang smiled and touched his head, “You will understand when you grow up.”

“Teacher Sang, I found that speaking can really distract attention, I don’t even feel the pain.”

“That’s because I haven’t touched your wound yet…” “Ah!”

When speaking, Marsha Sang quickly cleaned the dust from the wound and wrapped him in gauze.

“Be honest recently.”

Marsha Sang asked.

Wang Haonan nodded.

Marsha Sang returned with the medicine box and saw Wang Wen standing at the door, asking, “Have you got your clothes?”

Wang Wen nodded.

“He takes a shower inside, let’s sit outside.”

Marsha Sang said, “Okay.”

Leaning against the window, there is a big tree in front of it. The trunk is so thick that it takes two adults to hug it. There are stone slivers under the tree for sitting in the shade.

The two sit side by side.

Keller Shen took a bath, changed his clothes and came out. He saw two people outside the window. He walked to the window and looked at the backs of Marsha Sang and Wang Wen sitting side by side. His brows were slightly frowned, as if he saw Marsha Sang and the child. He will feel uncomfortable if he gets close.

He stepped out and just wanted to call Marsha Sang, but he heard Wang Wen say…

Chapter 680

“Marsha Sang, does your friend like you?”

Keller Shen was taken aback, with a look of astonishment on his face, wondering why he would ask such a sentence.

Marsha Sang was more surprised than him, “What are you talking about?”

“When I gave him clothes, he borrowed my cell phone to call, as if to inform his family that he was okay. Is he planning not to leave?

And–” He turned his head to look at Marsha Sang, “I said I like you, but he doesn’t approve of us being together. If he really is for your good, shouldn’t you think that someone can take care of you? “

Marsha Sang opened his mouth, “He may just think we are inappropriate, you think too much.”

As she stood up, Wang Wen grabbed her wrist and said, “Don’t go, I said it’s true that I like you.”

Faced with the sudden confession, Marsha Sang’s brain was blank, and she was speechless for a long time.

“Marsha, you have no family, I can be your family, stay with me, you don’t have to be under any pressure, you are my family, no one will pick you…” “Don’t tell me, I will pay I don’t want to talk about feelings.”

Marsha Sang tactfully rejected his confession.

“We are the right age and the family, you can consider…” Pat! At this time, there was a sound of broken glass in the room. Marsha Sang broke away from Wang Wen’s hand and ran towards the room. He saw Keller Shen standing in front of the table with a broken glass cup on the ground.

She walked over and took Keller Shen’s hand to check, “Did you hurt?”

The corners of Keller Shen’s lips were pressed tightly, and he didn’t break away, just looking down at her nervous expression.

Marsha Sang looked up and saw him looking at him. With a complicated expression on his black eyes, he realized that he was still holding his hand, and suddenly let go, before hurriedly explaining, “You are already injured, I’m afraid to give it to you. Cause…” “You said, you like me.”

Suddenly Keller Shen interrupted her.

Standing at the door, Wang stood still.

Marsha Sang likes him?

Marsha Sang likes him?

This sentence kept echoing in my mind.

That’s right. Marsha Sang was so nervous and worried when he saw his injury, how could it be just an ordinary friend’s relationship?

He was hospitalized, and Marsha Sang stayed in the hospital, obviously a concern.

He turned stiffly and walked away aimlessly.

“I’m just kidding.”

Marsha Sang defended.

She confessed her heart, which was the courage she had to conclude that they would never meet again.

Now face to face, she dare not admit it at all.

“What if I take it seriously?”

Keller Shen was hearing Wang Wen’s question,’Does your friend like you?

‘He also began to ask himself, why would he be uncomfortable seeing her with other boys?

She said that she might also get married.

He didn’t want her to marry any man.

Why does he not want Marsha Sang to be with other men.

Maybe, maybe, because he likes her.

I don’t want to see her with other boys, and don’t want her to marry other men.

On the other side, Alan Su, who received a call from Keller Shen, almost jumped up in excitement. He called Phillip Zong the first time, and then went to the bureau to tell the Song bureau, lest people continue to worry.

When he walked to the door of the Song Bureau, when he was about to knock on the door, Mrs. Song’s voice came from inside, “This has been missing for two nights and three days, can I still live?”

No one answered her.

Then came her voice again, “Fortunately Yaxin hasn’t married him yet, otherwise, what’s this?”

Divorced once before, but will he die again?

Who would dare to want her after that?

“What are you talking about?”

Song Ju scolded.

Mrs. Song was unwilling to show weakness, “Where did I say wrong?

People have disappeared for so long, can they still live?

Fortunately, there are not many people who know about Yaxin and his affairs. It seems that there is really no fate with this Keller Shen. What a good person, if you say nothing, you will be gone. “

“What nonsense are you talking about?

Why is it gone?

! “

The Song Bureau got angry, and stared at his wife with red eyes, “Go home if nothing is wrong.

Don’t trouble me outside! “

“Look at you, you want to let someone be your son-in-law, but you don’t have that life. A subordinate can still have your daughter?

Look mad at you. “

“All right!”

Song Yaxin, who hadn’t spoken all the time, said in a deep voice, “Don’t talk about it anymore, I have to look for it. Whether it’s dead or alive, I have to meet people.”

They were about to come out after hearing the news, and Alan Su quickly hid in the corner.

He has never been optimistic about this Song Yaxin. Now that he listened to Mrs. Song’s words, his heart has become colder again, wondering who this is?

If Keller Shen became her son-in-law, wouldn’t he be ruined for 18 lifetimes?

His brain is running fast, and now Keller Shen says that he is okay, so there is no need to come back as soon as possible. If Song Yaxin really loves him, he can still wait for three or two months, right?

After checking that there was no one, he took out his mobile phone and dialed back according to the number Keller Shen had dialed.

In the room.

Keller Shen felt that he might also be a little impulsive, “Marsha Sang, I am much older than you, I…” “I don’t care.”

Marsha Sang looked up at him, her large eyes covered with a mist.

Those are not important to her, what is important is his attitude.

“You know my family situation, don’t you care?”

“Brother Shen, I have a call for you.”

At this time, Wang Wen suddenly appeared at the door with a mobile phone in his hand.

Marsha Sang hurriedly turned sideways and walked into the back room. She didn’t want to be seen at this time.

Keller Shen took the phone, pressed it on his ear, and said, “Hello?”

“It’s me, Keller, you don’t want to come back for now.”

Alan Su’s voice came.


Keller Shen couldn’t understand what he said, “Did you tell Phillip what happened to Gu Bei?

I will go back tomorrow. “

Gu Bei came out, there might be a lot of trouble, he had to go back to help Phillip Zong.

“Gu Bei’s case Phillip has been settled, you just leave it to me, don’t come back for the time being, you will come back after two months.”

If Song Yaxin really loves him, she can still wait for two months.


Keller Shen was puzzled.

“Anyway you listen to me, I won’t hurt you.”

After speaking, Alan Su hung up.

Keller Shen was confused and didn’t understand what he was doing again, but he was relieved to hear that Gu Bei’s matter had been resolved.

He returned the phone to Wang Wen and said, “Thank you.”

Wang Wen picked up the phone and said dullly, “No.”

After speaking, he turned around and wanted to go, then suddenly stopped and looked back at Keller Shen, “You said I’m not suitable for Marsha, then are you suitable?

You are so much older than her, you are already out of society, and she is only a freshman…” “I liked him first. What’s wrong with him than me? “

Marsha Sang stood at the door of the inner room.

Chapter 681

Wang Wen suddenly had nothing to say.

What could be more convincing than Marsha Sang’s words.

She likes him, what is his age?

He pursed his lips and turned to leave.

Marsha Sang turned and entered the room and sat on the edge of the bed.

Keller Shen closed the door and walked in. He stood at the door for a long time before stepping in and sitting next to her. There was a distance between him and one person, without speaking.

It was dark outside and the room darkened.

“Marsha Sang…” “Captain Shen…” The two opened their mouths and stopped at the same time. Keller Shen said, “Just call my name.”

Marsha Sang smiled, “I have forgotten.

You are no longer the captain. You should be hungry. I’ll cook. “

After she finished speaking, she stood up and was about to make something to eat. When she passed by Keller Shen, he reached out and took Marsha Sang’s hand.

Marsha Sang turned his head, the two eyes collided, looking at each other in the dim light.

“You don’t dislike me being older than you…” “If you don’t dislike me having no father or mother, I won’t dislike you being older than me.”

Marsha Sang interrupted him.

Keller Shen never cared about these. He always felt that his age was not suitable for her.

“How could I despise you, I know you are a good girl.”

Marsha Sang lowered his head, with a shy and happy smile on his face, holding the hem of his clothes tightly with his other hand, biting his lip and said, “Do you like me too?”

Keller Shen pondered for a moment, “I think it should be.”

Marsha Sang, “…” Although she was blunt, she believed that what Keller Shen was saying was the truth.

“Then are you hungry?”

Marsha Sang raised his head and looked at him with a smile on his lips.

Keller Shen replied, “It’s okay.”

Marsha Sang became more amused and asked, “Are you going to hold my hand like this?”

Keller Shen realized that he was rude and let go of his hand embarrassedly. Marsha Sang held him back, “I like you holding me, but I don’t want to be hungry. I’m going to cook and you lie on the bed for a while.”

After speaking, she let go of Keller Shen’s hand and went to the outhouse to cook.

Keller Shen looked down at the hand he had just held, and the corners of his lips raised unconsciously. He got up and walked out and saw Marsha Sang was cutting vegetables. He walked over. Marsha Sang was cutting potatoes and saw him. Marsha Sang said, “This is planted by the principal himself, right?”

Keller Shen nodded.

Marsha Sang raised his head to look at him. Although his head was covered with gauze, it did not affect his face. The outline was clear. At this moment, the look at her was tough and soft.

He wore a white t-shirt, black knee-length shorts, and his calves. This dress was very young.

“You look good in this way.”

Marsha Sang gently raised the corners of her lips.

Keller Shen looked down at his clothes. They were all Wang Wen’s clothes, but they didn’t expect them to fit well.

“Let’s go out tomorrow and buy you some changes of clothes.”

Marsha Sang thought about buying some more meat. He was injured and had to eat well.

“Buy a new set and return it to the friend who likes you.”

Keller Shen said, “Money, when I go back, I will give it to you.”

He didn’t want to owe something to that “rival in love”.

Marsha Sang took a clean tomato and handed it to his mouth, “He likes me, are you jealous?”

Keller Shen nodded solemnly, “I don’t like him being close to you.”

Although he has always been a serious face and didn’t say sweet words, Marsha Sang thought he was so cute like this.

It’s like a big boy who is in love with him.

“You don’t like it, then I should stay away from him.”

Marsha Sang put the cut potatoes into a basin, and filled it with water to wash out the starch in the potatoes.

She took out the green chilies, washed them, and when she was about to cut them, she asked, “Can you eat spicy?”

“Yes, this tomato is very sweet.”

Keller Shen glanced at the tomatoes in his hands. The skin was blue and red, and he didn’t expect it to be so sweet.

Marsha Sang smiled, “You definitely can’t eat such tomatoes in the city. Such tomatoes are really ripe. They are not like the ones sold in supermarkets. They are red on the outside and green on the inside.”

Keller Shen seldom cooks by himself, and he has never observed that tomatoes are green on the inside and red on the outside, but he thinks Marsha Sang must be right.

“do you want to eat?”

Keller Shen took another bite of the tomato and chewed in his mouth.

Marsha Sang lowered his head and cut the pepper and said, “Just this one…” Halfway through what she said, he saw the tomato handed to her mouth. He deliberately turned the unbitten face to her, and Marsha Sang raised his head.

Keller Shen smiled, “I haven’t bitten here.”

Marsha Sang bit his lip. In fact, he didn’t say anything pleasant. His nose was sour inexplicably, and his throat was dry and painful.

She is not why she wants to cry, it is because this feeling came too suddenly?

It was because of grievances, or the emotions that had been suppressed broke out at this moment.

She couldn’t say clearly how she felt at the moment, tears just rolled out of her eyes.

Keller Shen put down the tomatoes in his hand and reached out to wipe her tears, “Don’t cry, I will take care of you from now on.”

He didn’t say it was okay, when he said that Marsha Sang cried more fiercely.

Keller Shen was a little flustered, “Did I say something wrong?”

Marsha Sang shook his head and whimpered, “No, maybe I suddenly thought of my mother.”

She bowed her head to wipe away the tears.

Keller Shen pressed his lips, trying to comfort her, but didn’t know what to say, reaching out to hug her, fearing that he would scare her.

While he was hesitating what to do, Marsha Sang suddenly hugged his waist, buried his face in his arms, and choked intermittently.

Keller Shen stiffened for a few seconds before he stretched out his hand to embrace her, his weak body trembling in his arms, his heart seemed to be gripped by iron claws, faintly aching, distressing Marsha’s experience.

“Why did you leave?

I will accompany you back. You suddenly disappeared. I went to your hometown to find you, but I didn’t find it. I was very worried about you. “

Marsha Sang suddenly raised his head, “Have you been to my hometown?”

Keller Shen nodded.

“But how do you know where my hometown is?”

Marsha Sang’s big wet eyes were open, and they were incredibly bright.

“Forgot what I did?

Why is it difficult to find your address? “

Marsha Sang suddenly realized that yes, his mother had a case, and he would know what he wanted to know when he checked.

“If you are with me, will it affect you…” “No.”

Before she could finish her words, Keller Shen categorically interrupted her.

“In my career, I can’t be your help. I don’t have a prominent family or background. I only have a person who has nothing.”

Marsha Sang said somewhat disappointed.

Keller Shen really wants to show his ambition, but it is not his style to rely on others.

“Do not you trust me?”

Keller Shen touched her head, “Isn’t it tired to think so much at a young age?”

Marsha Sang nodded vigorously, “I believe you.”

She spread out what she was saying, feeling much better, and it was already an hour later to make a meal.

It’s very simple, only fried potatoes with green peppers, stir-fried green beans, and a hot and sour white radish, which was pickled by a student’s grandmother herself and brought it to her.

She also boiled white corn and steamed rice.

“You taste this, it’s very sticky.”

Marsha Sang handed him a piece of white corn.

Keller Shen took it, did not eat, but looked at Marsha Sang seriously, and said in a low voice, “Marsha Sang, there is something I want to tell you.”

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