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Chapter 673

This will be two days and two nights right away, can I still find it alive?

Song Ju took off his hat and sighed deeply.

“Dad, don’t do that.”

She took Song Ju’s arm and looked at the rising sun in the sky, and she couldn’t help but sigh.

Searching for this location, there is a fork below, one side is eastward, the other side is westward, and the river channel on the west side is wider, which increases the difficulty of searching, but also divides it into two ways.

Alan Su said, “I will take people to the west.”

Song Ju nodded and assigned more people to him. Alan Su went down several times by himself, exhausted, sitting barefoot on the splint, dripping dripping from his body.

At dawn, Phillip Zong came here and asked him if he had any clues.

Alan Su shook his head, prepared for the worst, “Will it…” “No.”

Phillip Zong said with certainty, “If you didn’t find someone else, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he was drowned in the water. Maybe he was saved?

When the car was salvaged, the glass was not broken, and the door was closed. We all know that the car has resistance in the water, and the door cannot be opened. I think, while the car was falling, maybe he got out of the car. It is not falling into the water with the car. “

What he said is very reasonable, but Alan Su is still puzzled, “If he didn’t die, he would have searched the suburbs from the city. No one was found for such a long distance. Where did he go?”

Phillip Zong couldn’t explain this.

Like Alan Su said, if he was still alive, how could he not be found?

At this moment, Alan Su’s clothes left aside, and the phone in his pocket rang. He grabbed it and took out the phone, which was Lena Qin’s number.

He pressed the answer button, “Xiaoya.”

“Did you find someone?”

Lena Qin asked.

When he came back, he was too anxious. He didn’t go to see Lena Qin. He called her and told her about Keller Shen’s situation. She must have been worried, so she called to ask about the situation.

Alan Su said, “No.”

“Or, I’ll go…” “Don’t come back, and I won’t be able to help. I’ll call you when I have news. Don’t worry, we will do our best.”

It’s just that many people are worried when they come. It’s better to stay away, not to see and not to worry.

“Well, don’t forget to tell me if you have news.”

Lena Qin said.

“I will.”

Alan Su lowered his head, “I’m afraid I can’t visit you recently.”

“Don’t come to see me, it’s important to find someone.”

Alan Su said.

Lena Qin squeezed the phone and said, “It’s okay, I’ll hang up.”

After speaking, she interrupted the call.

Alan Su put the phone back in his pocket, stood up and walked to Phillip Zong’s side, and asked, “This is not the way to find it.”

Phillip Zong looked at the small wooden boat parked by the river, turned his head and asked, “What is that boat for?”

Alan Su shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

He didn’t say anything to make the boat dock, Alan Su ran up and asked, “What do you want to do?”

Phillip Zong still didn’t speak, because he was also not sure whether his judgment was correct.

Alan Su followed him off the boat and let the remaining people continue to search.

Along the shore is a deserted vegetable garden. An old man is picking vegetables and Phillip Zong walks over.

The old man put the picked lettuce shoots into the vegetable basket, saw the person coming, and asked, “What do you do?”

“I think there is a boat parked by the river, what is that boat for?”

Phillip Zong asked.

“What do you ask this for?”

The old man was not willing to answer.

Alan Su said, “We are finishing the river.”

The old man replied, “Old Li Tau used to raise geese in this water, but later it was not allowed to raise geese, and the boat was useless.”

“Is it used to raise geese before?”

Alan Su asked.

The old man pointed to the blue nets discarded on the shore and said, “Yes, these nets were fixed in the middle of the river before and needed to be fed in, so the old Litou got this wooden boat, but the village chief said it pollutes the environment. If it is not allowed to be raised, it will be abandoned.”

“Then the ship hasn’t moved?”

Alan Su asked again, probably knowing what Phillip Zong was suspicious.

Since no one can be found in the river, could it happen that he landed ashore?

Or saved?

The old man said affirmatively, “No, you can see that there is moss on the bottom, no one moved, and it won’t be firm for a long time. Who moved it.”

Phillip Zong looked up, and there was a village not far away, although it was a village, but they were all small buildings with three floors and five floors.

“Have anyone come to your village?”

“Yes, they are all strangers. There are many rental houses in our village, all of which are occupied by migrant workers.”

Said the old man.

Phillip Zong was a little disappointed, it seems that Keller Shen was not rescued.

However, he didn’t know that his judgment was not wrong, but the place was wrong.

Keller Shen did get out of the car when he fell. He didn’t fall into the water with the car, but the water above the dam was deep and rapid. After falling into the water, he wanted to rescue Aunt Wang, but the car hit the bottom of the car door. No, in the process, he accidentally stepped on the side of the dam and was washed down. In the rush of water, he could only follow the water downstream.

He was rushed to a far place, and the water plants entangled his feet before stopping. In the process, he drank a lot of water and was almost submerged in the river several times. Fortunately, he broke free of the water plants, but he was also tired. Lixie, he vaguely saw a boat. He didn’t know what it was for. He swam desperately toward the boat. The people on the boat didn’t see him. When he turned the bow, he knocked him into a coma.

He opened his eyes again and he was in a strange environment.

The small room is dark and damp.

I heard someone talking vaguely.

He was talking about the man who hit Keller Shen. He was tall, fat, dark-skinned, and rugged. He was a man who made a living by fishing for screws and wild clams. How could he have thought of hitting someone? He wanted to run. But I was afraid that the person would die, so he would be found, so he brought the person back from the boat. After I came home, I saw blood on his head. I was scared.

After sitting on the ground for a long time, he tremblingly stretched out his hand to touch his breath, feeling that there was still a breath, and hurriedly went to the doctor. When the person died, he became a murderer.

A doctor in a village service agency sent him to a big hospital after seeing him.

“I have no money.”

The man was not willing to spend money, so he asked, “Can I live without going?”

“I’m not sure about this. I hurt my head. It’s best to go to a big hospital to take a film.”

The doctor recommended.

“Just don’t die.”

The doctor couldn’t force others, so he could only leave. When he walked to the door, he asked, “Who is he from you?”

The man stalked, his eyes rolled and said, “My relative.”

The doctor nodded and walked out the door.

Keller Shen had a splitting headache, but they heard their conversation clearly. He walked out on the wall, “Did you hit me?”

He clearly remembered that he lost consciousness after being hit by a small boat.

The man was taken aback and stared, “You, are you awake?”

Keller Shen glanced at the room. There were large and small pots on the ground, bags, water and mud on the ground, and screws filled with pots.

“Have you got a phone?”

Keller Shen asked, he needs a contact.

His own cell phone has long been dropped.

“What are you going to do?”

The man was afraid that he would wrong himself, hurriedly shirk the responsibility, “Who let you in the water, don’t blame me.”

“I just want to make a call.”

Keller Shen said weakly.

“Don’t think I’m a lie.”

The man obviously didn’t believe it. Keller Shen just wanted to make a phone call, thinking that he must have called someone to corrupt him.

When Keller Shen saw that this person couldn’t make sense, he decided to go out and find someone by himself. He needed to go back quickly and tell Phillip Zong that Gu Bei was out, so he was on guard and Gu Bei wanted to retaliate against him.

However, when he walked to the door, there was a sudden pain in the back of his head. He turned his head and saw the man holding a wooden stick in his hand, his hands clenched tightly, and a little trembling. He pretended to be calm and stared, “Don’t think I’m cheating. You must be looking for someone.”

Chapter 674

Keller Shen’s eyes went dark and fell down.

The man dropped the stick, he was a little scared, he was afraid that he would kill someone with a stick. There are so many bad people now. He appeared in the water for no reason. He was definitely not a good person. He comforted himself and then killed him. Carry it up and throw it away where no one is.

Then ran back, packed up things overnight and ran away.

Afraid of being misused, and fearing that he would have to go to jail if he was killed, he took the opportunity to escape.

This is a remote village 100 kilometers away from City B. The villagers are not rich. Most of the young people have gone out to work. Those who stay at home are the elderly and children.

After the death of her mother, she had no motivation to make money. After her mother was buried, she wanted to stay in her hometown to find a job. She would simply live a lifetime, and people from her hometown would always point her to her, so she left again.

She had been to this village before as a volunteer. She knew that it was poor and no one wanted to be a teacher. So, she left her hometown and came to this village more than 100 kilometers away from City B to become a teacher.

She herself went out from a poor place, knowing how difficult it is for children from poor families to go to school. Since there is no mother as sustenance, she put all her hopes on these children.

There are five classes in their school, with a total of three teachers. Besides her, there are two others, one is the principal in his 50s, and the other is from the village who came back to teach after being admitted to the university, because the school in the big city has not yet opened. He came to the house to teach the children, and he will leave after a while.

Marsha Sang teaches second-year and first-year Chinese, and third, fourth and fifth grades paint and sing.

This morning, her first class was second-grade Chinese. Wang Haonan, the best and most disciplined student in the class, was late.

As soon as he entered the classroom, he shouted, “Mr. Sang, it’s okay…” Marsha Sang copied the words that need to be recognized in the text on the blackboard, without turning his head back, and said, “Sit down and take a breath. “

Wang Haonan still stood at the door, pinching his waist, “I saw a dead man on the way to school.”

Marsha Sang put down the chalk and frowned, “What are you talking about?”

“I said, I saw the dead.”

Wang Haonan said every word.


Marsha Sang came over, “Come and take me to see.”

“Good you come with me.”

Wang Haonan grabbed Marsha Sang’s sleeves. The classmates wanted to see the dead man. When they saw her walking, they also stood up from their positions. Marsha Sang ordered them to sit back in their positions and “not allowed to leave the classroom.”

No one knows, if it is really dead, it is not good for them to see it as a child.

“Deputy monitor, you lead everyone to read the text of Lesson 5.”

Marsha Sang said.

The deputy squad leader stood up and said, “Yes.”

“Mr. Sang, hurry up with me.”

Wang Haonan was anxious and dragged Marsha Sang away.

The road here is not good, Marsha Sang reminded him, “You slow down.”

“I’m afraid that the next person will disappear.”

Wang Haonan said.

Marsha Sang shook his head helplessly, “You said he was dead, would you stand up and walk away?”

Wang Haonan grabbed head, “It seems to be the same.”

Marsha Sang rubbed his hair, thinking he was so cute, and followed him to the path behind the school. Not far away, she vaguely saw a person lying on the ground.

My mood suddenly became tense, “When did you see Haonan?”

“I was scared to death on my way to school.”

Wang Haonan patted his chest.

Looking back now, I saw a man with a lot of blood on his head, lying on the ground, and I still have lingering fears.

The more I walked into Marsha Sang, the more I felt that this figure was a bit familiar, but I couldn’t remember where I saw it again.

“Mr. Sang, should we call the police?”

Wang Haonan asked.

Marsha Sang approached and said, “Of course I want to call the police…” Before she could finish her words, she saw the face of the man lying on the ground.

Chapter 675

She rushed down and stretched out her hand to brush the hair on his forehead, revealing Keller Shen’s face as expected. How could he appear here?

“Captain Shen.”

Marsha Sang patted him on the face, showing no sign of waking up.

She shouted anxiously, “Hao Nan, don’t hurry up and call someone.”

Wang Haonan looked at Marsha Sang blankly, “Teacher Sang, do you know him?”

“Go and call someone!”

Marsha Sang was so anxious that her voice became louder.

“Okay, I’m going now.”

Wang Haonan reacted and ran away. A stone tripped on the road and fell on the ground. He got up and ran without time to shoot.

Marsha Sang wanted to pick him up, but his body was too heavy for her to lift him from the ground. Looking at the dry blood on his head, the whole heart seemed to be pulled by iron claws, and his eyes flushed unconsciously.

“Mr. Sang.”

Another teacher came, named Wang Wen, a college student.

Most of the villages are surnamed Wang.

Marsha Sangru caught the straw and said eagerly, “Quickly, help me take him to the hospital.”

Wang Wen squatted down and said, “I will carry him to the village.”

With the help of Marsha Sang, Wang Hao struggled to carry Keller Shen on his back. Wang Haonan said, “I’ll let the principal drive a tricycle.”

After that, I ran to school.

There were big beads of sweat on Wang Wen’s head, “Marsha Sang, I think you are very nervous, are you familiar with him?”

Marsha Sang gave a hum.

Wang Wen lowered his eyes and continued to walk forward. Soon the principal drove a tricycle to pick them up, “All get in.”

A tricycle is a three-wheeled car. There is a carriage behind it that is used to pull crops during the busy season.

You can be a man next to the driving seat in front, but the position is small.

Marsha Sang climbed onto the carriage and said, “Place it in the back.”

She sat down and let Keller Shen’s head rest on her lap.

Wang Wen climbed up too, sat behind and said, “I will help you.”

Marsha Sang nodded.

The road was uneven and bumpy. Marsha Sang was worried about causing second harm to Keller Shen, and said to Wang Wen, “Will you help me hug his body?”

Wang Wen nodded, and sat down to put Keller Shen’s body on his lap, and hugged his body with his arms to fix it, which would reduce the jolts.

After leaving the village and on the highway, the road was very flat, and the speed was faster without bumps.

After more than an hour to the Second People’s Hospital in the county seat, Keller Shen was admitted to the operating room with the help of medical staff.

“Mr. Sang, who is this?”

The principal asked.

The situation was urgent at the time, and he didn’t have time to ask. When he just got out of the car, he saw Marsha Sang very worried and his face was pale.

Marsha Sang lowered his head and said, “A very good friend.”

“Why is he here?”

Wang Wen pursed his lips, “Is he here to find you?”

He fell in love with Marsha Sang the first time he saw Marsha Sang, but seeing her nervously anxious for that man, he felt a little uncomfortable.

Marsha Sang shook his head, “He is a policeman, he will be here, maybe because of the case.”

This is the only reason she can think of.

Otherwise, why would it appear here for no reason?

“thank you all.”

Marsha Sang said sincerely that it was not for their help, she could not send Keller Shen to the hospital so quickly.

I don’t know what happened now.

“No thanks, no thanks, we are all so familiar, don’t you teach students for free, we should thank you.”

The principal smiled, the wrinkles in the corners of his eyes were deep, and he was still kind after years.

“Yes, don’t be polite with us.”

Wang Wen bought water and gave it to her. Marsha Sang took it and said thank you.

She did not unscrew the drink, but held it in her hand, taking a look at the operating room from time to time.

“Don’t worry too much.”

Wang Wen patted her shoulder soothingly.

Marsha Sang nodded.

About two hours later, the door of the operating room opened, and the doctor came out and asked, “Who is the family member?”

Everyone looked at each other for a moment, and Marsha Sang stepped forward, “I am his friend.”

“Where is his family?”

The doctor asked.

Marsha Sang said, “I can’t get in touch either. If you have anything, you can tell me.”

“That’s it. The patient is mainly injured in the brain. We have checked that there is no life-threatening. However, the medical conditions here are limited. We do not rule out the possibility of concussion. If you need further examination, you have to go to the city hospital. Whether to go or not is up to you.”

Marsha Sang said without hesitation, “Of course I have to go to the big hospital…” “When will the doctor and patient wake up?”

Wang Wen stepped forward and interrupted Marsha Sang.

He felt that he needed to ask the patient’s own wishes about whether to go to a big hospital. If he woke up early, he would let him decide.

Marsha Sang paid in advance for the money to come to the hospital. Going to a big hospital meant spending more money. Marsha Sang didn’t think for himself, he had to think for her.

“If there is no accident, I will probably wake up tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.”

The doctor replied.

Wang Wen said to Marsha Sang, “Let him wake up to see his own opinions, after all, you are not his immediate relatives, so you don’t cause trouble.”

Marsha Sang pursed his lips.

“You are also a college student, how much savings do you have?”

Wang Wen continued to persuade.

Marsha Sang really didn’t have much money, and Wang Wen was moved by Wang Wen. After all, he is not a direct relative of Keller Shen. It is difficult to make too many decisions. Fortunately, he will wake up tomorrow so that she can also ask him. opinion.

“Patients need to be observed in the hospital for forty-eight hours. Go through the hospitalization procedures.”

The doctor said.

Marsha Sang said, “I will go now.”

“Wait, let me go, you are here.”

Wang Wen grabbed her.

Marsha Sang didn’t want to bother him too much, but he was determined and said, “Thank you.”

Wang Wen smiled softly at her, “You’re welcome.”

Soon Keller Shen was sent to the ward. There were three other beds in the ward, all housing patients, as well as those who accompany the bed, the clothes they had changed, and the lunches they ate. The ward was not so tidy, and there were a lot of things. The smell of disinfectant water in a ward like this is already considered good.

After all, the conditions are limited.

After the arrangements were made, Marsha Sang asked them to go back, “I can do it here by myself. You can all go back first. The students are still in the school, so there can be no one.”

“Let the principal go back, I am here to accompany you.”

Wang Wen said.

Marsha Sang still feels sorry, “Go back, I’ll be enough alone, there is no place to rest here.”

There really is no place here, he thought for a while, “Well, let’s call me whenever you have anything.”

Marsha Sang said, “Okay.”

Each hospital bed is equipped with a chair, but there is no accompanying bed. Marsha Sang saw that Keller Shen’s head wound had been bandaged, and there were uncleaned dry blood stains on her neck. She went to buy a basin and a towel, and wiped it off with warm water. Washed his face and hands by the way.

After that, she stayed in the ward and never went out.

She was not hungry at night, so she bought water and continued to sit on the bed and watch him.

Later in the night she fell asleep on the side of the bed.

In the early morning, the street is quiet. When the first morning light shines through the clouds, it seems to wake up the sleeping people. The street is filled with people one after another, and the business of the hawker selling breakfast gets better.

Keller Shen slowly opened his eyes, and all he saw was an unfamiliar environment.

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