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Chapter 670

Haha – Zong Yanxi suddenly laughed, thinking that Alan Su’s words are so funny, “Where is Uncle Shen like a big fat fish?”

Ana Lin hugged her daughter and asked her to be quiet.

Touched her head, “Be obedient.”

Zong Yanxi nodded obediently.

Alan Su felt that Keller Shen was a fool, “Does your boss want his daughter to marry you?”

Keller Shen nodded honestly, he could feel this, and Song Ju said the same.

Alan Su sneered, “Since you want you to be the son-in-law, why do you want to marry your daughter to someone else?”

“She disagrees.”

Alan Su now hates Song Yaxin even more, “I didn’t agree before. After divorce, I found out about you?”

He paused, his voice was colder, and his words were harder to hear, “Are you a substitute?”

“Don’t talk so badly.”

Keller Shen took a sip of water.

“It’s not as bad as I said. This is a fact. I didn’t like you before. After the divorce, I fell in love with you. Who is this?”

Alan Su seriously despised such a woman, “Keller Shen has no outsiders here. Tell us, what do you think?

Do you really like her?

If you really like it, we have nothing to say. “

Keller Shen was a little upset, he kept pouring water on himself.

Ana Lin glanced at Alan Su, “Stop talking.”

“I don’t want to care about him, because I’m afraid he will be deceived and regretted.”

Alan Su also took a sip of water, “People are going to live with you for the rest of your life. You choose your own choice. I will not eat today’s food. I have already seen people. I have something to do. Let’s go.”

After speaking, Alan Su pulled back his chair and looked at Keller Shen, “Forgive my brother, I really don’t like this woman.”

I left after speaking.

Ana Lin didn’t like Keller Shen for the first time for Song Yaxin, and came to him after divorce. He didn’t like it very much either.

Like Alan Su said, people are a bit used as spare tires.

Why is Keller Shen such an excellent person?

“Sister-in-law, what do you think?”

Keller Shen looked at Ana Lin in confusion.

His heart is messed up.

He knew that he had many disagreements with Song Yaxin, but felt that he was like this, as long as there was someone who could live.

“Emotional things, she can’t do you live, mainly what you think.”

Phillip Zong spoke for Ana Lin.

Keller Shen remained silent.

He had already persuaded himself, and he was so confused by Alan Su, his mood was not calm again.

I feel that my decision is really wrong.

Alan Su who went out and Song Yaxin who came back from the bathroom ran into each other.

Song Yaxin saw him and said with a smile, “Are you leaving?

I haven’t eaten the meal yet. “

“I have something to deal with.”

After leaving her behind, he just walked two steps before he stopped, “Miss Song.”

Song Yaxin kept smiling all the time and asked, “Mr. Su stop me, do I have anything to do?”

“I want to ask Miss Song a question, what do you like Keller?”

Song Yaxin said without thinking, “He is very good, I like everything.”

“Then why didn’t you like it before and did you like it after the divorce?”

Alan Su asked sharply.

The smile on Song Yaxin’s face was a little unsustainable, “What do you mean?”

“What do I mean, would you not know if Miss Song is so smart?”

Alan Su snorted coldly, “Be kind and don’t bully honest people, otherwise there will be retribution.”

Song Yaxin’s face was completely cracked, and the last trace of dignity she maintained disappeared, she said coldly, “Just because I was divorced, am I not qualified to have happiness?”

“Do you think being with Keller Shen is happiness?”

Alan Su found it ridiculous.

“Yes, I feel very happy to be with him.”

Alan Su smiled, “Since you think he is good, why reject him for the first time?

You feel happy, have you asked him about happiness?

Could it be that Miss Song is a selfish person who only cares about herself and ignores the feelings of others? “

“You…” “I’m just complaining about the injustice for my friend, Miss Song don’t care.”

After speaking, strode out.

Song Yaxin stood there, staring at Alan Su bitterly, “You are too broadly concerned about other things.”

Alan Su heard this and ignored it, and walked out of the restaurant. He took out the car key and pressed the unlock button. The headlights of the car parked on the side of the road flashed. He walked over and pulled the door. The more he thought about it, the more angry he became, and Song Yaxin became angry at first. I look down on Keller Shen, divorced, and came to him when he was a second-hand product. How could he be so shameless?

After starting the car, he did not drive away immediately, but used his mobile phone to navigate the route to City C.

The light at night was not very good, and Alan Su was unhappy, because it was a temporary decision to see Lena Qin, so he didn’t bring anything.

At 4 o’clock in the second half of the night, we arrived at the boundary of City C and arrived at Lena Qin’s residence at 5 o’clock.

It’s the same house where Ana Lin lived last time, and now Lena Qin lives alone. She was still asleep at five o’clock in the morning. She was woken up by the doorbell. She was not awake yet, so she opened the door in pajamas. “Who is it?”

She opened the door and saw Alan Su standing at the door with wrinkled clothes and big dark circles. He said yesterday that he would come, and Lena Qin thought he was talking about it. After all, she had only been here for two days.

“You, why did you really come here?”

Alan Su smiled, “I want to see you, so I came.”

Lena Qin throbbed a little, and said, “Come in…” Alan Su hugged her, Lena Qin opened his eyes in astonishment, he buried his head tightly in her neck and whispered, “I miss you.”

Lena Qin did not respond, but stood quietly, and said after a while, “Come in first, it’s not good to stand here.”

Alan Su let her go.

Lena Qin closed the door and asked, “Do you want to sleep?”

He has dark circles so big that he didn’t sleep all night.

Alan Su shook his head, “I’m not sleepy yet.”

Lena Qin poured water for him and sat on the sofa, and asked, “What does Keller Shen’s girlfriend do?

How did they meet. “

“Don’t mention it.”

Alan Su drank a sip of water, “A second-married woman, she didn’t look at Keller before and was divorced, but now she is looking for him again, but Keller Shen is still a pure virgin. Why is that woman?”

Lena Qin held his chin and looked at him with blinking eyes, “Then are you?”

“What is it?”

Alan Su was a little confused.

“A virgin, are you a virgin?”

Lena Qin curled her lips with a smile, without the slightest smile in her eyes, and looked a little crippled.

Alan Su almost vomited the water that he drank. Why did he feel like he was shooting himself in the foot?

“Xiaoya, shall we not mention the previous things?”

Alan Su kindly grabbed the sleeves of her pajamas and felt wronged, “I want to know that if I can meet you, I will definitely keep my innocence. I promise you that I will not touch any woman except you in the future. .”

Chapter 671

“is it?”

Lena Qin obviously didn’t believe it.

Alan Su immediately stretched out three fingers, swearing to the sky, “If I lie, I won’t be a man for the rest of my life, is this cruel enough?”

Lena Qin stood up, “I can’t believe a punctuation mark what you say.”

Alan Su, “…” “I’ll go to work later, I will give you a blanket because you haven’t slept all night.”

After Lena Qin walked towards the bedroom, Alan Su immediately followed, “I ran all the way to see you, would you give me a blanket?

Where do I sleep? “

Lena Qin looked back at him very calmly, and said, “Sofa.”

Alan Su, “…” He didn’t sleep all night and came to see her, so let him sleep on the sofa?

“Xiaoya…” “There are a total of three rooms here, you should know who lives in the other two?

Then tell me, whose room do you want to sleep in? “

Lena Qin put her hands around her chest and looked at him.

Ana Lin used to live here, except for her room where Ana Lin and his two children belonged. Ana Lin’s room was definitely not allowed for him. Even if she is gone, he can’t go to sleep in that room. The two children can do it right. .

But he doesn’t want to sleep with two children. He thinks Lena Qin’s is the most suitable, with a flattering smile on his face, “I think your room is suitable.”

Lena Qin stretched out her hand to block him, “Don’t think about it!”

“I don’t understand what you are saying.”

Alan Su sneered, bent over and got out of her arm, fell on the bed, holding the quilt, “I’m so sleepy, I want to sleep.”

His head was buried in the bed, and there was Lena Qin’s breath and taste. Although his face changed, the breath on his body would not change.

He greedily hugged the quilt tightly.

Lena Qin bit her lip angrily, trying to pull him, but thinking that his strength is not as good as him, if he is shameless, he can’t pull him from the bed at all, so he withdrew his hand and stood by the bed and said, “Alan Su, I I didn’t expect you to be such a rascal, okay, you sleep, I will move tomorrow, so you can’t find it.”

Alan Su sat up immediately, without playing like this.

He grabbed Lena Qin’s hand with a small aggrieved expression, “Xiaoya, my dear Xiaoya, are you still sleeping on the sofa while watching me drive the car all night?”

Lena Qin cast him a cold look, “I don’t want to eat you.”

Alan Su, like a poor worm who had been wronged, got up from the bed and stood aside with his head down.

“Don’t pretend to be pitiful.”

Lena Qin’s voice became quieter.

“You wash and then sleep.”

Alan Su nodded’behavely’, but smiled secretly in his heart. It is more useful to pretend to be pitiful. This woman is soft or hard.

If Lena Qin knew what he was thinking, he would definitely blast him out.

“You go out first.”

Alan Su was not obedient, and immediately walked out of the room, knowing that Lena Qin and Lena Qin were coming hard, and he couldn’t eat good fruit.

It was almost six o’clock now, and he went to the kitchen to check if he had any food. Lena Qin had just bought a lot of things and came back yesterday. He was alone and didn’t want to go out to eat. Just make a little bit at home.

Alan Su rolled up his sleeves and washed his hands. He took out eggs and bread. He didn’t know how to cook cumbersome dishes, but it was still possible to fry an egg and bake a bread. Looking at these things in the refrigerator, you also know that Lena Qin must be prepared to deal with this. Breakfast.

The eggs were fried and the bread was baked. He put them on the plate, found the cup and poured pure milk.

Lena Qin came out neatly after washing and dressing. Seeing that he had made breakfast, she raised her eyebrows and walked over, “Will you still make breakfast?”

Alan Su smiled, “I am willing to do everything for you.”

Lena Qin snorted coldly, “Can you still buy someone for a meal?

Can you live forever after eating this meal? “

Alan Su, “…” He touched his nose and said with a smile, “Sit down and eat.”

Lena Qin came to open a chair and sit down, “Wait for me to go to the store…” “You are busy with you, don’t worry about me, just tell me what time you get off work at night.”

Alan Su said with a smile.

Lena Qin took a sip of milk, “This is not certain.”

“Then can I find you?”

Alan Su said with a smile.

Lena Qin didn’t say a word, it was tacit approval.

After Lena Qin left, Alan Su lay down on Lena Qin’s bed, looking forward to spending time alone with Lena Qin at night. He wanted to find a restaurant with a good atmosphere for dinner, then take a walk and take the opportunity to pull Holding a small hand and k*ssing his face… Alan Su fell asleep in a sweet dream, and woke up in the rapid ringing of the phone. He grabbed the phone and glanced at the time. After 3pm, he sat up and he had been asleep for almost a day. ?

Also, why did Phillip Zong call?

He pressed the answer button, “Hey, what do you want me to do, now I want to chase my wife, I don’t have time to care about Keller Shen…” “It’s me.”

“Sister-in-law, sister-in-law.”

Alan Su rallied, “Is there anything to do with me?”

“Alan Su, Keller’s whereabouts are unknown now…” Alan Su was struck, and he didn’t recover for a long time. “Why, what’s the matter?”

He said, getting up and getting dressed.

The voice from there was trembling, “He drove Phillip’s car and fell off the Xixin Bridge. He has not found anyone yet. Phillip has been looking for it outside. I am too worried. You can help him find it. Look, the longer time passes, the greater the danger, so…” “Sister-in-law, don’t worry, I know, I’ll go back now.”

Alan Su hurriedly walked out, “How could this happen?”

“Phillip is looking for someone now.

No time to investigate what’s going on. “

At this moment Ana Lin was holding Zong Yanxi, and his heart trembled.

When the car fell, there were Zong Yanxi and Aunt Wang in it. She didn’t understand the situation at the time. She only knew that Zong Yanxi was rescued. Aunt Wang drowned and Keller Shen disappeared.

Zong Yanxi seemed to be frightened, lying in Ana Lin’s arms without speaking.

Ana Lin kept patting her back and soothing, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, Mommy is here.”

“There is water, a lot of water.”

Zong Yanxi clutched her collar, “Mommy, I’m scared, so scared.”

Ana Lin k*ssed her forehead, “Mommy is here, so Mommy is not afraid to hold you.”

Now her heart is particularly anxious, worried that something will happen to Keller Shen.

“How did that happen?”

Wanda walked around in the living room anxiously, “Captain Shen said to deliver the car keys, just in time for Xiaorui to take Aunt Wang to buy cakes. The driver was absent on leave, so Captain Shen took them there.

How can the car rush off the bridge? “

Ana Lin asked, “Why did she think of eating cake?”

She prefers to eat ice cream in summer, and there are plenty of refrigerators at home.

Wanda and Aunt Wang were gossiping. Wanda inadvertently asked Aunt Wang’s age. While she was talking, it was her birthday. Only then did she know that today is Aunt Wang’s birthday. When Zong Yanxi heard it, she had to buy it. cake.

The driver at home was not there, just as Keller Shen was here, so he took it with him, and never expected such a thing to happen.

Now the villa only has Ana Lin, two children, and Wanda.

Zong Qifeng and Roberson Cheng went out to help find Keller Shen.

What was going on at that time, I don’t know at all now, one is dead, the other is missing, and the other is now scared and trembling in Ana Lin’s arms.

Chapter 672

Zong Yanxi didn’t sleep or talk, just nestled in Ana Lin’s arms. Zong Yanchen sat on the sofa opposite, looked at her sister with her lips pressed, and suddenly got off the sofa and walked to Ana Lin. In front of him, he touched his sister’s head and asked, “Are you hungry?”

Zong Yanxi did not speak.

He sighed, his sister was really shocked this time, she didn’t even want to say anything.

It was night, Ana Lin asked Wanda to take Zong Yanchen to bed, but he didn’t go, “What about you?”

“I’ll wait for your father to come back.”

Ana Lin looked at his son, “Hey, go to sleep.”

Zong Yanchen sat next to her and said, “I want to be with you.”

Ana Lin touched his son’s head and put him in his arms, with them there.

Waiting will not be so suffering.

They didn’t sleep that night. When it was light in the morning, Wanda said, “I will get you something to eat. I didn’t eat it last night.

Your current body cannot always skip meals. “

“You do something.”

Phillip Zong hasn’t come back, it must be that Keller Shen hasn’t fallen, how can she eat.

Even if she doesn’t eat, the two children will have to eat, and they will be able to eat some when Zong Kaifeng returns.

It’s always right to prepare.

However, all this was prepared for nothing, and they did not come back for a day.

The two children couldn’t hold it any longer and fell asleep on the sofa. Ana Lin held Zong Yanxi upstairs, and Yu’s mother took Zong Yanchen into the room downstairs to sleep.

She sat on the edge of the bed and pulled a little quilt to cover her daughter. She didn’t dare to put her down. She would wake up suddenly when she fell asleep and then look for her.

Caused by excessive fright.

Wanda put Zong Yanchen on the bed and saw that there was no sign of waking up, she went to the kitchen and brought a bowl of soup to Ana Lin, “You drink this bowl of soup.”

Ana Lin shook his head, “I can’t drink it.”

“If you can’t drink, you have to drink, you are not alone.”

Wanda handed it to her, spooned a spoonful, “I’ll feed you.”

“No, put it on the table, I’ll drink it later.”

Ana Lin couldn’t let Wanda feed herself, she really didn’t want to drink, and she didn’t want Wanda to worry.

At this time there was a door opening downstairs, and Ana Lin’s nerves tightened, “Aren’t they coming?”

Wanda said, “I will go down and have a look.”

Soon there were footsteps going upstairs, it wasn’t Wanda’s, she turned around, and it was Phillip Zong who came in.

“How did you find it?”

Ana Lin asked anxiously.

Phillip Zong didn’t say a word, but pulled his neckline hard, his face was ugly.

Ana Lin fell silent, he must have not found it, otherwise his mood would not be so bad.

Phillip Zong frowned when he saw the untouched soup on the table, “You haven’t eaten?”

“Can’t eat.”

Ana Lin lowered his eyes.

Phillip Zong sat on the bed, looked at his daughter, and whispered, “Gu Bei did it. Their family didn’t know what method they used to get people out of it. They were originally going to go abroad, but they caught up with Mr. Gu that day. I was executed and wanted to get me revenge.”

During the two nights outside, he was looking for people while investigating the situation at the time. There was surveillance on the bridge, and all the scenes at that time were filmed.

Gu Bei knew that it was Phillip Zong’s car, but didn’t know that Phillip Zong drove it. He drove a four-wheel drive off-road and ran into the car driven by Keller Shen. At that time, there were many cars on the bridge and Keller Shen could not get out. There are children in it, and he is very passive.

When the car was squeezed by Gu Bei’s car to the railing, he threw Zong Yanxi down from the car window and was rescued by someone on the road before he escaped. However, neither he nor Aunt Wang could get off, so he fell with the car. Up.

There is a dam under the Xixin Bridge. The current is so fast that it is dangerous to fall.

The car was salvaged, the door was closed, the glass was not damaged, there was no trace of Keller Shen, only Aunt Wang drowned in it.

Ana Lin’s body trembled a little, “What about Gu Bei now?

Ran away? “

“No, I wanted to run away after hitting someone. We didn’t have time to board the plane. We found someone in a small hotel nearby and sent it to the police station.”

He picked up the soup on the table to feed Ana Lin, and comforted, “It is a good thing not to find it, which means that he may be fine. Alan Su and Song Ju are still looking for someone. I will come back to see you and go out later.”

Ana Lin is still worried. Both sides of the river are made of stones to form a smooth embankment. If you want to be rescued, it is not easy to say without any help?

“How can Gu Bei come out?”

Ana Lin can’t figure it out, his old man is like that, who has the ability to get him out?

Phillip Zong suddenly wanted to understand one thing, that Gu Huiyuan, the sixth member of the Gu family, suddenly appeared in front of Ana Lin, and it was easy for Keller Shen to find out that it was her. What was her purpose?

Is it really to provoke the feelings between him and Ana Lin?

It seems obviously not right now. If it is really to provoke their feelings, no, she will disappear after appearing twice without pain. She is to avoid his sight. Although Gu’s sisters have big opinions on Gu’s family, but Gu’s After all, Bei is the only male in the Gu family. Now that Old Man Gu has been sentenced to death, it is possible for them to get Gu Bei out together in order to preserve the only blood of the Gu family.

“Okay, eat something first.”

Phillip Zong handed the soup to her mouth, “Observe, what should I do if the child is broken?”

Ana Lin couldn’t refuse him, he could only open his mouth.

The Song family has not been peaceful for the past two days, and the Song Bureau has been looking for people outside. Mrs. Song sat on the sofa, “How could this happen?

You just happened to have an accident. “

“Okay, mom, don’t say bad things.”

Song Yaxin was upset and didn’t want to listen to her nagging.

“Am I worried about you?

Divorced, and now he is getting better with Keller Shen, and his life and death are unclear, why is your life so many? “

Song Yaxin got angry and got up from the sofa and walked towards the door.

Mrs. Song shouted worriedly, “Where are you going so late?”

“I’ll go to Dad to see if there are any clues.”

After speaking, he left the house, not wanting to hear Mrs. Song’s nagging.

She called Song Bureau and asked, “Dad, where are you?”

The Song Bureau was in the lower reaches of the river and was looking for Keller Shen’s whereabouts with the police officers who were searching.

Knowing that his daughter was coming, he immediately sent her the location with his mobile phone, thinking that she should come, after all, she and Keller Shen had established a relationship.

Now that Keller Shen’s life and death is unknown, she should be concerned and come to him.

Standing on the boat, Alan Su was still drenched. The light was not good at night, and it was illuminated by laser lights. The search speed did not delay at all, but after so long, it is still worrying.

About an hour later, Song Yaxin arrived and got on board with the help of Song Bureau.

“Still no clue?”

Her expression was a little worried.

Although she realized that Keller Shen was good in hindsight, the past few days let her know that Keller Shen is really a good man.

Now that something like this has happened, I am also very worried.

Alan Su glanced at her and said nothing.

Song Yaxin didn’t like Alan Su either, and didn’t say hello.

“Dad, can’t we send more people?”

Song Yaxin said.

“Everyone who can be used here has been transferred.”

He is also anxious, but there is no better way.

This is all out of the city, the river is so long, and his heart is very heavy. The possibility of survival is too small.

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