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Chapter 67

Hearing Ana Lin’s words, the man who was originally tired, his expression froze.

He straightened his body and leaned against the car, and said with a light smile, “Can I see my wife?”

Ana Lin frowned, how could he be so shameless?

They are divorced!

Phillip Zong is still that bohemian and lazy, “I don’t mind, go in and make a clear statement with your son, our relationship—”

“What are you going to do?” Ana Lin was angry, is he a rascal?

The smile on his face suddenly closed, “You don’t want me to come in to see your son, just come over.”

Ana Lin stood stiffly in place.

After thinking about it for a long time, Daniel’s child was sensitive. After the last time, Daniel was very hostile to him. If he was allowed in, how could she tell the children his identity?

Phillip Zong’s eyes were a little unclear. He closed his eyes, still unable to wave away the fuzzy, dumb voice, “I have limited time and patience.”

Ana Lin moved his legs like lead, and he waited very calmly and patiently. Every time she took a step closer, his outline became clear. He pulled away from those intrigues in the market, wandering outside of intrigue. , Indescribably truthful and gentle, his face is not as hard as his words.

A touch of softness.

Ana Lin had never seen him in this appearance, but she knew in her heart that he was still him and would never change.

She squeezed her hand to ease her emotions, even in an imploring tone, “Please, don’t come to disturb my life, please?”

Phillip Zong raised his heavy eyelids and stared at the woman in front of him, “How to ask?” Then he pulled out a faint smile, “Begging, is to show sincerity, what are you going to ask for and agree with you?”

What does he mean? When she is a very casual woman?

Yes, when she was 18 years old, she lost her innocence, but that doesn’t mean she is a prodigious woman!

Ana Lin’s face was pale, his anger at the touch of a glance was in full view, his shoulders were trembling violently, and his voice gradually changed, “Are you a rogue?”

Her cheeks tense because of anger, with the blue veins stretched out on her neck, faintly trembling, and a few strands of broken hair around her ears entangled around her neck, adding a bit of femininity for no reason.

Phillip Zong’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down, thinking that he might be crazy.

Seeing her angry, she would have thoughts.

He reached out and hooked her waist, Ana Lin’s body slammed into his arms, and after reacting, she kept slapping his chest with her hands, struggling, “You let me go!”

Phillip Zong tore and took a breath, but the strength of his hands did not loosen, instead he tried harder, hooked her waist, caught her restless hands, and whispered, “Don’t make trouble.”

Ana Lin glared at him.

Why are you disturbing her life?

She just wants to take her child and live quietly. Is it so difficult?

“I’m tired.” Phillip Zong’s chin rested on her shoulder, her nose filled with the breath of her body, a faint fragrance, his face buried in her neck, his low voice, “Find a place for me to rest .”

He is really tired.

Ana Lin discovered that there was a dark color under his eyelids, his body was not as strong as before, and he was a little soft, “You, are you uncomfortable?”

He hummed.

Ana Lin hesitated, but in the end he couldn’t harden his heart to ignore him.

“Can I find you a hotel?” Ana Lin asked.


Ana Lin helped him into the car, buckled him, closed the door, and then went up to the driving position and started the car.

She is familiar here, and finding a hotel is easy.

About ten minutes later, Ana Lin parked the car in front of a five-star hotel. She got out of the car, threw the key to the hotel staff, and went to drive to Fu Zong Phillip.

“I’m only responsible for bringing you here, and you pay for the money yourself.” Ana Lin said clearly between private and public.

He is very rich.

And every penny of her money must be earned by herself. She can’t spend money randomly. She has to save money for her two children, eat, wear, shelter, go to school, and ask for money.

Now they are getting older and there are more places to spend money.

She has to be a strong backing for the children.

They must not suffer from lack of money.

Phillip Zong is tall and tall. If the weight of the whole person is placed on her, she will be very strenuous. He did not give her all the weight to make her relax. Never thought that this woman would have to draw a line with him everywhere.

She is now a well-known designer, and it’s not that she has no money, just a one-night accommodation fee.

Too mean to him.

His arms rested on Ana Lin’s shoulders, and the weight of his body was transferred to her.

Ana Lin clearly felt that the weight he had to bear was much greater.

Now every step we take must use our best.

She kept complaining about this man in her heart. He didn’t look fat. Why is he so heavy? Is it a pig?

Insisting on walking to the front desk, Ana Lin asked, “Your credentials and wallet.”

Phillip Zong lay on her body, half-knocked his eyes, weakly said, “The credentials are in your pants pocket, money, no.”


Ana Lin gritted his teeth, wishing to throw this man here.

Go out without money?

It seems that he does not have the habit of carrying cash, and the driver He Milton usually follows him.

No money, always have a card, right?

Ana Lin reached out to touch his pocket. Her fingers were slender and slender, weak and boneless. Every time he walked around, his body tightened.

The place she touched seemed to be electrocuted, throbbing, not self-sustaining.

Ridiculous self-control!

In front of this woman, it turned out to be a joke, she just touched it lightly, he would think.

Phillip Zong closed his eyes heavily.


Ana Lin touched the wallet in his pocket, opened it, and was stunned. Didn’t he say that he had no money?

Where did the red tickets for the noodles come from?

Ana Lin glanced at him, instead of taking the cash, he directly took the card and handed it to the front desk, “Presidential suite, you want the best service, and you can come to one if you need money.”

He is rich anyway!

Phillip Zong, “…”

Front desk, “…”

Are the rich now so self-willed?

The front desk fiddled with the computer for a long time and raised his head and asked, “Is there a password?”

Ana Lin stabbed him, just to hit his abdomen. The pain from her slap on his chest was not stopped. Now, even his abdomen hurts, and he feels like he is going to die, “No.”

“No password.”

The front desk swiped the card and handed it to Ana Lin, “The top floor, No. 888, the royal presidential suite, plus special services, the total is 108,000.”

One hundred thousand a night?

Ana Lin shuddered, it was too expensive.

Fortunately, it was not her money that was spent.

Ana Lin put the card back in his wallet, put it in his trouser pocket, and helped him to get on the elevator to the top floor. After getting out of the elevator, Ana Lin helped him to find room 888.

Swipe to open the door.

With a jingle of unlocking sound, Ana Lin opened the door, and two giant crystal chandeliers hung from the high red and golden ceiling. The crystal lamps bloomed with dazzling light, relying on a whole body of crystal pendants, showing Gorgeous and noble temperament.

The floor-to-ceiling windows on the front wall overlook the entire capital, with curtains, velvet curtains, and a deep red European-style sofa in the middle of the hall. The spacious space, exquisite chairs, cabinets, everything is full of luxury.

It’s like a western palace.

Ana Lin thought to herself, where the money is really spent and where is it worth.

She helped Phillip Zong walk in and pushed open the bedroom door. The dark red headboard, low stool, foot of the bed, white carpet, and silk bedding with gold rims were covered.

Everywhere is extremely luxurious visual and physical enjoyment.

Ana Lin threw people on the bed, she was almost exhausted.

Phillip Zong fell into the bedding, seeming to have pulled the wound and frowned slightly.

“You have a good rest, I called you the best service, you will have a very pleasant evening, I won’t bother you.”

After Ana Lin turned around-

Chapter 68

Ana Lin turned around to leave after speaking.

“What’s your son’s name?” Just when Ana Lin walked to the bedroom door, a playful male voice sounded behind him, “Daniel, Ruth?”

When he came to Country A, he had obtained Ana Lin’s detailed life information over the past few years from Milton Guan.

To his surprise, this woman actually gave birth to a pair of twins.

And it looks very beautiful.

Ana Lin paused, turned around and stared at him, holding his hands tightly. When he encountered Milton Guan, he knew that Milton Guan was investigating her.

Unexpectedly, Milton Guan’s movements were fast.

“If you need me to go back and fill up a divorce certificate with you, you can clearly say that I am naturally willing and will not hinder your happiness, but if you threaten me like this, don’t you think it’s too bullying?” Ana Lin trembled and angered. Don’t rest.

Phillip Zong lay still on the bed, with his arms on his forehead and his eyes closed.

No words or words.

It seems to be extremely exhausted.

Ana Lin stood at the door and did not dare to leave. Who knows if this person would do anything desperate to hurt her child.

After all, he knew everything about her now.

“I’m thirsty.”

For a long time, Phillip Zong spoke slowly without opening his eyes.

Ana Lin glanced at him, angry, thinking that it might as well die of thirst.

Phillip Zong turned over and turned his back to Ana Lin. The eyes that were originally closed, slowly opened, with fatigue on his face, “You want to die of thirst and murder my husband?”


Ana Lin was suffocating in her chest.

Turn around to pour water, and pass it in, “Here you are.”

“You feed me.” Phillip Zong turned over and looked at the woman standing by the bed enduring anger.

Because of her anger, her cheeks rose with a flush, and her cheeks were slightly bulging, like an angry hamster, looking very cute.

Phillip Zong couldn’t help but chuckle, but the laugh fell in Ana Lin’s ears and became a teasing.

“Phillip Zong, go and die!” Ana Lin threw the water glass on him. The warm water in the glass swelled in the air, spilled erratic, and fell on him. The water was fine, but the glass fell down. The position is exactly his injured chest.

The moment the water glass fell, he snorted.

The shirt soaked in water showed the red inside.

Ana Lin was stunned for a moment. He couldn’t help feeling so much, right? How painful a water cup could be, but he looked so painful just now.

“Don’t pretend you.” Ana Lin pretended to be calm.

Phillip Zong lay on all fours, motionless and silent.

Ana Lin’s gaze slowly came over, and he inadvertently landed on the red color on his white shirt. She frowned, how could there be red on her chest?

She bent down, trying to see what the red was.

Being close, and adding that his shirt was soaked in water, Ana Lin could clearly see the gauze wrapped around his chest.

“You– why are you injured?” Ana Lin asked in a daze.

Phillip Zong opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling with shining crystal lights.

Rubbing the bedding with fingers.

He just didn’t want to owe Casey He too much.

After all, he failed her.

She has a thousand bad things and everything is bad, but there is also one good.

After all, so many years.

There is a little bit of love.

This affection has nothing to do with feelings, it is morality and responsibility.

Just how Casey questioned him.

So many years of youth, can money be bought?

His long thick eyelashes quivered slightly, staring at her, and a trace of seriousness crossed his eyes, “I said, I am for you, do you believe it?”

Ana Lin’s lips pressed tightly, and she seemed to see seriousness in his eyes just now.

But think about it, no, how could he be serious about her?

Like a woman who has given birth?

Dazzling, it must be dazzling.

And what does his injury have to do with her?

What’s more, he is going to be engaged to Casey He, is she a fool?

Her expression was clearly unbelief, and Phillip Zong chuckled lightly.

Maybe it was laughing at himself, he couldn’t explain clearly, and his inexplicable emotions towards her.

Ana Lin stooped to pick up the water glass, wondering if she felt guilty because she just smashed him with the water glass, and asked softly, “I’ll take you to the hospital.”

“Not going.”

Phillip Zong refused decisively.

Ana Lin said nothing, “Then what about your injury?”

“Help me take off the wet clothes.” Wearing wet clothes was too uncomfortable.

Ana Lin thought for a while, bent down and unbuttoned his shirt, “I can help you, but you have to let me go back.”

She usually sleeps the two children with her, and she is not there for fear that they will not sleep well.

The moment she leaned down, a strand of hair fell down, and the tip of her hair was scratching his cheeks from time to time, itchy and numb, like a live electric current, rushing to his sensitive places, he His voice is hoarse, “It depends on your performance.”

Ana Lin’s lips twitched slightly, “I don’t owe you.”

His breath while speaking, if there is seemingly nothing blowing the ends of her hair, it seems to be teasing, “If you don’t hit me, will I be injured a second time? I didn’t accuse you of hurting you, so you should thank me.”


Ana Lin unbuttoned his hand and deliberately poked his wound forcefully.

Phillip Zong snorted in pain, how could this woman be so cruel?

He is hurt, can’t you be gentle?

He let out a sigh of relief, “I finally know why there are no men around you for so many years, no man can stand a rude woman like you.”

“Raise your arms.” Ana Lin tugged at his shirt, glanced at him, and laughed, “There are so many men chasing me.”

“is it?”

“Of course!”

Before she could finish her words, Phillip Zong flipped and pressed her underneath. His shirt drenched with water was loosely placed on his body, which looked a little funny, but couldn’t hide his eagle eyes.

“Tell me, who are they?”

Ana Lin tilted his head, not looking at his naked body, “You get up first.”

Phillip Zong cracked her face and asked her to look at herself, saying, “You are a married woman.”

“Just one certificate, we are divorced!” Ana Lin really wanted to yell at him, while there was a fiancee, and at the same time he had to say these things to his ex-wife.

The corners of his eyes were stretched, his eyes half-squinted, his body bent down, his lips were very close, and he said ambiguously, “Don’t forget, without a divorce certificate, you are still my wife, you say–“

His fingers ran across her cheeks and pressed his fingers on her lips, “How are we going to live this long-awaited reunion night?”

Ana Lin widened his eyes, clenched his hands and held his breath.

“Have you heard a word?” His fingertips crushed her pink lips.

He didn’t use too much force, Ana Lin didn’t feel pain, just felt insulted.

“What?” Ana Lin raised his leg quietly, ready to resist at any time.

Phillip Zong noticed her movement, but he didn’t see through it, but pressed her forehead, “I haven’t heard that Xiaobie wins newlyweds? We haven’t been for six years—”

Before he finished speaking, Ana Lin resisted, but let Phillip Zong, who had been prepared for a while, clamped it first, and she wanted to kick his legs.

There was a successful smile on his face, “Can’t wait?”

Ana Lin’s face flushed, is he a gangster?

How shameless to this point!

Ana Lin was really angry this time, staring at him, tears hovering in his eye sockets, but he opened it hard to prevent it from falling.

Phillip Zong was slightly taken aback–

Chapter 69

Phillip Zong was taken aback for a moment, “You–“

As soon as he spoke, the door of the room rang.

He frowned, not very happy that someone knocked on the door at this time. He got up and saw Ana Lin’s rolled up clothes revealing a delicate and flat belly. He stretched out his hand to fix her clothes and took a look at her, “Not really bullying. why are you crying.”

Ana Lin sat up, unwilling to pay attention to him, turned his head, still angry with him.

Phillip Zong sighed, “I’ll open the door.”

The shirt was taken off. He couldn’t wear it anymore. He took a bathrobe and put it on in the bathroom before going to open the door.

Standing at the door was a woman in a purple tight skirt, with a devilish figure, golden wavy curly hair, slender thighs exposed in the air, stepping on a pair of black high heels, and seeing the man opening the door, she lifted Click on the hair, red lips lightly open, “I am You.”

Saying that, he walked in on his own, “Don’t worry, I have very good skills, and I will definitely satisfy you.”

The woman seemed to be used to this kind of scene. She walked to the table and poured a glass of red wine, handed it to her lips, took a sip, looked at the very handsome man, and thought that she met Bao, and she would sleep with such a man. Money is all right, not to mention that there is so much money for her, and her enthusiasm is a little bit high, “You have special requirements, I can also meet, mouth, or…”

Before she finished speaking, she saw Ana Lin coming out of the bedroom, her eyes widened, “Who are you?”

Could it be that while calling her, he called another woman?

Thinking of the woman’s gaze like this, he looked at Ana Lin, dressed conservatively, with a face facing the sky, beautiful, but not so coquettish.

If you want to play, you naturally want to play.

The woman looked at Phillip Zong, “Is this to play, double P?”


Phillip Zong was completely black.


The woman didn’t react, and smiled, “I don’t mind playing double P.”

Ana Lin could also see, what does this woman do, this is a service that requires money?

Thinking about it, she got goose bumps all over.

This kind of service exists everywhere.

Even this kind of high-end star hotel is no exception.

Ana Lin glanced at Phillip Zong, gloating, “Good thing, what are you doing with such an ugly face, I’ll go first and don’t disturb you.”

The woman was so excited, such a tall and handsome man looked strong, she didn’t want to share it with other women.

Hearing Ana Lin’s words to leave, he was naturally happy.

There was a bit of joy on his face.

Phillip Zong glanced at her in disgust, looked at Ana Lin, and warned, “You go and try?”

Ana Lin glared at him, “Are you a bandit?”

“You said yes, that is.” Phillip Zong walked towards her, stood beside her, leaned over, “You got it, you solve it.”


Ana Lin gritted his teeth.

The woman saw Phillip Zong walking into the bedroom, and she came along too. As soon as she got to the door, Ana Lin reached out and stopped her, “Sorry, you go back. No service is needed here.”

The woman’s face changed and she raised her delicate eyebrows, “Why, want to monopolize the business?”

Ana Lin also changed his face, who is like her?

“You go by yourself, or should I call the front desk?” Ana Lin paused, “It will be unpleasant then, and it will be bad for you.”

Ana Lin raised his head, full of momentum!

Women are unwilling, but a person who can live in such a flat is either rich or expensive, and the attitude of the man just now is not to call her.

This was the only time she was rejected.

In a bad mood, he said coldly, “I am here, but the money will not be refunded.”

“No need to retire.” Ana Lin said quickly, just wanting to send her quickly.

The woman glanced in the bedroom, snorted coldly, twisted Yang Liu’s waist and walked out.

Ana Lin leaned against the door frame, brewing in her heart, “I have already passed away, can I go?”


Ana Lin waited for a while, still silent.

She looked back and found Phillip Zong lying on the bed, seeming to be asleep.

She took a closer look and realized that he was actually asleep, breathing heavily, looking uncomfortable.

“Phillip Zong?” Ana Lin called him tentatively.

No response, I really fell asleep.

Ana Lin stretched out his hand and covered him with the quilt. She accidentally touched his skin and it was so hot that she reached out and probed his forehead to see if he had a fever.

This model is terribly hot. He has a high fever.

Ana Lin called the front desk to call for a doctor. He was still injured and Ana Lin did not dare to deal with it himself.

Ana Lin received a call from Daniel while sitting on the sofa waiting for the doctor to come.

“Mummy, aren’t you coming back? My sister is already hungry.”

Ana Lin just remembered. She said that she would go home for dinner. At this moment, they are still waiting for themselves, “You can eat first, I have something…”

She raised her head, looked at the man lying on the bed, thought about it, and confessed, “I may not go back tonight. You and Ruth will listen to grandma and sleep in grandma’s room at night.”

“Well, Mommy, don’t forget to eat outside and take care of yourself.”

Ana Lin smiled with relief, seeing that her son was already caring for others.

“Well, you are a man in our family, you have to take care of your sister.”

“I will.”

After hanging up the phone, Ana Lin waited for a while before the doctor came.

He cleaned Phillip Zong’s wound again, gave him a fever-reducing injection, left the medicine, and told Ana Lin how to use it, “This bottle contains external medicine and sprayed on the wound. These are taken orally. The red one is If you have a fever, if you have a high fever again, give him this and let him drink more water at night. If you have a fever, you can’t lack water.”

“Okay.” Ana Lin sent the doctor out.

Ana Lin closed the door, walked back to the bedroom and stood by the bed and sighed.

Reluctantly stayed to take care of him.

In case something happens, she can’t afford it.

At night, Phillip Zong was confused, “Water…water…”

His voice was dry.

Ana Lin poured water on him when he heard it when he was not asleep, lifted him up, and put the water glass to his lips, “The water is coming.”

She tilted the mouth of the cup to make it easier for him to drink.

His lips were stained with water, and he drank heavily, with a gurgling sound, and a glass of water relieved some of his dry mouth.

Ana Lin put the cup on the table beside the bed and helped him to lie down. “For the sake of taking care of you so hard, wait for it, don’t trouble me anymore.”

He returned to his country and married him, and she lived her life here without interference.

Phillip Zong was destined not to hear, and had already fallen asleep.

In the morning, she hadn’t gone back all night, and she would definitely go back to take a look at the child in the morning, so she found Phillip Zong’s cell phone and called Milton Guan and asked him to come over.

Milton Guan is so smart. Phillip Zong didn’t come back overnight. Now Ana Lin used Phillip Zong’s cell phone to call him early in the morning to prove that the two must be together last night. He went, isn’t it a bad thing for Phillip Zong?

He is not stupid, “I have something to do, I can’t go there.”

Ana Lin sneered, “The Versailles Hotel, Room 888, if you love it or not, if Phillip Zong dies here, don’t blame me for not letting you know!”

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