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Chapter 667

Although Song Yaxin’s frowning expression was quickly concealed, Zong Yanxi still saw it. She was quite happy at first. At this moment, the smile on her face slowly reduced, “Auntie, are you unhappy?”

How else would you frown?

Song Yaxin hurriedly pulled out a smile, “No, I like you very much, kid, what is your name?”

“My name is Zong Yanxi.”

She blinked.


Song Yaxin turned to look at Keller Shen, “Why would you take her with you?”

“I mainly send her off, and pick you up is on the way.”

Keller Shen said.

Song Yaxin, “…” Is her girlfriend better than a friend’s child?



Keller Shen glanced at her, continued to concentrate on driving, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Song Yaxin suppressed her displeasure and said, “It’s nothing, but I didn’t expect your friend to be so rich.”

This car is worth a lot of money.

She didn’t expect that Keller Shen’s circle of friends would have such a wealth.

Keller Shen smiled, because Song Yaxin was telling the truth and Phillip Zong had money.

“Uncle Shen, are you busy today?”

Zong Yanxi stretched her head over, “If you are not busy, you can take me out to play.”

Song Yaxin looked back at her, “Your Uncle Shen is going to work, how can you have time to play with you?”

Zong Yanxi leaned back on the seat and said, “I asked Uncle Shen, but didn’t ask you. What are you answering for Uncle Shen?

It’s rude. “

Song Yaxin immediately lowered her face. Keller Shen noticed her expression, her eyes darkened a little, and said in a low voice, “She is still a child.”

Song Yaxin adjusted her facial expression and said, “I know, I didn’t say anything, how can you protect your shortcomings, you should protect me as well.”

Zong Yanxi watched Song Yaxin curl her lips from behind, and inexplicably didn’t like her, thinking this aunt was hypocritical.

Obviously angry, and said no.

Humph! “Meeting with your friend, where do you want to locate?

I know a place is good and the food there is also delicious. “

Song Yaxin said.

“Then you decide.”

Keller Shen doesn’t care about these.

Song Yaxin leaned over, resting her head on his shoulders, “Keller, you are really good.”

He is really a good man. He promised her yesterday and introduced her to friends around him today. This is a kind of recognition and a sense of security.

It’s like there are many young people who are talking about friends. Girls always tell boys, do you dare to send us a photo in the circle of friends?

Keller Shen didn’t adapt to her approach, feeling a little uncomfortable, but he didn’t push away, and didn’t feel good about himself, but felt that if he agreed, he had to admit his identity. There was nothing good or bad.

Zong Yanxi stared at Song Yaxin, thinking that this aunt is really annoying, she is still here, regardless of her image, she is really unreserved.

She hated Song Yaxin inexplicably, no matter how she looked at it, she seemed to be uncomfortable with what she did.

Song Yaxin asked, “Keller, where’s your phone?”

“In the pocket.”

Keller Shen said.

She reached out and found the phone in her trouser pocket. When she touched Keller Shen, she quickly removed her hand, “I’ll get it for you.”

Song Yaxin’s hand stiffened, and she smiled and said, “I want to record my number in your phone, you are so sensitive.”

Keller Shen didn’t speak, took out the phone and handed it to her.

Song Yaxin took it over and asked, “What’s the password?”

“without password.”

He is not used to setting a password for his mobile phone.

Song Yaxin opened the screen as soon as she swiped her finger. She smiled and asked, “What do you think I should save?

girlfriend? “

Keller Shen said lightly, “You can do whatever you want.”

Song Yaxin glanced at him, feeling that he seemed to be in a low mood and asked, “Are you not happy?”


Keller Shen answered.

Song Yaxin didn’t care, “Does Jiangnan restaurant know the name I saved?

I’ll decide the location. “

Keller Shen gave a hum, and soon arrived at Song Yaxin’s work unit. The car stopped and she pushed the car door down and said, “You drive slowly and call me when you have time.”

Keller Shen said yes.

When the car drove away, Zong Yanxi asked, “Uncle Shen, is this aunty your girlfriend?”

Keller Shen said, “Yes.”

“Not good enough for you.”

Zong Yanxi said, Uncle Shen is so cute, this aunt is not cute at all, and she is very annoying.

Keller Shen thought it was funny, “Do you know what is worthy?

Besides, I am not good. “

“Who said you were bad?

You are the best Uncle Shen. “

Zong Yanxi retorted.

“is it?”

“Of course, you didn’t find her there, is our atmosphere not good?

She is not here, we are more at ease, are you Uncle Shen? “

Zong Yanxi said.

Keller Shen thought about it for a while, and it seemed to be true. The atmosphere was all kinds of discomfort when she was there.

“Maybe she is not familiar with us yet, just wait until she is familiar.”

Keller Shen said.

Zong Yanxi shook his head, “Uncle Shen, you said that Uncle Su is the second fool, I think you are the second.”

Keller Shen was angrily laughed, “Your mouth is so powerful, be careful not to find a boyfriend when you grow up.”

“I don’t want a boyfriend. I will stay with Mom and Dad from now on.”

Zong Yanxi raised his head bravely.

After arriving at the villa, Keller Shen hugged her down. As soon as he entered the door, he wagged his tail and rushed forward. Zong Yanxi stared at her legs, “I want to come down.”

Keller Shen put her down.

Zong Yanxi held Da Bai and touched its head. Zong Qifeng was drinking tea. He saw that Keller Shen sent his granddaughter back and asked, “Why did you send it?”

“Phillip has something, then I will go back first.”

Keller Shen said.

Zong Qifeng responded, came over and touched his granddaughter’s head, and asked concerned, “Is it hot outside.”

Zong Yanxi shook her head, raised her head and said, “Grandpa, I saw Uncle Shen’s girlfriend today.”


Keller has a girlfriend? “

Zong Qifeng was surprised, but he was happy for Keller Shen.

“Yes, but I don’t like that aunt, so I like the way she pretends. I don’t think Uncle Shen is enthusiastic about her.”

Zong Qifeng smiled and hugged his granddaughter, “You are a little older, knowing what is hot or not?”

“Why don’t you know?

I’m not stupid. “

Zong Qifeng was amused by his granddaughter, “Yes, my granddaughter is smart, and I don’t know who to go with this head.”

Zong Yanxi hugged Grandpa’s neck and said, “Follow Grandpa.”

Zong Qifeng smiled more heartily, and Roberson Cheng, who played chess with Zong Yanchen, said jealously, “Look at you smiling.”

Zong Qifeng was not angry either, “I’m happy, you don’t care how I laugh.”

There are two children in the family, and the two old people are no longer alone, either quarreling or making noise.

The whole villa is full of fireworks.

Wanyue Group.

Leaving the airport, Phillip Zong took Ana Lin to the company.

“You come to work, what are you pulling me to do?”

Ana Lin felt speechless for him, and he asked Keller Shen to send his daughter back. She thought he had something to do, but she asked herself to accompany him to work.

“Why not?”

Phillip Zong opened the file, and Ana Lin closed it for him again, and took it over to see for himself, “Of course I don’t want to, and you won’t pay me a salary.”

Phillip Zong grabbed her waist and let her sit on her lap, “I am all yours now, still not satisfied?”

Ana Lin flipped through it a few times and couldn’t understand it at all. He closed and threw it on the table without looking at it. He joked, “I like money better than you.”

“is it?”

Phillip Zong squeezed her thigh through the thin cloth, and it hurt. Ana Lin hissed and stared at him, “I’m telling the truth, you don’t want to listen?”

“Of course I don’t want to listen, can money make you comfortable?”

Phillip Zong smiled and approached, “Or, I prove to you that I am more useful than money?”

Ana Lin pushed his face, “This is the company, don’t look like it.”

“Then you say, do you like money or me?”

Phillip Zong is not forgiving.

“like you.”

Ana Lin held his face and k*ssed himself, “Say, why call me.”

Phillip Zong looked upright, “During the wedding, there were many employees in the company who did not go. I will bring you here. I will meet you later.”

The wedding can’t accommodate so many people, only the high-level staff, always have to introduce Ana Lin to everyone.

Ana Lin opened his clear and clear eyes, and the corners of his lips were slightly raised, and his eyes were curved like crescent moons. He raised his chin and said, “It turns out that you called me here just to be in front of your subordinates. Officially show up?

Isn’t it because you can’t do without me?

Isn’t it because you miss me? “

Chapter 668

Phillip Zong very much cooperated with her molesting. He raised his head, squinted slightly at the corner of his eyes, with a low, magnetic voice, “I said I miss you, would you allow me to do something in the office?”

Ana Lin broke the power in a second, far inferior to him in this shameless matter.

She let go, and Phillip Zong grabbed her hand, not letting her take it away, and said with a smile, “Go after molesting?”

Ana Lin coquettishly groaned, “Who molested you?

Besides, who can prove it? “

Phillip Zong laughed angrily, “What you do to me in the future, I have to take a video to leave evidence.”

Ana Lin didn’t continue to quarrel with him, and stood up from his lap, “You handle work, I will wait for you next to you.”

Phillip Zong held her hand tightly, “I hold you and don’t misread the file.”

Ana Lin said awkwardly, “I won’t see it later.”

“We are husband and wife, who dare to say anything?”

Phillip Zong said righteously.

Ana Lin still refused. Regardless of her disagreement, Phillip Zong pulled the person back into his arms, fixed her waist with one hand, and opened the file preview with the other hand.

Knowing his personality, Ana Lin didn’t earn any more, and found a comfortable posture to sit. Many of his bodies are blessed at his age, but he has no stomach at all. Sitting is flat and has strong muscles and a little fat. None, women would be jealous of the figure.

Ana Lin felt bored and asked, “Will you be uncomfortable holding me like this?”

Phillip Zong looked down at her and said, “No, I like to hold you.”

Ana Lin smiled and nestled in his arms, “You said, what kind of girl will Keller Shen’s girlfriend be?

How easy is it to bring Keller’s elm head? “

Keller Shen is good at everything, but he is slow and slow to feelings.

Ana Lin was surprised to have a girlfriend quietly. Last time Alan Su said that he had a girlfriend, but he didn’t admit it.

“Have you seen that man named Marsha Sang?”

She asked.

Phillip Zong said no.

Actually, I have forgotten it.

Alan Su took her to the company when the accident last time.

Ana Lin couldn’t understand the documents he had to deal with, and the more he looked at it, the more he wanted to sleep, and he yawned, “When can you end it?”

Phillip Zong patted her, “Sleep for a while if you want to sleep, I’ll call you when I’m done.”

Ana Lin gave a hum, leaned against his chest and closed his eyes.

This sleep lasted for two hours, and Phillip Zong’s legs were numb, but seeing her sleeping heavily, he didn’t call her and didn’t dare to move, for fear of waking her up.

“You should wake me up.”

Ana Lin rubbed her eyes and got up from his arms. There was water on the table. She picked it up and took a sip to relieve the dryness of her throat that had just woke up.

Phillip Zong rubbed his numb leg and said, “I don’t want to wake you up because of your sleep.”

Ana Lin put down his water glass to look at him, and gave him a k*ss, “Husband, where are we going to eat at noon?”

Phillip Zong was dumbfounded by this husband, and looked at her blankly for a long time, “What did you call me just now?”

Ana Lin stood up straight and refused to admit it, “Did I call you?”

Phillip Zong smiled helplessly, “It’s getting more and more cunning.”

Ana Lin leaned against the edge of the table, “Cunning describes a fox.”

Phillip Zong pulled the chair away and stood up, bent over and picked her up, “You are a fox.”

Ana Lin shook his calf, leisurely enjoying the intimacy and love of this man, smiling softly, “Then do you like foxes like me?”

“I have been confused by the vixen, I just want to fool around with the vixen.”

Phillip Zong put her on the sofa, “Let’s go to the company cafeteria to eat.”

Ana Lin nodded and said cleverly, “I listen to you.”

Phillip Zong smiled and scratched her nose.

11:10 is the time for the employees to leave work. They are ten minutes late. By the time the company’s employees are already there.

Milton Guan was late and saw them come in with the dinner plate, and said hello with a smile, “Zong Zong, Mrs. Zong.”

Unexpectedly, Phillip Zong brought Ana Lin to eat here, and asked, “Are you here to eat?”

Ana Lin smiled and said, “Otherwise?”

Milton Guan also laughed. Although the food in the cafeteria is exquisite and delicious, it is certainly not as good as the restaurant.

At this moment someone stood up and said, “Congratulations to Zong.”

On the day of the wedding, Phillip Zong gave two thousand red envelopes to all the employees of Wanyue Group.

It’s enthusiastic now, and I respectfully call Ana Lin his wife.

Phillip Zong didn’t have a wedding with her before. Everyone knew about her relationship with Phillip Zong, but they didn’t dare to call them indiscriminately.

Now the people of the whole country know it.

“Come here and sit down, this has a place.”

The secretary outside Phillip Zong’s office made a table by herself, and she was the most empty here.

In the past, when he was busy, Phillip Zong had a lot of time to eat here. Everyone was used to it. This was the first time the lady boss came.

Someone said, “We are also free here, and we can sit here.”

“You are welcome, we just sit here.”

Ana Lin smiled, pulling Phillip Zong to sit with the secretary.

Originally the secretary said first, sitting here is the most suitable.

Everyone had a good impression of Ana Lin. She was very approachable and never put on airs. Now she and Phillip Zong appear in the company canteen together. Everyone is very enthusiastic and respectful.

This fan Ana Lin did not eat peacefully, and would come to say hello after eating.

“You just get used to it, we finally have a lady boss, happy.”

Milton Guan also walked over after eating a good meal. Two people who came to greet Ana Lin before dared to make a joke like that.

In my heart, this is what he didn’t like before, but now it is the most popular. Sure enough, his vision is not good.

So I can’t be a boss, I can only work for someone.

Phillip Zong looked up at him, “Aren’t you busy?”

Milton Guan smiled chastely, “Didn’t I come over and say hello.”

Before leaving, he said to Ana Lin, “Look, that’s how it suppressed me.”

Ana Lin smiled and touched Phillip Zong after he left, “Be nice to your subordinates in the future.”

“You listen to him talking nonsense.”

Phillip Zong snorted coldly.

Ana Lin stayed in the company for a whole day. In the evening, Zong Yanxi called and said that he would go out for dinner with them, so he picked up his daughter after get off work, and then went to the restaurant.

When they arrived, Alan Su had already arrived.

Chapter 669

Phillip Zong opened the chair for Ana Lin, and when she walked down, he opened the other chair and sat down with his daughter.

Alan Su glanced at the time and said, “Keller Shen is still putting on airs. He was late for a treat.”

“Something may be delayed.”

Ana Lin said that Keller Shen she knew was not such a timeless person.

“Girlfriend, who would it be? Didn’t that Marsha Sang leave City B?

Sister-in-law, do you know who it is? “

Alan Su suddenly remembered the last time he saw him in a woman’s car. Could it be that woman? “

“Not Marsha?”

Ana Lin asked.

Alan Su shook his head, “That girl is gone…” “I know, I have seen it.”

Zong Yanxi interrupted Alan Su’s words and said triumphantly that she was the first to see her, although the impression was extremely bad! “is it?”

Alan Su asked with a smile, “Does it look good?”

Zong Yanxi thought for a while, “That’s it.”

No matter how good it looks, if the impression is bad, everything is in vain.

Zong Yanxi completely put aside her face value, only remember her bad.

As for what’s wrong, she said she was not specific, but she simply didn’t like this person.

Two people came in at the entrance of the restaurant.

“It’s really not good for us to be late for a treat.”

Keller Shen’s complexion wasn’t very good, and she felt that Song Yaxin was very headstrong, and the time was almost up. He had to go home to change clothes, so he was late.

“Then you introduced me to your friends today, and the clothes are ugly, didn’t you embarrass you?”

Song Yaxin knew it was not good to be late, but when she thought of meeting Keller Shen’s friend, she still wanted to show her best.

“I’m sloppy and ugly. Wouldn’t you feel ashamed that you brought me to your friends?”

Keller Shen couldn’t say that she said lightly, “I value people, not hypocritical appearance, you are you, in fact, you don’t need to care about others’ eyes.”

Song Yaxin pursed her lips, “Are you angry?”

“No, well, here it is.”

Keller Shen wanted to stop talking, he opened the door of the private room, smiled and said, “I’m sorry to be late.”

Song Yaxin is indeed very beautiful, and she is also dignified in her dress. She took Keller Shen’s arm and said with a smile, “I’m sorry, there is a traffic jam on the road, I am late.”

Keller Shen frowned, obviously not expecting that she would lie.

It was obviously because she was late to change clothes. How could she lie about the traffic jam?

“it’s okay no problem.”

Alan Su smiled, looked at her up and down, and raised his eyebrows for two points. It was really that woman.

Keller Shen introduced Song Yaxin, “This is Alan Su, my friend.”

Song Yaxin gave a decent smile, “Hello.”

Alan Su nodded.

Zong Yanxi lay on Phillip Zong’s shoulders in her ear, and whispered, “Dad, I don’t like this aunt, I hate it.”

Phillip Zong patted his daughter gently, and said in a low voice, “You can’t be rude.”

Zong Yanxi pouted and whispered, “It was originally.”

“Sister-in-law, this is Song Yaxin, my girlfriend.”

Keller Shen took Song Yaxin to Ana Lin’s side and introduced.

“Hello there.”

Song Yaxin smiled and said, but she looked up at her, and by the way, she pretended to look casually and looked at Phillip Zong who was sitting next to her.

Although he did not speak, she noticed the man as soon as she came in.

She really didn’t expect that Keller Shen would come into contact with such people.

Sure enough, good people are all good people. Knowing that Keller Shen still has such a circle, she would have caught this treasure man earlier.

Ana Lin smiled back, “Hello.”

She had a good impression of Song Yaxin, good-looking and polite.

“We have been waiting for you for a long time, so don’t make us hungry anymore.”

“Yes, let’s sit down quickly.”

Song Yaxin pulled Keller Shen to do it.

Alan Su secretly took a picture of Keller Shen and Song Yaxi with his mobile phone in his hand and sent it to Lena Qin.

Soon Lena Qin came back with a surprised expression, with the text, Who is this woman next to Keller Shen?

] Alan Su replied, Guess?

】Lena Qin, 【Do you like to talk or not.

] Tsundere’s expression.

Alan Su smiled and replied, His girlfriend, introduced us to us today. If you don’t go too well, you can have dinner with us. Or after dinner, I will drive over to see you?

】 【What time is it, are you crazy?

】 【I want to have breakfast with you tomorrow.

Lena Qin looked at the phone with a smile on her face, but she uttered two unfriendly words, Nervous.

] Alan Su smiled and installed the phone.

“I know that some of the signature dishes in this restaurant are good, do you have any taboos?”

She looked at Ana Lin, “What kind of taste do you like? I heard people say that pregnant women are very picky.”

“I don’t pick, anything is fine.”

Ana Lin replied.

“Then I order.”

Song Yaxin opened the menu. At this time, Zong Yanxi said, “Auntie, are you still asking me?”

Song Yaxin paused for a while, and hurriedly said with a smile, “Then what do you like?”

Zong Yanxi leaned against Phillip Zong’s arms and said, “I don’t know what this restaurant has, how can I order it?”

Song Yaxin reacted and handed her the menu, “Look what you want to eat.”

She smiled amiably on her face and hated Zong Yanxi so much. How could this little girl be so annoying?

I don’t think about it in my heart! Ana Lin frowned and slapped her daughter, “You can’t be so rude, why did you talk to your aunt?”

“It’s okay, kid.”

Song Yaxin continued to maintain her dignity and grace.

In fact, Zong Yanxi knew it was bad and rude, and didn’t know why, she just didn’t like this aunt, just like she liked Zhou Chunchun, there was no reason.

There is no reason to like it, and no reason to hate it.

“Let Ruth order our food today, a little more. It’s rare for your Uncle Shen to treat you.”

Alan Su gave Zong Yanxi a look.

Zong Yanxi held the menu in a good manner. After a few days of preschool, she didn’t know many words, but there were pictures on the menu and she would use her fingers.

She smiled, thinking that this menu is good. There are many menus with only words but no pictures. If you don’t know the words, you can’t order.

She will order as long as there is no chili, because the food at home is relatively light, father and mom like light, so she ordered them all light.

Waiting for the time to serve Alan Su asked, “Is that Miss Song?”

Song Yaxin smiled and said yes.

“Oh, then your father is Song Ju?”

Alan Su wanted to understand one thing at the moment. He and Ana Lin had the same confusion. How did this woman manage this wooden stake of Keller Shen?

At this moment, he suddenly thought that Keller Shen’s boss was also named Song. Could this woman’s father be Song Ju?

Keller Shen does not like to talk about his work.

So Alan Su has limited knowledge.

Song Yaxin smiled and said, “Yes.”

“This is wrong, aren’t you already married?”

He still remembered another time when Keller Shen said he was attending a wedding, and he asked whose wedding he said about his boss’s daughter’s wedding.

Song Yaxin’s face changed obviously.

“I am divorced.”

Song Yaxin laughed stiffly, feeling very uncomfortable when asked about divorce. She stood up and said, “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

After that, I went out.

The table was still for two seconds, and she didn’t seem to expect that she was divorced.

Alan Su looked at Keller Shen, “She is after you?”

Keller Shen nodded.

Alan Su exploded in the next second. It was not that he felt that the divorce was bad, but he knew that Keller Shen had always respected his boss.

If his boss Song Ju mentioned it first, Keller Shen would probably agree with Song Ju’s face.

I was in a bad mood because Marsha Sang was in a bad mood before, so I just turned around and healed with Song Yaxin, which is obviously very strange.

“You are not suitable.”

Alan Su said directly.

Keller Shen had no expression, “There is nothing inappropriate.”

Alan Su stayed silent, just looked at him like that.

Keller Shen was hairy when he saw him, “What are you doing looking at me?”

Alan Su snorted coldly, “I think you are like a big fat fish biting a hook!”

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