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Chapter 664

“Okay, okay, you think about it.”

Song Ju sighed, “I am embarrassed in front of you.”

He changed his conversation again, “For the sake of my own children, I am also willing to do so. The whole life of being a parent is for the sake of the children. It is a debt of the parents.”

Keller Shen poured wine to Song Ju and said, “I understand.”

He knew what Song Ju was like. Even if he didn’t agree in the end, Song Ju would not hate him. He was a face-saving person. Now that he opened this mouth to him, it is hard to imagine him.

“Don’t be stressed.”

Song Ju took the wine poured by Keller Shen and toasted him.

Keller Shen said no.

After the meal, Song Yaxin took the initiative to send him home, “You drank, I will send you.”

Keller Shen glanced at her, and finally nodded.

Song Ju watched them go out and sighed again. Mrs. Song didn’t like her husband to sigh honestly and said, “What are you sighing?

I think Keller would be willing. Our family Yaxin looks good and has a high degree of education, and there is nowhere to be unworthy of him. “

Song Ju gave his wife a cold look, “She was married, and this is what she can’t accompany Keller.”

Mrs. Song said dumbly for a long time, “What is divorce now?

Hasn’t he also talked about his girlfriend? “

Song Ju put his hands on his back and walked towards the bedroom, “I don’t bother to tell you.”

Mrs. Song didn’t get angry with her husband, so she asked him to tell Keller Shen that she was embarrassing him.

I have a good face all my life, but today I lost my face in front of the subordinates and felt uncomfortable.

She cleaned up the dishes.

Outside Keller Shen got into Song Yaxin’s car.

“Buckle your seat belt.”

Song Yaxin reminded.

Keller Shen was bored. He didn’t hear Song Yaxin’s voice. He squinted his eyes and pressed his temples forcefully, his whole mind was messed up.

Song Yaxin thought he was drinking too much, and came over to pull out the seat belt and wanted to buckle him. When she posted it, Keller Shen suddenly realized what she was talking about and quickly said, “I buckle it myself.”

Song Yaxin smiled and moved away, “Is he drunk too much, or thinking about what my dad said?”

Keller Shen said he drank too much.

Song Yaxin smiled and said, “I will not let him drink with you in the future.”

Keller Shen smiled, but did not answer.

Song Yaxin did not speak again, the carriage was quiet.

After a while, the car arrived at Keller Shen’s residence. He pushed the car door down. He just wanted to say goodbye to Song Yaxin, but saw Song Yaxin also opened the car door and walked down.

“I want to sit in your house, you won’t refuse me, will you?”

Song Yaxin said with a smile.

As far as women are concerned, Song Yaxin does look good and the conditions are good.

But Keller Shen didn’t feel anything about her, at most he regarded her as a friend.

“Are you trying to reject me?”

The smile on Song Yaxin’s face couldn’t help but she hadn’t been rejected yet.

Even if she is a divorced woman, she is still attractive and there is no shortage of suitors. For her father, many people want to marry her.

But she didn’t like it, she just likes Keller Shen.

“No, go in.”

Keller Shen walked to lead the way, she followed Keller Shen and walked in with him.

Usually, single people’s houses are messy, because no one helps to clean up, but Keller Shen’s house is very clean. When he is not busy, he cleans the house himself. He doesn’t like mess.

“Will a temporary worker come to help you clean it?”

Song Yaxin sat on the sofa and asked.

Keller Shen poured water on her and said, “No.”

“Then who in your house cleans you so clean?”

Song Yaxin smiled, “Is it yourself?”

Keller Shen said, “I don’t count as cleaning or drinking water if I am alone.”

Song Yaxin took the water glass, stood up and walked to the window. This residential complex has wide spacing between buildings and large green areas, and the high-rise night view is also beautiful. “This house is not bad.”

Keller Shen said, “My friend chose it for me.”

This was picked by Alan Su for him, and the location was indeed good.

Song Yaxin turned her head to look at him, “Keller, accept me, okay?

I like you. “

Chapter 665

“Ya Xin…” Keller Shen wanted to make it clear to her.

Song Yaxin hugged his waist, “Keller, I really like you, don’t refuse me, okay?”

Keller Shen broke her hand, “Don’t do this.”

Song Yaxin didn’t loosen, she hugged her tighter, “Don’t push me away, please.”

She said that her face was pressed tightly against Keller Shen’s chest, “Do you know how much courage I must have to let my dad mention this to you?

If you reject me, I don’t know if I still have the face to face people, do you hate me for being married? “


Keller Shen explained that she just didn’t feel anything. Song Yaxin held herself like this, except that he felt that men and women were incompatible with each other.

If he likes it, it doesn’t matter if he has been married.

He doesn’t care about those, it doesn’t have to be good.

“It’s not early you should go back.”

Keller Shen had nowhere to put his hands uncomfortably, and just didn’t dare to touch her.

“I don’t, if you don’t promise me, I won’t let you go.”

Song Yaxin can’t take care of so much now, and she doesn’t want to be reserved anymore. She just wants to catch this man, no matter what method she uses, she wants this man.

I have missed it once, this time she must hold it firmly.

“Yaxin, don’t you care if I don’t like you?”

Keller Shen said directly.

He didn’t know how to talk to Song Yaxin, so he could only express his heart directly.

Song Yaxin’s body stiffened a bit, which was really a big blow to her. She raised her head and said, “I believe that feelings can be cultivated.”

Keller Shen thought in his heart, can feelings be cultivated?

If it is really cultivable, then it is hard for him to refuse repeatedly.

He said, “Well, I promise you.”

Song Yaxin couldn’t believe that Keller Shen would agree so quickly, “Really?”

Keller Shen nodded and said, “I don’t lie.”

His serious appearance made Song Yaxin think he was very cute. Why didn’t she find out before?

If she had known such a man earlier, she would be worthy of love, maybe now she and him have children.

“I’ll go back and tell my mom and dad.”

Song Yaxin raised her eyebrows, let go of him and said, “I’m leaving now.”

Keller Shen nodded, “Be careful on the road, I won’t see you off.”

Song Yaxin paused and looked up at him, “Aren’t you holding me back?”

Keller Shen, “…” He was puzzled, why did she keep her?

It was still the big night, and I had dinner.

Song Yaxin smiled and said, “Aren’t you leaving me overnight?”

Keller Shen, “…” “What about teasing you, look at how stupid you are.”

Send Yaxin narrowed a smile and said, “I’m leaving, you rest early.”

After speaking, he went out.

Keller Shen stood there for a few seconds before reacting and sent her to the door.

“You rest early, goodbye.”

Song Yaxin stood at the door and said to him.

Keller Shen nodded and closed the door.

He felt a little dreaming after closing the door, and sighed after a long time.

I thought that’s it, she might not be suitable to find someone else, and the Song Bureau opened his mouth.

If he doesn’t agree and refutes Song Ju’s face, he will always take care of himself, and then he will feel sad.

He cannot be single for a lifetime.

Sitting on the sofa, Keller Shen felt that he thought this way. It was a bit self-comforting. He poured a glass of water into it and said to himself, “Actually, Song Yaxin is also quite good. I have known each other a long time ago. difference.”

Suddenly he laughed, and patted his head, this is still self-comfort.

At dawn, Keller Shen was woken up by Alan Su’s phone call. As soon as the phone was connected, Alan Su quarreled, “Keller, I have something to look for you.”

“whats the matter?”

Keller Shen just woke up, his mind was still a little unconscious.

“I and Lena Qin are reconciled.”

Keller Shen could feel Alan Su’s heart-warming mood even through his mobile phone, and hummed, “Congratulations.”

“I found your boss, why do you always tell you to go to his house?

Isn’t it that I am interested in you, want you to be his son-in-law? “

Alan Su was driving the car towards the direction where he was staying. There was still a wound in the corner of his eye, and he couldn’t hide his smiling face.

If Keller Shen saw it at this moment, he would definitely ask, does his face hurt?

“Call me to tell me your good things?”

“No, Xiaoya is going back to City C today. I will send her off and you will go with her.”

“Your girlfriend, what am I going to do?”

Keller Shen felt that he was inexplicable.

“Yes, you were not there when I announced it yesterday. You have to be there today. You are my good brother. You have to witness it with your own eyes.”

Keller Shen really wants to say, you can tell it on the phone, but also witness it with your own eyes?

Are you crazy?

In order not to discourage the poor man who came here in hardship, he said, “You have to pick me up, my car is not there.”

“I’m already downstairs at your house, come down quickly.”

“So fast?”

“Don’t be fussy, come down quickly.”

Alan Su urged.

Keller Shen said, “Give me ten minutes.”

After speaking, I hung up the phone and got up to wash and put on clothes.

Ten minutes later, he went downstairs on time. When he left the community, he saw Alan Su’s car parked on the side of the road. The window was not closed. He walked in and could hear his humming.

Keller Shen pulls the car door and sits up, “As soon as we reconcile, we separate. Are you afraid that she will change her mind?”

“She won’t, it will change sooner rather than later.”

Alan Su said very confidently.

Keller Shen glanced at him, “Look at your virtue!”

“Hey, I’m happy.”

Alan Su unabashedly showed his good mood in front of Keller Shen.

Keller Shen smiled, “That’s what it means.”

Alan Su grabbed the smile on his face and said seriously to Keller Shen, “Xiaoya, she is not in good health, and we will not have children in the future. You are in front of her, don’t mention children, I am afraid she is sensitive.”

He knew that Lena Qin hadn’t told himself, just didn’t want to face this fact. Generally, such people are more sensitive, afraid that she will be unhappy when she hears about the child.


Keller Shen frowned.

Alan Su became silent, and after a long time he opened his voice in a low voice, “It was caused by the last miscarriage.”

Keller Shen patted him on the shoulder, silently comforting.

“Don’t show special care or sympathy in front of her, as long as you don’t mention the child.”

Alan Su said.

Keller Shen explained.

When they arrived, they saw Ana Lin and Phillip Zong also, talking to Gibson Shao, and Lena Qin playing with Zong Yanxi.

In the morning Ana Lin and Phillip Zong got up to see Lena Qin and Gibson Shao, Zong Yanxi insisted on following, and then brought her to the airport.

“Uncle Su, Uncle Shen.”

Zong Yanxi immediately yelled when he saw them first.

Lena Qin looked up just in time to see them coming. She looked at Keller Shen and smiled and said, “Why are you here too.”

Keller Shen smiled, “It’s not your Alan Su. You have to let me send you off. I told you that I was missing yesterday and I have to make up for it. But then again, congratulations.”

Lena Qin bowed her head, “Nothing to congratulate.”

“We are all reconciled, why is it not worthy of congratulations?”

Alan Su sat next to her and hugged her shoulders, “It’s hard to chase after a word, don’t deny you.”

Keller Shen winked and hugged Zong Yanxi, “Let’s go, don’t disturb their affection.”

Chapter 666

“Uncle Su, are you going to have a k*ss with Aunt Yan Yan?”

Zong Yanxi’s eyes were wide open, and her eyelashes flickered.

“Of course I thought about it…” Lena Qin opened his eyes and stared at him, Alan Su immediately changed, dare not say a word.

“She is a child, she can be naive, are you?

What is this place? “

Alan Su immediately admitted his mistake, “I am wrong, next time I pay attention to the occasion.”

Keller Shen wanted to laugh when he saw Alan Su’s awkwardness, and he hugged Zong Yanxi to the side without bothering him.

“Did you watch the news?”

Gibson Shao asked.

Phillip Zong gave a hum. In fact, he didn’t watch it, but Milton Guan had been staring at him, calling him as soon as he got the result.

Ana Lin asked suspiciously, “What news?”

Mr. Gu’s case was settled, and the official Weibo posted the results of the disposal last night.

After an old incident was dug up, many people involved did not say that as long as he was dirty, more than one was found. He was greedy and received hui, and the amount was as high as 200 million, and he was sentenced to death.

A piece of applause.

Gibson Shao patted Phillip Zong’s shoulder, “Take good care of Yanyan, and go to C City to play when you have time.”

Phillip Zong put his arm around Ana Lin’s shoulder and said, “It will pass.”

“The flight A950 to C city is about to take off. Passengers are requested to check in at the entrance for boarding.”

“I should go now, go back.”

Gibson Shao waved.

Alan Su and Lena Qin also came over there. Lena Qin came over and hugged Ana Lin and said, “I’ll go back first. I’ll watch you in the store, so don’t worry about it. You take care of your baby and don’t treat my godson badly.”

Ana Lin gave a hum.

Send them to the ticket office.

Looking at their disappearing backs, Ana Lin suddenly felt a sense of loss, “Second Uncle, Lena Qin, I will visit you.”

“Okay, we wait.”

Lena Qin waved his hand vigorously, and Gibson Shao blushed inexplicably, “I hate it.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

So sensational, how can there be a banquet in the world?

Besides, it’s not that I will not meet again in the future.

“Grandpa Shao, goodbye Aunt Yan Yan.”

Zong Yanxi raised both arms high and waved vigorously, “I will miss you, and my brother and I will visit you.”

There are too many people at the entrance and they have to go in immediately.

Alan Su stood by the entrance, took out his phone and sent a text message to Lena Qin, Xiaoya, I missed you just after you left, what should I do?

Lena Qin’s phone rang as soon as she sat in her seat. After she clicked on and saw the message, she replied with two words, cold.

] Then shut down.

Seeing these two words, Alan Su gave a smirk, even if it wasn’t sweet talk, as long as she paid attention to himself, he was very happy, very happy, and very content.

Keller Shen glanced at him coldly and said, “Laughing like a second fool.”

“You’re the second fool.”

Alan Su said back to him. At this time, the phone in his hand rang. It was a call from the office. There was a tricky case. No one at the lawyer dared to answer him. He asked him to go back and deal with it. He said, I know. He hung up the phone and said to Keller Shen, “I have something urgent to deal with. You take Phillip’s car back.”

After speaking, he ran away.

Keller Shen couldn’t help but said, “Unreliable guy.”

Phillip Zong gave him his car key, “You drive my car.”

“how about you?”

Keller Shen asked.

“I have other things, don’t go back now, you help me send Ruth back to the villa.”

Keller Shen nodded, “That’s OK.”

He took two steps and stopped and said, “Are you free tonight?

If I have time, I would like to invite you to dinner. “

“Is there anything?”

Ana Lin looked at him and asked.

Keller Shen nodded, “I want to introduce my girlfriend to you.”

Ana Lin opened his eyes wide, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Keller Shen felt that he had agreed, and he had accepted her, so he should introduce her to the people around him.

He nodded, “Yeah.”

“I’m free.”

Ana Lin smiled, “Such an important thing, I must be free.”

Keller Shen said, “Then wait until I have determined the location, and the address will be sent to your mobile phone.”

Ana Lin said yes and told him to drive slowly.

Keller Shen said rest assured, “I will definitely send Ruth home safely.”

After speaking, she hugged Zong Yanxi and walked out of the airport lobby. She lay on Keller Shen’s shoulders and curled her mouth, “Hey, I was abandoned.”

“Nonsense, who abandoned you?”

Walking to the car, Keller Shen opened the door and put her on the child safety seat in the back seat.

Zong Yanxi curled her lips, “Of course it’s my mom and dad. The two of them are always together. I don’t want my brother and me anymore.”

“You follow me, come to my house later…” “I don’t want it.”

Before Keller Shen’s words were finished, Zong Yanxi interrupted quickly. Although Dad and Mommy spend a lot of time together, she still feels very happy.

She didn’t want to leave Dad and Mommy and go to his house.

Starting the car, Keller Shen thought of Song Yaxin, took out his mobile phone to call her, and found that he did not have her number, so he called Song Bureau.

Last night Song Yaxin told Keller Shen about accepting her own affairs and told her elders at home.

Mrs. Song laughed from ear to ear, Song Ju only sighed slightly.

Mrs. Song was not happy, and said, “You don’t want your daughter to be good with Keller Shen?”

Song Ju snorted and did not answer. Of course he hoped that his daughter and Keller Shen would be well, but now, he feels uncomfortable and always feels a little sorry.

At this moment, I saw Keller Shen’s number and immediately picked it up.

He wanted to ask if it was clear, but he heard Keller Shen’s voice, “I have something to do with Yaxin, she doesn’t have her number.”

Song Ju took a look at her daughter who was peeling the apple, and handed her mobile phone over, “Keller asked for you, but there is no phone number for you.”

Song Yaxin immediately took it and said with a smile, “Keller.”

“I want to invite my friends to dinner and introduce you to them. Are you free tonight?”

“Yes, by the way, where are you now?

Can you pick me up?

I don’t want to drive to work, you can send me there and drive your car by the way. “

He agreed to himself, so now they are boyfriend and girlfriend, and they always need more contact to cultivate their relationship.

Going back from the airport, I happened to be able to pass the community where Shu Yaxin lived, and said, “Okay, then come down and wait for me, I will be there soon.”

About ten minutes later, Keller Shen drove the car to the gate of the community. Song Yaxin had come down and waited. She thought Keller Shen would take a taxi. After all, his car was at her house. Keller Shen lowered the window and called her. She only knew .

After getting in the car, he asked, “Whose car is this?

Is it yours too? “

As soon as Keller Shen wanted to say no, Zong Yanxi said, “It’s my father’s.”

At this time, Song Yaxin noticed that there was someone in the back seat and frowned. She wanted to spend time alone with Keller Shen. Who is this kid?

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