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Chapter 649

Keller Shen looked into the room, and he really didn’t see anyone. He smiled, “You are the best, don’t make it difficult for us to look at it, and hand them over.”

Lena Qin put her hands around her chest, “How can you easily hand over the bride?

You have to pass our test so that we can trust you and hand over the bride with confidence. “

Keller Shen, “…” “Hurry up, don’t miss the auspicious time.”

Keller Shen said, “In order for the brothers to be beautiful, I will fight for it.”

He took the lead in taking off his leather shoes, wearing socks on his feet, and trying to step on the durian skin, it hurts, it hurts, this kind of test should be experienced by Alan Su.

I had known that Alan Su should also be brought here and let him take Lena Qin away so as not to harm them here.

Milton Guan bit his finger, looked at Keller Shen carefully, and asked, “Does it hurt?”

Does it hurt?

Does it hurt?

But he said no pain, shook his head and said, “It doesn’t hurt at all. This durian must be ripe and the thorns are soft.”

If you tell the truth, how can you coax him up?

Milton Guan obviously didn’t believe it, “I usually pierce my hands when holding it, let alone step on it with his feet?”

This time, Keller Shen became smarter. He glanced at Milton Guan and said, “If you want your boss to be unable to hold the beauty, then you don’t come up.”

Milton Guan, “…” Threat, naked threat.

He took off his shoes and said, “Why are you as despicable and shameless as Alan Su?

I used to think you were a good person, but now I think you are a badass. “

Keller Shen chuckled, “Bad guys are bad guys.

As long as someone suffers with me, whatever you say will do. “

Milton Guan said, “It’s not a human being.”

After speaking, he stepped on the durian skin and almost yelled in pain.

It seemed that a needle was pierced from the sole of the foot to the heart, and the pain made people want to scream. It was torture.

Fortunately, it was not a few dollars, and it was passed after a while.

At the table, Yu’s mother said the rules to the makeup artist, “Drink a glass of chili water, drink a glass of wine, drink it crosswise.”

Milton Guan said, “I want to drink only.”

He would rather drink only alcohol than chili water.

“No way.”

Lena Qin came over and said.

Milton Guan sniffed, “If you were a bridesmaid, I would make you worse than me.”

Lena Qin smiled, “Unfortunately, I am not a bridesmaid.”

Now she is glad that she is not a bridesmaid.

In this way, there is no need to be frolicked.

“I’ll come first this time.”

Milton Guan volunteered, and first brought a cup of chili water, and he plucked up his head and poured it down.

He frowned and his face was funny. The chilli water was not only spicy, but also had a stinging throat. It was torture.

Much worse than wine.

He decides whose best man is wrong in the future. He has been made like this before he becomes a best man. Wouldn’t it be even worse if he became a best man?

He secretly made a decision in his heart.

Fortunately, there are so many people, one person can drink two cups.

Lena Qin smiled, “For your sincerity, let you see the bride.”

She walked to the door and knocked, “Chunchun opened the door.”

After a while, she heard the sound of unlocking, and then the door opened.

She turned her body sideways so that they could come in and see the bride.

In the room, fresh roses were inserted on the bedside table, and the head of the bed was affixed with a bright red happy character. Ana Lin sat at the end of the bed. The white wedding dress covered the entire bed. Zhou Chunchun picked the rose petals in the bottle and sprinkled it on Above, the white wedding dress collided with red, which is very visual and very romantic.

Everyone is very conscious. Of course, they are giving up their positions so that the groom can take a look at his bride first.

Phillip Zong stood at the door and looked up. Even though he was already familiar with her, he was amazed by the dress of her bride.

The white wedding dress wrapped her slender body, and her exposed neck and collarbone were white like delicate and shiny Hetian jade.

After the bright eyes are rendered, they are a little more gentle, and the crimson lips are a little more charming. The combination of the two gives her a gentle beauty, clear and refined.

People can’t help but want to look twice.

She also raised her head to look at him. He always looked good in a suit, mature and steady, and exuded the taste of a mature man.

He stepped over, reached out and gently picked up a strand of hair from her forehead, smiled and said, “Today, my bride is beautiful.”

Beautiful, let him want to hide and appreciate it for himself.

Ana Lin lowered his eyes.

Appears a bit coquettish and shy.

Phillip Zong smiled.

She is so charming.

Lena Qin brought the wedding shoes over, “Seeing that I took the initiative to send them, why should you give me a big red envelope?”

She said with a smile.

Phillip Zong took the shoes and said, “Keller, give her a big one.”

Today is his happy day, he is happy and in a good mood.

Keller Shen handed her the remaining red envelope with a few more banknotes, “You will treat me another day.”

Lena Qin said stingly, “I want to save it.”


Keller Shen said with a smile.

“Did you find me stingy?”

Lena Qin smiled.

Keller Shen did not answer the conversation, and Lena Qin did not say any more. Instead, she took out her mobile phone to take pictures. Phillip Zong squatted on one knee in front of Ana Lin and put on her wedding shoes.

Because of pregnancy, the shoes are not very high, probably only five centimeters. Although Ana Lin’s figure is tall, she will not be able to hold a wedding dress if she wears flat shoes.

The wedding dress is too big, it will lower the height of the person, and it will not look good, so I chose the middle heel, but she doesn’t need to go any way, and can change it when the wedding is over.

The silver-white wedding shoes are studded with broken diamonds and are very shiny.

Ana Lin’s feet are not big, slender and slender, even their toes are very white, and their nails are clean without much modification.

Phillip Zong picked up her foot, gently put it into the shoe, lowered her eyes and said, “Last time, you were wronged.”

That year, there were no weddings, no ceremonies, and even the marriage certificate was not handled by them together, which made her his wife.

Thinking back to the past, her nose sore, tears fell.

She didn’t want to cry, she didn’t know why, tears would flow out, as if she was out of her control.

Phillip Zong looked up and saw her crying, and stretched out his hand to wipe her, “Today is our happy day, why are you crying?”

She laughed, “These are tears of joy.”

“If you cry again, this beautiful makeup will be white.”

Phillip Zong gently wiped the tears off her face, jokingly said to her.

“Do you think I am ugly?

Then I won’t marry. “

She pretended to be angry.

Phillip Zong bent over to hug her and said, “It’s too late. You must marry if you marry, or you must marry if you don’t marry.”

No one in the crowd yelled, and the bride got up.

The festive atmosphere suddenly came up, Lena Qin and Zhou Chunchun followed behind to help hold the wedding dress, and everyone followed out of the villa.

At this moment, the sky suddenly sounded a salute.

Colorful ribbons fall from the sky, to the ground, people’s bodies, everywhere.

The wedding car at the beginning is a white Rolls-Royce Phantom. The front of the car is tied with flowers into a beautiful bouquet.

In this group of black cars, white is extremely conspicuous.

Phillip Zong put her in the car, sat next to her next to him, and held her hand.

He put Ana Lin’s hand on his lips and k*ssed softly, “With me by your side, don’t worry, don’t be afraid.”

Ana Lin’s eyes were covered with a thin layer of mist, and he hummed softly.

With him, she wouldn’t be afraid of anything.

Lena Qin and the children were sitting in the back car.

Soon the car started slowly with the wedding car.

Chapter 650

It took about an hour from the villa to the wedding location. In big cities, there are many cars and long fleets, so the driving is slow, but the time is calculated. Zong Qifeng went to see it in the afternoon, three ten. Points are the best time, so I am worried that it will be late.

The car was too conspicuous on this road, and with reports from several major media, news spread soon.

Everyone is very curious about who Phillip Zong will marry and whether it is the woman who appeared in the mall with him last time.

After all, the previous news seemed very intimate.

Everyone became curious about this woman again.

Judging from the exposure of the dowry, everyone knows that this is not a scene of a crow becoming a phoenix. After all, dowry is very proud.

There were all speculations before, and it was said that this woman wanted to rely on the child in her stomach to get the upper hand.

It’s obviously not right now, because they are rich and powerful, and it’s not that they can’t rely on betraying their bodies to win the top position.

For a time, everyone felt that this was a well-to-do wealthy wedding, and I also gave blessings to this combination.

After all, the bride not only looks beautiful, but also has a good family, and some of them are just less jealous.

If Ana Lin is a woman with a mediocre family, everyone will speculate about what means she used to get to the top, and which “Cinderella” who dreams of marrying a wealthy family will think, I am actually no worse than her, why can’t I Marry this handsome and rich man?

The human heart is too long.

I still remember the news before that she was a famous female college student and she was beautiful. She was married to a divorced rich man who was twenty years older than herself. No matter how good she was, others would say that she was doing it for money and neglecting her feelings.

Arriving at the wedding venue, Phillip Zong took Ana Lin to a lounge to rest, and he still needed to do some things, so after arriving at the venue, the two separated again.

Ana Lin was sitting on the sofa with sweat on her hands. When she was in the car, she and Phillip Zong held their hands too tightly. Before, she felt that she had no feeling for the wedding.

But when it comes to this day, there are still many feelings in my heart, longing and expecting, and a little nervous.

She didn’t know what she was nervous about, she just felt nervous.

When Phillip Zong held her hand, his mood was mixed. He thought of many things in the past. It was obviously a happy day, but in front of him, he wanted to cry.

“With us by your side, don’t be nervous.”

Lena Qin saw her nervousness and comforted.

Ana Lin looked up at her, “Do you know?

I thought I was used to it, but when this day comes, I will still look forward to it. “

Lena Qin said, “Of course, women are all emotional.”

Besides, marriage is a very important thing for women.

Doesn’t it mean that marriage is a woman’s second reincarnation?

“You should feel lucky.”

Lena Qin shook her hand. “Most people get married first and then experience married life. But you experience married life first, and then marry with fanfare. This way you reduce the risk. If you don’t live a life Well, you won’t get married again, so you are still lucky.”

Ana Lin’s lips curled up slightly, as if it made sense.

Knock… At this moment someone knocked on the door of the lounge.

Lena Qin got up to open the door. A woman in the clothes of a hotel attendant stood at the door, “Is there a Ana Lin here, Miss Lin?”

Lena Qin said, “Yes.”

The other party looked like a hotel attendant, so Lena Qin didn’t think much about it.

“Oh, I have a gift here that I gave to Miss Lin.”

The waiter handed the gift box over.

Lena Qin didn’t answer. Just about to ask her who gave it, she heard a male voice, “Who asked you to give it?”

Keller Shen came over.

Phillip Zong was afraid of something wrong, and there was no result on the Gu family’s side. He was afraid that someone would come out to make trouble. The whole wedding was patrolled by someone. Keller Shen was in charge of Ana Lin’s side, and Phillip Zong trusted him.

In order for the wedding to go smoothly, he personally guarded it.

It just so happened that Lena Qin wanted to ask too. After hearing what Keller Shen said, she didn’t ask any more, but looked at the waiter and seemed to be waiting for her answer.

Chapter 651

“Just a young lady.”

The waiter said.


Lena Qin was curious. Ana Lin knew who was next to her. But, what friends hadn’t come?

“Did she say what her name was?”

Ana Lin asked.

Because the wedding dress on her body was inconvenient, she did not get up and walked over, but heard their speech.

She also knew very well that all her friends should come, and those who couldn’t come had blessed them on the phone. No one said they would send gifts.

Therefore, she is very vigilant for this unknown person.

The waiter shook his head, “She didn’t say her name, just asked me to bring this over.”

The waiter told the truth.

“Where did she give you things?”

Keller Shen asked.

There are surveillance everywhere here, as long as she provides clues, he thinks it is not difficult to find out who asked her to send it.

The waiter blinked and felt that there was something in it. They were so sensitive, as if she had sent a bomb.

Wait a minute, isn’t it a bomb?

Thinking of this, the waiter’s hands trembled.

She swallowed a mouthful of water, “North Gate, a pretty lady who said she was a friend of the bride’s, asked me to send the wedding gift, I, I will send it…” After Keller Shen heard her words, immediately He called and asked people to watch the monitoring. After the explanation, he hung up and took the gift box in the waitress’s hand.

“Go ahead.”

The waiter left immediately, as if one step later, they would come to find their own affairs.

Keller Shen untied the ribbon on it, Lena Qin reached out and held it down, looked at him and asked, “What are you doing?”

Keller Shen said, “I opened it and looked at it. I don’t know who sent it. What if it’s dangerous?”

If the dangerous goods hurt Ana Lin, he couldn’t explain to Phillip Zong.

His concerns were reasonable, and Lena Qin reached out and hugged him, “Since it is dangerous, you can’t open it, I’ll come.”

Keller Shen was taken aback for a moment, and quickly reacted, “I can’t, you can do it?”

“I’m already in a miserable situation. I think my bad luck should be over. Therefore, no bad things will happen to me. Therefore, it is more appropriate for me to come.”

Lena Qin was about to open it.


Ana Lin stopped her.

“A gift for me.

Are you driving right? “

Ana Lin walked over regardless of the inconvenience of the wedding dress and reached out to Lena Qin, “Give it to me.”

Lena Qin shook her head, “I can’t give this to you, what if it’s a bomb?”

“It’s a bomb, do you dismantle it?”

Ana Lin was tough.

“give me.”

Lena Qin didn’t hold it.

Ana Lin stretched out his hand, “Hurry up.”

Lena Qin looked up at Keller Shen for help.

As soon as Keller Shen wanted to persuade him, Ana Lin interrupted him in advance, “It’s mine, no one can resist for me.”

Ana Lin took the box over to the sofa and sat down. After taking a deep breath, he reached out and pressed the lid. When he wanted to open it, Lena Qin hurried over, “Don’t open it anymore and wait until the wedding. “

Ana Lin looked up at her, “If you don’t look, I’m not at ease.”

Lena Qin also wanted to persuade Ana Lin, but she stopped her, then took her hand away and opened the box.

There was a layer of exquisite wrapping paper and a card. Ana Lin stretched out his hand to pick it up, unfolded it, and wrote the words Happy Wedding.

Lena Qin stood aside and stretched her head to look.

“This word is pretty, who would it be?”

She asked with confusion.

Ana Lin raised her head and glanced at her, putting the card aside without saying anything, and opened the wrapping paper.

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