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Chapter 652

Lena Qin was still nervous than Ana Lin, clenching his fists, for fear of something dangerous inside.

However, the wrapping paper was opened, and inside was a set of extremely sexy pink underwear.

After taking a look at it, Keller Shen turned around. Lena Qin was afraid that it might explode, so he lifted the underwear and opened the wrapping paper underneath. There was nothing. There was a set of underwear in the box.

She frowned and said, “Who sent this from?”

Ana Lin didn’t know either. If she knew she wouldn’t be so nervous just now, she closed the box of her underwear and explained, “Don’t talk to Phillip.”

She didn’t want to trouble him at this time, and waited until the wedding was over.

“Will this be bad?”

Keller Shen was afraid that in case something happened, he could not explain to Phillip Zong.

“There is nothing wrong with it. If you know someone, you still have to make an oolong.”

Ana Lin made up his mind.

After the wedding, she will tell Phillip Zong personally.

She didn’t intend to keep hiding, she just wanted to wait until the wedding was over.

At this time the makeup artist knocked on the door and came in, “The time is almost here, I will give you some makeup.”

Ana Lin looked at Keller Shen and Lena Qin, “Okay, be happy, today is my day of great joy.”

Lena Qin nodded and asked the makeup artist to come in to make up for her. She gave the bouquet to Ana Lin, “I will go to the next room to see the two children.”

Ana Lin nodded.

At three o’clock Ana Lin entered the arena and stood in front of the gate and waited until the entry time.

Lena Qin and the staff arranged her wedding dress, Zong Yanchen and Zong Yanxi stood by her side.

She did not have her father to bring in, but took her two children.

They are very obedient, it seems that someone has already explained to them the matters that should be paid attention to. They are also sensible children, very obedient, standing with their heads high.

At exactly three o’clock, the wide door slowly opened, and a spotlight came and shone on her. It quickly concentrated and divided into three. The other two small ones hit the children on both sides.

Everyone’s eyes cast over.

There are people sitting on both sides, and even if the family members are not so prosperous when they reach a family like the Zong family, there are many business partners.

The ground is covered with a red carpet, decorated with flowers on both sides, the whole wedding scene is arranged like a dream, unusually romantic, like a scene in a fairy tale.

Ana Lin clenched the hands of the two children and stepped in slowly. The moment she stepped in, the wedding march sounded on the scene.

At the same time, everyone burst into applause.

In addition to a few media outlets, the public relations department of Wanyue Group took photos of the scene and published a Weibo on the official Weibo, Today, the day of Wanyue President’s wedding, let us send blessings to them together.

Than heart.

】 Either the relationship between music, or the atmosphere of the scene, makes Ana Lin really enter a state of getting married.

She stared at the man standing at the end waiting for her, walking step by step.

Phillip Zong is also watching her. No one can rely on her. She is alone with her two children, walking towards him step by step.

It moved him and felt distressed.

In the days without him, this woman gave birth to his children alone, raised them, and had to bear the rumors of single mothers.

See how brave and strong she is.

“do not move.”

Phillip Zong, who was supposed to wait for her at the end, suddenly spoke up.

Everyone was confused for a while, wondering if there were any variables in the wedding?

Ana Lin stood still, although he didn’t know what he meant, but he listened very much.

Just when everyone started gossiping and staring at them with scorching eyes, Phillip Zong looked at her and said, “I will walk the rest of the way. Just stand there and wait for me.”

Speaking, he started.

She once walked a lot of roads alone and suffered a lot.

Now let him walk towards her.

Although it does not meet the rules, it is extremely moving.

When two people are together, both parties have to give each other, instead of one standing and doing nothing, just waiting for the other to pay alone.

Walking to her, Phillip Zong stood still and stretched out his hand towards her.

Ana Lin looked up at him.

He curled his lips gently and said in a low voice, “We will walk together for the rest of the road.”

Ana Lin pursed her lips, and suddenly a soreness rushed into her nose uncontrollably, which made her blur her eyes.

Although the eyes were red, there was a faint smile on his face.

She slowly raised her hand into his palm.

Phillip Zong grabbed her hand, wrapped her hand in her palm, and the other hand holding Zong Yanxi slowly walked into the arena.

A warm applause of blessings rang out unanimously below.

This scene is too warm.

It is enviable and yearning.

Chapter 653

They reached the end, the wedding march ended, and another tune played.

The soothing front tone, a gentle voice slowly sounded.

Wen Xiaojing stood at the entrance, holding the microphone and walking steadily.

Now he is not Roman Li, but Wen Xiaoji, Foster Wen’s son is a member of the Wen family.

He was a star in the past, not only has a handsome face, but also a good voice, his emotional voice, he will be your bridegroom, from now on he will be your companion for life.

Everything about him will be closely related to you, and both blessings and misfortunes will be equal.

She will be your bride, she is entrusted to you by others.

You have to take care of and treat it twice in your life, and you must share the pain or joy.

It must be a special fate to become a family along the way.

How much he loves you, how much you pay him back, find the possibility of happiness.

From now on, I am no longer alone, and it is us that is always missing.

You paid a few points, and the love was fulfilled. It must be a special fate to become a family… Wen Xiaoji walked towards them and sang affectionately.

Ana Lin didn’t want to cry at the wedding, but the moment he saw him, he couldn’t help crying.

Tears couldn’t stop, like beads with broken threads, big and big ones rolled down from the eye sockets.

No matter how she doesn’t admit it, no matter how she ignores it, the blood relationship is still there.

The alienation in performance, but still longing for family affection in my heart.

When the tune was over, Wen Xiaoji stopped singing, standing not far from Ana Lin, with red eyes, calling her, “Sister.”

Put aside the grudges and grudges of the last life, they are them.

He still regards Phillip Zong as his brother, and Ana Lin is his sister-in-law, but he is not called his sister-in-law. The sister is more kind and can better express his inner desire and respect for Ana Lin’s relative.

One blessing, one family, one sister offset how much hatred and hatred.

Ana Lin covered his lips and choked up while walking towards him with his skirt in his hand, Wen Xiaoji ran over and hugged her.

At this moment, there is no words to express one’s feelings, just so embracing.

Phillip Zong let go of his resentment towards the literary family and did everything he needed to do. The next step is to hope that Ana Lin will have a family.

She has done enough for herself, now he will do something for her.

Let her no longer be alone.

There were tears flowing down the stage, Li Jing hugged him and gave him a smooth back. Ida Zhuang was also taken out to attend the wedding. He also burst into tears as he watched the scene on the stage.

She finally saw her daughter get married and reunite with relatives.

This is her blessing to her daughter all the time.

“Today is your wedding day, don’t cry.”

Wen Xiaoji wiped her tears, took her hand and walked back to Phillip Zong, handed her hand to Phillip Zong’s, took a step back, bowed deeply to Phillip Zong, “Thank you .”

Thank him for forgiving Foster Wen and forgiving them.

Phillip Zong helped him up.

Ana Lin didn’t expect Phillip Zong to let them come, and his heart was surprised and touched.

Looking at him deeply, he said, “I want to thank you too.”

Phillip Zong gently wiped away the tear stains from the corners of her eyes, “I should thank you.”

He took the microphone and took this opportunity to announce the identity of the two children to everyone.

“Seven years ago, she and I were secretly married, but at that time I didn’t know how to cherish, hurt her, and abandoned her, but she still gave birth to me, which made me ashamed and very moved. Today, in front of you , I want to tell everyone that this is my wife and my child.”

Several media broke the news on the spot time and time again, and the wedding has been heated up.

The degree of luxury is called a flourishing wedding by netizens.

For Ana Lin, it was an unforgettable wedding. Although there was a small episode in the middle, she had forgotten the unpleasantness and was immersed in the wedding scene.

When exchanging the rings, Lena Qin gave the ring and the two children.

With the previous experience, the ring Phillip Zong prepared this time is relatively low-key, but the value is still high.

He wanted to give her all the good things.

The ring is a solid-color loose diamond, no fake decoration, simple four-claw inlay technology, simple and generous.

At this moment, there is no church, and there is no swearing session. It is a new business.

The master of ceremonies skillfully pronounced the blessings, Love has a destination from now on, and the heart is no longer lonely, the touch of holding the hand, the warmth of old age with the son, bless your love, is the May garden full of roses, May happiness be with you from now on.

] Rings exchanged in the blessing of the master of ceremonies to complete the wedding ceremony.

At this time, music sounded again, and Ana Lin stood with Phillip Zong’s support.

The child was held by Keller Shen and Milton Guan. Alan Su had been sitting down the stage. Because of the wound on his face, it was ugly, so he did not go to pick up the bride.

At this time, he didn’t show up around Phillip Zong to help him.

His appearance is not suitable for appearing in front of people.

After all, it’s too ugly to be hurt on a festive day.

I also wear large black sunglasses underneath to block the bruises.

When he arrived at the lounge, Lena Qin said, “I’ll change your clothes for you, and wait for the wedding banquet.”

Ana Lin asked her to wait, “You want to say a few words to Phillip.”

Chapter 654

Ana Lin asked her to wait, “I want to say a few words with Phillip.”

Lena Qin was very wise and turned and walked out of the room, closing the door easily.

Phillip Zong helped her hold the hem of the wedding dress, let her sit on the sofa, and asked, “What do you want to tell me?”

Ana Lin reached out and hooked his neck, letting him look at himself.

At such a close distance, the breath of the nose was entangled, Phillip Zong wrapped her hands around her waist, deep eyes flashed with faint light, and slowly moved to her ear and asked, “I want to what did I say?”

He was too close, Ana Lin was a little hot on his face, and just about to speak, he was blocked by two warm lips.

She slowly closed her eyes, curled eyelashes shaved and trembled on his eyelids, she felt his breathing, Ana Lin did not move, and let his warm and hot lips press tightly.

Ana Lin crawled on him and responded. After a long time, Phillip Zong let go of her, and his eyes met. Ana Lin saw the lipstick sticking to his lips and reached out to rub his lips, “I am very happy today.”

“Because you married me?”

Phillip Zong deliberately pretended not to understand what she meant, knowing that she was referring to the Wen family.

Ana Lin wiped his lips. Knowing that he did it on purpose, she deliberately pressed his mouth with her fingertips and said, “It’s so stinky, it’s not rare for me to marry you…” Her words returned. Before finishing talking, Phillip Zong grabbed her hand, pressed it on the sofa, and pressed it down. He supported his hand on top of her, avoiding pressing her belly, and raised his eyebrows lightly, “It’s not rare to marry me. , Then who do you want to marry?”

Ana Lin did not dodge, blinking and staring at him, “I want to marry the father of my child. I want to marry someone who can surprise me at the wedding. I want to marry a man named Phillip Zong… …” Phillip Zong smirked, and stretched out her hand to pinch her nose, “It’s not night yet, have you started to seduce me?”

“Who hooked…” Knock—— At this time the door was knocked, interrupting Ana Lin’s words, she pushed him, “Someone.”

Phillip Zong let go of her, helped her arrange the wedding dress, dropped a k*ss on her forehead, got up and opened the door.

Standing at the door, Keller Shen glanced inside when he saw Phillip Zong.


Phillip Zong looked at his eyes, as if there was something to tell Ana Lin, and he avoided him, and asked, “Why, can’t you tell me?”

Keller Shen shook his head, “No, I’m here to find you, everyone is waiting for you.”

The heads of several foreign branches of his wedding are all there, and he has not yet said hello.

Phillip Zong nodded.

Turning his head to look at Ana Lin and said, “See you later.”

Ana Lin said, “Go ahead.”

When Phillip Zong left, Keller Shen came in, and he asked people to check the surveillance and found the person who gave the gift, but he did not tell Ana Lin but said to her, “The person who gave the gift didn’t find it, it should be an ordinary person. gift.”

Ana Lin nodded. After all, it was not a dangerous thing, so she didn’t take it seriously.

“Then I’ll go busy.”

Keller Shen left after speaking.

Lena Qin came over to help her change her dress.

The dress is red and it is tailor-made for her, but it will not be as long as a wedding dress. It is much easier to walk to the length of the ankle, and there is no need to wear high heels.

After she changed her clothes, Lena Qin helped her remove the veil. After removing the veil, the hairstyle and dress were matched. It was another feeling, very coordinated, and another kind of beauty.

“Where are the two of them?”

Ana Lin asked.

Lena Qin said, “In the next room.”

Ana Lin nodded, “Let’s follow me in a moment.”

“Wait later, your husband will take you to meet a lot of people. I’m not going to follow suit.”

Lena Qin knows how to score. Today is her wedding. When I came to the house just now, I saw Phillip Zong and many people talking, and some people were clamoring to see Ana Lin. She would definitely not be appropriate to follow.

“Nothing inappropriate, you are my friend.”

Ana Lin made her accompany her with ulterior motives.

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