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Chapter 64

All his family members knew about the retiring, and Rios He was no exception, and he knew from Casey He why Phillip Zong would cancel the engagement.

So after seeing him, he couldn’t hide his inner anger.

Next to his elder brother He Ruixing, feeling the fluctuating emotions of his younger brother, he stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder, and whispered, “Our He family has deep roots, otherwise it would have been untenable in City B. You have not been in China for many years. I don’t know the domestic situation. Although he breached the contract this time, it is not easy for us to tear our face with him.”

Rios He was not only angry because he retired, but also because he discovered Ana Lin.

Six years ago, in order for Ana Lin to get rid of him completely, he took her away from City B and hid her in Country A.

He thought that after a long time, Ana Lin would be able to accept him, and in six years time would be able to cut off the little bit of involvement between her and Phillip Zong.

But for six years, Ana Lin is still unwilling to accept him.

Phillip Zong also retired his sister’s marriage because of her.

How can he calm down?

“With a bit of stinky money, can you do whatever you want?” Rios He made no secret of his disgust and dissatisfaction with him.

Rios He confiscated the sound, Phillip Zong naturally heard it, and cast his gaze over, remembering that this man had been close to Ana Lin before.

He flicked the non-existent dust on the collar, and calmly said, “What did you say? I didn’t hear clearly.”

He Ruixing hurriedly stepped forward to make the rounds, “Isn’t this, are you going to divorce Linlin, he has a few complaints, you just ignore him.”

When He Ruixing spoke, he pulled his brother and told him to stop talking.

Rios He is not afraid of Phillip Zong, “As a man, do you want to hurt a woman in this way?

He Ruixing’s face changed, and he glared at his younger brother. Do you have to treat your in-laws as enemies?

What good is it for them to become enemies with the clan?

He worked so hard for this family, he never made a contribution to the family, and he came to make trouble, right?

At this moment, He Ruixing was disappointed with this selfish younger brother who only knew himself and did not consider the family.

Phillip Zong didn’t smile, his tone was thought-provoking, “I’m afraid of thunder, I don’t have long eyes, and the wrong person will be cut.”

Rios He clenched his hands tightly, not He Ruixing pulled him, maybe he could rush to fight Phillip Zong.

“They are all inside. You go in first. My younger brother loves my sister who has been living and suffering since childhood. This is so eloquent. Don’t be like him.” He Ruixing smiled.

Phillip Zong glanced at him lightly and walked in.

Zong Qifeng and He Wenhuai were sitting on the first sofa in the hall talking.

Casey He sat next to He Wenhuai, her eyes flushed, as if she had cried.

The original exquisite makeup is a bit flowery.

Seeing Phillip Zong coming in, he quickly stood up, “Ahhao——”

Phillip Zong didn’t answer the conversation, sitting on the sofa, preemptively, “I want to retire this engagement, so if you have anything to ask you about it.”

Zong Qifeng almost vomited blood.

He and He Wenhuai talked in the room for a long time, but they didn’t want to cancel the engagement.

The two marry, join forces, whether it is for the Zong family or the He family, it is good.

Good thing for mutual benefit.

“Phillip, I don’t understand you young people’s emotional affairs. You suddenly want to withdraw from the engagement. Isn’t it because Linlin did not do well in my family?” He Wenhuai’s face is kind, and his tone of voice is not impatient.

More calm than his two sons.

Living to his age, what kind of things have never been seen before, can be held steady.

If the He family yelled and accused him, it would be easier for him to handle it, because he was afraid of encountering an old fox like He Wenhuai who has practiced for thousands of years.

Phillip Zong is not a good stubborn. Although He Wenhuai has not experienced many things, it was also broken out in the wind and waves, and his momentum was not lost. “I don’t like others to lie to me.”

He Wenhuai didn’t hear it well, did he really have a fault with his daughter?

Phillip Zong didn’t want to turn over the old accounts, just wanted to solve the immediate matter as soon as possible.

“In the final analysis, I was reckless. I shouldn’t promise and regret it. After all, I breached the contract first. What compensation do you want? Just ask. As long as I give it, you will never be stingy.”

“I don’t agree.” Before He Wenhuai could speak, Casey He could not sit still.

She stared at Phillip Zong, “I am 28 this year, and the best years have been given to you. Now you want to abandon me, are you trying to force me to die?”

That’s why Phillip Zong has always felt affection for her. Otherwise, according to his personality, he would no longer be involved with her after he knew Casey He lied to him.

“I said, I can compensate you for whatever you want.” Phillip Zong knew he was wrong.

Just like Rios He scolded him, can you do whatever you want with money?

But now, he has no choice.

“Don’t get excited.” Rios He walked in and hugged his shivering sister.

Staring at Phillip Zong, he asked, “Compensation, what compensation do you take?”

Phillip Zong looked back at him, “What compensation do you want?”

The eyes met, silent confrontation, murderous.

When they reach their family status, asking for money as compensation is the lowest level behavior, that is, hurting the friendship between the two families and breaking the relationship.

If the He family wants benefits today, it won’t sound good to spread out.

“I want your life, will you give it to me?” Casey He yelled out of control.

Everyone in the room was taken aback.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” He Wenhuai scolded, actually wanting to see in his heart, how would Phillip Zong solve it.

He agreed to the engagement, and now he broke the contract again, he was naturally unhappy.

Not showing it on the face does not mean that you don’t care about it in your heart.

Zong Qifeng’s face was deep, and he was very satisfied with Casey He, but now he was dissatisfied.

Although he did not want Phillip Zong to withdraw from the engagement.

But this is his son.

Now she is so ignorant of the height of the sky.

Phillip Zong was calm, he stood up, his slender fingers picked up the buttons of his suit, rolled up the sleeves, and revealed his strong arms.

Zong Qifeng yelled nervously, “What are you doing?”

Casey He was already stupid, “Ah——Ah Hao——”

Phillip Zong stooped and picked up the fruit knife in the fruit bowl, and walked towards Casey He.

Rios He was also very scared, reaching out his arm to hug his sister.

For fear that he would hurt his sister.

Phillip Zong pulled Rios He away and looked at Casey He, “If this is what you want, I will give it to you.”

He stooped and put the knife in Casey He’s hand, holding her hand, and pressing the knife against his chest.

Casey He was scared, she was really scared.

He shook his head desperately, “I, I didn’t mean it, I didn’t want you to die–“

Phillip Zong smiled, “I have never owed anyone in my life, but you, you want, I will give you, but in the future, we will not owe each other—”

As he spoke, his hands were also hard.


Casey He wanted to let go, but Phillip Zong’s hand was too strong for her to let go.

The sharp blade pierced the white shirt and pierced his flesh, red blood overflowed.

Phillip Zong’s behavior exceeded everyone’s expectations.

He unexpectedly–

Really dare!

“It’s not me, it’s not me—” Casey He was full of tears.

Phillip Zong stretched out his other hand to wipe the tears from her face, “That year, I was 14, when I was kidnapped to the mountain, and was accidentally rescued by a little girl who was only ten years old. Later I learned that the little girl was an orphan. , I sponsored her to go to school. After graduating from university, she followed me. I was on a business trip and accidentally planted snake venom. She saved me again—”

The look in his eyes and the movements of his fingers were very gentle, as if he was wiping a baby.

“I failed you. Since you want it, I will give it to you now. From now on, you and I will be cleaned up.”

Chapter 65

“I do not want!”

Casey He shook her head like crazy, and kept repeating a sentence, “I don’t want it, I don’t want to tell you, I want you to love me.”

Tears, messy hair, she looks bad and embarrassed.

Even so, Phillip Zong never felt the slightest softness.

“The food is ready–” Xia Zhenyu came in and wanted to tell He Wenhuai that the food was ready and ready to eat, but he saw the picture of Casey He holding a knife in her hand and stabbing Phillip Zong.

The bright red blood stimulated her brain.

There was a scream.

Everyone returned to their senses, Zong Qifeng let out a deep cry, “Hurry up and call an ambulance.”

He Wenhuai, who was stunned, called Rios He who was close to them, “Hurry up and pull your sister away!”

This incident was originally Phillip Zong’s fault, but now he was injured when he went to He’s house.

This leaves them at a disadvantage again.

It did not do him any good when things turned out like this. There was a fire in his heart, but he couldn’t let it out. His angry hands were tightly clasped on the edge of the table, and the back of his hands was violent.


The moment He Rui pulled his sister apart, the fruit knife fell on the ground with a crisp sound.

The blade was stained with bright red blood.

“Ah, are you okay?” Casey He wanted to reach out and touch his wound.

Phillip Zong put aside her hand, and at this moment, a cell phone bell suddenly sounded in the living room.

Everyone’s eyes were cast on Phillip Zong’s jacket on the sofa, and the voice came from there.

The lights of Bai shaking came down from the top of Phillip Zong’s head, covering him in the circle of light.

In a trance, if you don’t look carefully, you won’t see the tiny beads of sweat on his forehead.

He picked up his jacket, took out his phone, and saw that Milton Guan was calling, he picked it up.

Soon Milton Guan’s voice came over, “Zong, what you want me to investigate, I have found out. Six years ago, Ana Lin was in a car accident, but he broke his promise and didn’t come back to go through the divorce procedures. Rios He took her and her mother. They were taken to country A to hide. At the beginning they lived in Barney, and then they moved to the capital of country A. During this period, Rios He will deliberately erase the traces of their lives, and don’t want people to know.”

Phillip Zong held the phone and slowly raised his eyes, falling on Rios He who was holding Casey He.

He looked at Rios He, but he said to Milton Guan, “He has been with her all these years?”


Dark clouds rolled over his sharp eyebrows, “What is the relationship?”

I could feel the pressing pressure from Phillip Zong through the phone, and he couldn’t help but swallowed a mouthful of water. He hasn’t finished speaking, can you stop being so angry?

Doomed to his criticism, Phillip Zong couldn’t hear him, so he could only answer honestly, “It seems that Miss Lin didn’t accept him, and only regarded him as an older brother. Apart from him, there are no other men around him, nor is there no men. Got a son.”

“I see.” Phillip Zong hung up the phone, glanced at Rios He coldly, then glanced at the He family, “You can still make offers.”

After speaking, he stepped out of He’s house, seemingly unwilling to do more entanglement.

There was a mess in the hall. After a moment of silence, He Wenhuai came over, pulling a smile, “Old Master, this matter—”

Zong Qifeng stood up and stood with his hands in his hands, with a hint of displeasure in his deep voice, “My son was wrong first. After all, he didn’t abide by the contract first, so please mention it if you have any requirements.

This Phillip Zong was injured. He still said that, obviously unhappy.

“What you are talking about is that children’s emotional matters, the separation and integration of common things, the in-laws can’t do it, and the friendship is not, how can I ask for anything.” He Wenhuai smiled.

When he said this, Zong Qifeng couldn’t say anything else, and shouted, “Uncle Feng, we are going back.”

Uncle Feng quickly greeted him, “Master went to the hospital, shall we go there?”

“Can you not go? I’m just such a son.” He didn’t know who he was talking to. He Wenhuai’s face changed and changed again. It was obvious that he had something in his words.

Or did you tell him on purpose?

He Wenhuai was suffocated. This Phillip Zong had the courage and had to admit that he had courage, and abruptly reversed the unfavorable situation for him.

“Ruixing, you go and deliver it.” He Ruixing, who was standing at the door, heard his father’s words and hurriedly followed, “Uncle Zong, I will see you.”

Zong Qifeng didn’t respond. Feng Shu pulled the car door. He bent over and sat in and glanced at He Ruixing who was standing aside. “Bring me a message for your dad. I don’t worry about this.”

It’s not good for everyone to tear your face.

“Okay, I will definitely bring it.” He Ruixing gently closed the door and told the driver, “Drive slowly.”

When the car left, He Ruixing turned around and entered the house. He Wenhuai sat there with a gloomy face, looking at his son and daughter, and wanted to reprimand him, but couldn’t find anything.

Finally sneered, “Phillip Zong is a good method.”

He Ruixing just heard this when he came back. He glanced at his younger brother and sighed deeply, “The skills are not as good as humans. We really have no one with the skills. I thought my sister and him could get married and become in-laws. I didn’t want to make things happen. Like this—”

“Have you said enough!” Casey He yelled, the most sad thing about her engagement being cancelled is how good is she?

“If you have the ability, will he cancel the engagement?” He Wenhuai patted the table and stood up.

Because of her thing, she has messed up the whole family, she still has a face to get angry?

Xia Zhenyu came over to give He Wenhuai Shun and comforted, “You don’t get angry if the kid is not sensible.”

“The son I gave birth to is not as good as others, what can I say?” He Wenhuai flicked his sleeves and turned to the inner room.

Xia Zhenyu followed up to persuade her husband.

Afraid of him sulking.

He Ruixing was also disappointed with his younger brother, so he called the servant to clean up the living room and went back to his room.

Only Rios He was left in the living room with his trembling sister.

“I’ll take you into the house.” He supported Casey He.

“Why?” Casey He still cannot accept the fact that Phillip Zong wants to cancel her engagement.

She didn’t understand, how did things get to this point?

That woman had disappeared for six years.

Why does it appear?

She grabbed Rios He by the collar, “Brother, after so many years, why don’t you turn her into your woman?”

If Ana Lin followed Rios He, even if Phillip Zong knew her, he wouldn’t have thoughts about her, right?

“You are tired and need a good rest.” Rios He helped her sit on the bed.

Casey He refused to let go of Rios He, “Brother.” She looked at him, “Why did you save her and not let her die? When she died, no one would come to fight with me…”

Rios He frowned, “What are you talking about?”

“I’m not talking nonsense!” Casey He stood up and stared at him viciously, “I wanted to make Ah Hao feel guilty to me and marry me. I deliberately had a car accident. To be realistic, I was really hit by a car. It hurts, it hurts really, so I want her to taste the taste of being hit by a car—”


Casey He laughed wildly.

Rios He stood there stiffly, not knowing how to react, how to treat this sister.

She, how could she be so cruel?

She was so innocent and cute when she was a child.

“Linlin.” Rios He looked at her, “Why did you let Ana Lin replace you back then?”

This has always been something he couldn’t figure out.

Chapter 66

She obviously has the opportunity and has something to do with Phillip Zong. Why should she find a woman to replace her?

Casey He was stunned, laughed, and fell onto the bed.

“I’m afraid he will think that I am not a pure woman.” Casey He raised her head as if she was stunned. “He took me by his side, but never touched me-I am a human, a woman with normal physiology. I need a man to love me, touch me, hehe—”

Rios He seemed to be struck by lightning.

How could his sister be like this?

Casey He smiled, laughing crazy, “I want to find a clean woman to give him, and then replace it, I am the clean woman, I saved him when I was a child, plus I have been with him for many years, he will be responsible for me , Even if you don’t love me, you will treat me well. It turns out that I am right, and he treats me well.

What I did was seamless…Only, I was the only one who miscalculated the woman I found casually. I didn’t expect that she was from the Z country or the city B. What’s more coincidental is that she turned out to be Phillip Zong’s mother who decided for him since childhood. The woman who made the engagement. “

If it weren’t for that woman, she would have lived a happy life with Phillip Zong.

It’s all that woman’s fault, it’s all that woman’s fault!

She is unwilling, unwilling.

She has the identity of the daughter of the He family, with the identity background, what is inferior to that woman?

She grabbed Rios He’s hand, “Brother, you help me.”

Rios He looked at the younger sister he didn’t know, and said in a daze, “How can I help you?”

Casey He’s eyes rolled, “You can, you can—” She tugged at him and whispered…

The more I listened, the more ugly Rios He’s face became, and he pushed her away, “Impossible!”

“You’re tired, go to sleep!” He walked out of the room without looking back.


No matter how Casey He shouted, Rios He didn’t look back.


Phillip Zong bandaged the wound and walked out from the hospital gate. The driver followed him with the medicine in his hand. “Uncle Feng just called and asked about your situation. I said it’s okay, let the master not worry about—”

“I asked you to book the ticket. Have you booked it?” He interrupted the driver.

Not interested in listening to those.

The driver responded quickly and hurriedly replied, “It’s booked. The last flight is at 11 o’clock. Are you going back now?”

Phillip Zong raised his hand and glanced at the watch. It is now nine to forty, and there is more than one hour left.

“Go to the airport.” He stepped down the steps, and the driver quickly followed, “Master, you are injured, don’t you take a break?”

“No need to.”

The driver ran to the front and opened the door for him. He wanted to persuade him. He was injured and had a rest. But thinking of his personality and wanted to persuade him, he swallowed, sighed, and ran to the front to drive.

Country A.

LEO privately customized, Daniel sat on the sofa, piled up a bunch of delicious food in front of him, he blinked and opened his eyes, “Can I take these away?”

“Yes, you can.” The girls in the store all like Daniel. He is good-looking and smart, which is naturally attractive.

“Xiao Xi, why don’t you eat it and take it away? Are you afraid of the young ladies. See how you eat?” Allen held his chin and looked at Daniel. He was already over forty, and asked Daniel to call her young lady every day. .

Daniel looked at Ellen innocently with big bright eyes open, “Auntie, it’s not bad for me to eat, I’m bringing it back to my sister to eat.”

Allen’s face changed, pretending to be upset, and stretched out his hand to squeeze his cheek, “Can I just tell the truth? Make my little sister happy?”

Daniel looked upright, “My mommy said, you can’t lie.”


Allen snorted coldly, “Your mom said, you are not a good boy.”

“My mommy wouldn’t say that.” Daniel retorted.

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask your mommy?” Allen deliberately agitated him.

Now Ana Lin is in a meeting, he is going now, undoubtedly to make trouble.

Daniel slid off the sofa, “I don’t believe you.”

Run after you say it.

Ana Lin walked out of the meeting room after the meeting, Daniel rushed towards her, “Mummy.”

Ana Lin stopped, the little guy still bumped into her leg, bent over to touch his son’s head, “Don’t run so fast.”

Daniel nodded obediently, “Okay.”

“What do you want to eat, I’ll take you there.” Ana Lin glanced at the time, it was already noon.

“I’m not hungry anymore.” Daniel took Ana Lin’s hand and asked her to touch her stomach, “Look, it’s all bulging.”

“Is it pregnant?” Allen stood behind him, arms around his chest.

Daniel looked back at her and said, “You are pregnant. No, you want to be pregnant, but you can’t. Do you have a little brother like auntie?”

Allen ran over, “Daniel!”

Daniel hid in Ana Lin’s arms, “Mommy, save me, Aunt Alan is out of control again.”

Ana Lin held up his son helplessly, because the two people met just to make a noise.

She can do nothing.

“Miss Sister.” When Allen was about to grab his ears, Daniel responded very quickly and changed his words.

Allen was going to pull his ears, but finally changed to rubbing his hair, “If your kid reacts quickly, I won’t be merciful next time.”

“Hehe.” Daniel was stunned and escaped again.

“Sister Lin, this is a guest from country Z. A custom-made wedding dress with some requirements. Take a look.” Ana Lin reached out and took the folder, “When will you want it?”

“In half a month.” Ana Lin nodded, “I see.”

After lunch, Ana Lin went to work, and Daniel stayed aside to play, digitizing.

But the hardest thing can’t help him. After playing for a while, he lost interest.

He fell asleep on the sofa.

Ana Lin left work early and picked up his son.

“Mummy.” Ana Lin just woke up as soon as he picked him up.

If you want something delicious, go back to your sister.

Ana Lin smiled, “What a good brother.”

Daniel rubbed her eyes and said proudly, “Of course.”

“You.” Ana Lin touched his son’s forehead.

Get out of LEO, then hold him in the car.

When the car arrived home, she realized that she had forgotten the document Lena Qin gave her, and she hadn’t read the contents.

She sent her son to the house, and seeing her brother came back, Ruth rushed in excitement. Daniel raised the delicious food in her hand and said proudly, “Look, what delicious food my brother brought you.”

At this moment, Ruth turned into a foodie, and when she saw what Daniel was eating, her saliva flowed down, “Brother, I want to eat.”

Daniel walked to the sofa, “Come here.”

The two little guys lay on the sofa and shared their food. Ana Lin didn’t go in, and shouted at Ida Zhuang, “Mom, I forgot something. I have to go back to the store.”

“Okay, I’ll be back before dinner.” Ida Zhuang confessed.

“it is good.”

Ana Lin took the bag and closed the door.

She got in the car, started the car and drove back to the store, took the things and rushed home. When she stopped the car and was about to enter the house, she saw another car parked in front of the door, which was a bit familiar, the one in the morning.

She frowned, what did Milton Guan do again?

She is preparing to discuss with Ida Zhuang about changing places to live tonight.

But he started to disturb her again.

Ana Lin’s face sank involuntarily.

When the car door opened, Ana Lin was ready to ask questions, but it was not Milton Guan that came down, but Phillip Zong.

His clothes were crumpled and he looked tired and looked a little tired.

It was the setting sun, and each other was shrouded in a pale yellow halo.

Ana Lin resisted the fluctuation in his heart and said coldly, “What are you doing?”

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