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Table of Contents

Chapter 61

This bastard!

Daniel’s eyes almost stared out.

Phillip Zong chuckled, and he was happy when he saw this stinky boy getting angry.

Ana Lin put aside his touch, hugged Daniel in the car and left.

Her expression was flustered, Daniel glanced out and made a face at the nasty bastard.

Phillip Zong frowned, this stinky boy.

Chen Hao walked over and looked at the car going away, “Shall we go back?”

Phillip Zong took off his suit, threw it on Chen Hao, and walked towards the car.

Chen Hao took the suit and curled his lips, but did not dare to complain, and quickly followed.

Sitting in the car, Phillip Zong rubbed his eyebrows, and couldn’t help but smile when he recalled the moment Ana Lin appeared.

Chen Hao, who was driving, looked at him in the rearview mirror, the gossip fire in his heart was burning.

Who is that woman?

Can Phillip Zong’s nympho laugh?

Damn, weird, so weird.

“President Zong, do you like that kind of woman?” Chen Hao was really curious, that woman was good-looking, but her children were so old, she even molested her.

Does he like young women?

Young women have a taste, but you can’t find someone who has given birth to a child, right?

What if someone has a husband?

Is he going to be a junior and be a lover to that woman?

The more I think about it, the more I want to laugh.

That scene is very exciting to think about.

Phillip Zong slowly raised his eyelids, unable to hear his angry voice, “Which?”

“Just the girl you like to have children—”

No, Chen Hao stopped in time and smiled sullily. “It’s only when you have a child that you have the charm. If you look at other people’s children, you know that you haven’t had plastic surgery.”

Hear the words giving birth.

Phillip Zong was inexplicably irritable, he tugged at his neckline, “If you don’t speak, you will die!”

Chen Hao hurriedly shut up and looked at the moody man from the rearview mirror from time to time.

I was very happy before, but when I say that I am angry, I am angry.

Can you still chat happily?

Chen Hao arranged the hotel.

Phillip Zong stayed there for one night, and the shadow of the woman turned over and over again.

He can’t sleep.

She really changed. In the past, she gave people the feeling of innocence, the appearance of a little woman, but now-she is confident, her speech and manners, especially when she talks about her profession, the way she talks is particularly charming.


She has been walking here all these years, is there anyone beside her?

Thinking that he took out his cell phone to call Milton Guan, and asked him to check Ana Lin’s living conditions over the years and whether there was anyone around him.

These successive calls were all about Ana Lin.

Is he tempted?

Milton Guan thought silently.

How has he ever been so affectionate for a woman?

Even the original Bai Zhuwei now Lin Casey has never cared about her so much.

In the past few years, his temper has become increasingly cold, and he suddenly became enthusiastic, all because of a woman who has disappeared for a long time. If she is not thinking, it must be fake.

It’s just that Milton Guan didn’t understand that even though the woman and him were married, but they didn’t get along for a long time, how could they have feelings?

He couldn’t figure it out, and no one answered him.

As soon as Phillip Zong hung up the phone, Mr. Zong’s call came in.

You don’t need to pick up Phillip Zong to know what he is calling.

His pupils flickered, and then slowly hung down to cover his thoughts. Instead of being gentle when thinking about Ana Lin, he replaced it with coldness, and he pressed the answer button.

“What’s the matter with Linlin, she said you want to cancel the engagement…”

“Wait for me to go back.” Phillip Zong stared out the window with heavy eyes, which is why he didn’t stay here and let Milton Guan come to check Ana Lin.

This engagement is not just about taking his wife, but the marriage between the He family and the Zong family.

The news of the engagement has been spreading, and now he wants to cancel the engagement, the He family, and the family need him to explain.

So the next day, he returned to the country.

Milton Guan went to country A to investigate Ana Lin. It was the driver who came to pick him up. The journey of several hours did not make him tired, but asked the driver to go to the old house of the Zongjia.

The scenery retreated, and the car soon stopped in front of a house. The solemn and introverted, tall courtyard and magnificent gate, round arch windows and corner stone masonry, showed grace and luxury.

The driver stopped the car and walked to the back to pull the door. Phillip Zong calmly bent down, stood in front of the first gate, looked up, and walked in calmly without any expression on his face.

Go through the marble floor and walk into the house.

“Master.” Uncle Feng, the housekeeper, took a step forward, “Master is waiting for you inside.”

Phillip Zong nodded slightly, indicating that he knew.

The spacious and solemn hall is styled and styled. On the right side is a very retro decoration style with heavy colors, which outlines the whole hall more calmly. The man on the mahogany sofa leaning on the cushions is Mr. Zong, the father of Phillip Zong.

As for the woman next to him, he didn’t bother to look at it.

He took off his jacket and handed it to the servant at home, walked toward the sofa, and sat down next to Master Zong.

“What’s the matter with you?” Zong Qifeng sat on the sofa, his face after years of experience, immersed in the silence and introversion given by time, his voice was deep and generous, and mixed with helplessness and melancholy.

“I will deal with it.” There is no too much emotion, just a simple answer.

Zong Qifeng knew in his heart that why Phillip Zong was so indifferent was because of his mother, what happened back then—

Usually he doesn’t come back, everything depends on his temper.

But this marriage is related to the future development of the clan.

In City B, the clan family is a kind of “nouveau riche”. The enterprise is big but lacks the foundation.

The He family is different. It has a century-old reputation. Even if the business is not outstanding now, the reputation is there.

Marriage with such a family is a mutually beneficial thing.

“For other things, I can let you do anything wrong, but this engagement must never be cancelled!” Zong Kaifeng’s attitude also became tough.

Phillip Zong was neither lukewarm nor cold, and downplayed, “My marriage, and only myself can call the shots.”

“You–” Zong Qifeng was angry, his chest undulating rapidly.

Danna, who was sitting next to him, hurriedly helped him, “Speak slowly, don’t be angry.

“Can you not be angry?” Zong Qifeng said with a calm face.

“Phillip, you will listen to your dad this time–” Danna tried to persuade.

Phillip Zong’s voice became even colder, and he sneered, “In what capacity did you say this to me?”

Danna’s face is ugly.

“How do you say she is an elder, do you just talk to her like this?” Zong Qifeng patted the armrest and stood up.

Danna stood up and supported him, “Don’t be angry, I understand Phillip’s mood.”

Zong Qifeng sighed and reached out to hold Danna’s hand, “I have suffered for you these years.”

Phillip Zong stood up, not wanting to see the affection between his father and this woman.

He took the suit jacket from the servant and turned his back to Zong Qifeng, “I will deal with the He family.”

After speaking, he moved away.

Zong Qifeng pointed at him, “He, why is he still so headstrong? Is he still young? Why don’t you know the severity?!”

Danna sighed slightly, “Perhaps she doesn’t like the daughter of the He family.”

“No.” Zong Qifeng didn’t think so, “he agreed before.”

Danna thought about it, too. She agreed before, and she was about to get engaged, but she changed her mind.

Chapter 62

Zong Qifeng sat back on the sofa and called Uncle Feng, “Go and check if something happened to him when he went abroad this time.”

The unprovoked cancellation of the engagement had to make him think more.

Danna stretched out her hand and shook Zong Kaifeng’s hand, and said worriedly, “You investigate him and let him know, he must be unhappy. The relationship between him and us is already tense, or you can talk to him again.”

Uncle Feng also agreed, “Yes, you know the temper of this young master.”

Zong Qifeng’s face was heavy and heavy, and he said coldly, “His temper, can I talk to him?”

He slowed his face, but his attitude was firm, “I can let him go, but I can’t this time.”

This is related to the future of the Zong family.

Danna still wanted to persuade, but was interrupted by Zong Qifeng first, “No need to persuade me, I have made up my mind about this matter.”

He looked up at Uncle Feng, “Go ahead.”

“This–” Uncle Feng looked at Danna hesitantly.

Danna sighed, “Let’s do it, father and son have the same temper, who can persuade him to stop.”

Uncle Feng could only do as Zong Qifeng ordered.

Phillip Zong, who had just left the house, was stopped by Casey He.


Phillip Zong thought he hadn’t seen her, and walked towards the car without her.

Casey He chased him up and grabbed his arm, “I have been with you for so many years, so if I make a mistake, you will sentence me to death?”

Phillip Zong’s footsteps stopped, his movements were too sudden, Casey He’s footsteps did not have time to stop, and bumped up.

She raised her head, looked at the face she had been obsessed with for a long time, and looked obsessively.

Phillip Zong looked down at this woman who had been with him for a long time. He once thought that although this woman was scheming and not so pure on the surface, she gave herself to him.

He should be responsible for the emotion and reason.

Even if there is no love, there is responsibility.

But at the moment he saw Ana Lin, he realized that his calm heart would still fluctuate, and it would become hot because of being alone, and his heart would still be beating.

He didn’t know what it was.

He only knows that if he gets married like this, he will regret it later.

Phillip Zong stretched out his hand to stroke her cheek and said softly, “Did you really make this mistake this time?”

Many times he opened one eye, closed one eye, and did not want to delve into it.

But it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know at all.

Casey He was taken aback, what did he know?

Think about it carefully, so many years have passed, he is unlikely to find out, and now that there is an older brother helping her, he will definitely find nothing.

If he gets angry and accuses her, perhaps there is still room for maneuver in this matter.

But he was so calm.

The calmer he is, the more proof he is determined.

Casey He panicked and pulled Phillip Zong’s arm tightly, “Ahao, I love you, for so many years, don’t you know what I want?”

“But, I don’t love you.” Phillip Zong laughed mockingly.

Laugh at himself.

Casey He shook her head desperately, and snarled out of control, “No, no, you love me, you treat me well—”

“That’s not love!” It was just the responsibility of that night.

He insisted on making himself fall in love with her, but after so many years, he still couldn’t be tempted by her.

“I will make up for your debt, but it will definitely not be marriage.” He broke Casey He’s hand, obviously not willing to talk more about it.

But Casey He was unwilling to let go, “I don’t want to compensate, I only want you.”

She didn’t want to admit it, but it turns out that Phillip Zong was really moved by Ana Lin.

Otherwise, after seeing her, I won’t be like a different person.

The attitude is so decisive.

She snarled in her heart, why didn’t that woman get killed?

“What is so good about that woman? When she married you, there were men…”

“Is it enough?” Phillip Zong interrupted her, “Go back and calm down and let us talk.” Now he didn’t want to say a word to her.

“Aha, aha—”

Casey He cried heartbreakingly.

Phillip Zong had no intention of paying attention. The driver had already opened the door and waited for him. He bent over and sat in the car.

The driver asked where to go.

He rubbed his eyebrows and said lightly, “Go to the company.”

Country A.

Since seeing Phillip Zong, Ana Lin’s nerves have been in a tight state, and he accidentally dropped his job while eating.

Ida Zhuang looked at his daughter and said with concern, “Is there something wrong with the work? You have been absent-minded since you came back. You have not stopped in the past few years, or take a break.”

Daniel looked at Mommy without a trace. She was doing this because of that bastard!

Thinking about it, Daniel gritted his teeth angrily as he bullied Mommy, holding his chopsticks tightly in both hands.

Can’t wait to beat up that bastard.

Ana Lin returned to his senses. In order not to worry Ida Zhuang, he lied, “It’s okay, but… maybe I didn’t rest well last night, it’s okay.”

Daniel picked Ana Lin with vegetables, “Mommy, eat more.”

Seeing that his son is so sensible, Ana Lin smiled in relief and stretched out his hand to rub his hair, “You should eat more, you are growing up.”

She served her son a bowl of rib soup.

Ruth was not happy anymore, pouting her lips, looking at Ana Lin, “Mommy is partial and loves my brother, not me.”

Ida Zhuang smiled aside, “This kid, a little older, can bite his lips.”

Daniel gave the soup in her bowl to her sister, “I will do it for you.”

Ruth was so coaxing, she didn’t hold any grudges, she grinned when she saw Tang Duan give it to herself.

After dinner, Ana Lin went to wash the dishes, and Ida Zhuang gave Ruth a bath.

Daniel took out his tablet and thought that when the policeman made a transcript at the police station, the man said he was Phillip Zong, and he tried to enter the name on Baidu.

Soon, everything about Phillip Zong jumped out.

Country Z, from City B, President of Wanyue Group, 185cm, 65kg, 32 years old this year.

At the age of 22, he took over Wan Yue and assumed the post of president.

During this period, he has repeatedly topped the country’s richest man list and is the youngest richest man in China.

Marital status, not yet.

Only admitted as a girlfriend, Casey He.

Daniel curled his lips, unexpectedly this guy was so rich.

Can the rich do whatever they want?

Can a rich person bully her mother?

He clenched his fists tightly, swearing that he would teach the pesky man.

He put down the tablet, reached for the phone, and was about to call his teacher. At this moment, Ana Lin walked out of the kitchen and watched his son make a call. He asked, “It’s so late, don’t you take a bath and sleep? , Who to call?”


Daniel can’t lie, he blushes when he lie.

I don’t know how to answer at this moment.

Ana Lin didn’t see it right, and walked over to look at him, and inadvertently found the tablet on the sofa with Phillip Zong’s information on it.

Her brows frowned.

It was too late for Daniel to hide, so she could only watch Ana Lin eagerly and pick it up.

Ana Lin looked at his son, “Why do you do this?”

Chapter 63

Daniel lowered his head and said nothing.

Ana Lin frowned, “You speak.”

Daniel grabbed her finger, “He bullied Mommy, I’m going to teach him a lesson for Mommy.”

Ana Lin’s brow furrowed deeper, and he had been emphasizing one thing before, Phillip Zong bullied her.


Suddenly Ana Lin’s eyes widened. He saw that, did Phillip Zong force her to k*ss her?

“Xiao Xi…”

Ana Lin didn’t know how to explain.

Daniel firmly patted her chest and said, “Mommy, although Ruth and I don’t have a father, I am a man and I will protect you.”

Suddenly Ana Lin was said by his son that I didn’t have something that my father had deliberately ignored.

She would not mention this matter.

She thought that as long as she loved them very much.

It can make up for not having a father.

However, he was suddenly mentioned by his son so abruptly.

She just feels sore in her heart.

She hugged her son, bowed her head and k*ssed his hair. Although he was very smart, he was actually only more than five years old. He was only a child.

But every word is protecting her.

Her palm rubbed her son’s back, “It should be Mommy who protects you–“

Daniel disagreed and shook his head, “It should be a man to protect a woman, I am a man, I protect you.”


Ana Lin looked at his son speechlessly, how old he is, why is he such a machismo?

“Who taught you?” Ana Lin asked, frowning.

Daniel blinked his eyes and thought for two seconds, “My teacher.”

Ana Lin hugged her son to take a bath, but wondered in her heart if she wanted to talk to his teacher.

Is it appropriate for such a small child to tell him these?

“Mummy, my teacher is actually quite handsome and treats me well—”

“Stop!” Ana Lin interrupted his son, this child, a little older, how could his thinking be so complicated?

Daniel murmured, “You don’t think for yourself, I have to think for you.”


Ana Lin threw him into the water, “You will not be allowed to take care of adults’ affairs in the future.”

“Why?” Daniel asked back.

“There is no why, this is my decision, your teacher should have said, should you listen to your mother?”

Daniel lowered her head and nodded. The teacher said that children should listen to adults.

She also said that Mommy had worked hard to raise him and his sister.

Don’t make Mommy angry.

If he had a father, maybe Mommy wouldn’t be so tired.

But Mommy never mentioned this, and he didn’t dare to ask.

Grandma refused to ask.

He thought that his father must be an irresponsible man and abandoned Mommy.

Daniel reached out and hugged Ana Lin, “Mommy, I love you.”

Ana Lin only felt a warm current rushing through her heart, like a hot spring, slowly wrapping her up.

It’s all worth it. She is content looking at the two children who are so cute and sensible.

She k*ssed her son’s face, “Mommy loves you too.”

Although the two children were both Ida Zhuang during the day, they all slept with Ana Lin at night.

She took her children to sleep almost from childhood.

She is busy during the day and spends less time with the children, so the night is when she gets close to the children.

She told them stories.

The children are nestled in her arms, this is her happiest thing.

Close to flesh and blood, connected by blood, that’s probably the case.

Ana Lin went to work, Daniel still followed, saying that it was to protect her, and she still couldn’t refuse.

Let Ana Lin want to refuse it.

“What danger can I face when I go to work?” Ana Lin couldn’t laugh or cry.

She is an adult, and she wants to be protected by her child.

“I don’t care.” Daniel was determined, so she almost said, what if that bastard Phillip Zong comes out to bully you again?

The person is not big, and there are so many eyes.

Ana Lin couldn’t hold him back, so he agreed and took him out, Ida Zhuang took Ruth at home.

After leaving the door, Daniel got into the car by herself. Ana Lin buckled his seat belt and got up and closed the door. When she was about to get into the driving position, she found a car parked on the roadside and seemed to be peeking at her.

Her nerves tightened, but thinking about how she didn’t offend anyone here, maybe she was dazzled?

Who will peep in broad daylight?

She got into the car without much thought.

As usual, she went directly to LEO after eating at home.

Ana Lin inadvertently found the car parked on the side of the road in the rearview mirror, and it was actually following her.

She held the steering wheel tightly with her hands. If she was still dazzled just now, what about now?

Her heart was caught by something.

She must figure it out.

ShaoAna Lin, the man in the morning, couldn’t get rid of the car following her.

Zuo Siyou thought that in order to prevent her son from being in danger, she slowed down. By the time she drove to the store, it was already half an hour before everyone came to work.

She got off the car and let Daniel down and enter the store.

There are so many people in the store that even if it is a bad person following her, she dare not rush in.

Arranged for his son, Ana Lin walked towards the car.

She wanted to see who it was and follow her.

What is the purpose of tracking her.

The car had black film on the window glass. Ana Lin couldn’t see the people inside, so he raised his hand and knocked on the window.

No one responded, and the window glass did not lower.

Ana Lin stood in front of the car, “Follow me all the way to here, and I found out that I was hiding. Is it interesting?”

In the car, Milton Guan scratched his hair. He was here to investigate the matter. Time was in a hurry. The two of them didn’t have a good rest. They made up in the car yesterday. They were not in good spirits before they were discovered by Ana Lin.

He covered his face with his hands, rubbed it vigorously, and became more energetic.

He lowered the car window, smiled, and said hello, “Long time no see.”

Ana Lin stared at him for two seconds, “How could it be you?”

She was surprised.

Milton Guan was inexplicably guilty, his eyes dodged, “Well…I’m here to work.”

Ana Lin sneered. Phillip Zong was here yesterday, but he happened to be here to do business today?

Is there such a coincidence?

“What did he ask you to do?” Ana Lin didn’t intend to talk to him, but asked directly.

Milton Guan did not speak.

Can’t you say it was investigating her?

No one likes being investigated for privacy, right?

“Should I call and ask him?” Ana Lin’s attitude was also very tough.

Ana Lin’s attitude stunned him, and he couldn’t help but look at her up and down. Whether it was the manner of speaking or the overall feeling, she had changed.

Tuo became a woman.

Before, it was only a little woman.

Milton Guan grabbed a hand of his hair, “Well, Zongzong just wants to know where you live.”

Suddenly, quiet.

Ana Lin turned and walked towards the store.

It seems that she is really going to live in a different place.

She didn’t want to be disturbed.

Especially Phillip Zong!

“Miss Lin–” Milton Guan wanted to explain.

Ana Lin didn’t give him a chance and walked directly into ELO.

Milton Guan smashed his mouth, there was a feeling of immortals fighting and mortals suffering.

When Ana Lin tried to leave and live in another place, it was City B in Country Z.

Phillip Zong was invited to He’s family for dinner.

If Phillip Zong did not withdraw from the engagement, then it is naturally good. A meal together can also enhance the relationship between the two families.

However, being invited to dinner now is probably a grand feast.

Sooner or later, Phillip Zong was prepared.

Casey He is dressed very beautifully, and all her family are there.

Including Rios He, who is not in China all year round.

The magnificent hall is very lively.

Phillip Zong’s black suit, against the light, came brilliantly.

Seeing Phillip Zong coming in, Rios He’s eyes suddenly changed…

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