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Chapter 607

The night was very quiet, there was no light in the room, only a ray of moonlight leaning in from the window, and the furnishings in the room could be vaguely seen.

He walked in lightly.

Lena Qin just lay down and couldn’t fall asleep, so she drew a picture. She lowered her head and had some neck pain before she stopped. She knew when the door rang, but she didn’t make a sound and closed her eyes to pretend to sleep.

Alan Suquan didn’t notice that the light was not very clear. He couldn’t see Lena Qin’s expression clearly, so he couldn’t find it.

He gently put the chair next to the bed, then sat down and looked at her silently.

There are many things in my heart that I want to say to her, but I don’t know where to start.

I don’t know how to express my feelings.

He stretched out his hand to hold her hand in his palm, resting his head on her body, and all creatures fell asleep late at night. Only he was still awake, he could clearly hear her breathing and look at her.

No amount of confession will have the peace of this moment, and it will be deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

He was so quiet, describing her in his heart.

Although his appearance has changed, he knows that she is still her, and he still hasn’t changed in his heart.

Everyone makes mistakes, and so do I.

I don’t ask for your forgiveness, I just hope to see you frequently.

Lena Qin, I’m sorry, I was the one who made you scarred, hurt you, and lost the child. I was also in pain. If it weren’t for my bastard, I would be a father now.

Whenever the night is quiet, I often think that if I can lose my memory, it won’t be so painful.

God gave me a chance, but I didn’t take it.

If there is a chance to come back, I will take good care of you and prevent you from being hurt a little bit.

Hold your hand until you are old.

If you still hate me, please continue to hate it, at least that way, you will still think of me in your heart.

Lena Qin, you let me know what is unforgettable. Even if you hurt my self-esteem, I still want to save you.

Even if you speak harshly to me all the time, my heart is warm.

Lena Qin, I said a lot to you before, but didn’t fulfill the promise.

Lena Qin, I’m sad, really sad.

No words can express how I feel at the moment.

He stayed here until 5 in the morning. Although he closed his eyes but never fell asleep, he thought a lot.

Worried that she found herself, even though she was reluctant to let go of her hand, she still let go of her hand, holding her palms for too long with sweat.

He possessed and k*ssed her forehead lightly, “I love you and will never change.”

After speaking, he got up, looked at her for a few seconds and found no trace of her waking up, then put the chair back in place, and then quietly left.

At the moment the door was closed, Alan Su thought that the sleeping woman opened her eyes, her fingers moved, and there was the temperature left by him in her hands.

She opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling above. Unknowingly, her tears slipped from the corners of her eyes and drowned into the hair on the temples.

She also had a torment that night, no matter how much pain she had in her heart, she had nowhere to tell, she could only endure it alone.

This is her tribulation, she can’t change, the only thing she can do is to cross it, and then work hard to live.

As for the feelings-she may not have the strength and courage to touch it again.

I once told Ana Lin that she still believes in love, but it was an excuse for not letting Ana Lin think too much.

Where is the courage to talk about feelings?

Lost the child, the body is disabled, and the heart is cold.

The sky is getting brighter and brighter, the night is over, and the sun is coming is another beautiful day.

Lena Qin slowly closed her eyes, she didn’t want to be found out that she hadn’t slept all night.

At around six o’clock, Wanda and Aunt Wang were already up. Aunt Wang’s cooking skills were very good. Wanda retired from the kitchen. Aunt Wang prepared breakfast, but Wanda would tell her some family habits.

Zong Yan wakes up early in the morning, but Zong Jingxi can’t do it anymore, she will take a nap, and she will lie in bed even when she wakes up.

Ana Lin upstairs had already woken up, thinking that Alan Su was there, and was about to get up. As soon as she lifted the quilt, she was caught by someone and pressed her leg on her body, “Sleep again.”

Ana Lin turned to look at him, “It’s dawn, and take your legs away.”

Chapter 608

Phillip Zong pretended not to hear, hugged her and continued to sleep.

Ana Lin frowned, “I really want to take a picture of your rogue appearance and show it to your company employees.”

Phillip Zong posted a sticker on her body, with a hoarse voice that he had just woke up, “Would you like me to take off my clothes and shoot again?”

Ana Lin, “…” Words like shameless can no longer describe him.

“Stop making trouble, I really want to get up.”

Ana Lin said solemnly, “I went down to see that Alan Su was drunk all night, and Lena Qin didn’t know if she was asleep.”

I looked at Lena Qin very firm before, but the look in her eyes yesterday seemed to be not so ruthless to Alan Su.

Hey, she sighed, wondering how to help them, and how to treat them well.

“Sigh what?”

Phillip Zong looked up at her. The genius was just bright, and it was not good to sigh early in the morning.

“I’m wondering if there is something in Lena Qin’s heart that hasn’t told me, I feel that she is not completely giving up on Alan Su, hiss…what are you doing?

! “

She was talking, Phillip Zong actually bit her.

“Can you not always think about other people’s things?”

Phillip Zong was no longer sleepy, and reached out to touch her belly, “For our daughter, you don’t have to worry about snacks.”

Ana Lin opened her clothes to look at her waist. Fortunately, there was no mark left. Phillip Zong squeezed her cheek, “I have a sense of measure.”

“I thought you… Forget it, get up.”

She lifted the quilt and got out of the bed. Phillip Zong sat still, “What do you want to say?

Do you want to scold me? “

She walked to the cabinet in slippers to look for the clothes she was wearing today, without turning her head back, she said, “Well, I want to say you are so naive.”

Phillip Zong looked at her back, supported her chin, and admired his wife’s graceful body. Even though she was pregnant, her body was very slim. She was wearing a suspender nightdress, her exposed arms were white and her long black hair scattered behind her head. Although it hasn’t been neglected yet, it doesn’t seem chaotic.

He told Ana Lin that Zong Qifeng would come back from Baicheng in the next few days, because he would naturally have to come back for the wedding, and he also missed a baby.

Ana Lin asked Roberson Cheng if he would come.

Phillip Zong said he would come.

“It’s okay, let him stay here in the future. When he gets older, there is no one around him. We will take care of him in the future.”

Ana Lin took out the clothes he was going to wear today and looked back at him, “Is it really going to be done?”

Phillip Zong nodded, “I have chosen the location, you don’t need to do anything, I will arrange everything.”

Ana Lin could only nod his head, “I have to call my second uncle over by then.”

Phillip Zong got out of bed, walked over and hugged her, “We will invite whoever you say to invite.”

Ana Lin pushed him, “I’ll go wash.”

Phillip Zong k*ssed her on the cheek, “Go.”

She went to wash up and changed into clothes. There was an outsider at home. She didn’t want to wear her pajamas. She came out after cleaning up. She passed the cloakroom and saw Phillip Zong sorting the sleeves of his shirt. She walked in and looked at the color of his trousers. , Took a matching tie, “I will help you.”

She squeezed her feet and reached out to turn over the collar of his shirt to put the tie in, then folded it to tie the tie and smooth it. Phillip Zong looked down at her serious expression and said, “Your daughter complains that I will not accompany her. “

Ana Lin looked up and asked, “When is it?”


He reached out and touched his wife’s belly, “I wish he was born soon and after the wedding, he can take you to your honeymoon.”

Ana Lin also lowered his head, looking at his already big belly, “For the honeymoon, you have time to spend more time with your two children.”

Both children have given birth to two children, and they are still pregnant. Their vision for the wedding is very weak. After all, they have lived a married life.

“I’m obviously very young, but I feel like a middle-aged person.”

She laughed at herself.

Phillip Zong didn’t like this evaluation very much, and reached out and lifted her chin, “What nonsense?”

Ana Lin pushed his hand away, turned and took off his suit, “Come and put it on.”

He put his hand into his sleeve, thought of the messy words his daughter had said, and said, “What does your daughter look at at home every day?”

“The school hasn’t started yet, and after I come back, the pre-kindergarten will not go, and I rarely go out. Apart from taking Dabai around, I watch TV at home.”

Ana Lin sorted the neckline of his suit, raised his head and asked, “What did she say?”

“In the future, let her watch TV less. I don’t have nutrition. I think she is interested in painting. Or enroll her in an interest class in painting.”

Whenever he thinks of what his daughter said, his brain hurts.

Ana Lin said, “I will figure it out, I will go down.”

Phillip Zong gave a hum.

Everyone downstairs has gotten up, and even Zong Yanxi, who wants a lazy bed, was picked up by Yu’s mother.

When Ana Lin came down, he just caught up with Alan Su to go back.

“Let’s go after dinner.”

Ana Lin stopped him.

Alan Su stood at the door, “I caused you trouble last night.”

“There is no trouble, but you have to drink less alcohol, which is not good for your health.”

Ana Lin said with concern that alcoholism hurts his body.

Alan Su lowered his head, “I will pay attention later.”

“Come in and have breakfast before leaving.”

Ana Lin asked Aunt Wang, “Is breakfast ready?”

“Everything is done, do you want to eat now?”

“Well, bring it up.”

She let Alan Su in, “I’m going to see if Lena Qin is up.”

She walked over and knocked on the door of Lena Qin’s room. Lena Qin had gotten up, dressed neatly, and put on makeup, for fear of being seen by others.

Ana Lin walked over to help her, “I got up so early, didn’t you sleep last night?”

“I slept well, otherwise I can’t get up so early.”

Lena Qin said with a smile.

Ana Lin didn’t speak, and it was hard to ask her in the morning.

Aunt Wang was bringing breakfast to the table. She seated Lena Qin on the chair in front of the dining table. Seeing that Alan Su hadn’t come, she asked, “Why haven’t you come in yet? Are you hungry?”

“I didn’t change my clothes. I still seem to be drunk.”

Alan Su couldn’t stand the smell on his body, and was afraid they would smell it.

“We don’t despise you.”

Zong Yanxi took his hand, “Hurry in and eat.”

Alan Su followed the little girl to the table.

Zong Yanxi looked up at Lena Qin, “Aunt Yanyan, do you dislike Uncle Su?”

Alan Su almost instinctively looked up at Lena Qin.

Chapter 609

However, Lena Qin didn’t look at him, just resting his chin with one hand indifferently, “I am not familiar with him.”

In one sentence, it draws a line between two people.

Alan Su felt sore in his heart, and he held it up, smiling, “Are we familiar strangers?”

Lena Qin also smiled and asked, “Have we been familiar with it?

Why don’t I remember? “

Compared to Lena Qin’s indifference, Alan Su couldn’t do her indifferentness, and pulled her lips tightly to sit down in the chair, “If it hurts me and you can be happy, then you sting.”

“You are not worthy of my stabbing. You are nothing in my heart. I will not use any feelings on you, so I don’t even hate. I just hate you.”

When she said these words, Lena Qin’s hands under the table were tightly clenched together, her nails almost sinking into the flesh of her palms. The pain can make her sober and calm.

In fact, she slapped him with hatred.

When Ana Lin took the milk out, she happened to see her small movements. Although she was calm, the small movements of her limbs were enough to show that her heart was not so calm on the surface.

If it hadn’t really had any feelings for Alan Su, how could there be such a move.

What is she-hiding in her heart?

If you really let go, why bother to hurt others and yourself?

She took a deep breath, pretending to see nothing, poured milk for them, and asked when she poured milk into Alan Su’s cup, “Is grandma okay?”

She deliberately found a topic to try to ease the atmosphere.

“Need someone to take care of.”

I can’t take care of myself at all. The only change is that I can speak. I couldn’t even speak before.

Ana Lin nodded, “Take good care of her.”

Alan Su nodded, “I will, she is my only relative, I will definitely take care of her.”

Phillip Zong walked in, pulled the chair on the main seat and sat down, glanced at Alan Su, but did not speak.

Alan Su smiled, “Next time I call Shang Keller, I won’t bother you again.”

Phillip Zong picked up the fresh milk that Ana Lin poured him and glanced at him lightly. Now he felt that he was deliberate and wanted to come here.

That’s right, Lena Qin is here, it’s strange that he doesn’t do everything possible.

He didn’t expose it, he just asked, “Drunk yesterday?”

Alan Su said, he did drink too much but his mind was clear. Indeed, he deliberately asked the barman to call Phillip Zong’s cell phone number.

Otherwise, how could it be so coincidental, after all, he has a lot of numbers in his phone, and how could he just hit him.

“Can this be installed?”

Alan Su would not admit it.

Phillip Zong glanced at him meaningfully, “You know it in your heart.”

He didn’t have the time to entangle his problem. He reached out and took the egg on the plate, knocked it and peeled it to his daughter, “Do you want to learn to paint?”

Zong Yanxi nodded immediately, “Thinking.”

She is really interested in this, and she feels very fulfilling when she sees the paintings she draws are the same as the real ones.

“Today I will take you out to find a family who specializes in painting, shall we go?”


Zong Yanxi couldn’t believe it.

I asked her if she was going. I was flattered. My father was so busy, how could I take her out.

“of course.”

He has already called Milton Guan, and he is not going to the company today, and he also explained that he is not allowed to contact him if there is nothing very important.

Today he will be with his children.

“Wow, I’m so happy.”

She slid down from the chair excitedly, ran over and hugged her leg, “Dad is great.”

Phillip Zong reached out and touched his daughter’s head. The child was still very satisfied, and he would spend more time with them in the future.

The happiest person this morning was Zong Yanxi, because her father wanted to take her out.

After breakfast, Alan Su drove a car from Phillip Zong from the villa and left.

“You go with us.”

Phillip Zong leaned against the door and looked at her.

Ana Lin put on sun protection for the child and looked up at him, “Go ahead, I’m a little tired and don’t want to run outside.”

The children were all out, and she just had time to have a good talk with Lena Qin.

Now that the child in her belly is getting older and older, it’s normal to feel tired. Although Phillip Zong wants her to follow her very much, but she says she’s tired, so she doesn’t force it. She doesn’t want her to be tired. ?

I will bring you back. “

Ana Lin thought for a while, “I want to eat watermelon.”

“do you have anything else?”

“No more.”

She shook her head and confessed to him, “Since I have time, I will take the two children to play more.”

Phillip Zong said yes.

He didn’t take anyone. He drove his two children. Ana Lin drove them out and watched them drive away before Ana Lin turned around.

Aunt Wang and Wanda clean up the housework at home. The space is too big. Many areas are wiped almost every day. If you don’t wipe it, there will be dust. It is not convenient to talk in the living room. She helped Lena Qin back to the room.

Lena Qin just sat on the bed and asked, “What do you want to tell me?”

Otherwise, I won’t have an excuse to stay at home, but today it’s rare to be able to go out as a family.

“Tell me, what the hell do you have?”

Ana Lin looked at her seriously.

Lena Qin touched the quilt with her hand uncomfortably, “What can I do?”

“Look into my eyes and say.”

Ana Lin is very serious, “If nothing is hidden from me, just look at me.”

She wasn’t trying to force Lena Qin to do anything, but she was afraid that something was hiding in her heart, and it would be bad for her to be depressed for a long time.

Perhaps speaking out, I can feel better.

Lena Qin didn’t dare to look at her, she still said stiffly, “I’m really fine, you think too much.”

“I also hope that I think too much, but a lot of your performance makes me very upset.”

Ana Lin reached out and held her hand, “Can you still believe me?”

Lena Qin bowed her head.

His eyes were red, and his throat was so tight that he couldn’t speak. I didn’t know how to speak.

Recalling the time when I learned the news, I can still feel the heartache at that time. At that time, she was desperate. She felt that she had no courage even to live and her life was meaningless.

After experiencing the most unacceptable and painful process, I learned to be strong, so that when I saw Alan Su again, he would be so calm, so restrained, and so tolerant.

She was confident in her performance in front of Alan Su, but ignored Ana Lin.

She slowly raised her eyes, still suffering deep down, because she had lost the qualifications to be a woman.

“You know, I was pregnant.”

She was hoarse.

Ana Lin nodded, “I know.”

“I…” She couldn’t help herself, saying that it didn’t matter. When she wanted to say it, her heart still hurt.

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