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Chapter 58

“Huh?” Ana Lin watched him as he changed his shoes, “You don’t have to go to class on weekends. Don’t you want to rest at home?”

Daniel said solemnly, “My sister is at home, I think, I shouldn’t have time to rest.”

Ruth likes to cling to people, and Ana Lin said this very well.

She put on a jacket for her son and took him to work with him.

The son is quiet and will not worry her.

If Ruth was going to go, she would definitely not want to.

That child is what he should be at this age, and she doesn’t know whether this character is good or bad for her son.

She picked up her son and k*ssed him on the cheek.

Daniel’s face blushed slightly, and said shyly, “Mummy.”

Ana Lin smiled, his son was so cute that he was shy.

She took Daniel in the car and buckled his seat belt.

When he arrived at LEO, Ana Lin stopped the car, held his son down and held his hand and walked in with him.

“Sister Lin, the guest who made the reservation last time has arrived.” It was her assistant Lena Qin who was speaking, “I have taken them to the reception room.”

This guest had already made an appointment last month, and what he wanted to order was the engagement gown.

Ana Lin made several versions for guests to choose from. She asked Daniel to play by heimself, “Don’t run around.”

“I know.” He is not here for the first time. He is familiar with the people here, and the young ladies here like him very much.

“You go make two cups of coffee and bring them in.” Ana Lin looked at the design drawings again, and there was no problem, she took them to the reception room.

She pushed open the door of the reception room. On the leather sofa by the window, there was a man and a woman sitting on the leather sofa. When they saw their looks clearly, Ana Lin’s body froze for a while, and then she recovered her voice after a while. A decent smile, as if not knowing them, “Hello.”

She came in calmly holding the blueprint.

Bai Zhuwei, no, it should be Casey He who turned pale in an instant, how could it be her?

She instinctively went to see Phillip Zong next to her.

He stared straight at the incoming woman.

She has let go of everything in six years.

Now she just wants to live a quiet life, these people are strangers to her.

Ana Lin just walked to the sofa and sat down as if she didn’t know them. She was wearing a black professional suit with her legs elegantly overlapping. She put the design drawing on the table and pushed it in front of Casey He, “This is the first drawing. Take a look.”

Casey He clearly felt the chill radiating from the man next to her.

If she knew that the famous designer was Ana Lin, she would never choose LEO.

At that time, she had to choose this house, but now she can’t go back.

She could only bite the bullet and picked up the design drawings, turned it over, her hand shook slightly, each one is very distinctive, especially the one called the original dress, pink, one-line collar, waist design, simple, But generous and concise.

She didn’t want to be sure of Ana Lin’s design, but she liked the dress very much.

Lena Qin came in with the coffee, bent over and put the coffee in front of them, Ana Lin looked at her, “Xiaoya, you go and get the first finished product.”

“Okay.” Lena Qin took the tray and left, and quickly came in with a model, wearing the original dress.

It’s even more stunning than the picture. The specially treated pink silk material reveals crystal bright colors, especially when encountering lights, it shines like stars on the clothes. The neckline of the one-line collar can reflect women. The most sexy and temperamental parts, the neck, collarbone, shoulders, arms, and waist are full, which can highlight the waist, and the skirt extends to the ankles, which will look dignified and conservative.

It’s perfect for engagement wear.

Casey He reached out and touched the material. It was soft and smooth, just very comfortable to touch.

“This is Sister Lin’s award-winning work. Many people want to buy it, but have not been willing to sell it. You really have a foresight, and you saw this right away. It just so happened that Sister Lin decided to sell it.” Lena Qin said proudly.

Phillip Zong’s gaze fell on Ana Lin’s face, her gaze was falling on the dress, and she had only glanced at him since she entered, and she never looked at him again.

Treat him as air, as a stranger?

His lips were pressed tightly, as sharp as a knife.

Casey He raised her head. She is now a daughter of the He family, not the helpless orphan before, even if Ana Lin becomes a designer?

Isn’t it about designing a dress for her and watching her get engaged to Phillip Zong?

Thinking about it this way, Casey He felt much better, and said arrogantly, “Why is it called the original?”

Ana Lin lowered her eyes. When designing this dress, she was thinking of her original dream and want to be an excellent designer. However, due to changes, her studies were not completed. Later, she had the opportunity to complete her studies and enter After LEO, she designed this dress.

This is her debut work, which was inspired by her original dream, so it was named the original.

When it comes to her work, she can always talk confidently, with a faint smile on her face, “In my opinion, everything at the beginning is the most beautiful. I think every young self has one What I want to do, I call it the initial dream. At the beginning, I felt my heart for a person, and at the beginning, the most primitive throbbing was the most real emotion. It was the most moving at the first moment. Miss He said yes. ?”

As she said, she glanced over Phillip Zong’s face, and finally fixed on Casey He, “It’s like the love between Miss He and Mr. Zong, after going through ups and downs, they will always come together in the end and return to the original heart to each other——”


Phillip Zong interrupted sharply, and suddenly, he stood up, stepped to Ana Lin, and grabbed her wrist.

Ana Lin frowned, “What are you doing?”

Phillip Zong didn’t have any words, but directly pulled people away.

“Ah Hao—”

Phillip Zong turned his head and his eyes were gloomy, seeming to be a warning, Casey He didn’t dare to speak any more, he was afraid, so he could only shut up.

Ana Lin struggled, but Phillip Zong’s hand was very powerful. She couldn’t make a bit of it, and she couldn’t help but sternly said, “You hurt me!”

Phillip Zong didn’t pay attention to her reluctance and struggle. He dragged her to the stairwell and pressed her against the wall. His angry face was twisted into an angry lion, his eyes fixed on the one in front of him. Woman, “Why hide?!”

Ana Lin frowned, hiding?

She had never deliberately avoided it, although she didn’t want to see this man.

It was just the situation at the time. Rios He said that the medical conditions here were suitable for her to perform surgery and have a baby.

She was so hurt that she had no choice but to follow Rios He’s arrangement.

“Where does Mr. Zong start? We are already divorced, what about me, what does it have to do with you?” Ana Lin tried his best to calm himself.

In fact, her heart is not as calm as on the surface.

She didn’t want to admit that this man who appeared for a short time in her life caused her calm heart to make waves.

After so many years, the waves have already been classified as calm.

So she doesn’t want to get entangled with the past and people anymore.

Ha ha!

Phillip Zong sneered, “Divorce?”

He let go of Ana Lin, took a step back, stood two steps away from Ana Lin, and looked at her up and down. In six years, she changed, her face was completely opened, exquisite and incredible, black show The hair is ponytailed, clean, professional attire and speech, with a sense of sight of a strong woman, and laughed, “Are you sure we are divorced?”

Ana Lin’s heart was stunned. When she was about to rush back to apply for the divorce certificate that day, she had a car accident and was taken here by Rios He.

The divorce certificate has not been processed–

Chapter 59

The divorce certificate has not been issued, but after six years, the marriage relationship can be automatically dissolved if a normal couple has been separated for six years?

Ana Lin insisted on pretending to be calm, “If the husband and wife have been separated for two years, the marriage relationship can be automatically dissolved——”

“Which teacher taught you the law?” Phillip Zong mocked.

Six years ago, this woman disappeared without a trace as if the world had evaporated.

In life, he has become accustomed to having one more person at home, but since she left, the villa has become deserted again, with no human touch, no sense of home, and his heart is also empty.

Ana Lin thought he was ridiculous.

“You are about to get engaged, we still have a marriage relationship? What good is it for you, don’t you know that it is bigamy?”

Phillip Zong wasn’t angry, so he looked at her in such a good time and said.

She is still as sharp as ever.

Ana Lin was nervous when he was seen, his heart seemed to be pressed by an invisible big rock, and his hands trembled constantly, “I still have work.”

After speaking, she wanted to escape this tight space.

Phillip Zong grabbed her arm and squeezed, Ana Lin’s body leaned back abruptly, his long arm stretched around her waist, buckled hard, and her body was tightly fitted and blended with him without any gaps. Across the cloth, she could also feel his hot body and strong heartbeat.

Ana Lin glared at him, stiff, afraid to move, and said solemnly, “You let me go, be careful I sue you!”

Phillip Zong’s fingertips rubbed her wrists, and moved her hands to his clothes. His eyes were slightly constricted, stained with water vapor, and his voice was low and hoarse, “Sue me what?”

Without waiting for Ana Lin to answer, he continued, “Are you accusing me of indecent?”


Before Ana Lin could react, his body pressed over, grabbed the back of her head, and k*ssed her lips.

The familiar breath as always.

In addition, he was fascinated.

Ana Lin took a breath, and for an instant, her neck and cheeks were all red, like being burned by fire, extremely hot. She felt that her heartbeat was about to knock out of her body, and she forced herself to calm down. She opened her mouth and bit the messy lip on her mouth.

Phillip Zong was in pain, and his strength was loosened. Ana Lin got a gap and pushed him away.

Then turned and ran away.

Phillip Zong’s hind legs were pushed a step, looking at the back who fled in a hurry, he raised his hand and wiped the corner of his mouth, with bright red blood on the back of his hand.

This woman bit him, she didn’t do that before.

The tip of his tongue slipped over his teeth, her breath remained in her mouth, curled up with the smell of blood, and swallowed.

“Ah Hao.” Casey He stood tremblingly at the door of the stairwell.

Looking at her appearance, he should have seen the scene just now.

Phillip Zong raised his eyes, didn’t care about her feelings, curled his lips, “The engagement is cancelled, I will not marry you.”

Casey He panicked and rushed to grab his arm, “Ah Hao, this is what the family said, and this is what your dad meant—”

Phillip Zong slammed her away unceremoniously. It might be that Phillip Zong tried too hard. Casey He was thrown hurriedly and backed up several steps. If it weren’t for the wall behind, she would definitely fall.

“From my dad, I will explain it myself.” Phillip Zong didn’t mean to support her, and stepped away.

Casey He hugged Phillip Zong’s leg and cried, “Ah Hao, after so many years, why can’t you forgive me…”

Phillip Zong closed his eyes, Ling Ling, resolutely, “When you lie to me, you should think of the consequences.”

Six years ago, she said she had a miscarriage, and he thought it was true, even if there was no love, he wanted to be responsible for her.

But she lied to him.

She has never been pregnant.

This is also nothing he did not marry her six years ago.

This time it was just because of family marriage.

Master Zong gave him an order.

Without Ana Lin, he was willing to accept this order, but not now!

“Ah Hao, I was wrong, I was wrong, forgive me this time, can’t you?” Regardless of her image and dignity, Casey He just wanted to redeem the man she had tried so hard to get and loved so much.

“I can give you whatever you want, only marriage.” He bent over and broke Casey He’s hand. “You are a daughter of the He family. There are so many men in the world, why bother yourself.”

“Ah Hao—please—”

No matter how Casey He prayed, Phillip Zong didn’t let go, and left.

He walked out of LEO, and while pulling the car door, he gave Milton Guan a call and asked him to investigate Ana Lin’s residence.

Milton Guan didn’t react for a while, how could this name that had disappeared for a long time suddenly appear.

“Zong, you, aren’t you about to get engaged? Why do you remember to check her residence? She disappeared for so long without any information. Where can I check her residence?”

“Milton Guan.” Phillip Zong’s voice called a peaceful, like a spring breeze, but Milton Guan knew this wind would change to a tornado at any time, leaving him with nothing left.

“The capital of country A.” After speaking, he hung up the phone. Before that, he thought that Ana Lin would be in country A and deliberately investigated the place where she lived before, but there was no trace of her.

Even the traces of her leaving from the country were deliberately erased.

She said she didn’t hide?

So, who did those and why?

His heart was occupied by Ana Lin who suddenly appeared, and he didn’t notice anyone in the back seat.

Daniel saw Ana Lin being bullied by this man and stomped angrily, but he couldn’t beat it. It was obvious that this man was very powerful.

He has no strength, but he has a brain.

So while Phillip Zong called, he got into the car.

He pressed down the car window, leaned on the window, and shouted, “Help, help, I’ve been kidnapped!”

Phillip Zong’s car was driving into the downtown area, and his shouting made passers-by look at him.

Daniel’s eyes were red, “This bad uncle is a human trafficker, and he is going to sell me. Everyone rescue me, call the police for me, and call the police uncle.”

Phillip Zong’s face turned black for an instant. When was he in the car?

And who does he say is a human trafficker?

Who wants to sell him?

“How can anyone bear the heart of abducting such a beautiful child?”

Daniel’s tearful eyes, aggrieved and afraid, finally attracted everyone’s attention. Someone bravely stopped in front of the car and prevented Phillip Zong from passing.

He had to stop the car.

Daniel was rescued, and he cried, “Thank you, otherwise I will be sold, maybe my organs will be excavated, um-“

Daniel was more afraid and sad the more I said.

“This kind of people, pigs and dogs are not as good!” Human traffickers, no matter what country they are in, are all targets of rejection and crusade.

“Looking at the human being, it turned out to be a personal trafficker.”

“Kong Kong has a good skin!”

Phillip Zong was bloodied by the dog, and no one listened to his excuse.

Determined that he was a bad guy.

After all, it was a child who blamed him, or a very likable child.

Naturally, people will not doubt the child’s words.

Phillip Zong was taken away by the police, and Daniel was also taken to the police station to investigate the situation.

Ana Lin shut herself in the office, because Phillip Zong suddenly appeared, which made her calm heart for a long time, causing waves.

She propped her chin with one hand, wondering if she wanted to find a new place to settle down.

She didn’t want to be disturbed.


The phone on the table vibrated suddenly.

She stared at it for two seconds, and didn’t mean to stop, she reached out and picked it up to answer.

“Are you Ms. Ana Lin?”


“Your son was abducted by a trafficker, and he was saved by a good-hearted man. He is now at the police station. Come over now.”

Chapter 60

what? Daniel was abducted?

Ana Lin stood up suddenly, her movements were too fast, and her leg was scratched in the drawer, she didn’t feel any pain.

Just worried about the safety of his son.

Tension and fear filled her chest. The child usually looks more mature than the average child, but it is a child after all.

She ran out of LEO and got into the car almost galloping all the way.

Encountering a red light on the road, she held the steering wheel tightly, wishing to fly over.

Wait until the police station, it is already twenty minutes later.

Ana Lin was led to the interrogation room by police officers.

Phillip Zong and Daniel sat opposite each other.

The little guy is not afraid at all, Phillip Zong’s sharp eyes.

“Little devil, are you talking about, why should I kidnap you?” Phillip Zong stared at the little boy who looked very small, but calm at the moment.

Although he framed himself, Phillip Zong admitted that this child is very smart.

He was curious about what his parents were like and how could they give birth to such an excellent child?

Daniel stayed silent, with her hands around her chest, just insisting that he was abducting herself.

Ana Lin entered the door to see his son, rushed over, hugged him tightly, then looked left and right, and asked anxiously, “Have you hurt?”

Daniel shook her head, “Don’t worry Mommy, I’m fine—”

“Okay?! I’ve all been abducted, okay?! Isn’t she usually smart? Didn’t Mommy tell you that you can’t talk to strangers, and you can’t eat things given by strangers? Why are you still being abducted?” Love is deep and responsible.

This sentence can just be applied to Ana Lin now, she rarely speaks to her son so harshly.

She was really scared.

Daniel’s eyes were red, and she reached out to touch Ana Lin’s anxious face, “I’m sorry, Mommy, I’m anxious.”

Ana Lin’s heart softened, she hugged her son tightly, her face was deeply buried in his arms, “Mummy is not going to scold you, just worry about you.”

Daniel sniffed, “I know.” As he said his gaze, the man who was looking at him at the moment, he would still do it again.

At this time Ana Lin also calmed down, is it the bastard who dares to abduct her son?

She put down her son and stood up, “Police officer–“

Before I could speak, I saw the man sitting at the table with his hands handcuffed. His breathing was slightly stagnant. How could he appear here?


Ana Lin feels messed up, what happened?

Phillip Zong’s eyes patrolled Ana Lin and the little boy, and the little boy’s appearance was really similar to Ana Lin.

This is her son?

Counting time, it’s almost that old.

“He abducted your child.” The police officer in charge of the case said to Ana Lin.


Phillip Zong kidnapped her son?

Ana Lin seemed to understand something and turned to look at his son.

Daniel quickly lowered her head and looked at her toes.

At this time, Chen Hao, the person in charge of the branch in another city in Country A, rushed over with a lawyer, “Zong, the lawyer has already negotiated with the police and it should be resolved soon.”

When he received the call, he almost dropped his chin and kidnapped children?

Does Phillip Zong have any special hobbies?

But before he had been in the head office for many years, as far as he knew, Phillip Zong did not have a pedophile.

“What’s the matter with President Zong? Whose child did you kidnap?” Chen Hao really wanted to know what kind of kid could enter Phillip Zong’s eyes and be kidnapped.

The child is innocent, and no one will believe that this child framed the adult.

Will look for problems in adults.

Children are all naive.

How could there be so much thought.

But Daniel’s mind is much more mature than the children of the same age.

Head melon seeds are very smart.

Phillip Zong raised his chin to show him Daniel.

Chen Hao’s gaze followed Phillip Zong’s prompt and looked over. When he saw the little boy standing at the table with only half of his head exposed, his expression condensed.

This child is really handsome, with a white face, big black and bright eyes, and a small standing upright appearance. It looks a bit like Phillip Zong—

When the thought came out, Chen Hao was shocked. He turned his head to look at Phillip Zong, and he just felt that the child missed him.

Now think about how it is possible.

Two women appeared next to Phillip Zong. One was a marriage partner he had never seen before. He heard that they left after less than a month of marriage.

The other is Bai Zhuwei, the former secretary of Phillip Zong, and now Casey He, the daughter of the He family, since she self-acted and directed a car accident six years ago, she also lied that she had a miscarriage. After Phillip Zong knew the truth, she was born to her. Disgusted.

No matter what the calculation, Phillip Zong could not have children.

“Aren’t you going to say something?” Phillip Zong looked at Ana Lin, obviously smiling, but at this moment there was less smile.

Daniel was afraid that Phillip Zong would bully Ana Lin, and took her by the hand to protect her behind him.

Very manly.

Ana Lin was moved, and sighed helplessly, patted his son on the shoulder, “Observe, wait for Mommy here.”

Ana Lin just wanted to go out, but the lawyer had already resolved it. The police said that Phillip Zong could leave.

Ana Lin didn’t want to investigate this matter either.

After all, it’s not really’abducted’

Phillip Zong rubbed his wrist and was handcuffed for the first time in his life. It was still’designed’ by a child.

Ana Lin led Daniel out of the police station and couldn’t help but knelt down and asked, “Why are you doing this? Can a good boy lie?”

Daniel pursed her lips, her temperament is a bit stubborn, this is what Ana Lin said.

“You speak!” Ana Lin frowned. When did this child learn to lie?

It’s still such a big lie, and it has gone into the police station.

Ana Lin gasped for breath, but he was not willing to touch his finger, “Are you going to piss me off?”

Daniel clenched his hands tightly and suddenly shouted, “He is a stinky rascal, why can’t I ask the police to catch him?”

Ana Lin was taken aback, he, what was he talking about?

Daniel’s domineering little hand wiped Ana Lin’s mouth, “I don’t want him to k*ss you. He is a bad guy, a robber, and a bastard. He bullies Mommy, and I’m going to clean him up!”

When Phillip Zong walked out of the police station, he heard Daniel’s series of evaluations of him.

It was the first time I heard someone scold myself so smoothly.

“You go to the car and wait for me.” Phillip Zong walked down the steps, “Little devil.”

Ana Lin hugged his son in his arms and looked at Phillip Zong vigilantly, “He is still a child, and you are fine, so don’t worry about it.”

Phillip Zong chuckled, “My life’s surprises are all thanks to this kid, you want me to ignore it?”

Ana Lin instinctively took a step back. For this man, she just wanted to stay away, “What do you want?”

Daniel’s face was full of anger, and he glared at Phillip Zong.

Can’t wait to stare him out a hole.

Phillip Zong was not angry. He walked two steps closer, stretched out his hand to pinch Daniel’s face and teased him.

Daniel’s small face twisted, his hand dropped, and he stayed in mid-air for a while, then naturally retracted, but when he retrieved it, his fingers slipped across Ana Lin’s cheek and teased, “The debt to the mother is paid.”

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