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Chapter 571

Ana Lin, “…” She didn’t come to buy it herself, and even if she bought it, she wouldn’t come with him.

“That…” Phillip Zong thought she was dissatisfied, and took a set of light purple, which is more sexy than black, the cup only has a layer of tulle, T-string pants, and the black is also sexy, but it is a complete inside. Pants, this set is totally erotic…interesting.

Ana Lin glared at him, and she felt the strange look of the waiter behind her, she whispered, “Can you be more serious?”

Phillip Zong’s face was serious, “Am I not serious?”

Can’t he pick clothes for his own woman?

Ana Lin, “…” “I want you to wear it sexy for me once.”

Ana Lin’s underwear is all well-regarded styles, not too revealing. When she was not pregnant, her figure was charming enough, without any embellishment, it could make him look full.

Now her body has changed a bit after pregnancy. It’s not that it’s ugly, but it’s more enchanting. In addition to her belly getting bigger and her breasts bigger than before, her buttocks have always been very curled, no matter what clothes she wears very nice.

Ana Lin grabbed the underwear in his hand, so that he didn’t want to stop, and took two different sets from another shelf, not her usual style, but also of the sexy type. She lived with Lena Qin. I know what styles of Lena Qin’s underwear are.

Phillip Zong looked at the underwear in her hand, and the corners of her mouth raised slightly. Before he could speak, Ana Lin glared at him, “This is for Lena Qin.”

Phillip Zong said, “…” He immediately turned his head and didn’t look at it.

Turning his back to Ana Lin, he said, “Pick me for you, don’t pretend to be together.”

After speaking, he went out.

Very taboo.

Ana Lin looked at his back with a smile at the corner of his mouth, and liked the feeling he made to himself very much.

She handed the underwear to the waiter, handed the two sets that Phillip Zong picked to the waiter and explained, “Give me two bags separately, and the two sets require B and the two sets of C.”

C is hers. After pregnancy, her breasts have become a little bigger. She used to be B. She is slender, so B is not small. When she is not pregnant, she is also lordotic and warped.

It’s just bigger after pregnancy.

The waiter took it over and said, “Please wait a moment, I will help you get the code you want.”

Ana Lin nodded. When the waiter went to pick up the clothes, she walked casually in the underwear store and took out two sets of pajamas. The styles of pants and tops were all for Lena Qin.

It’s not that you don’t trust Lena Qin or Zong Jing to buy the conservative pajamas, but after all, there are differences between men and women.

And she did have selfish intentions and didn’t want Phillip Zong to look at any female body.

Living together, it is inevitable that when meeting each other, Lena Qin now has injuries on her feet and cannot walk on the ground for the time being. There is no need to wear formal clothes all day long. It is more comfortable to wear loose silk pajamas at home, and it is convenient to get in.

She chose it after many considerations.

The waiter packed the underwear according to Ana Lin’s requirements, and packed the two sets of pajamas she wanted. They packed three paper bags with a packing box inside. Very high-end packaging. The waiter handed the bag to Ana Lin. He told her that the three bags contained the clothes. Ana Lin remembered her introduction and left the store after paying the money.

Phillip Zong stood not far from the shop door to answer the phone, as if he was talking about Gu Bei and letting people watch Gu Bei.

Ana Lin didn’t bother him in the past, but stood aside and waited.

Phillip Zong saw that she had come out and said to the person on the other end of the phone, “I’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

Then he hung up the phone. He installed his phone and walked over. Instead of helping Ana Lin carry the bag, he put his arm around her shoulder and asked, “Do you have something you want?

It’s rare for us to come out together, I will buy you what we want. “

Think about it carefully. He really didn’t buy anything for her. That time she bought the flowers on her own initiative. The ring was a birthday present. She was too slanderous and tacky and didn’t wear it. She gave it to her daughter, but she never bought anything else. .

Ana Lin leaned back in his arms, “I have everything, I don’t want anything, but if you buy it for me, I like it no matter what it is.”

Phillip Zong was pleased by her words and was in a good mood. She asked her to give the driver what she had in her hand, “I’ll take you around.”

Ana Lin obediently gave the bag to the driver, because the underwear bag belongs to the same shop, and they are all the same. She was afraid that she would have to take it out to see who was in it. She took the underwear that Phillip Zong picked for herself. The bag was given to Phillip Zong, “You carry it for me.”

Phillip Zong didn’t ask anything, but knew in his heart that he took it and held it in his hand, clasping her shoulder with one hand on the second floor.

Ana Lin didn’t ask him what he wanted to buy for himself, so he followed him. The first floor is for clothing, and the second floor is for cosmetics and jewelry.

In fact, Phillip Zong didn’t know what to buy, so he felt that if he wanted to buy it, he must buy the expensive one. No matter what, the best thing to buy for her.

In the past, he had no idea about money. He just took over the family business. He wanted to make a good business and earn a lot of money to prove his ability. He has a lot of money, but he never thought about how to use that money.

Now he seems to know that he will make more money in the future, and then give the best to his wife and children.

Life is no longer blind, but there is a goal. He likes this feeling very much, and regardless of the people here, he hooks Ana Lin’s shoulder with a strong arm, and he puts her in his arms. .

Ana Lin raised his head in shock, “What are you doing…” Before he finished speaking, his lips were blocked. He hadn’t lost his reason and was not very presumptuous, but he wanted to k*ss her at this moment.

There are so many people in the mall, some people see this scene and then whisper.

“Is that man the boss of Wanyue Group?”

“It seems eh.”

“Isn’t he unmarried?

Who is that woman? “

Some people felt that they saw the news, took the scene just now, and posted it on the Internet. The picture was accompanied by a text, President Wan Yue’s “Famous Flower Has the Lord”] Ana Lin’s face was a little red, not because of being Phillip Zong The shyness of the k*ss, but the shyness caused by a lot of people around watching.

Phillip Zong didn’t care at all, and walked towards the Chanel store with his arms around her. Although he hadn’t studied what women like, he occasionally heard some things that female employees in the company often talked about.

I thought Ana Lin was also a woman, and she should like it too.

It is true that Ana Lin would buy some of it himself. Women like beautiful things. This is by nature.

But she will not overdo it, nor will she blindly pursue famous brands, she only chooses to choose the one that suits her.

She also has a lot of bags, all of which are more down-to-earth, and the price does not exceed five thousand.

After entering the store…

Chapter 572

After entering the store, someone came up to receive the reception. There was no introduction about this brand. Almost everyone knew that there was no need for extra explanation.

“Would you like to take a look at the latest model?”

The receptionists have a suitable smile on their faces and are dressed in black suits. The receptionists in the store are dressed like this. They are well-trained and speak decently.

No shopping guide, only a brief introduction.

Ana Lin knows very well that new models mean high prices. No matter what product they are, the latest models are the most expensive.

“No need…” “Let’s take a look.”

Before Ana Lin finished speaking, he was interrupted by Phillip Zong.

The receptionist led them to the glass cabinet inside and showed Ana Lin the latest styles from the independent grid, “I don’t think I need to say more about the style and quality of this brand, you should also know. This new model is actually very suitable for you. Contrasting color stitching, and there are several colors to choose from. I think the black and pink one is suitable for you.”

Ana Lin reached out and touched it. The leather is soft, the design is simple and generous, and there is no unnecessary burden. The zipper design has tassels, which adds a touch of playfulness to the simplicity and does not appear dull.

“I think you are very young, and the pink one is in line with your temperament.”

The receptionist really thinks this color suits Ana Lin.

It’s not that she is pregnant, which makes people think that she is still a college student.

I think she suits this kind of sweeter ones.

Ana Lin didn’t really like the color introduced by the host. She likes black and blue, which is more versatile.

“This one is really suitable for you.”

The receptionist is sincerely recommending that she is suitable.

Ana Lin waved his hand, “I’ll look at others.”

“But I think you like it very much.”

The receptionist said with a smile.

Ana Lin wanted to look at other styles, but Phillip Zong said to the receptionist, “I need both.”

Ana Lin, “…” She looked up at Phillip Zong, frowned and asked, “Why are you buying so much?

I won’t sell it. “

“You change it.”

Phillip Zong saw that she liked the black and blue one, but the black fan introduced by the receptionist, he also thought Ana Lin was good-looking, and looked particularly playful and young.

The receptionist smiled and said, “I will wrap it up for you.”

Said that the receptionist took two bags and went to the front desk. Ana Lin grabbed Phillip Zong’s collar and drew him towards himself, “It’s not for money to be spent, although I like it, but one is enough… …” Ana Lin pulled Phillip Zong’s body too low. He leaned over and pressed down even lower with Ana Lin’s strength. His face was almost touching her chest, and he whispered, “I I want to buy it for you.”

The two receptionists over there are standing at the front desk and looking here, whispering and talking to the side at the same time, “Is this the head of the Wanyue Group who is often on the financial channel?”

“Could it be that he still has a brother, he must be.”

At the same time, I was not angry, but I was envious, “Hey, this woman has a good life, let’s see how generous she is.”

The one who was in charge of the reception just now nodded quickly in agreement, “Yes, this woman has taken a fancy to one, but the man has money. In one sentence, you say, God is so unfair?

Let him have the ability to make money, why give him a good face?

There are some men who can’t make money. The long, sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks are ugly. They are the same people but the difference is really big. “

The colleague answered, “Yeah, look at him as a big boss, he doesn’t have any airs in front of this woman.”

The receptionist paused and looked enviously, “This woman saved the galaxy in her last life. In this life, God will give her such a perfect man.”

The greatest charm of a man is to spoil his own woman, a handsome and rich man, and a woman who can put down the shelf to spoil himself, one can imagine how charming such a man is.

Ana Lin didn’t notice their whispers at all, and he was arguing with Phillip Zong, “Do you understand it by frugality and morality?”

Phillip Zong was stared at by her dragging posture for several minutes. He smirked with a lazy sigh.

“You look at me like this, don’t your eyelids hurt?”

Ana Lin rolled her eyes silently and let go of her hand. Phillip Zong stood up straight and smoothed the neckline that was wrinkled by her, chuckled to her micro ear, and said in a very soft volume that only she could hear, “Go back,” I won’t show it to you.”

Ana Lin, “…” She cursed shamelessly in her heart, who wants to watch! “The bag is already packed for you, do I need something else?”

At this time the receptionist came over, and Ana Lin quickly pushed Phillip Zong away, coughing lightly, “No need, check out.”

“Okay, please come with me.”

The receptionist walked in front, the cashier had already typed out the list, she took it and handed it to Ana Lin.

Ana Lin didn’t read it, and asked her to give it to Phillip Zong directly, because she was afraid that it would hurt if she saw it.

Phillip Zong didn’t look at it either. He took out a card from his wallet and handed it over, “There is no password.”

Soon the payment form was typed out, and the receptionist handed it over, “The cardholder’s signature is required.”

Phillip Zong took the black ink pen and signed it in a few strokes at the signature place. He put down the pen and took the card and put it in his wallet.

The receptionist handed the packed bag to Ana Lin, and Phillip Zong, who had packed the wallet, reached out and took the paper bag.

He held Ana Lin’s hand with the bag in one hand.

“We go home.”

After leaving the shop, Ana Lin said that she had been out for a long time.

Phillip Zong looked back at her, “Is there nothing you want?”

Ana Lin shook his head and said with a smile, “If you have, I will ask you for it next time.”


Phillip Zong answered, they were not continuing to walk out of the mall, Phillip Zong asked the driver to drive back, Ana Lin took his car.

Ana Lin’s phone rang on the way, she took out the phone, and it showed Jenkin Bai’s number.

Ana Lin swiped the screen. The screen was broken and was not very flexible. It took a few times to hang up.

Phillip Zong looked over and found that her mobile phone screen was broken, “Who is calling, why is the phone broken?”

“It’s an irrelevant phone call that was accidentally dropped.”

Ana Lin didn’t want to have any intersection with Jenkin Bai. It was not because of the troubles caused by the misunderstanding today, but she really felt that Zhou Chunchun was a very good girl. Jenkin Bai should treat her well and should not contact her.

“Why didn’t you tell me at the mall just now, how can I use it if it breaks?”

Phillip Zong frowned.

Ana Lin whispered, “I forgot.”

She found that her memory was really getting worse.

“Can it still be used?”

Phillip Zong asked.

“Not very flexible anymore.”

“Tomorrow I will let Milton Guan buy one for you and send it to the villa.”

When speaking, Phillip Zong thought of Ida Zhuang calling him.

Ida Zhuang called him to inquire about Ana Lin’s situation. She had undergone several operations some time ago and didn’t have time to ask about Ana Lin. Now that she recovered, she contacted him.

Phillip Zong hesitated for a while and talked to Ana Lin about Ida Zhuang’s current situation.

After Ida Zhuang received the treatment, he cooperated actively. He is now in good physical condition. If he does not relapse in the future, he should be able to live a long time.

“She has now gone back to serve. As long as she performs well, Keller will fight for a commutation of her sentence as soon as possible, and she can come out for up to one year.”

She was able to come out at the time because of her illness, and now she has to go back.

Ana Lin felt relieved that Ida Zhuang would still be alive and well.

“She also said to bring me a baby.”

She took care of both Zong Yanchen and Zong Yanxi when they were young. Last time, she also expressed her attitude and wanted to take care of her children.

She stretched her belly, “She is my mother.”

Sheng En is not nourishing.

Over the years, she and Ida Zhuang have lived together. They have suffered and been exhausted, and they have never abandoned each other and have a deep relationship.

Phillip Zong gave a soft hum, understanding her thoughts.

After that, the two of them didn’t talk. It seemed that it was Ida Zhuang’s topic, which made the atmosphere dull. The car drove to the villa. In addition to the home car, there was another black commercial car parked at the door.

Ana Lin and Phillip Zong both knew this car.

Chapter 573

Jenkin Bai’s car was modified, so they knew who it was at a glance.

Ana Lin went to see Phillip Zong almost subconsciously, and sure enough, his face became gloomy when he saw Jenkin Bai’s car parked here.

She took the initiative to shake his hand, “Let’s go down together.”

Phillip Zong turned his head and looked at her. Ana Lin smiled at him, “I will tell him clearly.”

“Can he listen?”

Phillip Zong snorted coldly, “He is the dog skin plaster.”

With a puff, Ana Lin laughed and felt that Phillip Zong’s angry and vulgar words were very cute.

She shook Phillip Zong’s hand harder, and solemnly said, “Trust me.”

Phillip Zong looked at her for a few seconds, and he acquiesced in not speaking.

He pushed the car door down first, and walked over here to open the door for her. Ana Lin stooped down and took the initiative to take his arm.

“They are back.”

Zhou Chunchun stood behind Jenkin Bai, saw them getting off the car and said.

Jenkin Bai looked at him, even though there were fluctuations in his heart, his face was calm, always with a slight smile, “Punchun you push me over.”

Zhou Chunchun was very obedient, and pushed Jenkin Bai over.

“We are here to apologize.”

Walked to them, Jenkin Bai opened the mouth first.

Ana Lin didn’t have a slight smile on her face and was very angry, “You should apologize, you have caused me a lot of trouble. Today, it also made me lose my face and was misunderstood as a junior. very bad.”

“I’m sorry…” “If you really feel sorry, knowing that it caused me trouble, you shouldn’t show up in front of me again.”

Ana Lin’s meaning was very clear. Although he was a little unrelenting, it would be good for everyone.

After all, everyone is married and must be responsible for their family and the other half! Jenkin Bai is already married, so he should treat his wife well instead of having other thoughts in his heart.

Such Jenkin Bai disliked her very much.

Jenkin Bai hung up his phone at Ana Lin and realized that she must be angry this time, “I promise that there will be no next time, and Chunchun and I will come here to tell you about what happened in the mall today. Apologetic.”

Ana Lin’s attitude is clear and decisive, “I accept the apology, and today’s events have also sounded a wake-up call for us. We are all married and each have a family. For the sake of our partner, we need to draw a clear line. Quit.”

After speaking, she raised her head to look at Phillip Zong, her face was no longer the seriousness just now, but a gentle smile, “Let’s go in.”

Phillip Zong buckled her waist and said, “I listen to you.”

He didn’t turn his eyes to Jenkin Bai’s side at all, and directly treated him as air.


When they were about to leave, Zhou Chunchun stopped them, and she walked to Ana Lin, “My mother broke your mobile phone. This is to apologize and return it to you. I hope you can accept our apology and take this mobile phone. Man.”

She blinked her clear eyes and looked at Ana Lin, “I’m really sorry today, my mother just loves me so much that she is so unreasonable, and she knows she is too excited.”

She carried the mobile phone bag and handed it to Ana Lin, “Please take it.”

Ana Lin didn’t pick it up immediately, and she didn’t want to accept it.

Because she wants to draw a clear line with Jenkin Bai, for the good of everyone.

“Sister, will you accept it?

Otherwise I will be uneasy. “

Zhou Chunchun said sincerely, “Others think I am stupid. No one wants to make friends with me. You are Jenkin’s friend, that is, mine. I hope you can forgive us.”

Ana Lin could harden her heart to Jenkin Bai, but could not be too mean to Zhou Chunchun. He reached out and took the mobile phone she handed over, “I said, I accept the apology.”

Zhou Chunchun smiled, “Thank you sister.”

“We haven’t eaten yet, can we ask my sister to stay for dinner?”

Zhou Chunchun told Ana Lin according to what Jenkin Bai taught her.

Phillip Zong clasped Ana Lin’s waist, knowing that she was kind, and afraid that she would not refuse this innocent girl. When she was about to refuse for her, Ana Lin opened his mouth, “Yes, I can keep you for dinner.”

Ana Lin understands such a simple girl, and feels that she would not make such a request by herself, because she was afraid that it was taught by others, so she was very clear and left her alone.

“Jenkin did not eat dinner like me.”

Zhou Chunchun looked back at him.

Ana Lin did not go to see Jenkin Bai, but said, “Our family is small and can’t keep too many people. If you want, I can keep you for dinner. Of course, I can only keep you alone. There is no extra person at our table. Location.”

Zhou Chunchun hesitated, what to do if Jenkin Bai is not there.

“That counts…” “Chunchun, go, I have something else, I will pick you up later.”

Jenkin Bai interrupted Zhou Chunchun with a smile. He knew Ana Lin’s attitude towards him, and now he can only let Zhou Chunchun get closer to her before he has a chance to see her.

Even if you don’t say anything, just take a look.

Although Zhou Chunchun didn’t hate Ana Lin and had a good impression, Jenkin Bai didn’t want to be with herself, she was a little afraid of it alone, so she hesitated.


Jenkin Bai gave her a gentle look. Zhou Chunchun looked into his eyes and nodded, “I’ll be good.”

After speaking, she turned her head to look at Ana Lin, “Then thank you elder sister for leaving me to eat at your house today.”

Ana Lin said no, “Come in.”

Zhou Chunchun followed Ana Lin. Phillip Zong let go of Ana Lin and walked at the end. After entering the villa, he turned and closed the door, casting a cold glance at Jenkin Bai.

Jenkin Bai didn’t care, and smiled back, “Thank you Zong Zong for hosting my wife.”

Phillip Zong snorted and closed the door.


Zong Yanxi, who was playing with Dabai in the living room, saw Phillip Zong, slid off the sofa and ran towards him.

Phillip Zong bent over to welcome her daughter’s arrival.

“You are finally back.”

Zong Yanxi threw into his arms and hugged his neck.

Phillip Zong picked her up, walked to the sofa and sat down, shaved her little nose, “you miss me, right?”

Zong Yanxi nodded and pounded garlic, “I watched the time pass.”

After that, I started to file a complaint, “Mummy won’t let me go out, she will go out for a day by herself.”

Ana Lin heard her daughter’s words and glanced at her. She immediately buried her head in Phillip Zong’s arms.

“Would you like something to drink?”

Ana Lin asked Zhou Chunchun.

Zhou Chunchun shook his head, “I’m not thirsty.”

“You sit down, don’t be restrained.”

Ana Lin said with a smile.

Zhou Chunchun sat down on the sofa, Ana Lin went to the kitchen to let Yu’s mother cook more.

Da Bai stared at Zhou Chunchun from the side, threatening to growl from his throat.

Although Da Bai is very gentle, he is still very hostile to strangers.

Zhou Chunchun was a little scared.

Zong Yanxi only noticed Zhou Chunchun when he heard Dabai’s voice. She yelled, “Dabai is not allowed to call.”

Dabai wagged his tail and ran over immediately, rubbing against her.

Phillip Zong put down her daughter, “Dad goes upstairs to change clothes.”

Zong Yanxi said, “Okay.”

Phillip Zong didn’t go upstairs directly, but went outside and brought in the things he bought for Ana Lin before going upstairs.

“Auntie, who are you?”

Zong Yanxi looked up and down Zhou Chunchun.

I haven’t seen this aunt before.

Zhou Chunchun smiled and said, “My name is Zhou Chunchun, what is your name?”

“My name is Zong Yanxi, you can also call me Xiaorui. Regarding the name, it’s a long story, so I won’t say much.”

Zong Yanxi looked helpless.

“Don’t be afraid of Dabai, it won’t bite.”

Zong Yanxi gave Dabai Shunmao and asked Zhou Chunchun to touch it, “Auntie, touch it, it’s pretty good.”

Zhou Chunchun didn’t dare to get started, he was still beating its ferocious look just now.

Zong Yanxi took Zhou Chunchun’s hand and placed it on Dabai’s body.

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