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Chapter 574

The big white hair is soft and smooth. It likes others to touch its jaw and top of its head. It will be very comfortable to smooth the hair there.

Zong Yanxi took Zhou Chunchun’s hand and followed Dabai’s hair one after another. Dabai sat at their feet honestly, raising his head to let them smooth their hair.

The original round eyes narrowed, looking very enjoyable, and occasionally rubbed Zhou Chunchun’s hands with his head.

Its docile appearance is very cute.

Zhou Chunchun’s heart quietly let go, and said with a smile, “It’s fun when it’s not fierce.”

“Right, right.”

Zong Yanxi pulled Zhou Chunchun, “Let me take you to my room.”

Zhou Chunchun hesitated, “Will it be inappropriate?”

Mom said to be polite when going to other people’s homes. How can she go into their bedrooms casually?

“What’s inappropriate, you must be friends with my father or mommy if you can come to my house?”

Zhou Chunchun thinks about it as if Jenkin Bai’s friend is her friend.

She was just pulled into the room by Zong Yanxi.

Ana Lin helped Wanda wash the vegetables, fearing that Wanda would be too tired alone, but only halfway through the washing, she was pushed out by Wanda and said that she was making trouble.

In fact, I don’t want her to work.

Ana Lin had to walk out, and the driver put all the things he bought for Lena Qin on the sofa. She walked over, picked up and carried them to Lena Qin’s room.

Lena Qin is awake, Zong Yanchen is playing games next to her.

She frowned and looked at her son, “Your Aunt Lena Qin wants to rest, why are you playing games in this room?”

Without waiting for Zong Yanchen to explain, Lena Qin mentioned him first, “I told him to be here. I slept for a long time, and now I am not sleepy at all. I am too boring to be alone. He can accompany me here.”

Ana Lin walked over and touched her forehead. It was not cold, there was obviously a warm fever. Patients with fever needed to drink more water, and asked her, “Are you thirsty?”

“Not thirsty.”

She pointed to the kettle on the bedside table, “I’m almost drinking a pot, I want to eat, and there will be water in my belly.”

Ana Lin saw that she was in a good mood, she seemed to be unaffected, and she began to doubt her thoughts.

I wanted to ask her about what happened in the temple. Since her son was inconvenient, he didn’t ask, so he took out the clothes bought for her and hung them in the cabinet.

Lena Qin said with a smile, “It cost you money today.”

“Well, remember to pay me back.”

Ana Lin deliberately joked.

Lena Qin lay halfway, “I have no money, you really want it, I will give you myself.”

“I do not want it.”

Ana Lin said with disgust.

“I don’t eat much, so I’ll accept me if I still work?”

Ana Lin said decisively, “No.”

She put the pajamas and underwear that came out of the bag into the sink. These close-fitting clothes must be washed before they are worn.

Lena Qin saw that Ana Lin was washing her clothes, her nose suddenly became a little sore, and she felt that she was too kind to herself.

She really took care of herself like her sister, which made her feel very warm.

“Hey, Aunt Yan Yan has come to you after losing.”

Zong Yanchen handed the tablet to Lena Qin.

Lena Qin put away her emotions and laughed, “I lost so soon.”

The game they play is called Idiom Solitaire, and the harder it gets in the back.

Zong Yanchen pointed to the ] idiom ] trick, “What idiom do you mean by this?”

Lena Qin, “…” Although she is a native of China, but she grew up abroad, these idioms are really not familiar, so she doesn’t know.

“Let’s change to a separate game.”

She proposed.

Zong Yanchen snorted twice.

“Do you look down on me?”

Lena Qin put down the tablet and squeezed his face, “You can’t ignore the old and love the young.”

Zong Yanchen tilted his head and grinned, “Then are you’old’ or young?”

“Buddy said I am old.”

“You said that you respect the old and love the young, but you are obviously not young, isn’t that just getting old.”

“That’s not allowed.”

“You are too domineering.”

Ana Lin came out with the washed clothes to take a look at the two people who were arguing, and went to the balcony to cool the clothes.

She got dressed and came in and saw Lena Qin and Zong Yanchen stop frolicking. The two of them stared at the tablet screen, as if they were watching something very interesting.

Ana Lin put down the basin and walked over and asked, “What are you looking at.”

Lena Qin and Zong Yanchen raised their heads almost at the same time, looked at her, and said in unison, “What do you mean?”

Ana Lin,…?



She looked at the tablet in confusion, but her eyes widened. She and Phillip Zong’s shopping in the mall was taken as a video and uploaded to the Internet.

The most eye-catching is the photo of Phillip Zong k*ssing her, which was posted by a large media outlet. There have been over five million likes and millions of comments.

The main reason is that it hasn’t been long since this incident happened. How could it attract so many people to watch?

She clicked on the comment and swiped down.

Wow, this is the second woman after Casey He.

However, this seems to be a clever means, and it seems that there is already a baby in his stomach! ] Someone replied——This woman is not the third person who made Phillip Zong retired from Casey He’s wedding, right?

] Some people also refuted–Obviously this is true love. In the previous scene that was shot in the same frame, Phillip Zong’s face didn’t have any expression, this k*ss in public, I’m in another blogger and saw Phillip Zong with This woman is going to buy a bag for this woman in Chanel’s shop.

] What is the background of this woman?

】 【Damn, how sacred this woman is, she has gotten the president of Wanyue, she is the youngest rich man in China! Mrs. Kuo’s dream is broken! ! ! 【What method did this woman use.

] Someone replied——People are true love, don’t believe you look at the’photo’] The photo was in the Chanel store. Ana Lin pulled Phillip Zong to his picture. In the photo, Phillip Zong had a smile on his face and Ana Lin It is pursing a face, as if preaching.

Ana Lin, “…” “You want to show your affection, can’t you at home?

I had to go outside and scream, now it’s all right, it has become a hot search on Weibo. “

Lena Qin teased, “Don’t you know your husband is rich?

Don’t you know your husband is handsome?

Don’t you know that your husband is the target of thousands of girls who want to marry?

How many women’s dream lovers have you robbed. “

Ana Lin glanced at her, threw the tablet on the quilt, turned around and walked out. When passing by the door of her daughter’s room, she saw through the half-open door that she was showing her baby to Zhou Chunchun. Her baby was a doll. Plush toys and the like.

Zhou Chunchun sat on the edge of the bed with a smile on his face and would not be impatient.

It seems to come well.

Ana Lin did not go in to disturb them, closed the door gently, and turned upstairs.

When I pushed open the bedroom door, there was no one inside. I saw the bathroom door closed. Ana Lin thought that Phillip Zong was taking a bath inside. She sat down by the bed, took the new mobile phone apart, and installed her mobile phone card. , Start browsing Weibo after booting.

A search on the homepage of Weibo showed that the title was, President Wan Yue has a girlfriend] She clicked in. There were a lot of pictures of her and Phillip Zong shopping mall, and some were made into animated pictures.

The comments say everything, some say that she is beautiful, some say that she has the means and scheming, both nice and unpleasant.

She is very depressed, and Phillip Zong is not a star, why would anyone pay attention to his private life?

She wanted to wait for Phillip Zong to come out, but there was no sound of water in the bathroom and no one came out. She stood up and walked over, only to find that the bathroom door was not closed.

She stretched out her hand and gently pushed it open, and the gap was getting bigger. She saw Phillip Zong standing in front of the sink, wearing home clothes, and there was still the fragrance of shower gel in the bathroom. It was obvious that she had already taken a bath.

She wanted to see clearly what he was doing, but he was too high to block the pool from prying eyes.

He opened the door and walked in and asked, “What are you doing?”

Chapter 575

Phillip Zong’s body stiffened a bit, then turned his head, “Why did you come up?”

“Can’t I come up?”

She stretched her head to look into the pool, how did she feel that he was afraid of seeing it, Phillip Zong moved her body to block her sight, “Do you not have to entertain guests at home today?”

“Your daughter is entertaining.”

Ana Lin raised his head and looked at him. The more he didn’t let himself see, the more Ana Lin wanted to see, “How did I find your guilty conscience?”

Phillip Zong coughed and cleared his throat, “What is my guilty conscience?”

“Since you are not guilty, let it go.”

Ana Lin reached out and pushed him away, and the underwear she bought at the mall today was soaking in the pool.

Phillip Zong “…” The air was still for a few seconds.

Suddenly Ana Lin laughed.

Phillip Zong has a serious face, “What are you laughing at?”

Ana Lin leaned on the door frame and continued to laugh while holding his stomach.

Oops, this man is so cute.

Phillip Zong, “…” “Get out!”

He was stern.

Ana Lin suppressed his smile, but still couldn’t help it. He smiled, “I’m not smiling anymore.”

Phillip Zong didn’t bother to care about her, turned around and continued washing.

The female underwear he held in his hand was obviously very ambiguous, but there was no enchanting atmosphere at this moment. Ana Lin just didn’t expect him to wash his underwear.

A warm current rushed into my heart.

She encircled his thin waist from behind, with her forehead against his generous back. Phillip Zong’s body stiffened slightly, and soon returned to nature. She looked back at her, “Will I wear it tomorrow?”

Ana Lin tightened his waist and gave a hmm.

Phillip Zong is very satisfied with this answer.

His labor was not wasted.


Ana Lin called him coquettishly.

Phillip Zong had a wash with his hands and asked, “What do you call me?”

Did he just have auditory hallucinations?

Ana Lin was not talking but pressed his lips to his back through a thin cloth, a soft touch came from behind, his throat was tight and his nerves were tense. What happened to her today?

Suddenly so enthusiastic?

Ana Lin whispered, “Do you play social software?”

Phillip Zong…?



What do you mean?


“It is the common social software such as WeChat, Momo and Weibo.”

She kept rubbing her hand on his waist while speaking.

He looked down at her hand, but he smelled something unusual in her words. Why did he ask such a strange question?

What happened again?

His brows frowned, for fear that someone would mess with it and ruin the little quiet time.

“Don’t you have me on WeChat? I don’t post any updates. As for what is that Momo?

Weibo has an official account, but not an individual. What’s wrong? “

He turned around because there was water in his hand, so he didn’t touch her, and said cautiously, “Uh, I promise, I will never mess around outside, what happened?

Can you tell me straight, I’m going to lose my heart. “

I always feel that what she said is a test.

Makes him very upset.

Ana Lin looked at him cautiously, knowing that he had misunderstood, stretched out his hand to hook his neck and smiled and asked, “What are you afraid of?”

“I’m not afraid you will misunderstand me…” Before he could finish his words, Ana Lin suddenly stood on tiptoe and k*ssed his lips, and looked at him seriously, “I never doubted you.”

Even if Gu Bei messed up and sent her the realistic photos, she had never believed it.

Unless she sees and hears with her own eyes.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t believe what others said.

In her opinion, feelings are about trusting and confessing to each other.

If you didn’t trust him, he would not choose to be with him.

He always surprises her, and his gentle look is also very charming.

“Do you know how you like it just now?”

Every sentence and expression of his are so deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

“So you want to reward me?”

He held her waist with his arms, his hands did not touch her.

Ana Lin smiled, “What reward do you want?”

“Do you agree to everything I say?”

A sly light flashed across his eyes, which quickly flooded his eyes like a meteor.

Ana Lin didn’t notice it at all. He tilted his head and thought for a while, “Okay, as long as I can do it, I will definitely promise you.”

Phillip Zong smirked successfully, his eyes slowly moved down from her face, and finally fixed on her chest, “What I want, you can do it.”

Ana Lin only realized his feverish gaze and couldn’t help but reminded, “We’ll have dinner later, don’t make trouble, there are still guests at home.”

“Yu’s mother won’t cook food so soon, they won’t come upstairs casually.”

He explained.

“That won’t work either…” “You have promised me.”

Ana Lin, “…” How does she feel that she has been fooled?

Phillip Zong’s hands are a little cold, maybe it’s because of the water. The summer clothes are very thin, and they can still feel the coolness when they cover her back through the cloth. The pores that stand up involuntarily arouse goose bumps, she is light. Push lightly, “Night.”

Phillip Zong said hoarsely, “Can’t wait.”

He took Ana Lin’s hand and pressed it down on him. It was hard and hot, Ana Lin’s brain was empty, his cheeks became hot and his mouth became dry.

It seems that the words of rejection can’t be said anymore.

He hugged Ana Lin and stood in front of the mirror. He hugged her from behind. The two looked at each other in the mirror at the same time, and they couldn’t hide their desire for each other.

Ana Lin wore a skirt, which was easy to lift up, and his sturdy chest came up from behind and pressed against her tightly.

The moment he broke in, Ana Lin frowned and snorted slightly.

She is pregnant now, Phillip Zong did not dare to exercise restraint.

But even so, I still tossed for a while. Later, Ana Lin couldn’t stand up, clasping his hands against the edge of the pool, arching his body to prevent his belly from touching the edge of the pool. The clear shadow is moving.

After the end, she only walked out of the bathroom with Phillip Zong holding her, and her legs were weakened.

Phillip Zong put her on the bed, pulled the quilt to cover her disheveled body, her voice was hoarse after the war, “You sleep for a while and eat later.”

Ana Lin squinted his eyes halfway, and didn’t want to move at all. He was lying in bed drowsy, but still couldn’t feel relieved, so he fell asleep weakly and said, “I have a guest at home today. It is not suitable for me not to go down.”

Phillip Zong brushed away the messy hair that was blocking her eyebrows, and touched her forehead with his fingertips. There was a little bit of sweat. He leaned over to k*ss her eyes, and Ana Lin instinctively closed it. He whispered, “Don’t Think about it, can you be more obedient?”

Ana Lin gave a soft hum, stretched out his hand and took his hand to explain, “Don’t forget to wake me up.”

Phillip Zong said “Okay.”

Let her sleep peacefully.

Watching her fall asleep, Phillip Zong got up. He cleaned up the bathroom. Time was almost up. He closed the door gently and walked downstairs. Wanda walked to the top of the stairs and wanted to call them. He saw him come down and said, “Supper is ready, do you want to eat now?”

Phillip Zong gave a hum.

“Where is the wife?”

Wanda didn’t see Ana Lin and asked.

“She is asleep and will eat later.”

Phillip Zong’s expression was very light, and her tone of voice was very calm when she spoke. Yu’s mother didn’t think much about it. After all, Ana Lin is pregnant and feels lethargy is normal. She must be tired after a day of running outside today.

“Then I will prepare now.”

When Wanda went to the kitchen to serve food, Phillip Zong knocked on the door of her daughter’s room, and no one would respond.

He knocked twice, “Ruth?”

“Dad, don’t come in.”

Zong Yanxi’s voice was obviously flustered.

Phillip Zong frowned, “Ruth, what are you doing in the room?”

Chapter 576

“You don’t want to come in anyway.”

With the sound of her talking, something fell to the ground, and with a bang, Phillip Zong was worried that his daughter immediately opened the door, and saw a pink child player’s makeup box falling on the floor, and the contents were scattered all over the floor.

Zhou Chunchun stood aside in a panic and lowered his head, while Zong Yanxi stood in the mess, picking his fingers, and explained in a low voice, “That dad, we are just playing makeup games.”

Phillip Zong looked at the red, red, green and green painted on his daughter’s face, and he raised his forehead speechlessly.

“Dad…” Zong Yanxi didn’t feel that she had done something wrong, but was inexplicably afraid of her father being angry.

Phillip Zong took a breath, and tried his best to speak calmly, “Go wash and eat.”

After speaking, he turned around and saw Yu’s mother putting the tableware. He thought that Lena Qin was also at home and had two children. Ana Lin was pregnant again. Yu’s mother was obviously too busy, so he took out his mobile phone and called Milton Guan. .

The call was connected soon.

He walked to the window, holding the phone and said, “You will find a reliable servant to come to the villa tomorrow. The salary is not a problem. You must check your background.”

“Okay, I see, it’s just a short day.”

Milton Guan worried that he could not find such a suitable one.

“Two days.”

He hung up after speaking.

Milton Guan has already got used to it, and is ready to go to the nanny after finishing the work on hand.

“Where is Mommy and Dad?”

Zong Yanchen walked over, but Ana Lin was not seen in the kitchen and living room.

Phillip Zong put the phone in his pocket and said, “Upstairs.”

“I’ll ask her to eat.”

Saying that he was about to run upstairs, Phillip Zong stretched out his hand to hook one of his collars, “You are not allowed to call.”

Zong Yanchen didn’t know why he looked back at him, “Have you quarreled with Mommy?”

Why don’t you let her come down to eat?

“You only have a few days?”

Do you want him to worry about it? No, didn’t they go to the mall to show affection today?

Phillip Zong frowned, “Can’t you expect your parents to order?”

Zong Yanchen pouted and asked, “Is it because of the Internet?”

“What’s the matter online?”

Soon Phillip Zong thought of what Ana Lin asked about today. He took out his phone and wanted to check it. Zong Yanchen handed it over to him, “Look.”

Phillip Zong swiped the screen with his son’s hand, and soon all kinds of chaos came into view.

Where did this woman come from?

】 Someone replied——【Now many actresses like to marry rich people?

Maybe it’s an 18-line female star.

】 Reply——【Me too, haha, I can’t find information about this woman at all on the Internet】 【But I think they are a good match.

】………… There are too many below, he glanced at it casually and almost knew what was going on.

Just how do these people know about him?

He has attended many public occasions, but he has not opened a personal account on Weibo. How could he have such a high popularity?

Looking at the comments and likes, they have caught up with the traffic of the first-line stars.

what happened?

“Do you look good?”

Zong Yanchen’s hands were sore, he threw the tablet aside and rubbed his wrists, “Hold it yourself and watch it.”

Phillip Zong ignored his son’s head and said, “Wash your hands and eat.”


Zong Yanxi washed her face and Zhou Chunchun walked over.

Zhou Chunchun felt embarrassed and explained, “Ruthfei asked me to paint for her.”

Phillip Zong was dissatisfied with Jenkin Bai but did not anger Zhou Chunchun. After all, it is Jenkin Bai who is not good at character. He said lightly, “Go and eat.”

“Thank you Dad.”

Zong Yanxi immediately opened her eyes and smiled, holding Zhou Chunchun’s hand, “Aunt Chunchun, hurry up.”


Zhou Chunchun reminded Zong Yanxi, “I haven’t fed Dabai yet.”

“By the way, I’m going to pour him dog food.”

Da Bai seemed to know that he was going to eat it for himself, wagging his tail and following them, Zong Yanxi took out the dog food from the cabinet and poured the dog food into the dog basin with Zhou Chunchun’s help.

Then he went to wash his hands and sat down at the dinner table. Wanda had already brought all the dishes to the table.

Phillip Zong walked into the kitchen, Wanda was putting the remaining meals on the tray, preparing to serve Lena Qin, when she saw him come in and asked, “What is needed?”

“Have you left for her to eat?”

Phillip Zong asked, afraid that Ana Lin would wake up without eating.

“There is corn rib soup in the pot that I cooked in the afternoon. When she wakes up, I will give her some small wontons with the soup, and some lean meat and corn.”

Phillip Zong nodded and said, “There will be new servants coming over these two days.”

Wanda laughed, “I hope this will continue. It was too deserted some time ago. My wife will not leave this time?”

Phillip Zong said no, turned around and walked out of the kitchen, Wanda brought food to Lena Qin’s house.

Zhou Chunchun has not moved the chopsticks at the dinner table, although she is already hungry, because there are only two children on the table, she is a guest and cannot move the chopsticks first.

Zong Yanxi put dishes on the plate for her, “Aunt Chunchun, eat it, Grandma Yu’s craftsmanship is good.”

Phillip Zong picked up the chopsticks, looked at her and said to eat, Zhou Chunchun then picked up the chopsticks.

After eating, Zong Yanxi took Zhou Chunchun back to the house and wanted to play with her. As a result, Zhou Chunchun’s cell phone rang, and Jenkin Bai called and said he was here to pick her up.

“Next time I will play with you.”

Zhou Chunchun said that she also likes this little girl, and Da Bai is very cute.

Zong Yanxi felt bored at home, and she was a little reluctant to leave. She would never feel naive and willing to play with her, holding Zhou Chunchun’s hand, “Aunt Chunchun, will you come to my house next time?”

Zhou Chunchun said, “I have a chance to come back.”

“I’ll give it to you.”

Zong Yanxi and Zhou Chunchun played for a while and regarded him as friends.

Phillip Zong didn’t want to see Jenkin Bai, but he couldn’t let his daughter go out alone and could only follow.

Zhou Chunchun led Zong Yanxi out of the villa.

Jenkin Bai had gotten out of the car and was waiting at the gate. There were lights on both the gate and the wall. They were all on at the moment, and the light was so bright that the area was as bright as the sun.

Seeing them coming out, Jenkin Bai smiled and said, “Thank you, Zong.”

Phillip Zong ignored him and reached out to his daughter, “We should go back.”

Jenkin Bai didn’t give up, and continued, “Are you afraid of me talking to her?

Deliberately not letting her out? “

“Sister should be unwell, she didn’t eat dinner.”

Phillip Zong hadn’t spoken yet, Zhou Chunchun took Jenkin Bai’s words, she let go of Zong Yanxi’s hand and walked to Jenkin Bai.

Upon hearing Ana Lin’s discomfort, Jenkin Bai frowned and asked, “What’s wrong with her?”

Zhou Chunchun held his wheelchair and shook his head, “I also know.”

Phillip Zong took her daughter into the villa. She turned her head and waved her hand to Zhou Chunchun, “Goodbye, Aunt Chunchun, come and play with me next time.”

Zhou Chunchun also waved to her and said okay.

Seeing Phillip Zong’s back, Jenkin Bai was worried about Ana Lin, and asked, “Where is she uncomfortable?”

Phillip Zong paused, and after a few seconds he turned around, “Who told you she was uncomfortable?”

“Why don’t you eat dinner then.”

Jenkin Bai raised his head and glanced at Zhou Chunchun, then quickly retracted his gaze.

Phillip Zong chuckled lightly, “She is just tired, do you want me to tell you why she is tired?”

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