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Chapter 55

It’s not that Phillip Zong didn’t know, Bai Zhuwei was a little cautious, but the news of her miscarriage was too shocking.

A woman has been with him for a long time, gave him her body and had a miscarriage. What if she was a little careful?

Phillip Zong lowered his eyes slightly and gave a faint hum.

It seems that Bai Zhuwei is reluctant to talk more.

Ana Lin doesn’t know what he is thinking, just want to hear him say, “After the divorce, will you get married?”

Phillip Zong put the coffee cup in his hand, took a slight meal, and then put it down very smoothly. After wiping his mouth slowly, he put down the napkin and slowly raised his eyes: “I will marry her.”

After speaking, he got up and got up and left the villa.

Sure enough, he loves Bai Zhuwei.

Ana Lin had no appetite, but for the sake of the child in his stomach, he drank the fresh milk prepared by Yu’s mother and ate omelette.

After breakfast, she also left the villa.

Now she has to find a house and settle down first.

Fortunately, she was lucky. She didn’t spend a lot of time and found a two-bedroom apartment, enough for her to live with Ida Zhuang, at the right price. She paid the deposit and rented it.

After signing the contract, she left the agency and stood by the road waiting for the bus.

She took out her phone and looked at the time. It was 8:50, and it was 9 o’clock in ten minutes. She was a little anxious about not going back, but it was not easy to take a taxi here. When it was almost nine, Ana Lin stopped the taxi. .

She got in the car and went to the villa for a phone call, which was answered by Yu’s mother, “If Assistant Guan goes to the house, you ask him to wait for me, and I will be there soon.”

She didn’t want to be misunderstood, she didn’t want a divorce, or was delaying time.

Wanda answered, and Ana Lin hung up the phone. As soon as she wanted to put her mobile phone in her pocket, the caller rang and it was Rios He who called.

She picked it up, and soon his voice came over, “Yanyan, where are you, I will look for you, I’m back.”

Ana Lin looked out of the car window. She was outside. She was going to the Civil Affairs Bureau with Milton Guan later. She didn’t have time to meet him now, so she said, “I’ll call you later—”

Before she finished her words, the driver turned his steering wheel, and when he passed the intersection, he rushed out of a big truck, as if out of control, and rushed towards their car!

Ana Lin’s pupils shrank sharply, reflecting the truck driver’s hideous face——



There was a loud noise and the cars collided. Because the truck was too fast, the taxi was hit into the air and turned over, rolled a few times, and finally the wheels hung up on the edge of the green belt.

The collided truck dashed tens of meters away and hit a huge billboard before it stopped.

“Yanyan–” The phone dropped outside, still ringing.

Rios He’s voice seemed particularly rapid, and the loud noise just now always explained what happened.

Ana Lin’s face was full of blood, and everything around him could not be seen clearly. It was painful, painful, and pained all over his body.

No, she can’t be unconscious, she still has children, she can’t die.

She endured the great pain and yelled, “Is there anyone, help me—”

Her voice is weak.

A kind person helped the police and called an ambulance to come and rescue the people in the car.

“Help me—” Ana Lin’s consciousness gradually blurred, her voice getting smaller and smaller, so small that no one could hear it.

Later she fainted completely.

When I woke up, my nose was filled with a strong smell of disinfectant.

Seeing her awake, Rios He held her hand excitedly, “You are awake.”

Ana Lin’s eyes rolled around, and he saw clearly that he was in a hospital ward.

“You were in a car accident. It was caused by a big truck’s brake failure. When I arrived, you had been rescued.”

At that time, she was covered with blood, both of her own and the driver’s body.

He held her hand tightly, “Do you know how scared I was at the time? I’m afraid you will be gone like this—”

As he said, he slapped his mouth, “Look at what bad things I said.”

Ana Lin moved and wanted to sit up. Rios He held her down and kept her from moving, “You can’t move, you are injured.”

Ana Lin frowned.

She knew she was hurt, because now she still remembers the pain.

Rios He’s expression became serious, and he held Ana Lin’s hand to k*ss his lips, his voice was low, “I have two news, one good and one bad, which one do you want to listen to first?”

Ana Lin opened her mouth, her voice dry, “Bad.”

First bitter then sweet.

“You have inserted a small piece of metal into your lower back, which needs to be removed surgically. Otherwise, it will compress the nerves in your waist and make you unable to walk.”

Ana Lin heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it wasn’t the child who had something to do.

This is not a bad thing for her, it’s just an injury.

“What about it?” She turned her head to look at Rios He, her face as pale as a piece of white paper with her nose and eyes painted.

Is there a trace of blood.

Rios He held her hand tighter and tighter, “You are pregnant with twins.”


how is this possible?

“You, what are you talking about? I have done a B-ultrasound, obviously only one—”

“Two, one is on the posterior wall of the uterus and was blocked by the front one, so I didn’t see it.” This time because she was seriously injured, she did the most detailed examination. The accuracy of the four-dimensional ultrasound is much higher than that of the ordinary ultrasound.

It’s true, she is pregnant with twins.

Rios He didn’t know what he was thinking.

Very contradictory, happy, not happy.

Ana Lin looked at the ceiling quietly, turning over and over, unable to be quiet.

She was obviously smiling, but tears fell down the corner of her eyes and dripped onto the white pillow.

Is this a joke from God?

Is it because she is too lonely, so send two angels to accompany her?

She is unfortunate and lucky.

“Say–” Rios He held her hand tightly, and stopped talking, thinking for a long time before he made up his mind, “Don’t want this kid, okay?”

Ana Lin stared at him in surprise, what did he say?

Does he know what he is talking about?

She struggled hard against the hand held by him, and silently resisted.


“I don’t want to listen to you, even if their father is a foreigner? They are part of my life in my body, can I give up my life?”

She will not give up.

Three months later, their flesh and blood, souls, have long been fused with her.

Why doesn’t Rios He know the importance of children to her?

He clearly remembered the scene where she kneeled in front of Ida Zhuang in order to keep the child.

Why did he think she was sad?

Rios He reached out and stroked her pale face, softly, gently, and pityingly, “You must be anaesthetized for the operation, this child can’t keep it–“

Her body trembled slightly, “Can I not get anesthesia?”

“You won’t be able to stand it!” Rios He almost jumped up and scolded her.

Cutting meat and extracting things without anesthesia will make it hurt alive!

“You are obedient.” Rios He tried to persuade, “They are only three months old, in the future, you can still have—”

“Isn’t three months fate?” Ana Lin’s attitude was firm, “I won’t give up.”

Chapter 56

Six years later, country A.

The warm yellow light illuminates the room transparently.

A thin and slender figure is busy in the kitchen, preparing a sumptuous dinner for his family.

Rios He sat on the sofa in the living room and looked at Ana Lin who was busy in the kitchen. Ruth crawled on top of him, “Uncle, do you like my mommy?”

Rios He’s eyebrows jumped, every time he heard this name, he was mad to death. Ana Lin was unwilling to accept his feelings and said that he only regarded him as his brother.

Both children are called by their uncles.

But these two children are really cute.

His skin was white and tender, and his big round eyes looked like a Wang Qingquan, his eyelashes curled up, blinking like a porcelain doll.

Rios He reached out and picked up the little guy, and walked towards the kitchen.

He stood at the door of the kitchen, “Yes.”

Ana Lin looked back at them and smiled, “Is he hungry? It will be well soon.”

He Rui didn’t say a word but just looked at her busy back.

Six years ago, Ana Lin insisted on not anaesthetizing and saving the child. Rios He couldn’t help her, so he could only agree.

But he also has the conditions to leave the country and return to country A to live.

Ana Lin agreed, and with Rios He’s help, he brought Ida Zhuang to here.

This time, it was six years.

“I have to go home in two days.”

Ana Lin’s hand holding the spoon to stir the thick soup paused slightly, the kind of pain six years ago, it seems that she still has lingering fears now.

She pretended to be nonchalant and didn’t look back, “Is something wrong?”

“Well, my sister is engaged.” Rios He stared at Ana Lin’s back.

Ana Lin turned around. When she gave birth to Daniel Lin and Ruth Lin, Rios He said that he had found his sister who had disappeared that year.

She has always been happy for him.

“This is a good thing, you should go back.” Ana Lin said sincerely.

Rios He stared at her deeply, “The object of the engagement is Phillip Zong.”


The spoon in her hand slipped and fell to the ground, breaking into countless petals.

She squatted down to pick it up quickly, her eyes lowered, “I have nothing to do with him.”

Six years have been too long, and she can’t remember that another man ever appeared in her life.

Now, she just wants to take care of her two children.

She just didn’t understand, shouldn’t he and Bai Zhuwei married six years ago?

How could he be with Rios He’s sister?

She looked at Rios He and seemed to be asking.

Rios He looked back at her and pursed her lips, “I’m sorry, I concealed you.”

Ana Lin frowned, “What are you hiding from me?”

As soon as she spoke, she seemed to think of something again, her eyes widened, and she said her guess, “Bai Zhuwei is your sister?”

“Yeah.” That year, he went to investigate Ana Lin’s affairs that night. He learned the night’s affairs from the hotel attendant’s mouth. He investigated deeply and dug up the role that Bai Zhuwei played in it.

A scheming woman, he is naturally jealous, but unfortunately, Bai Zhuwei was also in country A at that time, and they met.

There was no intersection, just because Bai Zhuwei wore a suspender skirt that day, and the blue birthmark on his shoulder caught his attention.

His lost sister also had such a green birthmark on her shoulder.

So in order to find out, he did an in-depth investigation on Bai Zhuwei. She grew up in an orphanage without parents. At first, he was just curious about the woman Bai Zhuwei, who had the same birthmark as his sister, and naturally wanted to treat her more. Understand a little.

But when it was found out that she was an orphan, Rios He had the idea that she was suspected that she was his long-lost sister, so he followed Bai Zhuwei, collected her hair and saliva, and made DNA.

As a result, she is really his sister.

He knew his sister’s secret and knew she liked Phillip Zong.

Therefore, I never talked to Ana Lin.

Rios He put down Ruth and let her play in the living room.

Ruth nodded and ran towards the living room with her short legs, “I will wait for my brother to come back and play with my brother.”

“You slow down, don’t knock.” Rios He grabbed her, “Go slowly.”

Ruth pouted and looked upset.

Rios He let go of her, pinched her little nose, “Observe.” After speaking, he turned and walked into the kitchen, squatting next to Ana Lin, reaching out and holding her hand, “Isn’t it good for my brother to take care of you?”

“I have two children—”

“I do not care……”

“I care.” Ana Lin raised her head to look at him, she would not let her child be sent under the fence.

She knew Rios He’s family, such a family, could not accept a woman like her.

Moreover, she had promised Madam He that she would never be with him.

She smiled and withdrew her hand, “Go to the living room. Dinner is almost ready.”

With his hands empty, Rios He’s heart also fell in the air. Maybe he was looking for her younger sister’s shadow in the past, but the six years of getting along made him fall in love with this brave and stubborn woman.

Rios He didn’t understand why she rejected herself, and refused to leave no room.

“You, do you have someone you like to reject me like this?” Rios He asked his guess, “That person is Phillip Zong.”

This man just appeared beside her.

“No!” Ana Lin replied quickly, as if to prove that he was telling the truth, “It wasn’t you who mentioned it, I had forgotten this person a long time ago.”

“then you……”

“Mom.” Ruth ran in and hugged Ana Lin’s neck, “Mommy, when will my brother and grandma be back?”

Ruth’s entry interrupted the conversation with Rios He.

It happened that Ana Lin was reluctant to talk about this topic.

She looked up at the time and pinched Ruth with her arm, “School is over at 6:30. It is already 6:20 and I will be back soon.”

Ana Lin put her down, “Be good, the kitchen is dangerous.” She stretched out her hand to show Ruth, “Look at mom’s hand, is it dirty?”

Ruth blinked her eyes, “dirty.”

“Then do you listen to Mommy?”


The little guy was wronged, Ana Lin sighed and k*ssed her on the forehead, “Will Mommy give you a bath tonight?”

Ruth’s eyes lit up, “Okay.”

Because Ana Lin has to go to work during the day and study at night, there is no time to take care of them.

It was Ida Zhuang who took care of them taking a bath.

Ida Zhuang’s condition has been controlled by Rios He’s meticulous treatment. As long as it is not stimulated, it is no ordinary person.

To help Ana Lin take care of her children, Ana Lin also has time to study. Her previous major was a fashion designer. After several years of hard work, she got her diploma and entered LEO.

She is very talented in this aspect, and the dress she designed has won many awards. She also designed a wedding dress for the daughter of the national leader of country A. At that time, she surprised the people of the country. Now she has become the chief designer of LEO and owns shares. .

When it was time for dinner, Ida Zhuang returned with Daniel.

Daniel is just over five years old, but he has super memory and calculation ability. He is extremely sensitive to numbers. He has talent. Ana Lin naturally wants to train him.

However, he himself was up for the better and passed the AC University exam.

AC is a world-renowned top college in the computer field.

The development of electronic chips and processing systems here has long been popular in the world.

Compared with Ruth, there is no talent, and the children of ordinary people are the same, but they are cute, soft and cute.

Saw Daniel coming back.

Ruth ran towards him happily, “Brother–“

Chapter 57

Daniel wore a camel-colored heart-shaped neckline sweater with a white shirt, slacks, white sneakers, and a small body standing straight. He had beautiful brows, red lips and white teeth, delicate cheeks, high nose bridge, and a black head. His hair was slightly curly, and he looked very handsome.

He touched his sister’s head, “Ruth, did you listen to Mommy?”

Ruth nodded vigorously, admiring her elder brother extremely, obviously the difference between the two was only a few minutes, but Daniel had to appear mature and sensible.

Ruth looked like a neighboring little sister, innocent and cute.

Ana Lin had already put dinner on the table, “Okay, wash your hands and eat.”

Rios He came over and reached out to hug Ruth, Ana Lin held him, “Brother, you go eat, I’ll wash them.”

“I’ll help you.” Rios He was not separated from Ana Lin because of the topic just now.

“Doctor He, let Yanyan go, you sit first.” Ida Zhuangg came over and said politely.

Rios He had to sit down at the dining table first, Ida Zhuang took a bottle of wine, walked to the dining table and pulled a chair to sit down.

She glanced in the bathroom and made sure that Ana Lin could not hear her speech, and then looked at Rios He and said, “I will thank you for this for these years.”

Saying that she poured a glass of wine for Rios He, and also poured a glass herself. The foreign wine is not as spicy as white wine, and the entrance is still mild. After drinking the wine in the glass, she said, “I hope she can be with you, but say this The child is stubborn, and now his mind is on the two children again. Therefore, your boss is no longer young. If you have the right, you can become a family.”

“Auntie, I still want you to persuade her for me.” Rios He glanced at the wine in front of him, but did not drink it.

Why didn’t Ida Zhuang persuade?

She has always been satisfied with Rios He. When Ana Lin was the most difficult time, he took care of her and took her away.

It can be said that without Rios He’s help, there would be no Ana Lin now.

I am grateful and satisfied with Rios He.

But Ana Lin was unwilling, what can she do?

Ida Zhuang smiled bitterly, “Why didn’t I persuade, she wouldn’t listen.”

She also understands why her daughter is like this. After all, the person she has given birth to two children is Rios He who has a good family and a good head, even if he does not dislike it.

But the daughter may not mind.

She knows how important a woman’s innocence is to her husband.

Rios He picked up the wine on the table, drank it, and put it down heavily, “I won’t give up.”

Wait until she accepts it.

“Why are you, she’s a stubborn donkey, it’s not worth waiting for—”

At this time, Ana Lin was holding Ruth in one hand and Daniel in the other.

Ida Zhuang closed his mouth and stretched out his hand to pick up Ruth in Ana Lin’s arms, “Come and hold him.”

“Mommy hug.” Ruth hugged Ana Lin’s neck without looseness, she was stickier to Ana Lin.

Ana Lin is usually busy, and there is little time to take care of her. There is a chance that Mommy will hug her for a meal. How can she let it go?

Ida Zhuang glanced at her pretentiously, “Look at your brother.”

Daniel climbed into a chair and sat by herself, eating by herself, and hearing Ida Zhuang say about himself, he raised his head to look at his younger sister, and said solemnly, “My younger sister is still young.”


Ida Zhuang thought, you are only a few minutes older than her.

This man’s appearance is so big that people can’t help but laugh.

Ana Lin hugged Ruth and sat down.

After eating, Rios He wants to go back, Ida Zhuang took the little guy in Ana Lin’s arms, “You go to see Doctor He.”

Ana Lin stood up generously, smiled and said, “Brother, I will send you out.”

Even if she could not accept Rios He’s feelings, she was grateful to him.

Over the years, he has indeed helped himself a lot.

“Good.” Rios He smiled.

The two walked out of the house one after another, Ana Lin walked behind and closed the door.

“Have you ever thought of going back?” Rios He asked tentatively.

Ana Lin shook his head, “No.”

This is the truth, she feels very good in life now.

Rios He lowered his head, “I may not have time to come and see you these days.”

On the one hand, it was his work, and on the other hand, he had to go back to China, so there was no time to come.

“You are busy with you, my side is fine.” She went to work, and Ida Zhuang was able to take care of her two children at home.

“Yeah.” Rios He reached out and put his arm around Ana Lin’s shoulder, he licked his dry lips, “Your mother just spoke to me.”

Ana Lin glanced at him holding his hand, “What did my mother say?”

“Say, let me give up on you, probably because I am too old and afraid that I will be alone forever.” Rios He said lightly.

Ana Lin chuckles, “I’m old, I should have a family long ago.”

Rios He looked at her, “Can’t you really try with your brother?”

The smile on Ana Lin’s face suddenly froze, and Rios He was fine, she knew.

It’s not that I never thought about it, but she promised Madam He.

“You fit the better–“

“But in my eyes, there is nothing better than you.” Rios He suddenly stopped, clasped her shoulders, and faced her face to face, “I like you, not like my brother to my sister, but a man to a woman. Like it.”

Ana Lin didn’t know how to respond to him.


“Hush.” ​​Rios He leaned close, his hot and humid breathing was close at hand, Ana Lin froze.

She is an adult and naturally knows what Rios He is going to do.

Just when Rios He was about to kss her lips, she turned her head, and Rui Ze’s lips were pressed against her cheeks. He was not angry and smiled, “All right, first try to see if you are allergic, no Will kss me again next time.”

Ana Lin, “…”

“Brother—” Ana Lin wanted to make it clear to him that she really couldn’t be with him.

“It’s not a dear.” Rios He interrupted her. He was not young anymore and didn’t want to wait any longer.

Ana Lin lowered his head, “I have to go to work tomorrow, so I will go home first.”


Ana Lin turned around and went back. Ida Zhuang was tidying up the kitchen. He heard the door opening, knowing that it was Ana Lin, and said, “I don’t want me to take a bath today, but you want to wash it. Do you have time?”

“Yes.” Ana Lin went to the bathroom to put hot water and bathe the two children.

Ruth pointed to the pink bottle of shower gel, “Mummy, I want to wash the fragrance.”

The little guy, with a snow-white body, stood in the pool, moving around, splashing water everywhere.

Ana Lin pointed at her, “Don’t move around, I will get it for you.”

The little guy pouted, she was unhappy.

Daniel is okay, don’t need to worry about Ana Lin, it is Ruth, it is really not worrying, if you give her a good bath, Ana Lin’s clothes are soaked.

Ana Lin wrapped her in a bath towel, hugged her to bed, took out the pink baby elephant pajamas, and put it on her.

She bounced around on the bed.

Daniel really couldn’t stand it. The younger sister was so noisy, she said calmly, “Be quiet.”

His words were more useful than those of Ana Lin. Ruth climbed up to him and said softly, “Brother.”

Ana Lin looked at them, smiled and sighed, this little guy also listened to Daniel.

“Xiao Xi, take care of your sister and I will take a bath.”

“Okay, don’t worry, Mommy.” Daniel promised, patting her chest, “I will take good care of my sister.”

Ana Lin reached out and rubbed his hair before turning around and taking his clothes to take a bath.

She came back and told them stories and coaxed them to sleep.

In the morning, Ana Lin had breakfast and was going to work, Daniel came over, “Mummy, can I go to work with you?”


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