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Chapter 544

Ana Lin was inexplicable and didn’t understand why he suddenly became serious.

“what happened to you?

Did you forget that they changed their name? “

She asked.

Phillip Zong said he hadn’t forgotten, “I’m used to it, I don’t want to change it.”

When speaking, his eyes stayed on her abdomen, “When this child is born, whether it is a boy or a girl, let him follow your last name.”

He raised his eyes and looked at Ana Lin warmly, “Your father is just a daughter, so you should leave him a queen.”

He was serious, Ana Lin was thinking about him, and he had to think more about her.

It would be a lie to say not to be moved, Ana Lin glared at him, “Really, why are you so sensational, want me to cry?”

Phillip Zong smiled, hugged her and k*ssed her forehead, “I can’t bear you crying.”

“Tsk tusk, who did I provoke?

I was stuffed with dog food when I went out, and let people live? “

Alan Su stepped on the threshold and leaned against the door with his hands around his chest, watching the scene that just happened with interest.

There was a gentle man in his eyes, but at this moment, only coldness remained.

Phillip Zong raised his eyes slowly and said, “Jealousy makes people ugly.”

Then he walked in with Ana Lin in his arms, treating Alan Su completely as air.

Alan Su, “…” Is he jealous?

Well, he is indeed jealous.

Is he not pitiful enough?

Why stimulate him?

Don’t you think he is bullying?

He screamed in his heart. He had no conscience. He had forgotten his brother when he had a daughter-in-law. He felt that he was just a little pitiful, a poor pitiful abandoned by others.

Lena Qin didn’t forgive him, even his brothers only wanted a wife.

He said something that had no conscience, Phillip Zong, who had not gone far, heard his voice, turned around and asked, “What did you just say?”

“…” Alan Su stunned, quickly organizing language in his brain, “Um… the two kids in your family want to eat ice cream, I’m going out now, I want to ask you what you want to buy?

I’ll go out and bring you back. “

Phillip Zong asked Ana Lin, “Do you have anything you want to eat?”

“Cake, cream cake.”

She hadn’t eaten anything from morning till now, and suddenly missed the smell of butter.

“What taste?”

Phillip Zong asked again.

Ana Lin thought for a moment and said, “Mango.”

Alan Su said, “I’ll buy some more fruit by the way.”

Phillip Zong said, I am afraid that I will not be able to leave today. I have to wait until tomorrow. Shopping here is not so convenient. I have to drive outside to buy.

The best place here is quiet.

There is sun in the courtyard at this time, they enter the hall. Such a wooden house is very shady in summer. There are two feelings when entering the house and outside. It is like entering an air-conditioned room. There is a square table in the middle of the hall. Kaifeng is sitting opposite Zong Yanchen with a chess board on the table. The two are playing chess. Zong Yanchen encounters a problem and looks at which step on the board he wants to take to turn defeat into victory.

Even people entering the house didn’t notice it.

Zong Qifeng deliberately wanted to exercise Zong Yanchen’s patience and care, and did not rush to urge him, quietly waiting for him to discover the flaws in the chess game.

Phillip Zong and Ana Lin consciously stepped lightly without disturbing them. Instead, they walked in from the door along the wall. In the corner against the window inside, Zong Yanxi squatted there, with a large large lying on the ground. The Samoyed dog, it has white fur, without a single hair, like a snowball, it is white.

Zong Yanxi stroked its head with her hand, as if she liked it very much, and she said something in her mouth, “Why are you so cute?”

Ana Lin knelt down and touched her daughter’s hair, “Do you like this dog?”

Zong Yanxi looked up and saw Ana Lin pounced into her arms in surprise, “Mummy.”

He hugged her neck affectionately, “Why are you here?”

Ana Lin smoothed her daughter’s hair, “I’m here if I miss you.”

Zong Yanchen put his chin on her shoulder and turned to look at Phillip Zong, “Dad, are you and Mommy reconciled?”

“When are we bad?”

He took his daughter out of Ana Lin’s arms and squeezed her face, “My mom and I were only separated temporarily, not because they were quarreling and angry, understand?”

Zong Yanxi pouted her lips, she didn’t care why they separated, she just wanted them to be together and never separated, so that they could live together forever.

“Dad, can I keep this dog?

I like it so much. “

She pointed to Samoyed who was lying on the ground.

Phillip Zong didn’t agree. The dog looked cute, but it was a big one and worried that it might hurt her.

“Dad, okay?”

She clutched Phillip Zong’s collar and acted like a baby.

“This dog is docile, does not hurt people, and is trained.”

Roberson Cheng walked in and saw Ana Lin also, “Are you here too?”

But I knew why Phillip Zong went and returned, it should be because of her.

He heard from Zong Qifeng about Ana Lin’s departure. He appeared in Baicheng to attend Jenkin Bai’s wedding.

Ana Lin nodded.

Zong Yanchen lost again in this round. He was not reconciled, “Let’s have another round.”

Zong Qifeng touched his grandson’s head, “It’s good to have fighting spirit, but we will fight again at night.”

He stood up, his gaze turned to this side, Zong Yanchen was very depressed, he had never won a game, and felt frustrated for the first time.

Zong Qifeng deliberately didn’t let him. This kid was smart and never suffered. This is not a good thing.

As the old saying goes, there will be no plum blossoms without experiencing the cold wind.

He has expectations of his grandson.

The expectations for Phillip Zong were higher than that at that time.

With the intention to sharpen him, this child is young but mature in thought and a little proud.

It’s not a bad thing to hit occasionally.

Seeing Ana Lin, he knew why Phillip Zong didn’t leave.

“You come out with me.”

He said to Ana Lin.

Ana Lin said yes, knowing that he must have something to say to himself, so he followed him out of the hall.

Chapter 545

Phillip Zong didn’t stop him, standing in the house watching Ana Lin follow Zong Qifeng to leave the hall.

He probably knew what Zong Qifeng was going to say to Ana Lin.

Zong Yanxi cracked his head and asked him to look at herself, “Dad, are you OK? I want to raise this dog.”

“I’ll buy a small one.”

This one is too big, he always feels unsafe, for fear of hurting her.

Although dogs understand human nature, what if?

“I don’t, I just like it.”

Zong Yanxi acted like a baby, rubbing his head against his neck.

“This dog is raised by me and trained. It won’t bite people casually. If Ruth likes it, let her take it back to play.”

Roberson Cheng said again that the dog was trained.

He knew that Phillip Zong must be afraid of dogs hurting children.

This breed is docile. Although he is big, he is not short-tempered.

Those who have been trained also know that it is hygienic and that they can’t urinate and defecate wherever they are. They only need to make a nest for him, eat and drink, and eat and drink without much effort.

There is no need to worry too much about having servants at home.

“Well, you see, grandpa and uncle agreed to give me the dog.”

Zong Yanxi pouted her small mouth and kept begging, so she almost cried to Phillip Zong.

He was always soft-hearted for his daughter, and finally agreed.

Zong Yanxi immediately smiled and k*ssed his face, “Thank you, Dad.”

She was excited to get down from his arms, and ran to Samoyed to touch his head, and the dog gently rubbed her head in her palm, amused. Yan Xi grinned slightly.

She looked up at Roberson Cheng, “Uncle Grandpa, you give it to me, it’s mine. I want to give her a new name.”

Cheng Yu gave him the name Dun Dun when he was warming up. Although it was snow-white and cute, it was also big, with long hair and sturdy hair. That’s how it was named.

Roberson Cheng squatted next to the little girl, touched Dun Dun’s head, and said to Zong Yanxi, “Of course, it was Ruth for Ruth.”

Although the two children have changed their names, everyone likes to call them their original names and feels cordial.

Just use the previous name as a nickname.

Zong Yanxi happily held Dun Dun’s head and smoothed the hair on his body, “I want to call it white, a white ball, and so big.”

Roberson Cheng smiled and said dozingly, “Ruth is smart, and this name sounds much better than what I took.”

Zong Yanxi pressed the dog’s head and kept calling Dabai, Dabai, proud of the name he gave it.

Zong Yanchen did not speak aside, and sat alone studying the game that he had just lost.

Alan Su came in with a large bag of things. Not only did he buy fruits and ice cream, he also bought some snacks for the two children.

He put the things on the table and called the two children, “Come here, don’t melt the ice cream.”

Zong Yanxi moved fast, and ran up to Alan Su as soon as he slid, “Where is my ice cream?

I want to eat. “

Alan Su gave her and handed another box to the silent Zong Yanchen, “Hey, why don’t you look happy, can you still eat ice cream?”

Zong Yanchen didn’t look up and said, “Don’t eat.”

I don’t want to study it, so I don’t give up.

Alan Su said hey, “This kid is quite real, it looks like he has lost again.”

Phillip Zong sat down opposite his son, “Let’s have a game.”

Alan Sudong looked around, but didn’t see Ana Lin asking, “Where is my sister-in-law?

I bought the cake she was going to eat. “

Phillip Zong put the cake on the side of the table, ignored Alan Su’s words, and began to put the chess on the board to everyone, and said to his son, “You go first.”

Zong Yanchen looked up at him, “You go first.”

Phillip Zong raised his eyebrows, “It’s not good to be so strong.”

Having said that, he still left first.

“I don’t want to be strong, I just want to see my own strength, and I don’t want others to let me.”

Zong Yanchen looked at the chess game earnestly, taking every step carefully.

Alan Su ate the ice cream that Zong Yanchen hadn’t eaten, pulled over a chair and sat aside, watching the match between father and son with interest.

Halfway through the game, Zong Yanchen’s pawn was eaten in half, and he was about to lose. This time Zong Yanchen was not stretched, he was really hit, and he didn’t want to play until it was finished.

Get up and leave without saying a word.

It seems to be angry.

Alan Su slapped his lips, “Tsk, entertain with your son. If it is so real, can you just let him win and be happy?

I lost for a long time. “

Phillip Zong thought, if that kid is strong and has such a heavy self-esteem, he won’t be happy if he wins.

“It’s still early on the road to growth, can I let him, and others can let him?”

Phillip Zong took the cake and got up and walked out.

Alan Su curled his mouth and murmured, “Inhuman.”

He is inhuman to his brothers and inhuman to his own son. In summary, he is inhuman.

Outside the house, Zong Qifeng called Ana Lin out, instead of calling her into the room to speak, but in a secluded place outside the yard. The big camphor branches were lush and lush, and densely packed leaves shielded the sun. , A large area of ​​shady land, occasionally a breeze blows, it is very cool, not at all feel hot.

“I heard about you.”

When Zong Qifeng opened his mouth first, he stood under the tree with his back to Ana Lin.

Ana Lin looked at his back. For more than two months, he had lost a lot of weight, and his eyes were not as sharp as before.

It’s not that the two children are there, he doesn’t even have the current spirit.

The two children are here, he has such a spirit.

“You know from the beginning that you should be clear about her thoughts and the importance of Phillip to her. She definitely hopes that her son will live a happy life, not because of her death, her wife will be separated.”

Zong Qifeng’s voice was low and deep, he called Ana Lin out, just to enlighten her so that she would not care about the past, after all, it was not her fault.

What is wrong with her?

She can’t choose to be born, she can’t choose her relatives, and in the end she is all affected by the previous generation.

“I think she should hope that you take good care of her son, not because of her death, and stay away. If you feel ashamed, you can stay with him to take care of him and take care of the two children. The two children are so distressing. A few days have passed.

The two are really separated, how poor is the child?

Zong Qifeng turned around and looked at Ana Lin, “Humans, they don’t cherish them until they are lost, but as everyone knows, they can’t be restored after they are lost.

Promise me, go back with him this time. “

Ana Lin lowered his eyes, “I promise you, I understand what you said.”

Zong Qifeng nodded in satisfaction, “I will be here for a few months and occasionally go back to see the two children.”

What he said seems to be saying that I will go back from time to time to see if you have a good life.

Ana Lin understood his intentions and was very moved, “Dad, thank you.”

After all, Danna Cheng’s death had something to do with her, he was so tolerant.

Zong Qifeng sighed, “Silly boy, you call my dad and her mother, we are a family, thank you for what you say.”

He waved his hand, “Go in, it’s hot outside.”

Ana Lin didn’t say anything, but his heart was not so peaceful. Listening to Zong Qifeng’s words, there were fluctuations in his heart. Listening to him, he said that he would only cherish it until he was lost, as if he was talking about himself.

She thought that Zong Qifeng was talking about him and Danna Cheng.

He has regrets about Danna Cheng.

She understands that she will cherish what she has now, be it her lover or family.

After experiencing this incident, she clearly understood her feelings for Phillip Zong.

It turned out so profound! When she stepped on the threshold, someone grabbed her wrist, saw Phillip Zong and said nothing, and followed him into the house.

This is the east wing. The room where he slept last night is very clean and spacious. Although it is a wooden house, it is decorated with modern decoration and convenient for life.

Phillip Zong pulled her to the bed, and without asking anything, he put her in his arms and kssed her lips. His ksses were always domineering and arrogant deep k*sses, but this time they did not. Paste it once and leave it again and again.

Ana Lin looked at his dark and dark eyes, and knew that he was testing…

Chapter 546

Ana Lin looked at his eyes that were surging with the deep dark tide, and made it clear that he was testing or waiting for her to take the initiative.

In fact, she especially wanted to hug him and respond hard.

But she didn’t do that, because her current body does not allow her to indulge.

After a long time waiting for her to respond, Phillip Zong was a little discouraged, frowned, and asked in a low voice, “Don’t you want to throw me down?”

“miss you.”

Ana Lin said.

Phillip Zong’s originally pressed brow raised, the corners of his brows and eyes were light, and he asked with a smile, “Then why don’t you do that?”

Ana Lin sighed, “I dare not.”

Phillip Zong, “…” His face leaned over, very close to her, and the breath when speaking could blow her hair, and said in a low voice, “I’m good.”

Ana Lin turned away his face, lowered his eyes and touched his stomach, “Your son is not allowed.”

Phillip Zong, “…” He was caught off guard by the cold water splashing, and there were no sparks left, so he fell back and lay on the bed.

Ana Lin glanced at him, “I’m hungry.”

From the morning till now, I have not eaten anything, and my stomach is grunting with hunger.

Phillip Zong sat up, he took the cake bought by Alan Su in the house and put it on the table, and he brought it to her, “Try the cake you want to eat.”

Ana Lin reached out and took it and opened the box. The smell of the cream immediately spread to the sense of smell, and the gluttonous saliva flowed out.

She has discovered that her taste has become very strange now. She wants to eat this one for a while, and another one for another, and she can’t skip eating. Even if she eats late, she will feel very hungry.

There was a spoon in the box. She took a spoonful and put it into her mouth. Her mouth was full of the sweet and greasy taste of cream. The cream used to be very greasy, but now it feels sweet.

Phillip Zong was afraid that she would be thirsty, so he brought her a bottle of milk, plugged in a straw and handed it to her, “Eat slowly, I won’t grab it with you.”

Ana Lin took a sip from his hand and rushed down the cream in his mouth, “From morning till now, I haven’t eaten anything, I’m very hungry.”

“why you do not want to eat?”

He frowned, why is it so worrying?

“I was picked up by the plateau yesterday, and Jenkin Bai wanted to see me in the morning, and later attended his wedding, but he didn’t have time.”

Ana Lin said that he had completely forgotten that Phillip Zong and Jenkin Bai were’dead opponents’ of’incompatible water and fire’.

After speaking, she remembered how much Phillip Zong hated Jenkin Bai, and hurriedly raised her head to look at him, wanting to explain, but opened her mouth to find that she could not explain anything.

Because what she said is true.

Sure enough, his face sank because he heard Jenkin Bai, Ana Lin took the initiative to show his favor, scooped a piece of cake and handed it to him, “It’s delicious, you have a bite.”

Phillip Zong looked at her silently without giving face.

“Next time, I will stay away from him, don’t talk to him, don’t be angry.”

She pleased and handed it to his mouth, Phillip Zong still did not open his mouth.

Ana Lin frowned, she was all right, what else do she want?

People invited her to get married, she won’t come is suitable.

Besides, she also had the idea of ​​coming here to relax.

“You are not sincere.”

Phillip Zong suppressed his voice, just as wronged.

Ana Lin, “…” Is she insincere?

! They all confessed their mistakes, took the initiative to show up, and are not sincere yet?

! What do you want her to do, kneel down and beg him?

! Ana Lin patiently asked, “How can I be sincere?”

Phillip Zong leaned over and said ambiguously, “You feed me with your mouth.”

Ana Lin, “…” The face is a good thing, why doesn’t he?

! ! why?

“What about being a hooligan?”

Ana Lin put the piece of cake into his mouth and pushed his face away, “Face is a good thing. You have to ask for it when you give it to you.”


what is that?

I don’t know, now I just want you. “

Before he finished his words, his lips pressed up again, licking the cream from the corners of her lips.

Ana Lin withdrew and wanted to get away from him, but with the cake in his hand, Phillip Zong couldn’t make a shot, and was afraid that she would be annoyed, so he swallowed with the sweetness.

He laughed, stretched out his hand to smooth her hair, “Tell me what else you want to eat, I’ll buy it for you.”

After eating a piece of cake, he is no longer hungry, Ana Lin lowered his head, “Did you let someone send me the carrot?”


I have seen each other and there is nothing to hide. He specially asked someone to get her from a far away place. The radish is not a rare thing, mainly because it is not fresh in the supermarket during the season. Phillip Zong looked at her. Asked, “Is it delicious?”

After eating that piece of cake, Ana Lin drank a few sips of milk to wash away the buttery cake flavor in his mouth, and said, “It’s delicious, just forget to bring some.”

Phillip Zong, “…” He really couldn’t understand, what’s so delicious?

Can’t bear she likes it.

As long as she feels delicious, she is happy to eat.

He lay on the bed, stretched out his arms, motioned her to lie in his arms, “Sleep with me for a while.”

Ana Lin lay down, resting his arm, thinking of him saying that the child should follow her surname, she raised her head and asked, “Do you really want the child to follow my surname?”

Phillip Zong hugged her sideways and said, “Really.”

She moved in his arms to find a comfortable position, and changed the surnames of the two children. One is because she is not Randall Lin’s daughter and shouldn’t be Lin, and even the two children should not be Lin. She wants her child to follow Phillip Zong’s surname.

The son should follow his father’s surname as it should be, which is what she thought.

But she never thought about changing her surname, subconsciously, she still didn’t know how to accept it.

Her biological parents, she doesn’t even know them, knowing that their things are from others’ mouths, hearing only a few words, and bringing her nothing good.

If she can choose, she would rather be Randall Lin’s daughter, so that at least she has seen this person and hurt her, she can hate, give her love, and she will love.

But now, what is it?

“I am contradictory, what do you think I should do?”

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