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Chapter 547,

Phillip Zong didn’t understand what she meant by this sentence, why did such a sentence suddenly come?

He looked down at her, “Huh?”

Ana Lin looked up at him, his faces were close at hand, and even each other’s breaths were intertwined with each other. He shouldn’t be shaved, and his chin was covered with green stubble. Ana Lin reached out and touched his chin without piercing his hands. , But not as delicate as the touch on the face.

“You said, should I change my surname?”

In fact, she didn’t want to change it.

She had listened to Zong Qifeng’s words. Whether Foster Wen, Wen Xian, or Zhuang Ziyi, she didn’t want to think about it.

I just want to live quietly with Phillip Zong.

She drilled into his arms, her face pressed against his heart, listening to his powerful heartbeat.

“You are always you, and the last name doesn’t matter.”

Phillip Zong knew that if she wanted to change, it would have been long ago, and she would not wait until now.

She is the child of Wen Xian and Zhuang Ziyi, and is also the continuation of their lives. As for the surname, the blood flowing in her body cannot be changed.

He held her delicate body in his arms tightly, and he didn’t want her to entangle the past and let those messy things bother her.

Ana Lin understood what he meant, yes, she was always her, and the last name didn’t matter. Listening to him, she didn’t get entangled anymore, and she suddenly felt like she was amazed.

She put her white arms around his waistline, “I was sad when I left you. I missed you very much during this time, and I always feel guilty for you, but I don’t want other factors in my feelings for you, so , I will not feel guilty for you in the future, I just want to simply love you.”

Simply live together, without any grudges.

Phillip Zong lowered his head and k*ssed her forehead. He didn’t leave, but he whispered wherever he went.

“Where do you like it?”

His voice was too low, it sounded a little vague.

But Ana Lin still heard clearly, “Why do you ask?”

“I think we will go on our honeymoon after you have given birth.”

He stared at her very seriously, his eyes gleaming deep, and a soft, watery bass said in her ear, “I really want to see how you look in a wedding dress, it must be beautiful.”

Ana Lin grabbed his collar and said bitterly, “You didn’t accompany me to get the marriage certificate, you didn’t take pictures together, and you didn’t take an oath.”

They had a marriage certificate, and it was Phillip Zong who took care of the relationship. Milton Guan took her out and took it out. There was no photo taken on the marriage certificate, which was extremely informal.

Phillip Zong, “…” He would not foresee the future, if he knew that then he would definitely take her home with the grandest wedding.

He just wanted to say that he would fill it up in the future, but Ana Lin’s cell phone rang, intercepting what he wanted to say.

Ana Lin reached out for the bag, and Phillip Zong grabbed her hand, “Be with me today, don’t do anything.”

Ana Lin is funny and thinks he is so naive, thinking to himself, why is he like a child now?

It’s so naive that people can’t bear to refuse.

The phone’s ringtone rang like this until the end, Ana Lin smiled and said, “Happy?”

The arrogant man did not speak, curled up in a silky thin quilt wrapped around two bodies that were close to each other, Ana Lin’s skirt, his hand lifted her skirt from the bottom up, Ana Lin bit He pressed his lips, his body tightened and breathed slightly, “It’s daytime now.”


He knew, but he really missed her, he was also a mortal, a normal mortal.

He grabbed Ana Lin’s hand and placed it on the metal buckle of the belt, “You untie it for me.”

Ana Lin’s face was hot and his breathing became more and more rapid, and he groped unskillfully with his hands. He clicked, and it seemed that all the heat reached its climax with this sound.

They were so impatient. When the two k*ssed, Ana Lin’s cell phone rang again. The two had a meal at the same time, but they ignored it.

However, this mobile phone ringing was not like the last time it was disconnected when no one answered it. This time it rang continuously, and it seemed to keep calling until someone answered.

This uncomfortable voice destroyed all the atmosphere. Phillip Zong opened the quilt and grabbed her bag and took out her mobile phone. He wanted to turn the phone off. Ana Lin saw Lena Qin’s name displayed on it, so he reached out and grabbed it. “She must be in a hurry to call me like this.”

“I’ll go back to her later.”

Phillip Zong stretched out his hand to take it, Ana Lin turned aside, “Don’t make trouble.”

She pressed the answer button to her ear, “Lena Qin?”

There was no Lena Qin’s voice, but a man’s laughter.

Her nerves tightened, and she called again, “Lena Qin?

is it you? “

“Want to see her?”

A man’s voice came, Ana Lin seemed to have known each other, but he couldn’t remember where he had heard it, and frowned and asked, “Who are you?

Why is her mobile phone in your hands? “

“Of course she is a guest here, so the phone will be in my hands.”

Ana Lin noticed something was wrong and turned his eyes to Phillip Zong. From what she said, Phillip Zong also knew that something went wrong. He took the phone in her hand and asked coldly, “Who are you?”

Suddenly changed people, there was a pause, and he smiled, “Yo, Zong, I haven’t seen you for a long time last time, are you interested in meeting?”

“What do you want to do?”

“I don’t want to do anything. I just want to ask Zong Zong for an explanation. Have I offended you?

I don’t care what kind of grievances you and Foster Wen have, but you deceived and used me to get me involved. Shouldn’t you give me an explanation? “

“This is your business, what’s the matter, is it too much to attack me and arrest people?”

“I want to sit down and have a peaceful talk with Zong Zong, but Zong Zong is too busy.

I can’t always see anyone, so I’ll be waiting for you in the old place, shall we meet and talk?

By the way, is this woman I caught important to you?

It doesn’t matter. I look good…” Phillip Zong said with a low anger, “Gu Bei! “

Gu Bei smiled, “Okay, see you where we are, I’ll be waiting anytime.”

He hung up after speaking.

Ana Lin looked at him nervously, “Who is Gu Bei?

Why do you want to catch Lena Qin? “

Phillip Zong said briefly that it was related to Danna Cheng’s car accident. Ana Lin knew it clearly and said, “Then we have to go back now.”

Phillip Zong gave a hum.

Gu Bei is a person with no bottom line. After delaying time, he didn’t know what he would do to Lena Qin. He put his mobile phone in his trouser pocket, fearing that Gu Bei would call again later and let Ana Lin Worry.

He buckled the belt and straightened the metal buckle, “You tidy up, I’ll talk to Alan Su.”

Ana Lin said uneasy, “She will be fine, will she?”

“Not for now.”

Phillip Zong stretched out her hand to pull up her torn neckline, smoothing the wrinkles, “Don’t worry.”

Ana Lin gave a hum, but the worry in his heart did not abate at all.

Besides, how could it be Lena Qin?

Alan Su sat on a chair in the hall and looked at his phone. He noticed someone coming in at the door. He raised his head and saw that it was Phillip Zong. He smiled and joked, “Don’t win the newlyweds, are you tired so soon?”

Chapter 548

Phillip Zong ignored his boredom and said coldly, “Let’s go now.”

After speaking, he went inside to hug his daughter. Alan Su didn’t react, didn’t he want to spend the night here and leave tomorrow?

“just now?”

Alan Su thought he had heard it wrong.

Phillip Zong turned his head to look at him, with a very serious tone, “Yes, now.”

Alan Su seemed to perceive something happened, turned off his phone and got up, “I’ll go and clean up.”

“Dabai, I want to take it home.”

Zong Yanxi clutched the dog’s chain.

Phillip Zong said, “Okay, take it with you.”

Roberson Cheng also came up and asked, “Why are you walking in such a hurry, take a rest and leave tomorrow.”


Phillip Zong briefly explained the reason for leaving.

Roberson Cheng did not continue to stay, but helped pack up his things.

I used to spend the night, but now it should be an urgent matter to leave.

Phillip Zong took his daughter to find Zong Yanchen. He was not in the room where he slept, and there were no people in the other rooms. Finally, he saw him in Zong Qifeng’s room.

Zong Qifeng was talking to him, he didn’t know what he said, but he didn’t have the negativity he had before.

Phillip Zong said he was gone.

“Is it back to City B?”

Zong Qifeng asked.

He said yes.

Zong Qifeng didn’t hold back and didn’t ask anything else. He said everything that should be said. I believe he and Ana Lin should understand.

Zong Yanchen took Zong Qifeng’s hand, “Grandpa, what do I want you to do?”

Zong Qifeng touched his grandson’s head, “Grandpa will go back to see you.”


Zong Yanchen reluctantly released Zong Qifeng’s hand.

Phillip Zong held his son’s hand and looked at his father in a low voice, “Take care of yourself and call me if you have anything to do.”

Zong Qifeng waved his hand and said, “Let Alan Su drive slowly on the road.”

Phillip Zong gave a hum and took the two children out. Alan Su had already packed up. He carried the two children into the car. Roberson Cheng helped Dabai get in the car. Fortunately, the space in the car was spacious enough.

Ana Lin went to say goodbye to Zong Qifeng and told him that he would take good care of the child and Phillip Zong, so that he could feel at ease.

She could understand that Zong Qifeng was very pleased and asked her to be safe on the road.

Ana Lin walked out and saw that they had packed up, and greeted Roberson Cheng, “We are leaving.”

Roberson Cheng nodded, “Be careful on the road.”

“We will, you must take care of yourself.”

Roberson Cheng is not young anymore. He looked at his body before, but after experiencing this incident, his spirit and energy look no longer as good as before.

After waiting for a while, Ana Lin wanted to take care of them all. In fact, the more pure people are, the easier it is to think. With Zong Yanchen and Zong Yanxi by their side, they will not feel so alone.

Roberson Cheng muddled his eyes and turned his head, not daring to let Ana Lin see his eyes, and waved his hand with his back to her, “If you want to go, you should go quickly. You don’t have a good view of driving at night, while it’s still bright.”

Phillip Zong opened the car door to Ana Lin, and she glanced at Roberson Cheng and got on the car.

When the sound of the engine started, Roberson Cheng turned to look at them, even if they were reluctant to leave like this.

But he knew it was inevitable.

Ana Lin turned the car window, and the two children lay on the window and waved to him, “Uncle grandpa, we are leaving.”

Roberson Cheng also waved, “When you have time, don’t forget to visit Grandpa Uncle, I will miss you.”

“We will see you, and we will miss you.”

Zong Yanxi lay on the car window. Although he was reluctant to part with his grandfather and uncle, he wanted to be with his parents.

Cheng Yu smiled warmly, “It’s enough to have you, grandpa uncle is content, don’t delay time, let’s go.”

Finally, saying goodbye, Alan Su drove the car out.

Alan Su also took the snacks that Alan Su bought for the two children. The two children were bored, so they just had something to eat. Ana Lin was not in good spirits and worried about Lena Qin. She had already suffered so much damage last time. Once, she didn’t dare to think about it, in case something went wrong… “Mummy, what do you think?”

Zong Yanchen felt Ana Lin’s low mood and asked with concern.

Ana Lin stretched out her hand to touch her son’s face, and withdrew a smile stiffly. In the face of the two children, she didn’t want to bring her emotions to them and cheered up, “I’m thinking, when will you grow up.” “

“When you get old, we will grow up.”

Zong Yanxi intervened.

“Then I am old and ugly, do you hate such a mother?”

Ana Lin asked with a smile.

“Will not.”

Zong Yanxi didn’t want it anymore, leaning over and leaning into her arms, “You are the most beautiful mommy in the world.”

Zong Yanchen moved to the other side and gave the place to his sister.

Ana Lin reached out and touched Dabai, “You want to take it home?”

Zong Yanxi nodded vigorously, looked up at her and asked, “Don’t you think it’s cute?”

“Um cute, more cute than you.”

She pinched her daughter’s face.

“No, I am the cutest.”

Zong Yanxi touched her belly, “When will the baby be born?

I am looking forward to it. “

Ana Lin touched her head and said soon.

It was getting darker and darker outside, and people passing by were also lighted up. The two were tired from playing and ate snacks, and fell asleep without saying that they were hungry.

When the two children died, Alan Su asked, “What happened, why are you rushing back in such a hurry?”

Phillip Zong, who was sitting in the passenger seat, glanced back. Ana Lin was also looking at him, his eyes met, even if he didn’t speak, he understood each other’s current thoughts.

“Am I not pitiful?”

Alan Su did not squint.

You don’t need to look at it to know that the couple are looking at each other. He is still in the car. Isn’t he deliberately trying to stimulate him with such a show of affection?

“Lena Qin doesn’t want to forgive me. You still have to stuff me with dog food. Are your hearts made of stone?

Don’t you think I’m so pitiful?

Can you be kind to me? “

Alan Su complained.

He was broken in love, and Lena Qin refused to forgive him. He didn’t know what to do in the future. He sighed, and the topic turned back and asked, “You guys are talking, what happened, and you left in such a hurry. Are we going back to city B or to city C?”

Chapter 549

“Back to city B, there is an emergency in the company.”

Phillip Zong didn’t tell Lena Qin’s affairs, fearing that Alan Su would know that it was Lena Qin’s affairs. He was emotionally unstable, and he was still driving.

That would be too dangerous.

Alan Su cut, “Is the company’s business so urgent?

Isn’t it about staring at Jin?

Is it possible that if you don’t go back today, you will have to close down tomorrow? “

Soon, he immediately changed into a look that I knew, and smiled and said, “Is this because I’m afraid that my sister-in-law will leave again, so I want to take it back soon?”

Phillip Zong glanced at him and said coldly, “Stop in the front service area and I will drive.”

“I’m not tired yet.”

He drove it alone when he came, and didn’t feel too tired.

“You talk too much, I’m afraid of insecurity.”

Phillip Zong lowered his head and sent a message to Keller Shen, asking him to go to C city to check Gubei. I wonder if he found any clues.

After sending it out, he glanced back. The two children slept very well. Ana Lin turned his head and looked out the window, his face didn’t look very good, he should be worried about Lena Qin.

In front of Alan Su, he was not easy to say clearly, and tactfully advised, “I will take care of the matter. You sleep for a while and don’t think too much.”

How can she not worry? Lena Qin suffered so much damage before, not long after coming back, and encountering such a thing again, how could she calm down, how could she not worry?

However, in order not to cause trouble to Phillip Zong, he hummed, and then closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Phillip Zong sighed and looked away, knowing she was pretending, but there was nothing else to persuade her to relax.

He glanced down at the phone, Keller Shen did not reply to the message, so he leaned back on the chair and pressed his temple.

“Are you hiding something from me?”

Alan Su asked, why did he feel that Phillip Zong was anxious to go back because something happened?

Phillip Zong didn’t look at him, and said lightly, “Concentrate on driving.”

Alan Su, “…” “I’ll be your full-time driver, are you doing this to me?

Can’t you be polite to me? “

This is too much to take him seriously.

Phillip Zong opened his eyes and cast his gaze slowly, seeming casually, “Alan Su, do you still want to chase Lena Qin?”

“of course.”

Alan Su almost blurted out.

Of course he wanted to chase Lena Qin back, but he knew that Lena Qin didn’t want to turn back.

The odds of recovering her are slim.

Ana Lin, who was sitting behind, heard them mention Lena Qin, and his nerves became tense involuntarily, afraid that Phillip Zong would now tell Alan Su about Lena Qin’s arrest.

She was also afraid that at this time Alan Su knew that it would take a few hours to return to City B. Knowing Lena Qin’s situation, she could only be anxious.

Rather than making him uneasy, it’s better to wait until he gets back and tell him, and then we can discuss a countermeasure together.

“Do you have a way?”

Alan Su asked a little excitedly.


Alan Su couldn’t wait to ask, “What method?”

“Shut up, no woman likes a long-winded man.”

Alan Su, “…” This is too bullying, why is he so long-winded?

“Then you can tell me why I’m long-winded…” At this time, a string of cell phone bells rang, drowning Alan Su’s voice-Phillip Zong thought it was Keller Shen, and took out his cell phone to realize that it was not his own phone, but his previous Putting Ana Lin’s mobile phone in his pocket, he looked at the caller ID on the screen and said the words’Second Uncle’.

Ana Lin knew who was around him.

This second uncle should be the man he met in C city.

Ana Lin is very familiar with her mobile phone ringtone. As soon as it rang, she opened her eyes and asked nervously, “Who is it?”

She thought it was Gu Bei who came here again.

Phillip Zong handed her the phone, “Let’s see for yourself.”

Ana Lin reached out and took the mobile phone. It showed her second uncle. She pressed the answer button and gave it to her ear. Gibson Shao’s voice was heard from there.

“Can you reach Lena Qin?

She hasn’t been in the store for a day, and she can’t be contacted. “

Ana Lin calmed down and said in a low voice, “I know she is there, don’t worry, we won’t go back temporarily, please help me watch over there.”

“Oh, it’s fine if you know. She suddenly disappeared and couldn’t be contacted. I am quite worried. When will you come back?”

Gibson Shao asked.

Ana Lin doesn’t know when he can go back, “I’m not sure yet, I’ll call you in two days.”

“That’s fine. You don’t have to worry here. I’ll take care of you. You have to take care of yourself and two children.”

Gibson Shao asked.

Ana Lin answered and said, “I see.”

“Then I hang up.”

Ana Lin gave a hum and hung up the phone.

She was about to install the phone, Phillip Zong reached out to her, “Give me the phone.”

Ana Lin looked at him, “It’s not convenient for me to put my phone with you. If the person called Gu Bei calls, I will let you answer it.”

She knew what Phillip Zong was worried about.

Isn’t it just afraid that Gu Bei would call her something? She hadn’t seen this person and didn’t want to deal with it.

She couldn’t handle Lena Qin’s affairs, she had to rely on him.

Ana Lin was just talking about it, Phillip Zong couldn’t say anything else, and withdrew his body.

“Sister-in-law, do you know Gu Bei?

How do you know him? “

Alan Su asked.

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