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Chapter 541

There is a feeling of joy when entering the hotel. This is not a modern wedding, but a Chinese theme wedding. The whole wedding scene is decorated with festive red. In order to create a strong Chinese color, the auditorium serves as The focal point of the entire scene highlights the main color and theme from the layout.

The scene was very lively. Jenkin Bai didn’t have many relatives. There were many partners in the mall. There were also some senior executives in the company. The rest were women’s relatives and friends, which made the wedding scene very lively.

No one pays attention to someone coming in, their eyes are all in the auditorium. The most eye-catching moment of the wedding is because it is a Chinese wedding. There is no vow, but Baitiandi is used instead.

The bride wears an embroidered Chinese wedding gown with a phoenix crown and a red scarf covered with fringe, which is subtle and beautiful.

Jenkin Bai did not wear the corresponding Chinese gown, but a formal suit with a smile on his face, seemingly satisfied with the marriage.

Phillip Zong was not in the mood to appreciate such a wedding, he just wanted to find Ana Lin as soon as possible, but there were so many people on the scene that she didn’t see her for a while.

The woman’s parents are also decent figures. They spoke on stage and expressed their satisfaction with the son-in-law.

Apart from the legs, Jenkin Bai’s ability and appearance are all outstanding.

The only shortcoming is that the legs cannot walk like ordinary people.

Although the wedding was grand, it also omitted a lot of details of etiquette, the bride’s speech, and the wine and other things.

Ana Lin stood under the red curtain on the right of the auditorium and looked at the auditorium quietly. Because she was still close, she could clearly see the bride’s appearance, the features were beautiful, there was no prominent place, and there was no first glance. It feels amazing, but it is the kind of person who makes people more comfortable the longer they look.

Those eyes that look at people are like a swath of water that has never been polluted, clear to the bottom.

At the end of the worship, Jenkin Bai took the bride down and came towards Ana Lin.

“Where are you taking me?”

Zhou Chunchun followed him honestly and asked curiously.

Jenkin Bai smiled, “Take you to meet someone.”

Soon they came to Ana Lin, Jenkin Bai smiled and introduced Ana Lin “This my wife, Zhou Chunchun.”

Ana Lin said hello politely, “Hello.”

Zhou Chunchun blinked her big innocent eyes and said, “I have seen her.”

Jenkin Bai smiled and said, “Oh, is it? Where did you see it?”

Ana Lin also searched for her appearance in her mind, but did not find any memories that belonged to her.

Zhou Chunchun didn’t have any expression on her face, and said faintly, “Yunzhi Embroidery, I saw it when I customized my wedding dress. Another designer received me and my mother. She didn’t notice us.”

Ana Lin suddenly realized it, no wonder she felt familiar when she looked at the wedding dress on her body. Only then did she remember that she had seen this design in Lena Qin’s paintings. After the opening of Yunzhi Embroidery, Lena Qin took the first design.

After Zhou Chunchun said this, she remembered.

Memory is getting worse, does pregnant women really suffer from memory loss?

But when there were Yan Xi and Yan Chen, this did not happen, or was it because she was too tired?

Although I really want to go back to rest, and then go back to City C as soon as possible, this is Jenkin Bai’s wedding, and it must be over before we can leave.

“I came in a hurry. I didn’t prepare a special wedding gift for you. I can only give you a big red envelope. I hope you have a happy wedding.”

Ana Lin said with a smile.

Jenkin Bai pretended to be angry, “This is because you are not sincere. You want to send me a red envelope?”

“You didn’t tell me in advance. It’s not that I didn’t prepare for you. If I knew that this was your wife, I would not let Lena Qin collect the money at the time. I would treat it as a gift to your wife, or I would customize it. The money for the wedding gown is refunded to you?”

Jenkin Bai, “…” Is he so short of money?

“Now that I am married, do you have any concerns?

So alienated? “

Jenkin Bai asked.

Ana Lin frowned, didn’t he even consider the feelings of his newlyweds?

Talking so regardless of the occasion?

She couldn’t help but look at Zhou Chunchun. Zhou Chunchun didn’t have a strange expression on her face because of Jenkin Bai’s words. She was always calm, always keeping those big eyes open.

“She…” Ana Lin felt something was wrong.

Jenkin Bai looked up at Zhou Chunchun and stretched out her hand. She squatted down and put her hand in his palm obediently, and smiled and called, “Jenkin.”

“Do you like me?”

Jenkin Bai asked.

Zhou Chunchun nodded honestly, “I like it.”

“Is she innocent?

Like her name? “

Jenkin Bai’s gaze turned to Ana Lin.

Ana Lin made no words while pursing his lips.

Jenkin Bai stretched out her hand to caress Zhou Chunchun’s forehead. She is very well-behaved. He always likes to squat by his side when talking to her. “She is 23 this year, but only has the IQ of a 13-year-old child. She is very simple. She doesn’t know the world. The darkness on earth is the simplest person I have ever seen.”

Ana Lin, “…” She was speechless for a long time, wondering what Jenkin Bai wanted to do?

“Is it a perfect match for a lame and a fool?”

Jenkin Bai ridiculed herself.

Ana Lin didn’t find it funny at all, and asked in a low voice, “Why did you make such a choice?”

“What’s wrong?

She is the jewel in the hands of the Zhou family, and it is also very helpful to my career. It is just too simple. I have seen too many conspiracies and tricks. I have such a simple person lying next to me. At least I can feel at ease. Sleep, don’t be afraid of someone stabbing me while I’m asleep. It’s great…” Before he could say anything, he smiled deeper when he saw the man coming here from the crowd, “Yanyan, look at my newly married How about a gift for me? “

“what gift?”

Ana Lin didn’t notice the figure approaching behind him at all.

Just immersed in the shock of Jenkin Bai and Zhou Chunchun’s marriage, if Zhou Chunchun was a normal girl this time, she wouldn’t think there was anything, but now… Jenkin Bai stared at her belly with inexplicable emotions in his eyes. She smiled on her face, “Let me touch your baby. In this life, I am afraid that I will never have a child. This may be my only wish.”

Ana Lin, “…” She frowned deeply.

“If you don’t speak, I will assume that you agree.”

As he said, his hand stretched out.

Ana Lin knew that she should refuse, no matter from which aspect, she must refuse, but when Jenkin Bai’s hand covered her belly, she did not immediately avoid it.

I don’t know why, but I think he is very pitiful, yes, pitiful, she can’t find other adjectives.

It’s like a poor person who has no food to eat. Asking her for food, she will not hesitate to give away what she has.

“You said, if your stingy man sees me like this, will he be angry with Qiqiao?”

Jenkin Bai said with a smile.

Ana Lin lowered his eyes, and when he thought of that man, he even thought of those unsightly photos.

My heart is dull and hard to breathe.

She did not answer Jenkin Bai’s words, but said, “I think I should go back.”

“Okay, I don’t think you need me to send someone to send you.”

Jenkin Bai agreed very readily, and the smile on his face became deeper.

The ugly face of the man behind her, the happier and brighter his smile.

“Why do you say that?”

Ana Lin always felt that his smile was’innocent.’ Jenkin Bai took Zhou Chunchun’s hand, looked at her behind and smiled without saying a word.

Ana Lin realized what was behind him and turned around slowly.

Chapter 542

He stood close to her, without a trace of expression on his handsome face, and stared at Jenkin Bai with his cold eyes.

At the moment he saw him, Ana Lin was stunned, completely unexpected that he would appear here.

For a while, he was stunned.

She had anticipated that she would meet in City B or City C, but she did not expect to be in Baicheng or Jenkin Bai’s wedding. How could he appear here?

He is here, what about the two children?

“Does Zong always come to drink my wedding wine?”

Jenkin Bai smiled.

Phillip Zong took a calm and heavy step just like that, walked straight over, staring at Jenkin Bai gloomily for two seconds, “Do I have friendship with Bai?”

Well, seeing him angry, Jenkin Bai’s mood improved, and his smile was particularly awkward. “You and I don’t have a deep friendship, but your wife and I still have some friendship. Don’t you say that the husband and wife are one body?

Don’t you and Yanyan have one heart? “

Every time he heard Jenkin Bai’s nickname Ana Lin is Yanyan, he had the impulse to strangle the man.

“President Zong, don’t be angry. In order not to make you jealous, I ended the marriage. You should thank me.”

Jenkin Bai smiled and continued, “I really want to talk to Zong Zong very much, but Zong Zong has a deep prejudice against me, as if I am a bad guy with a lot of evil.”

“You value yourself too much, and you can’t describe you with a lot of evil. You are despicable and shameless.”

Phillip Zong stood beside Ana Lin, held her hand, and said in a hurry, “Compared with the villains who are full of wickedness, the people who are honest and gentle on the surface are more annoying.”

After speaking, he pulled Ana Lin away.

Jenkin Bai looked at them as they walked through the crowd and left with a smile on his lips.

“Jenkin, what are you laughing at?”

Zhou Chunchun felt that they were arguing, but they did not understand why they were arguing.

“I laughed at that naive man, and I was very happy to see him angry.”

Adding some blockage to him, it is considered to have reported his grudge against him. Jenkin Bai turned to look at Zhou Chunchun and asked, “Do you think the woman just now looks good?”

Zhou Chunchun nodded, “It looks good, she has a baby in her belly, right?”


The smile on Jenkin Bai’s face narrowed down, leaving only the melancholy that could not be desired.

“Are they husband and wife?”

Zhou Chunchun asked.

Jenkin Bai gave a hum.

“Then we are also husband and wife now?”

Zhou Chunchun asked again.

Jenkin Bai patiently said yes.

“Let’s go.”

He didn’t want to talk about this topic.

Zhou Chunchun is very well-behaved, “I am pushing you.”

She grabbed the wheelchair handle, “Let’s go to my father’s side.”

Jenkin Bai said, “Okay, listen to you.”

Zhou Chunchun smiled, like a child without a city, innocent and brilliant.

Jenkin Bai looked at her and smiled.

Outside the hotel, Phillip Zong took Ana Lin and kept walking, as if to tell her to stay away from Jenkin Bai, forgetting that she was still pregnant, walking fast, and never meant to stop, Ana Lin came back to his senses and said, “You slow down!”

Phillip Zong stopped and looked back at her.

When I looked at each other, I was speechless.

After a long time.

“You hug me, I’m afraid I won’t be able to control my temper.”

Phillip Zong opened his mouth first.

When he thought of Jenkin Bai touching her belly, his chest was filled with fire, and he wanted to ask her why he didn’t push Jenkin Bai away and rejected him. It was not his child. Why did he touch?

Not to mention it, Ana Lin was even more angry than him.

I didn’t see the other person, I was just sulking. The person who saw him was right in front of my eyes, and the suffocation in his chest was even worse.

“Are you more uncomfortable than me?”

I slept with another man, and the photo was sent to you? “

Phillip Zong, “…” “Those are fake, I don’t even know the woman above.”

He explained anxiously.

“Really, then tell me what happened?

And why are you here, Yan Xi and Yan Chen? “

Ana Lin asked quickly.

In the past two days, she was very worried about them, for fear that something happened to them, her whole heart was heavy, as if she had crushed a stone.

“Someone framed me. This is a long story. I will explain to you slowly when I go back. Yan Xi and Yan Chen are in the Cheng’s old mansion, they are talking…” Phillip Zong’s voice lowered and called her slowly His name, the original restless mood, slowly settled in this’words’, his eyes looked at her, the scorching sun in summer was not as hot as his eyes.

The air around her stopped flowing. She even forgot to breathe. She just stood there, forgetting to react, forgetting everything.

He stretched out his hand to embrace her and said in a low voice, “I miss you a lot during this time.”

Ana Lin’s stiff body is conscious, and the surrounding air is also flowing. There are many thoughts and mixed feelings, which are not enough to describe her complicated mood at the moment.

She raised her arms mechanically, hugged his waist back, buried her face in his arms, the tears she wanted to hide still fell.

There is no heartache, no grievances, no feeling of reunion after a long time. I don’t know why, the tears just slid out of my eyes. There is no sign that she was caught off guard and could hardly conceal, “I’m sorry, I wanted to leave the two of them by your side. …” “I know you need them more than I do.”

He has never blamed or complained. As a mother, she needs her children by her side more than him.

Those hard days were too hard, and the moment I embraced her, those hard days seemed insignificant.

No one said a word about the past.

Just holding them quietly, the enthusiasm of embracing at this moment, compared to the scorching sun.

It wasn’t until Ana Lin’s mobile phone rang that she interrupted the two of them. She took out her mobile phone, and the word’Second Uncle’ was displayed on the caller screen, which was called by Gibson Shao.

When she pressed the answer button, Phillip Zong took her hand and stood under the sycamore tree on the side of the road. The dense branches and leaves were crowded together to block the sun’s light.

He wiped her forehead with fine beads of sweat, and lifted up the black hair sticking to her cheeks.

She looked up at him.

Gibson Shao’s voice came over from the phone, “I’ve found out what you asked me to check for you. He is not in city B, and nothing seems to have happened, but I heard about another thing. .”

Chapter 543

Ana Lin retracted his gaze, not looking at him, lowered his head and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“About your uncle Foster.”

Gibson Shao said.

Because Wen Xian is his elder brother’s woman, he knows something about Wen Xian. He originally promised Ana Lin to investigate Phillip Zong’s affairs, but finally learned about Foster Wen.

He didn’t know the grudge between Foster Wen and Phillip Zong, only knew that something happened to Foster Wen.

Ana Lin, as Wen Xian’s daughter and Foster Wen’s niece, should know or give help.

Because of his proximity, Phillip Zong also heard Gibson Shao’s voice on the phone. His eyes moved to Ana Lin’s face. He wanted to see what her expression was. Would he be unhappy because of Foster Wen’s affairs? Ana Lin lowered his head, he did not see her look at the moment.

Ana Lin has already seen the news, and the fluctuations in her mood have long since passed, and there is Phillip Zong, even if there is, she will not show it.

She moved two steps to the side of the road, and distanced herself from Phillip Zong. She didn’t want to stay away from him, but she didn’t want him to hear Gibson Shao’s voice.

She still lowered her head, looked at her toes, and said, “I know, don’t ask more, don’t intervene, I’m not in C city, please help me take care of things on the factory side.”

“He is your uncle…” “Second uncle.”

Ana Lin interrupted him, obviously not wanting to talk about the tone of this topic.

Gibson Shao is not stupid. He naturally heard her rejection and changed the subject after a pause, “You are not in City C, where have you been?”

“I attended a friend’s wedding and went back soon.”

“Okay, don’t worry about me, don’t worry.”

Ana Lin gave a hum and said, “Then I will hang up.”

She hung up the phone when she heard the answer over there, put her mobile phone back in her bag, looked up, just to meet Shang Phillip Zong’s gaze, he was looking at herself, his deep eyes were dark and unclear.

It seems to be exploring, and it seems to be pretending to be indifferent.

She stood very close to him just now, and he must have heard Gibson Shao’s voice.

Ana Lin was afraid of his misunderstanding, and explained, “I received those photos, and I was afraid that someone was pointing at you, so I asked him to help inquire about your situation.”

That’s why she knew about Foster Wen, but she didn’t say it. This person seemed to be a barrier between them. Mentioning this name would make them feel uncomfortable.

Phillip Zong pressed his lips, knowing what she was worrying about, he didn’t want to mention it, and didn’t want to be ruined by the insignificant people.

He smiled and asked, “So are you worried about me?

Afraid of me being in danger? “

Ana Lin glanced at him, “I am worried about the two children, they will be by your side.”

Phillip Zong came over and took her shoulders, “Is it so difficult to admit that you care about me?”

Ana Lin turned her face away, but Phillip Zong didn’t allow it, and he shook her face and asked her to look at herself, “Say, do you miss me?”


Ana Lin deliberately refused to admit it.

In fact, during this time, she missed him very much.

Very much.


He tucked at the corner of his lips, with an obvious expression of disbelief, but she was very passionate and unrestrained that night.


Suddenly, Ana Lin turned sideways and crossed his waist with both hands to hug his thin waist. During this time, she was very tired and stressed in her heart, “I was very tired.”

He stroked her back, knowing that she had to bear more than him, “Let’s settle down in City C. When we go back, I’ll buy a bigger house and we live together as a family. How about you?”

“May I?”

She really didn’t want to go back to City B, even if the two of them didn’t mention those people, those things, but living in that place, they could always hear about what happened.

After all, things happened in that city, so many people know about it and have mixed mouths.

Ana Lin has concerns, after all, Phillip Zong’s career is over there, “What about the company?”

“I hire someone to take care of it.”

He laughed, “I’ll be here to accompany you and the two children at ease. It really doesn’t work. You support me, anyway, you can afford me now.”

Ana Lin said in vain, “I can’t afford you.”

“Then I will eat less, and I don’t need to prepare another room for me. I’ll share a room with you. Your bed will be my half. Anyway, I won’t take up any space, and it won’t cost you much.”

Ana Lin, “…” “It’s too hot outside, let’s go back to pick up the two children.”

Phillip Zong hugged her and stood by the road to take a taxi. Now that there is no car coming, he asked, “Are you tired?

Shall we go back after a day off? “

“Go back, do you know who did the photo?”

Ana Lin looked up at him.

If this matter is not resolved, she is always upset.

Phillip Zong hugged her arms and folded her body very tightly, “I know, it’s just not sure, I asked Keller Shen to investigate.”

He looked at her and said seriously, “I really don’t.”

Ana Lin understood, and deliberately pretended not to understand, and asked, “You really have nothing?”

Phillip Zong, “…” “You know what I mean.”

Do you have to say so clearly?

“I do not know.”

Even if someone else made it deliberately, it left a shadow in her heart, and she would always imagine that he was really cheating, and it was like that when he had sex with other women.

“I have never slept with a woman other than you.”

Phillip Zong explained word by word that there was a taxi, and he raised his hand to stop it.

“Even if you slept, I don’t know.”

Ana Lin trusted him, but felt uncomfortable and panicked.

Phillip Zong, “…” The taxi stopped along the side of the road. Phillip Zong pulled the car door and put his hand on her head to prevent it from being touched. Ana Lin bent over and sat in and went up behind him.

Because they were sitting in a taxi and there was a driver in front of them, two people didn’t talk along the way. When they got to the place, Phillip Zong took her hand after paying and getting out of the car, “How about you check?”

“what to examine?”

Ana Lin didn’t react for a while.

He said solemnly, “Check if I have cheated.”

“This, this, how to check this?”

Ana Lin stammered. Apart from catching the rape in bed and finding substantive evidence, how can he check it out?

Phillip Zong pulled at the neckline. Because of the heat, a thin layer of sweat adhered to the surface of his skin. The corners of his mouth smiled, “Of course I checked on the bed.”

Ana Lin, “…” She suffocated three words for a long time, “Shameless.”

Phillip Zong didn’t care, stretched out his hand to touch her belly, and could vaguely feel the temperature of her body through the cloth, “You will stay away from that surname Bai in the future.”

“Are you jealous?”

Ana Lin looked at him.

“I want to chop off his hands.”

Thinking of Jenkin Bai’s smiling face at the time, I wanted to tear off his face to see if he could still laugh.

It was wrong for Ana Lin to know that he did not withdraw. After all, there are differences between men and women, not to mention that they are both married, especially Jenkin Bai. Regardless of whether Zhou Chunchun’s brain is normal, he shouldn’t do that, in front of her.

“do you know?

The girl Jenkin Bai married was very simple. “

Ana Lin’s tactful words, Phillip Zong still understands.

In front of the newlyweds, dare to be so presumptuous, unless his newlyweds have a bad brain.

Otherwise which woman can tolerate it?

“Pity him?”

Phillip Zong knew what she was thinking when he looked at her expression.

Without waiting for her answer, she continued, “You give him a face, and he pushes his nose on his face. You are not allowed to pity him.”

He domineeringly grabbed Ana Lin’s hand and said seriously, “Have you heard?”

Ana Lin didn’t want him to be unhappy, and nodded obediently, “I see.”

Phillip Zong pinched her nose, “This is good, let’s walk in, Xiao Xi and Ruth are inside.”

“The two of them changed their names.”

Ana Lin thought he had forgotten, and reminded him.

Phillip Zong turned to look at her with a serious expression.

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