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Chapter 52

Soon Rios He’s voice came over, “Yanyan, it’s me.”

Ana Lin’s voice was tense, “En.”

There was a moment of silence before he said, “The woman you were talking about is dead–“

“What?” Rios He was interrupted excitedly by Ana Lin before he finished speaking.

How could it die?

She is obviously very healthy and not too old. How can she say that she died when she died?

“Yes.” Rios He called her softly, comforting her agitated emotions, “Don’t worry, this matter doesn’t have to be investigated from that woman—”

Ana Lin held the phone tightly in her hand and was still not at peace. She herself didn’t know why she was so upset. She didn’t know whether she was expecting it or something else.

I only know my heart is a little confused.

She lowered her eyes, “Is there no clue?”

Is she thinking too much?

Rios He fell silent.

Neither of them hung up the phone, but neither did they speak.

The air can clearly hear the other person’s breathing.

a long time.

Rios He opened his mouth, “Talking–” He stopped talking, “Do you really want to know who the child’s father is?”

Ana Lin lowered her head and stared at her feet. The light outside was scattered and scattered, and the shadows were shaking one by one. She asked herself in her heart, do you really want to know who the child’s father is?

Ana Lin asked herself in her heart.

When did this idea come about?

It was when she found clues from Phillip Zong that she had the urge to know.

“If the answer disappoints you, it’s not the person you thought, would you still want to know?” Rios He continued to ask.

One question after another, Ana Lin didn’t know how to answer.

Perhaps she is also conflicted inside.

“Why don’t you speak?” Rios He asked a little bit.

There are thousands of emotions in this world.

There is one kind called Rijiu Shengqing.

She and Phillip Zong live under the same roof, will they have feelings?

This is why Rios He pressed her to ask her.


“I’m listening.” Ana Lin interrupted him, afraid that he would say something she couldn’t answer.

This time in country A is at night, Rios He is standing on the side of the road in a foreign country, the street lamp illuminates his appearance on the ground, and the old man—

He lowered his head and looked at his shadow. In fact, he also wanted to know if the man that night was the person Ana Lin suspected, Phillip Zong.

The woman died and the hotel surveillance was deleted.

But he still found it. He took Ana Lin’s photo and asked in the hotel. A waiter recognized Ana Lin and told him clearly what happened that night.

That’s right.

That person is Phillip Zong.

He didn’t want to admit it, or he didn’t want Ana Lin to know.

Having a child is involved, even if Phillip Zong doesn’t like her, will he be –

He dare not think.

He didn’t want Ana Lin to know.

He likes her and wants to take care of her.

Obviously he met her first.

He met her when she was a child.

“Yanyan, I found the man that night…” Rios He held the phone tightly.

Ana Lin’s heart violently mentioned, and it got stuck in his throat.

Suddenly she was enveloped by a black shadow, she turned her head, the person who came against the light, the profound facial features were hidden in the light, through the light covered by the flying dust, she could see who was standing behind her, and her eyes suddenly appeared. Nervous and alert.

But there was an inexplicable expectation.

Expect Rios He to tell the result of his conjecture.

“I’m a local.” Rios He’s voice came through the microphone.


This answer was like a dull thunder exploded in Ana Lin’s heart.


In other words, what she saw in Phillip Zong was a coincidence.

Her guess is also wrong?

“Yanyan are you listening?”

“I have something to do, hang up first.” Ana Lin hung up the phone in a panic. She might be too panic and the phone fell off and snapped.

She just wanted to bend over to pick it up. Phillip Zong stooped to pick it up first. He looked at the number on the phone screen and squinted his eyes slightly, “Who is calling and seeing me so nervous?”

Ana Lin pretended to be calm, “I’m not nervous, you suddenly appeared and scared me.”

Phillip Zong smiled, he bent down and stared at the woman who was pretending to be calm, “Really?”

Ana Lin’s back was chilled by him, and his throat was too tight to speak. At this moment, Yu’s mother came over with the cut apple and relieved Ana Lin.

“This is the authentic Xixia apple. It is sweet and crisp. You can taste it.” Wanda put the apple on the table.

Ana Lin quickly put aside Phillip Zong’s gaze and went to insert the apple. It was really crispy, sweet and juicy in her mouth. She inserted one and handed it to Phillip Zong, “You try?”

Phillip Zong lowered his eyes, did not move, just stared at her hand holding the apple.

Ana Lin handed it to his lips again, and the apple juice was on his lips. It was cold but sweet.

Ana Lin blinked, “It’s really sweet.”

Phillip Zong bit into her mouth and glanced at her, “For your sake of being so sensible, please spare you this time.”

Don’t think he didn’t know that she was deliberately changing the subject.

Wanda smiled, quit the room wittily, and went outside to see people at work.

Ana Lin pursed his lips and did not dare to refute. He chewed on the apple and unbuttoned his suit, threw it on the sofa, sat on the sofa, saw the piano there, and asked, “You can play the piano?”

Ana Lin turned her head, looked at the piano, and nodded, “I will, I haven’t touched it in a long time, I’m afraid my fingers are stiff.”

As she said, she looked down at her fingers.

Phillip Zong’s gaze fell, her fingers were slender, her skin was fair, but her palms had calluses, and his brow wrinkled. She just wanted to reach for her hand, but she stood up and walked towards the piano.

She sat in front of the piano with her back on her back, her fingers lightly falling on the keys, and a loud sound came from the keys.

Crisp and sweet.

She squeezed her hand, looking for a feeling. Although she hadn’t touched it for a long time, she still had the courage to start after learning for many years.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, placing her fingers gently on the keys.

When her fingers pressed the keys, the melodious tune slowly presented “Sorrow and Happiness”

This is the first song she learned, and it is also her latest favorite.

The past scenes were presented in her mind, happy and sad–

Her life is short, but she has experienced too much.

Phillip Zong condensed her back, as if thinking about something.

Did the cocoon on her hand stay in Country A?

Is it painful to be abandoned by my father?

He was in a trance, and was suddenly interrupted by a cell phone ringtone. He seemed unhappy. This inappropriate ringtone and frowned brows made Ana Lin seem to hear the sound and stopped his hand movement.

The air quieted down instantly.

The ringtone of the phone is clearer.

Ana Lin got up and walked over, wondering why he didn’t answer the phone.

When I walked over, I saw the name on the phone, Bai Zhuwei.

Ana Lin sat down opposite him, “It’s Miss Bai, why don’t you pick it up?”

Phillip Zong glanced at her, as if he disliked her for talking too much.

Of course, I didn’t want to pick up, so I didn’t pick up.

The caller was very patient. He kept ringing until he answered.

Ana Lin smiled, “Are you afraid that I will hear you whispering? Then I won’t disturb you—”

After speaking, she stood up, and when she was about to leave, Phillip Zong grabbed her wrist and pulled it hard. Ana Lin fell to his thigh. She was about to move and was held by Phillip Zong’s waist and clasped tightly. .

The other hand answered the phone——

Chapter 53

Ana Lin frowned. What was he doing with his arms around him when he answered Bai Zhuwei’s call? Let yourself witness their sweet words?

Inexplicably, she was in a dull mood and struggled hard. The more she struggled, the tighter she held Phillip Zong, and she whispered, “Don’t move.”

Ana Lin wanted to move Phillip Zong’s lips to her ear again, with some warning, “Honestly, I will answer the call, eh?”

Ana Lin didn’t dare to move anymore, and calmed down in his deep and mellow voice.

Phillip Zong’s lips were smiling, as if satisfied with Ana Lin’s silence, his thumb inadvertently rubbed the flesh on her waist through the cloth.

When the phone was connected, a man hurriedly heard from the other end, “Zong Zong, Miss Bai had a car accident and is now in the hospital.”


Baizhu had a car accident?

Even Ana Lin heard it near.

She turned her head to look at Phillip Zong. At this time, his gaze was looking at her, and she was surprised by the situation, “When did it happen?”

“An hour ago.”

Phillip Zong let go of Ana Lin, stood up and took his coat. After walking a few steps, he remembered that Ana Lin was there. He looked at her, “I want to go there.”

Ana Lin also looked at him, “Go ahead.”

That is his girlfriend, the woman he likes, now in danger, he should go.

He pursed his lips, as if he wanted to say something, but said nothing, put on his jacket and walked away, calling as he walked, “Book me a ticket to country A, the nearest flight.”

Ana Lin smiled bitterly looking at his back disappearing by the door.

This is the original trajectory, she is her, and’them’ is’them’

She is the superfluous one, obviously they are a pair of lovers who are in love, destroyed by her.

“Where did the young master go in a hurry?” Wanda walked in and asked.

Finally come back early, shouldn’t the two stay longer to cultivate relationships? Are you so busy at work?

Wanda didn’t understand, she didn’t understand.

And very unhappy.

Is there not enough money?

Isn’t life-long events important?

Ana Lin pursed his lips and smiled, “Miss Bai had a car accident. He will go over and take a look.”

Wanda’s face sank instantly, and it had only been quiet for a few days. This woman came out to be a demon again?

“She was in a car accident and asked for a doctor. The young master is not a doctor. Could it be possible to treat her?” Wanda was not very happy, with the words “I’m not happy” written on her face.

Ana Lin walked over, took the leaves off her shoulders, and looked at the workers who were not far away pruning the green plants, “Yu’s mother didn’t see that I was the superfluous one? They are true love.”


The young master and the mistress are true love.

Yu’s mother hated iron and steel, and said that her husband and other women are really in love. Is her brain flooded?

“You are the wife appointed by the wife for him. You are a matchmaker ordered by your parents. What is she?” Wanda stared at Ana Lin bitterly, “If he goes, you can let him go. Can you make money? Breathe?”

Ana Lin smiled bitterly in her heart and stretched out her hand to hold this lovely old man. Ana Lin knew that she was doing her own good, and hoped that she and Phillip Zong would do well.

But she didn’t understand the relationship between her and Phillip Zong.

“Wanda, you are so good to me, what if I am reluctant to leave?”

Wanda raised her head and looked at Ana Lin, “Where are you going?”

As the old saying goes, marrying a chicken, marrying a dog and a dog, she married Phillip Zong, who belongs to the Zong family. Where would she go?

In my mother’s eyes, the daughter-in-law appointed by the wife herself is Phillip Zong’s real wife, and she doesn’t recognize other drunkies and snake gods.

In ten days, she and Phillip Zong’s marriage will be one month old, and she should leave by then.

Ana Lin held Wanda, “I want to walk outside.”

“Okay, I’ll accompany you.” Wanda was familiar with the situation here, and just happened to talk to her.

After supper, Ana Lin went back to the room after a good meal, lying on the bed tossing, and then slowly fell asleep when he was extremely sleepy in the middle of the night.

Country A.

Phillip Zong got off the plane, and Chen Hao, the staff member who came with Bai Zhuwei, waited at the exit of the airport. He saw Phillip Zong coming out of the exit and greeted him quickly.

“Zong Zong.”

“How are people doing now?” Phillip Zong asked as he walked.

“I am out of danger for the time being, and I have been placed in the ward now. It’s just—” Chen Hao stopped talking, as if he didn’t know what to say.

Phillip Zong said coldly, “Stop selling Guanzi to me, if you have anything to say.”

Chen Hao raised his eyes and glanced at Phillip Zong, then lowered his eyes quickly, “Miss Bai had a miscarriage–“

Phillip Zong’s footsteps stopped, his eyes narrowed slightly, “What did you say?”

His strong aura, oppressive, makes people breathless.

Chen Hao swallowed a mouthful of saliva, “Bai, Miss Bai had a miscarriage. The doctor said she was almost three months pregnant because of the accident.”

Phillip Zong was struck by lightning.

He clenched fists with both hands and was very angry, not knowing what was upset.

He walked fast, so Chen Hao trot to keep up.

After getting in the car, Chen Hao drove the car quietly, not even daring to breathe, for fear of offending the man in the back seat.

Soon the car stopped at the hospital.

Chen Hao stopped the car and got out of the car and ran back. Just as he stretched out his hand to pull the car door, the car door was already pushed open by Phillip Zong, and he quickly stepped aside.

Phillip Zong got out of the car and looked down at his watch. At this time, it was daytime here, but it was already night in China.

He put down his hand and glanced at Chen Hao, “Lead the way.”

At this moment, Chen Hao has walked to lead the way, “Zong Zong, here.”

Through the corridor Chen Hao led Phillip Zong to Bai Zhuwei’s ward, “Miss Bai is inside.”

Phillip Zong stood quietly at the door for two seconds before pushing the door open and entering.

There was a faint smell of disinfectant in the room. Bai Zhuwei was lying on the bed with a weak face and saw Phillip Zong trying to sit up, “Ah, you, why are you here?”

Phillip Zong walked quickly to support her, “If you hurt, don’t move.”

Bai Zhu was in his arms, “How do you know I was injured?”

Standing at the door, Chen Hao bowed his head. Bai Zhuwei seemed to have understood before, and pointed at Chen Hao, “You told Ah Hao?”

“The doctor said that you are life-threatening to me, so I took the initiative and notified President Zong–“

“Who made you troublesome?!” Bai Zhu slightly angrily took the pillow and threw him on him.

“Chen Hao, you go out first.” Phillip Zong hugged the excited Bai Zhuwei and followed her back comfortably, “Why are you hiding from me?”

Phillip Zong’s mood is very complicated.

Bai Zhu lowered his head slightly, tears falling down one by one, “What did I say? It has been two months since I found out. At that time, you and Miss Lin were already married. I originally wanted to wait until you and Miss Lin. End the relationship and give you a surprise, never thought of—”

Speaking of Bai Zhu weeping and crying, she hugged Phillip Zong tightly, “Ahao, our child is gone.”

She cried heartbreakingly, “Ahao, I’m sorry for you, I didn’t protect our child–“

Phillip Zong’s eyebrows were hard, and there was an inexplicable emotion between his eyebrows.

Knowing that he had had children before, he was touched.

Every man has a desire to be a father.

This woman was pregnant with his child, but he took the support here.

If he does not support her, there will be no car accident and the child will not have a miscarriage.

He closed his eyes, “It’s not your fault.”

It was his fault, he was crazy, and wanted to find an inexplicable sense of familiarity in Ana Lin——

Chapter 54

After Phillip Zong left that day, he did not come back for a week, and Ana Lin slowly recovered.

She went to get off work step by step.

“I heard that Zongzong went to country A to accompany Secretary Bai.” During the lunch break, everyone gathered together to talk gossip.

“Zong Zong has already acquiesced in the identity of Secretary Bai as his girlfriend. It is normal to see her, but—” The woman looked in the small mirror, fiddled with her long hair, looked at herself in the mirror, and smiled with her red lips. .

I think the woman in the mirror is a peerless beauty.

Everyone seems to be used to her narcissistic appearance, and it’s already commonplace.

Just being tickled by her words, everyone gathered around, “Just what?”

The corner of the woman’s eyes squinted at everyone, “Zong Zong is really rare for her. Will she still let her go to Country A? There are so many people in the company, who can I send?”

Everyone thinks this is the reason.

But there are also disapproval.

“If, as you said, Mr. Zong doesn’t like Secretary Bai, he hasn’t come to the company for a week in order to accompany her. How can I explain it? You must know that this was not available before.”

The two of them have reasons to say, and their views are different, and naturally they are prone to disputes. No, some say that Phillip Zong loves Bai Zhuwei, some say that he does not love.

Can’t hold on.

“Hey, Xiaolin, do you think Mr. Zong loves Secretary Bai?” A colleague pulled Ana Lin, who was sitting silently, “Why don’t you be with the group?”

Ana Lin smiled bitterly in her heart, discussing whether her’husband’ loves other women or not, is it funny?

The colleague pulled Ana Lin and said, “You are talking.”

Ana Lin said helplessly and said his own thoughts, “I don’t know, I came to the company late and I am not clear about their affairs. I think-I like it. How can I admit her identity if I don’t like it?”

After a few seconds of silence, it seemed that what she said was reasonable. If Phillip Zong didn’t love Bai Zhuwei, why would he admit her identity?

“Look, I know Zong always loves Secretary Bai.”

Their gossip didn’t stop, Ana Lin used the excuse to pour water and avoided them. The rest time was over, everyone was gone, and Ana Lin returned to work.

Phillip Zong still did not come back that day.

After listening to the gossip of colleagues at the company, Ana Lin just wanted to be quiet. Who knew that when she came home, Yu’s mother was also nagging.

“Why hasn’t the young master come back for so long?”

Ana Lin felt her head hurt, she rubbed her forehead, Wanda thought she was unwell, came up and asked, “Is she sick?”

Ana Lin shook his head, “No.”

“then you–“

“Hmm—” Ana Lin suddenly smelled a fishy smell, frowned and looked at Wanda, “Did you buy fish?”

Yu’s mother nodded and pointed to the dishes on the table, “I just came back from the supermarket and I will make fish for you to eat in the evening——”

Before she could finish her words, Ana Lin had already covered her lips and ran to the bathroom, retching.

Wanda hurriedly followed, stood by the door, looking at Ana Lin, “You–you won’t be pregnant, will you?”

Although Ana Lin and Phillip Zong have been separated, they slept in the same room the night they got married.

What if there is one time?

Wanda was a little excited, “Go, let’s go to the hospital.”

With a child, any junior or senior has to stand aside.

Ana Lin shook his head, “No, I—the stomach is upset.”

“That’s going to go too.” Wanda was firm, she only trusted the doctor.

“Wanda.” Ana Lin struggling to start, Wanda did not relax, “I am also doing well for you.”

“Hurry up and change your shoes.” Wanda pulled Ana Lin towards the entrance.

Ana Lin didn’t dare to move too much. On the one hand, he was afraid of hurting Wanda, on the other hand, he was afraid of hurting the child in his stomach.


Just as Ana Lin racked his brains to explain to Wanda, the door was pushed open.

Ana Lin and Wanda looked at the door almost at the same time.

Phillip Zong stepped forward, with a suit on his arm, the shirt’s neckline loosely open, showing a delicate collarbone, cyan stubble on his chin, and a dark color under his eyelids, and he looked unrested, and was usually full of spirits. He was different, he seemed a bit tired.

This time I went to accompany and take care of Bai Zhuwei, I must have not rested, Ana Lin thought secretly in my heart.

Seeing that it was Phillip Zong, Wanda was overjoyed, “Master, grandma may be pregnant.”

Phillip Zong’s face did not fluctuate.

Ana Lin only felt embarrassed.

The eyes are facing each other, everyone knows well.

Only because Yu’s mother didn’t know, stared at Phillip Zong, “Your wife is pregnant, are you unhappy?”

Phillip Zong’s face stretched into a straight line with his neck, his apple slid up and down, calmly said, “Let’s get a divorce.”

Sooner or later.

I just didn’t expect it to come so suddenly.

It was originally the intersection of errors and should end.

Not reluctant, but suddenly felt empty.

Everywhere is empty.

She smiled, “Okay.”

She was so simple, so simple that Phillip Zong had no time to react, and even some could not accept her attitude.

Ana Lin said lightly, “Let’s go through the formalities tomorrow.”

After speaking, she turned and went back to the room.

Wanda seems to have been struck by lightning, are they going to divorce?

Is marriage a child’s play?

“Master, you, are you going to get a divorce?” Wanda felt that there must be auditory hallucinations in her ears.

Otherwise, how could you suddenly say divorce, and the two are still so peaceful?

“I’m tired.” Phillip Zong didn’t want to talk more about this, and walked upstairs after speaking.

Wanda was stunned for a moment, and then turned around to stare at Phillip Zong’s back, “This is the marriage that was made for you when the wife was alive.”

Phillip Zong’s footsteps paused, and for a short while, he continued to step on the stairs upstairs.

Wanda still didn’t give up, “Young grandma is pregnant, don’t you care anymore?”

Boom! With a sound, the door closed, and Phillip Zong silently told his dissatisfaction!

Ana Lin didn’t belong to him.


If so, maybe he won’t be so angry.

His child is dead!


Wanda was also taken aback, he rarely got angry at home.

Ana Lin barely slept that night, sitting alone by the bed, with packed luggage on the table next to him, there was not much.

Just a few pieces of clothing and some daily necessities.

At dawn she changed her clothes and walked out of the room. Phillip Zong just got up, dressed neatly and walked down. He was completely different from yesterday. The straight and fitted suit wrapped his tall and slender figure, as if it were drawn from a fairy tale book. Prince Charming walking out.

Expensive, handsome and charming.

His eyes met in the air, very calm.

Ana Lin opened her mouth first, “It’s still early, and the Civil Affairs Bureau shouldn’t open the door. I have something to go out.” When she spoke, she glanced at the time, “I’m back at nine, do you have time?”

She first went out to find a place to live. Phillip Zong suddenly mentioned her divorce, and she didn’t have time to prepare. She was negligent on this matter, and she should find a way out first.

Phillip Zong walked down, “Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau, I will let Milton Guan handle it.”

After speaking, he walked towards the door.

Ana Lin laughed at herself. Why did she forget that Milton Guan took her to apply for the marriage certificate. Phillip Zong didn’t show up at all. Why did he get divorced?

Their marriage is seemingly destined, and what kind of fate is it that they have been engaged since childhood?

However, this short marriage now seems like a joke.

Ana Lin took a deep breath, it was time to end.

Phillip Zong made breakfast at the table.

Ana Lin came over and sat down opposite him, “Miss Bai, are you okay?”

After he went to see her, he made a decision, should he be planning to marry her?

But that woman has a plan, can’t he see it?

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