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Chapter 517

If he cared about Keller Shen so much, he didn’t believe it if it wasn’t interesting, it was wrong. In fact, the two of them were interesting at first, otherwise how could they k*ss in public?

Seeing Alan Su’s expression, Marsha Sang could guess what he was thinking about, and explained, “I’m the one who caused Captain Shen. This incident should have a great impact on him, right?”

“Sure, his identity is special.”

Alan Su is smart in other people’s affairs. Even if it can be resolved soon, he will have to say that Keller Shen’s situation is miserable, so as to make Marsha Sang feel guilty to Keller Shen, so as to promote emotional development.

He thought silently in his heart that he may be the best man in the world. The man who can become his brother is the blessing of his previous life. Who can be like him to do so hard for his brother’s lifelong event?

“Hey, now maybe Keller Shen is being scolded. If the matter becomes serious, it may affect his career.”

Alan Su sighed and deliberately made the matter serious.

Marsha Sang bit her lips in annoyance, feeling that it was her own fault that hurt him.

“Can I see him?”

After all, at a young age, where is Alan Su’s opponent, biquwu.biz] confuses her in a few words, leaving only panic.

Alan Su said, “I’ll take you to a place first, and contact him now. I don’t know if he has time to see us.”

Walking out of the campus, Alan Su and her stood by the side of the road waiting for a taxi. He looked at Marsha Sang, “If you need your help, please cooperate.”

“I will, I will definitely cooperate, as long as the troubles it brings to him can be solved.”

Marsha Sang said quickly, as if to prove his determination to Alan Su, for fear that his attitude was not clear enough to make him doubt.

“Don’t be too nervous, we will help him.”

Alan Su smiled, thinking that he might have put too much pressure on her, her face was not bloody, and she became pale.

There was a taxi passing by, Alan Su stretched out his hand and stopped the car quickly. Gentleman Alan Su opened the rear door and let Marsha Sang sit in first. He waited until Marsha Sang was seated before getting in the car. When he closed the door, he went to Take a look before, “Go to Wanyue Group.”


Soon the taxi driver started the car and drove out.

During the process of going to Wanyue, Alan Su introduced himself to Marsha Sang, “I and Keller are good brothers, you know.”

Marsha Sang nodded, clasped his hands tightly, his heart was always uneasy, worried for Keller Shen.

“Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Alan Su. You can call me Alan Su like Keller. I am a lawyer and have my own law firm, but I haven’t taken cases by myself for a long time.”

Marsha Sang pursed her lips and said nothing, but she heard what Alan Su said. At the breakfast shop that day, she knew that none of them were ordinary people.

“Why don’t you introduce yourself to me?”

Alan Su asked with a smile.

Marsha Sang’s head was buried even lower. In front of them, she clearly felt that she and them were not from the same world. She was a little timid instinctively. Her voice was very low, “I have no relatives, and my father is dead. , My mother is serving her sentence.”

Alan Su never asked Keller Shen about Marsha Sang carefully, but he didn’t care about his family background. Who didn’t want their parents to be alive, who didn’t want to grow up in a happy family?

But what family they were born into is not their choice. For example, in the eyes of outsiders, he is a successful person, he is also young and promising, has his own career, and looks good. If he is willing, he can find a woman. Get married and have children.

However, he also had pains that he could not tell others.

He patted Marsha Sang on the shoulder and comforted, “Don’t think there is anything. Everyone is actually the same. They are all beautiful in appearance. Everyone has their own distress.”

It’s not about Lena Qin. Alan Su’s mind is still very clear. He has rules for speaking and doing things, and he is organized and unscrupulous, and he still feels very stable.

As soon as he encountered Lena Qin, he became extremely stupid.

Alan Su was very good at talking, and Marsha Sang was obviously less nervous.

When they spoke, the car stopped under the Wanyue Group building, and Alan Su paid to get off the car.

He did not leave immediately, but opened the car door and waited for Marsha Sang to come down.

Marsha Sang bent down and got out of the car, standing on the side of the road and looking up at the nearby building. It rose from the ground and became a landmark building on Financial Street in City B.

She just looked at such a place from a distance, and had never been so close.

I never even thought that one day I could enter such a place.

Alan Su smiled and said, “Don’t be restrained, it’s not an outsider here, just like me and Keller Shen, this time I have to ask him for help, so I can only bring you.”

Marsha Sang said, “It’s okay, as long as this matter can be resolved as soon as possible, I can do anything.”

She once again stated her position.

Alan Su was very happy for Keller Shen. The girl looked young, but she was very responsible. The family was not good, and Keller Shen was not married to her family, as long as she was good.

He slapped his head and felt that he was thinking too much. This is not the time to think about it. “Let’s go in.”

He was familiar with this, and the front desk would not stop him. He took Marsha Sang to the top floor soon, and Milton Guan just came out of the president’s office. He called Milton Guan and asked if Phillip Zong was there.

“I just came back, inside, I already know the situation.”

When Milton Guan spoke, he looked over him, looked at Marsha Sang behind him, and smiled, “Keller Shen hides quite deeply.”

He didn’t even know that Keller Shen had a woman, and he was still so young. He heard that he was a freshman. This old man either didn’t do anything, but he seduce him tenderly. It wasn’t this news. He thought Keller Shen was true. Like men too.

Alan Su looked at Milton Guan solemnly and reminded, “Convergence.”

I haven’t got it yet, I’m scared off again.

Milton Guan gave a light cough, as if his eyes were a bit too direct just now, “You can go in.”

He sighed, “I have to be squeezed.”

Busy like a dog all day.

“Let him raise his salary.”

Alan Su teased him.

Milton Guan’s face tensed immediately, “I won’t talk to you.”

After speaking, he left. His annual salary is more than that of many small company owners.

He is also rich, not worse than Alan Su, and may be richer than Alan Su.

Alan Su didn’t have the time to talk to him. He took Marsha Sang and knocked on the door of the office. Phillip Zong was watching the news and said indifferently, “Come in.”

He opened the door and walked in with Marsha Sang. Phillip Zong did not look up, and was reading the news of Keller Shen. He was still wearing the clothes he was wearing before. His shirt was already wrinkled and his expression was a little tired. Why did I have a rest? I came directly to the company when I came back from City C.

“This is a tricky thing, and it’s spreading hot now, which has a big impact on Keller.”

Alan Su glanced at the man in front of the computer and raised his eyebrows slightly. Phillip Zong’s appearance is really rare. The stubble on his chin is very obvious. His unshaven appearance is quite masculine.

As soon as this idea came out, Alan Su almost gave himself a palm. He was a man and his sexual orientation was normal. He actually admitted that Phillip Zong was handsome. Isn’t it abnormal in his brain?

He thought silently in his heart, this is the charm of the legendary’smelly’ man, right?

Phillip Zong drew his gaze from the computer screen, raised his head, and glanced at him. Naturally, he saw Marsha Sang standing quietly behind Alan Su, but his gaze did not stop for a second. He picked up the phone to connect to the inside line and asked the secretary Taiwan receives the public relations department, “Give me the Minister of Public Relations.”

He was holding the phone in his hand, but his eyes remained on the phone screen.

The screen saver of the mobile phone is a photo taken by him holding Ana Lin’s hand.

Ana Lin was still asleep when he woke up. When he was sitting on the bed and looking at her, he held her hand in his palm and patted her. Her hands are really small. He held them with the palm of his hand. The fingers are slender and the bones are distinct. The nails are not the fancy nails that are popular now. They are neatly trimmed and very neat, especially beautiful.

Just looking at it this way, you can feel the feeling of holding her hand at the time, making his heart soft.

Chapter 518

Looking at it, it reminded him of Ana Lin hugging him and k*ssing him indiscriminately. Although her consciousness is not so clear, he really likes her like that. She has flesh and blood, seven passions and six desires, and the true emotions are vividly displayed. No reservations.

She is so vivid, so happy for him.

Although I only spent a few hours with her, it was enough to fill the void of this time.

Or, because I saw her in a good mood, I didn’t pay attention to it, and the expression was on his face. Standing at the desk, Alan Su, seeing the rare smile on Phillip Zong’s face, once felt that he was dazzled. , Rubbed it, but he was still laughing.

“You, did you find the money?”

How else can you laugh so happy?

It’s really a Western view, rare to see.

He seemed to be happy because there was something on the phone. Alan Su stretched his head to find out. As a result, before he could see it clearly, Phillip Zong, who had recovered his senses, pressed off the phone screen, suppressed his face, and cast him a deep glance. .

Alan Su scratched his head, thinking how stingy.

Why don’t you just take a look? Why are you so fierce?

At this time, the call was connected, and the voice of the Minister of Public Relations came, “Zong, are you looking for me?”

Phillip Zong’s eyes returned to the computer screen, “Have you read the news?”

Responded over there.

“I took a look. This photo was spread by accident and no one was operating behind it. Please check with the media to stop the spread.”

After seeing the news, he deliberately checked the starting channel. It was a personal trumpet, which was originally not read by anyone. The following discussion was discussed in twos and threes. It was a media trumpet who saw it and reposted it, which caused a sensation.

As long as no one operates, it is not difficult to solve.

“Okay, President Zong, I will do it now.”

Phillip Zong hung up the phone, he picked up the phone on the table, stood up, grabbed the suit jacket on the chair, and glanced at Alan Su, “You have to run over there, there is a student His Weibo is called’I am Ketchup’ and the school asks him to write a statement, and then I will contact the public relations department and the media to forward it for clarification.”

After speaking, he stepped out.

Alan Su was still puzzled and called to him, “How do you explain the picture?”

After all, the real person is on the top, how can I make it clear?

Phillip Zong didn’t look back, “This public relations department will handle it.”

Now, as long as the incident is prevented from fermenting, the news on this side is removed, and the starter can stand up and clarify that the truth and falsity of the photos can not be solved by giving them a reasonable explanation?

Alan Su nodded, “That’s OK, I’ll go there again.”

Phillip Zong stepped out without responding. He already needed to go back to take a bath and change his clothes. The shirt had already stuck to his body, which was very uncomfortable.

Alan Su looked back at Marsha Sang, he couldn’t bring Marsha Sang back to school, right? This is not tossing people back and forth.

Just when he didn’t know how to arrange Marsha Sang, the cell phone in his pocket rang. It was Keller Shen who called. He immediately picked up the caller ID and said, “How are you?”

“I just returned to the bureau. I will see the leader later. Have you seen Marsha Sang?

How is she? “

Alan Su looked back at the quiet and silent Marsha Sang, thinking that the two had a tacit understanding, and the first time they were asking about each other’s situation.

“She’s okay, here I am. You should care about yourself. Don’t lose your job. You can’t do work in the workplace with a wooden bump like you.”

Alan Su deliberately said this in front of Marsha Sang. If he didn’t handle it well, he would definitely be punished, but he would not lose his job.

“Captain Shen, Bureau Song wants you to go to his office.”

Alan Su heard a voice from Keller Shen, and then Keller Shen’s voice soon came over, “I have something to do, we will contact you later.”

After speaking, he hung up without giving him a chance to speak.

Marsha Sang stepped forward and asked, “was Captain Shen just now?”

Alan Su nodded, “I guess I’m going to be scolded.”

“Can you tell me he was in that game, I want to see him.”

Marsha Sang knows that it is not appropriate to meet him now, but she will not make trouble. “I will wait outside and will not show my face to make him trouble.”

Alan Su looked at her quietly for two seconds, then nodded, “Okay, I’ll give it to you.”

He had a plan, and after sending Sang over, let Keller Shen’s subordinates arrange for him to go to school.

He sent Marsha Sang over because he wanted to give Keller Shen time to get along with Marsha Sang.

Although their intimate photos were very popular, Alan Su knew that according to Keller Shen’s temperament, even if he had a good impression of Marsha Sang, he would not actively k*ss him in public.

The angle looks more like Marsha Sang taking the initiative.

He raised his eyes and looked at Marsha Sang, but he didn’t expect her to be quite open.

After walking out of Phillip Zong’s office, he went to find Milton Guan. He didn’t drive his own car. It was always inconvenient to take a taxi. Sometimes he had to wait, so he planned to borrow Milton Guan to drive.

Milton Guan gave him the car key without going out today.

He took Marsha Sang to the Municipal Bureau. On the way, he called Keller Shen’s men and asked him to wait at the door.

When he arrived, he handed Marsha Sang to Keller Shen’s subordinates and drove away to go to school.

Even if Alan Su does not need to explain who Marsha Sang is, I am afraid Keller Shen’s subordinates will be able to recognize who this girl is. After all, everyone now knows.

At that time, something like this suddenly broke out, and people who followed Keller Shen didn’t believe it was true.

However, people stood in front of them at the time, and people had to believe that Keller Shen really looked for a woman and also found a’little girl’.

“You follow me in.”

Xiao Liu, one of Keller Shen’s subordinates, said to Marsha Sang.

Marsha Sang stood still, but asked, “If I appear here like this, will it cause him trouble?”

After this incident, she became cautious.

Xiao Liu didn’t speak tactfully, and said directly, “The trouble has been added.”

Marsha Sang pursed his lips.

Xiao Liu was surprised that he was speaking too straight, which made his family uncomfortable. He explained, “I’m a vulgar person and don’t know how to talk. Don’t mind.”


Marsha Sang said hurriedly.

“I’ll take you to the Shen team’s office and wait for him.”

After Xiao Liu finished speaking, he walked to lead the way, fearing that he would say something wrong again, so he didn’t say anything.

Following the process of Xiao Liu, Marsha Sang tried to inquire about Keller Shen from his mouth, “How is Captain Shen now?”

“In the director’s office.”

Little Liu said.

“Will it be against him?”

Marsha Sang asked again.

Xiao Liu thought for a moment, “I don’t know how to deal with it. There must be disadvantages. Such things have been reported from his identity, which has caused a very bad effect.”

“Can I see your chief?

This incident was actually my fault, and it was nothing to do with Captain Shen. “

Marsha Sang said.

Xiao Liu turned his head to look at her, pondered for a moment, “All right.”

He thought in his heart that since Marsha Sang was from that time, it would be okay for the chief to explain with Captain Shen?

Originally, I was going to take Marsha Sang to Keller Shen’s office, but Xiao Liu changed his way and went to the director’s office.

When he reached the door, when he was about to raise his hand to knock on the door, there was the sound of a cup falling inside. Xiao Liu’s movements stopped and he didn’t dare to knock on the door for a while. He was so angry that he threw something. .

Don’t you go in at this time and hit the muzzle?

Captain Shen was also scolded miserably at this time.

Marsha Sang Li Jin naturally heard the sound, walked over and knocked on the door.

Her fault cannot be let Captain Shen mention her.

Xiao Liu looked at her incredulously, but did not expect that she would take the initiative to knock on the door, “Did you not hear the movement inside?”

“I just knocked on the door when I heard it.”

Marsha Sang clenched his hands tightly, with a particularly firm tone.

Although I was scared, I still wanted to explain clearly to Keller Shen’s leader.

“Come in.”

At this time, there was a voice inside, and it was too late for Xiao Liu to stop it.

Chapter 519

At this moment, Xiao Liu regretted a little, not knowing if it would cause trouble to Keller Shen, he looked at Marsha Sang helplessly, and could only pray that things would not be too serious.

“You go in.”

Xiao Liu stood aside and gave up his position.

Marsha Sang glanced at Xiao Liu, plucked up the courage, and opened the door. The dark office chair was concise and neat, looking very serious.

The moment she saw Marsha Sang, Keller Shen’s brows wrinkled, unexpectedly she would appear here.

He said solemnly, “There is nothing for you here, go out.”

Marsha Sang stood by the door, clasping his hands in front of him, nervous and even shocked when facing a person like Director Song, but he did not back down, “Things started because of me, I think it is necessary to come to your leadership. Explain clearly.”


Song Ju laughed, “Okay, since Keller Shen doesn’t want to say it, tell me, what’s the matter?”

“This matter has nothing to do with Captain Shen.”

Marsha Sang looked up at Song Ju, “Everything is my initiative.”

Song Ju laughed heartily again. He thought the girl was funny. He sat on the chair and looked at Marsha Sang in his spare time. “In the photo, you are all hugged together. Why doesn’t it matter to him?

What is his identity?

How can others speculate and know the impact? “

Marsha Sang was speechless for a while, she could not explain the photo, and it did have an impact.

She shook her hands and clenched them into fists, “Whether you believe it or not, it is my fault. It really doesn’t matter to Captain Shen, please don’t punish him.”

Song Ju looked at Keller Shen and then at Marsha Sang, helplessly and amused, that serious face suddenly became kind.

He knew how Keller Shen was. When he saw the news, he felt that there must be a misunderstanding. Taking Keller Shen as a person, he felt that he couldn’t do such a thing.

It’s just that he is a public official. Such news will have a negative impact on public officials in society and make people think that they are messing up outside in their own right.

Marsha Sang didn’t see Song Ju’s words, thinking he still wanted to deal with Keller Shen, heartbroken, and questioned, “I am an adult, but only young. Captain Shen is also unmarried, can’t we fall in love?

Is it illegal to fall in love? “

Keller Shen looked at Marsha Sang in surprise, “Um, Marsha Sang, I…” “I just don’t understand, it’s not your fault. Why did you hold on to you? I explained it. At that time, you were defenseless. , I took the initiative first, but I don’t understand why people don’t believe me. I just don’t want you to be implicated because of me. However, I found that I have a hundred mouths and I can’t tell.”

Marsha Sang red eyes, “I just don’t want you to be affected because of me.”

Song Ju pressed his eyebrows, “I didn’t expect to be a very stubborn little girl.”

At this time, the office door was pushed open again, and a man in uniform walked up to Song Ju and whispered to him.

Song Ju heard the man’s words, his face changed again, and finally he became calm. He said lightly, “I see.”

The man left after speaking. Song Bureau turned on the computer and searched for the news about Keller Shen, but there were no results, and there was no photo.

Instead, it’s overwhelming that the person who sent the photo came out with a statement of confession, claiming that the photo was synthesized by him, and that the photo was sent because of a feast with Marsha Sang, and he deliberately tried to discredit her. The following are all confessed wrong words, saying that it is a cause for society. I am very sorry for the impact, and apologize for the trouble caused by the majority of public officials serving the people, and hope to be forgiven.

Alan Su went to the school, and quickly found out the original person. He had been with the school and asked him to write a statement. It was very simple. After all, the school wanted to resolve the matter quickly. Alan Su is a lawyer who knows how to write the statement. Keller Shen and Marsha Sang, regardless of true or false, as long as the matter can be resolved, plus the public relations department and the major media have approved all the news about Keller Shen and Marsha Sang to withdraw, and Weibo can not be found. This key word.

The news is suppressed, and the apology statement is almost resolved, and everyone will gradually forget it in a few days.

As long as it is not copied, it fades out of everyone’s sight, and it is quickly forgotten. Now that the Internet is developed and all kinds of news are constantly flowing, this melon cannot be eaten, and the people who eat melon will go to eat other melons.

Keller Shen also didn’t know what Song Ju’s meant, so why didn’t he leave him here?

What punishment should be given?

“Song Bureau, it was my carelessness this time. I promise that there will be no such thing again in the future. Can you let her out first?”

This is obviously not something that can be solved by explanation, and it is useless for Marsha Sang to say it.

If the matter is not resolved, he must be punished.

Director Song didn’t care how it happened, but how to solve it.

Hearing Keller Shen’s voice, Song Ju looked up at him calmly, pretending to be serious, “She is the party involved, how can she leave?

Where can I find such a clever girl? “

Keller Shen also wanted to explain. Song Ju first said something, “She’s right. If you are unmarried and unmarried, what’s the point of having a relationship?

However, you have to converge. You know what your identity is. We must serve the masses and set an example. “

“Yes, I know.”

Keller Shen obeyed.

“Go back and write a check, and give it to me tomorrow. You must recognize your mistakes, and where they are wrong, speak deeply.”


“Okay, go back.”

As if he had forgotten something, Song Ju called to him again, “You are in a relationship, it doesn’t matter, your boss is not young, I look so worried.”

Speaking, he glanced at Marsha Sang, but found a freshman who was too young, “In the future, keep a low profile, and then cause trouble to me. I will put your hat on you.”

“Well, I promise not.”

Keller Shen asked, “Song Bureau, do you have tea?”

“f*ck off!”

Tea cups have fallen, drinking fart tea.

Keller Shen smiled, “Then I’m leaving.”

After speaking, he took Marsha Sang and walked out, for fear that he would be a step late, and there would be any changes.

Seeing Keller Shen’s hurried back, Song Ju laughed and called for someone to come in and sweep the floor.

Marsha Sang, who was dragged out, was still a little confused, feeling that things were developing too fast, and she was too late to react, “Is this not being held accountable?”

Keller Shen took the time to hum, Marsha Sang was overjoyed, great.

But then I thought about it, “Why don’t you pursue it?”

“It should be solved.”

Keller Shen thinks about it now, that’s what the person should have said to Song Ju when he entered just now.

It was Phillip Zong and Alan Su who could help him solve the problem. Sure enough, he saw Alan Su standing at the door waiting for him.

“You treat today.”

While speaking, he glanced at Keller Shen holding Marsha Sang’s hand.

The corner of his mouth joked with a smile, “You guys converge and wait for things to disappear and then show affection?”

Only then did Keller Shen realize that he was still holding Marsha Sang’s hand, and suddenly released it as if he had touched a bomb.

Marsha Sang glanced at him and lowered his head silently.

Keller Shen later realized that he was moving too much, and coughed lightly to cover up his embarrassment.

Alan Su let out a cry and helped them open the car door, “Come on.”

After they got in the car, Alan Su said when they started the car, “It’s been a busy day, call Shang Phillip, let’s have a meal?”

“Yes, I’ll treat you.”

Keller Shen’s co-pilot did not deliberately sit with Marsha Sang. He always felt that he was small and had no intention of that aspect.

Even if his first k*ss was snatched by this little girl.

Alan Su thought to himself that it was really difficult to get the wooden knot to resuscitate. He was aware that Marsha Sang was thinking, after all, Xiao could not hide things, but looking at Keller Shen’s reserved manner really made him worry.

He sighed again in his heart, “You call Phillip.”

Alan Su drove the car and said, Keller Shen took out his cell phone, dialed out, and then the voice that came was turning off, dialing again, or turning off.

There is no one at the villa, no one at the company, Milton Guan is not there yet.

Alan Su and Keller Shen are a little confused, he never shuts down, how could he shut down suddenly?

Mainly, there is no one in the company or the villa. Since Ana Lin left, the company has been the longest place for him to stay. There is no one here either. Where has he gone?

At such an old age, still playing with them and disappearing?

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