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Chapter 520

Phillip Zong, who went back to wash and rinsed, received a message from Lena Qin, saying that Ana Lin was going to do the check-up the day after tomorrow, and he also attached the address and name of the hospital where he was going to go to the check-up.

To go or not, anyway, she did to inform him.

After Keller Shen gave her the number, she immediately sent a message to Phillip Zong, asking him not to tell Alan Su his identity, Phillip Zong agreed, but also made a condition to pass Ana Lin’s information to him at any time.

Let him know what she does every day.

Of course Lena Qin agreed. On the one hand, he didn’t want Phillip Zong to tell Alan Su his identity, and on the other hand, he wanted to connect Ana Lin and Phillip Zong, hoping that they would let go of their hearts and get back together as soon as possible.

The daughter-in-law Phillip Zong must go for the check-up, and Lena Qin had told him in advance, just to give him time to prepare.

This time, he planned to stay for a few days, and also took a change of clothes, so he wouldn’t rush like the last time.

On the day Ana Lin went to check-up, he arranged everything. He had money and connections, and it was not difficult to do something.

The two children went to school, and Lena Qin came to the hospital with Ana Lin.

Since she arrived in C city, she has been to this hospital and has a regular doctor.

The doctor in the outpatient clinic gave Ana Lin several check-ups, because it has been four months, the last time he came for the check-up, the doctor told Ana Lin that he would have a Down’s screening in four months. Explain that she must be fasted when she comes over, because she has to draw blood, and there is also a four-dimensional B-ultrasound. This stage is basically to eliminate the malformed fetus.

The doctor has seen Ana Lin’s previous medical records, so he understands her condition better. This doctor is also an expert in this area, and many people praise her medical skills.

Ana Lin also trusted her very much.

“You have been pregnant for more than four months, and you are a little thin. Pay attention to rest and have balanced nutrition.”

The doctor explained.

Ana Lin smiled and said, “I might just have this physique and I haven’t eaten fat before.”

The doctor laughed, “How many girls’ dreams are this.”

Nowadays, both men and women are losing weight and fitness, just want to have a good body, this kind of physique that does not eat fat is the physique that many girls dream of.

Soon the doctor changed his words and said with a smile to Ana Lin, “This is your first blood test. I don’t know where the blood collection department is. I will ask the’Intern’ to take you there.”


Ana Lin is a little at a loss, does the hospital still have such services?

“Someone stay with me, don’t bother.”

Ana Lin smiled and said, feeling too troublesome for others.

Besides, she has never encountered this kind of service in any hospital.

“The college student who has just graduated is still a boy and has no clinical experience. It is also an experience for him to see more.”

The doctor was still smiling, in short, he was persuading Ana Lin that he had to accept it.

The doctor said it all, but Ana Lin said it was difficult to refuse, so he could only agree, “Then, it’s troublesome.”

The doctor waved his hand, “It’s no trouble, you helped me.”

Ana Lin blinked and asked puzzledly, “Help you?

How can I help you? “

Lena Qin, who was standing behind Ana Lin, stared at the tall’intern’ who was standing behind the doctor.

He wears a white lab coat, a blue doctor’s special cap and a mask on his head, a face with no eyes exposed, and glasses.

If she didn’t know that Phillip Zong knew that Ana Lin would come to the hospital today, she would never guess on him.

But combined with the doctor’s words, she had to guess about him.

Looking at her height, looking at her dress… She thought to herself, fortunately, her face was so tightly covered, otherwise she would really be recognized, right?

The doctor quickly explained, “Yeah, you are helping me. There are not many men who are willing to be obstetricians now. Look, I was embarrassed at the beginning. Even if you arm yourself, you can’t see your face. I’m so embarrassed to see. People, I just want him to exercise more.”

Ana Lin noticed that there was an extra person in the clinic today, and he glanced at it when he came in, but didn’t pay attention anymore.

Lena Qin picked up the doctor’s order and helped Ana Lin up, “Okay, don’t ask any more, and other doctors can’t lie to you. Look at you carefully asking so many questions.”

Ana Lin, “…” Does she ask too much?

She looked at Lena Qin speechlessly, “Am I asking too much?”

“Not much, I just don’t want to waste time. You haven’t eaten breakfast yet. Let’s go and check it out. You can go and eat something.”

As Lena Qin explained, she helped her go outside, and when she got outside, she handed Ana Lin to the’trainee’, “You take her to the examination, and I will pay.”

After speaking, Lena Qin took the list and left.

Ana Lin wanted to call her, but Lena Qin walked so fast that everyone was gone, and she could only trouble the’Intern Doctor’.


She said politely.

The’Intern Doctor’ did not speak, but made a please gesture to her. Ana Lin thought he was just like the doctor said. Because he was a male obstetrician, he was a little embarrassed at first, so he didn’t speak and didn’t care. So followed him away.

Maybe he felt that the other party was a boy, so Ana Lin didn’t look at him much.

Just follow him quietly.

The blood sampling department is on the first floor and the outpatient clinic is on the second floor. So you have to go down to the first floor. The elevators between the first and second floors are only used by patients who cannot walk. The sliding elevators on both sides are not open for a long time. Take the stairs in the middle. Between the first floor and the second floor, there is a straight ladder, which is convenient without winding.

When reaching the steps, the’Intern Doctor’ reached out to help her out of instinct. Ana Lin hurriedly walked away and explained in time, for fear of hurting others’ self-esteem, “I do it by myself, don’t need to help me.”

In fact, she didn’t think it was appropriate. After all, she was a boy, and she could indeed go by herself.

The’Intern”s hand stayed in the air, and soon realized that he was a little impulsive, and took it back angrily.

Just walked carefully beside her, for fear that she accidentally stepped on and slipped, and he could catch her in time.

Ana Lin was awkward and walked down next to the stairs holding the handrail.

After walking down the stairs, the’Interns’ took the initiative to walk forward and lead the way.

Ana Lin felt that the intern was too cautious, and he was particularly uncomfortable walking beside him.

She glanced back, hoping that Lena Qin would come back soon, but she didn’t even see her personal image, so she had to withdraw her gaze and follow the trainee.

Soon the intern took Ana Lin to the place where the blood was drawn. There were a lot of people who needed to wait in line for the number to be called.

The main reason is that Lena Qin hasn’t paid the fee yet, so she has to hand the list to the nurse to arrange the number, and then wait for the number to be called.

It seems that Lena Qin also thought of this, so she wanted to find a place to quietly wait for the’Intern’ to complete the checkups that Ana Lin needed to do, and then came again, but thought of this in advance.

Just when Ana Lin was about to call her, she ran over and handed over the payment list and the list that needed to be checked. “Since you are here for an internship, then give it to You, let you see more.”

She asked you to read these words more, adding to the tone.

It seemed to remind him that it is not easy for a woman to conceive in October.

The intern raised his eyes and glanced at her. He reached out and took all the orders. Ana Lin reached out to stop him, but accidentally ran into the intern’s hand. She shrank back like an electric shock. Staring at Lena Qin, “You came with me for the check-up, you handed over everything, why are you going?”

She was uncomfortable with this’trainee’.

“You haven’t eaten, I’ll see if there are any delicious ones outside, I’ll buy them for you, and you can eat them after you check them.”

Lena Qin said.

“No, I’ll just go out and eat something after the inspection, you…” “Okay, okay.”

Lena Qin interrupted her, looking very uncomfortable, “I need to queue here. I don’t like the smell in the hospital. I smelled too much before. I’ll buy you food.”

Lena Qin left after speaking.

Ana Lin is not good at talking any more. Lena Qin spent a long time in the hospital and must have suffered a lot. After all, she was injured so badly before. She can understand Lena Qin’s sensitivity to the smell of disinfectant in the hospital. With a sigh, she found an empty chair and sat down, waiting for the intern to hand the list to the nurse in line, waiting for the call.

After the’Intern’ handed the list to the nurse, he returned to her and stood behind her.

Ana Lin was also a pregnant woman sitting next to Ana Lin. The month he looked at was a bit older than Ana Lin, but he looked much older than Ana Lin, but he was very talkative. It seemed that the waiting process was boring, so he took the initiative to talk to Lin. Xin Yan spoke, she looked at Ana Lin’s stomach and asked, “How many months have you been?”

Ana Lin said that she was more than four months old, and then looked at her belly. She had experience of birth and nurturing, so she could tell a little bit, so she said, “You must be six or seven months old, right?”

The woman smiled, “You are so accurate, I am almost seven months old.”

“Did you come alone?

Is your husband not with you? “

The woman asked.

Ana Lin’s face was unnatural for a second, and soon became calm again, “He is busy, I will come with my friend.”

The woman sighed, “I am alone, and my husband is also very busy. Since I married him, I have lost even a friend by my side. By the way, are you the first child?

You look very young. “

Ana Lin pulled her lips and said nothing. She was pregnant at the age of eighteen, and it was too early to give birth at the age of nineteen. She is now in her twenties, and she is the third child.

The’Intern’ standing behind her looked at her with low eyes, because his face was covered, and no one could see his expression.

The woman thought that Ana Lin didn’t say anything, but she was right, she leaned over and asked with a smile, “Are you going to have a C-section or a normal delivery?”

“Successfully give birth.”

Ana Lin replied that both Zong Yanchen and Zong Yanxi were in good labor because they were both very young. Although they were very painful when they were born, they did not hurt much.

The woman frowned and said, “I’m going to have a C-section.”

Ana Lin is puzzled, why can I give birth by cesarean section?

“Why, isn’t it better to have a normal delivery?”

“At first glance you are young and don’t understand this aspect. I advise you to have a C-section.”

The woman seemed to understand very well, even the’Intern’ behind Ana Lin was very interested.

The woman approached Ana Lin, “I heard that when a woman gave birth to a child, the bottom is loose. In order to tie her husband, it is better to have a C-section.”

Chapter 521

Ana Lin didn’t expect that this woman, in the public, could talk about such a topic of privacy.

I was a little embarrassed for a while and didn’t know how to respond to her.

Seeing Ana Lin blushing and uncomfortable, the woman smiled, “I’ve been married, and that’s the person who came here. There is nothing embarrassing about it, don’t you think?”

Ana Lin smiled and continued to say nothing.

But the woman didn’t mean to stop, “You, young, definitely don’t know what’s inside.”

The woman leaned over again, and even the’trainee’ behind Ana Lin lowered his body, wanting to find out how much the birth of a child affected the woman.

He had never thought about this problem before, and thought it was a natural thing, pregnancy and childbirth.

The book he bought before only talked about the process of pregnancy, and did not say what kind of damage a woman’s body would cause a woman to give birth.

“Let me tell you, a friend of mine, when she gave birth to her son, her son was too big to give birth. She said that when she gave birth, the side cut was very deep, and there was no needle when stitching. I’ve experienced it, just listening to it makes me frightened.”

When the woman said this, she felt as if she had experienced pain, her face was tight.

Ana Lin had given birth to children, but she had heard that some babies were too big to give birth and would use such methods, but she did not.

At that time, her condition was not very good. I don’t know if the nutrition has not kept up. The two children are very young.

“Think about it, the woman’s place is just that big, and it’s abruptly stretched out. Even if you can recover later, it’s impossible to return to the original state. I advise you to have a Caesarean section, and for your husband, you also have to have a Caesarean section.”

The woman knows how to look, and swears by it.

Ana Lin just smiled politely, although the topic was too much, but her heart was not bad, so she couldn’t say anything else.

“Don’t keep talking, I’m serious. Women and men are different. Men don’t need to have children. They don’t need to be ugly. They won’t change anything. We’re not the same. The husband and wife will relax after a long time. , Plus having children, hey, I think women are too sad. It’s okay to meet a man with a conscience. If you don’t have a conscience, risk your life to give birth to a child, and he has to divorce you.”

Women seem to have a lot of emotions, and they are very insecure, but Ana Lin understands that women are always sensitive during pregnancy.

It should be that her husband is very busy and doesn’t care enough about her that she has such extreme emotions.

“do not think too much.”

Ana Lin comforted her.

The woman looked at Ana Lin who didn’t care at all, and she couldn’t understand, “You really don’t care. You’ll know when you’re a b*tch. There are too many examples like this around me. Just what I just told you, my friend, She was divorcing her husband when she gave birth to her son.”

Ana Lin looked at the woman, she was not talking, maybe there were too many negative influences around her, she would have such thoughts.

Ana Lin sighed deeply, thinking that if a man loves a woman, even if there is a change, he should understand it, after all, to give him a baby.

To apply this woman’s words, the man he meets has no conscience, and he will change his heart no matter how he maintains it.

She was in a good mood, but she was trying her best to maintain a happy mood. After hearing this woman’s words, her mood became sad.

It’s not because he’s afraid that he’s had a baby and his body will change. He will not dislike it, but because it’s actually not easy for a woman to meet a good man. As long as he understands that you love you, it’s worth it. If you don’t meet good things, you will not end well if you suffer and suffer.

She patted the woman’s hand soothingly and said, “During pregnancy, it is good for you and the fetus to keep a happy mood.”

Thinking about it before, she heard an old man say that when a woman entered the delivery room, she had to look back at her shoes, wondering if she could wear them alive.

There used to be no medical conditions. Now the medical conditions are better. There are fewer maternal deaths, and fewer babies are born with disabilities.

She feels that maternal love is instinct. Once a woman becomes pregnant, she will love the child in her womb. No matter whether she loves the man who made him pregnant or not, she will love that child.

Just like the old saying, a child is a piece of flesh that fell from the mother. It was once connected to flesh and blood, and is the flesh and blood of the closest relatives.

At this time, the woman was called. She took a stack of checklists and stood up on her stomach. She looked back at Ana Lin, “Thank you, I will keep a happy mood.”

Ana Lin smiled back at her, looked at the woman alone, walked to the blood sampling port, and understood why she was so concerned about gains and losses.

It should be because it is too hard for a person to be pregnant, so I think about it.

She looked down at her belly, now it was already bulging, and she started to have fetal movement. Although the amplitude was small, she felt that her eyes became soft, thinking silently in her heart, but she didn’t know. Does your dad miss you?

Where is he at the moment and what is he doing.

Will you forget her and the child?

Suddenly she laughed, feeling that she had been led astray by the woman, and she became sentimental.

She fell into her thoughts, and did not notice that the’Intern’ behind her was looking at her belly intently.

He resisted and did not rush forward, covering the back of her hand and stroking the child in her abdomen.

Ana Lin was called after a while, and she stood up with one hand on the armrest of the chair. The month was not too big, so it didn’t take much effort.

She walked to the blood sampling port, sat on a high stool, and stretched out her arms. Her skinny skin was white and her blood vessels were easy to find, but the blood vessels were all on her arms, so she would still tie her arms with a cuff. After the blood vessels were exposed, and the alcohol swab was rubbed across her small arm, the doctor took the needle and was about to poke it into her skin.

The’Intern’ standing behind her was afraid that she would hurt. He went to look at her face. She didn’t have a painful expression on her face, but he noticed that her other hand, which was hanging on his side, was clenched. With a fist, it is conceivable that she is also nervous at the moment.

He almost didn’t think, he went to hold her hand, he wanted to be by her side and give her a touch of comfort when she was facing pain.

Chapter 522

The moment the’Intern’ held her hand, the doctor inserted the needle. At that moment Ana Lin nervously forgot the pain of the needle.

After the reaction, she did not hesitate to shake off the hand of the’Intern’, and her eyes widened, and she yelled, “What are you doing?”

Maybe he was really angry, and his voice didn’t stop, which attracted many people’s attention.

The’Intern’ looked at Ana Lin and didn’t know whether to be happy or cry. She was happy because she was touched by the’other’ man, crying that she was obviously not another man, but could not touch it.

“You go, I don’t need your help, I found it myself.”

Ana Lin turned his head, frowning tightly, wondering if he was angry with this’trainee’ or he was angry.

The moment the’Intern’ held her hand, her heart was like a deer, and she felt a kind of heartbeat.

The’Intern’ did not leave, and did not dare to explain. Just standing like this, Ana Lin stood up when the doctor finished the blood draw. She grabbed the checklist from the’Intern’ and left by herself.

I don’t know if she is evading this’Intern Doctor’, she walks so fast.

The’Intern’ looked at her in a hurry, sighed deeply, didn’t dare to follow her too tightly, guarding her from a distance.

Each department and department of a large hospital has a sign, although you are not familiar with it, you can find it.

Thinking B ultrasound belongs to the imaging department. It is also on the first floor. There is also a queue here. Ana Lin handed the list to the numbered nurse, and then found a place to sit and wait.

The’Interns’ stood a few steps away from her.

Ana Lin knew that he was following, but he didn’t say a word, didn’t look at him, and pretended not to know.

“Ana Lin, please go to the second examination room.”

After a while, Ana Lin was called. She stood up and walked towards the second examination room with the medical record in her hand.

After the examination inside, she walked in. At this moment, she looked back and found that the’Intern’ who had been following her did not come.

Instead, she let out a sigh of relief. She felt that this’intern’ was too responsible and too responsible. She thought in her heart that such a person would definitely become a good doctor in the future.

Because it was not the first time to have a check-up, it was done during the last pregnancy, and all of them took the initiative to lie down after going in.

When she was about to put on her clothes, she found that the’Intern’ was in the examination room. She thought he was gone just now.

“Aren’t outsiders allowed to enter here?”

Ana Lin was inexplicably embarrassed. There was a man standing next to her. The main thing she was wearing today was a skirt. For a B-ultrasound, the skirt must be lifted up.

The female doctor in charge of the examination seemed to perceive that Ana Lin minded that there were outsiders here, so she said with a smile and said to her, “He is an’intern’, so don’t mind. You lift up your skirt so I can check it up. .”

I am afraid that Ana Lin is still embarrassed and finally added, “Please don’t discriminate against male obstetricians?”

Ana Lin, “…” She bit her lip. She didn’t mean to discriminate, but she just had physical contact, which made her uncomfortable. Now…, she simply closed her eyes, lifted her skirt up, and opened the examination room. I felt cold when my legs were exposed. I don’t know if it was cold or how the hands on both sides made fists because of the presence of the’Intern’.

After the doctor applied the couplant to her belly, he picked up the tester and placed it on her belly, and soon the screen appeared on the display screen, and the’trainee’ standing next to her also looked extremely nervous and excited.

It seemed the first time I saw such a picture, but I couldn’t stop the surging inside.

The four-dimensional B-ultrasound picture is very clear. The doctor seems to have deliberately told the’intern’ behind him by talking to Ana Lin, “The eyes, ears, and nose of the fetus in more than four months have been fully formed. Now there are about ten It is six centimeters and weighs about 110g or about two eggs. It is well developed and healthy. No abnormalities have been seen, but…”

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