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Chapter 514

Floating and floating like dreams and illusions, true and false are no longer important, just responding to his entanglement with him in accordance with the original heart, her soul seems to be pulled away abruptly, leaving only a body that can’t think.

The intense enthusiasm piled up like a mountain made her sink inch by inch in his arms.

She curled up in his arms like this, and having him by her side would drive away all fears and sleep peacefully.

The next day, when the sun rose, Ana Lin turned over and wanted to hug him, but the only response he touched was cold and empty, and no one was lying beside her.

She flicked her eyelashes back and forth several times before she slowly opened her eyes. This side was empty and the sheets were neat. There was obviously no one, but the feeling last night was so real and profound.

She felt that she was not dreaming, her breath and sound were all so familiar. She quickly got up and got out of bed, pushed open the bathroom door and there was no one inside. She thought maybe not here anymore. She walked quickly to the living room and heard a sound from the kitchen Thoughts come to mind, is it him?

She almost ran over and blurted out expectantly, “Zong…” Before she could say anything, she could see that the person inside was not the one she thought, but Lena Qin was in the kitchen.

Lena Qin came back early in the morning, a little hungry, so she went to the kitchen to get something to eat. Seeing Ana Lin still wearing pajamas, she asked, “Are you awake?

I cooked hot and sour noodles, would you like to eat it? “

Ana Lin returned to his senses and scratched the messy hair. Did she have hallucinations?

Looking back at the room, there was no trace of anyone in it.

Think about it, how could he show up in the middle of the night?

She pressed her temple, she must have had a hallucination, how could he suddenly appear in her room?

This is too unreasonable, even if he can find here, it is impossible to sneak into her room silently.

Lena Qin brought out the boiled hot and sour noodles, the air was filled with a strong hot and sour taste, she frowned and looked at Lena Qin, “You eat this early in the morning?

Does the stomach feel uncomfortable? “

Lena Qin put the hot and sour noodles on the table, pulled the chair away and sat down, “I suddenly wanted to eat this. Meal should be fine.”

Ana Lin turned around and entered the room, as if thinking of something, then looked back at her, “Did you meet anyone?”


Lena Qin lowered her head and had already prepared her heart, so she was able to answer Ana Lin’s inquiries smoothly, at most she did not dare to look into her eyes.

Because of a guilty conscience.

She did not see Phillip Zong’s figure in the USB flash drive that Gibson Shao gave Ana Lin. At that time, the three of them were relatively low-key and crowded. They were sitting in the corner again, so they were not photographed.

So it seems that Phillip Zong did not know about this, so it is completely impossible to appear in Phillip Zong.

She lowered her eyes to hide her thoughts.

“Why are you asking that?”

Lena Qin looked at her and asked tentatively, “Do you want to see someone?”

Speaking, his eyes fell on her bare feet.

Ana Lin followed her gaze and lowered her head, only to find that she had walked out barefoot, forgetting to wear slippers, she hurriedly explained, “No, I just ask casually, I’m thirsty and anxious.”

In order to prove that what she said was true, she walked to the table and poured a glass of water. After drinking, she put down the glass and said, “I will go back to the room and change clothes.”

After speaking, she hurriedly walked back to the room, deliberately avoiding the topic. The room was the same as before she went to bed last night. Nothing was passive and there was no trace left. She sat on the bed and put on slippers. She gave a wry smile, it must be that she has been tired recently to have such an illusion.

She pressed her elbows against the table, closed her eyes and rubbed her brow bones.

Zong Yanchen opened the door and walked in and looked around. There was no shadow of Phillip Zong in the room, knowing that he must be gone. When he was confused in the morning, he felt that someone had been to his room, but he did not open it because he was too sleepy. eye.

He threw himself into Ana Lin’s arms, raised his head and asked tentatively, “Mummy, did you sleep well last night?”

Ana Lin opened his eyes and looked at his son, and reached out to touch his face, “I slept well, how did you sleep?”

In the first half of the night, I was entangled by nightmares, and then I dreamed of him, and I slept peacefully.

Although it is a dream, I feel very warm.

Zong Yan nodded in the morning and said that she was sleeping well, and then looked at her expression carefully, as if no one had been here at all. He was relieved and asked, “It’s the weekend today. Would you like to stay with us at home for a day?” “

“Well, I won’t go anywhere today, I will accompany you two.”

Although there are still many things to do next, it’s time to take a break. She hasn’t been with them for a long time.

Zong Yanchen stretched out his hand to touch her belly, and said expectantly, “When will the baby be born?”

“Five more months.”

Ana Lin said lightly.

Pregnancy in October does not mean that a baby can only be born after ten months of pregnancy. This October is counted from the month of pregnancy, and from the month of birth, it is ten months from the two ends. In fact, it is nine months from the whole month. .

“Mum, today you take my sister and me to the cinema to watch a movie.”

Zong Yanchen took Ana Lin’s hand and acted like a baby, “How about Mommy?”

He does not act like a baby to Ana Lin easily, and once acting like a baby, it is difficult for people to refuse.

Ana Lin smiled dozingly and said, “Okay.”

“I want to buy popcorn, and Coke…” Ana Lin interrupted him mercilessly, “Will you change your clothes first, wash your face and brush your teeth?

After eating breakfast, can I think about these again? “


Zong Yanchen curled his mouth, withdrew from her arms, and ran back to her room. Ana Lin also cleared up his emotions, stood up and walked to the cabinet, looking for the clothes to wear today.

City B.

Keller Shen and Alan Su, who had returned from country Y, were stunned by a piece of news.

The incident that Keller Shen was k*ssing Marsha Sang at the university gate that day was photographed by a student and posted on the Internet.

It caused quite a stir. That day, Keller Shen was wearing a uniform. He was obviously a public official. It would be nothing if he was an ordinary person, but Keller Shen was not. After all, a public official had a special status and was stared at every move. This happened. It will naturally arouse public opinion.

People will talk about life style issues.

When Alan Su saw the news, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The Keller Shen he knew was a wooden bump.

However, this news refreshed his understanding of this man.

He smashed his mouth, “Sure enough, you are a human-faced animal-hearted person. People are still such a small person. You said you should start with it. It made such a sensation. Is it awesome to show off your k*ssing skills in front of so many people?”

From the photo, there are many people watching it.

Moreover, the photo was taken from the side, and the faces of both of them were exposed, and they could see their looks clearly.

Keller Shen ignored him. He and Marsha Sang were both stripped of their identities. This kind of news has a lot of influence on him, but he is a man, and such things can withstand such things. It’s a big deal to be investigated, but Marsha Sang’s influence It’s bigger.

Women are more vulnerable to such things, and she is only a freshman.

Chapter 515

The comments on the Internet are also rather ugly, mostly about Marsha Sang.

He just glanced at it and saw a lot of unsightly comments, saying that Marsha Sang seduced men by relying on his youth.

It was also said that the girl didn’t know the shame, she didn’t learn well at a young age, she sold shen for glory, etc… He didn’t continue to watch it, she only got even more angry when she saw it. After getting in the car from the airport, Keller Shen said to the driver, ” Go to Huaqing University.”

Alan Su stretched out his hand and patted the driver, “Don’t listen to him, let’s go to No.1 Mansion.”

“I won’t go home.”

Keller Shen frowned, he had to see how Marsha Sang was.

Alan Su glanced at him lightly, thinking he was stupid. Now it’s Alan Su’s turn to feel that Keller Shen has no IQ. He snorted coldly, “You go to her now to hurt her, and you can take care of your relationship. Imagine, what kind of picture would it look like when you appear in school now?

What will others think?

You are a man, and it’s not a disadvantage. If you are a little girl, how will you meet people in the future?

How to walk in society.

How would others look at her? “

After calming down, Keller Shen thought that appearing in school now would only make the evolution of Yulun even more uncontrollable.

“Tell me her address. I’ll find her. You go back and freshen up first.”

Alan Su said.

Keller Shen patted him on the shoulder, “Thank you, I just missed it.”

Alan Su shrugged his shoulders in disgust, and shook his hand away, “You are really boring, who are we with whom?

Say thank you, what do you think of me? “

Keller Shen smiled, knowing that he was just such an arrogant little temper, and he was worried about when this matter broke out and to what extent, it is not clear whether the bureau knows whether he really has to go back and wash it. , Calm down, and then face the next thing soberly.

The car drove to Keller Shen’s residence. Alan Su didn’t get off the car, and asked Marsha Sang’s address again so that he could find someone. This matter must be resolved as soon as possible. After all, it is terrifying.

It’s not good for both of them to drag it too long.

Keller Shen also wanted to know the current situation of Marsha Sang. After getting out of the car, he said to him, “You go to the school guard and say to find Marsha Sang as a freshman, and someone will notify her.”

Alan Su gave a hum, and said, “Don’t think too much, isn’t it me? Isn’t it possible that there is Phillip?

The public relations of his company are not for display. No tricky things have ever happened, and they can always be done. “

Keller Shen clenched his fist and hammered his shoulder, thanking him for not saying anything, everything was silent.

“Don’t be hypocritical with me, I’m leaving.”

Alan Su raised his chin. The friendship between them was nothing. He asked the driver to drive.

The taxi driver drove away and glanced back in the rearview mirror. “That person just now, is that the man in the news?”

Alan Su, “…” “Do you have time to watch the news while driving?”

Alan Su blinked. Now this news is really so popular that everyone knows it?

The taxi driver smiled, “When I’m fine, I also look at my phone to pass the time and have some fun. This gossip is very eye-catching, so it’s fast.”

Alan Su expressed his understanding, can old men and college students not be attractive?

After all, nowadays, many people are full and have nothing to do. They like to be a keyboard man and make a fierce speech. If they are all right, they love to choose right and wrong on the Internet.

“It’s mainly because of my friend’s identity. You said, is it illegal for someone to fall in love?

There is also no legal stipulation that young and old can’t love each other, right? “

The taxi driver laughed haha ​​and said, “Yeah, this makes sense. If you have money, who doesn’t want to find a small one?

The rich nowadays have a wife at home and a lover outside, and their lives are chic and moist. “

Alan Su frowned, why does it sound so unpleasant?

He was clearly talking about love between young and old, but he became a rich man and a lover in the mouth of a taxi driver. This focus is different.

He sighed, and the explanation was not clear, or the explanation was clear, people still had to think about it, and simply shut up.

“Where are you going to just talk?”

The driver asked, recalling that Keller Shen seemed to have mentioned school, and asked, “Is it Huaqing University?”

Alan Su held up half of his face, looked at the driver, and said coldly, “You are very smart.”

“No, no, isn’t the background in the photo the Huaqing University?

Just now, your friend also said about the school. I guess you are going to Huaqing University. “

The driver smiled and said, he didn’t realize that Alan Su was upset at all.

The driver is a very talkative person. After all, as a taxi driver, driving is very boring all day, so he likes to talk to the passengers, which will make time pass faster.

Alan Su closed his eyes, pretending to be tired, and didn’t want to talk. The driver didn’t want to noisy other people to rest. He drove the car quietly and reminded him, “The place is here.”

Alan Su opened his eyes, took out the wallet from his pocket, took out a red ticket from the wallet and handed it to the driver, and then waited for him to find the money. When he took the change recovered by the driver, he said, “Hey, don’t you make money these days? It’s easy.”

In fact, he wanted to say that no one’s money came from the wind.

The rich man in the driver’s sentence just now clearly has a hatred of the rich.

Moreover, it is not a good word for Keller Shen’s identity to be crowned “rich man”.

Will cause him trouble.

There was no smile on the driver’s face either, he seemed to be aware of Alan Su’s unhappiness. Alan Su got out of the car and drove away immediately.

Alan Su snorted and didn’t pay much attention to it. There were too many people like this, and he was too lazy to have general knowledge. He walked towards the school gate and asked the guard, “I’m looking for freshman Marsha.”

The guard glanced at him and asked, “Who are you from her?”

“I am her relative, please inform me, thank you.”

Alan Su said with a smile.

The guard picked up the phone and dialed the number of the teacher Marsha Sang.

This happened, the school has long been spread, and now Marsha Sang is being questioned in the head teacher’s office.

Things like this happen in school, which also affects the school.

People will doubt the quality of teaching in this school, they will doubt that the students who come out of this school have bad character, and will be rejected and questioned by society.

Soon the doorman hung up and said to Alan Su, “You go in, go to the second office building, the first class teacher’s room on the third floor.”

The guard opened the retractable door, Alan Su said thank you, and stepped in.

Today is the weekend, so there are not many students in the school. Sometimes there are a few students on campus walking with each other, talking and laughing together, as if discussing something.

After approaching, Alan Su frowned involuntarily when he heard what they were talking about.

Chapter 516

Now let everyone talk about it, the gossip is nothing more than the “Xiang Yan” incident involving Yang Marsha and Keller Shen.

Alan Su put his hand in his pocket and greeted the oncoming classmates, “Could you ask, where is the freshman class teacher’s office?”

An enthusiastic classmate pointed to the office building not far away, “There, on the third floor, you can find it up there, there is a sign at the door.”

“Oh, thanks.”

He smiled and almost chatted with his classmates, “I just seemed to hear what you were talking about. Is it talking about the student and the police officer?”

“Yeah, yeah, have you heard that too?”

One of the female classmates with short hair hurriedly answered the conversation and talked about gossip. She was very energetic and energetic. “Now the whole school has spread, and the impact is great. Maybe that classmate will be expelled.”

“Does the whole school know?”

Alan Su smiled, “Is it a pastime for you after dinner?”

Although Alan Su said implicitly, these students could still hear the mockery in the words, and the smile on their faces sank.

Alan Su looked up at the majestic teaching building, the elegant environment, and the reputation, and laughed ironically, “This school is not that good. It seems that the students don’t teach very well. As a member of the school, I don’t know how to teach. Maintenance, do you still want outsiders to maintain it?

ridiculous. “

After speaking, Alan Su walked towards the building.

Several students blushed with shame. In a sense, they were in this school, but they were watching the jokes that happened in this school, completely putting themselves out of the way.

Their state of watching jokes is really irresponsible.

The short-haired female student said disdainfully, “Even if we want to maintain and train our school, there will always be a few rat sh*t that will ruin this pot of soup. If I say, I have to be expelled, kill a hundred, and see who dares to corrupt. School reputation.”

Some people think that she is right, and some people think that they are too one-sided. After all, there is only one photo. Maybe there is something hidden in it?

“let’s go.”

Some classmates were afraid of causing trouble and urged them, but several people stopped and left the campus together.

At this moment, Alan Su found the freshman class, the head teacher’s office, he raised his hand and knocked on the door, and soon a voice came from inside, saying, “Come in.”

Alan Su opened the door and walked in. There were a few desks. Only the one behind was someone. A middle-aged man was sitting on a chair with glasses on his face. Even though he was sitting, he could not see much. Gao, with a particularly serious face, Marsha Sang stood at the desk with his head down.

Alan Su walked in and looked at him, “Who are you?”

He pointed to Marsha Sang, “I’m looking for her.”

Marsha Sang raised her head when she heard the voice and saw that it was Alan Su. Her godless eyes lit up. She was called to the office by the head teacher and reprimanded for a whole morning. She originally wanted to contact Keller Shen and wanted to know how he is now. How’s it going.

Alan Su is his friend, and he must know his situation, so he looks eager.

The head teacher frowned, looking at Marsha Sang with an extremely ugly expression, “Aren’t you here without relatives?

Who is he? “

“I am her distant relative.”

Alan Su walked over and stood next to Marsha Sang. He looked at the head teacher and asked, “How is the school going to solve this matter?”

The head teacher helped the spectacle frame, “I will have a meeting to discuss this. I have great hopes for the student Marsha Sang. She has always had excellent academic performance and performed well in all aspects. This incident surprised me. , Also very disappointed.”

Marsha Sang bowed her head, not because she did something wrong, but simply because she felt sorry for the teacher. The teacher really took good care of her, and he helped to apply for the scholarship.

If such a thing happens, the scholarship may have to be ruined.

These seem to be trivial things now. She does not want to lose her studies. She knows that without a diploma, it will be difficult for her to find a good job in the future. Without a good job and income, it will be difficult for her to gain a foothold in this city.

“Teacher, please believe me. I really didn’t do any messy things outside. I was forced by my classmates to make mistakes on impulse.”

Marsha Sang lowered his head to explain.

The teacher calmly said, “On an impulse?

You shouldn’t be impulsive! You are still a freshman, how can you mess around outside?

This will affect your future, don’t you know it yourself? “

Marsha Sang bit her lip, knowing she couldn’t explain clearly.

It was just a pleading tone, “Teacher, please, I must not be expelled. I have put in a lot of effort to enter this school. I hope you can say something for me.”

“Don’t come to such an early conclusion, I have to see what it says above.”

The teacher sighed, “I really didn’t expect such a thing to happen to you. The students in many small places made a lot of hard work before they were admitted to this school. Life outside the school was very exciting. Some students were exposed to such a bustling city for the first time. In this city, if you can’t stand the temptation, you will make irreparable mistakes. I feel sorry for this, and it is the same for you. Hey, if it can be solved as soon as possible and the impact is minimized, I will do it for you. Interceded.”

“Do you think this works?”

Alan Su said, “I hope the school will conduct a survey on the day’s affairs. I saw in the photo. There were a lot of classmates at the time. It shouldn’t be difficult to investigate. First of all, we have to figure out what is going on. What do you say?”

The teacher nodded and thought it was feasible, “I’m confused, hey, I will contact the principal now to investigate this matter.”

The longer the delay, I don’t know what will happen.

“Teacher, we will try our best to solve it outside, can I take her away now?”

Alan Su asked.

The teacher glanced at Marsha Sang, and finally his eyes fell on Alan Su.

Alan Su became serious, and he still felt very reliable.

“Yes, but please let me contact you at any time.”

In case of something that needs them, it is troublesome not to contact people.

“Or, let me leave a number. If Marsha Sang can’t get through, call me.”

Alan Su said.


The teacher handed him paper and pen. When Alan Su left the number, the teacher said, “Since you are her relative, I think you should pay more attention to her. Although college students are all adults, it is social experience. Less, it is easy to be deceived.”

“I will.”

At this moment, Alan Su looked like a parent, “Thank you for your concern about her.”

The teacher waved, “This is what we should do.”

“Can I give you an opinion?”

Alan Su wrote the number, handed the paper to the teacher, and explained, “That’s it. When I just came here to look for you, I heard that the students in the school were talking about this. I think, when stopping others, Start with ourselves first. If we are all watching the excitement, how can we stop others?”

The teacher looked at Alan Su, with a touch of appreciation across his eyes, thinking that he was a reliable person, and what he said was just right. It made sense.

“I will report it soon, and students are not allowed to discuss this matter.”

Alan Su nodded to the teacher, took Marsha Sang away, and walked out of the office building. Marsha Sang couldn’t wait to ask, “How is he?

Did it cause him trouble? “

“You still have time to care about him?

Have you ever thought about what you want to do? “

Alan Su had a good opinion of Marsha Sang’s attitude.

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