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Chapter 511

Phillip Zong hugged her with one arm, and kept stroking her back with the other hand… His body was sweaty and smelly, very light and not unpleasant. He was close to his daughter’s ear, his voice With three-point distress and seven-point spoiling, he is gentle and unpretentious, “You will become ugly if you cry like this.”

Zong Yanxi cares very much about her appearance. She was praised and grown up since she was a child. She couldn’t bear to become ugly, with tears on her face, choked up and asked, “Where is the ugly?”

“You will be ugly if you cry.”

Phillip Zong stretched out his hand, passed her fingertips over the corner of her eye, and wiped away the tears from the corner of her eye, “Ruth, don’t cry anymore.”

He is used to this name, even if he is no longer called Ruth, he still likes to call it that way, Rui, Hua Rui, the most charming and charming words.

Suitable for his baby girl.

Zong Yanxi sniffed, looked at Phillip Zong dimly with tears, and sobbed, “Dad, do you dislike me for being ugly, so you don’t want us…” As she said, her tears fell again, and finally got it. Dad, it didn’t take long to separate again, and she missed Dad so much during this time.

Woo-the more I think, the more I feel wronged.

Her words just pierced Phillip Zong’s heart. He never thought about not wanting them. It was too late to feel distressed. He touched his daughter’s forehead and k*ssed her nose and mouth, “No, Ruth is not ugly, Ruth She is the most beautiful girl in the world, and is father’s darling.”


Zong Yanxi hugged his neck tightly, her small face buried in his shoulders and weeping, Phillip Zong patiently coaxed, knowing she was wronged in her heart.

Gibson Shao was dumbfounded a long time ago, staring at the man holding Zong Yanxi for a moment, thinking, what is going on?

This, this fool-no, this man is Zong Yanxi’s father?

He looked down at Zong Yanchen, who was standing by, and asked with his eyes, what was going on?

His brows were frowned and his expression was funny, “Is this man really your father?”

Zong Yanchen nodded very surely, “Yes.”

Gibson Shao, “…” I saw him sitting here before that day, smiling like a second fool. Why?

Gibson Shao cast his gaze again, and it happened that Phillip Zong was also looking at him. Just when he came out of the gate of the community, he saw him with two children. Who is he?

What is the relationship with Ana Lin?

Not a familiar person, Ana Lin would not let him bring the two children out. He was so nervous just now, and he didn’t seem to be pretending. He was really concerned about the two children.

Gibson Shao chuckled, “Hello, why didn’t you go in? I saw you sitting on the side of the road and giggling, I thought…” He didn’t say the word idiot. From this look, people didn’t say anything. stupid.

Even if he didn’t say it, Phillip Zong knew that there was no good thing left. His voice was neither high nor low, but with a trace of inquiry, “Who are you?”

He has never seen this person by Ana Lin’s side, or heard that she has friends or relatives in City C.

His eyes squinted. It is not Wen Xian’s relatives. Could it be… He has a guess in his heart. It is not difficult to figure out the relationship between Ana Lin and Randall Lin. Before, Ida Zhuang and Randall Lin were her relatives. It is Wen Xian and Zhuang Ziyi. Wen Xian’s relatives are in city B, so this is Zhuang Ziyi’s relatives?

Gibson Shao smiled, “I’m afraid this is a long story. Why don’t we find a place to sit down and say something?”

Phillip Zong didn’t say a word, it was acquiescence.

Gibson Shao patted Zong Yanchen on the shoulder, “Be honest, I’ll be back when I go.”

The driver who almost hit someone was still standing there. He had to teach him a lesson, otherwise he would be so reckless next time. It would be a sin to really hurt the talent.


Zong Yanchen nodded obediently. After Gibson Shao left, Phillip Zong looked at him and asked, “How are you doing recently?”

Zong Yanchen nodded, feeling a little depressed, “Very good. My sister and I go to school. Mommy is very busy and has a fulfilling life.”

After speaking, he turned his head and seemed to be a little uncomfortable.

Phillip Zong touched his head, “Are you angry?”

Zong Yanchen twisted his body, shook off his hand, and said coldly, “No.”

“Are you jealous of your sister?

Do you want me to hug you too? “

Phillip Zong knew what was wrong with him as soon as he was tempered.

Zong Yanchen’s mouth is stiff, “I don’t have one!”

“is it?”


In fact, he was a little jealous. Phillip Zong’s eyes were on his sister, as if he had forgotten him.

This makes him very unhappy.

what! At this time, there was a scream that interrupted the confrontation between the two people. Gibson Shao did not suppress the fire and punched the driver. His hand was so strong that the driver was beaten to the ground by him.

“Next time you pay attention to me, otherwise I won’t talk so well next time.”

Gibson Shao said with a cold face, “Go away.”

The driver got up and got on the car.

Zong Yanchen looked at Gibson Shao’s fierce expression and swallowed. He usually has the character of a child, he loves to laugh, and is particularly approachable, so he can get along with him quickly, and get along with him for two months. The second time I saw him so violent, I couldn’t help but feel a little cold. This was exactly the appearance of two people. When Gibson Shao came over, he took a step back subconsciously, and Phillip Zong stooped to hold his hand.

Hold his little hand in his palm.

Zong Yanchen raised his head and glanced at him. He didn’t say anything, and didn’t break away. He was reconciled with him.

“I know a place, be quiet, where shall we go to sit?”

Gibson Shao said.

Phillip Zong was trying to find a place to stay quietly with the two children for a while. Standing on the side of the road is not the case.

“That’s troublesome.”

Gibson Shao waved his hand quickly, “No trouble, no trouble.”

He returned to the harmless look of his hippie smile, “The place is not far away, let’s go over.”

He walked to the front and led the way. The place was a coffee shop. It was quiet because it had a private room. Before entering the private room, Gibson Shao asked the waiter to send two ice creams to the private room. Because the weather was getting hot, the coffee shop also served cold drinks.

The private room is not very large, but fortunately it is quiet, and the air-conditioning in the room will not feel sultry. Phillip Zong sat down with his daughter while Gibson Shao sat on the opposite sofa.

At this time, the waiter came in with two ice creams. The ice cream was placed in a beautiful crystal cup. The ice cream was also made exquisitely. When placed on the table, he asked, “Is there anything more?”

Phillip Zong didn’t look up, and said lightly, “Give me a glass of ice water.”

The waiter smiled and said, “Okay.”

Then he cast his eyes on Gibson Shao and asked, “What do you need?”

“I don’t need anything.”

Gibson Shao waved.

The waiter kept a smile on his face and walked down with the tray.

When the waiter went out, Gibson Shao couldn’t wait to ask, “You are from City B.”

Not only Phillip Zong had speculations about Gibson Shao’s identity, Gibson Shao also had speculations about Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong replied, and said tactfully, “The two of them are still young.”

I don’t want to talk about adults in front of the children.

Moreover, even if the two of them don’t explain each other’s identities, they can still guess the other side’s identity.

Gibson Shao is also a transparent person, and he can naturally understand the meaning of what he said. He said wittily, “I have something to do. I have to go out and do it. I will come back later.”

“Thank you.”

They were all smart people, Phillip Zong knew that he was saving time for himself.

Zong Yanchen stared at the ice cream on the table and patted his sister, “Are you still eating ice cream?”

Zong Yanxi raised her head from Phillip Zong’s arms and asked, “Where is ice cream?”

Phillip Zong couldn’t laugh or cry. This child still loves to eat so much. He wiped his daughter’s face and put her on the sofa. At this moment, she saw the ice cream on the table, reached out and took the spoon, and scooped it. One piece, and then handed it to Phillip Zong’s lips, “Dad, you taste it, but it’s delicious, but Mommy won’t let me eat more, so I tried my best to let Grandpa Shao take me out to buy it.”

Chapter 512

Phillip Zong looked down at the ice cream that his daughter handed to his lips, touched the cold lips, and dissipated the warmth attached to the surface, he opened his mouth to hold the spoon and ate the ice cream that his daughter handed over.

Zong Yanxi didn’t dislike it because he had used it, and couldn’t wait to scoop a spoonful and hand it to his mouth, “It’s so delicious.”

It was sweet, cool, and slightly milky. Her eyebrows were crooked, and she felt so happy to eat ice cream.

“Dad wait for me to finish the ice cream, do you want to go back with me?

Go back to see Mommy. “

Then she took another spoonful of ice cream and handed it to him.

Phillip Zong ate the ice cream fed by his daughter again, chewing the thick sweetness in his mouth, but thinking bitterly how to explain to the two children.

Zong Yanchen also raised his head and looked at him.

As if expecting his answer.

He looked at his children, his eyes blinking frequently, his tightened eyebrows were entwined with a mess of thread, and his face was full of pain, and he could squeeze out the bitterness. Everyone knew that he was enduring great torture in his heart.

Zong Yanchen sighed slightly, lowered his head and took a bite of ice cream, “I don’t know what you want to do, it will be good for a while, and it will be fun.”

Do you know that he and his sister are the hardest?

Originally there was a father, and it seemed like a child without a father. He originally wanted his father to change his mind and live a normal family life. Who knows… Thinking of Zong Yanchen, he sighed deeply and felt helpless.

“I don’t want to think about our children’s feelings, hey, you are too capricious.”

Phillip Zong’s eyes hovered on the faces of the two children, and finally said lowly, “Give us some time.”

“Then do you miss Mommy?”

Zong Yanchen raised his head and looked at him, with a hint of worry, “Will you find another woman when Mommy isn’t by your side?”

Zong Yanchen was worried that he would change his mind again, and he had abandoned Mommy once.

“If you make another mistake this time, Mommy and we won’t forgive you anymore.”

Zong Yanchen vowed to say.

Reluctantly accept the mistake once, and never forgive the second time! Phillip Zong, “…” “I think your mommy, she’s not here, and I won’t look for another woman. I will only be alone in the future.”

Phillip Zong looked at his son seriously, “I’m not here, you have to take care of my sister and your mommy for me.”

Zong Yanchen nodded vigorously, “I will.”

Zong Yanxi on the side finished eating the ice cream, put down the spoon, and crawled on Phillip Zong’s body, hugging his neck, “Dad, won’t you go back with us?”

She understood the conversation between her father and brother, as if father would not go to see Mommy.

She didn’t understand what happened to adults, but thought that father should go to see Mommy, “The baby in Mommy’s belly will move, don’t you want to see the baby?”

Phillip Zong stared at his daughter’s face, but his heart was in a mess. On the one hand, he was trying to control his thoughts, and on the other hand, he was rationally telling him that the matter had not been dealt with clearly. It was not a good time to meet, two forces of the same magnitude. In the competition, no one could convince anyone. He felt as if he was floating and sinking in a stormy sea, and he was very uncomfortable.

Ana Lin’s face appeared in his mind. The balance was obviously tilted. He looked at his son and said, “Do Dad a favor.”

“What, you said.”

Zong Yanchen is refreshed, but he has conditions, “If I help you, you have to promise me one thing.”

Phillip Zong looked at his son helplessly, this child is not very big, why is there so many thoughts?

“Okay, you can speak first.”

He was helpless with his son, only to agree.

“You have to come to see us at least twice a week.”

Zong Yanchen said that this was his request.

In fact, there is still a slight distrust of Phillip Zong in his heart, fearing that he and Ana Lin will be separated for a long time, and he will transfer love.

Phillip Zong looked at his son so quietly. He wanted to visit them often, but Zong Yanchen said it like this, as if he was a heartless man and would change his mind at any time.

He came close, staring at his son, “Do you just distrust me so?”

“You are a person who has changed your mind once, so I have to check for Mommy and not let her be hurt by you again.”

Zong Yanchen said solemnly.

Phillip Zong, “…” “Now it’s your turn to say, what can I do for you?”

Phillip Zong squeezed the bridge of his nose. He was very helpless for his son. Could it be that he did something wrong once, and this child will remember it for a lifetime?

“I want to see your mom, but I can’t let her know.”

Phillip Zong put down his hands and looked at his son.

Zong Yanchen also looked at him, as if he felt that this requirement was a bit high. He blinked and asked, “How can I let you see her and she can’t see you?”

Phillip Zong hooked his finger at his son to let him lean over, and whispered to him, “After your mom falls asleep at night…” Zong Yanchen left him, so why did he look like a thief?

However, no matter what, he still wants to do everything possible to see Mommy, which proves that he has Mommy in his heart, and of course he is willing to help.

Zong Yanxi ate the ice cream she wanted, and was in a good mood, so she pestered Phillip Zong to get along with him. She didn’t understand, “Aren’t we living together?”

She understood what the elder brother and father said, and she would still be sneaking up to see Mommy.

Wouldn’t it be okay to just meet in her consciousness?

Anyway, Mommy is at home now, and I can see it when I go back.

Phillip Zong hugged her daughter, pressed her small face to his heart, rubbing her ears with his thumbs, “Wait, it will be soon.”

Wait until Foster Wen’s trial is over, and when all the dust settles, it is obviously not a good time now.

The little girl didn’t understand, she just hugged her father tightly, “I really want to sleep with my father.”

Phillip Zong lowered his head and k*ssed his daughter’s hair. He also thought, with his lips sliding to her forehead, “Ruth must be obedient, don’t tell your mommy about seeing your father today?”

Zong Yanxi blinked and said sweetly, “I can promise my dad not to tell Mommy, but my dad also promises me that he will visit me often and buy me ice cream.”

“it is good.”

Phillip Zong responds to petting.

After about half an hour, Gibson Shao came back. He smiled and said, “You won’t let me take them out for too long, or else, you go back with us?”

Phillip Zong hadn’t spoken yet, Zong Yanchen pulled at Gibson Shao, “Let’s go, he won’t go.”

Gibson Shao didn’t ask much. If the two of them are good, Ana Lin will not bring two children here, if they are good, he will not know where Ana Lin lives, but just sit on the side of the road. Don’t go in.

He stretched out his hand to hold Zong Yanxi, “We should go now, and your mother will be in a hurry.”

Zong Yanxi pulled Phillip Zong’s collar and didn’t let go, grieving, “I don’t want to be separated from my father, I want to stay with him for a while.”

Phillip Zong held her daughter’s face in both hands, “Goodbye, go back first, I will visit you often.”

Although the little girl was reluctant, she let go of her hand. She suddenly rushed forward, hugged him and k*ssed him, “Then I will wait for you.”

Looking at her daughter, Phillip Zong’s heart was about to melt.

Gibson Shao took the little girl’s hand, and finally greeted Phillip Zong, “Then let’s go.”

“Today, I don’t want you to talk to Ana Lin about what we met.”

Phillip Zong looked at Gibson Shao.

Gibson Shao explained, “Don’t worry.”

Gibson Shao didn’t say any extra words, let alone persuade them. They are all adults. They must have their own difficulties in doing so.

Phillip Zong did not leave after Gibson Shao left, so he rested here temporarily, and then waited for Zong Yanchen’s news.

In the middle, the waiter refilled him with a glass of water, and leaned back on the sofa to rest the rest of the time.

Although he was in a hurry, he was a little embarrassed, and his disheveled appearance also exuded a strong masculine charm.

Chapter 513

Phillip Zong left the coffee shop at around ten o’clock. By this time, it was close to closing the coffee shop, and it was not easy for him to stay inside.

Keller Shen and Alan Su probably have never seen such a “poor” Phillip Zong. In order to see Ana Lin, they made themselves like beggars, without even a place to live.

He returned to the gate of the community, waiting for news from his son, but saw Gibson Shao walking out of the community.

Gibson Shao and Ana Lin talked about the exhibition, so when he came out late, he came over without saying anything, and handed him the access card for entering the community, “Without this, you can’t get in.”

Phillip Zong was not polite, so he reached out and took it, “Thank you.”

Gibson Shao thought for a while, “Would you like to take a bath where I am?”

“No, I have to go back tomorrow.”

Milton Guan called him and said that Keller Shen had something wrong. At that time, he didn’t hear clearly what was going on, so he heard Zong Yanxi’s voice. After that, he hung up the phone. Milton Guan thought he heard it, but didn’t. call over.

Jin wouldn’t tell him if it was a small matter, so he had to rush back after he saw Ana Lin.

Gibson Shao smiled, took out a business card from his inner pocket and handed it over, “If you need my help, you can ask me. I know someone in C city.”

“Who are you Zhuang Ziyi?”

Phillip Zong asked when he took it over.

Gibson Shao was stunned for a long time. For a long time, no one mentioned Zhuang Ziyi directly in front of him. The smile on his face narrowed down and became more serious. “When I was young, I was crazy and loved to cause trouble. After being chopped off, he saved me, and then I followed him all the time, and then he…I will guard JK for him.”

After speaking, he looked at Phillip Zong, “You are the person Wen Xian arranged for Yanyan, right.”

He used declarative sentences, not question sentences.

At that time, Wen Xian refused to let him go to Ana Lin, saying that everything was arranged for her. Although Wen Xian did not say directly, but Ana Lin’s two children were both named Zong. He knew in his heart what happened. thing.

Wen Xian’s husband’s family also had this surname at that time.

As a past person, the twists and turns are not hard to guess.

“We are destined.”

It was not someone’s arrangement, let alone someone who sent Ana Lin to him for atonement.

In his opinion, it was a kind of injury, which was physical and psychological harm to Ana Lin, and was used as a bargaining chip for atonement by his mother, but it was an insult to him and an emotional insult to him.

In his consciousness, between him and Ana Lin, it’s just pure feelings that don’t mix anyone or anything. He likes her, it’s that simple.

Gibson Shao pursed his lips and smiled chastely, as if he realized that what he said was not very pleasant. No one would like to be arranged, “Then I’m leaving.”

Phillip Zong gave a light hum.

After Gibson Shao left, he found a place to sit. When it was almost one o’clock, he received a call from Zong Yanchen and hung up after ringing twice.

This is an agreement between him and his son. Ana Lin’s son called him after he fell asleep. He looked at the time and frowned.

Instead of entangled with this problem now, he used the access card given to him by Gibson Shao and smoothly entered the community and found the room where Ana Lin was staying. The door was not closed, and there was a gap. He opened it with a gentle push. Now, Zong Yanchen is wearing summer pajamas, with slippers on his feet, standing in the hallway, there is no light in the room, the curtains on the balcony are not drawn, and there is light leaning in from outside, enough to see the general furnishings in the house.

Zong Yanchen gave him a pair of slippers and said, “You lighten up.”

“Does she usually go to bed so late?”

He asked softly as he put on his shoes.

Zong Yan nodded in the morning and said in a low voice, “Almost, anyway, I slept late, sometimes because of work, sometimes…I don’t know why she can’t sleep, in short, she basically doesn’t go to bed until after 12 o’clock.”

After speaking, he walked towards Ana Lin’s room and said softly, “Mummy sleeps in this room.”

Standing at the door, Phillip Zong touched his son’s head, “Thank you.”

“No thanks, I’m going to bed.”

He yawned and made him sleepy. He had never slept so late, and he did his best for the couple.

He lived in a room diagonally across from Ana Lin, a few steps away, he entered the room and closed the door.

At this time, no matter whether it was the noisy street or the crowded community, it was quiet, and the noise in the day was washed away, leaving nothing but silence.

Phillip Zong stretched out his hand and gently pushed open the door. There was no light in the room. The curtain was pulled with a layer of white gauze. The air conditioner did not open. Only the window was open. There was a slight breeze. Step in.

The room is not very big. There is a double bed in the middle. In the dim light, I saw a small figure shrunk on the bed, wearing only a nightdress with a sling, without a cover, and the exposed skin. White glows in the dark light.

He walked to the bed and sat down with very light movements. The woman on the bed did not notice. She turned her head and half of her face was sunken in the pillow, with some messy long hair covering the other half of her face. He stretched out his hand to cover her face. His hair was stroked, half of his cheeks were exposed, the outlines were particularly sharp and small.

I haven’t seen each other for two months. She is not fat at all.

He thought in his heart, if time can be fixed, just look at her so quietly for a lifetime.

He possessed and k*ssed her on the forehead, breathed and breathed wherever he went, he was greedy and obsessed, and his lips kept wandering on every inch of her bare skin. .

However, the woman lying on the bed wrinkled her brows and looked painful. She had a nightmare. In the dream she was thrown into a desolate world. There was nothing around her, only endless darkness, accompanied by roars and huge roars. The sound was like a monster, approaching her little by little, and finally pushed her to the ground. She saw a big mouth of blood, leaping towards her, she was very scared, she wanted to shout, wanted to scream, but However, her throat seemed to be choked, so she couldn’t make any sound, her body couldn’t move, and she couldn’t break free with all her strength.

Phillip Zong seemed to feel her tight body, with a lot of fine sweat oozing from her forehead, and her face was very painful. He was obviously having a nightmare. He cared that she would see himself, he just wanted her to wake up from the nightmare. Come, pat her cheek lightly, “Wake up…” A slight noise awakened her from the nightmare. She opened her eyes suddenly, and saw the figure floating above vaguely. , Familiar to the bones, she said with a dumb voice, “Is that you?”

He hugged her delicate body, rubbed her arms, gently soothing, “Yes, it’s me, have you had a nightmare?”

Just such a response, tearing open the tide of missing him hidden in my heart, she was like a gu, mad and greedily sniffing him, there was a faint sweat on him, not thick, but like a dusty servant came to see her But it was too late to sort out the traces left, especially sexy, she k*ssed his protruding collarbone, enjoyed him exclusively, occupied the passing minutes, and couldn’t hold back the time.

Her consciousness was so confused that she couldn’t tell if it was a nightmare of reality or nothingness.

I just want to hug him so I won’t be afraid in the dark.

She hugged her for a long time, until she became dizzy, her strong eyelids trembled, he suddenly turned over and pressed her into his arms, his warm lips covered her mouth, and he k*ssed her deeply, so deep that she was about to suffocate. , But enjoy it.

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