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Chapter 508

Alan Su turned his head and looked at Keller Shen in surprise. The sun was really coming out, and he even had questions to ask himself.

Normally he is the most uncomfortable with him. Is it because the moons of Y and Z are different?

Make people change their temperament?

“You said.”

Facing Alan Su’s gossip and eagerly moving eyes, he swallowed the words he wanted to ask. If he told Alan Su about Marsha Sang k*ssing him, Alan Su wouldn’t know how to mock him.

When he reached his mouth, he turned a corner, “Um, you didn’t pay attention to that woman named Lena Qinnyan, is she pretty?”

Keller Shen bit the word Qin extremely hard, trying to remind him.

However, Alan Su’s focus was on the beauty of the woman. For the first time, he heard Keller Shen praise a woman.

He chuckled, his tone a little cold.

Keller Shen was inexplicably confused by his smile, his heart straightened, “What are you laughing at?”

“I laugh that you and Phillip are confused by that woman.”

He patted Keller Shen vigorously, and said seriously, “Listen to me, look for that college student. I haven’t been in society before, so I can seduce him. You can’t control it, don’t think about it.”

Keller Shen, “…” Isn’t what he reminded is not obvious enough?

Does this guy have sh*t in his head?

It’s not that he wants to explode, but when did this guy become so stupid?

Simply stupid and hopeless! “Stop talking, go back and drink.”

Keller Shen didn’t want to talk to Alan Su anymore, besides, he was afraid that he would be pissed alive.

Alan Su was still curious about what Phillip Zong was doing, and asked, “Aren’t you curious about where Phillip went?”

Keller Shen cast him a faint glance, “What do you think he cares most about right now?”

Alan Su thought for a while, “Could it be that he left suddenly to find his sister-in-law?”

Keller Shen thought in his heart, this brain is easy to use. He also knows what Phillip Zong is most concerned about. It’s not like his brain is not clear. How can his own business be like a second fool?

“Hasn’t he been with us all the time?

Where did the clue come from? “

Alan Su was confused, and then quickly guessed, “Is he secretly sending someone to investigate?”

Keller Shen, “…” Alan Su didn’t notice Keller Shen’s unlovable face, and said to himself, “It’s too uninteresting. Even the two of us don’t hide it. We feel uncomfortable for us and want to go for him. Tune, yeah, who knows that people have checked it all by themselves.”

“Everyone knows that they care about their daughter-in-law, how about you?”

Keller Shen still couldn’t help but want to say something.

Speaking of Lena Qin, Alan Su’s expression is not as relaxed and melancholy, “You didn’t know my situation. At that time, you were hiding Lena Qin’s whereabouts from me. The only way I can know is my sister-in-law. Now she I don’t know where I’m going, and I don’t dare to look for it rashly. I’m afraid to scare her, and I’m afraid that she will be emotional when she sees me and hurt her again.”

He turned his head to look at Keller Shen, “Keller, I feel bitter.”

Keller Shen smashed his mouth, “Don’t say anything, go have a drink.”

As a brother, he has tried his best to remind him that he didn’t think about it, so don’t blame him.

The two of them returned to the hotel and drank the wine they ordered in the room. They were both drunk and not lightly.

They didn’t wake up in the morning. One of the two big men lay on the sofa and the other was lying on the bed. No one was watching or asking. They were allowed to fall asleep. When they woke up, it was almost evening. They washed and groomed and bought air tickets. Ready to return home.

On the other side, Phillip Zong rested in the hotel near the Y country airport for one night, boarded the flight to C city early in the morning, and landed in Z city C at four o’clock in the afternoon.

The sky during this time period is very bright, the sun is still a bit dazzling, but the heat is not as strong as noon, but you can still feel the heat.

In peacetime, Phillip Zong was accompanied by people everywhere, and people had arranged for food, clothing, housing and transportation. He didn’t have to worry about him. He was in a hurry this time and he didn’t bring anything. Because of the hot weather, he was wearing a white shirt and neckline. Slightly open, flying for a long time, his shirt wrinkled badly, his suit on his right arm, he stepped through the crowd and walked out of the airport.

The airport has a lot of people, so there are many taxis carrying passengers, and there are empty cars at the door waiting for this wave of passengers.

Phillip Zong got into a taxi casually and said the address.

Soon the driver drove the car out. It didn’t take long for the car to stop at the gate of Yongjing Hefu Community. Phillip Zong took out the money from his wallet and handed it to the driver’s master. A wallet and a mobile phone were the only ones on his body. Luggage.

He pushed the car door and got off the car. At the gate of the community, there are barriers and guards. The towering stone masonry above is carved with the four characters of Yongjing and the mansion. He stood at the gate, but he did not dare to move for a while. .

He didn’t know what he could say to her when he suddenly appeared in front of her.

Whether it can be done without distracting thoughts.

The answer is no. Foster Wen’s affairs have not yet settled. He doesn’t know what expression he can face her with, or what he can say to her in the first sentence.

It wasn’t until this moment that he truly realized that kind of ambivalence and knew why she had to leave.

If she did not leave, this period of time, whether it was for her or him, would be a great torture.

Missing is better than being relatively silent.

“Mommy, Aunt Yan Yan, when will you be back?”

Zong Yanxi asked, because Lena Qin changed her appearance, after she changed her name, the two children were called more easily, more naturally than Aunt Lena Qin.

Ana Lin came back from Xiufang and went to the preschool to pick up the two children. On the way back, they stopped by the supermarket. Because they were so close, they did not drive, but followed the plane tree on the side of the road. The Liang Ying walked back, Zong Yanchen took Zong Yanxi’s hand and dangled, carrying a schoolbag on his body, and there were simple books in it, all needed for class.

“It should be soon, I can come back tomorrow.”

Ana Lin received a call from Lena Qin and knew the situation there. After it was over, there were still many things to deal with, so he couldn’t come back immediately.

He carried what he bought back.

The two children want to eat Chaos, Ana Lin bought wonton skins and meat, and prepared to go back to make them for them.

Hearing this voice, Phillip Zong, who was standing at the gate of the community, turned his head and looked over. Not far away, two small and large figures came into view.

The two children have not changed much. Zong Yanchen is wearing white short sleeves, beige pants, and white sneakers on his feet. Zong Yanxi is wearing a pink dress with lace edges and a pair of sandals studded with rhinestones, revealing white. Half of his calf, brother and sister are holding hands, blind date and dear.

Compared with Zong Yanchen, Zong Yanxi is always not stable enough, even when he walks, he has to step on places with fallen leaves.

Ana Lin also wore a chiffon dress, with a thin belt tied around his waist, tied with a bow, and fell randomly on the right side. The belly that was originally not protruding, has now been embodied, facing the slight breeze. When she was holding her body, it became even more obvious, bare white arms, carrying things, she looked down at the two children with a faint smile on her face.

Chapter 509

He looked attentively and obsessively, and wanted to rush up to hug her desperately and tell her, “I miss you so much.”

But in reality, he only dared to look at it like this, and even didn’t dare to speak out, for fear that she would see himself.

They got closer and closer, and as long as he called out softly, they could see themselves, he was in a hurry, he was eager, and he hadn’t considered how to face her face to face.

When they found himself, he turned and stood around the corner.

This was his most cowardly time in his life. Facing his lover and child, he retreated.

“Mummy, can I make wontons at night?”

When he reached the gate of the community, Zong Yanxi asked Ana Lin by the arm.

Ana Lin glanced down at her daughter, smiled and asked, “Will you?”

“No, but I can learn.”

As soon as the younger sister’s voice fell, Zong Yanchen answered, “You can eat it yourself.”

“I eat it myself, I will eat it myself, huh, I won’t give it to you if you want it.”

Zong Yanxi raised his head and said proudly.

Zong Yanchen was quite worried, “What if you wrap the wontons without stuffing and just the skin?”

“No, you have to believe me.”

Zong Yanxi took her brother’s hand, “It’s not that I haven’t made dumplings before, don’t forget, I have made dumplings before, I have experience.”

At this moment, Zong Yanxi talked like an adult. At the end, she patted her brother on the shoulder, “Don’t worry.”

“I remember it was dough?

This time Dad was not there, and no one had eaten your “big gnocchi”. “

“You…” Zong Yanxi felt that she was hurt, let go of her brother’s hand, and took Ana Lin’s hand to let her make the decision for herself, “Mummy, look at me, my brother is so annoying. , Always distrusts me, and even blows me up. The teacher said that the kid should praise me so that he can make progress. He keeps beating me and I will become stupid.”

Ana Lin couldn’t help but find it funny, and thought, can praise be smart?

But I didn’t say it, um, I still have to praise it all at once, otherwise what should I do if I become stupid?

“Yan Xi is the best, and it will definitely be able to pack it.”

“Then Mommy, I’ll do it too.”

Zong Yanchen said, otherwise Mommy and sister will make wontons together. What is he doing?

He wants to participate and cannot be excluded.

Ana Lin smiled helplessly, “Well, it’s up to you. You can do whatever you want, okay?”

The two children laughed, as if hearing the helplessness in Ana Lin’s words, they were amused by their little mischief.

Gradually, as they walked into the community, their voices became smaller and smaller, until they could not hear them at all.

Phillip Zong still stood there and did not move. Hearing their conversation reminded him of Ana Lin’s temperament, he gave him the gnocchis wrapped by the two children alone, which kept him awake all night. feel.

Thinking about it now, I can still feel the mood at that time. Unconsciously, the corners of his lips slightly raised.

It turns out that happiness is so simple, there are no gorgeous words, no moving scenes, just such a simple family together.

He stood on the side of the road and looked at the building where Ana Lin lived. From dawn to dark, he watched the lights on that floor light up.

He found a place to sit, threw his suit on the ground next to him, tilted his head, and watched quietly, imagining what the people inside were doing at the moment, occasionally making a smirk, which should be thought of something funny.

Gibson Shao came to Ana Lin. When parking, he happened to see a man sitting on the side of the road laughing giggly. After he got out of the car, he glanced here again. He just thought he was dazzled. There was indeed a man sitting, handsome, but like a fool.

Gibson Shao felt sorry. It was a pity that he was a fool to grow so well.

Thinking that he had just returned and had to see Ana Lin, he didn’t feel much emotion. He walked into the community quickly. He returned on a noon flight, so it was later than Phillip Zong. Lena Qin should be back tomorrow morning. She sits in the evening. Flight.

Gibson Shao came to the house and saw that Ana Lin and two children were making wontons. He changed his shoes and walked in, “Oh, it’s time for me to come back. It’s time to catch up with the meal.”

He walked to the table and looked at the wontons on the chopping board. While exquisite, he was too horrible to look at. He frowned, pointed at Zong Yanchen and Zong Yanxi’s gnocchi and asked, “What is this?

Can you eat it? “

“I didn’t let you eat.”

Zong Yanxi was stimulated.

“Yeah, what happened to Yan Xi today?

Have dynamite?

Won’t you eat it for me?

I won’t grab it. “

Gibson Shao’s vigorous strength makes people laugh and cry, Zong Yanxi casts a glance at him, “Are you a bandit?”

Gibson Shao touched her head, “No, I was really a bandit before.”

Zong Yanxi’s eyes widened. What she watched on TV, the bandits are all bad guys, isn’t he?

“The bandit is a badass, are you a badass too?”

Gibson Shao immediately denied, “I am not a badass.”

“Then why do you biquwu.biz] call yourself a bandit?

Bandits are bad guys. “

Zong Yanxi seems to be competing with him, so he must make a clear point.

Gibson Shao pulled the chair away and sat down, “Well, what you say is what you say, I listen to Yan Xi.”

As he thought of the people he saw downstairs, he told Ana Lin, “You have recently come in and out and pay attention.”


what happened? “

Ana Lin raised his head and asked.

“I think there is a fool at the gate of the community. I am afraid that my brain is not clear and will hurt you and your two children.”

Gibson Shao said seriously.

“Have it?

When I came back, I didn’t see anything unusual, let alone any fools. “

Ana Lin put the wrapped wontons on the case and took another piece of dough.

“Just listen to me, normal person, who sits on the side of the road and giggles?

Looking at the talented people, there are still suits thrown on the ground. I guess they are people whose business has failed and their brains are stimulated. These days, business failures have all jumped off the building and become stupid. It is all light. Have you not watched the news?

A very large company in City C said that if someone accepted it, it was accepted, and the boss almost jumped off the building. “

Ana Lin wrapped the last few and got up, ready to get some wontons.

Without hearing Ana Lin answering himself, Gibson Shao asked again, “Have you heard?

Pay attention, the two children must be picked up to school. You call me when you don’t have time. You must not be careless. If such a beautiful child is lost again, it will be too late for you to regret. “

Ana Lin knew that Gibson Shao was kind, caring about them, and said with a smile, “Okay, let’s listen to you.”

Zong Yanchen Bao Wonton had a little bit of noodles and meat on his hands. He wanted to wash. Gibson Shao had been talking to Zong Yanxi when he got out of the chair. At this moment, he heard the movement and looked at him. When he reached his face, he was stunned for a moment, then laughed, “Yan Chen, why do you look like a fool?”

Zong Yanchen’s face strained, “You are a fool.”

Gibson Shao was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect that Zong Yanchen’s reaction would be so big, but he recovered to know why he was angry. No one would be happy if he was said to be a fool. It was just a momentary thought, feeling that Zong Yanchen and the one below’ The idiot’ looked too alike, explained, “Although it looks like, I know that Yanchen is a smart person and will be a big boss in the future. How could he be a idiot.”

Gibson Shao thought to himself that Ana Lin was unwilling to accept JK, and then left it to Zong Yanchen.

Zong Yanchen washed his hands and walked out, looked at Gibson Shao, and asked, “Where is the fool?

I see how stupid it is. “

Gibson Shao sat on the chair without moving, pointing to the balcony, “You can see when you stand on the balcony and go down.”

Chapter 510

When Zong Yanchen was about to walk over, Ana Lin called him in the kitchen, “Yanchen, can you help Mommy?”


Zong Yanchen walked to the kitchen, Ana Lin pointed to the green onions in the basket, “Can you help Mommy peel the green onions?”

Zong Yanchen picked up the onion and gave Ana Lin the answer with action.

By the time Zong Yan’s morning peeled the green onions, Ana Lin had cooked the wontons. She took the scallions peeled by her son, washed them and cut them into chopped green onions and put them in a bowl. The soup of wontons was prepared directly in the bowl. Put dried shrimps and lard, a little light soy sauce and chopped green onion, and then put some soup to wash the ingredients in the bowl with boiling water, and then put the wonton into the bowl, so that the wonton is ready.

“Wash your hands and eat.”

Ana Lin told her son that she put the wontons on the tray so that the serving would not be hot.

Zong Yanchen sniffed, already smelling the scent, and didn’t care about seeing the’fools’, washed his hands, sat on the chair in front of the dining table, and waited to eat.

Because of the lard, the soup is very fragrant, and the dried shrimp adds umami flavor. The wonton wrapper is made of alkaline noodles, so it is very smooth. Ana Lin will bring the bowls of the two children to them, and then put the leftovers. One of the two bowls I made was given to Gibson Shao, “If you don’t have enough food, I’ll make something else for you.”

Ana Lin didn’t know that he would come back so early, thinking that he would have to be with Lena Qin, so he didn’t prepare too much for fear that he would not have enough to eat.

Gibson Shao waved his hand and said with a smile, “No, no, I ate a little while on the plane. These are enough, but I robbed you.”

He looked at the two children and asked, “Are you enough to eat?”

Zong Yanxi licked her lips and moved her heart. She looked at Gibson Shao with a smile, her mouth was as sweet as wiping honey, “Grandpa Shao, when I finish eating wontons, will you take me out for a walk?”

She wanted to eat ice cream, but Ana Lin said that she would not buy it for her, saying that it was too cold to eat too much and it was bad for her stomach, but she wanted to eat it.

Zong Yanchen knew what his sister wanted to do at a glance, so he said, “I want to go too, take me with me.”

He also wants to eat, especially after eating hot meals, he wants to eat ice cream.

Ana Lin frowned, “What do you want to do one by one?

Ok? “

“Oh, I want to go outside to digest food if I eat too much.”

Zong Yanxi pouted her small mouth, looked at Zong Yanchen and said, “Right, brother.”

It is rare that Zong Yanchen cooperated, “That is, taking a walk after dinner is good for your health.”

Ana Lin wanted to say something more, Gibson Shao intercepted her, “Oh, if the two kids want to go out, they just go out for a while. Don’t worry if I take you?”

Gibson Shao said that, but she couldn’t say anything. After dinner, Ana Lin cleaned up the dishes on the table, Gibson Shao put a USB flash drive on the table, “This is the scene I let you record, you I have time to see it. The scene is very lively. It’s a pity that you didn’t go.”

He came to give Ana Lin this thing, and he couldn’t help but sighed, “I really don’t understand, why don’t you want to show up because of your hard work for two months.”

Ana Lin lowered his head and did not explain, but said lightly, “Don’t take them out for too long. Come back early.”

Gibson Shao said, “Okay.”

Ana Lin went to the kitchen with the bowl, and the two children put on their shoes. Now they can take care of themselves without being served by others.

Gibson Shao took them out and got on the elevator, saying, “What medicine do you sell in the gourd?”

I’ve been with these two kids for two months now. Take a walk?

It’s obviously not like the style of the two of them.

Zong Yanxi chuckled and took Gibson Shao’s hand and shook her coquettishly, “We are not doctors, what medicine do we sell?

We just want to eat ice cream. “

Gibson Shao rubbed the girl’s hair, “I know that you will not have the consciousness of taking a walk after dinner. When you have time, you will lazily stay at home and watch TV. Let you come out and say something hot. Now you want to eat ice cream and not get too hot. Up?”

“Ice cream is cold, so naturally it won’t be hot after eating it.”

Zong Yanchen said.

With a ding sound, the elevator stopped at this time. Gibson Shao took the two of them down the elevator and rubbed Zong Yanchen’s head with a smile, “Just your kid’s mouth can say it.”

Zong Yanxi, who walked out of the community, saw someone answering the phone on the opposite side of the road. Although her back was facing her and she didn’t see her face, she still recognized who the back belongs to and couldn’t help but blurt out a dad. .

Phillip Zong, who was talking on the phone with Milton Guan, heard the voice and turned around and saw the two children at the gate of the community. Zong Yanxi let go of Gibson Shao’s hand and ran over here, calling his father while running.

“Be careful.”

Gibson Shao called to her that it was too dangerous to run across the road.

At this moment, there was a galloping car not far away. Zong Yanxi didn’t see it, so she rushed to Phillip Zong’s place. Two months later, she saw her father, and she was afraid that his father would disappear if it was too late.

She wants her father, and she has forgotten the ice cream, where is the danger not dangerous.

The car on the road slowed down, and I didn’t notice that people would suddenly rush out from the side of the road. He hurried to the brakes. For that matter, the car didn’t stop immediately, and it was about to hit. Just at the very moment, only a dark shadow was seen. Skip, the speed of the wind galloped her small body like the wind, and the moment she was rolled up, the car passed by them.

In one second, if it was a little later, Zong Yanxi would definitely be hit. The car drove not far and stopped. Gibson Shao rushed over, kicked towards the body, and cursed the driver, “Don’t drive Long eyes?

The gate of the community opens so fast, what about death?

! “

The driver was also shocked. He did not expect that someone would suddenly rush to the road.

Seeing no movement from the driver, Gibson Shao kicked again, and a nest was recessed in the car door, “I don’t want to die, let me get down!”

The driver shivered with fright and pushed the door down with a pale face.

Gibson Shao usually has a hippy smile, looks lacklustre, and is very hot when he starts to get angry, mainly because he touched his bottom line. Who is Zong Yanxi?

That is Ana Lin’s child, who is Ana Lin?

That was the daughter of his elder brother who had always respected him. How could he not be irritated just now because of this person, he was in danger.

How can he explain that it is really dangerous?

Here, Zong Yanxi, who was held in her arms by Phillip Zong, was frightened and frightened. She hadn’t recovered for a long time, and she was always stunned, obviously frightened.

Phillip Zong followed her back and coaxed softly, “It’s okay, it’s okay, father is here, don’t be afraid.”

Zong Yanxi, who came back to his senses, cried with a cry when he recalled the thrilling just now.

With this cry, Zong Yanxi drew Gibson Shao back to her anger, and glared at the driver fiercely, “If this is the case before, I will beat you half to death, and stand still for me. Don’t think about fleeing, there is surveillance at the gate of the community.”

After that, Gibson Shao rushed to see Zong Yanxi. At this moment, she was sobbing in Phillip Zong’s arms, and she kept shouting, “Dad, I’m afraid.”

Phillip Zong k*ssed her on the cheek, because her crying face was full of tears, and there was a salty taste in her mouth. He didn’t dislike it. Instead, he was full of distress, rubbing his lips against the corner of her eyes, and comforted in a low voice. Not afraid, not afraid, Dad is here.”

Zong Yanxi cried more fiercely when she heard the words father, feeling wronged in her heart.

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