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Chapter 499

Jenkin Bai, who returned to Baicheng, took a short rest and went to Zong Qifeng. He urgently needed to know what happened while he was busy handling the company’s affairs. Danna Cheng’s death, how did Phillip Zong know the truth? Ana Lin Is it because she concealed Phillip Zong that she left?

Guessing by yourself is after all speculation.

He didn’t let Gaoyuan follow him, and let him go to rest. Only the driver and Xiaoliu followed.

It’s easy to get some news from his site. After a few phone calls, he knew where Zong Qifeng lived after he came to Baicheng.

He lives in the old house of the Cheng family. There are only three men in the huge house, Roberson Cheng, and Uncle Feng, who came to take care of Zong Qifeng, are still three elderly men living here.

It vaguely makes people feel “wonderful” and looks desolate.

When Jenkin Bai entered the door, he saw Zong Qifeng lying on the rocking chair in the yard, covered with a thin blanket. In just a few days, he seemed to be a different person. Where is the radiant spirit he had before?

Going down the steps, Jenkin Bai asked Koyanagi to wait for him outside, and he rolled his wheelchair forward alone.

Because it was already summer, the trees in the yard grew lush green leaves, blocking the sun and leaving a large shady area, and Zong Qifeng’s rocking chair was under the tree.

When Uncle Feng saw that Jenkin Bai came in without saying hello, fearing that he would disturb Zong Kaifeng to rest, he walked over, “Who do you call?”

Jenkin Bai raised his chin, which meant Zong Kaifeng.

“Excuse me, my master is not seeing guests, please come back.”

Uncle Feng politely put on a please pose.

“My legs and feet are not good, it is not easy to come here, I will not disturb him to rest, just ask a few words.”

Uncle Feng still wanted to refuse. At this moment, Zong Qifeng, who was lying on the rocking chair, slowly opened his eyes and said to Uncle Feng, “I’m fine, go ahead and let me talk to him.”

Uncle Feng exhorted, “Don’t say too long, your health is not good.”

Danna Cheng’s death hit him hard, and his spirit is worse than every day.

Zong Qifeng twitched his lips, “I can’t die.”

Uncle Feng sighed and turned around and entered the room, Jenkin Bai apologized, “I’m sorry to disturb you.”

Jenkin Bai’s identity Zong Qifeng knew, and he also guessed what he came for, so he was straightforward, “Just ask what you want.”

Jenkin Bai first expressed his grief over Danna Cheng’s death, “I didn’t expect that the last time I saw her in City B, it was the last time I saw her. If I knew it, I would definitely not break up.”

Zong Qifeng didn’t have many expressions, it seemed that sadness and longing were hidden in his heart.

Jenkin Bai asked directly after expressing his grief. After all, Zong Qifeng was also straightforward, and he was not good at going around and disturbing others’ rest.

What happened in City B recently, Phillip Zong, Foster, Ana Lin, and the entanglements among these people, he wanted to make it clear that Zong Qifeng, as a past person, must know very much in detail, so he asked them all at once.

Zong Qifeng turned his head and looked at him indifferently, without concealing anything. He told all the recent events, which was almost the same as Jenkin Bai guessed. Phillip Zong knew Cheng Yu’s identity, and Foster Wen’s affairs and Phillip Zong’s relationship.

His son is no better than his father. After Phillip Zong knows the truth, he will definitely investigate Danna Cheng’s car accident. It is an accident or man-made, and there will be a certain number.

Jenkin Bai nodded, as he guessed, and asked again, “So Ana Lin left because Phillip Zong resented her for concealing the truth?”


Zong Qifeng looked at him in surprise, Ana Lin left?

After Danna Cheng’s funeral was finished, he came to Baicheng. Roberson Cheng said that living there is easy to touch the scene. After all, he has always lived where Danna Cheng has been, and he is too familiar with him. Suddenly missing that person is a great shock to people.

“Don’t you know?”

Now it’s Jenkin Bai’s turn to be surprised, isn’t Ana Lin leaving because of this incident?

Zong Qifeng sighed, maybe Ana Lin will leave after knowing his life experience.

“There is no eternal secret in this world.”

No matter how long it takes, the truth is always the truth, and no one can hide it for a lifetime.

“She is Wen Xian’s daughter. She probably only left until she knew her identity. I’m afraid that this day will come.”

At that time, after Phillip Zong and Ana Lin divorced, he thought it was a good thing. After all, the identity of the two people will be revealed in the future.

He agreed to Wen Xian at the time, but he couldn’t bear to refuse. Later, he wanted Casey He and Phillip Zong of the He family to marry, just to completely break the relationship between the two of them.

To tell the truth, marriage is not that important, he mainly wants Phillip Zong to get married quickly.

Whoever wanted to go around was the two of them walking together, and what happened to Danna Cheng happened.

He didn’t say it, just because they were afraid that the two knew the truth, and they didn’t stop it.

Hey, Zong Qifeng sighed, “I’m too old to control it.”

Let them be.

Jenkin Bai was also shocked by this answer. Ana Lin is Wen Xian’s daughter, so isn’t Foster Wen her uncle?

But her uncle killed Phillip Zong’s biological mother?

So she had to leave?

“How did that happen?”

Jenkin Bai couldn’t believe it, wouldn’t there be lumps in his heart together like this?

He felt like he was struck by lightning, which was incredible.

While shocked, Ana Lin was also distressed, “They are all people who have been tricked by fate.”

It turns out that she left because of this. How bitter she should be. She obviously didn’t do anything, but was embarrassed by the previous generation.

At this time, Roberson Cheng walked in from outside. Although he was in Baicheng, he was always paying attention to the affairs of City B. He hated Foster. The previous imprisonment of Danna Cheng until the kidnapping of the car accident was caused by Foster. .

Roberson Cheng supports everything that Phillip Zong does. If he remains indifferent after knowing the truth, he can’t be regarded as a human being.

After all, Danna Cheng is his biological mother.

No one can let go of the enemy of killing his mother.

“Does he think he can escape punishment by confessing it?”

Roberson Cheng came and said coldly.

He received the latest news from City B, and Foster Wen personally confessed that the kidnapping caused the car accident.

Hearing this news, Jenkin Bai was not as happy as before, and his mood became tangled. The person he wanted to get revenge on turned out to be Ana Lin’s closest relative. This is really ironic.

Foster Wen is really ruined, will he be happy?

The answer is no, but entanglement.

He would be entangled, would wonder if Ana Lin would feel uncomfortable, would he dare not face it.

Knowing the news, he would rather not know, he regretted coming to Zong Kaifeng and regretted knowing these things.

Without knowing it, he can readily accept the news of Foster Wen’s ruin, and can calmly go to Bai Hongfei’s grave and tell him in person that Foster Wen has been punished.

But now… Jenkin Bai closed his eyes, feeling that he was hit.

City B, because Foster Wen stood up and acknowledged everything, he pushed this already hot news to another peak.

I have spent a lot of time with Phillip Zong, Foster Wen has some understanding of his personality, it is inevitable that he will act, he does nothing, that is not him.

Foster Wen not only admitted that he had kidnapped Danna Cheng, but also bit out Gu Bei, which was regarded as his sincerity in admitting wrong to Phillip Zong.

He couldn’t hide from what he did. His only wish was to see Ana Lin and hope to be forgiven by her.

The most surprising thing here was Gu Bei. He wanted to tear Foster Wen, but he didn’t expect Foster Wen to stand up suddenly and bit him out, making him feel annoyed by shooting himself in the foot.

After Foster Wen held a press conference, he went to Wanyue Group.

Chapter 500

Hearing Milton Guan’s report that Foster Wen was here, Alan Su gave a cold smile, “Thinking that you can be forgiven like this?”

Phillip Zong sat at his desk and was silent. It seemed that he didn’t expect Foster Wen to admit that this action was obviously to show his favor.

Foster Wen had a staid personality, and he valued fame, but he was clever in retreating to advance. He was embarrassed, and it seemed that he was close to humanity if he tried to kill him.

Keller Shen glanced at Alan Su. He disagreed with Alan Su’s statement. Foster Wen voluntarily admitted that there must be a desire for reconciliation. He looked at Phillip Zong and said, “I’ll see you, how can he be his sister-in-law…” No. If others think, they have to think about Ana Lin.

“She doesn’t want you to be embarrassed when she leaves, and you should think about her too.”

No longer willing to admit it, but this relationship can’t be erased, Foster Wen is Ana Lin’s uncle.

Phillip Zong never looked up, and his voice was very soft, “You all go out and let him in.”

Keller Shen knew the truth, how could he not think of it, but he still couldn’t get through the hurdle in his heart.

The enemy of killing his mother, let it go wherever it can be said, because Foster Wen will regret it for life.

This is a dead knot, there will be a trace after a long time, and it will never disappear.

Foster Wen walked in with Li Jing in plain clothes and helped him in. After a short while, goodbye seemed like a world away. There were too many changes.

Li Jing helped Foster Wen sit on the sofa and whispered, “You call me when you leave, and I will wait for you outside.”

Foster Wen said.

Li Jing bowed her head and exited the office. In this situation, she had nothing to say to Phillip Zong, so she didn’t say hello.

After the office door was closed, the space became quiet. It was the deadlock that Foster Wen broke first. “Xiao Jing has already retired from the entertainment industry and joined the army. He must have not come to see you.”

Roman Li, who knew the ins and outs, had no face to come out to see anyone.

“I’m not here to excuse or plead with you. What I do deserves my retribution and punishment. I will never shirk half of it.”

Roman Li went to the army. He stood up and admitted everything. This is not accidental. This is his plan for himself. He and Roman Li have always had a bad relationship, so the outside world is not very clear about Roman Li’s identity. For many years, I have a few confidants. It is not difficult to get Roman Li in, and Roman Li did not enter as his son. After that, he committed a great mistake and it would not affect Roman Li.

He did this, but he didn’t want the Wen family to lose out because of him.

Roman Liqu was willing, because he knew that Foster Wen had to be punished accordingly for this incident to be able to quell the incident, so he went to the army to make a fortune for the Wen family so that Foster Wen had no worries and stood. Come out and admit everything.

Foster Wen knew who he couldn’t blame and who he couldn’t wait for. Although he didn’t know it, making a mistake was making a mistake. Even if he didn’t want Danna Cheng’s life, he just wanted to arrest her, but Danna Cheng did indeed die because he died.

He has an unshirkable responsibility! “It doesn’t matter whether you are in jail or ruined, I have no complaints, I just want to see her.”

Having said so much, he never looked up, until the last sentence he raised his head to look at Phillip Zong.

He hates Danna Cheng, but he has never had a murderous intention. If he wanted to kill her when she was imprisoned more than 20 years ago, he would not wait until now.

The only thing he regrets is that he prevented Wenxian from staying with the person she likes. He didn’t know that Wenxian would be so persistent. He would not be reconciled after marrying Zong Qifeng. He didn’t know that Zong Qifeng would indulge Wenxian and make her absurd. He went to find a woman, absurdly concealing everyone and Zhuang Ziyi giving birth to an illegitimate child. He never expected that he hated people who were about to be half a lifetime away, all because of his sister.

Sorry, such a word is too light to make up for anything, so he won’t say it.

Wen Xian did not harm other people’s lives and also harmed him, but what can he say?

What is the excuse?

Who made that person Wenxian?

Is it the sister he loved since he was a child?

He deserves it, he can’t blame others.

Phillip Zong faces the floor-to-ceiling windows, and puts his arms on the desk casually, leaving only half of the outline. His expression, his thoughts, and his heart are not prying through, and even his tone is thin and without any emotion. “I don’t know where she is. I left more than a month ago.”

Foster Wen opened her mouth and couldn’t believe it, “You just let her go like this?

Don’t you like her very much? “

How much did he care about Ana Lin before?

Don’t hesitate to be enemies with him, even not afraid of the game he and Chen Qing set up together.

Phillip Zong turned his head slowly, and the chill oozing from his bones made people retreat even if he didn’t move. “Otherwise?

Let her watch you and I kill each other? “

Isn’t that another kind of cruelty?

Foster Wen was at a loss for words.

I can’t say a word, yes, whether she admits it or not, but his identity lies here. Phillip Zong is her husband. Whose side is she on?

Who died, did she want to see?

He stroked the armrest of the sofa and stood up slowly. He looked at Phillip Zong’s pleading tone, “It’s all my fault, let her come back.”

At the end he added another sentence, “What I do, I recognize it myself, and no one needs to do it.”

He surrendered himself, so that there would be no killing between him and Phillip Zong, and Ana Lin would not have to feel guilty in front of Phillip Zong. He should solve the mistakes he committed.

“I know you don’t want to see me, this is the last time I appear in front of you.”

After Foster Wen moved towards the door, he was sent to the hospital in a timely manner without any major sequelae, but his body was not as good as before, and his legs were not as flexible as before.

He opened the door of the office, Li Jing heard the noise and walked over to support him, “Why don’t you call me?”

“It’s not paralyzed, I can go.”

Foster Wen will be strong for a lifetime, and when he grows old, he has nothing.

Li Jing sighed. Knowing that Foster Wen was annoying herself, she hated Wen Xian a lot. How many people did her selfishness hurt?

If it weren’t for Wenxian, Foster Wen wouldn’t be like this.

In Li Jing’s opinion, all this is Wen Xian’s fault, but she dare not say in front of her husband, even so, Wen Xian is still Foster Wen’s sister, and he still cares, just like Ana Lin is Wen Xian’s child same.

If he doesn’t care, why should he come here?

Foster Wen, who had left, seemed to prove to Phillip Zong that he was telling the truth. He surrendered himself and also pulled Gu Bei. Foster Wen understood Phillip Zong’s temper. He would definitely not take part in the kidnapping process. Will let it go.

So he did it for Phillip Zong, not to express his good intentions, but to face him without guilt.

Although Foster Wen surrendered himself, the police would not give the result of the trial so quickly, and would have to collect evidence and investigate.

Phillip Zong didn’t feel softened because of Foster Wen’s reversal, nor because he surrendered himself, he might lose his reputation and lose his reputation in the evening, but feel the pleasure of revenge. His mood is very complicated, even contradictory.

He wondered in his heart whether he could hug each other without distracting thoughts when he really saw Ana Lin.

He was afraid that he would hurt her.

I am also afraid that she will be separated from herself because of Foster Wen’s surrender.

This is a gap. No matter how it is resolved, there will be a scar lying between them. No one dares to mention it, no one dares to touch it, but is cautious.

During the period when Foster Wen was under investigation, he was completely immersed in work. He asked Milton Guan to return to the villa and bring a few sets of clean clothes to the company. When he was tired, he would not go back to the office to rest.

This kind of life is very fulfilling. Although he has a tendency to self-abuse, he can temporarily forget the troubles and the person who makes him feel sad.

Everything was calm, until he accidentally saw an invitation card that rippled the lake without waves. It wasn’t that the card was special or what he was interested in, but the people on it.

Chapter 501

“Zong always knows the people above, or is he interested in the people above?”

The Minister of Public Relations stooped to pick up the scattered documents and the invitation card, which was given to her by her friend. It was caught in the document and forgotten to take it away. When he came to the meeting, he dropped the document first. Phillip Zong who came to the meeting stopped, so he asked curiously.

She held the document she picked up, held the invitation card in her hand, looked at it for two seconds, and handed it to Phillip Zong, “Anyway, I have been married, and the wedding dress cannot be worn again. It will be more beautiful if I go to see it. The wedding dress, I might be itching to change a husband, so I might as well give it to Zong.”

As the head of the public relations department, he handles various tricky incidents of the company and observes the facial expressions of people in detail.

Even if Phillip Zong didn’t express his desire, she could tell that he was interested in the people above, otherwise he would not stop.

Phillip Zong was not polite, and reached out to take it, “Thank you.”

The Minister of Public Relations, a middle-aged woman in her forties, with neat short hair and smart professional attire, followed him into the office and asked gossiping by the way, “Zong knows the woman above?”

Is it possible to have a new love again?

The woman admitted to the company’s staff last time was not like this.

“Is my personal affairs so interesting?”

Phillip Zong’s expressionless face gave her a faint look.

The head of the Public Relations Department was very witty and smiled, “Gossip is a woman’s nature, and so is me, although President Zong always treats me as a man.”

After speaking, she sat in her place, Phillip Zong hired men and women, as long as he had enough ability, he would entrust him with important tasks.

He glanced down at the woman in the big red cheongsam on the invitation card, his eyes gloomy.

After Lena Qin had undergone plastic surgery, the doctor sent him a photo, so he knew what Lena Qin looked like now, even though there was no similarity to the original, but after seeing the photo, he could still recognize it.

He disappeared after leaving the hospital. He guessed that he was with Ana Lin. Although Ana Lin did not appear on the invitation card, he felt that it was definitely related to Ana Lin.

He asked Milton Guan to put the invitation card in his office, then opened the chair in the middle of the conference table and sat down to start today’s meeting.

The senior staff of No. 100 company below are all sitting in danger. To them, every meeting now looks like a torture.

I’m afraid of saying the wrong thing, I’m afraid that my job won’t satisfy the boss, and I’m afraid that the meeting will be endless. After sitting for a few hours, the hemorrhoids will all sit out, so let people not live?

The man sitting in the middle is always very stingy to have even a charitable smile on them, making the people below always feel that they have done something wrong, causing the illusion of his iceberg face.

But in fact, even if their work is done perfectly, it won’t make him smile.

But it’s still considered good, and there are still praises. It’s much better than before. I didn’t scold you if I did a good job before, did not complete the task he assigned, or the quality of the work did not meet his requirements. I’m sorry for your face, and I don’t save the slightest face, now it’s really better.

They are also content, but they will pray silently in their hearts, and this situation will end soon, so that they will have a kind of emotion that the gods fight and the prisoners suffer.

The meeting did not last long, and ended in more than two hours.

Phillip Zong took the lead out of the meeting room, Milton Guan followed behind him, and reported on the next itinerary today. “We agreed to meet President Tang at the Jiangyue restaurant at noon, and talked about mergers and acquisitions with President Zhongliang at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Charity reception, do you want me to find someone to accompany you to attend?”

Generally, such occasions are in pairs, some with secretaries, and some with wives. They are nominally contributing to charity. In fact, it is another kind of communication. Generally, those who can be invited have a certain status. With this opportunity to meet, it is inevitable to discuss work matters.

Phillip Zong was thin but sturdy and tall. He copied his pocket with one hand and opened a button on the collar with the other hand. “You will come for me at the reception.”

As long as the money arrives, no one can say anything.

Milton Guan nodded, then arrived at the office door. He stopped and just finished the report. Phillip Zong opened the office door. I don’t know when Keller Shen and Alan Su came. Keller Shen has always been steady, only Alan Su’s temperament. , He half leaned in front of the desk, holding the invitation card in his hand, looking at the woman on it, Lena Qin on it was wearing a big red cheongsam with traditional embroidery, embroidered with beautiful pictures and black hair. Hot into a big wave and elegantly coiled behind her head, her figure is concave, convex and graceful, and her skin is white and delicate. The high cross is the essence of the Z cheongsam. Although her white legs are exposed, she doesn’t seem vulgar at all. She has low eyes with a calm and calm smile. , Giving people a warm and beautiful sense of beauty.

The large gilded characters on the left are depicted in traditional calligraphy, scribbled and full of charm; dreams come back and encounters are unforgettable, the world is dressed in costumes, so why not know each other?

Poetic but full of artistic conception, people can’t help but want to explore.

Even the invitation cards have been carefully designed to complement the theme.

Alan Su narrowed Phillip Zong’s eyes. How could something like this appear on his desk?

“who is this?

How could it appear on your desk? “

When he asked tactfully, he almost said bluntly; are you empathizing?

Phillip Zong ignored him, but gave him a cold look.

Alan Su slapped his lips, his eyes fell on the invitation card again, carefully examined the people on it, studied for a long time and came to a conclusion, “Gu Pan is brilliant, sultry, beautiful is beautiful, but…” “Alan Su, you Is it okay to have a face?

Don’t look at it as a woman, you’ll be happy. “

Keller Shen was pulled over by Alan Su just after the meeting in the game, dressed in a straight uniform, heroic.

Sitting there casually is also majestic and pleasing to the eye. He is a hard man, coupled with his cool and solemn uniform, it feels sacred and inviolable.

Alan Su slowly raised his eyes, mocking Keller Shen, “Which one of us is shameless?

My heartfelt evaluation, on the contrary, you are thinking about it wrongly, and you raked me down. My thoughts are not pure, I’m seeking truth from facts. The women on this are really beautiful, but they lack the smoke and flames and are too cold. They are not as approachable as my Lena Qin, which gives people a feeling Get close. “

He put the invitation card back on the table, walked over, and stood by the sofa, with his hands heavily on Keller Shen’s shoulders, “I am real, I don’t hide and tuck, unlike you, who obviously have a tiger-like heart and pretend reserved.”

Buzzing—— At this time, the cell phone in Keller Shen’s pocket rang. He looked up at Keller Shen. He wanted to frustrate him, but when he reached his throat, he swallowed again. He took out his cell phone and it appeared that the phone number displayed, an unnamed number. String numbers and very unfamiliar, completely unimpressed.

Alan Su took a look and sat on the opposite sofa, “Isn’t it a harassing phone call?”

Keller Shen glared at him coldly, “If you don’t speak, you will die?”

Alan Su curled his lips, and didn’t say anything. What did he do so fiercely, relying on his own strength?

He murmured, “Rude man.”

Keller Shen ignored him, but pressed the answer button to put it in his ears, and soon there was a clear female voice, “Is it Captain Shen?”

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