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Chapter 502

Keller Shen frowned slightly, the voice was familiar, but he couldn’t remember whose voice it was for a while.

There seemed to be aware that Keller Shen did not recognize himself, and said a little lost, “I am Marsha Sang.”

Keller Shen suddenly realized, “Oh, something is wrong with me?”

“Yes, are you free?

I have a rest at noon, can you come see me? “

Marsha Sang’s voice came over there again.

Keller Shen looked up at the clock on the wall and said, “Okay.”

“Then I will wait for you at the school gate.”

“it is good.”

Marsha Sang frowned slightly, her delicate eyebrows wrinkled. This person is really cold. Would it be a waste of his time to say a word?

“That’s it?”

It was Marsha Sang’s first voice.


Marsha Sang took the phone that hung up the call, looked at it and smiled, thinking that such a man is also very interesting.

She actually has a mobile phone. When Keller Shen asked her for it, she didn’t take it out because she didn’t trust Keller Shen very much. She could endure hardships. Even without family members, she could live on her own.

The mobile phone is not very expensive, but it is enough for her. She has good academic performance and won a semester scholarship this semester. In addition, she is working outside, so it is not difficult to support herself.

She wants to wait two years to graduate by herself, and after having a stable job, she will be more stable.

Keller Shen drove a black SUV and parked at the gate of Huaqing University. When she lowered the window, she saw Marsha standing in front of the school. She was wearing a white T-shirt, light-colored straight jeans and a high-waisted design. She has long legs, a pair of white sneakers on her feet, a black backpack on her back, long hair in a ponytail, youthful look, full of vigor, she saw Keller Shen running over, standing in front of the car window, and asked , “Sorry, I can’t invite you down. My classmates know that I have no relatives here, and they suddenly come into contact with someone like you. I’m afraid that people who talk a lot will spread gossip.”

“Come up.”

Keller Shen pressed the safety lock.

Marsha sat up in the car door, she pointed to the front, “Go straight ahead and turn right.”

Keller Shen didn’t ask why he went, anyway, he just drove according to her request. He kept his eyes open and asked, “Is something wrong with me?”

Marsha Sang turned to look at him, jokingly, “Is it okay, can’t I find you?”


Keller Shen smiled awkwardly, “I’m more direct, don’t care too much.”

“I know, I didn’t care.”

She thought in her heart, this person is really the same as his friend said, a person with no interest at all.

Do such people have fun in life?

Soon the car drove to the place Marsha Sang said, and she waved her hand, “Stop here.”

Keller Shen stopped the car against the side of the road, Marsha Sang pushed the car door down, “You come down too.”

She first walked into the roadside restaurant named’Hao Zai La Jiang Nian’ Keller Shen took a look outside, because it is not very far from the school, so this street is selling food, he pushed down the car door and walked into the noodle shop. Marsha Sang was ordering food, his brows frowned and he couldn’t figure out what the girl was doing. Could it be that he was told to come out to eat noodles?

“that’s it.”

Marsha Sang finished talking to the boss, walked over, picked a position, and then said to Keller Shen, “Let’s sit here.”

Keller Shen didn’t say anything, and sat down following her words.

“You don’t dislike this place, do you?”

The noodle shop is not big, and the cleaning is fairly clean, but the oil stains on the glass wall seem to have not been wiped in some days.

“Don’t look at how bad this place is, but the fried noodles are delicious. The name of the restaurant is also tacky, but it can’t stop the taste.”

Marsha Sang smiled, “You helped me twice, and I invited you to dinner. This is a balance. You won’t give me this face, right?”

“With a little effort, don’t worry about it.”

Keller Shen said lightly.

Marsha Sang curled his lips in his heart, this man was really boring, his expression tone was light from beginning to end, as if there would be no fluctuations.

The noodle shop owner brought the noodles up, a celadon porcelain bowl with round noodles about the same thickness as rice noodles, and a hexagonal plate with six grids, each with a different side dish, the last one Inside the grid is halogen, and the chopsticks are longer than usual.

Marsha Sang pointed to the side dishes, “These are all side dishes, you don’t need to add the ones you don’t like, but the bittern must be poured into the noodles.”

Keller Shen nodded. He was not picky about eating. He poured the side dishes in, then picked up the chopsticks and stirred. Marsha Sang looked at him and smiled, “Hey, what kind of woman do you like?”

Just thinking of tasting the delicious Keller Shen, he lifted up and looked at Marsha Sang in surprise.

“Don’t get me wrong, at the breakfast shop last time, that friend of yours told me that you haven’t been in a relationship or had a girlfriend. He asked me to introduce you to a girlfriend. I have to know what you like. I can introduce you to it.”

Marsha Sang lowered his head and stuffed his mouth with noodles.

Keller Shen sighed. Now he has the urge to beat Alan Su violently. How could he say this to a child?

How shame he is in front of her?

“He must be joking with you, don’t care, let alone take it to heart.”


Marsha Sang swallowed the noodles in his mouth and asked, “In other words, you have been in love, do you have a girlfriend now?”

Keller Shen, “…” He coughed slightly, “Well, I don’t mean to introduce me to a girlfriend. I don’t like children.”

She is still a college student herself, what kind of one can she introduce to him?

Alan Su can really say it.

He felt that he was not making friends, but hurting friends.

“Then have you ever been in love?”

Marsha Sang asked.

Keller Shen looked upright, “Don’t inquire about adults.”

Marsha Sang pouted, “Then I don’t need to introduce your girlfriend to you?”

Originally, Keller Shen smelled the noodles quite fragrant and thought it should be delicious, but now he has completely lost his appetite.

He put down his chopsticks, looked at Marsha Sang and said seriously, “My friend’s person likes to be addicted to the mouth, so he doesn’t have to take it seriously.”

“Well, then I will listen to you from now on?”

She looked at him smiling, with delicate eyebrows, and when she laughed softly, like feathers brushing across people’s hearts.

Keller Shen froze for a moment, then hurriedly retracted his gaze, lowered his head to eat the noodles, “Well, listen to me later.”

Marsha Sang looked at him with his chin and smiled, thinking he was so cute.

Maybe this word is not very suitable for him, but she thinks it is very suitable for her at this time.

After eating the noodles, Keller Shen drove her back to school and drove away. When she drove halfway, she found her bag was in the car, and turned around and returned.

He went to the school gate and saw many people around the school gate. He parked the car on the side of the road, took Marsha Sang’s bag and pushed the car door and walked down.

“It’s her, who obviously followed a few men in the nightclub last time, and pretended to be innocent at school, pretending to have no money. I don’t believe that the money you have to sleep with is not enough for you to splurge, so I love to pretend to be pitiful and seduce. The sympathy of the male student, Marsha Sang, are you still shameless?”

The female student in question is in the same dormitory with Marsha Sang, and is still a classmate named Lu Wanwan. Since Marsha Sang was chosen to leave that day, she has been resentful.

She thinks that her conditions are much better than Marsha Sang, her heart is not balanced, she doesn’t look good, and she has been with men, so why can she be favored by seniors?

Chapter 503

Lu Wanwan had always held a grudge, but a few days ago she had a crush on the senior and Marsha Sang confessed, and the jealousy that made her backlog in her heart broke out. Today, she saw her getting off Keller Shen’s car and stopped her. Going to the school gate, trying to humiliate her and make her discredited at the school.

Marsha Sang didn’t have any expression on her face. She used to be so stubborn about her father’s things. Now that she grows up, she can be more stable. She will not admit to things she has never done, let alone let others mess around. slander.

“I appeared in a nightclub, how did you know?

Did you show up there so you saw me?

So I would like to ask why you are there?

I slept with me, did you stand by and watch? “

She had sharp eyes and confronted Lu Wanwan without evasive.

What she said seemed reasonable.

Everyone looked at Lu Wanwan again and seemed to ask again, how do you know when someone is going to the night club?

Lu Wanwan panicked for a few seconds and said, “I heard from my friends, if I lie, you can ask them both.”

She pointed to the other two classmates, “Did Marsha Sang get out of a car driven by a man at noon today?”

When they came back, they did see Marsha Sang getting off a car driven by a man, so they told everyone the truth.

“Look, I didn’t lie, did I?

She has been pretending to be poor at school, pretending to be pitiful, to win the pity of her male classmates. In fact, she does shameful deeds outside and has the face to come to school. If it was me, I would find a place to sew and drill down. “

Marsha Sang bit her lip and trembled, because she could not explain, she indeed got out of Keller Shen’s car.

Seeing that Marsha Sang couldn’t refute, Lu Wanwan became more rampant, “The shameless b*tch has the face to refuse Senior Jiang’s confession. It is the sorrow to seduce men?”

Marsha Sang’s face was blue, and his eyes looked as if he was about to shoot fireworks when he saw Lu Wanwan, “Nonsense!”

“Haha, I’m talking nonsense, all the men who are close to you have come to school, why, when you lay on someone’s bed, you didn’t expect to have today?

Do you know how to write the word shame? “

Lu Wanwan talked more and more outrageously, talked more arrogantly, talked more horribly, “Look at so many classmates looking at you, or if you take off your clothes, let us also appreciate how your vulgar body is. Seduce a man?”

Marsha Sang was anxious, but felt a fire in his heart.

“Look at your embarrassed and angry look, why do you still want to hit me?”

Lu Wanwan laughed.

Marsha Sang clenched his hands, closed his eyes, swallowed this breath, and said coldly, “I hit you, my hands will be dirty.”

After talking about walking towards the campus, Lu Wanwan was reluctant, and grabbed her clothes. Summer clothes were originally thin. When she pulled it, she revealed a thin white waist. Lu Wanwan found the male classmate. When both eyes were shining, she got bad thoughts and deliberately lifted her clothes up, “No wonder you can seduce men. Looking at this waist, you can make men play a lot of tricks, right?”

Marsha Sang covered it with her hand, glaring at the late landing, and yelled, “Let go of me!”

“b*tch, isn’t it pure and pure?”

Lu Wanwan grinned, looked a little sullen, and was jealous of Marsha Sang’s figure. Although she was not bad, but after seeing Marsha Sang, she realized that she was really not good. No matter how thin she is, she has a big frame and big hip bones. Unlike mulberry, the waist is thin and round, the skin is firm, and the hip bones are not wide or narrow.

Marsha Sang was really annoyed by Lu Wanwan. The bottom line was stepped on. Her brain was unable to think for a while, so she pushed out with her backhand. Marsha Sang’s movements were too sudden. Lu Wanwan was pushed off guard, and she backed away hastily. He almost fell in a few steps, and his antics attracted ridicule from the students.

Lu Wanwan felt that Marsha Sang had made herself embarrassed. He stared at her and raised her hand to hit her. However, when she lifted her hand, she was grabbed by the wrist. She was angry and raised her head to curse, “Who is nosy… …” When I saw the face that greeted my eyes, the next words got stuck in my throat.

Everyone looked at the person who appeared suddenly. When Keller Shen didn’t smile, he felt very rigid. Today, he was in a uniform and looked even sharper.

Someone whispered below, “Wow, the police uncle is here.”

“You, you…” No matter how arrogant, Lu Wanwan could understand that his attire was not an ordinary person, and was nervous to speak.

Keller Shen was not good at words. If it was Alan Su at this time, he might be able to humiliate Lu Wanwan’s facelessness.

He left Lu Wanwan coldly and walked towards Marsha Sang.

Marsha Sang just looked at Keller Shen in front of her classmates, appeared when she was most embarrassed, and didn’t care when other people’s eyes came to her.

This is the third time.

Keller Shen stayed in front of her, handed her the bag, and asked in a low voice, “Should I help you talk to the principal?”

Those words were too ugly and affected her reputation in school.

Marsha Sang felt uncomfortably tight, did not go to pick up the bag he handed over, but looked up at him straight up, “Did you hear what she said?”

Keller Shen pursed his lips.

“People in this world like to watch the excitement, you explain, others just as you are defending, so I don’t need to explain, since they think it is.”

Marsha Sang’s words are not in line with common sense at first sight. When you encounter such a thing, you should explain it clearly, but it’s the same. You may not believe it when you explain it, and you may think he is taking it. The identity is a matter of fact, deliberately trying to cover it up, just when Keller Shen didn’t know what to do, Marsha Sang suddenly stood on his toes, stretched out a slender arm around his neck, and stuck the lips that hadn’t been rendered with lipstick.

Standing straight, Keller Shen stared at the delicate face that was close at hand with eyes wide open, forgetting to react for a while, only feeling that the sweet and pure breath lingers in his nose.

Two soft lips pressed against him, and he stood stiffly.

When he realized what Marsha Sang was doing, he stretched out his hand to push her away. How could she be so small… But before he could raise his hand in time, Marsha Sang let him go and looked around. A lively classmate, “Yes, he is my man outside, that’s it, I am an adult, is there a rule that I can’t fall in love?”

After speaking, she grabbed the bag in Keller Shen’s hand, pushed away the classmates who were blocking the school gate, and ran into the campus.

Looking at the petite figure, Keller Shen was lonely and helpless in the face of the insults of his classmates. Suddenly he developed a sense of protection, his face was astonished as cold, but for a moment.

He turned to look at Lu Wanwan who was stupid in the same place, his voice was not high or low, but it was full of shock, “What is your name?”

Lu Wanwan took a sip of water, so scared that he just wanted to step back and stay away from him.

There was a classmate who was not too busy watching the excitement and said, “She is Lu Wanwan, a classmate of Marsha Sang, and she lives in a dormitory.”

Keller Shen nodded, the arc of the corners of his lips was surprisingly cold, “If I hear you insult her next time, I will find the principal and invite all your parents. I want to see what it is like. Parents have taught such a mean child.”

After he said, he glanced around and wanted to see some lively students, and said coldly, “It’s all gone.”

Everyone spread out one after another, walking slowly, and wanted to see if there was any excitement.

Keller Shen walked towards the car, Lu Wanwan bit his lip, staring bitterly at Keller Shen, thinking that he had made himself ashamed. Why would she stay at school in the future?

How do you meet people?

“You seem to be a person with status, right? You are looking for a freshman, how old you are to be your daughter, right?

Don’t be ashamed. If you suppress me in this way, don’t you think I’m a student and bully? “

Keller Shen stood still, Lu Wanwan thought he would come and beat people, so scared he ran away.

He looked at Lu Wanwan who was running away and sighed, lowered his head and rubbed his aching temples, then pulled the door and got into the car. He didn’t start the car immediately, but just sat.

It was as if he was reminiscing about what had just happened. It was too sudden and he didn’t have time to taste it. The first time he was so close to a girl, the impression was especially deep, especially her breath.

Chapter 504

Keller Shen leaned on the back of the chair, supporting his head with one hand. He should have pushed Marsha Sang away for the first time. How could he be distracted?

How could he feel that he had bullied the little girl. Although he was the first to take the initiative, he was an adult and he was not a young girl. How could he not realize what she would do at the time?

Just when Keller Shen was very upset, the cell phone in his pocket rang. It was Alan Su’s call and asked him if he wanted to go to country Y.

Keller Shen is a little confused, what are you going to do there at this time?

Alan Su did not explain, but only asked if he was going.

Keller Shen struggled for a while, thinking that he would be easy to think about it and said, “I’ll go.”

“Arrive at the airport before three o’clock, otherwise don’t blame us for not waiting for you.”

After speaking, Alan Su hung up.

Sitting in the car, he is holding the invitation card in his hand. He is still studying the person on it. The time and address are on the back. This exhibition is not in China, but an international fashion and clothing exhibition. It is the most popular and popular in the apparel industry. The influential country Y is held, but this issue will only do one topic.

He smashed his mouth, “I really don’t understand, what are you doing there…” It seemed that Alan Su had thought of something in an instant. Ana Lin is also a fashion designer. Is he going to find Ana Lin?

Thinking of this, he turned to look at Phillip Zong and asked, “Do you think my sister-in-law will appear?”

Phillip Zong frowned, obviously not wanting to talk about this topic, and simply leaned on the back of the chair and closed his eyes for a false sleep.

He thought so in his heart, but he didn’t know if he would run into her, or if she would go, if she was willing to expose herself, Lena Qin would not only be on the invitation card, but her shadow would not be there.

He wasn’t sure. Deep down he didn’t dare to face her a little bit, but he was looking forward to it, very contradictory.

Alan Su still winked, didn’t keep hitting it all the time, and sat down quietly, waiting for Keller Shen to come.

While waiting, he read the invitation card in his hand again. He didn’t know what was good, he just wanted to see it.

Later, he felt that he wanted to look more at a woman who only had photos. It was a betrayal of Lena Qin, so he threw the invitation card aside.

It didn’t take long for Keller Shen to come, and they are now past. They can arrive in the morning, and they will be able to repair the whole day, and then they will arrive at the exhibition time in the evening.

One night Phillip Zong was too silent, Alan Su could understand, but what kind of deep did Keller Shen pretend to be?

As if he had lost his soul, people were not as energetic as before. Alan Su once felt that he had come out with two sick children.

They come here on a private business, so they are relatively low-key. The local taxis that stop from the hotel to the exhibition at night, the convention and exhibition center is very large, located in the middle of many high-rise buildings, the bustling metropolis will never fade away due to the night. Bathed in flashing lights, the city seemed more lively.

At the entrance of the entrance hall, a huge sign stands with the same pattern as the invitation card on the top, and the only one extra row of local translated letters below.

This time the invitation cards were made in different countries and in different languages. Because Mrs. William was helpful to Ana Lin, a lot of them were sent out, and many of them came here. After Ana Lin became famous, the first After holding a personal clothing exhibition, Mrs. William, who was Bole, naturally got on the scene, and she changed her former attire. She wore a cheongsam with elaborately embroidered gorgeous patterns and a plain shawl, which set off the elegance and intellectuality of the old man. .

All the lights in the entire hall are on, rendering it like daylight. Media reporters from all walks of life are debugging cameras. People who come to visit are also from various industries. Wedding dresses, photo studios, as long as they can touch the clothing. Yes, this time the momentum was quite big and many people came.

The entire hall has heads next to the heads, and at a glance, there are people. The staff in charge of helping are all dressed in specific costumes, which can be recognized at a glance. Leaning on the front of the runway, there are rows of white paved lines. The silk of flannel is covered with wine and various pastries.

There are rows of chairs on either side for people who come to visit and wait to watch the exhibition.

The rustling in the hall was full of human voices. With a bang, a light lit up on the T stage, and then the host in a black suit and leather shoes walked onto the stage. Next to him was a female host, she was wearing a slanted red buckle. This cheongsam stretches to the ankles, with ten-centimeter high heels on the feet, pulling the whole person tall and extraordinary.

One black and one red, the two extreme colors collide, with great visual effects. The lights follow them step by step. The first is the microphone raised by the male host. Because of the Z national style, the whole process is Z country In words, there is an interpreter standing next to the runway, and every sentence the host says will be translated.

“On this starry night, gentlemen and ladies from all over the world, hello, thank you for coming.”

As soon as the male host’s voice fell, the female host raised the microphone gracefully, her voice was loud and clear, “In this season of enthusiasm, hope, and fantasy, let us get together and thank you all for coming and participating in this international event. Sexual clothing exhibition.”

After turning over the opening remarks, the atmosphere gradually improved, and the male host spoke again, “Please take a seat, everyone, at 8:30, the groundbreaking first exhibition of “Cloud Embroidery” is about to begin.”

The hostess took the words, “Let’s wait and see.”

The two hosts stepped back, and the guests were basically seated. Alan Su and the three sat in the corner of the last row on the right, the lights suddenly and completely dimmed.

The place where my eyes are dark, I first think of the restless crowd of a pure guqin masterpiece “High Mountain and Flowing Water”, slowly quieting down, only the graceful, full of artistic conception, melodious and ups and downs, at the end of the song, the lights on both sides of the runway , Lit up suddenly, soft light staggered across the entire table.

The opening scene is with two models from country Z, wearing a pink and a red Chinese wedding gown. The two models sculpt Tingting step by step, they are graceful and charming, showing the charming, shy, and vividly of women, and finally stand. Staying at the forefront, next to the host’s commentary, “Z country has a history of five thousand years, and the culture left behind has a long history. This time “Cloud Embroidery” will bring us a brand new experience.”

The traditional ancient wedding dress is relatively loose, but Ana Lin draws on Western tailoring. This unique design can highlight the bride’s perfect figure and bring out the gentle and elegant Z culture at the same time, full of modern and high-level sense. It doesn’t make people feel old-fashioned and old, but full of vitality.

This design is really amazing.

Western-style wedding dresses are pure and solemn, and people pay more attention to the style of the wedding dress. For Chinese wedding dresses, people pay more attention to the patterns on the dresses and the meaning behind the patterns. Different patterns have different meanings. The dragon and the phoenix have the meaning of wealth and auspiciousness. The mandarin duck represents love. Loyalty is beautiful.

The hand-embroidered gowns are brighter in color, with a sense of gloss and three-dimensionality. The delicate gold and silver threads and life-like patterns give people a state of grace and luxury. Although it takes time and manpower, no matter what the years change, the stars change. , Will not lose its unique charm, and has more inheritance significance.

The final is the finale.

This piece is closer to history, but has changes in details. It is a blooming lotus outlined by gold thread wrapped around the chest, and is woven with a special embroidery method. The cuffs are all embroidered in the same way. The red jubilation and the Chinese gentleness show the tenderness of a woman. The cloak drags all over the floor, swaying with the model’s steps, and the atmosphere is shocking.

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