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Chapter 496

The listless Alan Su saw this unexpected visitor and became energetic. He had no liking for this man who coveted other people’s wives. “Hey, this is a rare visitor. What do you think of?”

Jenkin Bai did not want to talk to him more, but looked at Milton Guan, “Tell me, please.”

“Don’t pretend to be deep here. You obviously have a dirty heart. If you have to pretend to be like a gentleman, how can you be so shameless?”

“I am shameless?”

He gave a dry laugh. Originally, he really didn’t want to be familiar with Alan Su, but he is the same because people have a temper, “I cheated with your wife?

Make you hate me so? “

“You…” Keller Shen held Alan Su so as not to fight between the two here. “They are all people with a head and a face. They speak so harshly, so I am not afraid of losing face.”

Jenkin Bai looked up at the two of them, “Captain Shen was the one who provoked me first. I have a lame leg, isn’t it okay?” Keller Shen glanced over his leg, snorted coldly, and pulled As Alan Su left, Alan Su couldn’t swallow this breath and tried to get away from Keller Shen’s hand.

“Don’t make trouble, really want to fight him here?”

Keller Shen dissuaded him on the ground, pulling him, “Go to eat.”

Alan Su held his breath in his heart, “Not in the mood to eat.”

“Eat if you are not in the mood, why do you want to live by air?”

Keller Shen hates iron but not steel. What is the matter of torturing himself one by one?

“If it’s not for us to lead Gu Beishang, and we need manpower, I will send someone out to investigate the whereabouts of my sister-in-law and Lena Qin. Once the matter is over, I will send someone to look for it.”

It’s not that there is not enough manpower, he has already sent someone to investigate.

“I’m annoyed that Jenkin Bai’s words are too ugly.”

“I know, he won’t be anxious to teach him at this moment, and sooner or later it will fall into our hands.”

Keller Shen patted him on the shoulder and gave a relief.

Alan Su said, there is a breakfast shop in the opposite building, and Keller Shen and Alan Su walked across the road towards the opposite side.

Breakfast is on the third floor, surrounded by a glass wall on the right side. Sitting in any position, you can see the outside. The view is good. Two people randomly find a place to make it. Keller Shen ordered the food, the preserved egg is thin. The meat porridge is very famous. He ordered three points, and there are some delicious meals. When handing the menu to the waiter, Keller Shen said, “There is one for me to take away.”

“Okay, please wait a moment, I will serve you soon.”

The waiter politely stepped back.

Keller Shen took a sip of the free white water provided on the table, and when he put down the water glass, he looked at Alan Su and asked, “I found that something is wrong with you. What’s wrong with you?”

Alan Su sighed, “Don’t you think the three of us are weird?”

“Where is it?”

Keller Shen frowned, what kind of wind is this?

“At our age, what is left besides career?”

It was the first time that Keller Shen saw Alan Su being so negative. Among them, Alan Su was the most cheerful one. Although sometimes talked a lot, if he became silent, he would still feel very uncomfortable.

He would rather Alan Su get rid of the fact that he had never slept with a woman, but also wanted him to return to that free and easy appearance.

Facing such Alan Su, Keller Shen felt that he had lost his appetite after eating, and his mouth was clearly delicious, but it was like chewing wax.

Bang! There was the sound of a water glass breaking. A new waiter accidentally bumped into a guest who came here for breakfast. The water glass on the plate spilled on the customer, and the water glass fell to the ground and broke.

“sorry Sorry.”

The new waiter quickly apologized.

Keller Shen looked at the sound somewhat familiarly, and saw Marsha Sang wearing the uniform uniform of the waiter here, with this white stitched lace apron around his waist, bending over like a customer apologizing.

In fact, the male guest didn’t see her before he ran into it. When she came to work, the manager said, “The people who come to eat here are all people who work in the nearby building. They all have some identities, no matter what conflicts occur. As a service industry, we must apologize first. Customers are our God.”

This is what the manager asked of them, so Marsha Sang apologized for the first time.

However, this middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes was reluctant, “What are the long eyes for?

I will meet with an important client later. Look at the one that got me, how can I meet someone? “

Marsha Sang continued to apologize, “I’m really sorry.”

“What’s the use of sorry?”

The middle-aged man looked like an easygoing person with eyes, but he didn’t expect it to be so difficult to talk.

At this time, the experience in the store came over, “I’m really sorry, I am very sorry for your inadequate service. She came to work for the first time and the environment is not very familiar. Please bear with me.”

The middle-aged man snorted coldly, “Do you know how much my suit is?

See that all the watermarks on the above are all watermarks. How can I meet the customers? “

The manager continued to apologize, “I’m really sorry, I will teach her well, please forgive me.”

“Speaking of sorry, asking for forgiveness, is it an attitude of really wanting to decide things?”

The middle-aged man is not forgiving.

“Then how do you want to solve it?” Keller Shen walked over. This is the financial and commercial district of City B. The men who come to eat here are basically suits and leather shoes. Women are also very formal clothes. This circle is in this state, but Keller Shen is not. People in this circle, because they don’t go to work and don’t wear uniforms, they are casual casual wear, but they are just over 1.8 meters tall, and they crush the middle-aged man with a handsome and cold face. There is no half-point expression on it, and it gives a strong aura.

With an identity like him, it is common for criminals to raise guns and blades, and they can’t be compared to ordinary people with tough bodies.

The middle-aged man looked up at Keller Shen, “Who are you?”

It is not the first time that Keller Shen has come here for dinner. He has been here many times with Phillip Zong before. The manager is also familiar with Keller Shen. After all, Wan Dae and Shao are on the opposite side. She smiled, “Captain Shen.”

Keller Shen responded, but instead looked at Marsha Sang and asked her, “What’s the matter?”

This man just wanted money if it was Marsha Sang’s fault. If it wasn’t Marsha Sang’s fault, then of course he would not be given a penny.

The middle-aged man froze for a moment. This is all big companies, captain, what captain?

Why hasn’t he heard of it?

Thinking about glaring at the manager fiercely, “Stop scaring me.”

Marsha Sang glanced at the domineering man, and said truthfully, “I brought water to the table where the guests just arrived. He is sitting at the table.”

Marsha Sang pointed to the seat where the man was sitting, “He got up and walked this way while looking at the phone…” “What are you talking about?”

The man is anxious.

Keller Shen glanced at the mobile phone he was holding in his right hand. The man instinctively went backwards. Alan Su was particularly uncomfortable with this kind of bullying and shameless person. He leaned back in a chair lazily, “Where is this gentleman? High?”

The middle-aged man looked at Alan Su and looked at Keller Shen. It seemed that these two people were not easy to provoke, and he snorted coldly, “I’m unlucky.”

Leave when you finish.

Alan Su always likes to talk coldly, “Don’t go, how did you go?

The clothes haven’t paid you yet. Does the opposite Wanyue Group know the way?

We are always waiting for you. “

Chapter 497

It’s okay for Alan Su not to say it, as soon as the middle-aged man walks faster, he wipes his forehead from time to time, as if he was scared by what Alan Su said.

“Captain Shen knows her?”

The hotel manager looked at Keller Shen and asked, because he had asked Marsha Sang just now and he obviously knew him.

But how could Keller Shen know such a poor university student with no background?

Keller Shen said, he knew that the manager knew his identity and his relationship with Phillip Zong. As long as he was willing to say a word for Marsha Sang, the manager would definitely treat her better.

“I will trouble to take care of her in the future. I just entered the society and I don’t understand many things.”

The manager laughed, “That is, Captain Shen said, I will definitely take care of it.”

After a few words of greeting, Keller Shen and the manager returned to his position. Alan Su looked at Keller Shen with a funny expression. Finally, there was a “hero to save the beauty” but he had no care for beauties?

Alan Suchou’s support, when will this old man get resuscitated?

When can I marry a daughter-in-law, he won’t take care of such a flower-bone flower that is just like a jade flower in bloom?

Just come back for dinner?

This is obviously a good opportunity to’seduce’ people. Such a little girl who has just entered and exited society is easily moved, as long as Keller Shen shows it a little bit.

But this stupid man just returned.

Marsha Sang looked at Keller Shen’s back and dropped his eyes slightly. He didn’t expect to meet him here, and he didn’t expect to get around him again.

The manager patted Marsha Sang on the shoulder, “Do it hard. I didn’t expect you to know him without any background. Do you know who he is?”

Marsha Sang nodded honestly. When meeting him for the first time, he gave himself money from his mother. He introduced himself at that time and knew that he was the captain of the criminal police. She admired this profession very much.

Seeing him so indifferent, I should have misunderstood him last time.

The manager pointed to the building opposite, “He has an unusual relationship with the boss of Wanyue Group. Have you seen the boss of Wanyue Group?”

Marsha Sang thought he should have seen it. There were three men in the private room that day. There are two here, but the manager asked her if she knew Mr. Zong. She thought that the one who didn’t come should be the manager of the Wanyue Group.

“I should have seen it.”

Marsha Sang answered truthfully.

The manager gave Marsha Sang a meaningful look. He was young and good-looking. “It is said that these three are still single.”

The subtext seems to be saying that if you hook up one person at random, you have accumulated a fortune in your life, and these three randomly pull out one, they all want to look and look, have identity and identity, and want money and money.

Such a person is too difficult to find. It’s not that she has been married and had children. She would have ideas.

It’s just that her age and appearance don’t allow her to have ideas.

Marsha Sang was not well involved in the world, and could not read the manager’s subtext, only as if she was just talking gossip.

“Clean up the floor, be careful next time, wink.”

The manager glanced at the table of Keller Shen and Alan Su, and then explained Marsha Sang.

Marsha Sang nodded humbly, “I will take it seriously, and there won’t be such a situation next time.”

She went to get a rag to clean the water and broken glass on the ground.

Alan Su looked at the girl who was squatting, looked at Keller Shen and asked, “Do you feel distressed?”


Keller Shen didn’t look there. He really had no other thoughts. He wanted to find a daughter-in-law, but Marsha Sang would never think about it. People are too small and he is a round older than them. Looking for someone like this. He will be conscientious.

I always feel that being with such a child is immoral.

Well, if you take it out and then misunderstand that it is his daughter, it will be embarrassing.

Alan Su hates that iron is not made into steel. It seems that he wants his brother to marry a daughter-in-law smoothly. He has to help him. He stood up from his position and glanced at Keller Shen, “You have met me in your life, otherwise you will Bachelor life.”

“Why are you going?”

How does Keller Shen feel that he is going to do something bad?

Inexplicably disturbed.

Alan Su glanced at him, “Look at you like that, and find a wife for you.”

“Su…” He wanted to stop Alan Su, but Alan Su had made up his mind and ignored him at all. He walked towards Marsha Sang, and he knelt down to help her pick up the glass slag on the ground, and asked, “I know me?

We met in the private room that day. “

Marsha Sang looked up at him and said, “Yes.”

“The one who just came to rescue you is my brother, how did you meet?”

Marsha Sang didn’t conceal it, so she told the story of the first meeting between herself and Keller Shen. After all, there was nothing to hide.

“Oh, that’s how it is.”

Alan Su smiled, “If there is anything he can’t do badly, take care of him. Do you know his profession?”


Marsha Sang answered, she really admires this professional man in her heart. Because of her father’s relationship, her mother is very bitter, she sees it, and in her consciousness, this professional man is a just and good person.

Alan Su leaned over and whispered to Marsha Sang, “I’m telling you, he is a boring wooden stake. He is such an old age and hasn’t fallen in love yet. It’s you, do you believe it?”

Marsha Sang shook his head. He hasn’t been in love at this age. How uninteresting is this person?

“Isn’t it weird?”


Marsha Sang told the truth.

“Don’t look down on him, he is innocent, there are too few people like this now.”

Inexplicably Marsha Sang wanted to laugh, and she used it innocently on a man in his early thirties. It seemed a little funny and a little funny.

Keller Shen raised his forehead and watched the two talk very happily. Marsha Sang also laughed at what Alan Su said, so he wanted to kick Alan Su especially. Is this because he can’t walk when he sees a woman?

You just looked listless for Lena Qin just now, are you looking for another woman now?

Still looking for such a small one.

Does his heart hurt?

“You know a lot of people at school. If you have a beautiful one, introduce him to a girlfriend and do me this brother a favor. But if I tell you, don’t tell him, otherwise he will be embarrassed.”

The smile on Marsha Sang’s face gradually restrained. I don’t know why I listened to Alan Su’s words and found him a girlfriend, and felt uncomfortable. “He is looking for a college student, right?”

“The college students who are about to graduate are not much older. They are 7, 8, or 9 years old. They work in men and there are no women. I once thought he was gay.”

Alan Su patted Marsha Sang on the shoulder, “I must promise to do me this favor. I can’t watch my brother die alone.”

Marsha Sang lowered his head and said yes.

“Have you enough?”

Keller Shen settled the bill, carrying the packaged breakfast in his hand, and coldly skimming Alan Su, this shameless person, he wanted to tease when he saw a woman, he must tell Lena Qin to let her dump this big carrot.

Alan Su coughed lightly, stood up and glanced at Keller Shen’s ugly face, curled his lips, “Why don’t you look so happy? We talked about it, you’re jealous?”

Marsha Sang wiped his hands on the floor, feeling inexplicably because of Alan Su’s words, he was a little looking forward to hearing Keller Shen’s answer.

Keller Shen ignored him, turned around and walked out. Alan Su caught up and put his arms around his neck from behind, “Are you angry?”

Keller Shen remained silent.

“You don’t like it, I like it, you won’t stop me when I pursue others?”

Keller Shen shook his hand away, “Please point your face.”

Alan Su was not angry, but smiled and chased up to return to the company with him.

When Milton Guan got off the elevator, Keller Shen asked, “Jenkin Bai is gone?”

Milton Guan replied, “Not in Zong’s office.”

In the president’s office, Jenkin Bai had already come in, but Phillip Zong left him without talking to him.

Jenkin Bai sighed, with a very regretful tone, “I wonder, why Yanyan would like a stingy man like you.”

Chapter 498

The man who was looking at the file finally raised his head.

Jenkin Bai took hold of the man’s weakness, and clearly pierced his heart with a knife. He expected that after Ana Lin mentioned Ana Lin, Phillip Zong would never handle business affairs so calmly, and deliberately left him alone.

“If I guessed correctly, the trouble I’ve encountered recently is almost always Zong’s handwriting, right?”

Jenkin Bai continued, “Are you small-minded, or a woman who can’t believe in yourself?”

Phillip Zong carelessly dropped the pen in his hand on the table and made a slap. The quiet space was particularly harsh, like a restless mood. He was about hot, and his white, firm skin oozes thin. Khan, he tore off his tie, “Mr. Bai is so elegant, he seems to be very leisurely recently, and he is still in the mood to care about other people’s housework.”

Jenkin Bai concealed his exhaustion. Recently, he had a very bad life. The mess was not solved so quickly. He ran to him non-stop, not playing with him.

At first, it was just for Ana Lin. He wanted to ask Phillip Zong what great things happened that would allow him to leave his pregnant wife and take the children away.

After I came here and heard about Foster Wen, I naturally wanted to understand the whole story.

“I do everything possible to say, I don’t want you to know the truth, you still know it, I think Foster Wen’s thing is yours, right?”

Jenkin Bai deliberately tried.

He didn’t know the twists and turns inside, and could only guess by the clues he had.

When he said this, he had another guess. Could it be that Phillip Zong complained that Ana Lin had concealed it in the first place, and she left?

Otherwise he can’t think of other reasons.

His tone became more and more sarcasm, “Marry a chicken with a chicken, marry a dog with a dog?

Hehe, I am worthless for her. “

Phillip Zong’s expression was frozen inch by inch, cracking without a trace, he was silent, and the accumulation of haze accumulated.

Jenkin Bai was able to stop, and did not push the situation to the point where he broke the deadlock first, “I came to express my gratitude to Zong Zong. I hope Foster Wen can make a big fuss this time, and can also comfort my adoptive father’s spirit in the sky.”

Phillip Zong was on the verge of an outbreak, with a cold tone, “Thank me?

How did I hear the provocation? “

Jenkin Bai laid the steps for him, “President Zong don’t get angry, I want to apologize. I want to tell Mr. Zong one thing. Danna Cheng’s identity has been known for a long time. She never said that she was thinking about you and afraid of you. I can’t face it. The person I hate is my mother, and I’ve been asked for this. I think Mr. Zong’s cleverness should have guessed it a long time ago. As for why you don’t say it, I think only you know this.”

In fact, he came to see Phillip Zong because he wanted to solve the knot between Ana Lin and Phillip Zong. He didn’t want to see Ana Lin take the child so hard.

However, he did not know that the knot between Phillip Zong and Ana Lin was not here.

Phillip Zong stood up from the chair, his wrinkled shirt was loose, but he did not lose his temper. He was condescending, “President Bai, I know a lot, but the self-righteous appearance is very annoying.”

Jenkin Bai smiled, “Really?”

“President Bai’s subordinates are indeed loyal. I don’t know if I will benefit from a doubling of my salary, will anyone be shaken. Actually, I am very interested in the talents in Mr. Bai’s hands.”

The pit he dug for Jenkin Bai caused Bai’s severe damage, but he was the last one who miscalculated and didn’t dig him.

But he didn’t believe that there was no corner in the world that could not be moved, as long as he wanted to be a mountain, he could cut a hole.

The two looked at each other, and there was a moment of silence. Phillip Zong laughed first and fiddled with the pen on the table. “I’m kidding, why should President Bai look so ugly?”

Jenkin Bai’s eyebrows were lingering, but in the end he said nothing.

After a long time, he calmed down, “I gave up what I wanted most, what else can’t let go?

In the case of the Bai family, Zong always likes to offer it with both hands, but I look down on you. If I were you, a big matter, I would not let my woman leave me. In my opinion, you are weaker than me. “

After speaking, Jenkin Bai rolled his wheelchair and walked out of the office. When he reached the door, he stopped, “It’s not that I have a disability, and it’s not that she belongs to her heart. I will definitely make a living with you.”

Jenkin Bai left Wanyue. He originally planned to leave after seeing Phillip Zong. However, after learning about Foster Wen, he did not leave. Instead, he went to find Zong Qifeng. He only found out after he went. Not in city B, but went to Baicheng with Roberson Cheng.

Thinking that Phillip Zong already knew the truth of the matter, he would not be soft on Foster Wen, he didn’t need to spend time in it, he didn’t have a foundation in City B, let alone add fuel to the fire and give Foster Wen a heavy blow.

Just wait for the good news of Wen dumping.

He did not discuss the cooperation between City C and President Li in person, but asked the department manager to continue the negotiation.

The plateau didn’t understand him, so he ran to City B without seeing what he was doing. He didn’t even go to City C now, which puzzled him.

Doesn’t he like Ana Lin very much?

Isn’t this a golden opportunity?

“Isn’t Miss Lin in C city?

Why are we going back to Baicheng? “

Gao Gao found that he couldn’t guess this man more and more.

What’s in your mind?

He used to think that married women shouldn’t think about it, but Jenkin Bai seems to be very persistent. Now that he has a chance, he doesn’t chase after him.

The plateau felt that Jenkin Bai’s mind was simply a needle in the sea, which was harder to guess than a woman.

Jenkin Bai looked out the window. In fact, he just saw it through. After all, he was a step too late. He had no relationship with Ana Lin. At the beginning, he admitted to the wrong person. He knew that even if Ana Lin and Phillip Zong had no relationship How deep, but they have three children together, these are constant involvement.

Even for children, they will be tied together.

The only thing he can do is to let go. As long as she can be happy, why should he stubbornly want to keep her by his side, after all… He lowered his eyes and looked at his legs that cannot walk like a normal person. The look was sad.

What did he give her happiness?

He thought that in his previous life, he must have been the executioner who executed the death penalty, killing too many sins, so in this life, God will punish him, take his legs, and make him fall in love.

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