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Chapter 493

Seeing Jenkin Bai looking at Ana Lin, President Li, who was discussing business with him, bowed his head and asked, “Do you know her?”

Jenkin Bai shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

It’s not that he deliberately set aside his relationship with Ana Lin, but he didn’t want President Li to know the relationship between him and Ana Lin. The business is a business, and he didn’t want to expose his private life to others.

He faintly instructed the plateau, “Let’s go.”

Gao Gao glanced at Ana Lin’s place, then looked down at Jenkin Bai, sighed in his heart, follow him every day, don’t you know his thoughts.

How cold the face is, how hot the heart is.

Ana Lin patronized and resolved the awkward atmosphere just now, without noticing Jenkin Bai’s appearance.

She put down the glass of juice she had drunk and looked at everyone, “Everyone comes from different places, but they meet in this place. I think it’s all fate. I hope everyone can get along well.”

“Naturally, I was just abrupt and asked if I shouldn’t ask.”

The woman who started the conversation was busy answering the conversation. She was originally curious and didn’t want to make enemies with her. Ana Lin was right. Everyone should work together. It was so noisy and blushing. Everyone was embarrassed to see.

“Come and let us have a drink and replace wine with tea. I don’t care about it in the past. When I bit my tongue, there must be stumbling. But after drinking this glass of water, the matter is revealed. Everyone is still a good colleague. “

Lena Qin’s apex of water raised up to clink glasses with everyone, Ana Lin and Lena Qin said that it was worth it, and no one would hold onto it again.

After the meal, Gibson Shao said a few words to everyone in place of Ana Lin, to the effect of thanking everyone, and secondly, I hope everyone can be united and harmonious.

Compared with many bosses, they can be regarded as approachable, and soon after they come to work, there are dinners. Everyone is satisfied and willing to work responsibly. After all, the salary is not low, and no one and money can’t make it.

After the meal was gone, the people were all sent back by Gibson Shao, and Ana Lin and Lena Qin led the children behind.

I felt that the meal hadn’t been eaten for long. The sky outside was completely dark and it was still a little bright when I came. Ana Lin opened the door of the car parked on the side of the road and let the two children get in.

“May I have a few words with you?”

At this moment, a voice came from behind, which seemed familiar, but not sure. Ana Lin turned around slowly and saw Jenkin Bai sitting in a wheelchair by the side of the road. She was a little surprised, Jenkin Bai Why are you here?

“have time?”

Not seeing Ana Lin’s answer, Jenkin Bai asked again.

Ana Lin nodded back and said yes, she looked at Lena Qin, “You take your two children home first.”

Zong Yanchen pulled the corner of her clothes, “Mommy, you come back early, my sister and I are waiting for you.”

It’s not that I don’t like Jenkin Bai, but I’m afraid that he will use means to steal Mommy while his father is away.

If he wants to choose, he will of course choose his father, and mommy and dad are not in a bad relationship and separated, Jenkin Bai suddenly appeared and he had to beware.

He wants to guard Mommy for his father, and he can’t let anyone who is thinking take it away.

Ana Lin didn’t realize that his son would have so much thoughts, only that he cared about himself, reached out and touched his head, smiled and said, “I know, I will go back soon.”

Lena Qin glanced to the side of the road, then quickly retracted his gaze and started the car to leave.

Watching the car go away, Ana Lin turned to look at Jenkin Bai, and asked her doubts, “Why are you here?”

“When we came to talk about business, the company had a lot of problems and had to go out to expand the business. I couldn’t let the Bai family enterprise go bankrupt in my hands, otherwise I would be sorry for my adoptive father.”

What he said was calm and gentle, but in fact he was very tired and busy during this period. Although he did not go bankrupt, he was hit hard and he withdrew from the real estate industry.

Ana Lin said that she didn’t understand this before, but after she founded the Xiufang and Weaving Factory, she learned that managing the enterprise is not an easy task.

Although there are not many people in her factory, she has encountered many things.

Wasn’t it true that someone almost quarreled during dinner today? Sure enough, there are disputes where there are people. This is true.

“Shall we walk?”

Jenkin Bai proposed.

Ana Lin said yes, they didn’t go to a special place, but walked aimlessly along the roadside.

“I’m afraid I’m going to break my promise again, and I won’t see you again when I’m done, but I want to meet again.”

He lowered his eyes.

He said that he would no longer step into City B, he really made a great determination, exhausted all his courage and persistence, and told himself that it was time to let go.

What does it mean for God to arrange them to meet again?

Is it because he is not humble enough, or do you want to play him again?

Going to wishful thinking knowing that there will be no results?

Ana Lin said nothing, but walked beside him at a shallow pace.

“Why are you here.”

In fact, he wanted to ask if he had a relationship problem with Phillip Zong, but he didn’t rashly ask. After all, it was not a good thing.

She did not appear here alone, but the two children were also there, which had to make him think more.

“There are things to do, so here comes it.”

Ana Lin didn’t know how to talk about herself, she thought her identity was too absurd.

Jenkin Bai knew immediately that Ana Lin didn’t tell the truth and was too perfunctory.

But it didn’t break, he asked implicitly, “Is it related to him?”

They tacitly knew that he meant Phillip Zong.

Ana Lin said lightly, “We are fine, don’t think too much.”

Jenkin Bai smiled, “I really have a bit of gloat in my heart. I really hope that you are here because he has moved away from love. You are heartbroken and run here to heal. Then God arranged for us to meet again and let me take care of it. you.”

“You can be a screenwriter.”

“I want to put down the mess in my hands and live a comfortable life, but as a human being, I can’t be too unconscionable to leave.”

He looked forward in dismay, Jenkin Bai, who was accustomed to concealing his sorrow and joy with a smile, couldn’t put on a smiling face at this moment.

Ana Lin heard what he said as if something happened, and asked concerned, “Is the company having trouble?”

Her concern has nothing to do with any feelings, but simply expresses her feelings for his difficulties.

Jenkin Bai gave a faint hum.

“Is the competition among peers too fierce?”

Ana Lin asked.

“No, it should be a vent of anger.”

Jenkin Bai knows that this is definitely not just about peer competition. Bai’s three core businesses have been hit at the same time, which is obviously more like a plan to rectify him.

Ana Lin raised his eyebrows, and the shopping mall was like a war without gunpowder.

But hearing Jenkin Bai’s words is a personal grievance, “How did you offend people?

Make people hate you so much? “

Jenkin Bai braked the wheelchair, and Ana Lin also stopped. He started looking at her without saying a word, just so quietly facing the faint light, staring at her.

Ana Lin stretched out his hand and touched his face, “You look at me like this, is there something on my face?”

He shook his head, his expression was covered with dust and a ray of light was hidden under his eyes, “I covet other people’s wives, and they treat me like that. Is it true that I deserve it?”

Chapter 494

Ana Lin was stunned for a moment before realizing who he was talking about.

This means that Phillip Zong gave him a trip?

How could that man be so naive?

“Don’t you want to say anything?”

Jenkin Bai looked at her expectantly. It didn’t matter if she suffered a little bit. It would still be worthwhile to get a little care from her.

At the same time, smiling bitterly in my heart, how could I be so absurd?

Is this madness?

Or is it prone to self-abuse?

Just for her to say something of concern?

“Can you make a mistake?”

Ana Lin did not directly admit it.

Jenkin Bai, “…” Is this pretending to be crazy with him?

Still reluctant to admit that her man is careful?

“No, I didn’t offend anyone apart from him. None of my opponents in the mall dared to attack me easily. If they dared to move, they would have moved. I can’t wait for now. This time I will attack me at the same time as an appointment. If you want to say that no one behind this supports the planning, I definitely don’t believe it.”

Jenkin Bai did not investigate, because he was caught off guard and had no time to verify, but he was certain that the planner behind this was Phillip Zong.

“do you know?

If it weren’t for those people who followed me were loyal enough, they would have been poached away at a high price, and the current Bai family would have gone bankrupt. “

“I personally express my concern for you.”

After hearing Jenkin Bai’s words, Ana Lin wanted to help her forehead. She really didn’t expect Phillip Zong to meet Fu Jenkin Bai.

When it comes to conflicts, there does not seem to be too many conflicts of interest.

Moreover, Jenkin Bai had returned to Baicheng a long time ago, so he didn’t easily step into City B. Ana Lin couldn’t figure out this, and couldn’t figure out why Phillip Zong was so ruthless against Jenkin Bai.

To speak of conscience, it is indeed too much.


What does Jenkin Bai mean by raising her eyebrows?

Ana Lin didn’t look at him, but just casually looked at the mottled shadows of the trees projected on the ground by the street lights on the side of the road. “As the saying goes, marry a chicken and a dog, and a dog is a dog. I marry him. No matter what he does, I must Support, this is the responsibility of a wife.”

I don’t agree with Phillip Zong’s actions and feel very sorry for Jenkin Bai, but she can’t say that Phillip Zong’s is not wrong. First, it’s her husband, and the second and most important point is what Jenkin Bai did to her. Her mind was clear, she went to express her sympathy and apology, didn’t she deliberately make people think more?

So all she has to do is to protect her husband and dispel Jenkin Bai’s thoughts.

Jenkin Bai moved his lips, and then laughed loudly, “It’s a good one to marry a chicken with a chicken, marry a dog with a dog, although it is vulgar, but it is very beautiful, if this is heard by the surname, I am afraid that I will be laughed at sleep wake.”

After laughing, his voice lowered, “Sure enough, you are a husband and wife, and you are not at all merciless when you hurt others, just as cruel.”

Ana Lin pretended not to understand, “It’s not early, I should go back. The child said that he would wait for me to go back, and I would not stay outside for too long.”

“I see you off.”

Jenkin Bai was afraid that Ana Lin would refuse, and said, “It’s a big night, I don’t worry about you alone. After all, I told you to stay. If something happened to me, then I would be guilty.”

He said so, but Ana Lin couldn’t refuse. Jenkin Bai called the plateau and asked him to come over. The plateau is nearby, so he came quickly. Jenkin Bai’s car has been specially modified and the door can be put on a pedal. , A person can easily push him into the car.

There is an empty space in the car for a wheelchair, and a seat next to it.

Jenkin Bai asked in the car, “Where do I live?”

Ana Lin told him the neighborhood where he lived, and the plateau drove the car out.

On the way, the two of them didn’t talk together, so the carriage became quiet. Jenkin Bai didn’t speak because he was uncomfortable. No matter how strong his heart was, he would be hurt by Ana Lin’s straightforwardness.

He is angry with himself, he is not up for it, but he can’t control his feelings for a person.

Presumably this is a problem from ancient times to the present, otherwise the ancient poets would not be able to write those moving and long verses.

I remember that he once saw such an untitled verse, which can express his feelings at the moment: the mountains and seas are beyond the seas and mountains that he loves.

Thoughts are separated by the clouds, but the flesh and body.

After about thirty minutes, the car stopped at the gate of the community.

Jenkin Bai sighed, put away his thoughts and looked at her gently and said, “It’s late, go back and rest early.”

Ana Lin didn’t get off the car immediately, but said to Gao Gao, “Can you avoid it?

I want to say a few words with your family President Bai alone. “

Gao Gao looked back at Jenkin Bai, and saw him nodding before stopping the car firmly and pushing the door down.

Soon there were two of them left in the carriage.

Ana Lin thought for a moment, and looked at him with a calm expression, “Some problems have occurred between me and him, and they are serious and very serious…” “Is this the reason you are here?”

Jenkin Bai accidentally confessed to herself that this woman has always been calm and not like a woman.

At this moment, he was willing to open his heart, making him ecstatic.


He couldn’t wait to ask what he was thinking, “Do I have a chance?”


Ana Lin said cruelly, “I told you this just to tell you that when I decided to leave him temporarily, I found out that I liked him so much, so I will not do anything except him. Like other people.”

How happy Jenkin Bai was the moment before, and how defeated this moment was, and how self-confident.

Ana Lin pushed the door and got out of the car. She stood in front of the car door and looked at Jenkin Bai, “I’m not young anymore, hurry up and find someone. Don’t wait until you’re old, no one wants it, and you’re lonely all your life, but a good time wasted. Looking forward to receiving your wedding invitation.”

Jenkin Bai smiled bitterly, “Are you really ruthless to me, and you’re not afraid of me being stabbed to death?”

“You won’t, you haven’t avenged your adoptive father, how could you die easily?

You will live well. “

Ana Lin waved his hand at him, and finally said, pay attention to safety on the road, closed the car door, and walked towards the community under the lights on the ground.

Jenkin Bai squinted her eyes, looked at her back through the window glass, unknowingly curled up the corners of her lips, and pulled out a complicated smile.

Isn’t he what she admired is her cleanliness?

Resolutely, know your own heart, do things without procrastination, and handle things more clearly than many men.

I want to hate her, but I can’t hate it.

He lowered the car window and shouted at her, “I will get married.”

Her attitude today let him know that he really has no chance or hope anymore. All he can do is to hide her secretly in his heart.

Think secretly, read secretly.

If it can’t be her, it doesn’t matter to anyone.

Ana Lin heard it but didn’t look back, just raised his hand and waved it to tell him that he heard it.

Jenkin Bai called Gao Gaoyuan back. Instead of returning to his residence, he said, “Let’s go to City B.”

The plateau was a little confused. Why did he suddenly decide to go to City B? What did Ana Lin say to him?

Still stimulated?


Jenkin Bai hummed softly.

“But the cooperation between us and President Li has not been negotiated. Let’s go now…” “What I said is useless, is it?”

Jenkin Bai interrupted the plateau extremely unhappy.

Now he is in a bad mood, don’t say extra words to him at this time, let him be quiet for a while.

The plateau shut up, started the car quietly, and did what he said.

Arrived in city B already in the morning.

This is not an ordinary day. Jenkin Bai did not expect that what he heard when he came to City B was such a big news.

Chapter 495

The overwhelming rumors in the streets and alleys are all news of Foster Wen’s selfish desire to kidnap people whom he can’t understand, causing a car accident and causing three deaths and one injury.

Everyone knows that Foster Wen and Danna Cheng did not deal with it. Foster Wen has always felt that Danna Cheng indirectly killed her own sister, so her sister died at a young age.

Now that this news broke, everyone is willing to believe it. After all, Danna Cheng did die in a car accident not long ago. There were four people in the car and three died. At that time, everyone was wondering why Danna Cheng would take the van. Now It happened to be a hot spot.

The Zong family is not an ordinary family. Even if it is a babysitter, you can’t take a van. It should be said that the entire Zong family probably cannot find such a cheap van, but Danna Cheng died in the van. Isn’t that suspicious?

Can there be no inside story here?

The previous official answer was that it was a car accident caused by an ordinary rear-end collision. Even if there is a lot of suspicion, everyone does not dare to speculate. It is the responsibility of the rumors to cause trouble. Now suddenly such news broke out, making everyone sigh. At the same time, they were discussing this matter, both right and wrong.

It’s not uncommon for rich people to gossip. They are also the favorite gossip of the people who eat melons. They like to watch those rich and powerful people tear it up.

No one will pay attention to the flat-headed people.

It is the family members who have a good head and a face can cause the heat.

Jenkin Bai was shocked. After all, Foster Wen’s identity was not easy to shake, but now that such news broke, it was absolutely nothing trivial.

Could it be Zong Qifeng?

Because of Danna Cheng’s death and Foster Wen’s tears?

Jenkin Bai thought silently in his heart.

Otherwise, he really can’t think of anything else, wait – suddenly his eyes widened, could it be that Phillip Zong knew his identity?

And the act of revenge against Foster Wen?

If this is the case, then Foster Wen really did Danna Cheng’s death?

He believes more in the latter guess. After all, if Zong Qifeng wants to break his face with Foster Wen, he won’t wait until now. In these years, Foster Wen didn’t give Danna Cheng a face, then only the latter would be the only one.

Only when Phillip Zong knew Danna Cheng’s identity would he retaliate against Foster Wen. Now he needs an answer.

Foster Wen really stumbled in this incident, he was very happy to see it, and also avenged his adoptive father’s hardship.

“Where are we going now?”

Gao Gao asked, driving the car all night, his expression a bit tired.

Jenkin Bai glanced at him and said, “Go to Wanyue Group.”

Gao Gao sighed, this man is not stupid, how could he be so stubborn about women?

Knowing that someone has a child and a husband, I still want to like it, and I don’t know what Ana Lin said to him, and ran to City B overnight. How irrational is this?

If you don’t understand, you don’t understand, but he can’t say, he can only go to Wanyue Group according to his request.

At this moment, the office of the president of Wanyue Group, the big screen used for meetings and observing market trends, has become a TV for watching news.

Su Chen and Keller Shen lazily leaned back on the sofa and watched the news.

Phillip Zong’s counter-plan was successful. The person Gu Bei sent to investigate, the person arranged by Keller Shen, deliberately threw out clues, and the people who led him found out that Chen Qing’s end had Foster Wen’s handwriting.

Originally, when Gu Bei had an accident with Chen Qing, he was puzzled that he would definitely help according to Foster Wen’s relationship with Chen Qing. As a result, Foster Wen did not help, but just stood by. He was very disappointed with Foster Wen at the time, and felt that the world was so cold. Faintness.

Therefore, I believe in the results found by his subordinates, and also found that Foster Wen had really forced Phillip Zong to marry a wife, so I was convinced.

The subordinates told Gu Bei about the conflict between Phillip Zong and Foster Wen because of the woman. There was a woman next to Phillip Zong at that time, and Phillip Zong liked that woman very much, but Foster Wen didn’t like the woman next to Phillip Zong, so she did everything possible. The dismantling of Phillip Zong was annoying.

Of course, Keller Shen would not let Gu Bei’s subordinates discover that the person Foster Wen had forced Phillip Zong to go to was Chen Qing’s daughter.

It was just that his subordinates found out that Foster Wen had indeed persecuted Phillip Zong to marry a wife, so it was not known who the daughter was.

If Gu Bei knew that Foster Wen had forced Phillip Zong to marry Chen Qing’s daughter, then the matter of framing Foster Wen and harming Chen Qing would not be true.

The results of the two investigations were mainly to convince Gu Bei that Chen Qing’s defeat was due to Foster Wen, to let him know Foster Wen’s ruthlessness and coldness, and what Phillip Zong deliberately revealed to him Chen Qing was because of Phillip Zong. That’s why I talked about conflicts with Wen Qi.

In this way, everything can be explained well, and only in this way can Gu Bei be completely concealed and let him be the first bird to deal with Foster Wen first.

The scene of the dog biting the dog is always wonderful, and people can’t help but applaud.

“Next, as long as we throw out the bodies of the other two dead, Foster Wen can’t deny it anyway.”

The other two were the identities of the gangsters. It was confirmed that Danna Cheng was kidnapped and died in a car accident.

I believe that Gu Bei should have evidence that Foster Wen asked him to help kidnap Danna Cheng, otherwise he wouldn’t know Foster Wen’s identity, so he rashly shot.

Since it is out, it must be prepared.

However, Phillip Zong did not intend to let Gu Bei be alone. All the masterminds involved in the kidnapping of Danna Cheng would have to pay a price.

The next thing they have to do is to watch the changes and wait for Gu Bei to finish all the cards before they make another move.

They found it these days. The boy said that he was looking for his cousin, and the man who was looking for his cousin was sent by the manager next to Gu Bei.

Secretly, they will arrange for this person to contact the manager, and then take evidence, then they can prove that Gu Bei has a relationship with this time.

With Foster Wen’s enthusiasm, another big coffee was brought out, I believe this time will be very exciting.

“It’s dawn, shall we go eat something?”

Keller Shen looked at Phillip Zong who was about to be buried behind the desk. The two stacks of documents on the large desk were tall and thick, piled up like a mountain.

His shirt was crumpled, his tie was pulled diagonally on his chest, and he bought two large companies without a plan. The follow-up needs to deal with a lot of planning work. If you don’t want to invest a lot of money, you must make it. A feasible plan is to use the acquired company to create the most benefits for the acquirer.

Keller Shen gave Alan Su a look, “Shall we bring him back?”

Can’t you watch him torture yourself to death?

The company’s affairs, Foster’s affairs, both sides grabbed, almost no time to rest.

Alan Su’s spirit is also not very good, listless, not Keller Shen pulling and unwilling to stand up.

He opened the office door to meet Milton Guan who was about to come in, and there were people behind him.

Keller Shen was surprised. Why did Jenkin Bai come?

Is it because I heard about Foster Wen and prepared to come.

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