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Chapter 490

“Who is named for what task?”

Zong Yanxi, who took the milk to the house and put it on the dining table, walked to the door of the kitchen and heard Lena Qin’s voice, blinking her big round eyes, looking at her and asking, “What did you whisper while I was leaving? ?”

Lena Qin stretched out her hand and squeezed her face, “You little girl, why do you want to know everything?”

“Oh, it hurts–” The little girl grinned with her white teeth, and her brows were also tightly wrinkled.

In fact, it didn’t hurt, Lena Qin didn’t exert any effort at all and just played with her, but the little girl pretended to be alike.

Lena Qin smiled, “You can be an actor this way and you can go to TV.”

“According to my looks, I must still be hot?”

Zong Yanxi looked distressed, “What if a lot of people like me then?”

Lena Qin, “…” She silently looked at the sky, who would take this child?

How can you be so narcissistic?

“Okay, eat quickly and go to class later.”

Lena Qin put the prepared breakfast on the table, put it on their place, opened the lid of the milk on the table, put it next to the plate, and urged, “Hurry up, wait for me Send you there.”

Zong Yanchen shook his head, “It’s so close, we can go there by ourselves, we don’t need to send us off, and also, did my mom go to bed late yesterday?”

The preschool he went to was in the community, so he didn’t need to go outside. It was almost a month since he went there and he was familiar with it.

Lena Qin nodded, “Yes, your mommy wants to be Superman.”

“When I come back from school in the evening, I have to tell her that she can’t be so careless about rest. She doesn’t care about herself, she has to take care of the little baby. I can’t let my brother or sister come to this world.”

Zong Yanxi was still chewing on something, and what she said was not very clear, but Lena Qin still heard clearly, and couldn’t help feeling melancholy. She knew everything about Ana Lin. After she came back, the two had a long talk.

Surprised by her identity, she felt good fortune, she used to envy the feelings between Ana Lin and Phillip Zong, it was not easy to walk around together, and now… she lowered her eyes slightly, not in front of the child Express emotions.

“How about Yan Yan?”

Suddenly, Zong Yanchen spoke.

Both Lena Qin and Zong Yanxi were taken aback, looking at him inexplicably.

Zong Yanchen sighed and shook his head, feeling that the adults nowadays are becoming less and less reliable, and said helplessly, “Aunt Lena Qin, you said you want me to name you, you forgot?”

Zong Yanxi widened her eyes, “Aunt Lena Qin, would you let your brother name you?

Did you make a mistake?

He will eat almost. “

Lena Qin was amused by the child and patted her head, “Let’s not deny your brother first, listen to why he took this name. If it doesn’t make sense, I don’t have to,” “Okay.”

Zong Yanxi nodded. In fact, she was a little jealous. Her elder brother was more like the teacher in the class. Aunt Lena Qin asked him to name him. She felt a little unbalanced.

“There is a sentence in the “Nine Debates of Chu Ci”, “by the lotus of Yan Yanxi”, which means that it is like a lotus blooming on the water, beautiful and soft, so this name can also highlight the person who uses this name, and the mud Not dyed, elegant and holy, in fact Aunt Lena Qin is such a person in my heart.”

He knew that Aunt Lena Qin was injured very badly before, and that her appearance will change because of that injury. But now she still lives a strong life, still living in front of him and her sister, but he knows that she has something in her heart. No one who is traumatized will not care about his appearance.

What’s more, she is still a girl, although she is also very beautiful now, but without the agility and kindness she had previously lost, she will never come back again.

Zong Yanxi ate silently after listening to her head down, and said nothing.

The elder brother is attracted by his strength.

She shouldn’t be jealous, well, she decided to follow her brother in the future, he knew too much.

Lena Qin was dumbfounded, and did not expect that Zong Yanchen would still be able to say so many meanings and reasons, this child, child prodigy, is the preschool so good?

Did you teach Chuci?

“Yan…Yanchen, your teacher has started to teach this?”

Zong Yanchen shook his head, “The teacher doesn’t teach these things. How much is one plus one?

Treating us as fools is not for mommy’s peace of mind, so I don’t want to go to this kind of preschool, it’s a waste of time. “

Lena Qin was even more puzzled now, because the teacher didn’t teach him to be able to do it, is it self-taught?

This is too powerful.

“Lena Qinnyan, let’s call you Aunt Yanyan, isn’t it good?”

Zong Yanchen’s bright eyes were open, and his delicate and tender cheeks were especially serious at this moment, looking forward to Lena Qin’s answer.

Lena Qin had actually accepted it in her heart. She felt that the child was very interested, but she was still curious about how this child thought of this.

“Can you tell me where you saw this “Nine Debates” of Chu Ci?”

“In Mommy’s room, where does she have a lot of books, I saw this accidentally. Mommy probably doesn’t know what it means. I also checked the meaning. After reading it, I didn’t close it. I read it from her tablet. I saw it, so I knew what it meant.”

Lena Qin felt that this was normal. At his age, he had a great talent for numbers and a talent for ancient poetry. This was not a normal child.

The brain must have been opened up by God to be so useful.

After the two children had eaten, Lena Qin sent them to preschool. When she came back, she saw Ana Lin getting up. When she went out, she put on a sun protection shirt and took it off when she went into the house. “I should be hungry. Let me get you something to eat.”

“No, I can do it myself.”

She washed some rice to cook porridge, Lena Qin cleaned up the tableware, “Sister Lin, I changed my name.”

Ana Lin looked at her inexplicably and changed her name?

“Change your name properly?”

“Your son said that I belong to the rebirth, his face and voice have changed, and his name should be changed…” “Why is that kid talking nonsense…” “Sister Lin, listen to me.”

Lena Qin interrupted Ana Lin with a serious expression and tone, as if she was telling Ana Lin that she was not joking, “I think what Yanchen said was correct. I am a brand new me now. And I like the name he gave me.”

Ana Lin’s brows were twisted and knotted. He was still a child. What name can he take?

Make another little red, little green or something, “Lena Qin…” “Does Yan Yan sound good?”

Lena Qin interrupted her again, knowing what she wanted to say, she must have thought that Zong Yanchen was a child and would not name her.

“It sounds good, right?

Was it unexpected?

Can your son have such a name? “

Lena Qin looked at her slightly changed face, and seemed to be surprised, and then quickly understood.

“I have promised your son, I will call me Yan Yan in the future.”

Lena Qin rarely laughed, Ana Lin hugged her, as long as she was happy, anything would do.

Just change the name, it’s not a big deal.

Ana Lin had breakfast, and the two changed their clothes and went to Xiufang. Gibson Shao bought her an Alfa. It can be said that Qunqiu is now the top-notch commercial vehicle, both in appearance and interior. It’s a good one. She didn’t want to ask for it. She just wanted to buy one by herself and take her children out for convenience. She prefers business, with large space and good comfort. There is space for two children to sit in.

But Gibson Shao threatened her that if he didn’t accept it, he would not help her in the future.

Ana Lin had no choice but to accept it. She needed Gibson Shao to help her a lot. She was not so familiar with it yet. If she needed anything, she had to ask Gibson Shao to buy it.

Her embroidery masters were all collected by Gibson Shao everywhere for her, otherwise she would rely on her to find these masters, and I don’t know how long it will take to find them.

Lena Qin drove the car. She was sitting at the back, next to the window. The sun was not too strong at this time, and the window glass was covered with sunscreen, so she would not be pierced by the sun before looking outside. I have walked the road many times, and she is already familiar with the scenery on this road. She leaned back in her chair and kept touching her slightly raised belly. When waiting for the red light, she casually looked at the street. When pedestrians pass by the tallest building inadvertently, they are attracted by the news broadcast on the huge screen. No, to be precise, they are attracted by the four words Wanyue Group.

Chapter 491

The main idea of ​​the news is that a big company in C city was acquired by Wanyue Group in B city overnight and caused a sensation.

The scrolling picture suddenly showed a picture of Phillip Zong getting off the car in front of the Wanyue Group Building. Only the side was visible, and the clear outline was faintly visible. It was more three-dimensional and hard, and there was a sense of indifference that strangers would not enter across the screen. .

“This is the first time the CEO of Wanyue Group has made an appearance after the acquisition of Nanlong Company. Because he did not accept interviews, he did not know the inside story of the acquisition.”

The photos in the screen were taken secretly. Now Phillip Zong doesn’t accept all interviews, so there is no positive.

She had already lowered the car window, trying to hear more about him. When watching the picture of Daofan, she grabbed her hands on the car door and just stared at the picture for a moment, but soon the picture was turned over again, again What appeared was the person in charge of the acquired Nanlong Company, looking decadent, shaggy, and looking like a lost dog.

Lena Qin waited intently for the red light in front, without noticing what Ana Lin was looking at behind. As soon as the red light passed, she started the car and drove away.

The picture was soon blocked by other buildings, blocking her view.

She retracted her hands slowly, she shrank her body, rolled herself into a small space, biting her lips, piercing her sharp teeth into the flesh, and bleeding vaguely but she didn’t seem to feel any pain, just thinking Suppressing the thoughts in my heart that I want to control but can’t control spreading in the blood.

That kind of loneliness is in my throat, I want to cry and swallow it because I don’t have him around to comfort me.

She opened her eyes and forced her back to the uncontrollable water vapor.

After a while, the car stopped in front of the building, and Xiufang was on the third floor.

There was Gibson Shao’s car next to him. Lena Qin, who got out of the car, took a look, reached out to the door of the back seat, and said, “He is diligent and runs here every day.”

Ana Lin has returned to calm, but the fluctuations in his heart have not completely disappeared. After a month later, when he heard the news about him again, the complexity of his heart was even greater than when he left.

Who says time can dilute everything?

But why does she miss him more than that time?

It turns out that time may not be the cure for wounds.

“Sister Lin?”

Without seeing Ana Lin getting off the car, Lena Qin reminded.

Ana Lin returned to his senses, looked up at her, and pulled out a stiff smile, “It’s probably old, it’s always easy to get distracted.”

Lena Qin smiled without saying a word, guessing in her heart that she was lost because of something.

Ana Lin got out of the car and the two walked in together. They took the elevator to the third floor. At this time, everyone had come to work. There were eleven masters in total. They all lived in this building. This building has four floors. Floor Xiufang, weaving on the second floor, living on the fourth floor, and empty on the first floor.

Gibson Shao helped her find this place. The environment is also good. The main one-year rent is not very expensive within her ability.

Gibson Shao seemed to be quite interested in these. When they walked in, they saw him lying in front of a master, looking at that master, embroidering phoenix play peonies with gold thread.

This master is also the most special of the eleven masters. These embroidery skills are good, most of them are older women, and this one is a young boy in his twenties with a fair face and good features. Xiuqi, his hands are the same as those of a woman. The fingers are slender and flexible. The embroidery needles in his hands seem to be alive. They are accurate every time they are needled, and they accurately outline the best graphics.

Gibson Shao stared at his hand that shuttled back and forth, and tweeted twice, “It’s a pity.”

He did not find anyone coming over.

Lena Qin glanced at him, “What a pity?”

What is a pity?

Gibson Shao looked seriously, and was startled by the person who suddenly made a sound. He looked up and saw Lena Qin with a startled look, “You, when did you come?

Why do you walk silently? “

Lena Qin snorted, “It’s your deaf ears, it’s not that I walked silently, and what’s a pity you said?”

She thought that the embroidery was broken somewhere, so she hurriedly looked down at the embroidery. The blooming peony, which was embroidered with gold thread, was used as a breast wrap. If it broke, she had to embroider again.

It is not only money, but also time.

Gibson Shao sighed, “It’s a pity to be a man.”

Such a delicate person should be a beautiful person.

Lena Qin, “…” “Once again, I won’t embroider you for how much you give me.”

Li Xin did not look up, but said in a cold voice.

Because of his looks and profession, he was so stubborn that he was a sissy or something. He was tired of having such people around him, and he was not good at dealing with individual people, so he had no friends and was very lonely.

“Sorry there is no next time.”

Gibson Shao acknowledged it for a second. Ana Lin admired him very much. He embroidered the final piece of the twelve pieces. He didn’t dare to let the popularity go.

Lena Qin looked at Gibson Shao amusedly. Although he is not of the same generation as himself, he has a personality like an old naughty boy with a hippy smiley face all day long, and his clothes are very fashionable every day.

“What about words?”

Gibson Shao glanced in the workshop and asked without seeing Ana Lin.

She will come every day, never interval.

Lena Qin walked to the table, sorted out the drawings, and said, “It may be on the second floor.”

She also did not see where Ana Lin had gone.

Under normal circumstances, she is either on the third or second floor.

Gibson Shao put on his glasses, “I’ll go find her.”

Lena Qin looked back at him, smiled and teased him, “Wearing sunglasses in the room, are you playing cool?”

Gibson Shao helped the frame of the mirror and asked, “Am I handsome?”


Lena Qin said to the face.

Ana Lin was indeed on the second floor. These workers had done it in the textile factory, but they had never done this kind of material, so she looked closely, and the slightest flaws were not allowed.

It’s only getting better these days, and there is no defect phenomenon.

Ana Lin is wearing a goose yellow loose skirt and a pair of white flat shoes on her feet. She is tall and slender, and in addition to wearing loose clothes, it is almost invisible that she is three months pregnant.

She stood in front of the textile machine, bending over to see if the material was good, Gibson Shao walked over, “Leave it to me in the future. Don’t stare at everything yourself, aren’t you tired?”

“Not tired.”

Ana Lin didn’t look up, pulled out a roll, and looked at the light. It was very uniform and delicate. She took the time to look at Gibson Shao, “You don’t understand this thing, can I trust it to you?”

Gibson Shao said that too, he doesn’t understand this, he doesn’t understand why Ana Lin is so tired to get these, “I think you should know that the whole JK is yours, as long as you want, you can take over right now, you don’t want to manage. You can hire someone to take care of it. You don’t need to work so hard at all.”

She won’t spend all that money in a few lifetimes. Isn’t it good to take the children to enjoy the happiness?

Why are you so tired?

And you’re pregnant, don’t you have trouble with yourself?

Ana Lin looked at Gibson Shao with a serious expression, “I didn’t earn the money, so I won’t spend it…” “But your parents left it to you…” “I haven’t seen them.”

Ana Lin interrupted Gibson Shao. She would rather be born in an ordinary family if her destiny had a choice. She doesn’t need to be too rich, but her parents are alive so that she can grow up in a warm and healthy family.

She looked at Gibson Shao and said solemnly, “I didn’t do this for making money, nor for fame. I just want to buy peace of mind.”

Chapter 492

Danna Cheng has passed away, and she can’t change this fact. The only thing she can do is to carry forward the xiangyun yarn of the Cheng family and return to its original glory. It shouldn’t disappear in this world because of that person.

Perhaps only by doing this, her heart will feel better.

Gibson Shao frowned. He didn’t understand what she meant. Ana Lin didn’t want to explain it to him. The matter was too complicated, and it was too complicated to say a word or two. So he said playfully, “Two Don’t frown, uncle, it will become ugly.”

Gibson Shao likes others to praise him for being handsome and young. Ana Lin’s words successfully amused him, “Tonight, ask everyone to go out for a meal. Let me arrange it. How about?”

As if he was afraid that Ana Lin would refuse, he hurriedly added, “This Xiufang textile factory is also on the right track. Although it is small in scale, its development is stable. It should be celebrated. What do you think?”

Ana Lin didn’t want to sweep Gibson Shao’s interest, and said, “Okay, you can arrange it.”

“That’s right. For these workers, not only should they be paid, but they should also be shown appropriately so that they will work harder.”

Gibson Shao lowered his voice and said in Ana Lin’s ear.

Don’t look at his appearance all day long, but he has some ability, but his personality is like this.

Everyone gets off work at five o’clock in the evening. There are as few as 11 people on the third floor, and there are 20 on the second floor. There are 30 people in total. Gibson Shao arranged three tables. The table settings in the hotel are all up to the standard. Everyone is very happy.

The two children were also picked up, sitting next to her and Lena Qin, Ana Lin gave Gibson Shao everything about socializing, and she couldn’t come to such occasions for socializing.

Her table is full of people on the third floor. Most women do not drink. Lena Qin put the opened white wine in front of Li Xin, “If you can drink, you are welcome. There are all women here. No one can accompany you. If you can drink, you can have a couple of drinks alone, but don’t get drunk. No one cares about you when you are drunk.”

Li Xin spoke a few words and didn’t like to drink. He looked up to see Lena Qin taking the wine back, “I don’t want to delay tomorrow’s work.”

Lena Qin raised her eyebrows, but didn’t say anything.

The other two tables are not quiet anymore. Gibson Shao has a good atmosphere, and there are men who naturally want to drink.

Zong Yanchen served Ana Lin with vegetables, “Mommy, eat more.”

She has been pregnant for three months and has not gained any weight.

He was worried and panicked.

Ana Lin smiled and touched his son’s head. He felt that the child had not been raised in vain. No matter how much hardship he had, it was worth it. God gave her such a good gift.

Zong Yanxi was not to be outdone, and put vegetables on Ana Lin’s dinner plate, “Mummy eat more, so that the baby can grow up quickly.”

She is not jealous of her elder brother, she will have to mix with him in the future to learn a lot.

“I eat too fat and look too ugly. I will send you to school in the future, won’t you despise me?”

She used to read a parenting article on an impurity book. She couldn’t remember the specific name of the impurity, but it was an example, and she still remembers it still fresh. It was about a working mother. The story, she is actually not a hard worker, just needs to go to the workshop. Usually her mother-in-law picks up the children. Once her mother-in-law was too late to go to school, she could only ask for an hour off to pick up the children. Because she was anxious, she dressed under the company regulations The factory clothes that must be worn in the workshop, and those that produce machinery in the workshop, use organic oil, and you will inevitably get them when you enter.

She just showed up in the kindergarten to pick up her son.

While sitting in the car, the son said to his mother, “Can you wear a cleaner dress when you come to pick me up in the future?”

Some people say that this child loves the poor and loves the rich, but that is not the case.

Some experts say that the more a child cares about a person, the more demanding he will be.

What the child said about cleanness is not how luxurious you want to wear, but cleanliness. The pictogram of a mother is a symbol of home in the eyes of a few-year-old child. If you don’t trim the edges, how neat is the house?

A woman who loves to be clean and knows how to dress herself, not only will she be confident in herself, but her child will also become confident in this range and be brave to show.

“Mummy looks good, she won’t be ugly if she gets fat.”

In the eyes of Zong Yanchen and Zong Yanxi, their mummy is the most beautiful.

They grew up so old that they had never seen her eat fat.

Ana Lin smiled and touched their heads.

“Did your husband not come?”

An embroidery master suddenly asked.

Ana Lin usually appeared in Xiufang, and the two children also visited on Sundays, except that they had never seen her husband.

I was curious about her husband and asked, a woman working hard outside, with two children, still pregnant, does her husband feel bad?

Although Ana Lin didn’t show much affection, she could tell at a glance the older sisters and women who came by.

Everyone seemed to be interested in this question, and their eyes turned to Ana Lin.

Ana Lin was stunned for a while, his mind was messed up, and he didn’t know how to answer this question.

Lena Qin hurriedly smiled and finished the game, “Sister Lin’s husband is not in this city. He is very busy at work, so he can’t come back.”

“Dad doesn’t even know we are here.”

Zong Yanxi missed his father, and didn’t even want to eat.

As soon as Lena Qin finished explaining, Zong Yanxi said this, and the atmosphere on the table suddenly became awkward.

Obviously someone lied, but everyone believed the child more.

“Eat as you eat, why do you ask so much?”

Li Xin said coldly, “They all say that women are long-tongued women. This is true, and they are not peaceful after eating.”

There is something in his words, insinuating that the one who started this topic, his words are not implicit, people naturally understand them, so they are reluctant, “What do you mean?

I just care about asking. She was pregnant with two children alone. She didn’t see her husband appearing, so she just asked casually, why is she a woman with a long tongue? “

“You want to inquire about people’s privacy.”

Li Xin’s eyes were cold, staring at the woman who was talking, “Aren’t you just curious about whether someone is divorced or whether the marriage is getting involved? Are you curious about the gossip?”

Indeed, she did think so. In a normal family, even if the woman is so strong, the husband will always be there.

Ana Lin stood up, fearing that they would be unhappy. After all, everyone would work together, and conflicts would affect work, which she didn’t want to see.

She smiled generously at the crowd, “Everyone is a colleague. There is no need to make your face red to avoid embarrassment when meeting. The thing about my husband is like this. We really don’t live together now. It’s not a relationship problem, it’s a family. Question, so I decided to calm down everyone. Thank you very much for your concern about me. Thank you very much for your trust in me and support for me. I can’t drink, so I’ll use juice instead. I toast you.”

Jenkin Bai, who came here to talk about things, came down from the private room upstairs. When he passed the hall, he heard Ana Lin’s voice. At first he thought he had misheard, because he had hallucinations in his ears, but his eyes were cast over. At that time, she was indeed seen.

She stood in the crowd, so eye-catching.

Jenkin Bai frowned. How could she be here if she is not in city B?

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