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Chapter 49

When the car window came down, Ana Lin saw the lady’s appearance, as noble and elegant as ever, yes, that lady was Rios He’s mother.

What is she looking for herself for?

Ana Lin tried to inquire about the situation from the driver, “Is your wife looking for something to do with me?”

The driver shook his head, “I don’t know about this. I’m just responsible for sending you a message.”

Rios He treated her well, no matter what the reason, she should agree, so she said, “Let’s go.”

Walking to the car, Ana Lin said hello politely, “Hello.”

Xia Zhenyu sat down and smiled gracefully, “Ms. Lin is free now? There is a cafe not far away. Let’s sit down?”

Ana Lin hesitated for a second, then nodded.

“Come up.”

The driver came and opened the door for her, and Ana Lin stooped to get in.

Soon the car stopped in front of the cafe.

Ana Lin followed Xia Zhenyu into the cafe.

Xia Zhenyu chose a relatively quiet place to sit down, Ana Lin sat opposite her, and the waiter walked over, “Excuse me, what do I need?”

Xia Zhenyu put the bag on the sofa next to him and looked at Ana Lin and asked, “What would you like to drink?”

“Give me a glass of white water.” Ana Lin replied lightly.

“Also give me a glass of water, and I will call you later if necessary.”


The waiter retreated, and the position became quiet.

Ana Lin sat quietly, waiting for Xia Zhenyu to speak.

She suddenly found herself, maybe not just for coffee, right?

Xia Zhenyu took a sip of water, and when she put down the cup, she opened her mouth, “How did you meet my Rios?”

“My brother is ill, he showed it to him, and I met after a long time.” Ana Lin answered truthfully.

“Oh, how long have you been together?” When speaking, he looked up and down at her. “I think you are not very big. Is my house Rios your first love?”

Ana Lin was in the mist with questions one by one, she thought she was with Rios He?

Ana Lin suddenly remembered that on the day of the banquet, when Rios He introduced her identity to others, she was talking about’girlfriend’, so she had this question.

Ana Lin just wanted to explain, Xia Zhenyu spoke again, “I don’t want you to be together.”

She looked serious, “I hope his wife has a family background that is right for him. I heard that a lot of things have happened in your family now.”

Ana Lin pressed her lips tightly, and finally understood her purpose of looking for herself.

“Given the current situation of your family, I can’t accept you even more. Would you understand?” Xia Zhenyu softened her tone, took out a card from her bag, and slid it from the table to Ana Lin, “There are some here. Although money can’t help you tide over your family’s difficulties, it can at least guarantee your life.”

Ana Lin pushed Ka back, smiling, “Auntie, I have hands and feet, how can I ask for your money.”

Is this to send her money?

She smiled bitterly in her heart and was sent away by Randall Lin at the age of ten. She was able to come back because Phillip Zong was’limped’ and she had the chance to come back.

She has never enjoyed the scenery given by the Lin Family, but now she has to bear the impact of the Lin Family’s defeat.

“I understand what auntie meant. I won’t be with him. I always treat him as an elder brother. If it’s okay, I’ll go back first, and I have to go to work.” Then she stood up.

“Wait a minute.” Xia Zhenyu yelled to her. She had thought of a lot of words, but those words were only when Ana Lin disagreed, but she was so easy to talk, it seemed that she was mean.

“I don’t know if Rui Ze ever told you that his sister’s matter, that incident hit him a lot, he has been abroad for these years, and now he is willing to come back and face the past. I am very pleased, you I just said that you treat him as your brother. I think he may have other feelings for you. Perhaps you are too cute and he treats you as Linlin.”

Ana Lin thought about it after he learned that Rios He had a lost sister.

When he was in country A, he took care of and cared for himself, did he treat her as a younger sister?

Xia Zhenyu looked sad and sad when she talked about her lost daughter. She had three children in her entire life, and her only daughter was lost.

But as the wife of her family, she can’t stay in the past, can’t be sad in front of her husband, and she needs to take care of everything in the family.

If you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight.

She enjoyed the status and status given to her by the He family, and naturally paid something.

“I also want my son to be with the woman I like, but he was born into this family and enjoyed the glory and food and clothing given by the family, and he has to make sacrifices for this.” Xia Zhenyu took the card back. Handing over a business card, “You are so easy to talk, and I am not a mean person. If you need my help in the future, you can come to me.”

Having always refused to appear impolite, Ana Lin accepted it, “Thank you auntie.”

Ana Lin stood up, “It’s okay, then I’ll go first.”

“Well, I want us to meet, don’t tell Rize, he is stubborn, if he knows about it, I’m afraid–“

“Auntie, don’t worry, I won’t tell him.” Originally, she didn’t think much about Rios He. People like her are not worthy of being with anyone.

For whatever reason, she is not a pure woman.

How qualified to talk about feelings.

When she walked out of the cafe, she stretched out her hand to cover her lower abdomen, “With you, my mother is no longer alone and helpless.”

This child is her courage and her future.

She took a deep breath and walked away.

She walked back to the company along the road, just in time for Milton Guan to come back from outside.

“Where have you been?” Milton Guan closed the car door and walked towards her. “Didn’t you say you went to the hospital? Why didn’t I find you when I went to the hospital?”

Before she went to the hospital, she told Phillip Zong, after all, she went to work and was not free.

“I came back early, met someone, and said a few words, what’s the matter?” Milton Guan looked anxious.

Did something happen?

“Go in first.” Milton Guan walked into the hall quickly, Ana Lin followed his footsteps, feeling a little uneasy, “What happened, does it have anything to do with me?”

Milton Guan stood at the door of the elevator, pressed the ↑ key several times, and took a look at her.

“Watch it for yourself.”

Ana Lin opened her mouth, what does she mean to see for herself?

She just wanted to ask the elevator door to open. Milton Guan walked in first. Ana Lin felt uneasy and moved a little slower. Milton Guan urged her, “Hurry up.”

Ana Lin walked in.

“It has to do with my dad?” Ana Lin tried to ask without giving up.

She just came back from Ida Zhuang, it must not be Ida Zhuang, then it is Randall Lin.

Only these two people are related to her now.

This time, Milton Guan gave a hum. Before he finished his voice, the elevator stopped with a ding, and the elevator door slowly slid open.

Milton Guan walked down and walked towards Phillip Zong’s office.

Ana Lin followed him.

When he reached the door, he raised his hand and knocked on the door.

A low voice came from inside, “Come in.”

Shun Jin opened the door——

Chapter 50

Milton Guan opened the door and Ana Lin followed him in. Phillip Zong was answering the phone and saw them coming in and begging them to be quiet.

Ana Lin eagerly wanted to know what happened, and got angry, but now he can only wait.

A few minutes later, Phillip Zong hung up the phone and waved to Ana Lin, “Come here.”

Ana Lin walked over and stood at the desk.

“Give me the phone.” Phillip Zong reached out to her.


Ana Lin’s eyes widened, didn’t he want to tell her what happened? Why do you need her cell phone?

What’s going on?

Milton Guan stood by and looked at the sky silently, begging Bai Zhuwei to come back quickly. If he doesn’t come back, Zong Zong might be snatched away.

Phillip Zong raised his eyebrows, a little displeased, “Don’t want to give it to me?”

“No.” Ana Lin quickly took out the phone and handed it to him, “No password.”

Phillip Zong took it, swiped the screen, clicked on the phone book, and entered his phone number. He stared at the screen with his eyes down, and suddenly, with a finger move, he typed in the line where the name of the person was saved, Mr. Zong. .

This name is only Ana Lin called him.

He dialed the number he had entered, and soon the phone he placed on the table vibrated.

Ana Lin looked at Milton Guan and then at Phillip Zong. What are they doing?

“What the hell happened, are you talking?” It’s not fun to hang her like this and make her anxious.

Phillip Zong handed her the phone, “Don’t let me find you in the future.”

When he wanted to contact Ana Lin, he realized that he didn’t even have her phone number.

Inexplicably unhappy, very unhappy!

Ana Lin didn’t answer, so she stared at him, as if questioning, Milton Guan looked for her in a hurry, just to save her phone number?

Phillip Zong put the phone on the table and sighed, “You have a preparation in your heart.”

Ana Lin hadn’t reacted yet. What did Phillip Zong’s words mean? The big screen in front of him for video conferences suddenly turned on, and the picture quickly appeared clearly.

On the building of Lin’s company, a pregnant woman was standing, seeming to be jumping off the building.

Downstairs police cars, reporters, watching the excitement and crowds of people.

The sound of exclamation and crying was endless.

Through the screen, Ana Lin could also feel the chaos on the scene.

She looked at Milton Guan stiffly, “Well, what’s going on?”

“This woman bought the real estate that your dad invested and built, and now there is a collapse, she naturally doesn’t want the house, but according to the contract, she can’t withdraw. She stands on the top of the building and wants to commit suicide, forcing your dad to refund the money. .”

Ana Lin took a breath and shook her body. “She, she won’t really want to jump off the building, right?”

Although money is important, life is not more important, let alone she is still pregnant.

She is not her own life.

“Who knows, maybe it’s just a means to force your dad to refund the money, but your dad also knows that if he gives this money, people behind will threaten him by jumping off the building. Given the current situation of the company, he may not be able to give it. A few people have money.” Milton Guan said coldly, with an attitude of nothing to do with himself.

Ana Lin was in a mess, “Is there any room for recovery in this matter?”

Milton Guan poured her a basin of cold water, “No!”

When the matter has reached this point, Lin’s company is over. The real estate that has collapsed will easily be taken over. If the funds cannot be returned, Lin will be declared bankrupt and the judicial department will intervene in the auctioned assets. Ding’s matter.

Ana Lin stared at the screen, his only thought was to stop the pregnant woman from jumping off the building.

“I’m going to the scene.” Before her voice died, people ran out.

Phillip Zong frowned, got up and followed out, “Milton Guan, you take some people.”

The scene must be very messy, she ran over like this and hurt herself again.

Just when Milton Guan wanted to answer, Phillip Zong had already left the house, leaving Milton Guan alone, and he was messed up.

Is this still that, cold and arrogant Phillip Zong?

Even with Bai Zhuwei, he didn’t care so much, did he?

Milton Guan was uneasy, and Ana Lin was not worthy of Phillip Zong.

He thought, he had to remind Phillip Zong.

After avoiding what can happen irreparably.

Outside the building of Wanyue Group, Ana Lin stood on the side of the road anxiously waiting for the car.

Phillip Zong drove over and said, “I will see you off.”

Ana Lin glanced at him, did not hesitate to open the car door, and sat in, “I’ll go to the bank first.”

She needs to withdraw some money. Originally, she planned to use the money to buy a house, but now that life is shut down, she can’t take care of that much.

“How many can you save? If one person gets the money, there will be more people. If you ask for money in this way, can you afford it?” In Phillip Zong’s eyes, she was irrational.

There was a police officer at the scene, and the woman didn’t seem to want to jump off the building, she just wanted to force Randall Lin to give money in this way.

“In the eyes of you businessmen, does life matter if there is no money? That woman, pregnant, died and two lives, this is Randall Lin’s evil, I am his daughter——” Ana Lin trembled lightly The body smiled helplessly, “I know, I can’t save him, but I don’t want him to cause too much evil.”

Phillip Zong stared at her profile, after all, she was still softened to Randall Lin.

Even if she abandoned her and hurt her before, she still had to help him.

It was obviously stupid, but his heart was touched by such a stupid behavior.

“I will let Yan Jin take it.” He started the car and pressed the Bluetooth connection at the same time, calling Milton Guan and asking him to bring one million in cash.

Ana Lin didn’t expect him to do this, “Thank you, money, and I will return it to you when I come back.”

Phillip Zong didn’t squint, “You and I are a couple, you don’t need to be so clear with me.”

Ana Lin turned her head to look at him, his emotions were too deep, she couldn’t see a trace, she slowly retracted her gaze and looked ahead.

After about twenty minutes, the car drove to Lin’s company. Still some distance away, Ana Lin could already see the noisy crowd in front of him.

Phillip Zong stopped the car by the side of the road.

“I won’t go down without paying my money.” The pregnant woman stood on the edge of the building, holding the flag of debt collection in her hand, and confronted the rescuers. I looked very emotional, “I spent all my parents’ hard-earned money to buy this house, but in the end it was a collapsed house. I would never accept it. I would pay back my hard-earned money and my hard-earned money.”

The pregnant woman shouted upstairs, and the people downstairs echoed.

The pregnant mother-in-law sat at the gate of Lin’s company and cried, “The money is gone, we will earn you down.” This mother-in-law also cherishes the child in the pregnant woman’s belly, and her crying voice is dumb.

The pregnant woman upstairs didn’t listen at all, and forced Randall Lin to pay back the money because she was a pregnant woman.

Ana Lin squeezed into the crowd, Phillip Zong frowned, looked at her petite figure, shuttled through the crowd, gritted her teeth and followed.

Guard her forward.

The rescuer took the loudspeaker and said, “You come down first, we have something to say, and money matters are not impossible to talk about.”

The position where she stands is too unsuitable for rescuers to start.

While dealing with her, the people on the other are trying to find a way.

Ana Lin walked to the rescuer with the loudspeaker, “Can you let me talk to her?”

The rescuers did not dare to give her the loudspeaker easily. In case the pregnant woman was stimulated and there was an accident, who would count if she jumped down?

“If you don’t give money, it’s useless to say anything!” The pregnant woman’s attitude was very firm.

The stalemate lasted for almost two hours, and the pregnant woman was tanned and sweaty.

Just don’t let go.

“Trust me, I won’t irritate her.” Ana Lin asked.

The rescuer hesitated, and handed her the megaphone.

Just when Ana Lin took the megaphone to tell the pregnant woman that she would give her money, she suddenly screamed–

Chapter 51

The pregnant woman didn’t step on and slipped, and almost fell off, causing a scream from below.

Life and death are just a moment.

The pregnant woman’s mother-in-law was also very scared, sitting there weeping.

Ana Lin also had a blank brain in an instant, and his blood clotted.

After a while, she found her voice, “As long as you are willing to come down, I will give you the money you buy the house.”

The pregnant woman obviously didn’t believe her, “Don’t try to lie to me, I won’t believe you!”

“I didn’t lie to you, I will really give it to you, don’t you think for yourself, and the child in your stomach?” Ana Lin continued to persuade.

The pregnant woman seemed to be touched by the sore spot, feeling a little excited, “I just want to stand here for my children. Do you think it is easy for us to buy a house? I emptied all my savings and just want to be safe. Home, but do I dare to let my child live in a dangerous house? I always worry that it will collapse and kill us all in it!”

Ana Lin knows what she cares about, knows what she is worried about, what she fears, and compares her heart to heart, “I know, you just want to give your children a home, I understand very well, as long as you are willing to come down, I said the money, I Give you.”

“Why should I believe you? If I go down, what will you do if you don’t give it to me?” The pregnant woman never let go.

Ana Lin pursed her dry lips, “I didn’t lie to you, I am Randall Lin’s daughter, I will not lie to you.”

“She is the daughter of that profiteer Randall Lin?”

“Father’s debt is paid, pay me back.”

“Return our money!”

Ana Lin was immediately surrounded, “Repay us the money, pay us the money!”

An excited man stretched out his hand to catch Ana Lin, Phillip Zong’s eyes were quick and his hands were quick, with long arms, he clasped Ana Lin’s waist and slammed her in his arms, staring coldly at the man who reached out.

The man was stared stunned, his arrogant aura instantly stopped for three minutes, and he said stiffly, “Repaying debts is justified. Her dad swallowed our hard-earned money. If his dad doesn’t show up, she has to pay it back! “

“Yes, that is, the father’s debt is paid, and if his father doesn’t come out, she will have to pay the money!” Someone agreed.

Soon this sentence was recognized by everyone, and the scene was out of control for a time.

The pregnant woman upstairs was also rescued by rescuers, who took advantage of her carelessness.

When Milton Guan brought people, Phillip Zong and Ana Lin were blocked in the middle, and they couldn’t get out unless they could escape from the ground.

Fortunately, he brought people, and with the help of rescuers, he “killed” a way from the crowd. The people brought by Milton Guan opened the way. Phillip Zong protected Ana Lin from the crowd and entered the office of Lin’s company. In the district, debt collectors are blocked outside and cannot enter.

The rescued pregnant woman, rescuers helped her down. When she passed the hall, she saw Ana Lin through the glass door, suddenly opened the rescuer’s hand and ran over, “You said you would pay me back.”

Milton Guan and the security staff stopped her outside.

She couldn’t get in, so she could only yell to Ana Lin out of control, “You said you would give me money. If you lie to me, you will not die. You will make money without your conscience. If you die, you will go down to the eighteenth floor. Hell!”

Phillip Zong frowned and said coldly, “Blow people out.”

Just as Milton Guan wanted to do it, Ana Lin called to him, “Wait a minute.”

She turned her head to look at Phillip Zong, “I know you think I am stupid, giving this money, there will be endless troubles behind, but if it is not forced to be helpless, who wants to make fun of life, she just wants to have a home , To give my child a home, but unfortunately I met my dad, as she said, if I don’t fulfill the promise to her, I will be upset because I understand her feelings—”

Understand that she wants to give her children a home.

Because she also thought about giving her children a complete home, although she knew that it was far away, I am afraid it would not be possible in this life.

She is so weak and so thin that a gust of wind can blow her away.

But those clear and bright eyes were so firm at the moment.

It was firmness he had never seen before.

He was in a daze for a while, his eyes looked at Ana Lin, but he said to Milton Guan, “Give her the money.”

Yan Jin understood, and glanced at the pregnant woman, “Come with me.”

At this time, Randall Lin came over in a hurry. He had been hiding in the office until he knew that Phillip Zong and Ana Lin had come, so he dared to come out.

Seeing my daughter is like seeing hope.

“Yanyan.” He was a little excited, “You have come to save me.”

Ana Lin looked cold, “How much money do you have.”

Randall Lin was taken aback, but she didn’t expect that she would just ask how much money she had. If he had money, he would not fall into such a field.

“I have no money.” Randall Lin said truthfully.

“What?” Ana Lin didn’t believe it. Even if Randall Lin was forced to collect debts, he might not have any money. “If you don’t tell the truth, who can help you?”

Randall Lin’s face was ugly, and he never opened his mouth.

Ana Lin didn’t waste time with him, “Since you don’t want to talk, I won’t force you.”

She looked at Phillip Zong, “Let’s go.”

Phillip Zong put his arm around her shoulders, nodded slightly, and left the office area under the escort of security personnel.

Randall Lin panicked. Seeing that Ana Lin was really going to leave, he gritted his teeth and told the truth, “I don’t have much money. Apart from the house, there are probably more than two million in cash, which were stolen by Lin Yuhan. I called the police, but did not find her.”

Randall Lin didn’t want to tell Ana Lin about this. His distressed daughter stole his money and ran away when he was the most difficult.

On the contrary, this, the daughter he abandoned, is still standing here at the moment.

He has red eyes.

“Yanyan, it’s my father who is blind, and he—”

“Don’t say it.” Ana Lin didn’t want to listen. The more you delve into it, the more heartbroken, “Sell the house, how much you can make up, and pay those people back first–“

“That’s my only property, I—” He was reluctant.

“Do you still have money?!” Ana Lin suddenly roared, “If you don’t pay back the money, you can restore your reputation. The gods can’t save you. You can do it yourself!”

Ana Lin’s attitude is resolute.

Phillip Zong looked at her with a look of appreciation in his heart.

Unexpectedly, she could think of this layer.

If Randall Lin is smart enough, first comfort these debt collectors, don’t let the matter make a big deal, and then find a way to raise money, maybe Lin’s can be saved.

After Lin’s return, Phillip Zong returned to the company, while Ana Lin returned to the villa and did not go to work today.

Phillip Zong asked her to go back to rest, her face didn’t look good.

Ana Lin felt tired, lying on the bed and couldn’t sleep, her mind was confused, thinking about many things, but she didn’t have a clue, just got up, Wanda was cleaning the doors and windows, she walked over, “I’ll help you.”

Wanda waved her hand, “No, no, someone will come over to help.”

Every week, a certain person will come to do a big cleaning. The lawn and flowers in the yard need to be trimmed. Some people will also come to clean the places in the house that she usually can’t clean.

Such a big villa, she alone, how could it be so clean.

She is a diligent person, but she can’t take time off. The glass doors and windows are wiped by specialized personnel. She can’t wipe them in many places. Professionals can be wiped clean.

Ana Lin was pushed onto the sofa by Yu’s mother and washed her hands, “What fruit would you like to eat? I’ll wash it for you.”

“Apple.” Ana Lin said casually.

“Good.” Wanda entered the kitchen.

Ana Lin nestled on the sofa in the living room, staring at the floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room. There was white foam rubbed by Wanda on it, sliding down the glass, she was fascinated.

Suddenly the mobile phone in her pocket rang, she took it out and saw Rios He’s number, she thought.

Could it be that he found any clues?

Before she knew it, her hand shook, and she pressed the answer button, “Hey.”

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