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Chapter 487

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Keller Shen pushed Alan Su, which is a brother, it’s a fake.

Alan Su waved his hand to Marsha Sang, “I’m leaving. When I have time, I often let Keller show you to play with us.”

After that, before Keller Shen got angry, he quickly got into the car, and then quickly drove the car away.

Keller Shen helped his forehead and explained, “Sorry, my friend just likes nonsense.”

Marsha Sang stood under the street lamp, turned his head to look at Keller Shen, with a cold expression, “I don’t worry, I have a clear grudge, it was not you just now, I am afraid…thank you very much, but I don’t want to see you again in the future.”

She shrugged and said, “Goodbye.”

After speaking, she turned and walked along the street. Originally, she had a good impression of this mature and upright man. It was not a love between men and women, but a man’s personal charm that made her feel comfortable.

But today, I met for the second time on such an occasion. The goodwill of the first meeting was completely defeated this time, and I felt that he was also the kind of hypocritical person who was the same as the other.

Keller Shen frowned, what did he do wrong?

It’s not that he can’t accept Marsha Sang’s attitude. He just wants to understand why he dislikes himself so much, so he chased a few steps forward, “You don’t have to thank me, it’s not your mother’s request. I don’t care about your business, so many go astray every day, how many can I manage?

Whoever lives is chosen by himself. “

Marsha Sang stopped and turned to look at him, “My mother, please?”

Mom is the closest person she cares about in this world. Every time she mentions it, it is always hard to conceal the pain in her heart.

Although she was very calm, after all, she was young, and she was too early to mature, but in front of Keller Shen, she was still too immature.

I think I’m calm enough, but I don’t know, his eyes have already betrayed me.

Keller Shen said lightly, “Yes, it’s not easy for you to support yourself in this city alone, so I beg you, you think I’m full and I want to take care of everything?”

As he raised his head, his bright black eyes appeared piercing, and his straight figure was magical under the colorful light circle. “You girl, pay attention to yourself, not every time you have such good luck.”

As he said, his tone was paused, “I don’t like people talking to me yin and yang.”

Marsha Sang pursed her lips, trying to say sorry, but couldn’t say it, so she could only stand in place, holding her hands a little bewildered.

“Why come here?”

Keller Shen asked.

He had no other thoughts, it was pure responsibility. Knowing that she was a college student who had not graduated, it was not so easy to support herself on her own. He promised her mother to help her when she encountered difficulties. That’s why I asked.

Marsha Sang bowed his head and said, “Nothing.”

Although she has no job and no stable source of income and can only make money from temporary work, she also has her own pride and doesn’t want to show her embarrassment in front of anyone.

Keller Shen didn’t want to force her, who doesn’t have self-esteem yet?

He reached out, “Do you have a cell phone?”

“what are you doing?”

Marsha Sang was almost instinctively defensive, could not help widening his eyes, looking at him warily.

Keller Shen laughed, “If you always have this kind of vigilance, you will not get yourself into the same predicament just now. If you ask for your mobile phone, you want you to save my number. If you encounter difficulties, you can call me. Think about it, I don’t mean anything else to you. I just promised others and didn’t want to lose faith.”

Marsha Sang hesitated and refused to take out his mobile phone, Keller Shen frowned, “Can’t you trust me?”

He doesn’t like reluctance, “All right, go by yourself carefully, I’m going.”

After speaking, he strode towards the opposite road and was about to stop the car to the company. Phillip Zong was still waiting for him, and there must be something to tell him.

He has no time to spend here.

“That, wait.”

Suddenly Marsha Sang stopped him, and Keller Shen turned his head. The girl under the street lamp was thin and thin, her head was not very tall, her skin was still white, but the eyes under her brows looked like fairies.

“Tell me your cell phone number, I will remember.”

Keller Shen realized that she didn’t take out her phone, maybe she didn’t. After groaning, she reported her phone number, and said, “This world is very exciting and there are many temptations. What kind of path should be taken? , Choose by yourself, but you must think clearly when choosing.”

He is not familiar with this girl, and there is only a limited amount of help he can help. Therefore, he can only give advice, and it depends on her how to go.

At this time, a car came, he reached out and stopped, opened the door and looked up at her, “Be careful yourself.”

After speaking, he bent over and got into the car.

Marsha Sang stood on the side of the road, watching the taxi drive away, and shouted, “I remember.”

She didn’t know whether Keller Shen could hear it, but wanted to tell him, out of politeness.

When Keller Shen heard it, he did not lower the window to respond, but told the driver that he was going to Wanyue.

At this time, the financial business district became quiet, not as tense and urgent as during the day. During the day, the people on this street walk faster than normal people. At night, no matter how prosperous the place is, there are only colorful neon lights. It flickers lonely in the empty night.

Keller Shen paid the money and got out of the car and walked into the elevator to the top floor.

Only the lights were still on in Phillip Zong’s office, and he opened the door and walked in.

Phillip Zong stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, and the light from the opposite bank came over, shrouded in a hazy halo, Alan Su sat on the sofa with Erlang’s legs tilted, half-squinted as if he was asleep, just refreshing.

“Gu Bei will definitely let people investigate what I said, you find someone to follow the person he sent out, and by the way, throw some clues to him from time to time.”

Keller Shen clarified that Gu Bei should find out what should be found, and what shouldn’t be found, he knew that, as long as Gu Bei believed that Foster Wen asked him to kidnap someone, he was found only to stop the troubles and troubles.

And to make him believe in the truth of this matter, Chen Qing’s end had something to do with Wen.

Almost everyone knows the relationship between Foster Wen and Chen Qing, and it is very good. If Chen Qing’s fate has Foster Wen’s handwriting, I am afraid Gu Bei will be convinced that Foster Wen is using herself.

When the time comes, the scene of the dog biting the dog will be wonderful.

“Leave this to me.”

Keller Shen has already thought about it, it is not difficult to throw some false news to Gu Bei’s men.

Phillip Zong gave a faint hum, “Be careful, don’t let him find out.”


Keller Shen said.

He sat on the sofa and looked at Phillip Zong’s back. He wanted to say nothing, but he didn’t say anything. Originally, he wanted to ask Foster Wen if he should show some mercy to Foster Wen’s men. After all, it has something to do with Ana Lin.

But thinking of Ana Lin’s departure, it seems that he also understands the reason for her leaving, I am afraid that Phillip Zong does not want to be embarrassed by the relationship between her and Foster Wen.

Now that they have made a decision, he won’t say more.

“You all go back.”

The man standing in front of the French window spoke slightly.

Chapter 488

Alan Su and Keller Shen looked at each other, almost at the same time, saying, “Now I can’t sleep when I go back. I’m already exhausted. Why not have a drink together?”

It’s easier to fall asleep when drunk.

Their minds were too obvious, and Phillip Zong knew their intentions as soon as they spoke out. It seemed that they also wanted to get drunk, so they agreed.

After leaving the company, they drove a car and went out to find a quieter bar.

Ordered two bottles of wine and fruit plate.

The yellow light rendered the entire private room, and the air conditioner under the ceiling was slowly blowing with cool wind.

Su Chen poured the wine and looked up at Keller Shen, “As a friend, you are not interesting enough.”

Keller Shen left him coldly, just him, he knew what sh*t he was going to do when he smashed.

Without waiting for him to say, Keller Shen first explained, “Don’t think about it, that girl is too young, I am not interested, it will be condemned to find such a small girl.”

While speaking, he looked at Phillip Zong and asked deliberately, “Right?”

Phillip Zong squinted his eyes, these words didn’t sound right, he took a sip of wine, his tone was a little cold, “I’m in a bad mood.”

As if to warn Keller Shen, he was not in the mood to joke, let alone Ana Lin in front of him.

Now when he heard this name, his heart would be dull and breathless. He missed her, and really wanted to, he didn’t even dare to go back to the villa, he couldn’t sleep when he was alone, so he could only use his work to paralyze himself and leave him no time to go. Think, think.

Keller Shen sighed, “Look at each of you all lingering like frosted eggplants. I am afraid of the relationship between men and women. If you talk about you, can’t you be a good example for me?”

There was a shadow in his heart if he did it.

“Don’t eat grapes and say grapes are sour.”

Alan Su sat over and hooked his neck with a serious expression, “Seriously, that girl is very beautiful, don’t be unsatisfied.”

“Don’t think too much about it.”

Keller Shen is about to be tortured by Alan Su with a heart attack. Don’t have a woman next to him, what do you think?

He was only entrusted by others and had no other meaning.

“I’m just a freshman, if I…Is that still a human?”

Keller Shen took away Alan Su’s arm around his neck, “I have to find someone of the same age when I’m looking for it. The kid will let me coax me every day. Do I marry a wife or raise a daughter?”

Alan Su leaned back on the sofa lazily, and turned Keller Shen’s gaze to tear him up and eat it, saving him from irritating here.

“Similar to your age?

Those of your subordinates who meet these requirements, are surrounded by males, and it is rare to see a female, who are still hypocritical, hypocritical and hypocritical, looking for a young man to provoke you? “

Although Alan Su is not as old as Phillip Zong, Lena Qin is not as old as Ana Lin. After all, he and Phillip Zong and his wife are seven or eight years old.

They all know what it means to fall in love as adults. When they can k*ss, their wives are still in elementary school.

Now they are all running for three, and their wives are in their early twenties, young and youthful.

Are they all old cows eating tender grass?

“Alan Su, I found out why you didn’t keep the door open?”

Keller Shen twisted his eyebrows. According to him, Alan Su was owed and owed.

He wanted Lena Qin to come back and tidy up this bastard, otherwise he would get to heaven.

“Keller, like this, let’s make a bet. If you find a young one, you wear a bra on the day of the bridal chamber and show me dancing on the table, dare you bet?”

Keller Shen didn’t want to talk to him, he played this kind of nutritious bet with him leisurely.

“You do not dare?”

Alan Su poured wine.

“I am too lazy to care about you.”

“You dare not.”

“I bother you.”

“You are afraid that you like that freshman, so you dare not bet with me!”

“I do not have!”

“Then why don’t you dare to bet with me?”

Keller Shen looked at Alan Su, extremely unhappy, “I don’t want to bet with you because I think this is very nutritious.”

Alan Su leaned over, “What do you think is nutritious?”

He glanced at Keller Shen ambiguously. Keller Shen had never talked about a girlfriend. He knew very well that this man had sex during puberty. When he was impulsive at this age, he also had physical needs.

He was curious about how this man solved it.

“I don’t believe it, you haven’t been impulsive.”

Keller Shen smiled coldly, “Do you think everyone is you?

Is it okay to have a face? “

“I am normal, you are abnormal.”

“sh*t, it’s not normal for you, it’s in heat.”

“How do you say it?”

Alan Su poured wine into his mouth, “Come and wash your mouth, next time you speak, it will be cleaner.”

“f*ck off…well, Alan Su, your uncle–” Alan Su really poured wine into his mouth, and dripped down his neck without drinking it, making him smell of alcohol all over.

He pushed Alan Su away, pulled the neckline, wiped his neck, and his eyes were wide. “I tell you, you have no self-control. Isn’t it normal?

Is it normal?

Alan Su, you want to point your face, just like you, if you don’t change your life, Lena Qin will never want you. “

When he mentions Lena Qin Alan Su, he changes his face. Wherever he hurts, Keller Shen will poke him.

“Can you stop salting my wound?”

It was also the matter of Liu Feifei before he was with Lena Qin again, that he was wrong, and he did not confess enough in front of Lena Qin, which caused a misunderstanding and hurt her.

During the months that Lena Qin left, he had spent the past few months in sorrow and annoyance, tossing and turning all the way Lena Qin disappeared in the fire.

How many times have you awakened from a dream.

The atmosphere in the private room became silent because Keller Shen raised Lena Qin. Without Alan Su and Keller Shen, even the air was condensed and dull.

For the two bottles of wine, Phillip Zong drank one bottle by himself, and there was no other bottle. He felt that he hadn’t enjoyed it yet, so that was gone, and the waiter sent two more bottles.

Keller Shen did not persuade him to drink.

No one talked, so they just drank without food.

These two bottles bottomed out again without knowing it. Keller Shen drank less and was still sober, but Alan Su and Phillip Zong estimated that they drank too much. The room was full of alcohol, and the two lay leaning on the sofa.

Although he was not drunk, he drank a lot. The car must not be driven, so he could only call Milton Guan and ask him to come and drive.

One by one, the two drank two big men in the car and sent them home.

Phillip Zong who was sent first, the bodyguard outside the villa was removed after Ana Lin left, and the villa was left alone.

Seeing Phillip Zong drunk and leaving in Keller Shen and Milton Guan, she hurriedly soaked a glass of honey water and delivered it.

The dim room did not turn on the lights, the windows were not closed, and the breeze occasionally blew the curtains.

Wanda brought the honey water to the bed and asked, “Drink some water…” “Get out.”

Before Wanda’s words were finished, she was cut off.

Keller Shen thought that a man who was so drunk that he was unconscious would have such a clear voice at the moment.

Wanda put the honey water on the table, sighed, turned and walked out and closed the door.

The big bed, a slender figure, is now lying on the bed crooked, one face sunken in the pillow, head sideways, looking at the empty place next to it, where Ana Lin used to sleep.

He stretched out his hand, as if he wanted to feel the warmth of her presence, but wherever his fingertips were, it was cold.

The heart also became cold, and the hand on the quilt tightened little by little, and the folds of the quilt quickly became a mess in his hand.

His face was buried in the pillow, with a muffled hoarse voice, “I miss you.”

I didn’t want to be drunk, but the more drunk I was, the more clear my mind was. She was all in her mind. How is she now?

How are their children?

And city C at this time.

Chapter 489

And city C at this time.

Ana Lin, who was awake late at night, got up and poured water. After drinking it, she couldn’t fall asleep again when she returned to the bed. She simply got up and took a book and sat on the bed to read.

She sleeps in one room by herself, and the two children sleep in another room. She is not afraid of disturbing the children. The place she lives in is not a single-family house. It is in a community with good environment and facilities, and it is also very quiet. The area is not too big, but not too small, one hundred and sixty square meters, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, one kitchen and one living room.

When Lena Qin came back to live with her, she asked Lena Qin to live here. Lena Qin was traumatized before, and there are so many people here, so that she will not think about it alone, and the four rooms are just enough for them.

On the right side of the window, a bookshelf was placed in her room, filled with books, not about clothing design, but books on the history and culture of Country Z. As a big country with a history of five thousand years, it was left by ancestors. The vast and profound intangible heritage is numerous.

Some of these books are about embroidery.

There are many kinds of embroidery alone, such as hand-pushing show, seeding show, pan gold embroidery, double-sided embroidery, etc. She has paid attention to it before, but has not studied deeply. Now, after calming down, she finds that these things are really beautiful.

Especially in the domestic traditional culture, the symbol of red is particularly good.

She saw an article about ancient marriages in a book, and she was deeply attracted by the wedding gown inside.

The “wedding dress” currently circulating in the world is the first choice for many young people to get married.

It is white and flawless, symbolizing the innocence of love.

In fact, this is not the original meaning, but the explanation given by later people. The origin of the wedding dress should be traced back to the Roman era, because at that time, white symbolizes celebration. It is as simple as that in my country. Red is the color of celebration. One reason.

Visually, Ana Lin feels that red can better reflect the joy and excitement.

Red, it is enthusiastic and unrestrained, beautiful like fire, deep and warm. In her opinion, it can reflect a person’s mood when entering the marriage hall more than a wedding dress. It is active and enthusiastic, and has a hazy longing.

In her opinion, the moment she first walked into the marriage hall, she felt like this, with longing, expectation, and enthusiasm.

This time, she made a series of twelve pieces in total. The designs are all based on ancient wedding dresses and combined with some modern elements. Each piece is different in style and embroidery, but the main fabric is the same. paragraph.

The combination of fragrant cloud yarn and various embroidery, the integration of ancient wedding dresses and current elements, a brand-new style and symbol, she called this series the new Chinese style.

She found that new Chinese-style home furnishings are very popular recently in China, so people still have deep feelings for the things left by their ancestors.

Not only does she want Xiangyunsha to enter people’s field of vision again, but she also wants to carry forward this culture. She has connections, and it’s not difficult to organize a fashion show internationally. What she has to do now is to do this The series is flawless and must shine on the international stage.

During the production process, she encountered a lot of problems. During this time, she has been studying these. Although a little tired but very fulfilling, she will miss that person occasionally when she is free, but she will fall into solving the problem more time. During the study, trial and error will be repeated, and the style will be changed according to the pattern, so the time passes unconsciously.

That night too, I fell asleep while leaning on the bed while reading the book, with the book still in my hand.

She did not wake up at dawn.

The two children are now becoming more and more independent, almost without help from others, dressing and washing their faces and teeth.

Lena Qin went to take a look at Ana Lin in the morning, knowing that she had stayed up late to read a book last night, so she didn’t wake her up. She was wearing a loose-fitting sling dress, her hair was not neglected, and she was a little messy, but somewhat messy. Lazy beauty, she went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. The breakfast milk was ordered at home, and it would be delivered on time at 7 o’clock every day. This milk is fresh and does not add any additives. It is relatively healthy, but it tastes unprocessed.

She put the toast into the toaster while frying the eggs, and the two little guys who were also up ran in and said they would help her.

Lena Qin frowned, “What can you do?”

“Help you prepare breakfast?”

Zong Yanxi stretched out her hand to help fry the eggs. They are so enthusiastic that Lena Qin can’t hit them, but they can’t be touched by dangerous ones, so they arranged what they can do, “Yanxi, go to the door and get the milk. Come in, Yanchen is responsible for baking bread.”

Zong Yanxi was very active and ran out with her short legs. Zong Yanchen stood in front of the bread machine and looked at the back of Lena Qin cutting the fruit, and asked, “Aunt Lena Qin, every time I see you, I feel like I’m looking at another person.”

Lena Qin’s face has changed. This aunt is also called Lena Qin, but she is not the same as before, and her voice is not her previous voice.

In the explosion, her vocal cords were damaged, and her appearance and voice changed, so Zong Yanchen felt that this aunt Lena Qin made him very uncomfortable.

Lena Qin didn’t look back, put the cut fruits on the dinner plate, and asked, “Is I beautiful now, or was it beautiful before?”

Zong Yanchen asked his cheeks in the morning to think, and still looked very serious, “It’s more refined now, but I still like the previous look and feel more intimate.”

Now Aunt Lena Qin has a cold temper, and she is not active before, calling her Aunt Lena Qin is like calling another person.

Lena Qin put the fried eggs on the dinner plate, and looked back at Zong Yanchen, “Are you complimenting me or hurting me?”

“Of course I am complimenting you. The appearance is good or bad, and you need to be beautiful in your heart. The former Aunt Lena Qin is beautiful in appearance and more beautiful in her heart.”

“You kid, your mouth is getting better and better, and you are not afraid of your tongue flashing.”

Zong Yanchen smiled happily, “I’m telling the truth.”

Soon his conversation changed, “Aunt Lena Qin, can I give you a suggestion?”


Lena Qin turned off the fire, and the poached eggs were fried. She turned and leaned on the stove, looked at Zong Yanchen, and asked, “What advice?”

“I think so, the current Aunt Lena Qin shouldn’t be Aunt Lena Qin.”

Lena Qin frowned, “What do you mean, kid?”

“No, don’t worry, just listen to me.”

Zong Yanchen explained anxiously, with an urgent tone.

Lena Qin settled down this time, with her hands around her chest, patiently waiting for his next words, she wanted to see what the kid could spit out.

“I think Aunt Lena Qin should be born again. Not only has her face and voice changed, I think her name must also be changed, so that she is a brand new person.”

Then he and his sister won’t feel awkward if they call her.

Every time he called Aunt Lena Qin, he had to struggle for a while.

Lena Qin was lost in thought. What this kid said seemed to have some truth. Now she has something to do with her before besides her name, but in terms of appearance, she didn’t have the original appearance.

As a new self, you can indeed consider changing your name.

“This task is entrusted to you. Help you think of a nice and charming name.”

Lena Qinchao Zong Yan Chen raised his chin.

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