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Chapter 484

These four did not look like old rivers and lakes, and they were not sophisticated enough in their clothes, but they seemed a bit cramped and restless, and two were eager to try, and seemed to have a good impression of the men inside.

Gu Bei waved his hand, “Come here all, this batch is new and clean.”

What satisfies him most is this man named Marsha Sang, who has an egg-shaped face that is white and small, with black hair neatly tied in a ponytail, not very tall, and a small girl with a pair of brown eyes, smart and pure.

Seeing a woman who is accustomed to heavy makeup and scratching her head, such a young girl suddenly appears in front of her, and it feels different.

Just conjecture, pressing such a young girl below her body will make her heart surging.

It’s not that he wants to have a relationship with Phillip Zong, he is not willing to give it away.

He pointed to Marsha Sang and hooked his finger, “Come here.”

Marsha Sang clutched the hem of his clothes with both hands, cold sweat on his palms, and quietly cast his eyes to Keller Shen, who was sitting on the far side and looking at the phone.

After understanding Phillip Zong’s meaning, Keller Shen kept pretending to be playing with a mobile phone. He was not interested in the women inside, and he didn’t look up when he knew someone came in.

Marsha Sang stood still, Gu Bei’s face became cold, his voice was not as gentle as he had just been, and his tone was heavy, “Sit here.”

He patted the location next to Phillip Zong.

Marsha Sang still didn’t move. The classmate standing next to her pushed her a little and whispered, “Go, the most handsome man sitting here, eh, if you look at you, you will be developed and come here. Yes, they are all rich people.”

“What do you mean?

Didn’t you say you were a waiter? “

Marsha Sang trembled. The job of her part-time hotel waiter was replaced. When someone hired a waiter who could work for a long time, they fired her.

The job of handing out flyers is not done every day, so she has no source of income since then. The classmate said that she followed her when the waiter was hired here. Only after she came did she know that it was such a place.

She regretted it very much, and her heart became even more chilled after seeing Keller Shen. Originally, she admired this man very much. She remembered that he went to school to find herself and handed over the money his mother gave her. She thought this was a good and upright person.

If you look at places like this now, you can’t be considered a good person. Honesty is afraid of pretending to be seen by others.

Phillip Zong leaned back, the most classic combination of white shirt and black suit. At the moment, the shirt has two buttons. The neck is slender and the convex apple knot, the arc outlined is particularly sexy. The oblique light beam is dark and his eyes are narrowed. Long and narrow, “What does Boss Gu mean?”

Gu Bei hurriedly laughed with him, “No, I just came today and don’t understand the rules. Give me three minutes.”

As he said, he stood up, grabbed Marsha Sang’s wrist, showed a fierce face, and threatened in a low voice, “When you come, you will show me less pretending, trying tricks, not enough to see you, so that you can see you. Take care of this. You can make a price for how much it costs, but if you dare to be presumptuous here, I will make you better than death!”

It seemed that this farce aroused Keller Shen’s interest. He took his gaze out of the screen in his hand and looked over slightly. When he saw the girl standing by the door shaking in fright, he was taken aback, unexpectedly she would appear here. .

Marsha Sang was pulled over by Gu Bei. He looked at Phillip Zong and smiled, “I made you laugh, but it’s just this youthful spirit that seduce people.”

He laughed blatantly, “What do you think we are not getting married at our age?

Isn’t it just a pleasure, no one restrains it. “

The marriage of Phillip Zong and Ana Lin was a hidden marriage at the time. Not much is known. Later, when they came back, it was only rumored that there was a woman beside Phillip Zong. After all, there was no wedding, and he did not bring a man of this status to attend major occasions. It’s normal to have a woman around, as long as there is no big announcement, everyone will not be serious, just for fun.

The only thing everyone knows is Casey He, but it was only an engagement, and later retired. Chen Qing wanted her daughter to marry Phillip Zong. It was only a private plan. He was not married. How dare to publicize it everywhere. Now Chen Qing has no position. There is only one daughter, who is considered to be in the middle of the family, so there is no courage to threaten Phillip Zong.

The dream of wanting her daughter to marry Phillip Zong also soaked up.

Now I am afraid that it is hard to protect himself. He Wenhuai knows that Chen Qing used himself to deceive himself and kill his own children. This hatred is not shared. How can Chen Qingan be allowed to enjoy his old age.

Chen Qing was only dismissed from office, how could he relieve the anger of the two lives of the He family.

The He family is not as good as before. The Chen family also lost support because of Chen Qing’s dismissal. Whoever can laugh at the end depends on their abilities.

Gu Bei pressed Marsha Sang and sat next to Phillip Zong. At this time, Keller Shen stood up and looked at Phillip Zong, “This, I’m pretty eye-catching, let me chant?”

Alan Su almost didn’t drop his chin in surprise, the boss with his eyes open looked at Keller Shen incredibly, God, this old man is going to heaven, is he finally impulsive towards women?

But the time and place didn’t seem to be right. He usually didn’t see a beautiful woman. How could he impulsively ask Phillip Zong for a woman?

Is there anything in this room that can confuse people’s minds?

He glanced around, but didn’t see anything famous, reached out his hand to touch Keller Shen’s forehead, “You…” Keller Shen slapped his hand away, “Go aside.”

Marsha Sang sat still, feeling that Keller Shen was not a good person either.

Phillip Zong showed only half of his profile, facing Keller Shen, with the same thoughts as Alan Su in his heart. A woman has never seen it before, so why did you just look at this today?

He was worried that Gu Bei was playing tricks behind his back, pitting Keller Shen.

“I’ve seen it before, so…” Keller Shen explained stiffly.

“Sure enough, I have the foresight, even Captain Shen has taken a fancy, but there is only one beauty. Why, Captain Shen pick one from the other three?

These three are not bad, they are all young, and they look good. “

Gu Bei smiled, but he dismissed it in his heart, and the people around him Phillip Zong were nothing but a woman.

“It’s rare that Keller likes it.”

The implication is to agree to him.

Gu Bei moved his lips, but didn’t say anything. His goal was to achieve half of what happened between their brothers anyway. He was interested in women, not a monolith, there were always cracks and needles.

Keller Shen pulled Marsha Sang over. Marsha Sang wanted to get away from his hand, but Keller Shen gripped him tighter and whispered, “Be honest!”

Gu Bei smiled, “If Captain Shen is in a hurry, there is a room upstairs.”

Keller Shen also laughed, “I happen to have a question to ask Boss Gu, this little girl, is Boss Gu’s person?”


Before Gu Bei spoke, Marsha Sang denied it.

Gu Bei glanced at Marsha Sang, and smiled coldly, “You are looking for a job, and I will work for you. Aren’t we the principal and employer?

I am your boss, how can it be okay? “

“We didn’t sign the contract, and you didn’t pay me wages. This relationship between principal and employee is not established.”

Marsha Sang is not an uneducated fool, not in a hurry to find a job, nor will he fall into this pit. When a classmate said at the time, she didn’t even ask what it was, so she followed. After she came, she wanted to leave again. , Can’t tolerate her, this will appear here.

“It seems that this is not the person who cares for the boss. Then I will take the person away later, boss Gu will not mind?”

Chapter 485

Gu Bei’s gaze cast slowly, falling on Marsha Sang’s body, with a smile on his lips, “Captain Shen is not serious, right?

A college student who can show up here is not for money, but to catch a beetle-in-law. Is Captain Shen to be a beetle-in-law?

Still planning to throw money on the chick?

It’s nothing to play, it’s boring to be serious. “

As he spoke, his gaze glanced at Phillip Zong, “You have an unusual relationship with Zong Zong, and you are a person of identity. How can you find a lady to be your wife?

What you lose is not your own face. “

“Who is Miss?

! “

Marsha Sang couldn’t sit still, not because she needed too much money and followed her classmates without asking clearly, she would never show up here.

To say that she is a young lady is to insult her! Keller Shen pressed her shoulders, his eyes fixed on her, seeming to say that impulse is not good for you.

If they weren’t what you met today, Marsha Sang would never escape Gu Bei’s clutches.

Marsha Sang also knew that she was too impulsive. It was said that Miss Cheng was not very comfortable in her heart. She studied hard and was admitted to the ideal university. She has been relying on her own hands to support herself. She never thought about it during the hardest and most difficult time. You have to sell your body in exchange for money.

She clenched her hands tightly, staring at Gu Bei’s ill intentions.

“Boss Gu.”

At this time, Phillip Zong opened his mouth. He curled one of his lips, and the gathered light passed over his eyebrows, with a cold tone, “It’s better not to talk secretly in front of us. If you want something good, just speak, as long as I can give it. Those who come out will definitely not refute the boss’s face. My brother can’t afford to look after a woman, so I can’t help it.”

This expression was obviously unhappy. Gu Bei judged in his heart that this woman was indeed not his. Just as Marsha Sang said, he had not paid her salary, and she had not done work for herself.

, Going deeper, there is actually nothing to do with it.

It’s better to sell Phillip Zong’s face, and have a three-point relationship in front of the favor. It is really useful to get him in the future, and it is not difficult to talk.

Thinking about the pros and cons, Gu Bei smiled and said, “Zong Zong has spoken, and if I bite to death, it seems that I am stingy, just a woman.”

He pointed to the three standing at the door, “These are also young children, why don’t you call us to play with us?”

The three young girls came to such an occasion for the first time, and they met men with good looks and status. They had not suffered setbacks. They didn’t know the cruelty in Fengyuechang, and they all wanted to try.

Especially Lu Wanwan, the classmate who pushed Marsha, was even more in the mood to come over, and his goal was Phillip Zong.

She crazily wanted to be seen by this man, then fell in love with her, and finally became a wealthy wife, no longer having to study hard, and upset about finding a job after graduation.

Looking for a man like this, not only has a bright face, but he can also worry about food and clothing.

Phillip Zong was originally not interested. When Gu Bei asked Marsha Sang to sit next to him, he had no excuse to refuse, but now it is different. He looked at Gu Bei with a dispirited look, “lost interest.”

Gu Bei didn’t see anything strange, only that it was Marsha Sang’s thing that had happened, he had a lot of ways to play, he didn’t play women, and there were other things, “Should we play something exciting?”

“I heard about one thing, can Boss Gu explain to me?”

Suddenly Phillip Zong changed the subject.

Gu Bei had the intention to set up a line with him, but he didn’t show courtesy on the face. Instead, he asked with a faint expression, “Oh, what’s the matter, let’s hear it.”

Phillip Zong Jing Danna Cheng said about the car accident and asked, “Foster Wen came to find you, is there anything like this?”

Gu Bei didn’t know the complicated grievances between Phillip Zong and Foster Wen. After all, there was no big announcement. No one knew the intricacies, only if they were still the relationship between their uncle and nephew.

The relationship between Phillip Zong and Danna Cheng was at odds, and everyone knew it was not a secret.

So he didn’t think too much, he picked up the wine glass and touched the wine glass on the table by Phillip Zong, “Shall we have a drink?”

Phillip Zong was also refreshed, and then picked it up, took a glass of foreign wine, Gu Bei smashed his mouth, picked up the wine bottle and continued pouring, “You are not an outsider, and there is nothing to hide from you. You have to count it. Our relationship is also very close. Your grandfather and my dad had an unusual relationship at that time.”

Old man Gu is a bit younger than Wen Jin, but he is only one term. The reason why Gu Bei is so young is because he is the old man of Mr. Gu.

It is said that the six older sisters were not raised at home because of their status. They were all raised by relatives. Only one older sister was at home. He was the second child in name but the seventh child. This is no secret, and they basically know it.

“With this relationship, he came to me for some help. Can I still refuse?

dont you agree? “

Phillip Zong’s body leaned back, and the whole person was shrouded in the dark. He couldn’t see his expression. He could only hear a icy voice, “I’m interested in hearing what this is all about.”

Chapter 486

“Foster Wen is incompatible with your stepmother. You know better than me, how much he hates this woman, he will come to me, knowing that I know so many people, let me do him a favor and arrest that woman. When I got up, the people who were just going to do this were incapable of doing this. There was an accident, but it’s not a big deal anyway. You and Foster Wen don’t like that woman anyway. It’s better if you don’t have it now, so you don’t get eye-catching.”

Gu Bei didn’t pay attention to Phillip Zong’s face, but felt that the atmosphere in the box was inexplicably cold and a little dry. It seemed that the three women standing by the door were obstructing their eyes and shouted to the manager at the door, “Get people away. Go out and look an eyesore.”

The manager took several subordinates and dragged them out.

Phillip Zong’s eyelids twitched slightly, and his pupils rolled in a bottomless vortex, “Boss Gu is really extraordinary. Now the wind is tight, and the banners of sweeping yellow and evil are hung everywhere. This is still open. In the matter of kidnapping people, I dare to commit crimes against the wind.”

“Isn’t this all to do Foster Wen a favor?

His identity is not good enough for himself, so he borrowed my hand. “

Gu Beiyang leaned on the sofa and turned his head to look over, “Zong Zong is really here today for fun, or…” It’s not that he knows the relationship between Foster Wen and Phillip Zong, he wouldn’t say so frankly about it. How many have an impact, he also considered it in his heart when he said it.

If he concealed something, and Phillip Zong heard it from Foster Wen’s mouth, he would be inhuman inside and out.

“What does Boss Gu think I’m here for?”

When his eyes collided and sparkled, Gu Bei was taken aback and smiled, “Of course I am here for pleasure.”

“Boss Gu disappointed me today.”

Phillip Zong’s tongue rolled over his front teeth, his evil spirits were even worse than Gu Bei’s. He speaks sharply and has a calm posture.

Gu Bei looked up, “What do you mean?”

Why do you listen to him because there is something in the mouth?

Phillip Zong got up, Alan Su and Keller Shen also stood up.

His gaze fell coldly, “Gu Boss, catching a person for such a simple trivial matter, is it inconvenient for him to do it with you, or is it inconvenient for him to do it himself in the limelight?”

Gu Bei’s eyes narrowed, what did he mean?

Foster Wen used him?

“Is President Zong joking?

That’s your uncle. Instead of turning to him, you turn to me. Do you think I will believe it? “

Foster Wen is his uncle, who came to raise Foster Wen’s low, is to test him?

At this time, Gu Bei couldn’t easily believe Phillip Zong’s words, after all, he and Foster Wen were in the same boat.

“Believe it or not, I do whatever the boss likes. I just can’t bear to see someone being used again without knowing it.”

There is something in his words, so stop. “I would like to thank Boss Gu for his hospitality today.”

“I can’t talk about hospitality, I didn’t let Zong Zong have fun. Next time you come, let me know in advance and make arrangements so that Zong Zong can have fun.”

Gu Bei was a little absent-minded. If Phillip Zong’s remarks were something in his words, this sentence was an obvious reminder.

And this word is also very wonderful, what does it mean?

Someone of him was used by Foster Wen before, and he didn’t know?

“Can Zong always solve me a puzzle?”

Suddenly Gu Bei called to Phillip Zong who had already reached the door, he stood up and walked over, “Does Zong always know the inside story?”

Phillip Zong was very meaningful, “I don’t know if Boss Gu has heard about Chen Qing.”

“Although the cover is strict, no one in the circle does not know. At this age, nothing is left, which is miserable…” But soon he realized something and felt something was wrong, so he suddenly mentioned Chen What does Qing mean?

“Do you mean that Chen Qing’s fall to this end is related to Foster Wen?”

Phillip Zong flicked the dust-free collar, his expression and tone were meaningful, “Did I say that?

Boss Gu, don’t bother me. “

Gu Bei quickly understood that he had concerns. Foster Wen said it was his uncle, so how could he blatantly push him down.

Alan Suhe put in a suitable mouth, “This Foster is just getting old, nosy, he also wants to take care of other people’s marriage affairs, and he doesn’t like things that are stuffy, and it is annoying to rely on the old to sell the old.

After listening for so long, Alan Su also understands that Phillip Zong is trying to divorce, making Gu Bei and Foster antagonize each other, suspicion each other, he sits to reap the benefits of the fisherman, and when the two lose each other, he is shooting.

Phillip Zong had already thrown out the bait of Chen Qing before, so now he has to give Gu Bei one, why Phillip Zong should tell him the reason, so as not to doubt him.

Foster Wen forced Phillip Zong’s marriage to be a serious matter, which is Phillip Zong’s dissatisfaction with Foster Wen, which will set Foster Wen’s bottom in front of Gu Bei.

Phillip Zong pretended to be unhappy and left Alan Su, “If you don’t speak, someone treats you as dumb?”

Su Chen lowered his head, “What I said is also the truth.”

“Boss Gu laughed.”

Gu Bei laughed, “Where, it’s normal to be urged to marry at this age, but Foster Wen is your uncle. He cares about your marriage and is also kind to you. There is a rift in his heart and it’s not worth it.”

He said so, but it was not what he could think of. If it was really like what Alan Su said, Foster Wen had forced Phillip Zong’s marriage, and it would be possible to be dissatisfied with him.

He pretended to himself that Chen Qing was harmed by Foster Wen. Although it was a bit cruel, it was possible. After all, Phillip Zong’s reputation in the circle was like this, and he was decisive enough to act decisively. He would turn it over. Times back.

Presumably Foster Wen was pushing him too far, so he annoyed him, right?

Gu Bei thought about it, and when Phillip Zong left, he called the manager in.

He is not a three-year-old boy, he believed it with just a few words, and he had to investigate it by himself to be at ease.

“Go and check if Foster Wen has forced Phillip Zong to marry a woman, and also, find out if Chen Qing’s matter has anything to do with Foster Wen.”

The manager said yes, “I am as soon as possible.”

Gu Bei waved his hand impatiently, “Go.”

He hopes that this is not true, if it is true… He chewed the word WenQin in his mouth, using him?

Really think he is a soft persimmon?

Phillip Zong, who walked out of the nightclub, glanced at Keller Shen, “I am waiting for you at the company.”

After he got into the car, Alan Su was more gossip, hitting Keller Shen’s with his shoulder, slightly raised his chin, and looked at Marsha Sang who was standing next to him, “When did you meet him, don’t tell us?

Are you hiding, afraid of us grabbing? “

“Don’t talk nonsense, I’m just trusting people to be loyal.”

Keller Shen glared at Alan Su, “Not leaving yet?”

Alan Su smiled. As he walked to the car, he glanced at Marsha Sang’s body and smashed his mouth. This was too young. Keller Shen, an old man, wanted to eat young grass sprouts.

“My Keller doesn’t look old, but it’s innocent, treat him better.”

Alan Su gave Marsha Sang a look.

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