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Chapter 481

Keller Shen explained, and then winked at his subordinates.

The boy was trembling with fright and wanted to ask for affection, but he couldn’t make a sound for a long time. His body was limp, and his bones and blood were taken away.

“I really said it all.”

With a wow, the boy cried in fright, slobbering, crying miserably.

Alan Su tweeted twice, and said coldly, “When you are born, you must do what a person should do and do it for yourself.”

After speaking, he stretched out his hand to hook Keller Shen’s neck and walked out, and asked in a low voice, “No…” He gestured to wipe his neck.

Keller Shen was cold-eyed, “What do you think?

The lesson is to be thrown back to my hometown and not allowed to appear in City B. Such a small shrimp is of no use. “

Moreover, at first glance, he is not educated, and he is not too young to make mistakes with the right people.

Although it is hateful, the people who dominate all of this are truly hateful.

Alan Su smiled, “I thought he was really violent, he didn’t hesitate to get his hands dirty…Yeah.”

Keller Shen stabbed him with an elbow.

He clutched his ribs and glared at Keller Shen, “You have such a strong hand, are you trying to kill me or something?”

Keller Shen ignored him, went to the side of the car, opened the door and walked up, looked behind and asked, “What should we do now?”

Phillip Zong answered the question, “I heard that the nightclub on Zhongxin Road belongs to him?”

Keller Shen smashed his mouth, “The most powerful existence in the circle.”

Those who can go there to play are all a little bit dazzling. It is said that there are all kinds of tricks, how many rich second generations, and the second generation of officials 30 days a month, it takes more than 20 days to soak in it.

You can imagine how much fun there is.

Alan Su opened the car door and glanced at Keller Shen who was sitting in the co-pilot. His eyebrows were straight and he was still holding grudges. He just stabbed himself, “You take my car, don’t you want your own car?”

Keller Shen didn’t care, spread his hands, “Someone opened it.”

His subordinates are here, and he didn’t come when they came.

Alan Su snorted coldly, “Just like you, people who don’t know how to pity and cherish jade, no wonder they can’t find a woman.”

Keller Shen, “…” It is rare to look at Alan Su with a very serious expression, saying every word, “Don’t mention this to me in the future.”

Should I be f*cked if I didn’t find a girlfriend?

Still fcking fcking every day.

It’s fun.

Does he really have no temper?

“Why, irritated into anger?”

Alan Su stepped on the accelerator, drove the car out, and gave him a cool glance, “Are you going to tell me that you have broken?”

“…” Keller Shen vomited blood.

What annoyed him even more was that he couldn’t refute it.

He held his forehead, feeling that if Alan Su continued speaking, he would be mad at death.

“where are we going?”

Alan Su asked.

Keller Shen didn’t even lift his eyelids, and said flatly, “Zhongzhong Road Nightclub.”

“Haha, why are you going to break it?”

Alan Su laughed. This nightclub can be said to be the most powerful presence in City B. It is hard to rely on, and it is not ordinary people who go to play in it. They have all kinds of services they want. I heard that the ladies in it are the most distinctive. Can make people sink overnight.

When Keller Shen said that, the first thing he thought of was that the monk was about to open meat.

“…” Keller Shen wanted to scold him, he was so f*cking awkward, but his inspiration flashed, making him smile as if he had no weakness, and smile beautifully, “Huh.”

He turned his head and looked behind, “Is Lena Qin still okay?

It’s been so long. “

The man in the back seat calmly folded his legs, calm and deep. Hearing Keller Shen’s voice, he slowly raised his eyelids. When Lena Qin went abroad, Ana Lin begged him for help. The doctor hospital arranged by him, Lena Qin was sick and left. He naturally knows.

If she didn’t return to City B, and if she didn’t return to Country A, depending on her relationship with Ana Lin, she should go to Ana Lin.

He pressed his eyebrows, “Can you two stop for a while?”

He has a headache because of the noise.

“Keller Shen is not a human being, so he poked at my sore spot.”

This time it was Alan Su’s turn to be irritable.

Keller Shen sneered, “It makes you look like a human.”

“…” “I am not as knowledgeable as you.”

Alan Su didn’t pay any attention, and simply settled the matter first, then looked at Phillip Zong from the rearview mirror carefully, and asked carefully, “Is Lena Qin all right?”

Phillip Zong didn’t raise his head, the outline fell into a cloud of darkness, and the extremely soft voice hummed.

Before Alan Su asked where the people had gone, he added, “I don’t know.”

Alan Su was depressed, his expression didn’t seem to be relaxed, he must have deliberately avoided him if he didn’t come back.

She had a good relationship with Ana Lin, but now Ana Lin is no longer there, and she is even more concerned about leaving.

He felt abandoned no matter how he thought.

Alan Su glanced at Keller Shen and asked sadly, “I’m sad, will you feel better?”

Keller Shen raised his eyebrows, seemingly indifferent, but choked to death when he said, “I feel uncomfortable when I look at you. I feel comfortable.”

“…” Alan Su glanced at him coldly, “It’s not a thing.”

“Are you a gadget?”

“I want to break with you.”

Alan Su said fiercely.

Keller Shen found that the man in the back seat was on the verge of rage, and what he wanted to say came to his lips and swallowed again.

Just giving Alan Su a look, let him look back, Alan Su knowingly glanced back from the rearview mirror, the cold breath was spreading, filling the entire carriage, and it was on the verge.

The two dared not quarrel anymore, and there was only a slight breathing sound throughout the carriage.

Soon the car stopped at the nightclub in the center.

Chapter 482

The criss-crossing transportation facilities form the bloodline and skeleton of the city, pushing the entire city to stride towards an international metropolis. As the main arterial road in the city center, Zhongxin Road is very lively and full of traffic.

The beautiful colored lights are connected in series to outline the outline of the buildings. The neon lights above the buildings are gleaming, all kinds, like countless colorful trains in motion. Shop windows and buildings are also installed in different colors. The lights, some like flowers, and some like colored balls, each show its charm.

Being in this one can not help but make people feel impetuous and want to seek excitement.

Alan Su sighed, “It’s not that men are going to be bad, but the environment has changed their mentality.”

He just opened his mouth and was stunned by Keller Shen, “Smelly shameless, cheating on cheating, and looking for so many reasons to say that the environment changes his mentality.”

“Hey, Keller Shen, why are you so perverted that you can’t get through with me today?

If I say anything, you have to slap me and see if I can’t beat you, right? “

It’s not that he can’t really beat him, Alan Su guessed it and got started.

Phillip Zong’s brain buzzed, thinking that these two men were like flies, they would pinch each other when they met.

The long street was brightly lit, and Phillip Zong stood beside the car with no expression on his face, slender and noble. He pulled the neckline with one hand, “You two, keep your breath.”

After finishing speaking, step into the door of the nightclub.

This place can make people addicted, and naturally there are things that consume people’s will, for fear that the two of them will catch the way of others.

Keller Shen and Alan Su looked at each other and converged casually. They were masters who could handle them clearly, knowing when to make jokes and when to take them seriously.

The two of them followed closely, passing through the luxuriously decorated hall, and then through a glass door. The mixed air was filled with the smell of tobacco and alcohol. The music was turned on to the maximum, almost deaf ears. Both men and women were on the dance floor. Furiously twisting her waist and buttocks, dressed up cold-eyed women joking and playing in the men’s pile, teasing the men who can’t control them with light words, the woman charmingly shrinks in the arms of the man and ksses me I should never touch and kss.

The scene was out of control.

But the people in it are not surprising.

The three men walked through the scene of’tempting’ people’s hearts, without squinting their eyes, and arrived in the back hall. The real fun is at the back, and the front is full of side dishes.

These three face people, no, to be precise, it seemed strange to come here. The manager asked the bustard to come up to receive him, and he made a phone call and went out.

This bustard is also commonly known as the old bustard.

The bustard is not like the old lady on the TV. The bustard here is young, with first-class appearance and good body. He greeted him with joy, “What do you want to play with?”

When speaking, he looked at the three men and came back, and almost drooled. It was not because of being too handsome, of course, it had something to do with looks. The bigger relationship was that they looked too serious.

The more ascetic men, the more able to seduce people’s owes.

People who usually come here know what they want to do at a glance.

“We have a lot of tricks, as long as you can tell, there is nothing we can’t do.”

Speaking of the bustard leaning over Phillip Zong’s body, her white tender hands were making delicate nails, and his hands had just touched his collar, so she kicked out without seeing what was going on.

Phillip Zong was overwhelmed and yelled to stay away from me! The bustard was unknown, so she was lying on the ground for a long time without saying anything. She was from Gu Bei. Everyone who came here knew her identity and played with her, but she didn’t dare to do anything. She wore a long black sling. The skirt, this fall, exposed most of the legs, thin and white, so uncharacteristic.

The manager walked over and helped the bustard up and let her go down first. The bustard was reluctant and was kicked innocently. It was her own face that was lost. Her face was blue and white, and it was as ugly as the blue-white interlaced. The amorous feeling on his face was replaced by anger, but he didn’t dare to utter it, so he could only pull out his backer, “I am a boss who cares about the boss. You treat me like this, isn’t it excessive?

Does it depend on the owner to beat a dog? “

Phillip Zong sorted out his sleeves, his tone was low, without any bumps, “Coincidentally, I’m looking for Boss Gu.”

The bustard was panting hard and couldn’t swallow this breath, but she didn’t dare to get angry on the spot, so she had to endure, “Is it boring?”

Phillip Zong sneered, without looking at her, recklessly and arrogantly, “Boss Gu’s subordinates are not all idiots, and occasionally they know themselves.”

“You…” Bustard has never seen anyone who dares to be so arrogant here. This is obviously a face slap.

The manager grabbed her and warned in a low voice, “Don’t cause trouble.”

Obviously, this is deliberately looking for faults. On the real bar, I don’t know who will suffer.

But the bustard couldn’t swallow this breath.

“I already called the boss.”

The manager winked at the bustard and told her not to be impulsive. It really made things happen and damaged the interests of the owner. She was the sacrifice, a pretty woman, how much did she want?

The bustard also understands her interest, but she has been here for a long time, and she nodded to Gu Bei’s face, but now she was suddenly beaten back to her original form, and she couldn’t accept it for a while.

“Rare visitors, rare visitors.”

Gu Bei walked from the back door corridor.

Chapter 483

They are all people in the upper class, even if there is no business relationship, they all know each other.

The meeting is also to be polite.

Gu Bei glanced at Bustard’s ugly face and asked with a smile, “What’s the matter?

Didn’t you serve well Zong Zong? “

Before Phillip Zong spoke, the bustard could not wait to file a complaint. She was wronged, but Gu Bei was beaten in the face, “Gu Bei’s face, who is the guest who came to the nightclub, who I am not cautiously waiting for, this one said nothing. Just be rough with me, besides, even if I don’t take good care of it, I can’t take care of the boss’s face, but I can’t do it inside. This is obviously not giving the boss’s face.”

Gu Bei’s face changed rapidly, and finally he became calm, and he slapped the bustard’s face with a slap.

Bustard was beaten dumbfounded, holding his numb face in his hand, looking at Gu Bei inconceivably, aggrieved tears fluttered in his eyes, but did not dare to fall.

“I gave you a face, right?

Who is this?

Didn’t serve me well, dare to cause trouble for me?

Zong always comes to appreciate face, just to give me face, what are you?

Also has a face? “

Huan’er’s words angered him. What they said was that Phillip Zong didn’t give him face, so why, really want him and Phillip Zong to have enemies because of her?

When he is an idiot, can he be blocked by her?

Gu Bei winked at the manager, “Take the people away and throw them to the lowest female branch.”

This most inferior women’s branch office is equivalent to the special “hair salon” in a small alley where you can go to it with only money, and it takes many customers a day.

Being thrown into such a place is basically finished.

Bustard’s face paled for a while, and she couldn’t believe that Gu Bei would be so ruthless to her. She also served Gu Bei for many days. There was hard work without credit, right?

This means throw it away, and throw it there to make her die.

She broke away from the manager’s hand, came up and grabbed Gu Bei’s hand, “I was wrong, please don’t throw me into that place, because I have served you for many years.”

At this moment, where did she still have the previous style, she looked embarrassed, and her eyes were full of tears of fear.

Gu Bei copied his pocket with one hand, instead of leaving her behind, instead he cast his eyes on Phillip Zong, “What do you say, Zong?

After all, you are the one who is hitting. “

Bustard’s gaze also looked over, with regret and hatred. There were not thousands of men she saw here, but hundreds. Which one was not’love at first sight’ for her and wanted to get her to bed?

Unexpectedly, I encountered a hard stubble today, which is still a hard stubble with a lot of identity, and even Gu Bei wants to win.

She trembled, biting her lip, hoping that he could open herself to herself, “I have no eyes to know Taishan, and bumped into you. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, it’s all my fault.”

Phillip Zong didn’t raise his eyelids, and his voice echoed coldly, “Boss Gu can really laugh, what do you do with me?”

He didn’t pick up this time, and how to deal with it was his Gu Bei’s business.

Gu Bei didn’t think about such a thing, how could Phillip Zong be killed, and the two left and right had no hatred, and it was not worthy of being a woman.

Moreover, if you can become friends and partners are better, you can simply give this face.

He stuck out his tongue, licked his lips, waved to the manager, “Don’t get in the way of me.”

The bustard must be unwilling, and her thin legs trembled like chaff, “I was wrong, I knew it was wrong.”

She flopped and knelt to the ground, crying and crying, holding Gu Bei’s leg, “I was wrong, I really knew I was wrong, please spare me this time.”

“Damn, the look in your eyes, a woman can’t handle it, can you?

! “

Gu Bei became impatient with being entangled, and said rough words.

The manager winked at his subordinates and stubbornly snatched the bustard away, and her miserable cry filled the glass door and gradually disappeared.

“Zong Zong is coming today, want to have fun?”

Gu Bei was full of smiles, scornful, and twitched his neckline.

Phillip Zong lightly raised his chin and stared at him madly, “Come to look after the boss’s place. Naturally, life is boring and have fun. Is it possible to come here to talk about national affairs?”

The two have an abacus, and they hit it off. Gu Bei chuckled, and the laughter echoed in the illuminated and exotic hall. He took two steps closer and looked like everything is under control, “Today I will definitely let Zong Zong have fun. If you can’t be satisfied, I’ll close the door tomorrow.”

Phillip Zong wanted to find out from his mouth whether he and Foster Wen had an interest relationship. He was only entrusted by someone to rob him, or he had other secrets.

Gu Bei wants to get on the line with him. Phillip Zong is a self-proclaimed figure, and has never been willing to go with him. Now he takes the initiative to send it to the door. He is stupid if he doesn’t seize the opportunity.

Gu Bei made a promise, Phillip Zong laughed, and Gu Bei, who was here as the owner, naturally arranged a treat.

The private room on the third floor is open, bright and quiet, with a row of oval black leather sofas in the center and a marble coffee table in front, which is wide and firm.

Gu Bei did not follow in, and whispered to the manager at the door. As for what was said, although he could not hear it, he could probably guess one, two or three. When he turned back in, the lady who came to deliver the drink was holding two high-end bottles. The foreign wine and the fruit plate walked in and placed them on the table.

Phillip Zong sat down calmly and glanced aside. Keller Shen just raised his head, his eyes met, and he asked, “Is the mobile phone powered?”

Keller Shen immediately understood, nodded and said yes.

When he talks with Gu Bei later, if there is useful information, he has to leave evidence.

Gu Bei walked in and waved his hand to let the waiter go down. He personally opened a bottle of wine and poured it into the glass in front of him. When he poured the wine into the glass in front of Phillip Zong, he said complacently, “It’s a coincidence today. It’s a college student. It’s so pure, I will keep it for myself, and I will send it to you today.”

As soon as his voice fell, the door of the private room was opened, and the manager brought four beautiful women in.

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