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Chapter 478

Gibson Shao did not immediately say how old he was, but looked at him and asked, “How old do you think I am?”

When speaking, he straightened his neckline and adjusted his facial expressions, trying to make himself look younger.

Daniel blinked and deliberately grew younger and said, “Thirty?”

Haha — Gibson Shao laughed openly and was pleased by Daniel’s words.

Ruth, who was standing next to Ana Lin, changed her expression again and again, and finally looked at her brother with a comical appearance. Wouldn’t it hurt to lie like this?


Two thirty is not bad.

“You kid, it’s okay, say that thirty is a little younger, and then forty, so-called men with 41 flowers.”

Daniel silently watched him roll his eyes in his heart, how could there be such a shameless person?

Have a flower?

To him, the tofu residue is almost the same.

Gibson Shao did not continue to tease Daniel, but looked at Ana Lin with a very serious expression and solemnly said, “I am Gibson Shao.”

As he said, he took out his wallet from his inner pocket and showed her his ID, “This is my ID card, motor vehicle driver’s license…” Ana Lin didn’t take it, just took a look. The words Gibson Shao were written on it, apologizing for the mistrust he had just said, “I was very embarrassed just now. I have two children by my side, so I’m more careful, please forgive me.”

Gibson Shao waved his hand quickly, “It’s okay, it’s okay, go up, this is not a place to talk.”

Ana Lin nodded, led the two children and followed him into the elevator.

After Gibson Shao pressed the floor button, he looked down at Daniel, “How do I call you?”

“My name is Zong Yanchen.”

Zong Yanchen pointed to his sister, “This is my sister, Zong Yanxi.”

Last name?

He seems to remember Wen Xian’s husband’s family name.

He glanced at Ana Lin with an “Oh”, and then said, “Are you from City B?”

Although it was a question, it was already affirmative.

Ana Lin said, “Yes.”

Gibson Shao put away his wanton appearance and became serious. At this moment, the elevator stopped and he walked down first. “This is the office area. Come down.”

Ana Lin led the children down.

Gibson Shao took them to his office and asked her directly, “You will come to me, should you ask me for help?”

He opened a delicate iron box on the table, took a cigar out of it, dipped it into his mouth, and lit it.

“Um, I’m sorry, I have something to ask you, I am a little disgusted with the smell of smoke, can you say a few words to me first?”

Ana Lin frowned slightly, because of her pregnancy, she was very sensitive to the smell of smoke.

Gibson Shao looked at her for a while, and then at the cigar that was about to be lit. He took it out of his mouth, extinguished the fire, and put it in the box. He put on a please posture to Ana Lin, “Let’s sit down and say.”

Ana Lin nodded, she patted her son on the shoulder, and whispered, “You take your sister to play at the door, don’t go far.”

Zong Yanchen sensibly took his sister’s hand and walked out of the office.

Gibson Shao looked at the two children who left, and he also had a guess about Ana Lin’s identity.

Before Ana Lin could speak, he said, “The only one who knows my identity is Wen Xian’s daughter. After she gave birth to her eldest brother, I wanted to raise her for her, but she said she wanted the child to live a normal life. give it to me.”

His open face, less impetuous, became deeper, as if he was addicted to cigarettes. He wanted to get a cigarette, but when he thought that Ana Lin was disgusted, he closed his hand, “I’m guarding this place, just so that one day she will come. I won’t come for a lifetime. After I die, everything here will be donated.”

His existence is to wait for someone who doesn’t know if he will show up. After more than 20 years, he just appeared unexpectedly.

He looked at Ana Lin’s eyebrows, his eyes were slightly moist, “You are more like your father.”

Xu was talking about long-lost people and things, and his mood fluctuated a lot. He stood up, as if the posture was wrong and uncomfortable.

Ana Lin took out the pendant from his bag, opened it and put it on the table, “I came to you just to know about them.”

Regarding Wen Xian’s death and her father, she wanted to know what happened.

Gibson Shao saw what was on the table and glanced down. After seeing what it was, he bent over and picked it up, carefully examined the characters inside, and then smiled, “Big brother is still that handsome.”

The expression in his eyes is worship or regret.

He looked up at Ana Lin, “You only need to know that this man is your father and that he is a good person. As for the past, I have forgotten it too long.”

When he said that he put down the pendant, he obviously didn’t want to tell Ana Lin, but deliberately changed the subject, “Are you just here in C city?”

His living responsibility is to take care of the only offspring of his elder brother.

I didn’t want to mention the darkness, which was Wen Xian’s wish. She said to him at that time, “I think, my child and I will live a normal life. I’ve arranged everything for her, don’t visit her. If there is no accident, she may never show up. If there is an accident, about her father, just let her know that good person.”

Wen Xian thought at the time that as Ida Zhuang’s daughter, she would grow up and marry into the Zong family. Based on her understanding of the Zong family, her daughter should have a good time marrying in. If nothing else, she would not come here to find Gibson Shao. .

This is what Wen Xian told him at the time.

It was also the reason why he stayed here forever and never went to City B to find out the whereabouts of Ana Lin.

Ana Lin saw it. He didn’t want to say it, feeling a little disappointed in her heart. She reached out and picked up the pendant, put it in her bag, and stood up, “I’m disturbing today.”

Gibson Shao hurriedly smiled and said not to disturb, “You should have trouble finding it?

Just speak up. “

When Ana Lin first came to this city, she was really not very familiar. She chose to come here with a lot of considerations. On the one hand, she wanted to learn about Wen Xian, on the other hand, she didn’t want to be too far away from Phillip Zong, and she also had one other important thing Things to do.

She felt that perhaps it was a destiny. The Wen family made the Cheng family decline, but she had mastered the ancestral skills of the Cheng family. She didn’t want to be idle while she was here.

“I want to live in this city. Those two are my children just now. After a while, when they are in elementary school, if possible, I would like to ask you to find a better school for me in this city. Coming here, I’m very new to everything here, so I’m sorry to trouble you.”

“No trouble, no trouble, leave everything to me.”

Gibson Shao waved his hand quickly, and then asked concerned, “You brought two children to me, where is the father of the child?”

He asked more tactfully. Although Wen Xian did not directly tell him how to arrange for the children, he could probably guess some of the last names of the two children.

Ana Lin didn’t want to tell him about this matter. To be precise, he didn’t want to talk to anyone.

Gibson Shao is also a person who can look at his face. Ana Lin obviously didn’t want to talk about this topic, so he took the initiative to say, “It’s almost noon. Let’s go to dinner first, and then I will arrange accommodation for you.”

Ana Lin said yes, and then asked, “How do I call you?”

It seems he is not young to call his name directly, but he didn’t dare to call him rashly.

“I’m your father’s brother, call me second uncle.”

Gibson Shao was that unrestrained and unrestrained look again.

After that, I explained again, fearing that Ana Lin didn’t know why she called her second uncle, “My original name was Erhu, and Gibson Shao changed it later.”

After that incident, he changed his name and lived in seclusion here.

Chapter 479

With the help of Gibson Shao, Ana Lin lived in City C. The place was very quiet, which echoed her wishes.

After she settled down, she called Mrs. William and said she was going to close the clothing store in City B. After coming back for so long, a lot of things have happened. She has hardly managed her development, and she is not here anymore. City B, so I don’t want to continue.

Mrs. William had heard about the situation here, so she understood Ana Lin’s words and agreed to her request. She had no choice but to do so.

She asked Ana Lin if she could go back and continue to work as a designer at LEO.

Ana Lin couldn’t tell.

She has been very busy recently, because what she wants to do is not simple, so she can no longer continue to be a designer at LEO, and can only live up to Mrs. William’s kindness to her.

It wasn’t Mrs. William at the beginning, she couldn’t grow up so quickly and had a certain degree of popularity.

Although she came to Gibson Shao, in terms of money, she did not use the things Wenxian left her. Even where she lived, she paid for it herself. She saved a lot of savings before, originally for two The child prepared it, and now I am afraid it will be used for other things.

However, she is willing to do something for the Cheng family. It is not easy for people to think about it when she is busy, and time flies quickly.

In a blink of an eye, she spent a month here, and the two children got used to the life here. She enrolled the two children for a pre-school class so that they could quickly adapt to the life and learning status of the elementary school in the future.

During this month, there was one more thing. Lena Qin came back, her appearance was very different from before, but she looked good in spirit. She never asked a question about Alan Su, as if this person had never appeared in her life.

I don’t know if I let it go, or if I have a heart knot. In short, I never asked about Alan Su, and Ana Lin never mentioned it in front of her.

It seems to be busy, and there is no time for the love for children.

“Embroidery is really not a simple thing.”

Lena Qin looked at the embroidery master who was embroidering the phoenix stitch by stitch on the fragrant cloud yarn, frowning slightly, and wondering when will this phoenix be embroidered?

It has been half a month, and only half of the phoenix has been embroidered. There are still many things that have not been embroidered.

She thinks that if you rely on hand embroidery, it will take at least half a year for a garment.

“There is no way for this. The fabric is too thin to be embroidered by machine, and there is no vividness of manual embroidery.”

Ana Lin’s light green dress with thin white arms exposed. It is already summer and the weather is very hot.

In this month, she opened her own show. Of course, show is not her ultimate goal, but through some special methods and means, to let Xiangyunsha see the sky again and move towards its former glory.

Lena Qin knew Ana Lin’s intentions, but was a little anxious, “There are only twelve pieces that need a lot of embroidery. This project is too big, and these embroidery masters will probably take two years to embroider.”

Ana Lin raised his eyes to look at her and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, I won’t want it for long, we will have more embroidery masters.”

Because it was not easy to find a good embroidery master, she asked Gibson Shao to help her find good embroidery masters all over the country. It was a coincidence that she received a call from Gibson Shao this morning, saying that she had found nine. Master with excellent craftsmanship.

It will be there in a few days.

A month’s time is not long or short, and many things can happen in these times. For example, Ana Lin has settled down in City C and is already doing what he wants to do. The progress.

During these times, many things have happened in City B. The most important thing is about Chen Qing, who originally accused the female prisoner of killing Casey He. After investigation, the evidence is conclusive.

But the case was not heard publicly. Chen Qing was removed from his post. He would have reached the age of retirement in a few years, and he could earn both fame and fortune, but in the end he stumbled, and the gains outweighed the losses, and he received retribution.

Regarding the car accident, great progress has also been made, and the participant who fled back to his hometown was caught.

The man was locked up in an abandoned factory in the suburbs.

Keller Shen tied people to the beams of the house. A man, no, he cannot be a man, he should be called a boy.

He looked like a minor, was not very tall, dyed yellow hair, and was thin. The eyes of Keller Shen were full of panic, “You, who are you?

Why do you want to catch me? “

Keller Shen didn’t like to talk nonsense with such people, and showed him a picture of the man who hijacked Ana Lin and was hit by a car to death.

He is also the boy’s cousin.


Keller Shen is indifferent.

“If you catch you, you must know everything about your situation. When you were fifteen years old, you followed your cousin on the street as a gangster. Although there were no big cases, there were a lot of small cases. If you are interested, just tell me honestly. After suffering from skin and flesh, I have to go in and squat.”

The boy grew up in the mountains, and he followed his cousin out before finishing elementary school. Because he was young and there was no such kind of child labor in the factory, he followed his cousin. His cousin spent a lot of time in the streets. A few people usually live by taking people’s money and doing things for others.

“How did your cousin die, right?

What I want to ask is, who instigated you to kidnap people that day? “

Keller Shen asked again.

“I said everything I know, can you let me go?”

The boy hasn’t experienced any major events, nor has the ability to resist pressure, so he doesn’t need Keller Shen to do it, he just consciously recruits.

Keller Shen didn’t want to listen immediately, “You’ll talk later.”

He called Phillip Zong, and he should be there soon. Now that he has to wait for the message, it is better to wait a while and let him listen to it in person.

Chapter 480

At this time, the engine sounded outside the door, and Keller Shen went out and saw a black car parked beside the concrete road. Through the windshield, he saw Alan Su driving in front of him. Then the rear door opened, Phillip Zong Get out of the car.

He was meticulous in a black suit, straight and neat, with no expression on his face, no waves at all, as quiet as a pool of bottomless stagnant water.

Keller Shen was about to get used to his expression. Since Ana Lin left, his words have become less. Except for Foster Wen’s incident, most of them are locked in the company.

He and Alan Su are better. What is in dire straits is Milton Guan. In just one month, Phillip Zong has devoted most of his time to work. I don’t know if it’s the company’s development needs or because he can’t be idle. In short, Resolutely has acquired two major domestic companies.

There was a strange and tense working atmosphere spreading across the entire Wanyue office area. The last time he saw Milton Guan, Milton Guan complained to him that Phillip Zong must be crazy. It is said that there was a meeting at 9 o’clock in the morning. , Until three o’clock in the afternoon, for six hours, no one was allowed to eat at noon, no one was allowed to enter the meeting room casually, the water on the table was all drunk, no one dared to move, and those who wanted to go to the bathroom had to hold back Hundreds of company executives all showed bitter faces, but they had to sit upright, not daring to breathe, and were always nervous. If the work he ordered was not done well, or did not meet his requirements.

No matter how many people are in front of him, it must be a smashing meal and no face is left.

Just one month, the acquisition of two large companies, one can imagine this workload.

Although with them, they were cold-faced, but at least they were not “abused”.

Keller Shen was still fortunate. He walked over and said in a low voice, “It’s a little shrimp who has never seen the world before. I wondered, even if I know something, it is probably limited.”

Phillip Zong’s expression was cold, “recruited?”

“Not yet, I am thinking about waiting for you.”

Keller Shen lowered his head and touched his nose, inexplicably afraid to look at his face, Phillip Zong glanced at him and stepped in.

Following Alan Su came over, and Keller Shen held him in a low voice, “Do you want us to look for it in private?”

It’s really tormenting all day to be with such a guy with an uncertain temper.

Alan Su looked at Keller Shen, hesitated and said, “Will he be angry if he knows?”

He didn’t look for it himself, and if they intervened, would it annoy him?

“Quietly, don’t let him know.”

Keller Shen looked at Alan Su like a fool. Since he said it in private, he must be kept secret.

“Okay, let’s find a place to talk in detail later.”

Alan Su sighed and said with a smile, “Finally someone is worse than me.”

Keller Shen looked at him speechlessly.

Alan Su’s smile grew wider, “I feel fair in my heart inexplicably. During the time I knew Lena Qin was away, did I feel the pain of laughing hard?

You don’t know, but he knows. “

He pointed to Phillip Zong, who had already entered the factory building, and approached Keller Shen, “He is more pitiful than me. His children and his wife ran away.”

Now he is a lonely man, so it’s strange that he is in a good mood.

Keller Shen gave a cold smile, “How do I feel that you are gloating?”

Alan Su immediately became serious, “Nonsense, how am I gloating, I am…actually a bit, now he realizes my suffering.”

Keller Shen, “…” “Have you two finished talking?”

The chilly voice, like the northeast wind in the twelfth lunar month, was cold and lingering.

The two of them turned around and saw the man standing in the messy factory building. His clean and cold look was in sharp contrast with the mess all over the floor.

Keller Shen smiled bitterly, and walked over, “I just told Alan Su to go for a drink in the evening and dare not ask you. This is just a few more words.”

Phillip Zong’s low voice didn’t fluctuate, and the cold eyes didn’t make people feel any temperature at all, and he left the two words not lightly or lightly, “Really?”


Keller Shen bit the bullet and answered.

Phillip Zong just took one more look at him and didn’t peck at what he said. The curvature of his mouth was raised slightly, his lips lightly opened, and he said coldly, “Let him speak.”

Keller Shen answered, and then walked to the boy with a sullen face, looking a little horrified and full of shock, “Let’s say, who is instructed by you, why do you want to arrest someone.”

The boy looked at him, his bones trembled, and he didn’t dare to play tricks. He spit out what he knew, “We have always used people’s money to do things for others. This time, people are also giving money. We do things. Brother always took some small jobs by himself, fighting for others, but this time, it was not his job. I heard him say that he was called by a subordinate Gu. He was very excited at the time and said He is a fat man, but he has a lot of money to catch an individual, who knows that he will have his life, and he did not see the money.”

Speaking of this, he was quite aggrieved. His cousin died and he didn’t dare to stay in City B. He ran back to his hometown in fright and was caught by someone. He paid such a high price and didn’t even get the money. I feel bad about to die.

Last name Gu?

“Don’t say what’s the name?”

Keller Shen asked again.

The boy shook his head, “I still heard of the surname Gu from my cousin. I don’t know who it is, but listening to my cousin’s voice, it seems to be a very powerful character. I have never seen it before, I know. I’ve said it all, can you let me go?”

He looked at Keller Shen pleadingly.

“Don’t worry, as long as you explain honestly, you will naturally be released. If you don’t report it…” This time it was Alan Su who was speaking. He leaned against the door, deliberately dragging a long tail, pointing at Keller Shen’s Those subordinates said, “They are rough men, they are not light or heavy, they are crippled with one punch, it is commonplace.”

The boy became pale and stammered when he spoke, “Really…really, I have said everything I know, I, I’m just a little shrimp, I followed my cousin’s butt, really don’t know This person named Gu, please, believe me.”

Keller Shen put his hands around his chest, rubbed his chin with one finger, pondering the surname Gu, and guessed, “Is it Gu Bei?”

Gu Bei, this name is not strange in the circle.

He turned his head to look at Phillip Zong who was standing in front of the window, “Is this Gu Bei the only son of Old Man Gu?

Leaning on Master, who dare to touch anything and touch everything, that Gu Bei who gives face in both black and white? “

“If it’s an explanation, Foster Wen doesn’t want to get involved by herself, so he took this line. Isn’t this old man surnamed Gu having some friendship with the old man of the Wen family?”

Alan Su said.

This old man Gu and Foster Wen’s father belonged to the same generation, and they were very powerful. He had heard of these things before Phillip Zong and Foster Wen had a fight.

Keller Shen became serious, and if that was the case, things would be troublesome.

The surname Gu is not a good person, and he will certainly not admit it easily.

And why would he help Foster Wen? Is it the friendship or the exchange of interests?

If it’s an exchange of interests, it’s better to make a breakthrough. If it’s a friendship, this matter will be troublesome.

Phillip Zong’s face showed a trace of coldness and thought in his heart. He walked out of the factory building with long legs, and paused when he walked to the door, “I don’t want to see this person again.”

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