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Chapter 475

The phone has not been hung up, and he has not spoken.

It seems to be separated from each other, silently telling each other’s heartfelt hearts.

It was Ana Lin who couldn’t bear it anymore and hung up the call cruelly. She held the phone tightly and pressed it to her heart. She tried her best to restrain the uncontrollable choking, making every sound more painful.

Because the two children who fell asleep in the car seemed to have been quarreled, they opened their eyes in a daze and saw Ana Lin crying. Ruth rubbed her eyes and reached out to wipe her tears, “Mommy, you are crying ?”

Looking at her daughter, she wiped away her tears and pulled her dry lips, “Mummy just got sand in her eyes and didn’t cry.”

The little girl blinked. Where did the sand come from in the car?

Even if there is no wind, how can you run into your eyes even if there is sand?

“Ruth just rubbed it for Mommy.”

She stretched out her little fleshy hand and rubbed her eyes gently.

And Daniel was mature like an adult, and seemed to know why Mommy was crying, but did not come to comfort her.

Looking out the window alone, sighed slightly.

At night, the car arrived in City C. After Ana Lin paid and got off the car, he took the two children to the hotel. Although it was late, there was still food in the hotel. Ana Lin called the front desk and ordered something to eat. She had no appetite, but she had to eat for the baby in her belly. There were two children and she was hungry too late.

Because I didn’t bring anything, it was night again. After I ate, I washed the children and took them to bed.

The two children were tired from riding in the car and were comfortable after taking a shower. They soon fell asleep in her arms, but she was not at all sleepy.

Across the thin gauze curtains, you can vaguely see the city’s brilliance blooming at night, the lights flickering, just like a bustling city scene.

With the uncertainty and a little restlessness of just arriving in this city, as well as the concern for that person, my heart and thoughts can not be calmed, and it is destined to be a sleepless night.

Similarly, in the villa of another city, the master bedroom on the second floor did not turn on the lights. The light in the room was very dim. Vaguely, one could see a figure standing in front of the window. The surrounding air was cold. He was left alone, lonely in the despair.

Suddenly there was light. He turned on the screen of the phone and looked down at the text message sent by Ana Lin, his eyes fixed on the sentence,’I just left, and I have been crazy thinking about you, Phillip, I love you, Love it very much.

‘The thick eyelashes turned against the light, folds a dim light and shadow, intertwined in fine pieces, faintly visible under the reflection of light, those deep eyes were covered with dazzling water.

I tried my best to stop the hoarseness that was still uncontrollable, “I miss you too much, and I’m going crazy.”

This night, the bones are long and hard, it seems that they are no longer the same city, but they have the same mood, invisible entanglement.

As soon as the genius turned on, Ana Lin had already got up to wash and dress, and the two children were still sleeping. She went to the hotel’s front desk to consult the JK Group.

The front desk was wearing a black lady’s small suit with a work badge on her right chest, and her long chestnut hair was neatly wrapped behind her head. Hearing Ana Lin asked about JK Group, she took a second look, “Who are you?” ?”

Everyone in this city knows that this company is doing a lot of charity and doing a lot of charity. It has a good reputation in the local area.

Ana Lin smiled, “I came from a different place, and my relatives work inside. I didn’t know how to find it, so I came to ask.”

The front desk looked up and down Ana Lin. She still had the skirt inside, but a coat was added on the outside. It didn’t match well, and she looked a little embarrassed.

With long hair tied up in a ponytail and placed behind her head, her plain cheeks looked pure, but when she moved in last night with two children, she knew that she should not be a girl, so she came to her relatives. It’s difficult.

“Take a taxi when you leave and tell the driver that you can go to JK Group to take you directly. Are the two children you brought with you last night?”

The front desk still couldn’t help asking with curiosity, because she looked too young, but the two children looked quite young.

Ana Lin nodded, “Yes, they are my children.”

“Oh, it’s beautiful, and you look so young. I can’t believe you have such a big child.”

The front desk said with a smile.

Ana Lin also smiled back and said thank you, “Breakfast, please let me send it to the room.”


Hearing that the receptionist would use it, she quickly returned to the room, afraid that the two children would not be able to see her when they wake up.

However, when she returned to the room, the two children were still sleeping and there was no sign of waking up. She walked in and patted her son and daughter lightly, and whispered, “The babies are awake.”

It’s almost seven o’clock now, and it takes an hour or two to clean up and have breakfast.

Although Daniel frowned, as if she was not sleeping well, she rubbed her eyes and got up.

But Ruth couldn’t do it anymore. She didn’t want to get up while holding the quilt, and drilled her head into the quilt. “I don’t want to get up, I haven’t woke up yet.”

The little girl’s voice was warm and waxy, with a little hoarse when she woke up.

Ana Lin smiled and touched her head, “I didn’t wake up, then who is talking to me?”

The little girl closed her eyes and thought for a while, “You got it wrong, no one is talking to you.”

“Then who was talking just now?”

Ana Lin helplessly continued to’play Tai Chi’ with her.

“not human.”

Ana Lin, “…” This kid.

She got up from the bed and deliberately said loudly, “Okay, you continue to sleep, I just went down and saw a lot of good breakfasts and asked them to serve three of them. I’m afraid there is not enough food. Now you sleep, just right If I and Xiao Xi eat three servings, it won’t be enough, but you probably won’t have the good fortune.”

When Ruth heard the food, she sat up like a carp, her expression still ignorant, and her eyes hadn’t opened yet, “What is delicious?

Mommy can’t finish eating with my brother. I want to eat too. If I get hungry and lose weight, my father will feel sorry for me. “

Ana Lin’s eyelashes quivered slightly, and immediately lowered his eyes, covering the emotion that was emerging for a moment.

Daniel came out after washing, leaned against the wall and looked at her sister, sighing slightly.

Ana Lin looked at him, “What’s the matter with you?

Why do you always sigh? “

This was the third time she heard Daniel sigh.

“My sister is too worrying.”

Daniel explained and sat down on the chair. He was actually sighing. Dad and Mommy thought they could live happily together as a family, but he didn’t expect that something happened now.

Although he didn’t know exactly what happened, he knew that Mommy brought them here to leave his father.

Seeing how sad she was crying in the car, it should be a helpless move. After living with mommy for a long time, she won’t be uncomfortable, but she suddenly left that dad who is about to integrate into life, and will miss it a little, but for a long time Now, it should be better, Daniel thought silently.

Ruth curled her lips, and her sleepiness disappeared a lot. Ana Lin hugged her out of bed and took her to the bathroom to wash. She didn’t let Ana Lin wash herself, “I can wash it myself. Go and rest.”

For a while, Ana Lin felt very relieved again, feeling that the little girl who likes to act like a baby and hugs her, and has to let her tell stories to fall asleep seems to have grown up.

Ruth washed up and Ana Lin arranged her clothes. At this time, the breakfast was delivered. She opened the door and asked people to put breakfast on the table.

The weather is good today, and the sun outside comes in through the window.

The three of them sat at the table and had breakfast. The breakfast in the hotel was exquisite and it seemed to taste good. Ruth was very satisfied, and the chopsticks who lay down first wanted to taste these delicacies.

Ana Lin looked at the two children and said seriously, “Xiao Xi, Mommy Ruth has something to tell you.”

Daniel looked at her and said, “What’s the matter?

Mommy, tell me. “

Chapter 476

Regarding the fact that they have changed their names, Ana Lin felt it necessary to make it clear to them.

She thought about how to speak in her heart, and then said softly to the children, “Our country has a history of five thousand years, it can be said to be a long history. There has been a tradition since ancient times. The son has the father’s name. I didn’t have time to tell you before. , Your father and I have changed your surnames.”

Daniel looked up at her, chewed the food in her mouth carefully, swallowed it, and said, “This is what you want to tell us?”

Ana Lin nodded, looking at his attitude, he seemed to know the same, and tried to ask, “You know?”

No one seems to know about this, right?

How did he know?

Daniel took another chopsticks steamed cake and put it in her mouth to chew, “I don’t know, but I know that it’s a matter of time to change the surname. If you don’t say it, I also found out. The people around all follow his father’s surname. My sister and I are special, but they are not special anymore, and no one will think that Dad is cutting in.”

Ana Lin, “…” How does this kid know so much?

Do you even know the door?

Ruth, who had been eating and not caring about talking, blinked and asked curiously when she heard what her brother said, “What does it mean to insert the door?”

Daniel hardly needs to think, and replied very seriously, “Usually, when a woman marries a man, it’s like mommy marrying his father, so it’s normal. But if a man marries a woman, it’s like mommy marrying. If it’s Dad, Dad will be cut in.”

Ruth was confused, what man or woman?

Who will marry whom?

She shook her head and was too lazy to sort out the twists and turns here, but just asked, “Aren’t we surnamed Lin now?”

“of course.”

Daniel lifted her chin and asked her to ask Ana Lin, “You can ask Mommy.”

Ana Lin stared at her son with a funny expression. Where did this child hear this?

“Mommy, we follow Dad’s last name now, right?”

There was food in the little girl’s mouth, and it was thick when she spoke.

Ana Lin touched her daughter’s head and said seriously, “Yes, your surname is Zong, and your name has been slightly changed. Your name is Zong Yanxi and your brother is Zong Yanchen. In the future, you will introduce this name to others, you know. ?”

“Then you still call our original name, you haven’t changed it.”

The little girl said rationally.

Ana Lin sighed. This kid has really changed. He used to be ignorant and knew nothing. He knew how to eat. Now he has become able to speak.

Although sometimes I am confused, but I would say more than before.

She stared at her son, did she really respond to the phrase, “Are you close to Zhu is red and where you are black?

‘Stay with him all day, become like him?

“Mommy has called you for five years, so she can’t change her words for a while, but she will try to adapt to your new name as soon as possible.”

She solemnly said to her daughter.

The little girl took a few sips of milk and rushed down the food in her mouth, “Then what do you call me from now on?

Is it Yan Xi?

Is it Xixi? “

She blinked her eyes and remarked seriously, “It doesn’t seem to be as smooth as before.”

“Hurry up and eat. If you hear too much, it’s easy to hear. There are people called Ergouzi, and people will get used to it if they hear too much.”

The little girl almost squirted the milk out of her mouth. She opened her eyes incredibly and looked at Ana Lin, “How irresponsible are these parents? Give the child such a name?”

“No one doesn’t love their children. People in the past have old-fashioned thinking and say that they have low names to support them.”

Ana Lin patiently explained to her daughter, in order to let her know that in this world, there is no parent who does not love their children. The only difference is the way of love.

After breakfast, Ana Lin left with her two children. Because she had no luggage, she didn’t need to pack anything. When she came, she just took a coat and put it on her body, leaving money and cards in a handbag. There is no money, let alone the two children around, there is another thing, that is the document Wen Xian left her.

She took her two children down the elevator, went to the front desk and exited the room. Seeing her two children at the front desk, she couldn’t help but sigh, “Your two children are very beautiful.”

Ana Lin took the refunded deposit, smiled at the front desk, took the two children out of the hotel, and stood by the road to take a taxi. Fortunately, there was a lot of traffic at this location and there were many taxis, so she didn’t let her wait. , And get in a taxi smoothly.

“Where are you guys going.”

The taxi master glanced back at them.

Ana Lin asked the two children to sit down before saying to the driver, “JK Group.”

The driver started the car and drove away… Maybe because it was in a strange city, the two children were struggling to lie down on the window and look out. Ana Lin pulled his son, “Xiao Xi, let her sister.”

“Didn’t you say you changed your name?

Why is it called Xiao Xi? “

Daniel sat down inside and gave the position of the window to her sister.

Ana Lin helped his forehead. He really forgot. The habit is really hard to change. “Mommy remembered. Next time I will call Yanchen.”

“Call Chenchen and look affectionate.”

He rarely acted like a baby in front of Ana Lin.

Ana Lin hooked his son’s head and k*ssed him on the forehead, “If you listen to you, it’s called Chenchen.”

The taxi driver driving in front looked at them in the rearview mirror, “This is your first time here, right?”

Ana Lin said, “Yes.”

“You are very blessed. The two children are so handsome. Your son doesn’t look like you too much. He should be like his father?”

Daniel’s small face grew open, and it became more and more similar to Phillip Zong. Sometimes the frown between her brows seemed to be carved out of a mold. She stretched out her hand and gently stroked her son’s face. Through this face, it seemed I saw another person.

A faint melancholy rose from the bottom of my heart.

“That’s it here.”

When Ana Lin’s thoughts were erratic, the taxi master parked the car in front of a conjoined building and said to her, “The JK Group is here.”

Ana Lin returned to his senses, took out the money from his wallet and handed it to the taxi driver, then opened the door to take the two children out of the car.

Standing on the side of the road, this building can be clearly seen. The reason why it is said to be a conjoined building is because there is a glass sky bridge between the two buildings, connecting the two buildings together.

Between the tops of the two buildings, there is a huge billboard hanging in the air, with the words JK Group written magnificently on it.

She took a deep breath, took the two children and walked in. The two children looked around, because they had arrived in a strange place and instinctively looked at it.

Ana Lin led the two children to the front desk through the hall, and the front desk greeted warmly, “May I ask you who?”

“I’m looking for someone named Gibson Shao.”

The front desk was taken aback for a moment, but he didn’t expect that someone would call Mr. Shao directly, so he couldn’t help but look at her more and asked, “Do you have an appointment?”

Ana Lin shook his head, “No.”

“Sorry, I can’t let you in.”

The front desk smiled formulaically at her.

“Then, do you have this person named Gibson Shao here?”

Ana Lin asked again.

She wanted to find out if this existence named Gibson Shao existed.

Chapter 477

Wen Xian died when Phillip Zong was seven or eight years old. She was only born at that time. It is conceivable that the letter may be older than her age.

Time has passed so long, is this person still alive?

Or did you leave?

There are too many possible changes, so she wants to figure it out.

The front desk looked at her up and down, “Who are you?”

With two children in the company, he called Mr. Shao directly, where did this woman come from?

“Just tell us if there is such a person and ask so much why?”

Daniel said impatiently, this front desk obviously didn’t say anything deliberately, and asked something that didn’t matter.

Ana Lin pulled his son, “Don’t be rude.”

“Daddy said, we can’t bully others, but we can’t be bullied. We just asked if there is Gibson Shao, but she asked who you are?

What does she mean?

Obviously, I was curious about your identity, and deliberately didn’t say it, let’s go, don’t ask, as long as this person is not dead, we are afraid we can’t find it. “

Daniel took Ana Lin’s hand, and it was rare that Ruth agreed with her brother’s words. The two of them took her hand to the door and said, “Mommy, let’s go.”

The front desk was a little confused. It was really unexpected that a child of a few years old could say this. Obviously, he was a man who had seen the world and was not afraid of people.

“Well, should I call and ask?”

The front desk called them.

Daniel glanced at her, thought about it, and said, “Okay, you can call.”

He stopped, stood still and did not come back.

The front desk connected to the inside line of the secretary desk of the president’s office, “Here’s someone looking for Mr. Shao.”

“Is there an appointment?”


“There is no such person to see in the itinerary without an appointment. Do you still need to call and ask?”


When the front desk spoke, his eyes fell on Ana Lin, “It’s a very beautiful woman with two children. She called Shao by his name…” “A woman with a child?”

The secretary seems to have a gossip. Who can bring the child to find the company?

The secretary said, “You ask how to call it.”

The front desk looked at Ana Lin and asked, “What do you call?”

Ana Lin just wanted to say a name, but think about that if Gibson Shao really exists, he should be the same person as Wen Xian, and may not know her, so he said, “Wen Xian.”

The front desk forwarded the conversation to the secretary, and they said they knew, so they hung up, and the front desk asked Ana Lin to wait.

“Why don’t you do it for a while?”

The front desk tried to say.

“No need to.”

Daniel coldly refused.

Ana Lin frowned and looked at his son, “Xiao…” and wanted to call him Xiao Xi again. This habit is really hard to change, so I didn’t say anything.

The secretary of the president’s office knocked on the door of Shao’s general office.

A strong male voice came out. The secretary opened the door. The office was spacious and bright. The office chairs, including the negotiation area in the front, were all specially made of Lao Siamese rosewood. The furnishings were dark. The paintings are particularly conspicuous. They are all inscribed by famous paintings. The paper is slightly yellowed and does not look like fakes. However, Mr. Shao, who is the master of JK, is not even unable to buy a few treasures. Rosewood furniture has to start with a million.

The man seems to be about fifty years old, but he should be an old man. He wears a blue flowered shirt. The lower body is now young and young cropped trousers with ankles. A pair of lace-up white leather shoes are on his feet. This dressing is not about disobedience in the heart, I am afraid it is also physically.

He didn’t have the calmness he should have at this age, with his legs folded and feet on the desk, shaking constantly.

The appearance is very pleasant, the secretary has long been used to it, so it’s no surprise, “Someone is looking for you downstairs.”

Holding the blue folder in his hand, the man did not look away, but asked, “Is it a business partner?”

“No, it’s a woman. I heard from the front desk that it’s pretty long, and… with two children, calling you by name.”

Gibson Shao finally put down the file in his hand, took his legs off the table, and leaned forward slightly, “What did you say?

A woman with two children, calling me by name? “

At this moment, Gibson Shao began to think in his heart that the women he had had in the past few years, he had a lot of women, they were all playing around, and absolutely no one could give birth to a child.

He is absolutely not allowed to have children, and this huge family business does not belong to him.

To be able to live to this day… It seems that he is thinking a little bit far away. He pulled back his thoughts, looked at the secretary, and said with interest, “Did you say anything?”

“Said Wenxian?”

Said the secretary.

Gibson Shao’s face immediately became serious. This name, which had disappeared in his ears for more than 20 years, suddenly heard it again, and suddenly returned to the same way it was more than 20 years ago. He stood up suddenly, “Where is the person?” “downstairs.”

The secretary said.

He dropped the papers in his hand, hurried out of the office, and took the elevator to the lobby on the first floor.

With a ding sound, the elevator stopped and Gibson Shao walked out of it. Ana Lin and the two children were still standing in the hall. She played with her daughter’s hair and did not notice the people coming here.

“Are you looking for me?”

Gibson Shao stood not far away from her, Ana Lin turned his head and saw a man who looked not young but was wearing the most fancy clothes. He was taken aback for a moment, and then nodded.

“Who is Wenxian?

How do you know her? “

Gibson Shao asked simply and directly.

In my heart, I was anxious to know the identity of Ana Lin.

Ana Lin didn’t answer him because she didn’t know who this person was, “I’m here to find someone named Gibson Shao.”

“I am.”

Gibson Shao answered very positively.

Ana Lin couldn’t believe it because it was so different from the image she imagined. She felt that the person Wen Xian could entrust with must be a mature and stable person.

But this one in front of me… He is dressed in bells and whistles, and it doesn’t look like he has experienced the baptism of years. It is a person who can make people feel at ease.

Gibson Shao seemed to realize that Ana Lin didn’t trust him, and couldn’t help but feel a little lost, “Don’t I look like it?”

Ana Lin nodded instinctively.

Gibson Shao, “…” Yes, he first admits, “This is not a place to talk, come with me.”

He walked to the front and led the way, Ana Lin held the two children and did not move. This person was completely insecure.

Ana Lin didn’t dare to follow such a person rashly.

Gibson Shao felt that no one was following him. Looking back at Ana Lin, she was still standing there. She just wanted to ask her why she didn’t leave, but then noticed her distrust. For a while, his brows were frowned, and he pointed to follow him. The secretary, and the front desk, no, it is the entire JK Group, “You can find someone and ask if I am Gibson Shao.”

After he finished speaking, he looked down at himself again, why didn’t he look like Gibson Shao anymore?

Why don’t you trust him so much?

“how old are you?”

Daniel asked this.

Only then did Gibson Shao notice that there were two children standing under her. He walked over to take a closer look, and his eyes suddenly lit up, “This little girl is very long and pretty.”

“Who is your father?”

He couldn’t help but ask curiously.

Daniel stood straight and raised his head, “I am asking you, you haven’t answered me yet.”

Gibson Shao, “…” He is not big, but he refuses to suffer.

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