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Chapter 472

After reading the letter, Roman Li was also shocked for a long time unable to return to his senses.

I think this is incredible.

Because Wen Xian passed away early, he didn’t have much memory of this aunt, and now appearing before his eyes in this way brings such incredible things.

Foster Wen was rescued in time without life-threatening, but his body was broken and his mental state was not very good. He just wanted to see Ana Lin.

That’s why he wanted to come to Ana Lin, but he met here by coincidence.

“My dad…” “Roman Li.”

Ana Lin released Phillip Zong and interrupted Roman Lida again. She looked at him, “I don’t want to see you, I hope this is the last time we meet, okay?”

She was very decisive and didn’t want to get involved with the people and affairs of the Wen family. She and Foster Wen also said that it was the last time they met.

No matter what he is now, she will never meet again.

Roman Li stood there staring blankly at Ana Lin for a long time but couldn’t recover. Her decisive attitude was beyond his expectation. For a long time, Ana Lin had always felt gentle and approachable.

He suddenly became so indifferent that he couldn’t accept it.

He still wanted to say something, Ana Lin didn’t give him this opportunity, she got in the car quickly and told the driver, “Let’s go.”

Phillip Zong stretched out his hand and brushed her cheeks, casually entwining her hair scattered around her ears, her complexion was calm, she couldn’t see the joy or anger, but stared at her with a faint expression, pretending to be calm, “Go and see Foster Wen?”

Ana Lin turned his gaze away and dared not look directly, “I have seen it, but I don’t want to say much to him.”

When Roman Li said that, Phillip Zong would definitely be aware of it. If she said that she had never seen it, it would only make him more suspicious of this matter.

She took the initiative to snuggle into his arms, “I’m tired, I want to go back.”

“Stop going to the movies?”

He hung down eyes, and the fluctuating emotions were hidden under his eyes.

Ana Lin pretended to be tired and rubbed his chest, “Well, I don’t want to watch it.”

Phillip Zong ordered the driver to go to the villa. He clasped Ana Lin in his arms with one hand, and took out a text message to Roman Li with the other hand, asking him to go to the company and wait for him.

He wanted to know what Ana Lin said when he went to see Foster Wen without telling him.

When Roman Li, who was regaining consciousness there, was about to return to the hospital, he received a text message from Phillip Zong and changed his original route back and forth to Wanyue.

The car stopped at the door of the villa, and when Ana Lin pushed the door to get off the car, Phillip Zong took her hand and held it in his palm, “I have to deal with something in the company.”

Ana Lin looked back at him. She wanted to spend a good time with him, but it looked like she might not be able to. She leaned over and k*ssed his lips. She felt a lot of reluctance, but she still withdrew. Body, smiled and said, “Thank you, the flowers are beautiful, and I like them very much. If there is something in the company, please go quickly.”

She pushed the car door and got out of the car. The more she entangled, the more reluctant she was. She was afraid that she would cry in front of him, so the action of getting out of the car was very simple.

Phillip Zong will get off the window, “I’ll be back early in the evening.”

She stood at the door holding the flower and said, “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

She looked at him greedyly, until the car disappeared from sight, she turned around, she walked into the house, called Keller Shen, and the phone was connected quickly.

“Keller is me.”

Keller Shen was investigating the car accident case outside, and when he received a call from Ana Lin, he was not surprised but asked, “What’s the matter?”

“You call Phillip and say my mother wants to see him.”


“Just say that my mother has something to tell him, it’s about me.”

“What is it about you?”

Keller Shen was confused.

“Do as I say.”

She didn’t tell Keller Shen why, he would understand when she left.

She was aware of Phillip Zong’s excuse that there was something wrong with the company. Today, he clearly said that he would accompany her for a day, but now suddenly he said that there was something wrong with the company, and he definitely wanted to find out why she met with Foster Wen.

Rather than let him find out by herself, she would rather tell him by herself.

Keller Shen said yes, he hung up the phone, and then called Phillip Zong.

As soon as the phone was connected, he said, “Ida Zhuang wants to see you.”


Phillip Zong frowned.

“I said there was something to tell you about my sister-in-law.”

Phillip Zong hesitated and asked the driver to turn around and go to the hospital. Ana Lin said to Keller Shen that it was expected that Phillip Zong would go to see Ida Zhuang first because of himself.

Early in the morning, I thought I was leaving, so I also found a way out and a place to settle down.

The document Wen Xian left her with the address of the company. As long as she finds the company, she can find someone Wen Xian said can help her.

Now, she had to rely on this relationship. If she herself, she would be easily found by Phillip Zong.

She didn’t take away anything at home, otherwise Yu’s mother would find out that she only took two children. Despite this, Yu’s mother still asked, “Where are you taking your two children?”

“Go to the company, Phillip said he would invite us to dinner today.”

Ana Lin smiled, and she didn’t see the thought of leaving.

Yu’s mother nodded, thinking it was a good thing, “Go, but come back early, your body is inconvenient.”

Ana Lin said yes, she took the two children out, instead of letting the driver drive, she drove by herself.

She buckled the seat belts for the two children, “Mummy, does Dad really want to invite us to dinner?”

Ruth blinked, oh no, she should be called Zong Yanxi now, but Ana Lin couldn’t change her name for a while and touched her face, “Ruth, Mommy is going to take you to a place for a while. “

The little girl frowned, wondering what it meant, “Where to spend a while?”

Ana Lin didn’t have time to explain to them, “I will tell you when I am somewhere.”

She got in the car and started the car and left.

Ruth also wanted to ask, but Daniel grabbed her hand, “If Mommy is here, we won’t lose it. Mommy said she would tell us, so we just obediently wait.”

After thinking about it, it seemed that Mommy was by her side anyway, Ruth stopped asking where they were going.

Ana Lin did not leave in the car, but drove the car to a place with heavy traffic and took a taxi to leave.

Leave the car on the side of the road.

The address of JK Group is in City B adjacent to City C, not far apart. Take a taxi to prevent anyone from following. After all, it is the family car. If Phillip Zong wants to check, she can be found quickly, so she must abandon the car. , Do rental.

She held her daughter and son, touched their hair, and whispered, “We may be away from Dad for a while. During this time, will you stay with me?”

Daniel is okay, mainly Ruth, she is more clingy to Phillip Zong, she will miss it if she can’t see it.

“What if I miss dad?”

The little girl blinked.

Chapter 473

Ana Lin lowered her head and k*ssed her daughter’s hair, she would think too, but had to leave again, if Phillip Zong knew Foster Wen was her uncle and Wen Xian was her mother.

Faced with Danna Cheng’s death, how should he give up?

Is it to stop for her sake?

Or disregarding her feelings to ruin Foster Wen?

Although she has no relationship with Wen Jia, her blood relationship cannot be changed.

No matter how facing each other, there must be some estrangement in her heart. Rather than making him embarrassed, she would rather quit his life at this time and let him do what she wants to do.

She stayed by his side, he would have some scruples.

She didn’t want him to be embarrassed, and she didn’t want him to stop for himself and become a knotted regret for a lifetime.

At this moment, facing her daughter, she didn’t know how to answer.

The only thing I can do is to hold her tightly and warm her with the body’s temperature.


Ruth’s head was buried in Ana Lin’s arms. She didn’t know if she was infected by Ana Lin’s emotions. She said in a low voice, “I won’t ask, Mommy, don’t be sad.”

She k*ssed her daughter’s forehead, “Mummy will not be sad if you are by your side.”

The scenery outside the car window keeps going backwards, the bustling city is still there, and the streets are still crowded.

She looked out the car window, her expression dimmed.

She started to miss him just after she left.

The two children were very quiet at the moment. She took out her mobile phone and clicked on the information page. There were many things in her heart that she wanted to say to him, but when she really wanted to say it, she didn’t know where to start.

She stared at the screen of the phone for a long time, then turned it on when it was dark, and repeated it many times… On the other side, Phillip Zong arrived at the hospital, and Ida Zhuang was slightly taken aback when she saw him. He was taken in when she was admitted that day. I’ve been here once but never again, only Keller Shen sometimes comes.

“Is the words okay?”

Ida Zhuang spoke first, always worried about Ana Lin, she was obviously very repulsive that day.

Phillip Zong squinted his eyes and seemed to perceive something wrong. At that time, Keller Shen called and told him that Ida Zhuang had something to tell him, that it was about Ana Lin, so he didn’t go to the company to see Roman Li because he heard It was about Ana Lin, so I came here first.

Seeing Ida Zhuang’s appearance, there is nothing to say to him.

Ana Lin, what does she want to do?

No… He seemed to realize what Ana Lin wanted to do, and when he turned to leave, Ida Zhuangg stopped him, “At the end of the day, she knew my situation. She is pregnant now and can only trouble Take care of you. I said something that shouldn’t be said that day. You help me tell her that if she doesn’t want to know, I won’t mention it again.”

Phillip Zong turned around and looked at her with a cold face, “What did you say that day?”

Ida Zhuang turned and walked to the window. Now he and Ana Lin are husband and wife, and there is nothing to hide from him.

She brewed for a while, and then slowly said, “Yanyan is now your wife, and you have the right to know about her. I won’t keep it from you. I am not her biological mother. Her biological mother is called Wen Xian.”

That was after she married Randall Lin. Because Gong Han was not pregnant, she had been taking Chinese medicine for treatment. After half a year of treatment, she was finally pregnant with a child.

At that time Randall Lin was also very happy, Elvira Shen did not appear in their marriage, Randall Lin has not revealed his nature.

She thought that was the beginning of happiness, but it was the beginning of her life’s tragedy.

When she was seven months pregnant, she accidentally discovered that Randall Lin had a woman outside. That woman was Elvira Shen. She couldn’t accept it at all. She was too emotional and gave birth to a baby girl. But because she was less than a month old, she added her. The bad mood of the baby caused the baby’s heartbeat to be weak at birth, which was not recovered after rescue.

Just when she was desperate, Wen Xian found her holding a newborn baby.

She claimed that the child belonged to Zhuang Ziyi. She didn’t know much about this half-brother, except that the father had it with a woman before his marriage, and that the woman was a young lady.

But Zhuang Ziyi is a dealer, her father confirmed this.

She has also met this brother, but because of his mother’s identity, his identity has not been made public. Not many people know about him, and only people close to the family know his existence.

At that time, Wen Xian felt that Ida Zhuang was the closest person to Zhuang Ziyi, after all, she was Zhuang Ziyi’s sister.

This child is also of the blood of the dealer, so please ask Ida Zhuang to raise him.

Ida Zhuang had just lost a child and was in a bad mood. Suddenly he had a child. He didn’t reject him in his heart. On the contrary, there was some comfort. After all, the newborn baby is still the blood of the dealer.

That Tian Xian was in very bad condition. She didn’t leave much to the child, only married a name for the child, and the necklace, which was the only thing Wen Xian left to Ana Lin.

Before leaving, she told Ida Zhuang that she had decided to marry the child, and the only child of the Zong family.

She didn’t tell Ida Zhuang why she wanted this marriage, but hoped that she could fulfill her promise.

She decided to raise the child, but she didn’t want Randall Lin to reject it, so she lied that Ana Lin was born early, so she concealed it from Randall Lin.

Regarding the marriage, she continued to lie and said that she was acquainted with Mrs. Zong before she agreed to the marriage. In fact, she was not familiar with it and said that only to deceive Randall Lin.

I don’t know if it was because of having a child that Randall Lin returned to the family and treated her better than before. She thought that Randall Lin had changed his mind, so she gave up the idea of ​​divorce.

Decided to forgive him and live well.

However, Randall Lin’s change for the better is not really regrettable, but just to occupy the property she brought over.

She has been deceived by Randall Lin, and Randall Lin has not broken off with the woman secretly, until he has completely grasped the property she has brought, he is not pretending to please her, forcing her to divorce, so that she will not hinder his eyes. She was thrown abroad.

Now think about it, how stupid she was then, how could she believe the words of a cheating man?

She hurt her body and mind, and took away all the property she brought.

Her revenge on Randall Lin’s heart is more than just the death of her son, it is the hatred that has accumulated in her heart over the years.

Thinking of the past, she couldn’t help crying, “Yeah, that child’s life is also suffering, I hope you are well, if I can still live, and I hope you can forgive my previous negative state, I should live well, at least to see her child I was born, although she was not born to me, but she has depended on each other all these years, no different from a real mother and daughter.”

“So she knows her life experience?”

Phillip Zong’s voice was low and deep, with unnoticeable complexity and confusion.

“I didn’t finish speaking, she left. Some of them couldn’t accept it and didn’t want to listen or believe. Now that you know, I hope you can take care of her.”

Ida Zhuang was almost pleading.

In this world, the only thing she cares about is Ana Lin.

Phillip Zong’s lips pressed tightly, and the next second he turned and strode out.

Ana Lin went to meet Foster Wen, indicating that she must have known it, otherwise she would not see Foster Wen alone, her abnormality seemed to have a reasonable explanation.

The driver of the parking lot outside the hospital was standing by the car waiting for someone. When he saw him coming out, he immediately opened the door. Phillip Zong didn’t go up, but asked for the car key. He got into the driving seat and said, “Take a taxi and go back.”

After speaking, he stepped on the accelerator and drove the car out.

He did not go to the company, but went directly to the villa.

Chapter 474

When the car stopped at the villa, he pushed the door to get out of the car. At this time, Roman Li’s car also stopped, and quickly pushed the door down to catch up with Phillip Zong.

“Brother——” For this man who has always taken care of him and has always been called brother, even though his current status may not be suitable for him to call him that way, his habits and feelings have not changed over the years.

Phillip Zong’s footsteps paused, and he turned around and saw Roman Li hurriedly running.

“I have been waiting at the company for a while. My mother called me and asked me to go back, so she came to you on her own terms. I know what you want to ask.”

Roman Li handed him the letter, “You will understand after reading it.”

Phillip Zong’s face was as sinking as water, no happiness or anger, even if he didn’t look at it now, he could guess what was written in this letter. He reached out and took it, and didn’t start looking at the content immediately, but took a look at Roman Li. , Don’t come here again.”

After speaking, he continued to step forward.


After reading the letter, Roman Li knew that Danna Cheng was his biological mother, but he didn’t know that Foster Wen had caused Danna Cheng’s death.

In his opinion, Ana Lin’s identity is a happy ending for everyone, and Foster Wen would not even think about letting them separate. This is a good thing.

Phillip Zong didn’t explain. Foster Wen’s fault has nothing to do with Roman Li. He didn’t want to be angry, but he didn’t want to have anything to do with him. His expression and tone were very dull, “You go.”


Roman Li wanted to catch up and ask, Phillip Zong, who walked to the door, ordered the bodyguard outside the villa, “I don’t want anyone to come in and disturb.”

After speaking, he walked into the house, and Roman Li, who was chasing after him, was stopped by the bodyguard. He unwillingly shouted at Phillip Zong, “Isn’t the identity of the sister-in-law a good thing for us?”

This way my dad won’t want to leave you alone. Why are you and sister-in-law so decisive to draw a line?

My dad did a lot of ridiculous mistakes before.

But now he also knows that he was wrong, and he has received a big blow, and is considered retribution. Doesn’t she even think about my father’s identity as a relative? “

Phillip Zong didn’t hesitate in his footsteps, let alone answer his questions. Soon the door of the villa closed, blocking his sight. He had red eyes, and wanted to go in and ask for more information, trying to get away with the bodyguards, “You get out of the way, I’ll go in and talk to him.”

“Sorry, you can’t enter.”

The attitude of the bodyguards was very clear, and they would not let him in. Without Phillip Zong’s instructions, they would not let go, let alone let them go.

Roman Liqi stamped his feet, but he couldn’t break in, so he could only go first.

Inside the house, seeing Phillip Zong coming back, Yu’s mother was not calm, she looked at him, “Didn’t the wife say you want to invite her to eat with the child?

Why are you back?

where are they? “

After listening to Ida Zhuang’s words, he guessed what Ana Lin’s abnormality was, and she decided to leave early in the morning.

There was a touch of coldness on his face, his eyes were very heavy, with a hint of helplessness and distress, and his tone was very light, “When did she leave?”

Wanda glanced at the clock on the wall and replied, “It’s been two or three hours.”

“I know.”

After saying that he stepped upstairs, Wanda wanted to ask him where Ana Lin and the children had gone, but Phillip Zong was not in a good mood, and she did not dare to ask when she came to her lips.

Quietly retreat.

On the second floor, Phillip Zong opened the door of the bedroom. The room was the same as when he left in the morning. Nothing had been moved. He walked in slowly. She didn’t take her things, nothing, but only two children. , The only change is that there is a bunch of flowers on the table in front of the window.

He stood in front of the window and unfolded the letter Roman Li gave him. After hearing what Ida Zhuang said, he didn’t have much emotional fluctuations in the content of the letter.

Just looking at that paragraph… Brother, I have one more thing I want to tell you, I’m pregnant, and the child is Ziyi’s. I’ve checked it. It’s a girl. I told Kaifeng that I hope she can As a husband and wife with Phillip, I once again thought selfishly, wanting my daughter to make up for my debt to the Zong family.

] His eyes stayed on the last line of this passage for a long time.

Buzzing—— The phone in his pocket suddenly rang. He took out the phone, and the caller’s phone number showed “Daughter-in-law”, which was his special name for Ana Lin.

It is a reminder that a text message comes in.

The action of staring at the screen and clicking on the screen paused slightly, then quickly clicked on.

When I saw this text message, I think you should have already understood everything. I wanted to tell you face-to-face, but then I found out that I didn’t have the courage to face you.

I used to think I was a strong person, but in this matter, I am timid, cowardly, afraid, contradictory, and I dare not face you.

Please forgive me for leaving without saying goodbye. Please forgive me for taking Xiaoxi and Xiaorui away. I originally wanted to keep them by your side, but I found that I need them more. At least I will not feel so sad when I look at them.

If you can choose, I hope that I will be born in an ordinary family, give you many children, and live a normal life, but I cannot choose to be born, and there is no choice in this world.

On the day of the car accident, when the crisis came, my mother stood in front of me desperately, blocking all the dangers, just to protect me and our children, how many midnight dreams, always seeing her lying above me, Tell me,’Yanyan will take care of him and protect his children for me.’ I’m afraid I’m going to break my promise. I can’t stand by your side at this time. The only thing I can do is to take good care of our children.

Phillip, do what you want, don’t let yourself carry remorse and regret, that’s not what I want to see.

Don’t find me, don’t make me feel ashamed of you, hope that time can dilute everything, look forward to a certain casual time, not a specific place, you and I just meet unexpectedly, you look at me, I look at you, heart Embrace each other without distractions.

I used to feel that the so-called love is very far away from me. Until this moment, I realized that my feelings for you have deepened into my bones. I just left, and I already miss you madly, Phillip, I love you, I love you very much. .

Let us look forward to the next meeting. You are Phillip Zong, I am Ana Lin, you are you, I am me, not for anyone, not for anything, just pure you and me.

At the end, I still want to ask, would you miss me?

He lowered his head, lowered his eyes, and stood there quietly. At this moment, his straight back was bent down by the huge pain, his fingertips trembled slightly, and he seemed so eager to dial this number.

Sitting in the car, Ana Lin, who had left city B, was about to turn off her mobile phone and throw away her mobile phone card. At this moment, a call came in. She looked at the display on the mobile phone and her heart seemed to be covered by invisible iron. The claws were tightly confined, and they couldn’t breathe in pain.

She stared blankly for a long time, then picked it up at the last moment when she was about to break off. She knew who the other party was, but she didn’t speak first.

… After a long time, there was a very depressed hoarse voice over there, “I will miss you.”

Ana Lin was leaning against the car window, biting his lips tightly, with reluctance and sadness frozen between his brows, his usual shining eyes became hazy, his nose was sour, and a stream of tears flowed into the mouth of the mouth. Salty, she pursed her mouth and couldn’t control herself anymore, she covered her lips and wept bitterly despite the madness of tears.

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