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Chapter 469

This time Keller Shen did not answer her immediately, but fixedly looked at her.

It seemed that she was deliberately inquiring about this.

But she knew it, so why bother to inquire?

Without hearing Keller Shen’s voice, Ana Lin slowly raised her head and saw that he was looking at herself with an inquiring look. Her heart suddenly thumped, pretending to be calm, “Why look at me like this?”

“It’s nothing.”

Keller Shen shook his head and felt something was wrong, but when she thought about it, there was nothing wrong. She wanted to know that she must be concerned about the progress of this matter. After all, Danna Cheng’s death was to save her, and she cared for nothing.

He shook his head honestly, “Zong Qifeng didn’t say that Wen Xian had children.”

Wen Xian had a child. Zong Qifeng knew that Danna Cheng’s spirit had just recovered at the time, so he did not talk to Danna Cheng, but Wen Xian had a child he knew, and he also knew that the child was Ana Lin, but he didn’t say it.

After all, Ana Lin and Phillip Zong are married and have two children. How can they give up?

He had been entangled with grievances in the previous life, and he didn’t want to hurt people in this life.

He could see that Phillip Zong and Ana Lin’s relationship was very good, so he deliberately concealed it.

I hope they can live together.

Keller Shen looked at her and asked, “Wen Xian has a child?”

Ana Lin’s movements to scoop the soup quickly returned to nature, shook his head and said, “No, I just ask casually.”

Keller Shen nodded without doubting his.

After dinner, Keller Shen and Su Chen went back. Ana Lin went to bathe the two children, and Yu’s mother called her to stop her, “I will wash the dishes later, I will wash them. There is water in the bathroom, in case it slips. It’s incredible.”

“It’s okay…” “I will wash them.”

Phillip Zong walked out of the study and interrupted Ana Lin. He picked up his daughter and went to the bathroom.

Seeing them walk into the house, Daniel came over and pulled Ana Lin’s clothes corner, “Mommy, treat your father better.”

She lowered her head and curled her eyebrows to look at her son.

Is she treating him badly?

“Although my father didn’t like grandma before, but grandma is gone, I think Dad is very sad.”

Daniel could also feel Phillip Zong’s depression.

Ana Lin clasped his son’s head in his arms and hugged him, and whispered, “Mummy will be nice to him.”

She wanted to smooth out the wounds in his heart, but the broken porcelain would have cracks no matter how it was repaired, and it would never return to its original appearance.

Daniel reached out and touched her belly. Her lower abdomen was a little slightly convex, and he began to look forward to multiple younger sisters or younger brothers.

He already has a younger sister, and hopes to have a younger brother who can play with him.

“This must be the younger brother.”

Daniel said vowedly.

Ana Lin raised his eyebrows, “How do you know?” I am afraid that the B-ultrasound will not be able to determine whether it is a boy or a girl this month. It will take at least three months before the gender can be checked.

Where is his confidence?

“Feeling, I feel that he is the younger brother.”

Ana Lin squeezed his face, “Go take a bath and go to bed.”

Daniel smiled, and touched Ana Lin’s belly through her clothes, and said to the baby in her belly, “Be good, when you are born, my brother will take you to play.”

After speaking, he ran into the room with short legs.

Ana Lin looked at her son and smiled helplessly, raised her hand to press the bulging temple, Yu’s mother cleaned up the kitchen and walked out to see Ana Lin’s tired look, and said concerned, “Is it uncomfortable?”


She looked up at Wanda and shook her head, “No, maybe I’m a little tired, I’ll go up first.”

She leaned on the handrail of the stairs and walked upstairs slowly. She wanted to lie down on the bed, but she fell asleep when she lay down.

Phillip Zong took a bath for the two children. He came up and opened the door and found that there was no light in the room, the curtains were not drawn, and a moonlight leaned in from the outside. As far as he could see, he could see the woman curled up in the bed sleeping. He closed the door gently and walked in, standing by the bed and spreading out her forehead. There was a little bit of heat. He went to soak a towel, took it out and sat on the bed and put it on her forehead.

Her skin was suddenly touched with something cold, she was agitated, and her body also shook. He hurriedly removed the towel, “Is it too cold?”

She opened her eyes slowly, and the hoarse and soft voice that had just woke up, “Well, cool.”

“You are a little hot, so you need to apply a cold compress.”

Ana Lin touched her forehead, it was indeed a little hot, she put her hand down, “I’m awake, I don’t feel cold anymore.”

Phillip Zong put the towel on her forehead. His hands soaked in cold water when the towel was soaked, so his fingers were cold. He wanted to touch her face when she thought that she was afraid of getting cold. The action of touching was changed to pull the quilt for her, tucked the quilt, “sleep as soon as you are sleepy, I am here to look at you.”

Ana Lin did feel sleepy and closed his eyes again.

She didn’t know when she fell asleep, but she felt that someone was holding herself in a dim, hot big hands wandering on her abdomen, she moved, found a comfortable position in his arms, and continued sleep.

Perhaps because he felt safe and warm in his arms, he soon fell asleep again.

The next day, when Ana Lin woke up, she saw Phillip Zong standing at the window calling, as if she was explaining things in Milton’s company. She rubbed her eyes, rolled her body and turned half of her face toward him. In the pillow, watching him call.

After a while he hung up, Ana Lin asked aloud the moment he hung up, “Aren’t you going out today?”

He turned around to see her waking up, put his phone in and walked over, put his arms on both sides of her, and looked at her, “I will be with you today.”

She squinted her cat-like eyes, rubbed his fragrant and attractive body weakly against his chest, her white arm hooked his neck, and said softly, “Will you satisfy me with whatever I ask for? ?”

His eyes were deep, and he said, “All satisfied.”

She laughed and closed her pink lips, “Then let’s change the child’s name first, then go to a movie, you buy me a bouquet of roses, and then take me to a romantic restaurant for dinner.”

He said yes.

Ana Lin pestered him to act like a baby, “You hold me up.”

He lifted the quilt, passed his arms through her waist, supported her slender waist, and lifted her from the bed to the bathroom.

Ana Lin’s head was resting on his shoulders, and his eyes drooped slightly, “I didn’t take a bath yesterday. Will you help me wash it?

I think the smell of fragrance is all over my body, I want to wear the most beautiful clothes, and I want to be a woman who matches you, at least looks good with you. “

He looked down at her and said, “Okay.”

Walking to the bathroom, Phillip Zong put her down, and then put hot water in the bathroom inside. Ana Lin was standing outside the glass door, and he could see his entire back, thin and wide, his waist was very narrow, no fat, and hips. The tight lines are proportionate, even and stiff.

A warm liquid ran across his face, and tears fell uncontrollably and without warning.

She really wants to be with this man forever.

Give birth to many children and lead an ordinary life.

However, ordinary days have become her most luxurious desire.

The moment Phillip Zong turned around, she wiped away the tears on her face, leaned softly on the sink, and licked her lips with the tip of her tongue, diffusely, a little bit, as if she was savoring something tempting. Delicious, smiling at him charmingly, “You undress me, I want you to serve me.”

Chapter 470

At the moment Phillip Zong walked out, she stretched out her hand to wrap his neck, stood on tiptoes, and approached a little bit. The heat of breathing was deliberately spilled on his face, and her breath was painful. Her fingertips were slightly Trembling, hooking him tightly, bending his lips pretentiously, “This world is impermanent, if one day I disappear, or an accident occurs, would you like other women?”

Phillip Zong’s face was as deep as water, her lips pressed tightly, she suddenly became enthusiastic, coming without warning, he never even thought that one day she would make such a seductive and seductive appearance in front of him, a momentary astonishment. Her lips were pressed, and she k*ssed gently.

He frowned, “You…” “Hush!”

Her face was flushed, and her teeth showed neat white teeth when she spoke, “Are you scared?

I think you are in a bad mood, just…” Phillip Zong squeezed her chin, forced her to look at her, her eyes darkened, her hands hanging beside her, clenched into fists tightly, could keep her face Calmly looked at him, she tugged her lips, “Is it disgusting that I am slutty…” Before she finished her words, Phillip Zong covered her lips, blocking her hovering on the tip of her tongue to blur her words, his k*ss always It was arrogant and overbearing, could not be resisted, could not shrink back, he seemed to swallow her tongue savagely, she frowned painfully, but did not say anything.

When his lips left, he pulled a thin entangled thread, saying every word, “Only you can seduce me.”

He seemed to be telling Ana Lin that he would not like other women.

The uncontrollable sourness rushed into the nasal cavity, and the eyes were blurred in a second, she quickly turned around, “Well… you go out, I want to take a bath.”

Phillip Zong stood and didn’t move, his hands spread over her shoulders to her chest, slender fingers picked up the buttons on her skirt, and said in a low voice, “I’ll take care of you.”

Ana Lin was stiff, and the blood was slowly solidifying, perhaps because her back was facing him, she was able to stabilize.

She looked down at his slender and flexible fingers, “Are you sure?

Will you feel urge to watch me naked?

It’s only two months now, and the doctor has confessed that it is not possible to have a married life. “

His fingers paused.

Ana Lin took the opportunity to push him, “Wait for me outside.”

After speaking, she walked into the bathroom and closed the glass door. She thought that she was able to face him in the time she was ready to face him, but that was not the case. She was guilty, she was guilty, and she was faceless.

She wiped away her tears, cheered up, took off her clothes and soaked herself in the water, washing herself seriously. She said that she wanted to wear beautiful clothes and that she wanted to match him at least in appearance.

Even if there is only one day.

Her skin was very white, as delicate as mutton jade, the moment she came out of the water, it was as clear and soft as water. She took the bathrobe and wrapped her graceful body and washed her long black hair. Dry, sparse and very supple, opened the bathroom door, there was no one in the house.

Ruth came up and entangled Phillip Zong. He was not there, but Ana Lin was relaxed. She opened the closet and looked for the clothes to wear today. Because she is a fashion designer, she also has unique insights into fashion, and what kind of suits she is. The clothes are even more knowledgeable.

She stretched out her hand and took out a set of slightly sexy suspender skirts and put them on her body. The whole body was white with light yarn texture, without too much fancy decorations. The slender waist was immediately highlighted when she held her waist. The skirt stretched below the knees, revealing With thin white legs, the neckline is V-shaped, but it is not deep, revealing the delicate collarbone and slender neck, fresh and natural, but also a little sexy.

The long hair that had been dried was arbitrarily pulled behind his head, and a few strands of broken hair fell in the ear for no reason, adding a bit of femininity.

Although she has not applied Fendai, her skin is good, fresh and elegant, and she is naturally natural.

She walked downstairs, Phillip Zong just walked out of Ruth’s room, looked up, and saw her.

Phillip Zong’s eyes patrolled her back and forth, his eyes darkened a bit, then he walked over and held her hand, “Dress up like this, are you going to go on a blind date?”

She curled her eyebrows and smiled, “Do I look good then?”

He held her hands tighter and said, “It looks good, I want to hide it, I appreciate it myself.”

The driver outside the villa was already waiting, Phillip Zong opened the door for her, she bent over and sat in, and then he also sat in, giving the driver a faint voice, “Let’s go.”

Phillip Zong arranged everything, she didn’t care about anything, just followed him.

The police station has already said hello, they can do it in the past, the two children are about to go to elementary school, and Zong Kaifeng had done it before the hukou, now they just need to change the name on the above.

There is no need to line up, and it’s fast.

It took only ten minutes to get to the police station.

Back in the car, Ana Lin said lightly, “I can’t change the name.”

It has become a habit to call it for so many years, and now it takes a while to get used to it, but this is normal, and the son follows the father’s name.

Phillip Zong took her shoulders and held the person in his arms. He glanced down at her exposed shoulders and frowned slightly. Ana Lin did not notice his gaze, and leaned quietly against his arms. Here, did not ask what to do next.

Soon the car stopped at a flower shop. Phillip Zong took her out of the car. Ana Lin suddenly wanted to laugh. I don’t know why. In fact, the two people have not been together for a long time, but I don’t know why, she just feels The state of two people being an old man and an old wife may be because the two children are too big, all this illusion.

Now suddenly falling in love like a young man, and going to buy flowers, it would be a little embarrassing, Ana Lin held him, “Let’s stop buying.”

Phillip Zong took her hand and insisted on pulling people into the shop, rudely and simply said to the florist owner, the number of roses representing my love for her.

The shopkeeper met such a customer for the first time. He looked at Ana Lin and then at the talking man. Phillip Zong’s suit and leather shoes were tall and handsome, and when his face was heavy and silent, he felt alienated and expensive.

The owner of the flower shop was a woman in her early forties, her eyes stayed on Phillip Zong’s body for a while, and she forgot to speak.

Ana Lin reminded with a calm face, “Are you not in business?”

The flower shop owner retracted his gaze in embarrassment, and said, “This rose is so exquisite, what kind of color, what kind of number…” “I want that bunch.”

Ana Lin interrupted the flower shop owner and pointed to a bunch of red roses wrapped inside.

She don’t want to like this woman’s eyes always look at Phillip Zong’s body, wanting to buy and leave as soon as possible.

“That’s a reservation from another guest…” “You charge the price.”

Phillip Zong took out the wallet, only when Ana Lin valued the bundle, it didn’t matter how much money she spent, as long as she liked it.

The florist owner hesitated, seeing that this man is so handsome and generous, so he relaxed, “All right.”

She is just repacking the other guest.

The left and right can’t make trouble with money, and he is still such a handsome man who can’t refuse.

The owner of the florist took the bunch of flowers and said with a smile when he handed them to Ana Lin, “This was originally ordered by a gentleman. Ninety-nine flowers are for marriage proposal. It is for your boyfriend’s sake. I’ll give it to you first.”

Ana Lin felt a little embarrassed for a while, after all, this was booked in advance, and it was still used for such a major event as a proposal.

If you confuse others, you are guilty.

The flower shop owner saw Ana Lin’s hesitation, put the flowers into her arms, and said with a smile, “Don’t be embarrassed, I will pack another bunch.”

Ana Lin had to accept it. When she walked out of the flower shop with the flowers in her arms, Ana Lin really felt that she was in love. It was just the object of love, not too romantic, obviously very romantic things will change here. It’s very blunt.

But she likes it.

She took the initiative to take Phillip Zong’s arm and said, “I like it very much.”

He tilted his head and lowered his eyes, looking at her smiling face, “Satisfied so easily?”

Ana Lin smiled. In fact, girls are easily satisfied. As long as they are given enough security and occasional surprises, they will feel very happy.

The driver opened the door for them, and as they were about to get in the car, a voice came from behind.

“sister in law.”

Ana Lin turned around and saw a car parked in the opposite lane. Roman Li pushed the car door down and ran across the road. “I thought I was dazzled.”

He was going to find Ana Lin, but when something happened passed by, he saw people in the flower shop like Ana Lin and Phillip Zong through the glass window, but he didn’t dare to confirm because he felt that they were not like this.’ Naive people.

Buying flowers is only done when young people are in love.

He lowered his head and hesitated, “That…sister-in-law, my dad is sick, he wants to see you.”

Chapter 471

“I do not have time.”

Ana Lin refused decisively, and got Phillip Zong into the car. Roman Li chased him a step forward, his eyes were a little red, “Sister-in-law…maybe you shouldn’t be called that…” “What are you doing?

! “

Suddenly, Ana Lin interrupted him sharply.

Roman Li didn’t expect Ana Lin to react so much, and then he understood why she would be like this.

It is also clear why she almost fainted at Wen’s door that day.

That day, after he stood at the door of Wen’s house and watched Ana Lin’s car left, he did not go back to find Long Pangpang, but returned to Wen’s house, wanting to ask Foster Wen if he did anything to Ana Lin again. Because Ana Lin’s situation looked particularly bad at the time, he wanted to ask what was going on, and when he opened the door, he saw Li Jing standing in the living room with an abnormal expression on his face. She only came back when she saw her son come back.

At that time, Li Jing asked Ana Lin to have dinner at home. Ana Lin ignored her, thinking that she hadn’t done a good job, and made her angry, so she froze in the living room.

But after seeing my son, he didn’t care about anything and walked over hurriedly, “Are you back?”

I just made a lot of meals. Let’s eat dinner with me at home today. “

Roman Li was not in the mood to eat, but asked, “Where is my dad?”

Li Jing frowned, “Why do you find your dad when you come back?”

She knew that her son and her husband had a bad temper, so she was very worried, especially when Roman Li asked Foster Wen’s whereabouts in a questioning tone, and she dared not let him meet Foster Wen at this time.

Li Jing took her son for fear that he would go to Foster Wen, “What do you see your dad doing?”

“Did my sister-in-law come just now?

See my dad? “

Roman Li looked at his mother and spoke softly. He had opinions on Foster Wen, but he still respected his mother.

Li Jing nodded.

Roman Li sneered, “No wonder she almost fainted at the door just now, what did my dad do?

! “

When talking about Foster Wen, Roman Li gritted his teeth.

Li Jing was stunned for a moment, wondering if Ana Lin and Foster Wen had a conflict in the study?

So when she asked her to stay for dinner, she didn’t even reply?

“Where is he?”

Roman Li asked.

Li Jing still didn’t dare to say, watching Roman Li go to see Foster Wen two people must have quarrel.

“In addition to betraying Chen Qing at home, he should like to stay in the study.”

Roman Li still knew a little bit about Foster Wen. He broke off Li Jing’s hand and walked towards the study. He didn’t knock on the door. He kicked open the study door with a violent kick. The door banged against the wall. sound.

“Foster Wen, what do you want…” He called Foster Wen by name. Before he could finish his questioning, he saw Foster Wen lying on the ground. Roman Li was stunned for a while, he hadn’t questioned him yet. Why is he lying on the ground?

Li Jing, who was afraid of her son and husband quarreling, ran over and saw her husband lying on the ground. She screamed, and then quickly rushed over, “What’s wrong with you, old man?”

Don’t scare me. “

Foster Wen was not in a coma. It was just that the thrombus shedding caused by overexcited emotions and the excessive shock in the heart increased the burden on the heart, which caused a stroke when he was extremely emotional.

His body was good, but he passed out once before and was about to be a 60-year-old man. No matter how good his body is, he is not as strong as when he was young, not to mention the shock from the soul.

His eyes were wide open, the corners of his mouth slanted to one side and he couldn’t speak, and his hands and feet pulled out.

Li Jing’s scared tears fell straight, and she scolded Roman Li who was standing at the door in a daze, “What are you still trying to do, hurry up and send your dad to the hospital, do you want to watch him die?”

Only then did Roman Li react and ran over to hug Foster Wen. After all, he was his father. No matter how much dissatisfaction he had in his heart, it was related to his life. He was still very worried. He was also surprisingly strong. It was a little difficult to hug Foster Wen. I could see the blue veins on his forehead. When Roman Li picked up Foster Wen, Foster Wen grabbed the letter paper in his hand and fell on the ground. Li Jing saw that there was something in his hand. She reached out and picked it up. While reading the content, Roman Li shouted at her, “Hurry up.”

He has to drive, and someone in the car needs to take care of Foster Wen.

Li Jing hurriedly put the letter in her pocket and ran out. Foster Wen was placed in the back seat by Roman Li. She followed up and hugged Foster Wen. In case he fell, Roman Li drove in front.

It was related to Foster Wen’s life, Roman Li put the car down quickly, but it took more than 20 minutes to get to the hospital.

Foster Wen was sent to the rescue room. Roman Li walked around the door anxiously, muttering, “Usually he is in good health, how could…” Foster Wen in his memory was always in uniform, tall and straight. With a face forever, as if someone owes him money, how could he suddenly fall down?

“Mom…” Roman Li went to see Li Jing, wanting to ask her what happened between Ana Lin and Foster Wen, why are both of them hurt?

However, he saw Li Jing leaning against the wall and reading the letter.

Is she still in the mood to read letters at this time?

Roman Li walked to her, “Mom, my dad and…” “Let’s take a look.”

Before he finished speaking, Li Jing interrupted him, and handed him the letter in his hand.

Roman Li didn’t know why, “What is this?”

“Just look at it and you know everything.”

Li Jing handed it forward again.

This time Roman Li took it over. Although Li Jing was not as excited as Foster Wen, she was shocked by the letter. She supported the wall bit by bit and moved to sit down in front of the bench against the wall.

She now knows why her husband would… Hey-she couldn’t help sighing.

Roman Li glanced at Li Jing and hesitated, but instead of going over, he looked down at the letter. The first thing that came into his eyes was the five words dear brother. He continued to look down: 【Dear brother.

If you can read this letter, then I am definitely no longer in this world. Don’t be sad for me, don’t be sad for me, everything is my own choice.

I have done a lot of wrong things in my life. I am sorry for many people. The most sorry is unsealing. I married him, but I never did what a wife should do.

I selfishly wanted to stay together with Ziyi, and found a woman for Kaifeng absurdly. This is another person I am sorry for. She met me, lost her lover, and became a shameless mistress.

After writing this, I think you should be able to guess one or two with your brother. Yes, Phillip is not my biological son. It is the biological son of Danna and Kaifeng. I owe Kaifeng. In order to give the child a legitimate identity, I also want to Let your dad and you rest assured, so I told everyone that Phillip was my son, and I lied to everyone.

Although it was a marriage between the two families at the beginning, you even wanted to separate me and Ziyi. You think he is an illegitimate child. Yes… I know that our family is destined to be incompatible with such a person, but I love him, if he is After death, I am willing to accompany him to eighteen levels of hell.

Brother, when I wrote this letter, what I regret most is that I promised you to marry Kaifeng, which harmed him and an innocent woman. I know your temperament and I will definitely feel that my marriage is all Yu Yu. Show destroyed it, but it wasn’t. I did it all.

I am the culprit.

Brother, I have one more thing I want to tell you. I’m pregnant and the child belongs to Ziyi. I’ve checked it. It’s a girl. I said to Kaifeng that I hope she can marry Phillip. I am selfish again. I think, I want my daughter to make up for my debt to the Zong family.

At the end of writing, I found that I had failed to be a man in this whole life. I was not worthy of being a wife or a mother. If I had the opportunity to choose again, I would not compromise, would not hurt others for my own selfishness, and let myself live in pain. Regret.

——Wen Xian]

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