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Chapter 46

Ana Lin looked ignorant, there was no anesthesia in this medicine box, even if she had it, she wouldn’t be able to use it, she had never studied medicine, and this anesthesia was not used casually.

How to stop the pain?

“Well, why don’t you go to the hospital, I think the injury is serious–“

Hot and humid breathing instantly enveloped.

The next second, her lips were blocked, Ana Lin lost consciousness for a moment, raised her hand to push him, but was grabbed with both hands first, making her unable to move.

His k*ss was warmer than before, his tongue lowered her teeth, rolled her tongue, and licked every corner.

The movements are delicate and long, but strong but rough.

Ana Lin’s body was completely stiff, but he closed his eyes again, savoring.

Is it similar to that night?

At a certain moment, the heart suddenly hit her body hard, as if about to hit her chest cavity.

She wants to forget, but remembers the feeling clearly.

Compared with Phillip Zong, her feelings are profound, but Phillip Zong is not sober, her thoughts are chaotic, and she can’t remember the details of that night, she feels very weak, but she knows clearly that she had a woman and ruined it. The innocence of that woman.

He is responsible.

The impulse and beauty Ana Lin gave him was something that Bai Zhuwei had never given before.

“Aren’t you afraid?” His eyes were particularly good-looking, as if they were filled with a puddle of water, clear and deep, mixed with a trace of unintelligible emotions, looking at her, “Don’t you know it was dangerous?”

He was really—accidentally, she would rush over.

Ana Lin took a breath, afraid, why not, it was just the situation at the time that made her act out of reason.

If you let her calm down for three seconds, she might not do that.

Now what she thought in her mind was why Elvira Shen could do such a reckless thing, and how did she get stimulated?

Could it be that what happened the day she and Phillip Zong went to the Lin family?

Phillip Zong glanced over her moist lips. Although she was still repelling this time, it was not as strong as before.

Is it accustomed to his k*sses?

“What do you want?” Phillip Zong took the gauze and wrapped the wound.

Ana Lin just lost his mind, and saw him bandaging the wound, and said, “It hasn’t been cleaned yet—”

“It’s okay.” He said lightly.

Ana Lin looked at the movements of his hands and said the doubts in his heart, “Is Elvira Shen crazy? You dare to come here to make trouble, you really didn’t touch—”

Phillip Zong’s eyes were cold and gloomy, what did she mean?

Doubt him?

This is a mystery. For Ana Lin, if Elvira Shen can come here desperately to make trouble, it must have happened, otherwise she would not be so crazy.

“I didn’t!” he almost shouted.

Who is he? Can he be a woman?

“Then why did she come here to make trouble, and even want your life? Although this approach is very mindless, but without being driven to desperation, she will never do such crazy things.”

Ana Lin couldn’t understand, but Phillip Zong knew that it might be related to Randall Lin, so his eyes sank.

Phillip Zong didn’t say, Ana Lin thought he didn’t know either.

“It’s okay, then I’m going to do something.” She picked up the medicine kit with her doubts in her mind. Phillip Zong gave a hmm, and reminded him of what he thought of, “Randall Lin will come to you in these two days.”

Ana Lin’s movements stopped and turned to look at him, “How do you know?”

After I asked, I seemed to have noticed something, “It is related to Lin’s company, and it is also related to you?”

She is not clear about the details, but definitely has a direct relationship with Phillip Zong.

Otherwise, Elvira Shen won’t be so crazy.

“Why did you do this?” Ana Lin did not sympathize with Elvira Shen and Randall Lin, but did not understand Phillip Zong’s approach.

Phillip Zong sneered, “Allow her to commit three abuses, but shouldn’t I use some tricks?”

Ana Lin took a breath, was this the hatred of that night?

She thought silently in her heart that she would never sin against this man in the future.

Just as Ana Lin packed up and was about to go out, the office door was knocked.

Phillip Zong stood up, walked to the desk and sat down, faintly replied, “Come in.”

Milton Guan held the file in his hand, opened the door and walked in. When he saw Ana Lin, she was taken aback, unexpectedly she would appear here.

“This is all Lin’s information.” Milton Guan handed over the file.

Hearing Lin, Ana Lin stopped, trying to inquire about things she didn’t know.

“Want to see it?” Phillip Zong asked, seeing her thoughts.

Ana Lin nodded and answered honestly, “Yes.”

Phillip Zong didn’t reach out to take the document, but raised his chin toward Milton Guan, “Give it to her.”

Milton Guan was dumbfounded.

Why is Ana Lin’s relationship with Zong so close?

The corners of his eyes twitched, unable to understand Phillip Zong’s thoughts.

“Assistant Guan?” Ana Lin stretched out her hand, Milton Guan did not give her the file, she reminded in a low voice.

“Ah, oh, here.” Milton Guan handed over the documents in his hand. “This is the business of Lin’s company over the past few years.” He said with contempt, “A year is worse than a year.”

Milton Guan didn’t look down on Randall Lin, but he couldn’t make people look up at all.

The Lin family is considered to be a family-inherited enterprise. It was founded by the generation of Grandpa Randall Lin. Although it has not been carried forward, the company’s development is considered stable.

But when he arrived at Randall Lin, he had only taken over for more than 20 years, and there were two great turmoil. The first time, 19 years ago, he almost went bankrupt, and later married Ida Zhuang to save his bankruptcy.

This time it was also because he put the company into a crisis, even if Phillip Zong didn’t add fire, he might not be able to survive it.

Ana Lin knew that something happened to Randall Lin’s company before, but he didn’t know it was so serious.

Before she let Randall Lin and Elvira Shen divorce, he was still a little bit reluctant. Now that she can force Elvira Shen to be like this, I am afraid that his situation is not good.

She didn’t feel the pleasure of revenge, but was melancholy.

She put down the files and went out carrying the medicine kit.

Sure enough, Phillip Zong expected.

Ana Lin returned to the villa after get off work and saw Randall Lin.

Probably because I was asking for something, I sent over everything I didn’t give Ana Lin last time, as well as the piano.

Wanda heard that he was Ana Lin’s father, so naturally she was warmly entertained.

“Your dad has been waiting for you for a long time, and he said that those are the ones you liked before, and I’m afraid you will be uncomfortable here and be sent over.” Wanda continued to drink tea and saw Ana Lin come back and said.

Ana Lin turned his head to look at Phillip Zong. There was no expression on his face. He unbuttoned his suit with one hand. Ana Lin stretched out his hand, “Your hand is hurt, I will help you take it off.”

Phillip Zong let go and let Ana Lin’wait on’ him.

Wanda looked at the two, the smiles on her faces became deeper and deeper, the folds in the corners of her eyes were a little deeper, and the smiles filled them. They became more and more like husband and wife.

Randall Lin stood up, somewhat at a loss.

Unexpectedly, Ana Lin really had a very good relationship with Phillip Zong.

So far, he doesn’t think Ana Lin is good-looking, why would Phillip Zong look at her?

Ana Lin hung up Phillip Zong’s coat before he walked in and said blankly, “Is something wrong with you?”

Randall Lin only discovered one thing at this moment. She has never called his dad since she came back, and always called him by’you’.

Is this a grudge that sent her abroad?

“Words–” After hesitating again and again, Randall Lin opened his mouth.

He is about to become a pauper, maybe he will go to jail, so he still has a face?

Ana Lin sat down next to Phillip Zong, or in front of Randall Lin, she subconsciously wanted to act for him.

Let him feel that his relationship with Phillip Zong is good.

“The things that I gave you last time are not complete. This piano is a birthday present from your mother. I sent you here specially—”

“Say things, I don’t think you have a fatherly heart, come to see me and give me things.”

Chapter 47

She thought she could be calm, and when she heard Phillip Zong’s reminder, she was prepared in her heart, but seeing him, the past, those hurts, those pains, were always there.

She thought she let it go, but she didn’t.

Randall Lin’s face is a bit ugly, but now it’s him who is asking for help, and his face is gone, so the dignity that comes back?

He knelt down with a thump, and knelt at Ana Lin’s feet, “Yes, the company is going to close down, there is a collapsed project, and there is a conflict with the owner, which hurts lives, and my father has nowhere to go. You help Dad this time.”

Originally because of the project, he was facing a lawsuit, which was mixed with life. Fortunately, Ana Lin gave him the contract for Repulse Bay. He sold some money to comfort his family and compensate a lot of money. , It’s private.

However, for the collapse of the project, the attitude of the relevant departments was very serious, and he was inevitably held accountable.

Because of the large amount of funds invested in this project, the company cannot be recovered, the company’s capital chain is broken, and it is facing bankruptcy.

Ana Lin looked at the man kneeling at his feet, clasped his hands and trembling slightly. He didn’t want to admit that he had a father-daughter relationship with him, that she had been hugged by him, or that he had called his father affectionately.

It’s such a man.

At this moment he knelt down.

It is deceptive to say that she didn’t feel it, her heart is really not that hard.

Ana Lin said nothing, Randall Lin thought she was unwilling, and the bloodshot eyes gathered in the middle, with appalling redness, “What you said last time, I have done what you said, and Elvira Shen and I have already After the divorce, she went out alone, and I gave her nothing.”

This is also one of the reasons for Elvira Shen’s loss of control. When she did not marry Randall Lin, she had no money and no power to accompany the wine lady. After she married Randall Lin, she never went out to make money and lived the life of Mrs. Kuo.

How could she survive after being cleansed out like this?

She had been familiar with the circle of high-class ladies before, and she couldn’t accept the inferior work she was asked to do.

She has become accustomed to a superior life.

In addition, Randall Lin blamed her for everything in the company, saying that the company would fall into such a crisis because of the consequences of her angering Phillip Zong. Not only did she fail to get people, but it hurt him.

He also said that Ana Lin said that as long as he divorced her, he would help him through the company’s difficulties.

So she was forcibly taken to the Civil Affairs Bureau and divorced.

And Elvira Shen attributed all this to Phillip Zong’s body. It was not that he pretended to be lame. How could she let Randall Lin bring Ana Lin’s mother and son back from abroad?

If he doesn’t pretend to be lame, he won’t let Ana Lin marry him.

There will be no later things, she will not be afraid of Ana Lin’s revenge, and if she wants to get Phillip Zong for her daughter madly, she will not fall into the fate of having nothing and being cleansed out of the house.

All this is Phillip Zong’s fault.

He didn’t pretend to be lame, everything changed.

Ana Lin wanted to make himself smile, but he couldn’t smile. This man was as ruthless as ever.

She and her mother back then, Elvira Shen now.

“Yes, Dad regrets it. Really, I really shouldn’t abandon your mother and you.” Randall Lin looked red and almost shed tears, “It wasn’t that Elvira Shen gave me a son. I won’t be so careless, you You know, you were ten years old at the time, and your mother has never been pregnant again. I am a man and I need a son—”

“Enough!” Ana Lin couldn’t listen, son? son?

The nails she hated almost penetrated into the flesh of her palm, without knowing it.

She was shaking all over.

Phillip Zong, who was close to him, noticed her excitement, stretched out his uninjured hand to hold her, and wrapped it tightly in his palm.

His palms are broad, strong and warm.

But it can comfort people inexplicably.

Ana Lin’s mood slowly calmed down.

“You go first.”


“Stop talking, if you say one more word, I won’t even think about it!” Ana Lin growled, her emotions a little uncontrollable, and she became excited when she was excited.

It may be that Randall Lin did something that couldn’t keep her from being excited.

“Calm down.” Phillip Zong clasped her shoulders.

Randall Lin opened his mouth and wanted to speak, but Phillip Zong interrupted him, “If you want help, leave immediately!”

Randall Lin was reluctant and did not dare to stay longer.

The living room quieted down quickly, and Wanda didn’t dare to say anything from the side. She thought it was her father who came to see her daughter. She had blood ties. She never thought there was such a grudge between father and daughter.

Wanda felt sorry for Ana Lin.

When parents divorce, the child is always the most injured.

Ana Lin wiped away the tears from his face, “Let you see the joke.”

She lowered her head, her hair covering most of her face.

Phillip Zong pressed his lips and never spoke to each other.

Some things can’t be let go without a few words of relief.

Not to mention this.

She hates Randall Lin again, and seeing his embarrassed appearance makes her feel uncomfortable.

“Well, what do you want to eat? I will do it?” Wanda turned off the subject, trying to ease the atmosphere.

Ana Lin led her mother’s love and said, “I want to eat sweet.”

After pregnancy, she didn’t like sourness, spicy, but sweet.

“Well, I just bought fresh ribs today. I can make you a sweet and sour ribs and make a sweet soup.” Wanda turned to the kitchen, and when she reached the door, she looked back and the two people on the sofa laughed. Up.

After Wanda left, the living room was quiet for a while.

“You did it?” Unconsciously, her tone was questioned.


Ana Lin raised his head to meet his eyes, saying that businessmen are not clean, is he like this too?

In order to achieve the goal, by all means?

Even hurt human lives?

“What do you mean?” Phillip Zong’s pupils were dark, he thought he was calm and not calm, “Do you think the murder case is related to me?”

Be quiet for three seconds, “Isn’t it?”

Suddenly, Phillip Zong pinched her jaw, “In your eyes, what kind of person am I?”

He did do something to make the Lin Clan collapse and disappear.

Lin was originally like a dangerous building under a tornado. As long as it was pushed gently, it would collapse suddenly. Why did he bother and kill him?

She actually thought he did it.

Today she suspected him twice, the first time that he was at the Lin family. What did you really do to Lin Yuhan.

Now it is suspected that he would harm human life for the purpose.

What does she think of him?

Faced with his almost furious eyes, Ana Lin warned that he might be wrong, “Sorry, I didn’t deliberately suspect you.”

Phillip Zong panted heavily, but the strength in his hands did not relax.

Still upset because she doubted herself.

The jaw hurts, his fingers are strong, and the jaw is dislocated. She doesn’t say a word, doesn’t intercede, but silently accepts it.

Phillip Zong’s anger was gradually extinguished in her silent forbearance.

His face was a little close, “Dare to doubt me indiscriminately in the future–“

Chapter 48

His face was close for a few minutes, “Dare to doubt me indiscriminately from now on–” His eyes were deep, staring at her lips, and biting down.

There was a sudden pain, and the bloody smell spread in the mouth.

She frowned, hurt, really hurt, this man actually bit her.

“In the future, if you wrong me once, I will punish you once in this way. Is it fair?”

Ana Lin stared blankly at the man in front of her. She couldn’t understand or understand his strange behavior.

“Do you know what you are doing?”

Phillip Zong was also questioned and had nothing to say. This woman, everything after meeting her caught him off guard, was out of control, and became unlike himself.

It is clear in my heart that this woman is not good, she is not pure, and does not understand self-love.

But such an unbearable woman made him interested and made him feel like a real man.

There will be men’s normal physiological reactions to women.

His emotions were hidden deep, and his appearance was calm and calm.

He chuckled and asked, “Then what about you? I rushed forward in spite of my life and blocked the knife for me, is—”

When he was speaking, his face leaned over, Ana Lin stepped back a little bit, and he continued to move forward for a minute. The two were close at hand. The smile on his face was quiet, soft, delicate, and intolerable. Ignore, “Did you fall in love with me?”

So when the embarrassment comes, you can rush forward desperately?

In fact, the moment he turned around, it was shocking to see her rushing over.

Ana Lin turned his head and didn’t look at him, “Mr. Zong, you really can be joking. I have only met you for a few days, so I will fall in love with you?”

If it weren’t for the suspicion that he was the father of the child in her belly, she would certainly not be so impulsive.

She cherishes her life, she has to live well for her mother and children.

Phillip Zong didn’t get angry either. He withdrew and leaned back on the sofa, smirking, “What if, fall in love with me at first sight? Who knows the relationship clearly?”

What he said seemed to be to Ana Lin, but also to himself.

Ana Lin’s hand on his leg suddenly closed, clenched, but calmly said, “I don’t believe in love at first sight.”

After finishing talking, she got up to pour water, trying to deliberately ignore this topic. She was originally two strangers, but living under the same roof under the arrangement of fate, talking about the most inexplicable word’love’ in the world, how ridiculous , How funny?

Ana Lin looked at the piano through the glass as she drank the water, her expression dimmed at the piano placed in front of the French windows.

The next day.

Ana Lin went to the hospital to see Ida Zhuang. She was sober this time, she recognized her at a glance, and held her hand.

“Yanyan, you came to see me, I’m very happy, I miss you a lot during this time.” Ida Zhuangg held her hand tightly, for fear that she would disappear once she let go.

Ida Zhuang is so sober, Ana Lin is very happy, “I won’t go, wait for you to get better, I will pick you out.”

When the agreement with Phillip Zong ends, she buys a small house and lives with her mother.

“Why don’t you see Dr. He to see me these days? Are you angry with him?” Ida Zhuang knows how Rios He is thinking.

She liked Rios He very much and recognized Rios He’s character.

It is also a doctor’s profession.

If Ana Lin can be with Rios He, it is naturally good.

It’s just that Ana Lin is pregnant with a child whose father is unknown.

The thought of this child Ida Zhuang felt a little bored.

“He has something to do. He may not be back during this time.” Ana Lin lowered his eyes slightly, and Rios He promised her to help her figure out what happened that night. He should be in country A now.

“If you are not pregnant, it would be nice to be with him, I think he would be fine…”

“Mom.” Ana Lin interrupted her quickly and put a bracelet on her hand. “Does Mom still know?”

Ida Zhuang lowered his head, “Of course.” This is her dowry, but he felt incredible. He looked up at Ana Lin, “Why do you have?”

“Randall Lin gave it to me.” Ana Lin came today for a purpose. She was messed up and didn’t know what to do. “Randall Lin was in trouble. He came to me yesterday, but I don’t know what to do.”

Ana Lin hated him in his heart, wishing him to die.

But in the end, no matter how bad he is, he is still her father, with his blood bleeding on her body.

Ida Zhuang lowered his eyes, “I don’t want you to take it to heart, don’t entangle the past, don’t have ties with people in the past, don’t hurt or forgive.”

She understood what Ida Zhuang meant.

No matter what Randall Lin is, whether it is good or bad, she shouldn’t involve him.


Later, the two spoke for a while, and Ana Lin walked out of the room when it was time for the visit.

Coming out of the room, Ana Lin went to the nurse’s desk to inquire about the situation.

“She is so sober, does it mean that she is well?”

“No, she selectively forgets some things and remembers the current things, but this situation won’t last long, one after another.”

Ana Lin was a little disappointed, thinking she was all right, “Then please take care of her.”

“We will. Doctor He has taken special care of it. Please rest assured.”

Ana Lin said thank you and left the hospital.

Since Ida Zhuang said so, she didn’t care about it. Her grievances were wiped out and she took a taxi to the company.

Sitting in the car, she cast her eyes out of the car window, looking at this familiar and unfamiliar city.

When the car passed by Lin’s company, there were many people around the door, pulling banners and writing big characters; paying back my hard-earned money.

“Master driver stopped.” Ana Lin lowered the window and looked at the situation outside.

The driver glanced back and said, “Have you heard that? These profiteers have cut work, and the building collapsed before it was built. Those owners who have already paid for it can be regarded as a blood mold. Now, who would dare to live in such a house? But no, and there will be no refund. There are people around here every day during this period, and I don’t see any use, miss, did you buy a house here?”

Ana Lin shook his head, “No.”

“That’s good, many people can’t afford to buy a house for a lifetime, and some people can only buy a house after emptying their property. If this happens, I am afraid that I will vomit to death. In the final analysis, it is the developer who is too rape and has killed so many people.” The more the driver spoke, the more angry he became, as if he was also a victim.

“Are you going to get off here?” the driver asked, parking here is a waste of his time, and he has to do business.

“No, let’s go.” Ana Lin didn’t just take it back and not look.

These are none of her business.

Soon the car stopped in front of the Wanyue Group building. Ana Lin paid and got off the car. When he was about to go forward, a man in a black suit ran over and said, “Is this Miss Lin?”

Ana Lin turned her head and glanced at him up and down, a completely strange face, she searched for this person’s information in her mind, and she was sure she didn’t know him, and had never seen him.

The last time she was murdered, she was very vigilant and did not admit her identity, but asked, “Who are you? I don’t know you.”

The driver did not panic and was calm, “I am the driver of my wife, and my wife wants to see you.”

“Your wife?” Ana Lin frowned, looking at a black luxury car parked on the side of the road.

It seems that the people inside felt Ana Lin’s gaze, and the window of the car slowly lowered——

The driver followed Ana Lin’s gaze and said, “That’s my wife.”

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