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Chapter 43

Ana Lin hesitated for a moment, then slowly stepped forward and walked up to him.

Ana Lin has never seen him so close without distracting thoughts, his body is full of the mature taste that has accumulated over the years, open, hot, and generous.

At this moment, his eyebrows, his forehead, and his temples all settled in peace, and they couldn’t stir up any waves.

With such a calm look, her heart was flustered.

Perhaps he knew that he might be the father of the belly child, and subconsciously would care about his opinion of himself.

Women are always emotional.

And it was during this period of her pregnancy that she was especially sensitive.

“He helped me a lot. I didn’t know that the occasion he asked me to accompany him to attend today was such an occasion, let alone that you would be there. I didn’t mean it.”

His brows were frowned, his expression was complicated, so complicated that no one could see through.

Ana Lin thought he didn’t believe in himself and thought she was the kind of watery woman.

But she is not!


“Are you explaining?” His Adam’s apple slid up and down.

“I don’t want you to misunderstand me.” If she didn’t care before, how would Phillip Zong look at her.

But not now.

If it was him that night, and they had children together, they would always leave a good impression on each other.

“You are so sincere, I can’t wait for it, can’t hold it, but I don’t have anything to do with you.” Seeing her and Rios He appear together, he was indeed angry.

I can’t wait to choke her to death, and never take his words seriously.

“Enter the house.” He stood up straight and walked towards the courtyard, Ana Lin followed him into the house.

Wanda had already rested, and the spacious living room was empty and less popular.

He unbuttoned his suit, “I’m hungry.”

Ana Lin took the coat from him, “It’s so late, let me cook some noodles for you.”

He gave a faint hum, walked to the sofa and sat down, leaning back in a relaxed posture, his eyes closed, his slender fingers picked up the collar button, and pulled off the tie.

Ana Lin hung his coat on the hanger and went to the kitchen to cook noodles.

She found vegetables and tomatoes from the refrigerator, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and under the water, she would make them in a while.

In the living room, Phillip Zong looked at the slender figure busy with his back, feeling like home in a daze.

Ana Lin put on the table, “Okay.”

She went and poured two glasses of water over, one was placed in front of Phillip Zong, and she opened the chair and sat down opposite him. His collar was slightly open and his sexy collarbone was exposed. The cuffs were rolled up to reveal half of his strong arms. Said that as a man, he was favored by the Creator.

Even the movement of holding chopsticks is very pleasing to the eye.

He lowered his head and raised his face into his mouth, then frowned slightly because there was no smell.

Ana Lin couldn’t help but smile. He picked up the spoon next to him and scooped two spoonfuls of scrambled eggs with tomatoes on the noodles, “Tomato and egg noodles are delicious if accompanied by this.”

Phillip Zong raised his head and saw Ana Lin’s crooked smile.

In the impression, he had never seen such an unobstructed smile on her face, with bright eyebrows like blooming white magnolia, clear and pure.

Surprised to see it.

Ana Lin raised his head, saw the fascinated man, and asked cautiously, “Is it not delicious?”

Phillip Zong recovered, coughed lightly, stuffed the noodles into his mouth, and muttered, “It’s delicious.”

Ana Lin took two sips of water and looked out the window with one hand resting his cheek.

“Are you not going to sleep?” Phillip Zong glanced at her.

“When you eat well, I will wash the dishes and chopsticks before going to sleep, and put it here for mom to clean up in the morning.” She supported her chin.

Phillip Zong lowered his head and continued to eat noodles, learning Ana Lin’s way of eating, and accompanied by scrambled eggs with tomatoes and noodles.


Ana Lin’s face instantly turned red.

She covered her belly, this uncomfortable grunt made her embarrassed.

Phillip Zong looked up at her, “Are you hungry too?”

Ana Lin only felt that his face was burning more severely. He grabbed the hem of his clothes and bowed his head, “I didn’t eat at night, but I was not hungry just now.”

That’s why she didn’t cook her own.

She stood up, “I’ll cook some more.”

“I can’t finish my food. I can divide you a bit. Just bring a bowl.” Phillip Zong realized something was wrong when he finished speaking. He pretended to be indifferent when he had eaten this side, “I k*ssed you, so close. I’ve all done the same, and it’s okay to eat a bowl of noodles, right?”

Ana Lin opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say a word. How about Jin Gui? What about Leng Jun?

Why is it a bit like a “rascal” now?

“I’ll cook another bowl by myself—”

“Do you dislike me?” His eyebrows were stretched out, his appearance was a bit less unkind, his eyes were raised up, his black pupils were glowing with fine light, and there was a touch of spring, and he was alive as a seductive’fairy’.

Ana Lin’s heartbeat stopped in an instant.

“I—I’ll get the bowl.” Ana Lin quickly left the restaurant.

Seeing her panicked back, Phillip Zong curled his lips.

Ana Lin brought a bowl and Phillip Zong gave her what he hadn’t eaten below. Ana Lin lowered his head and dared not look at him.

I always feel that this is a very intimate behavior.

Only those who have been married for a long time do this.

Phillip Zong’s gaze stayed on her face for a moment, but she did not expect that she would be shy.

A casual smile spread across the corners of his lips.

After eating, Ana Lin cleaned up the dishes, Phillip Zong went upstairs to wash.

This is probably the first time Ana Lin has lived in such a peaceful relationship with Phillip Zong.

When Ana Lin got up in the morning, Phillip Zong also came downstairs, his eyes met in the air, Ana Lin avoided first.

Phillip Zong walked down and entered the restaurant.

When Wanda put the breakfast on the table and put the coffee in front of Phillip Zong, she deliberately asked, “Is it popular for newlyweds to sleep in separate rooms?”

Phillip Zong’s movements stopped, raised his eyebrows, and stared at Ana Lin on the opposite side, which made the atmosphere inexplicably ambiguous.

Ana Lin almost squirted out the milk she drank when she heard Wanda’s words. Her cheeks became hot involuntarily, and fine sweat beaded from the tip of her nose. Her mind was blank, and she was a little at a loss.

“Wanda, did you fry eggs?” Phillip Zong reminded him just right.

There was a faint smell of burnt in the air.

Yu’s mother was agitated, “My egg.”

Hurriedly turned back and ran into the kitchen, her omelette was battered.

Phillip Zong smiled lightly, eyes inadvertently falling on the corners of her lips where there was milky white residue, he handed over a napkin, “Wanda is the person who takes care of me, and is especially concerned about my lifelong events.”

She knew that Yu’s mother was so obvious, but she felt very embarrassed that she was just being put together by Yu’s honestly.

She reached out and took the tissue that Phillip Zong handed over. Her fingers accidentally touched him. If there was an electric current from between her fingers, it would flow upstream along her blood, filling her cheeks, red and hot, so she quickly took it back. hand.

“Then-I will take one myself.” Ana Lin stretched out his hand and took one and wiped his mouth.

Phillip Zong was not embarrassed, and naturally took it back.

For breakfast, Ana Lin didn’t know the taste and the strange atmosphere made her feel uncomfortable.

After eating, she left the restaurant first, “You eat slowly, I will leave first.”

Chapter 44


Ana Lin turned around.

Phillip Zong didn’t explain, but wiped his hands slowly, put the veil on the table, stood up, and walked towards her, “Let’s go to the company together.”

Ana Lin opened his mouth wide, together?

Did she hear it wrong?

“We are together–is it appropriate?” After all, no one knows their relationship. Going to the company together makes people see it, and they don’t know what to say.

“What’s inappropriate, you are a husband and wife, who dare to say anything?” Wanda interrupted, thinking that it is good for Phillip Zong to take the initiative to go to the company with Ana Lin. Is he already accepting Ana Lin?

After all, it is a husband and wife, and the relationship should be close.

Ana Lin wanted to say something, Wanda had already walked over and pushed her, “Hurry up and change shoes.”

Ana Lin was forced to follow Phillip Zong out.

Wanda looked like a surveillance officer, watching her get into Phillip Zong’s car before entering the house.

Ana Lin gave a dry smile, “Wanda, really enthusiastic.”

Phillip Zong did not answer her, but asked, “So afraid of others knowing our relationship?”

Ana Lin finds him inexplicable, what is she afraid of?

Disclosing her identity is only good for her, not bad.

“We are a deal. Such a short marriage, let people in your company know that it will cause you trouble.” She lowered her eyes and said lightly.

With planning, her heart is empty and panic, she doesn’t know how true or false the guessed answer is.

If it is false, then forget it, as an oolong.

If it is true.

This man–

Can you accept this child?

“Are you thinking about me?” There was a faint smile on his lips, as if this answer made him happy.

Her thoughts turned back and forth, her hands clenched, and she tentatively said, “Forget it, after divorcing me, Mr. Zong should marry Miss Bai and enter the door immediately.”

Speaking of Bai Zhuwei, Phillip Zong’s face gradually sank, and turned his head to the side, his eyes sharp, “Test me?”

Indeed, Ana Lin wanted to test whether he would marry Bai Zhuwei, and wanted to know whether his affection for Bai Zhuwei was deep.

Ana Lin pretended to be calm, “I’m just curious, Mr. Zong and Miss Bai’s love, temptation? Do I need to test? What good is it for me?”

Although Ana Lin’s explanation was very reasonable, Phillip Zong didn’t believe it.

I always feel that what she said has a different meaning.

He didn’t know what it was.

Just instinct told him that she had a purpose.

At this moment, the car has been in front of the company’s building. Usually Phillip Zong’s car is parked in the underground garage. This time, he parked in the parking lot above.

Ana Lin pushed the car door down and stood aside, ready to wait for Phillip Zong to go first, so she never went in.

Phillip Zong glanced at her and Ana Lin squeezed out a smile, “Don’t dare to cause trouble to Mr. Zong.”

“How do you know that I will be in trouble?” He asked whether it was salty or indifferent, his gaze turned, “Is it possible, you are the roundworm in my stomach?”

Ana Lin, “…”

Seeing a car coming in, she took a step back and completely distanced herself from him.

Phillip Zong glanced at her lightly, then turned and walked towards the building.

The quietness of the morning light dilutes the tense working atmosphere on weekdays, and even the whole building seems a bit leisurely at this moment.

The one who just drove in was also an employee of Wanyue Group, from the technical department. He saw Ana Lin standing there and came over, “Are you working in Wanyue too?”

Ana Lin smiled politely, “Yes.”

“Go in together.” The man had a pair of round Kuang glasses on the bridge of his nose. He was thin and thin, his skin was pale, and he looked very gentle.

Ana Lin nodded.

“Which department are you in?” the man asked.

“I am a translator.” Ana Lin replied lightly.

“Oh.” The man paused. “You should have just arrived. I haven’t seen you before.”

“Well, I’ve only been here for a few days.” When she spoke, she looked up at Phillip Zong in front. He had already stepped onto the doorstep and entered the company’s reception hall——

Suddenly, a black shadow rushed out and rushed straight towards Phillip Zong——

“Go and die!” It was a woman who rushed over, holding a sharp water knife in her hand, as if coming prepared.

The blade was glowing with cold light, drew an arc in the air, and struck Phillip Zong’s back.

“Be careful–“

At an extremely critical juncture, Ana Lin rushed over.

She couldn’t think at this moment. It wasn’t that she was brave and not afraid of death, but just thinking that Phillip Zong might be the father of the child in her stomach, and her reason was beyond her control.

Or maybe a woman has special feelings for her first man.

In short, she was irrational and wanted to block the danger for Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong heard the sound, turned around, and saw her leaping towards him, and Elvira Shen holding a knife——


Ana Lin slammed into his arms, and the knife in Elvira Shen’s hand also went down.

At this moment, she is sensible, will she die like this?

Before he had time to confirm whether he was the man that night or the father of the child.

In her mind, there were many things from the past, mother, younger brother, happy and unhappy, and the child in the belly now.

She was reluctant to die, did not want to, and was unwilling.

When the brain had an idea, the body responded. She pushed with both hands, trying to leave.

However, a force of gravity tightly encircled her waist, and her body slammed into a strong and hard chest, tightly, she could not move.

She regretted it.

But there is no chance to regret it.

She closed her eyes resignedly.

I hope the pain doesn’t come too fast, and one more second is one second.

There was an exclamation in the ear.

One second, two seconds, three seconds——

The pain did not come.

She opened her eyes slowly, and saw Phillip Zong looking down at her. The expression on her face was like unpredictable clouds, shocked, surprised, and faintly concealed with fear and surprise.

She didn’t seem to expect that when danger came, she would come over and stand in front of him desperately, his pupils smiled, “Do you know what you are doing?”

At this moment, Ana Lin’s thinking is all on his body, why does it not hurt?

She turned her head and saw Phillip Zong catching the blade that was about to be inserted into her body with her bare hands. The tip of the blade stopped at a position where she did not have a half finger. It almost touched her, and the bright red blood flowed along his fingers. Drop down.

Elvira Shen stared at Phillip Zong with scarlet eyes, so angry, why didn’t she stabbed him to death?

“I’m going to kill you!” Elvira Shen seemed to be greatly irritated, and she drew out the blade to strike again.

It seems to be endless!

Phillip Zong frowned slightly.

“You caused me to have nothing, I want to kill you!” Elvira Shen looked like a lunatic, rushing up desperately.

Phillip Zong grabbed Ana Lin’s waist and turned a half, leaving aside the blade that Elvira Shen attacked, he stretched out his long legs and kicked the person out.

The security staff in charge of the company’s public order heard the movement and came out to stop Elvira Shen who was kicked to the ground. She struggled, without the image of a lady before, splashing, “Let go of me, or I will sue you. indecent.”

During this time, people came to work one after another, and there was a circle around the door unknowingly.


It seems that this farce is unexpected.

They stretched their ears, wanting to listen to understand what is going on——

Chapter 45

From beginning to end, Phillip Zong didn’t even frown his brows. He put his injured hand behind him, his brows were cold, and he didn’t seem to be as calm as the surface.

Staring at the cursing Elvira Shen, the coldness on the corners of her lips grew stronger and stronger, “What are you doing?”

Baoquan immediately pressed Elvira Shen on receiving the order and wanted to drag her away.

She was exactly like a lunatic, rolling around and biting the security personnel.

“Phillip Zong, you are indecent to my daughter. If you are not responsible, you will not die. If you have money, you can do whatever you want? Can you not be responsible if you have money? We should be bullied by you if we have no money or power?!”

Elvira Shen yelled out of control, her brain still seemed very clear, and the lines were all Phillip Zong bullied and suppressed her.

She is the victim.

Everyone sounds tricky.

Phillip Zong assaulted her daughter?

This is really shocking news.

Not to mention the employees in the company, even the security personnel holding Elvira Shen want to hear more.

Elvira Shen also lost her face, and sat on the ground, crying and crying, “I have a hard life, so I have a daughter who was ruined by others, and there is no place to reason. In these days, is there a king? Should I be bullied? Should I die—”

More and more people gathered at the door.

All eyes were cast on Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong’s face was completely black, Ana Lin turned his head and looked at his side face with blue veins stretched out, knowing that he was angry, and very angry.

He hates Elvira Shen, she is naturally happy, but now it is obvious that someone wants to watch his excitement.

A person with a face and a face, having such a big scandal, is a pastime for ordinary people to talk after dinner.

“She is a lunatic, don’t you quickly get her away and disturb the order here?” Ana Lin suddenly said coldly.

“You are a lunatic!” Ana Lin’s words seemed to irritate Elvira Shen, and he rushed towards her while the security guards were not paying attention. He looked hideous and hated, “I will kill you!”

Ana Lin stepped back in fright, only to hear an angry shout, “Looking for death!”

Elvira Shen was kicked out again, this time even more embarrassed than last time, and she fell to the ground with all her feet upside down.

Phillip Zong’s sharp gaze swept over those who didn’t catch people’s security, “What are you doing to eat? Don’t you want to do it?”

The security personnel were all in a cold sweat. They had just been careless, and Elvira Shen had a chance to hurt others. This time they didn’t dare to neglect anymore, or they would lose their jobs.

“Sent to the police station, it is said that attempted murder with a knife.” Phillip Zong was really annoyed, leaving no room for the guilt of wounding with a knife and killing with a knife is completely different.

The security personnel grabbed Elvira Shen, who was like a lunatic, dragged him onto the car and sent it to the police station.

Elvira Shen shouted cursingly and was completely locked into the car.

“It’s gone.”

Phillip Zong gave a cold voice, everyone slowly dispersed, and the man who had spoken to Ana Lin quietly approached her, “I didn’t expect you to be so brave. You just dared to stand in front of Zong.”

He also saw at that time that he had the idea of ​​making good impressions in front of Phillip Zong, and it was only then that Ana Lin rushed forward.

“I’m going to brush my face this time, and Zong will definitely look at you more in the future. After all, you don’t care about the danger of your life, rushing to block the knife.” The man was a little envious.

Ana Lin didn’t know what he meant until now.

Think she deliberately performed in front of Phillip Zong?

But she knew that she was not.

Thinking of her, I looked at Phillip Zong’s injured hand, but didn’t know how it was going.

She didn’t expect that he would catch the blade with bare hands.

It hurts so much!

“What is your name?” the man asked suddenly.

Ana Lin’s mind was not on the man’s words, and he answered casually, “Ana Lin.”

“Are you free tonight? I have dinner together, and I can wait for you after get off work.”


Ana Lin looked back at the man, is he making an appointment with her?

Is there any mistake, they met for the first time.

Ana Lin was completely confused.


“You, come in with me!” Phillip Zong’s face is as ugly as it is. Is this still in front of him, should he hook up with a man?

Does she know the word shame?

Ana Lin hurriedly followed.

The man behind him did not give up, “Miss Lin, I will wait for you at the company gate after get off work in the evening and have dinner together.”

Phillip Zong’s footsteps paused and looked back at Ana Lin.

When she was about to answer, she faced a pair of eyes that were about to breathe fire, and it seemed that as long as Ana Lin dared to agree, he could strangle her to death!

Ana Lin flinched, and asked tentatively, “Are you angry?”

He was silent, just staring at her.

Eyes up.

Ana Lin swallowed and turned to look at the man, “Sorry, I already have an appointment.”

She turned her head again, Phillip Zong’s expression improved slightly, and Ana Lin’s promise satisfied him.

She thought for a while, still asking, “Are your hands severe, do you want to go to the hospital?”

With bare hands, Ana Lin felt that the injury should be serious.

Phillip Zong did not answer, but stepped into the elevator, Ana Lin followed.

She took the initiative to press the floor button, and stood aside staring at herself in the steel surface of the elevator where the human figure could be reflected. After a moment, “When Miss Bai comes to work, let her bandage you.”

No matter what the reason, he was because of her injuries, and he should always care about it.

Phillip Zong looked at her from the wall, could not hear the joy or anger, and said calmly, “She went to country A on a business trip.”

Ana Lin raised her head abruptly and looked at him. Didn’t you go to the dinner with him last night?

How could it be so sudden.

Phillip Zong straightened his expression, “Work arrangements.”

He would never say that he deliberately dismissed Bai Zhuwei.

He is not a fool. His uncontrollable emotions towards Ana Lin may be because he likes her a little bit?

He has never loved and loved people before, and he doesn’t understand. In short, Ana Lin is attractive to him.


Ana Lin said oh, and stopped talking.

With a ding sound, the elevator stopped when it reached the floor and slowly opened the door.

Phillip Zong stepped out, Ana Lin followed behind, and saw that the wounds on his hand were all blood. As for the wounds, it was hard to see.

Seeing that Phillip Zong was about to enter the office, Ana Lin quickened his pace and caught up with him, “How about I clean it up for you?”

Phillip Zong didn’t say a word, but stood in front of the office without moving.

Ana Lin seemed to understand his body language, and hurriedly stepped forward to open the door of the office, thinking of the medicine in the pantry in case of emergency, so he said, “I will get the medicine cabinet.”

Phillip Zong looked back at her hurried back, with a small smile on her lips.

Ana Lin came back with the medicine box. Phillip Zong was sitting on the sofa with her injured hand on her knee. The blood on her hand had solidified. She walked over with the medicine box and opened the medicine box on the coffee table. Out of the disinfectant water and gauze, she lowered her eyes, “The medicines here are limited. If it is serious, you have to go to the hospital.”

While she was speaking, she was ready, her thoughts were on the wound on his hand, no extra thoughts, holding his hand, she clearly saw the opening in his palm.

Crossing the palm of his hand, if he hadn’t clenched his fist and squeezed the wound, he didn’t know how much blood would bleed.

Ana Lin’s hand trembled slightly, and said in a low voice, “It may be a little painful, you bear it.”

She took a cotton swab soaked in alcohol to clean up the blood on his hand. Although she hadn’t done it before, she was not in a hurry. She was calm, serious, and careful.

Phillip Zong raised her eyes and stared at the woman who was close at hand. She lowered her eyes, her eyelashes were curled up, flickering, like feathers, gently brushing across her heart.


“I hurt you?” Ana Lin raised his head and met his eyes.

The distance is so close, even the breaths of each other are entangled with each other and can’t be distinguished. Phillip Zong’s breathing is a bit heavy, and her breathing is blowing Buddha’s hair hanging on her collarbone from time to time.

“You give me relief from the pain.”

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