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Chapter 40

“Secretary Bai, is this salary deduction?” Wu Meixia was aggressive.

Bai Zhuwei’s tone of business affairs, “According to the company system is like this.”

“I didn’t want to make trouble for such a trivial matter, but she was obviously late, and she also said that she had asked for leave. The character of the person who tells this kind of lies must be—”

“She took time off.” When Wu Meixia triumphantly recounted Ana Lin’s bad character, a low voice interrupted her.

Wu Meixia was stunned for a moment, and felt that she had heard it wrong. Can the Chief Labor Zong handle such a thing herself?

Obviously impossible.

“People who are late to lie must have problems with their character. Such people should not stay in the company.”

“I promised, she asked for leave, do you want me to say it again?” Phillip Zong’s tone increased, and it was slow and heavy, giving people a sense of oppressive questioning.

Wu Meixia heard it clearly this time, and it was impossible to hear a hallucination twice.

It feels too incredible.

Secretary Bai should handle this kind of thing. Where does the boss handle it himself?

What is the relationship between this woman and Zong?

Once twice-

“Okay, let’s do everything.” Bai Zhu slightly installed calmly.

But my heart was anxious.

Ana Lin’s gaze swept across Bai Zhu’s slightly composure face, and a thought passed through her mind. She wanted to confirm Wanda’s words that Phillip Zong didn’t love her, but for some reason.

This reason is related to going to country A.

Originally, she just wanted to treat it as a coincidence.

However, the words of Ida Zhuang and Rios He today made her go away.

Her child needs a dad.

Bai Zhuwei followed Phillip Zong into the office and reported all the itineraries. She closed the itinerary and asked tentatively, “Is Miss Lin accompanied you at the dinner?”

Phillip Zong seemed a little tired and closed his eyes and was silent for a few seconds, “You accompany me.”

Bai Zhu breathed a sigh of relief, “Then I will go out to work.”

Closing the office door, Bai Zhu turned slightly, and saw Ana Lin standing behind her, stopping.

“Secretary Bai, I have something to ask you, can I take a step to speak?” Ana Lin asked.

Bai Zhuwei was surprised that she would take the initiative to find herself.

She wanted to hear what she could say, “Okay, go to the cafe downstairs.”

Take the elevator, the two went down to the coffee shop on the first floor.

Find a quiet place to sit down.

Neither of them spoke first. After the coffee was served for a moment, Ana Lin spoke, “Miss Bai, the hostility towards me seems to be very deep.”

“Ahao and I are a couple, and they were taken apart abruptly. It is Miss Lin. What will Miss Lin do?” Bai Zhu asked slightly.

Ana Lin held the spoon and gently stirred the coffee in the coffee cup. She was really dripping.

“You know, Mr. Zong and I are only fulfilling the marriage contract, and the deadline is not long. Miss Bai seems very anxious, and very jealous of me.” She slowly raised her eyes.

“Why see?” Bai Zhu chuckled slightly and took a sip of coffee.

“You and I know well, spreading my pregnancy where I live, buying people slander me, irritating my mother, why do these things, I think Miss Bai knows clearly.” Bai Zhuwei pretended to be good, Ana Lin Deeper than her, as if everything is in the hand.

“I don’t know what Miss Lin means. What I do is simply dissatisfied that you marry Ah Hao. If Miss Lin wants to sue, I don’t care, because Ah Hao will understand me. I am just a woman, a woman in love. Being robbed of the position that should have belonged to me, it is understandable to do something extraordinary.” She smiled slightly and looked at Ana Lin, “Miss Lin took the initiative to ask me, but it seemed that she couldn’t keep her breath.”

Ana Lin smiled faintly, the unfathomable look made Bai Zhuwei feel hairy.

The voice was cold, “What are you laughing at?”

“I heard a funny thing, is Miss Bai interested in listening?”


“I heard that Miss Bai has followed Mr. Zong for a long time, but she didn’t fall in love with Miss Bai. She suddenly gave Miss Bai the girlfriend the identity of—” Ana Lin paused on purpose and observed Bai Zhuwei’s face.

Sure enough, her face changed. Although she was trying her best to endure it, she still showed clues.

“Because of what?” Bai Zhu was not as calm as before.

“I just listened to a few gossips, Miss Bai don’t care.” Ana Lin said half and leave half, so Bai Zhuwei didn’t know how much she knew, and deliberately hung her.

“Ahao and I love each other sincerely. Naturally, people who are jealous of me and I love each other. I can’t help Miss Lin if you want to be serious.” Bai Zhuwei stood up, “There is still half a month, it belongs to me The location will still belong to me.”

She glanced at Ana Lin and turned to leave.

“How did Miss Bai know that I was two months pregnant?” Ana Lin also stood up.

“I said, I guessed.”

Ana Lin walked over, “My belly is not very pregnant, and it is impossible to tell how long I was pregnant, but Miss Bai can guess right away. I am afraid that even a woman with experience in giving birth does not have the eyesight of Miss Bai? “

“Perhaps it’s a coincidence? I guessed it. There are no wonders in the world. Maybe I have this ability?” After that, Bai Zhuwei walked towards the elevator.

The elevator door slowly slid up, and Ana Lin looked at each other in the gap.

Although the conversation was not leaking, Bai Zhuwei knew that Ana Lin must have known something.

Otherwise there won’t be today’s temptation.

Bai Zhuwei didn’t know how much she knew, to what extent.

Ana Lin’s strength was evacuated the moment the elevator door closed.

The facts tell her that her guess may be true.

But she could not understand the details.

If it was really Phillip Zong, why did the woman who introduced her that day give her money?

Why Phillip Zong——

Just to vent. Desire?

She didn’t know, it was like a mystery, with a conspiracy hidden in the depths.

But she could not verify.

After get off work, she went home as usual.

“Just you?” Wanda looked behind Ana Lin.

Ana Lin nodded, not very emotional, she saw the well-dressed Bai Zhuwei get into his car when she got off work.

She shook her guess, or did Phillip Zong really love Bai Zhuwei?

I didn’t love it before, but I didn’t find it.

She is messy.

“Why don’t you come back with the young master?” The two people get along with each other to cultivate their feelings.

“He went out with Miss Bai.” Ana Lin only felt bored. After that guess, his attitude towards Phillip Zong changed.

Wanda sighed, “You have to work hard.”

Ana Lin smiled, not wanting to talk about this topic, and deliberately said, “I’m a little tired, I want to sleep for a while.”

Yu’s mother obviously noticed that she was in a bad mood, “You take a rest, and I will call you for dinner.”

Ana Lin responded and entered the room.

She was very tired while lying on the bed. She closed her eyes slowly and really wanted to sleep for a while. When she was going to sleep in a daze, the phone rang.

She took out the phone and picked it up.

“Yanyan, can you do me a favor?”

This voice–

Ana Lin instantly lost all sleepiness, she sat up, “You said.”

“I have an occasion to attend and you will be my companion.”

Ana Lin was silent for a moment and said, “Okay.”

“Send me your location and I will pick you up.”

Chapter 41

Ana Lin sent him an orientation, then got up from the bed, just as her mother came to call her, and saw her get up and said, “I have prepared the food.”

“I’m not going to eat at home anymore. I have something to go out.” Ana Lin tied up some messy hair, went to the door to change shoes, and hurried out.

She didn’t want Rios He to come here, so she went to the intersection and waited.

Rios He came quickly.

Ana Lin didn’t let Ana Lin wait long, and Rios He today is not the same as usual.

Since Ana Lin met him, he has basically been in casual clothes or a white coat. This is the first time she has seen him in a suit and leather suit.

Rios He came down and opened the car door for her.

Ana Lin didn’t go up immediately, but asked, “Is it an important occasion?”

He looks very formal.

“No.” Because he didn’t care.

Ana Lin bent into the car, and neither of them mentioned the previous topic.

Rios He drove the car, but Ana Lin didn’t say anything.

The atmosphere in the compartment is a bit subtle.

“You don’t need to be nervous, just follow me at that time.” Rios He deliberately asked for a topic.

If the atmosphere is too quiet, it will appear awkward.

Especially after he showed his heart.

Ana Lin promised in one fell swoop, but also because of his care for himself, which has nothing to do with feelings.


He turned his head and looked at her. She had a ponytail, her cheeks the size of a palm, her nose, pink lips, everything was delicate, she really grew up, and she was no longer that little girl.

“Does Yanyan dislike my brother too old?” Rios He smiled at the corner of his lips.

Ana Lin smiled, “My brother is not old, he is only in his twenties.”

It’s not thirty yet.

He reached out and touched her hair, “They say that girls are caring, this is true.”

Ana Lin took his hand off, “How do you feel that you are making me cheap?”

“Yes?” Rios He smiled.

Ana Lin pretended to be angry and ignored him.

When they spoke, the car had been parked in front of a building. The huge display screen was showing the development history of Dingfeng Jewelry. The door was full of luxury cars, and Ana Lin was inexplicably nervous.

Rios He opened the car door for her and stretched out his hand towards her, “I have my brother here, don’t be nervous.”

Ana Lin looked at him for two seconds, and Rios He passed his hand forward again, “You have to accompany me in. Today you are my female companion.”

Ana Lin stretched out his hand.

The red carpet extended to the hall. On both sides of the door stood two men in black suits, and in the middle stood a slightly older receptionist.

Seeing Rios He coming, he stepped forward to greet him, “Second Young Master.”

Ana Lin glanced sideways at him, knowing that his identity was unusual, but unexpectedly he was the He family of Dingfeng Group.

Compared with the Zong family, it is a rising star, but talented people come out in large numbers. By the generation of Phillip Zong, they are already the leading enterprises in Yuncheng.

Dingfeng, a century-old brand, is not comparable.

Wanyue has diversified industries and covers a wide range of fields. The outstanding investment bank co-invested with HSBC has an international reputation.

Rios He nodded slightly in response.

“Let’s go.” Rios He turned to look at Ana Lin, “Is it unsuitable?”

Ana Lin nodded frankly.

“Actually I am not used to it either.” Rios He smiled.

He has no interest in doing business.

His brother takes care of all the businesses at home.

“Why are you in country A? Are you healing?” According to Rios He’s family background, he shouldn’t be there, working as a psychologist in a small clinic, right?

Rios He was taken aback for a moment, but she didn’t expect why she would suddenly ask like this, asking amusedly, “Why do you think I was there to treat my hurt?”

“Isn’t Linlin your girlfriend?” She remembered the name she heard from his mother at the villa.

From her voice, Rios He seemed to care about Linlin.

Linlin must be a girl’s name.

It sounds cute.

Hearing this name, the smile on Rios He’s face slowly sank, “Her name is Casey He, my sister, she got separated when she was a child, and has not been found yet.”

Ana Lin opened her mouth. She thought’Lin Lin’ was his former girlfriend, but she did not expect to expose his scars.


“No.” Rios He smiled again.

The magnificent hall is full of coquettish looks, men in suits and leather shoes, and women wearing the most beautiful makeup, wearing the best dresses, to stand up for the men around them.

But Ana Lin was facing the sky and seemed out of place here.

“Ah Ze.” Xia Zhenyu why Rui Ze chose the female companion who accompanied him to today’s dinner, she is the daughter of a building materials company.

But Rios He refused.

Brought this girl.

“Mom, her name is Ana Lin.” Rios He introduced.

This is a big occasion. Even if Xia Zhenyu was dissatisfied that he brought this girl, she didn’t show it in public, with a decent smile on her face, “Oh, go, get to know someone over there.”

Rios He is not in the country all year round. Everyone has almost forgotten that there is a second young master in the He family, only the boss He Ruixing.

In the center of the hall, the crystal chandelier extending from the second floor glowed with crystal clear light, dazzling.

There was a group of people standing in the middle. Perhaps the most eye-catching thing was that they were surrounded by people. Even if they were far away, Ana Lin could recognize who the man was.

Her heart tightened inexplicably.

Rios He patted her hand, “Isn’t there a brother for me?”

“Do you know he is?” Ana Lin looked at him.

“I just want him to know that you are not helpless.” Rios He took her and walked over.

“From now on, all the malls belong to your young people.”

Tang Zheng, the former president of HSBC, seldom attended events when he retired, and he let out a hearty laugh when he spoke, “Phillip is the youngest and most promising of this generation.”

“President Tang has won the prize.” Phillip Zong copied his pocket with one hand, and Bai Zhu held his arm slightly, holding the red wine glass with the slender fingers of his right hand, and it was brilliant under the light.

“I heard that Wanyue was established in Country A–” He Ruixing was talking, and he was surprised when he saw his younger brother walking here with a girl by his side.

“Rize, who is she?” He Ruixing asked.

Rios He walked over with Ana Lin, “My girlfriend.”

While speaking, he glanced at Phillip Zong.

It seems to be overwhelming.

Since he didn’t want to admit this wife, let him give it to this fairness.

Ana Lin never expected that Rios He would say this, still in the public.

She instinctively wanted to take out the hand he was holding.

Rios He discovered her intention and held it tighter to prevent her from breaking free.

Smiled and said, “What are you afraid of.”

Ana Lin was inexplicably guilty and didn’t even dare to lift his head.

As for the guilty conscience, she didn’t know.

He Ruixing smiled and introduced to everyone, “This is my brother who has not been in the country for many years. Now I come back, please take care of me.”

Bai Zhuwei’s hand tightened, “Miss Lin——”

Phillip Zong slowly raised his eyelids and glanced across Ana Lin’s face, without stopping for a minute, and then the appearance that was indifferent to the bones.

Ana Lin’s ups and downs slowly returned to peace in Phillip Zong’s ignorance.

She was amused by her nervousness.

Chapter 42

On such occasions, what he talked about was nothing more than business affairs. Rios He was also biting his head and was socializing. Ana Lin could see that he didn’t like such occasions. He pulled Rios He by the arm and whispered, “I want to go out and get some breath.” .”

Rios He took her hand, “I will take you to the back room.”

The lights, noise, conversation, and flattery gradually disappeared into the ears.

Passing through the corridor, they came to the back hall, which was wide and bright, much quieter than the front hall, and occasionally there were people standing in front of the window talking.

“You don’t like listening to those conversations, right?” Rios He smiled lightly, “I don’t actually like them either.”

This time it was Xia Zhenyu doing both soft and hard, and he had to agree to it.

He doesn’t like socializing, he doesn’t like intrigue, and he doesn’t like to do everything possible to make money.

Maybe it was related to his birth, he was born without worry about food and clothing, and he didn’t worry about money.

“I can see it, so do you want to thank me for taking you out of the fire?”

“How do you want my brother to thank you?” Rios He came close to her, Ana Lin could clearly smell the masculine aura on him, lingering in her ears, she couldn’t help but wanted to pull away, but Rios He grabbed her waist.

“I used to think you were young, and you grew up unknowingly.” He had been concerned about her before and had no other thoughts. He didn’t know when he was born.

Ana Lin felt that Rios He was different from what he knew. He was as gentle as jade, with a gentle smile on his face, taking care of her and caring for her like a big brother.

But now the taste has changed, he is always’mocking’ her?

“You have changed.” Ana Lin turned his head, his hands clenched uncomfortably.

“You are an adult, of course I can’t treat you as a child anymore, are you right?” He smirked.

Ana Lin pushed him away, “But I am your sister.”

Rios He was caught off guard by being pushed, and took a step back. After reacting, he looked at her, “Not a dear.”

Ana Lin walked to the window and looked up at the stars in the sky, “I want to treat you as my brother.”

Rios He looked at her back, did she reject him?

“I may know who the father of the child in my stomach is.” She said in a faint tone, as if to herself, and as if to Rios He.

Rios He changed his previous hippie smile and said seriously, “Who?”

“I’m not sure, there are many things I haven’t figured out.” Ana Lin took a deep breath and turned to look at Rios He, “I am very conflicted and at a loss, I don’t know–“

She could not describe her feelings.

“Who are you suspicious of?” Rios He frowned, “Could it be a domestic citizen?”

Thinking of what happened that night, he became annoyed, “Why didn’t you go to me then?”

Ana Lin lowered his head, “I went looking for it, but I didn’t find you.”

She didn’t want to owe favors to others, but it was related to the safety of her brother and mother. She didn’t care about those. She went to look for them, but she didn’t find anyone. Later, the woman looked for her.

At the time, desperate, she needed the money to save her mother and brother.

Rios He carefully recalled that night. It was the day when Casey He was lost. He was in a bad mood and drank a lot of wine. Maybe she knocked on the door and he fell asleep and didn’t hear it.

He always thought that Ana Lin didn’t find himself at all.

At this moment, the mood is even heavier.

“I’m sorry.” If I was not drunk and heard her knocking on the door, maybe everything is different now.

She doesn’t have to bear the stigma of being unmarried and pregnant.

And he can take care of her as a matter of course.

But all this changed because he was drunk.

“You don’t owe me anything. Saying this makes me feel helpless.” Ana Lin said in a self-deprecating tone.

This was her choice and her fate.

“I want to go back.”

“I see you off.”

Rios He walked over, held her hand, and held it tightly in her palm, “My brother will no longer let you be found in the future, he will definitely take care of you.”

Ana Lin didn’t move, nor did she break away. At this moment, she somewhat understood that he didn’t necessarily like him, but came from his feelings for his sister.

It’s just that he didn’t know it clearly.

They came out from the back door, the neon lights outside the building were still flashing, the lights dimmed, bright and bright!

Render the night like day.

Rios He opened the car door for her, and Ana Lin bent over and sat in.

The two didn’t talk to each other along the way, each had their own concerns.

Ana Lin didn’t let him go to the villa, and asked him to stop the car at the intersection, “I can get off here.”

She unfastened the safety belt and opened the door.

“Yes.” Rios He stopped her.

“Huh?” Ana Lin stood in front of the car window, bending over to look at him.

Rios He brewed for a while, “Who is that person you suspect?”

Ana Lin lowered her eyes, she had no absolute evidence, she just guessed, “I’m not sure.”

Rios He pursed his lips and was silent for a moment, “I will help you.” He paused, “Tell me who you suspect is first.”

His mood is extremely contradictory, he hates to know, and wants to know.

Ana Lin thought for a while, on her own, she couldn’t figure out the hidden information inside.

“Phillip Zong.”

After Ana Lin finished speaking, the surrounding air was condensed.

Rios He was also stunned for a long time.

No matter how Ana Lin suspected Phillip Zong.

This-how is it possible?

Or did she refuse to make excuses on purpose?

“You know where I live in country A, and the one who introduced me is a woman named Mei Lan. If you find her, you might know what happened that night—”

“Why do you want to find that man?” Rios He interrupted her.

At first, Ana Lin didn’t want to find it deliberately.

Only accidentally, a clue was found on Phillip Zong’s body.

“You don’t mean that children growing up in single-parent families will have character defects—”

“I said, I can take care of you and have children.” Rios He interrupted her again.

Ana Lin pursed his lips and looked straight at Rios He, “But you are not the child’s biological father.”

She deliberately made it impossible for her and Rios He.

On the one hand, he made it clear that she could not be with him, on the other hand, she really wanted to know the truth.

And Phillip Zong couldn’t, she knew in her heart.

She just wanted to know if the child’s father was him and what was going on at the time.

When a child is born in the future, at least she can tell the child what kind of person his father is.

Perhaps it is a kind of compensation.

“I don’t think I will trouble you anymore. It’s late. Brother should go back to rest early.” Ana Lin straightened up and smiled, “Drive slowly, I’ll go back first.”

After speaking, she turned and walked along the road towards the villa.

After a few steps, Rios He stopped her, “I promise you, I will do it for you, but I hope you will leave him at the appointed time.”

“If you don’t understand each other, he won’t love you, let alone accept you because of a child.”

Ana Lin stopped and then started again.

She knew, she didn’t have any thoughts, she just wanted to know the truth.

She was walking on the side of the road, and the street light dragged her slender figure into a long shadow.

Not far away, there was a black car parked, a tall and tall figure leaning against the car, the warm yellow light, intertwined, reflected on his side face, rendering him more beautiful and less beautiful. Some are harder and more soft.

Ana Lin stopped, thinking he hadn’t returned yet. Unexpectedly, I came back earlier than myself.

Not far away, her legs were filled with lead, unable to move.

He turned his head and stared at her for two seconds, in a thought-provoking tone, “Come here.”

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