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Chapter 349

The doctor seemed to be used to such scenes, calmly asked the medical staff to push in the bed, “Hurry up to the operating room.”

Alan Su gently put the person up, and the doctor began to ask, “How did the patient hurt?”


The doctor knew what to do, said a few words in a low voice to stop, and walked into the operating room.

Alan Su wanted to follow up, he was too anxious.

The medical staff stopped him, “Family members of the operating room are not allowed to enter and wait outside.”

“It doesn’t matter how much you spend, just ask, you save her.” Alan Su stood at the door of the operating room that was about to be closed, shouting to the doctor.

The doctor did not hear it. As a doctor, he would naturally do his best.

Alan Su was isolated outside the door.

He felt that his world had collapsed and he didn’t know what to do.

He walked back and forth in the corridor, time passed by, and there was no movement in the operating room. He was anxious and irritable, and he couldn’t settle down.

I knew it was useless to be anxious, but I still couldn’t calm down.

Lena Qin has no relatives in China, only Ana Lin is close to her. Now she is like this. If she comes out to see him and is excited, there is no one who can take care of her. He touches his pocket and the phone hasn’t known when. When he didn’t know how to contact Ana Lin, a nurse passed by, and Alan Su called her, “Can you lend me a call on your cell phone?”

The nurse gave him a look of embarrassment, took out the phone and handed it to him.

“Thank you.” Alan Su took it and didn’t call Ana Lin the first time, because he didn’t remember Ana Lin’s phone number. It was only in the phone at the time, but he remembered Phillip Zong’s.

He dialed Phillip Zong’s number.

Phillip Zong was in the company. He was discussing matters with Mr. Lu. As soon as the two had cooperated, the Lu family had a scandal and the interests of the cooperation were damaged. Therefore, Mr. Li made a special trip to apologize. One of the contracts at the time was about who undermined the other party’s Interest, the other party can terminate the contract.

Father Lu hurried to see him because he was afraid that Phillip Zong would terminate the cooperation.

“I will solve this matter quickly. Don’t worry, it will definitely not cause too much impact.” Old man Lu looked very energetic and he was not old, but because of this incident, he seemed a little tired.

Phillip Zong spoke unhurriedly, “As far as I know, the Lu family has already been affected to a certain extent because of this.”

“Yes, please believe that I will solve it for you as soon as possible…”

At this time, Phillip Zong’s mobile phone on the table vibrated. He glanced at the caller ID and said to Mr. Lu, “I’ll answer the call.”

After speaking, he took his mobile phone and walked out of the reception room, stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window in the corridor, and answered the phone.


“Is my sister-in-law here?”

“Something to do with her?” Phillip Zong raised his eyebrows lightly.

“Yes, Lena Qin…in the hospital, life and death are unknown…” His voice was choked with choking intermittently, “She has no relatives in the country. I think she can see her sister-in-law when she comes out, so she can feel relieved…”

“What happened?”

“It’s a long story. I lost my phone. I borrow it from someone else. I’m in the Second People’s Hospital.”

Phillip Zong said he knew, so he hung up the phone, walked outside and shouted Milton Guan.

Milton Guan trot over.

“Tell Mr. Lu, I have something, and I will talk about it next time.” After instructing him to step into the elevator, he dialed Ana Lin’s phone and listened to Alan Su’s voice. It seemed that something went wrong, and he was worried about Ana Lin. Go to the hospital alone.

Ana Lin is in the kindergarten at the moment because Ruth had a fight with the children.

The cause of the matter was that Daniel was kssed on the face by a little girl. Ruth happened to see him. When she came up, she pushed her and said loudly, “This is my brother. Why do you kss him?”

In Ruth’s heart, only she can k*ss her brother.

No other children can, she thinks this little girl is here to strengthen her brother.

So he pushed people away very aggressively.

Daniel was also dumbfounded. Life in the kindergarten was very boring. He found it boring. With a group of naive kindergarten children around him all day, he was about to collapse.

During the break today, he was forced to k*ss him. He felt that this kindergarten could not stay any longer, otherwise he would go crazy.

The little girl was pushed onto the stool by Ruth, and a small bag was raised on her head. The children here are very precious. The teacher called the parents of both parents and asked them to come to the school.

The other party was also Mommy, very domineering, “It’s not a golden branch, don’t you just give it a k*ss? It’s like a child playing house, it’s not a big deal, if you say you suffer, I also suffer from my daughter, and your child pushes my house. Baby, look at this knock, you say, what should I do!”

Regardless of the cause, Ruth’s actions are indeed wrong, but the other party’s words are not good.

Before Ana Lin spoke, Ruth said first, “Don’t you just give it a kss? That’s my brother. Did you allow her to kss?”

“Ruth.” Ana Lin whispered.

“It was a fact.” Ruth murmured.

The person involved, Daniel, was standing in the corner, as if it had nothing to do with him. Whether it was children or the female teachers in the kindergarten, they treated him very well, and k*ssed him often, so he was very distressed.

At this moment, he thought that this was a big deal, so he could not use it.

“What does she know as a child?” The woman yelled at Ruth, “Do you know who her father is?!”

Ruth didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence, and asked, “Who is her father?”

“Deputy Mayor of City B.” The woman said proudly, “Now apologize, I can forgive you, otherwise, I will tell her father, it won’t be so simple to solve it then.”

Ana Lin frowned, very dissatisfied with the woman’s attitude to solve the problem. This incident was not really big. She also planned to ask her daughter to apologize because he did not use his hands first.

She called Daniel over.

“Mommy.” Daniel walked over, and the woman saw Daniel’s appearance clearly. At a young age, she even walked well, with a straight body and delicate features.

The woman patted her daughter on the shoulder, “It’s pretty discerning.”

The little girl lowered her head shyly. She really liked Daniel, who had just joined the class. She didn’t understand what like and love was, but she was innocent. She thought he was pretty, so she k*ssed him.

There is no such mess in the adult world.

“She k*ssed me without my permission. This is disrespectful to me, so she wants to apologize to me. My sister pushed her. It was my sister’s fault. So after she apologized to me, my sister will also Apologize to her. Now you apologize to me first.” Daniel said clearly and unhurriedly.

The woman didn’t expect him to be honest at his young age.

“My daughter k*ssed you. She saw you and apologized. What are you dreaming about? I didn’t ask you to apologize to her. It’s not bad. I know all the parents in this kindergarten. No parent has the right to her father. It’s no good for you. Now I apologize obediently and I will treat it as it never happened, otherwise…”

Chapter 350

“Otherwise, what?” Ana Lin looked at the aggressive woman. This was originally a small matter, but now, this woman wants to make it complicated.

The woman snorted coldly, “You pretend to be stupid?”

Ana Lin frowned, “Even if your husband has status and rights, can we still be like us because of such a thing?”

Women feel that Ana Lin is not a human being on earth, this world is like this, there is no fairness to speak of, this is indeed not ancient, people are not divided into three or six or nine, but really not?

The woman was a little disdainful of Ana Lin. She was very good-looking, and her body was too thin. She stood up with her proud upper. “What kind of business does your husband do? I will let my husband take good care of him.”

She deliberately emphasized the four words’take care’.

Those who can go to kindergarten here have some money, so the woman asked.

Ana Lin understood the threat in her words, and his expression was very unhappy.

Do you bully?

At this time, the dean came over. Others did not know the identities of Ruth and Daniel, but the principal knew that Zong Qifeng had asked not to pass on the identity of the children, so no one in the kindergarten knew their identities except the principal.

“I already know the process of this. In fact, when children are together, they sometimes hold hands and hug Loulou. They just because of’like’ this like is not like in the world of our adults, or it is pure and pure. It’s 30 years of early childhood education. I have seen a lot of such things, and many adults understand it. Therefore, in order to get along with their children in the future, I think the two parents will calm down and shake hands. How about making peace?”

The principal persuaded.

The woman sneered, “My daughter is his dad’s darling, I don’t want to pursue it, but the deputy mayor may not not be held accountable.”

Obviously it is necessary to suppress others.

“Are you the wife of the deputy mayor?” The director of the park is also a person who has met the world, and the deputy mayor is almost sixty. Is this lady so young? The child is so young?

Some are not logical.

The woman’s eyes flickered, and then she calmly said, “You only need to know that this is the mayor’s daughter.”

Daniel saved the video that he had just made. As early as the director of the garden, Daniel started recording videos of women. At first, he only wanted this domineering woman to be famous on the Internet, but now after listening to the director, he thought, this Things… I’m afraid it’s not easy.

Obviously there is something tricky in it.

He pulled his sister’s arm, “You apologize to her.”

Ruth reluctantly, “But she kssed you first, you are my brother and only Mommy and Dad can kss you, who is she and why?”

Ruth is still very possessive.

Daniel blinked at her sister, “Observe, didn’t you see that her father is great? So we can only apologize.”


“Don’t you believe your brother?”

Daniel interrupted her sister.

Ana Lin squatted in front of her daughter, regardless of the woman’s attitude, but her daughter’s actions were indeed wrong. “Ruth, should we be reasonable when we encounter things? So, is it true that a gentleman uses his mouth and does not act?”

“But I’m not a gentleman? I’m just a little girl.” Ruth blinked her big eyes.

Ana Lin, “…”

When she was trying to convince her daughter how to convince her, the mobile phone in her pocket suddenly vibrated, she took out her mobile phone and pressed the answer button, and Phillip Zong’s voice soon came over, “Where are you?”

Ana Lin looked down at the two children and said, “I’m outside, what’s the matter?”

Phillip Zong didn’t know what the situation was, so he didn’t say it directly, but said, “Give me your address and I will pick you up.”

Ana Lin took a breath and said, “I’m in kindergarten.”

Phillip Zong frowned slightly and looked down at the time. It was not when the child was out of school. What is she doing in kindergarten now?

He turned at the intersection and drove towards the kindergarten.

The journey was not long, so it didn’t take long for Phillip Zong to arrive at the place. By this time Ana Lin had already taken two children out.

I don’t know what Daniel said in Ruth’s ear, she apologized to the little girl, and Daniel also said that she would not pursue the matter of being k*ssed.

Phillip Zong came over and first picked up his daughter. Although he was persuaded by his brother to apologize to others, he still felt a little wronged and felt that he was right.

Wrongly wrapped his arms around Phillip Zong’s neck and buried his face in his arms. It was obvious that his daughter was very depressed. Phillip Zong looked at Ana Lin and then at his son, “What’s the matter?”

Otherwise, Ana Lin would not come to kindergarten at this time, and her daughter would not be so wronged.

“It’s okay.” The matter has passed, Ana Lin didn’t want to mention it again.

But Daniel had already planned in his heart, this matter didn’t need Phillip Zong to do anything, he could solve it himself.

Only Ruth wanted to tell Phillip Zong the matter again, she wanted to be deemed right.

“Dad, did you say that I was wrong? My brother is my brother? How can she k*ss? It’s not her brother, I just pushed her slightly, she was stupid, unsteady, and knocked. When I arrive, I have to apologize.”

Ruth said, her eyes turned red, and she felt wronged.

Phillip Zong k*ssed his daughter’s cheek, “It’s not our fault, we don’t apologize.”

He was holding his daughter and was about to walk in. Ana Lin stopped him. The matter has been resolved. There is no need to have extra troubles. It is not that she is afraid of that woman, but that she doesn’t want to entangle with such a person. It’s not wrong.”

“She didn’t mean it.” When Phillip Zong saw her daughter’s grievances, his heart trembled. The baby he held in his hands, why did you want others to bully you in kindergarten?

He said that he should not bully others, but he cannot be bullied either.

“Don’t worry, I have already decided.” Daniel said confidently.

Ana Lin looked at his son in a slightly surprised look, “What did you solve?”

Daniel smiled mysteriously, “You will know then, now we should go home.” Daniel climbed into the car and sat.

Ana Lin looked at her son and couldn’t laugh or cry for a while. She didn’t know if it was good or bad. She picked up her daughter from Phillip Zong’s arms and said, “Come to Mommy and let us go home.”

“No, I want my father to hold it.” Ruth held Phillip Zong’s neck tightly for fear of being taken away by Ana Lin.

Phillip Zong handed her the car key, “You come to drive.”

Ana Lin took the car key and took the driving seat. Phillip Zong sat in the passenger seat with her daughter, and Daniel sat in the back by herself, took out the Appleflat from her schoolbag, uploaded the video she just took with the watch, and posted it to Major web pages, entertainment media.

This kind of video screen is easy to be followed, and it is hardly necessary for him to promote it. It spreads slowly. From the kindergarten to the home, there are already hundreds of messages, saying everything.

He swiped the screen over and over again, observing the message status of each webpage.

The car stopped at the door, and Phillip Zong got out of the car holding her daughter, “You are waiting for me in the car.”

Ana Lin wanted to ask him if there was anything wrong with him, but he thought about it, if it was all right, he would not come to the kindergarten to find himself, she gave a faint hmm.

Daniel entered the house and went back to his room. Phillip Zong glanced at the closed door, and the corners of his lips slightly raised unconsciously. He had already discovered what this little guy was doing just now in the car.

Daniel’s intelligence and keenness made him very pleased and surprised.

This is the son Ana Lin gave birth to him.

“Why come back so early today?” Danna Cheng came out of the study and saw the two children come back and walk past.

Phillip Zong’s originally smiling face slowly drew back and changed into a cold look.

Seeing the changes on Phillip Zong’s face, Danna Cheng couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable. Her eyes drooped, covering her emotions, “Ruth is back, come and hug me.”

In front of Phillip Zong, she also deleted the word grandma. I’m afraid he will be unhappy.

Ruth was wronged and wanted to find someone to comfort her. Danna Cheng took her to sleep at night, and whether she was feeling good, she was also willing to let her hug, stretch her little hand, and go to her arms.

Phillip Zong wanted to accompany Ana Lin to the hospital, so he gave her daughter.

Ana Lin put his chin in one hand, saw him walking over, and asked, “Are you looking for me, what’s the matter?”

Phillip Zong pulled the door and got into the car, “Lena Qin is hospitalized.”

Chapter 351

“What?” Ana Lin’s nerves tensed. It hasn’t been long since they met, how could they suddenly be hospitalized?

“What’s the matter?” Ana Lin asked anxiously.

Phillip Zong said, “I don’t know. It’s in the Second People’s Hospital.”

Ana Lin started the car and drove out.

Phillip Zong leaned forward and put his hands on her thighs casually. Ana Lin wore a black base sweater, jeans, and a khaki windbreaker. His palms were hot, and there was nothing like nothing on her lap. Rubbing, “Don’t worry.”

Ana Lin looked down at his hand, “She is pregnant. It is not a good thing to be hospitalized.”

His hand suddenly covered her leg, Ana Lin frowned and said word by word, “I’m driving.”

Phillip Zong looked at her seriously, “I still want a daughter.”

Ana Lin pursed her lips. She and Phillip Zong did not take any measures together, but they were not pregnant.

When Daniel and Ruth were born, the doctor said that her injured body was difficult to conceive again.

At that time, she wanted to have the two of them. It didn’t matter if she couldn’t regenerate. Now…

“If you have time, please change their surnames.” Ana Lin also said seriously.

If she and Phillip Zong are together and have no children in the future, these two children must have a surname Zong.

Otherwise, would Phillip Zong really let Phillip Zong “cut off his sons and grandchildren”?

Phillip Zong held the hand of her leg, loosened her strength, and changed to a gentle stroke. He remembered Ana Lin saying that she could no longer be pregnant. He thought she just said it casually.

It doesn’t seem to be right now, they have never taken any measures together, but she is not pregnant.

You know, when there were Daniel and Ruth, it happened once. In other words, she may have a fertile physique, but this time, they have been together for more than two months.

“I don’t want to be born again.” Ana Lin was really scared, and the pain at that time is still fresh in her memory.

As long as I think about it, there are lingering fears in my heart.

If her body permits, and she and Phillip Zong’s relationship is good, she is willing to hurt again.

Now even if she wants to, it’s impossible. It’s better to tell him clearly, so as not to have fantasy and hope.

Without illusions and hopes, naturally you will not be disappointed.

The car stopped in front of the hospital, and the two of them did not mention the topic just now in a tacit understanding, and the atmosphere was a bit subtle.

Phillip Zong got off the car in silence, and Ana Lin came over. In order to break this subtlety, she deliberately asked, “Is Alan Su calling you?”

Phillip Zong gave a faint hum.

Ana Lin thought, could it be that Alan Su discovered that Lena Qin was pregnant, and the two had a dispute that caused Lena Qin to be hospitalized?

But logically speaking, Alan Su knew that Lena Qin was pregnant, so he would definitely not argue with her.

She was anxious about Lena Qin’s situation and walked quickly, Phillip Zong put his arm around her shoulder, he didn’t say anything, just like that.

Ana Lin’s original impetuous mood slowly settled down, and followed his footsteps to the door of the hand room.

Alan Su was in the corridor, his clothes were soaked, but his clothes were half-dried by the air conditioner during the time in the hospital.

He walked anxiously at the door of the operation, and when he saw Ana Lin and Phillip Zong coming over, he settled down.

“sister in law……”

“What’s the matter, how can you be hospitalized well?” Ana Lin asked.

Alan Su reproached himself, “I am all to blame.”

It’s not because he and Liu Feifei are unclear, she will not be involved, and she will not…

“I want to know what’s going on!” Ana Lin increased his tone.

“Liu Feifei caught her and was wounded…” Alan Su briefly explained, while Ana Lin was dumbfounded, unbelievable, and wounded?

Her legs softened and almost fell, but fortunately, Phillip Zong was close to him and hugged her.

Ana Lin’s voice trembled, “Alan Su, did you know that she is pregnant?”


A shock of thunder fell from his head, Lena Qin is pregnant?

So the blood on her body…

He felt that a piece of his heart had been dug away, and blood was pouring down continuously.

It hurts, it hurts.

“You don’t know, do you?” Ana Lin slowly approached, Alan Su’s voice was dumb, “I don’t know…”


Ana Lin was anxious, and there was a palm on his face, “Lena Qin is reluctant to hit you, I will fight for her today!”

“I thought you were a person who could take care of her for a lifetime, but I didn’t expect you to be half-hearted.”

It’s not Alan Su’s muddle-headedness. How could this happen?

Alan Su has no complaints, he slaps himself, “It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault!”

He was upset, remorse, and self-blame, and finally turned into distress. At the last moment, she was still thinking about him, pushing him into the water, and what about him?

What did you do?

He should have thought of it long ago, he should have thought of it that time in the hospital!

“I damn, I damn.” Alan Su sat paralyzed on the ground, tears on his face, no different from the madman begging on the street.

He held his head decadently.

Ana Lin was on the sidelines, without stepping forward to dissuade, it would become like this, it was all caused by him, no wonder others.

After nearly two hours, the door of the operating room finally opened. Alan Su heard the noise and left and got up and ran over. He grabbed the doctor who had time to take off the mask in the future, “How is she?”

Phillip Zong’s hand fell heavily on his shoulder, “Calm down, what did he say if you hold him like this?”

Alan Su knew, but he couldn’t control himself, afraid, afraid that Lena Qin would have something to do.

Ana Lin walked over and apologized to the doctor, “Sorry, he is so excited…”

“Cough—” The doctor waved his hand, and said with a sigh of relief, “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s common for excited family members.”

Ana Lin clenched his hands, “Is she okay? Child…”

Alan Su stood aside, his body shaking constantly.

The doctor sighed and felt sorry, “The child was gone when he was sent. The patient was seriously injured, and his right cheek was severely burned, and it was difficult to recover. But now that cosmetic surgery techniques are more advanced, you should not be too sad. Fortunately, People can still live.”

Ana Lin’s eyes were sore, how could it hurt so badly?

“Can I see her now?” Ana Lin’s voice was a little hoarse.

The doctor shook his head, “She has been assigned to the intensive care unit. Although the operation was successful and the time was not life-threatening, she was seriously injured. For fear of accidents and postoperative infections, she was sent to the intensive care unit after 24 hours. Please check again when you enter the general ward.”

“I won’t go in, can I take a look outside?” Alan Su’s eyes were bloodshot.

The doctor looked at him, felt his pain at the moment, and nodded, “through the door, take a look.”

Lena Qin was sent to the intensive care unit and settled well before the nurse went to take them to see.

“Only two people can enter.” The nurse said.

Phillip Zong didn’t plan to go in, he was with Ana Lin, afraid she would be uncomfortable.

Ana Lin knew his worry and shook his head at him, “I’m fine.”

Then Alan Su and Ana Lin walked in.

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