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Chapter 346

Lena Qin had never had the nausea before, she bit her lip so she could hold it back.

The old lady could feel Lena Qin’s trembling next to her, but she couldn’t speak, she could only be anxious.

“Why don’t you want to agree.” Liu Feifei leaned on his chest, “Don’t forget, your grandma and that woman are still in my hands.”

Alan Su’s face was green, and he grabbed her neck, “You are looking for death.”


Liu Feifei couldn’t breathe, her neck was about to be twisted, her face was terrifying, and her intermittent voice was squeezed out of her throat with difficulty, “You can strangle me.”

Alan Su has no mercy at all. At this moment, he really gave birth to the heart to kill this woman. He snatched the controller from her hand and said coldly, “Liu Feifei, do you know how disgusting you are?”

Liu Feifei laughed, hoarse, like the sound from an old bellows, harsh and unpleasant, “Do you think I’m so stupid and won’t be able to hold back? You can try it, if you strangle me, will they? Funeral for me!”

Liu Feifei is very sure.

Alan Su hesitated. He didn’t dare to gamble on the life of grandma and Lena Qin. Even though he was unwilling, he still ditched Liu Feifei.

When Liu Feifei fell to the ground and made a noise, two men rushed in. They had a detonator and a machete in their hands. Liu Feifei had made preparations long ago. If she is in danger, let them detonate the boat. Bomb.

Liu Feifei lay on the ground, covering her heart, breathing heavily, and she felt more comfortable when the air re-entered her chest.

After slowing down, she raised her head to look at Alan Su, and laughed, “You really care about them.”

But Alan Su stared at the two men who had just entered.

Liu Feifei got up from the ground and stood in front of Alan Su, “You really want to save them?

Alan Su was cold and madly trying to kill people, of course he wanted to take people away.

Liu Feifei adjusted her messy hair before raising her head to look at Alan Su, “If you want to save someone, you can.”

She winked at the two men, and the two men immediately understood, they put the knife on Lena Qin and the old lady’s neck.

“You can choose one of them, I will let her go now.” Liu Feifei smiled triumphantly.

She knew Alan Su’s relationship with the old lady, even if he liked Lena Qin, he would not give up on the old lady.

Alan Su’s nerves were tense, “both, I have to take them away!”

“I know that after today, I may not be able to live. There must be someone to accompany me. Otherwise, I will be lonely on Huangquan Road.”

She spent all her savings, offended Lu Yuan, and angered Alan Su. Even if she could walk out alive, the two would not let her go. She had already planned the worst.

Alan Su was so angry that he gritted his teeth, “Liu Feifei!”

Liu Feifei flinched, she saw Alan Su so manic for the first time.

But soon she recovered her composure. After all, the initiative is now in her hands. As long as he cares about the two women, he will compromise.

“Choose.” Liu Feifei arrogantly, now she is the leader, she is the winner.

The old lady wanted to talk to Alan Su excitedly and asked him to choose Lena Qin. She was already old. It didn’t matter if she lived one more day or less, but Lena Qin was different. She was still so young, and she was very likely to be pregnant. Up the child.

No matter how it was calculated, it was more cost-effective to save Lena Qin.

Lena Qin was very quiet, her messy hair blocked her face, and even her despair was covered up. Her body was wet and sticky. Even if she didn’t look at it, she knew what was happening, it was painful, not her body. Yes, but in my heart, like being torn by a saw, unspeakable pain.

She had thought of giving up the child in her belly, but she was looking forward to it. Now, she knew very well that her child had left her.

In the past, in books and on TV, people often saw heartache. She felt that it was just an adjective. Now she knew clearly that the heart would really hurt, dull, and numb, making her unable to breathe.

“If you don’t choose, then I will let the two of them die with me.” Liu Feifei said impatiently.

This was a dilemma. He didn’t want to give up any of them. The bloodshots gathered in the middle of his pupils, and he was hoarse, “I will leave them at your disposal.”

“No.” Liu Feifei refused decisively, “I just want you to choose, one to live and one to die, no matter who you choose, your generation will live in self-blame, and I just want you to live better than die! Nightmare entangled every night. “

This is why she arrested the old lady and Lena Qin.


The old lady struggled to squeeze out the two words, but Alan Su understood it, but how could he give up the man who raised him?

He shook his head, he couldn’t do this, he couldn’t give up, otherwise he would really spend his whole life in self-blame as Liu Feifei said.

He can’t.

But look at Lena Qin, her appearance is not good, if something happens to Lena Qin, he knows that he will definitely spend his whole life in torment, and even wonder if he can live until he is old.

Alan Su exhausted all his courage in this life before opening his mouth, “Lena Qin, I was raised by my grandmother…”

The subtext is that I can’t give up the person who raised me.

Lena Qin lowered her head. She didn’t think Alan Su’s choice was wrong. The world said that Sheng En was not nourishing, and there was nothing wrong with him choosing to raise the person he grew up.

But, for some reason, she was very painful and uncomfortable, and tears fell uncontrollably.

“If you have something to do with me…” with you.

At this moment, the old lady went into a coma in a hurry.

Alan Su’s words did not come to the end.

Alan Su said, letting his grandma go.

With the expected answer, Lena Qin was numb, and it was better to die than to live in pain.

Liu Feifei asked the two people to send the old lady out. When the two people passed her, they secretly put the detonator in her hand. Liu Feifei remained silent and put the other hand behind her back.

She walked up to Lena Qin casually, “Did you see clearly? He is a ruthless and unrighteous person.”

Lena Qin raised her head, she looked at Liu Feifei through the gap in her hair with a hoarse voice, “I don’t think he is wrong, alone, if he doesn’t even care about his relatives, is he still a human?”

Liu Feifei was very angry, seeming to be irritated by her words, and grabbed her by the hair, “It’s even harder to speak when you die… Bang!”

Boom! Liu Feifei flew out suddenly and hit the iron sheet on the ship’s wall. The whole ship shook because of the shock. Alan Su rushed to Lena Qin and untied the rope from her hand, “I will take you away.”

However, at this time, he saw the blood spreading behind her, and his hand shook, “You, are you injured?”

“Ahem, let’s die together!” Liu Feifei pressed the detonator in her hand.

Chapter 347

At the moment she was about to detonate the bomb, Alan Su rushed over and kicked off the detonator in her hand. He squatted down and pinched Liu Feifei’s neck, “Go to hell!”

Liu Feifei did not struggle, but smiled strangely.

Alan Su’s eyes darkened, and soon he realized that she could go to death so willingly, and she must have a back hand. He didn’t choke her to death, and slammed her head against the corners. With a bang, Liu Feifei’s forehead remained. Under the blood, the person passed out into a coma.

Alan Su returned to Lena Qin instead, and when he was about to help her get up, Lena Qin pushed him away, “You go.”

Alan Su was pushed off guard, and sat on the ground, he looked at Lena Qin in amazement, “You…”

Lena Qin stood up hard, and glanced at him, “I don’t need your fake kindness, let alone touch me, I will feel nauseous, I will feel very sick.”

Alan Su knew that any explanation was useless, he had already hurt her with practical actions.

He wanted to say that if she had an accident, he would die with her.

He has no choice.

“Sorry, you are injured. I will take you to the hospital.” Regardless of her rejection, Alan Su picked her up by his waist. At this moment, he found something on her waist. He looked down and saw that there was a coin tied to her waist. bomb.

The numbers above are constantly beating, and each time it jumps, the time is lost by one point.

He raised his head and met those lifeless eyes.

Lena Qin’s voice was very dry and hoarse, “If you don’t want to die, just let me go and leave.”

Alan Su put her down, did not leave, but went to study how to remove the bomb on her body, “I will not let you die alone, I will accompany you.”

Lena Qin weakly leaned on the cold and dirty ship wall, “Do you think I will forgive you if you say this? Alan Su, I will never forgive you in my life.”

Alan Su lowered his head, “I know.”

Lena Qin looked at the face under his broken hair and slowly closed her eyes, she never wanted to see this man again.

This bomb still has a chance to dismantle, although he is not sure, but there is a chance.

“Don’t worry, I will…” As soon as he looked up, he saw that Lena Qin had already closed his eyes, did not look at him, his heart was lost for a while, but he knew that now is not when children are in love, the main thing is to save first She went out.

He went outside to look for pliers, rummaged through the entire ship, but didn’t find it. He went back to the cabin and found a rusty box in the cramped area. He kept it away with an iron rod. Sure enough, it was an unusual one. The toolbox is not open for use and the boat is often exposed to water, so this toolbox made of iron sheet has a thick layer of rust. Fortunately, the tools in it are quite complete. He found the pliers and ran to Lena Qin. I found the tool.”

At this moment, he found that Lena Qin was already very weak. It seemed that she didn’t even have the strength to lift her eyelids. She looked like a withered flower, no longer the freshness of the past. Alan Su thought, if she was like this Nothing, what will happen to him.

At that moment, he felt his heartache deeply. There were countless needles piercing into his heart at the same time, and it was painful.

He stretched out his hand to touch her face and made up his mind that if he could go out alive, he must be like her to confess, redeem her sins, and pray for her forgiveness.

He looked at the four green, red, blue and green threads, and his hand holding the pliers trembled, because the decision he made was related to their life and death.

But the number that was constantly beating was getting fewer and fewer, getting closer and closer to the time of the explosion. He didn’t have extra time to think, his forehead was densely oozing thin beads of sweat.

He clenched his back tooth socket and chose the red one. He closed his eyes, grasped the pliers in his hand, and cut it hard, and with a click, the thread broke.

However, the numbers above did not stop, and Alan Su was anxious.

“Let’s go, leave me alone.” Lena Qin’s voice was very small, like a mosquito, but Alan Su still heard clearly. I don’t know why, listening to her telling me to go, my heart hurts and I can’t breathe.

He has never been so afraid of losing someone, at the moment, he is terrified.

“I won’t go, I said, if you can’t live, I’ll die with you.” Alan Su squeezed his hands, clicked, another thread was cut, there was no explosion, and the numbers suddenly stopped. Jumping up frantically, the numbers were about to burst, Alan Su hugged her tightly.

Lena Qin’s heart is cold, even if she is wrapped in a hot body at the moment, her heart is still cold.

Alan Su said hoarsely, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

I’m sorry to make her sad, I’m sorry to make her hurt because of him, and now she may die because of him.

I’m sorry these three words look so pale.

At this moment, Liu Feifei, who had fainted, slowly woke up, seeing Alan Su and Lena Qin being hugged together. She was so jealous. Once the gentleness of this man was only given to her, but now it belongs only to another woman. Her heart It’s lost and resentful.

She got up with difficulty, went to pick up the detonator, wanted to blow up the ship, wanted to kill Alan Su and Lena Qin.

Lena Qin saw Liu Feifei’s intentions, she grabbed Alan Su by the collar, “Hold me out.”

Alan Su said, “Good.”

The splint Shanghai wind roared, and along with the salty smell of the sea, the bombs on Lena Qin had counted down. Alan Su said, “If you have another life, I will meet you first, and then treat you well.”

Lena Qin’s eyes were blurred, and the corners of her lips were curled. If she had her next life, she would never meet Alan Su again. In this life, meeting was already her calamity, and she didn’t want to experience it again.

Don’t meet again in the next life.

At the moment when the bomb on her body was about to explode, Lena Qin pushed hard to push Alan Su off the splint.

With a bang, Alan Su fell into the water.

In the turbulent water, Alan Su saw Lena Qin standing on the splint. The calmness seemed to be not death but liberation.

She wants to die.


The cabin was blasted open, the fire blazed into the sky, and Lena Qin was engulfed by smoke.

“No!” Alan Su opened his mouth and was submerged by the sea. The water was scorching hot, and the wreckage was floating everywhere, and the flames, bustling on the sea surface.

Alan Su desperately went upstream, trying to find Lena Qin’s trace.

In the vast sea, except for the debris floating on the surface, he could not see anyone.

“Lena Qin!”

Alan Su grabbed a floating object and searched for Lena Qin on the sea.

At this time, someone sailed over, it was Lu Yuan.

He traced Liu Feifei’s cell phone signal to here, and now it’s messed up outside, because Liu Feifei posted a video of his wife’s pick-up on the Internet, causing a lot of noise and making Lujia ugly. The stock also fell because of the scandal. He was annoyed. .

Looking for Liu Feifei’s revenge, I didn’t expect to see a big explosion.

“Is there someone there?”

Chapter 348

A man who came with Lu Yuan, standing on the deck of the bow, pointed to Alan Su who was searching for Lena Qin in the sea.

Lu Yuan looked over, it was indeed a human being, and now he urgently needed to find Liu Feifei’s whereabouts. It’s good for him to have a living person now, and he lets people sail over.

Alan Su and Lu Yuan knew each other, but they hadn’t dealt with each other much, hadn’t paid any money, at most they knew strangers.

Standing at the bow of the ship, Lu Yuan saw the people in the water clearly. He shouted, “Where is Liu Feifei?”

Alan Su raised his head, and the drop of water on his hair blurred his vision, but he could vaguely see his appearance and knew that the person was Lu Yuan, “Help me find someone, and I will tell you where Liu Feifei is.”

Lu Yuan sneered, “You are like this, can you still negotiate terms with me? If I don’t save you, you will die here.”

How could Lu Yuan come suddenly?

Something must have happened, and it has something to do with Liu Feifei, he will come here to look for Liu Feifei.

“I only have this one condition. If you don’t agree, I really can’t help it, but you never want to know the whereabouts of Liu Feifei.”

Lu Yuan thought for a moment. The relationship between Alan Su and Phillip Zong is not a secret. Now his father has a business relationship with Phillip Zong. If Alan Su really died because of his failure to save him, it might have an impact.

Moreover, now that the company has been in trouble because of Liu Feifei, he can no longer make extra branches.

“Okay, I’ll help you find someone.” Lu Yuan was here to catch Liu Feifei, and naturally brought a lot of people with good water quality.

“Who are you looking for?” Lu Yuan asked.

“Woman.” Alan Su said.

Lu Yuan seemed to read the subtlety of this matter, and he waved his hand to let people go into the water, “Try his best to find someone.”

In the vast sea, it is indeed difficult to find someone. The longer the time passes, the less hope of rescue.

The people of Alan Su and Lu Yuan expanded the search range.

Suddenly someone shouted, “Someone here.”

Alan Su swam over quickly, and the closer he got to him, the faster his heart beats, and he was also afraid of expectation. The expectation was Lena Qin, afraid that she had already…

As he got closer and closer, he slowly saw that face clearly, even though most of his face was covered by the soaked hair, Alan Su still felt that this was Lena Qin.

He pushed the person away, hugged Lena Qin and swam towards the boat that was not far away.

With the help of a few people, Lena Qin was rescued on the boat, Alan Su gently put her down, reached out to touch her heart, there was a weak heartbeat, “Hurry up!”

Alan Su growled.

Lu Yuan glanced at him and made people turn around.

“Dry clothes.”

Alan Su went to grab Lu Yuan’s coat.

Lu Yuan was stunned for two seconds, then roared, “Are you crazy?”

“Give me the clothes.” It was too cold now, and he was afraid that Lena Qin would be frozen out, because just now everyone was in the water and only his clothes were dry.

Lu Yuan opened his eyes and said incredulously, “Are you bent?”

Alan Su will definitely curse, bend your mother.

He rudely took off Lu Yuan’s clothes. He returned to Lena Qin again, wrapped her with an outer sleeve, and prayed in his heart, “Don’t be trouble, don’t be trouble, don’t be trouble.”

He was kneeling on one knee, and she was still standing on the splint, calm, eager to die.

“Damn it.” Lu Yuan found that Lena Qin still had unexploded bombs, would it explode?

The ship exploded because Liu Feifei wanted to kill Alan Su and Lena Qin, and pressed the detonator. It was not the bomb on Lena Qin’s body. In fact, Alan Su cut the thread correctly, and the numbers jumped to the final frame, but did not explode. .

“Throw it out quickly.” Lu Yuan shouted, speaking incoherently. After all, it was a bomb. Who knows if it will explode.

“Throw people out?” someone asked.

“Bomb, idiot!” Lu Yuan was irritable.

When the man who was scolded by Lu Yuan as an idiot reached out to touch the bomb on Lena Qin’s body, Alan Su raised his head fiercely and stared at him viciously, “Don’t touch her!”

“I didn’t touch her, I just wanted to…” He pointed to the bomb on Lena Qin.

Alan Su only noticed that the bomb on her body was still there. He quickly ripped it off. At the moment the bomb was ripped off, the number that had stopped suddenly jumped, 1, 0…


At the moment Alan Su threw it out, the bomb exploded.

A few meters of water splashed and landed in a boat.

As if a huge storm hit the ship, the hull shook, and the pouring water came in.

The people in the boat were so scared that they hid everywhere, but Alan Su did not move while holding Lena Qin.

When the aftermath passed, Lu Yuan recovered from the shock and cursed me cao, “That bomb turned out to be useful and was almost killed.”

He thought it wouldn’t be useful if he didn’t explode all the time. He didn’t expect that it would explode. If Alan Su’s hands were slower, they would all be killed.

But then again, who would tie a bomb on a person?

This is too vicious.

Soon he thought of something, “Feifei Liu did it?”

Alan Su ignored him, and now he is in no mood.

“Where is Feifei Liu?” Lu Yuan asked.

Alan Su’s face turned gloomy, “Dead.”

It blows up like this in the sea, if no one is saved, it will definitely die.

Lu Yuan opened his mouth, “Dead?”

He died before he asked her to settle the account and torture her?

Lu Yuan was still a little unacceptable. He hated Liu Feifei very much, and especially wanted to teach her personally so that she could die.

Alan Su anxiously, the person who urged the boat to sail, “Hurry up!”

Lu Yuan glanced at him, “It’s the fastest now, and it’s useless to remind you.”

Alan Su knew, but he was anxious, and the longer he was delayed, the more dangerous Lena Qin was.

He reached out and stroked the hair on her face, revealing the covered face.

The right cheek was bloody and bloody, and it looked as if the skin was burnt and burnt.

Lu Yuan, who was standing on the side, swallowed and almost yelled out in shock.

I thought, isn’t this disfigured?

Alan Su only felt that the position of his heart was severely attacked by a heavy hammer, his fingers trembled and he dared not go down any more.

There is no verbal or written explanation at this moment to describe his mood.

It’s not just pain, but more that she can’t face it and dare not imagine whether she can accept it when she knows what she looks like.

At this time, the boat drew ashore, and Alan Su picked her up and walked off the splint.

“Why did Liu Feifei die, where did he die?” Lu Yuan wanted to take a look at Liu Feifei’s body.

Make sure this woman is dead.

Alan Su strode towards the car, obviously Lu Yuan’s voice was loud, but he didn’t seem to hear it, and the whole person was shocked.

The person standing next to Lu Yuan said, “It’s probably in the sea.”

Obviously, both Lu Yuan and Alan Su were the targets of Liu Feifei’s revenge. If she had escaped, Alan Su would not say nothing.

Seeing his anxious look, he wanted Liu Feifei to die no less than Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan glanced behind him, the vast ocean, now he might have difficulty finding Liu Feifei’s body.

Looking at Lena Qin’s appearance, we can also be sure that Liu Feifei is more than auspicious.

“You can’t live by yourself.” Lu Yuan said lightly, and stepped off the pedal. Now he has to go back and solve the trouble Liu Feifei has caused him.

And Alan Su drove quickly to the hospital.

He drove fast and arrived at the hospital soon. He rushed into the rescue room with Lena Qin in his arms, “Help her quickly.”

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