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Chapter 343

The woman was tied up with five flowers and looked even more embarrassed than Lena Qin.

When she saw the woman’s face clearly, Lena Qin was even more puzzled, because she didn’t even know this woman.

She felt that Liu Feifei must be crazy to kidnap so many people.

Liu Feifei hated this woman more than Lena Qin, because this woman was Lu Yuan’s wife and beat her to a woman who could no longer conceive.

A woman can’t give birth, is she still whole?

Is there a future?

Liu Feifei squatted in front of the woman, picked up her hair in front of her eyes, and smiled sadly, “Remember this scene?”

When she was beaten, it was this woman who let people tie her up. There was no room to fight back and people beat her to death. She still remembers the pain at that time.

The woman stared at Liu Feifei fiercely, “b*tch, do you dare to kidnap me, are you tired of your life?”

“Heh.” Liu Feifei sneered, “I’m tired and crooked, but if I can pull you to die together, I won’t lose, one life, three backs?”

The woman’s expression twitched so badly, she didn’t expect Liu Feifei to be so reckless.

“Do you dare to do anything to me, so you are not afraid that Lu Yuan will kill you?”

Hearing what the woman said, Liu Feifei laughed even louder, “Do you think Lu Yuan loves you? Who did he love? Does he know what love is? He will marry you, but it’s your family’s good, and his right to his family. Businesses are only helpful. You are marriage. Do you know what marriage is? It is to use your marriage to bring convenience and mutual benefit to the family. What is the difference between you and a commodity?”

She grabbed the woman’s hair and grinned with painful teeth.

“You are the family of birth. It’s good to see me being bullied? Huh?!” Her hand slammed hard, and the woman groaned in pain, “I’ll give the money, let me go quickly.”

“Money?” Now money is not important to her. She doesn’t even have a future, so why do she need money?

She only wants to avenge those who hurt her and make her unhappy!

She loosened the woman’s hair and took out her mobile phone, “Let’s play a game, see your man, do you care about you, how?”

The woman was a little flustered, “You, do you know what you are doing?”

Liu Feifei took a serious look, “I am the most sober at this time in my life.”

Women just think she is crazy.

Liu Feifei was happy when she saw a woman panicking. She deliberately took out her phone slowly and let her see Lu Yuan’s number. In order to stimulate this woman, she deliberately said about her being with Lu Yuan. “Your husband said it too. Shi, when I was young, he couldn’t wait to sleep in my bed every day.”

“It was you who seduced him.” The woman couldn’t wait to vomit her face.

Liu Feifei smiled, “Have you ever seen a flies bite a seamless egg?”

The woman’s face is ugly.

Seeing her angrily attacking her heart, Liu Feifei felt refreshed. She used to look at herself with a pretentious and domineering look, but now she is also stepped under her feet.

“I’m not good, don’t think about it!” Liu Feifei called in a man. She stood up and looked at the woman condescendingly, “Lu Yuan doesn’t want me, and I won’t let him want you!”

She looked at the man and said coldly, “Take her off.”

The woman was horrified, “Dare you!”

Liu Feifei gave her a disdainful look, “What can I not dare to be at this point? I will become like this, and you are all forcing it.”

“Do it.” As soon as the voice fell, she winked at the man.

Liu Feifei smashed all the savings she had saved over the years. These men were all the people she spent money to find on the road.

Of course, these are originally street gangsters doing everything, and the rich business will naturally do.

Mainly to take money, but also to enjoy beauty.

The man squinted at the woman on the ground, rubbed his hands, knelt down to unbutton her clothes.

Liu Feifei stood by and took a mobile phone to record the video.

The woman is completely stupid now. She didn’t expect Liu Feifei to be so vicious. Isn’t this ruining her?

She is really defiled, so can Lu Yuan want her?

“You, don’t come here.” The woman was so scared that Huarong was pale, “How much she will give you, I will give you ten times, a hundred times, you don’t touch me.”

The man paused, indeed a little moved.

Liu Feifei saw the man’s hesitation, “Don’t be stupid. Once she escapes, it’s not bad if she doesn’t seek revenge from you. Give you money back? Are you dreaming? She said you believe it too?”

The man thinks about it carefully, this woman has been caught here, she will definitely hold a grudge, why would she give him money?

Instead, now he listened to Liu Feifei’s words and f*cked this woman. Not only could he get the money, but he could also taste the feelings of the rich man’s wife.

“Think clearly, hurry up.” Liu Feifei urged coldly from the side.

The man’s saliva was about to stay, and he didn’t hesitate to think about the pros and cons, tore open the woman’s clothes and rushed down.

Liu Feifei stood by and started to record the video in front of the woman’s face.

“Liu Feifei, you will have to die!” The woman was tied up and wanted to push the man away, but she couldn’t do it.

Liu Feifei didn’t care about being cursed at all, “I’m not going to die, and you’re not having a good life. Do you think I sent this to Lu Yuan? You are too naive. I want to be notorious and let everyone see and see you. I want to make you faceless to see people, even if you are alive, you can only be pointed at.”

After speaking, Liu Feifei laughed wildly.

“Um…” Lena Qin wanted to vomit.

This man really took the woman off, very disgusting.

The old lady wanted to care about her, but she couldn’t speak and could only make a ho ho.

Lena Qin felt terribly uncomfortable, and the blood on her face receded inch by inch.

The old lady who was tied up with her found that something was wrong with her, how could she vomit?

The old lady came here, and soon thought, is she pregnant?

Her eyes brightened, and then dimmed.

In this situation, it is not known whether it is good or bad.

Are there any children who can leave safely?

Looking at what happened to the woman in front of me, I knew that it was a bit difficult to escape.

At this moment, the old lady was extremely scared, afraid that Liu Feifei would treat Lena Qin like this woman.

She tried her best and could not get away from the tied hands.

What should I do?

At this time, Liu Feifei posted the video of the stripped woman. The first one was naturally given to Lu Yuan. This rich second-generation dude does not care about the company. He usually eats and drinks and has fun with a group of pig friends and dog friends. At this moment, Zheng He is playing in a KTV.

The phone rang and didn’t look at it.

There are beauties around, and I didn’t hear the sound.

But Liu Feifei didn’t just send him alone. When she used to follow him, she also knew several people around him, and she sent them all.

A man sitting in a corner, using vibrato, saw the video sent by Liu Feifei, his face changed at that time. He passed the colorful women and the disheveled men to Lu Yuan’s side and pulled him. Arm.

He was fighting with a woman fiercely, and was a little impatient when he was interrupted, “Can’t you see Brother playing? What are you doing?”

“Look at it.” The man handed the phone to Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan didn’t answer, and glanced inadvertently, as if he had seen something, grabbed his phone and clicked on the video.

Chapter 344

Liu Feifei deliberately took the woman’s face clearly.

Lu Yuan’s face was blue and red, and it was as ugly as it was. Maybe he didn’t like this wife, but she was his woman in name. Now…

He was angry, mostly because he felt ashamed and didn’t have much pity.

The woman was curious, and looked at the phone screen. Lu Yuan kicked the woman away, angrily, and threw the phone out with a slap.

The man hurried to pick it up, it was gone, and he was heartbroken, “This is my phone, besides, what’s the use of your smashed phone?”

At this time, the phone he had thrown on the sofa rang, and he grabbed it and picked it up, probably because he was angry, so his tone was very bad, “Hey.”

Liu Feifei heard his anger at once and couldn’t help but smiled, “See the video I sent you?”

Lu Yuan took off the phone and found that there was a video message on WeChat that he hadn’t watched. He clicked on it. It was the video screen he saw just now. He quickly reacted, “You did it?”

Liu Feifei did not deny that she wanted the woman to lose her reputation, and she wanted Lu Yuan to lose face, so that the entire city of B would know that he was wearing a certain big green hat.

Lu Yuan bared his teeth, “You are crazy, and you deleted the video immediately. Where are you? I’ll find you.”

“Hehe, panicking now? It’s too late. I have already given the super red Douyin Tuba to the video, and the entertainment media in City B. I think they are willing to report on such eyeball news. After all, Lu Home is also a little bit face…”

“Liu Feifei!” Lu Yuan was furious.

In the past, Liu Feifei was very afraid of him being angry and afraid that he would not want himself. Now he no longer wants himself. What else can she be afraid of?

She glanced condescendingly at the woman on the ground, “Would you like, I’ll show you a live broadcast to see your wife, what does she look like now?”

Lu Yuan suppressed his anger and asked, “Where are you now?”

Liu Feifei smiled, “You treat me as stupid, tell you, will you bring someone to arrest me?”

“What do you want?”

Now he wants to kill Liu Feifei immediately!

“I don’t want to do anything, I just think it’s very interesting.” After speaking, Liu Feifei laughed loudly, “Your wife is in the Bell and Drum Tower. Go find her.”

After talking about Liu Feifei, she hung up the phone, and now the passionate video of this woman may have spread. The torture that made her life worse than death is to face the world’s guidance.

Her goal is achieved, so naturally she will not be kept.

Liu Feifei asked the woman to be sent to the Drum Tower.

Then let those who stayed sail.

While driving, she dialed Alan Su’s number.

Alan Su saw that her phone was not answered, so he threw the phone on the car seat and was on the way to the hospital, ready to see the old lady.

Soon, another phone came in. This time it was the servant of the family. Alan Su was worried and asked the servant to take care of the old lady in the hospital. Most of them were in the hospital.

At this moment, the servant called him. I don’t know if the old lady is in trouble. He leaned forward and grabbed the phone. An urgent voice from the servant came, “Lawyer Su is not good. The old lady is gone.”

The old lady is gone?

“How could it be missing? Did you go to check it?” Alan Su didn’t believe it, and was missing.

In broad daylight, there is in the hospital, who can catch an old lady.

“No, without her, I will buy her a tofu brain, and when I come back, the people will be gone.” The servant was panicked, afraid that it was his own responsibility.

Alan Su was also in a hurry, stepped on the accelerator and nearly hit someone else’s car twice.

After the car stopped, Alan Su quickly jumped out of the car and walked to the inpatient department. The servant walked back and forth in the nurse’s desk, very anxious.

Alan Su walked over, “It hasn’t been long since people? Have you found them all?”

“I’ve looked for it, no one, the old lady likes Zhu Ji’s tofu brain, I went to buy her tofu brain, and I came back and found none…”

Alan Su stared at the servants with heavy eyes. Zhu Ji was on the side where they lived, some distance away from the hospital, and this distance was also easy to traffic jams. When encountering traffic jams, time is uncertain.

Alan Su knew that now was not the time to get angry, but to find someone quickly when he was delayed.

He knows the old lady very well, she is sometimes stubborn, she likes tofu nao, and likes the taste of Zhu Ji’s.

Alan Su doesn’t look around like a servant. He first goes to the hospital leader to investigate and monitor. This is the convenience of advanced technology.

Sure enough, his approach was wise, and soon he found clues in the surveillance.

The old lady was carried away by two men.

According to the surveillance at the door, the old lady was caught in a van. He hasn’t fought a lawsuit in a long time, and he hasn’t offended anyone. Who will arrest the old lady?

“Can you see the license plate number of the van?” Alan Su said.

The technician adjusted it and it was not very clear, but he could see how much it was, “VQ23Y.”

Alan Su immediately took out his mobile phone, and just wanted to dial Keller Shen’s number, and another call came in. Liu Feifei knew that Alan Su would definitely not want to answer her phone now, so she took out Lena Qin’s mobile phone, and she was watching Lena Qin right now. Approaching her, she looked at her sick and dying.

Liu Feifei was also pregnant, and also had morning sickness. Just now Lena Qin’s nausea and vomiting reminded her of her own morning sickness. She looked at Lena Qin with a little more inquisitive eyes. Could she be pregnant?

Alan Su’s?

She raised her eyebrows, “Are you pregnant?”

Lena Qin ignored her, thinking she was crazy.

“Lena Qin.”

Alan Su picked up the phone and saw that Lena Qin took the initiative to call him. He was a little excited and a little expectant, so his tone was also soft.

“Lena Qin may not be able to answer your call.” Liu Feifei grabbed the phone’s hand and buckled it tightly. He seemed surprised just now.

Does Lena Qin call him, he will be surprised?

He likes this Lena Qin? !

Hearing Liu Feifei’s voice, Alan Su’s voice suddenly fell cold, “Why do you have Lena Qin’s cell phone? How about her? Our affairs, we solve our own problems, don’t trouble her, otherwise, don’t blame me I’m welcome!”

Liu Feifei leisurely drew up a strand of Lena Qin’s hair, played with her fingers, and said slowly, “Why are you welcome? Find someone to beat me? Or find someone to kill me?”

“Give Lena Qin the phone.”

“She may not be able to answer your call now.”

Suddenly, Alan Su thought of something, he quickly asked, “You caught my grandma?”

Although it was a question, it was already in a positive tone.

“How bad is it to catch? I just took her out to relax.”

Alan Su’s chest was rolling with thunder, “Where are you now?”

Liu Feifei squeezed Lena Qin’s chin and half-squinted her eyes, “I want to know the place, but you have to come alone. You can bring someone, but you have to be prepared for Lena Qin and your grandma to be lifeless at any time.”

Chapter 345

“I won’t take people.” Alan Su didn’t dare to joke about their two lives.

Liu Feifei smiled with satisfaction, then told him the address, and once again said, “Don’t bring people, I’m not kidding, as long as you dare to bring people, I will definitely leave them in the sea to feed fish.”

Alan Su’s nerves were tense, and he was not to be outdone. “I said, I will not lead people, but if you hurt them, don’t think about it!”

After speaking, he hung up the phone, strode out of the hospital, got in the car, and drove towards the address she said.

His car slowed down very quickly. It didn’t take long before he reached the beach. He stopped the car and walked down. There was a message coming in from his mobile phone, which was sent by Liu Feifei; “By boat, head southwest.”

Alan Su pressed his phone and went to find a boat. There were fishermen who had returned from fishing. Alan Su walked over, “Can you take me out to sea?”

As he said, he took out his wallet and gave all the cash in it to the fisherman who was tying the rope, “I won’t let you take me for nothing.”

The fisherman is a skinny man who looks almost fifty years old with dark skin. Looking at the money Alan Su handed over, he calculated in his heart that Alan Su didn’t carry much cash with him. Probably only more than two thousand.

“Where are you going?” the fisherman asked, if he went to the deep sea, he would not go.

“Southwest.” Alan Su said.

The fishermen thought for a while, that place is backed by the mountain, so they don’t go there very much, it’s relatively remote, “Where are you going for?”

There is no one there, and there is not even a place to stay.

Alan Su knew that the fisherman had concerns, and he couldn’t explain it, so he could only find a reason to convince him, “I went to find someone. My friend went there on the boat, but he never came back. I want to see it.”

The fisherman thought for a while, took the money in his hand, and said, “Okay, come on.”

More than two thousand is not a lot.

He can’t make much money on a trip to the sea.

Alan Su stepped onto the wet splint and said thank you.

The fisherman smiled, a little embarrassed, and all received the money. It was a business relationship, and there was no thanks or no thanks.

Standing on the plywood full of fishy smell, Alan Su looked at the magnificent sea. His heart was ups and downs, and his heart was on the edge of the ups and downs, like a boat in the sea.

The fishermen were very familiar with this place, and soon adjusted the bow of the boat, and it was still very fast to drive.

After more than ten or twenty minutes, Alan Su saw a boat ahead, and he let the fishermen approach.

Liu Feifei stood on the bow and saw him. There was a moment of complexity in her heart, and it would soon disappear. When things got to this point, she had no retreat.

She was not reconciled to this life, and it was over like this, watching Alan Su and other women still getting married and having children, and she could only be alone for life.

No, this is not what she wants.

If you can’t get what you want, it’s better to die, but, prerequisite, she won’t make those who make her feel better!

Soon, Alan Su saw it too, and the fisherman asked, “Is your boat?”

Alan Su nodded.

The fisherman leaned the boat over, set up a pedal, and said, “Be careful.”

Alan Su let out a sound, almost without hesitation, stepped on it.

The two boats were connected by a board that was not very wide. When Alan Su stepped on it, it was still a little swaying, and the fishermen stood here to support.

Liu Feifei smiled, “Are you worried about your grandma or that woman when you come in such a hurry?”

Alan Su stepped off the plank and glanced at her with a heavy gaze, “Where is the person?”

Lena Qin came over and stretched out her hand to caress his collar, “What are you doing in such a hurry?” Her movements became more lighthearted, “I let you come, and naturally you will see people.”

Alan Su stood straight, lowered his eyes, and glanced at her hand, “Anything you want to do is directed at me.”

Liu Feifei smiled, “Of course I was aiming at you. If they have nothing to do with you, I won’t arrest them, don’t you?”

Alan Su said coldly, “Let’s talk, what do you want to do? Now I’m here too, shouldn’t they let them go?”

“If you let them go, can you still talk to me so well?” Liu Feifei nodded his chest with a finger, “Are you stupid?”

“Say, what do you want?”

Liu Feifei hooked his belt and walked into the cabin. Alan Su did not move. Liu Feifei looked back at him, “Don’t want to see your grandma and that woman?”

Alan Su clenched his hands into fists.

Liu Feifei knew that he was angry, but also knew that in order not to hurt the two women, he would not take a shot at himself easily.

Entering the cabin, the narrow place is not spacious, and it is also very messy. Lena Qin and the old lady are tied to the shelf behind. Lena Qin’s condition looks very bad. He stepped over to see her. , But was stopped by Liu Feifei, “Don’t worry…”

Before she could finish her words, Alan Su dumped her.

“Ho ho…” The old lady wanted to tell Alan Su that Lena Qin might be pregnant and must save her to keep her safe.

But I couldn’t speak, only a ho ho.

Alan Su thought she was scared, and didn’t realize that her nervousness was due to Lena Qin, so calmly said, “I won’t let you have anything to do.”

Lena Qin’s eyes were blurry, she felt falling pain in her lower abdomen, and it was also very strong. She pulled her dry lips and spit out two words lowly, “Help me…”

Alan Su didn’t hear clearly. Just when he wanted to get closer, he heard Liu Feifei’s voice behind him, “If you dare to take a step closer, I will blow them up.”

Alan Su’s footsteps stopped, and when she turned around, she saw Liu Feifei holding the bomb controller in his hand.

He patrolled around and, sure enough, found a bomb in the corner.

“Liu Feifei!” Alan Su’s eyes were red.

Liu Feifei is not afraid of his cannibal gaze, smiling brightly and brilliantly, “Don’t be so fierce, I’m afraid.”

Alan Su suppressed the overwhelming anger, “Propose your terms.”

Liu Feifei walked up to him, her fingers stroked his chest like a small snake, wandering away, and finally stayed on his collar, unbuttoning a button of his collar, her eyes were a little erratic. Remember the first time you were with me?”

Alan Su’s lips pressed tightly and did not respond.

Liu Feifei glanced at Lena Qin, caressed Alan Su’s chest and continued, “You’re afraid of my pain. It’s very light. You lie beside my ear and say, you love me very much and will treat me well forever, do you remember? ?”

Alan Su grabbed her restless hand, “Say, what do you want.”

For the things he wanted to have never happened before, all the good things for the first time have been ruined by this woman. There is nothing good. Now he only feels disgusting. How can he be attracted to such a scheming and paranoid woman ?

He felt that he must be blind, so he would take her.

“What do I want?” Liu Feifei pretended to be very shy. “Why do you and I do it again? Relive the old dream, I think you must have a deep memory, after all, the first time you became a man, it was me. Body.”

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