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Chapter 340

This time the doctor heard it. She put the medicine in her hand on the counter and gave it to another patient. Then she turned to look at Alan Su, took the medicine in his hand, and said, “It’s antiemetic.”


Alan Su frowned and wanted to ask what kind of disease is this and want to stop vomiting?

But the doctor who fetched the medicine had already walked inside to fetch medicine for other patients. Alan Su walked over with the medicine, guessing in his heart. After all, adult men, even if they have never experienced it, have seen pig running.

He walked over step by step, looking at Lena Qin who was sitting on a bench, his eyes swept across her abdomen, and said seriously, “Are you pregnant?”

Lena Qin’s heart shook for a moment, and then became serious in the next second, “What are you talking about?”

Alan Su handed the medicine to her in a hurry, “This is for vomiting, isn’t it because Ren Chen reacted badly?”

Lena Qin pretended to be calm, and looked at him calmly, “Alan Su, are you still willing to give birth to you because of me? Even if you do, I won’t want it.” She grabbed the medicine from Alan Su’s hand, “I am The stomach is broken when you take a cold, and you feel uncomfortable to vomit before you come to the hospital for medicine. Have you seen pregnant women taking antiemetics?”

This Alan Su is really unclear, he knows that pregnant women cannot take medicine casually.


“But what?” Lena Qin interrupted him, leaving no room for it, “Alan Su, we are separated now, and I will have a great life in the future, even if I am pregnant, do you think I will want it?”

Alan Su was speechless, his hands clenched fists, “Do you hate me so much?”

“Yes, I hate you.” Lena Qin turned and left after speaking.

Just as Alan Su wanted to follow up, the phone in his pocket suddenly rang. He took out the phone, and it was Phillip Zong who called. Under normal circumstances, Phillip Zong rarely contacted him actively. He pressed the answer button and said, “Go to Lijiang Wan.” “

Hang up after talking.

Alan Su looked at his mobile phone for a while, then at Lena Qin who was walking away, and finally sighed. He wanted to chase Lena Qin back. It was not a matter of two sentences. He put on his mobile phone and walked out of the hospital without chasing Lena Qin. , But went to Lijiang Wan.

When he walked in, a waiter came over and asked, “Is it Mr. Su?”

Alan Su nodded, “I’m looking for Phillip Zong.”

“Zong Zong is in the second room, you come with me.” The waiter led Alan Su to the second room.

In the spacious private room, there is a large round table with only Keller Shen and Phillip Zong.

He pulled a chair and sat down and asked with a smile, “What day is it today?”

Usually they would gather together in his group. Phillip Zong rarely asked them to eat together. Because of his busy schedule, Keller Shen had a heavy workload. Just him, a little more leisurely.

Keller Shen twitched his lips, “Don’t laugh, when you cry.”

Alan Su mocked him, “What can be more troublesome than I am now?”

For him now, it is Lena Qin.

The old lady’s body was getting better little by little, only Lena Qin’s attitude was very hard, he was completely helpless.

Lena Qin is not eating soft or hard now.

He really can’t do anything.

“Keller accompany me for a couple of drinks, I’m in a bad mood.” Alan Su recruited the waiter, and Keller Shen grabbed him and told the waiter to go out, “If you don’t order now, you go out first and call you when you order.”

Alan Su stared at Keller Shen, “Do you want to watch a movie without eating in the restaurant?”

Keller Shen said solemnly, “Yes, just watching movies.”

Alan Su smiled, “Are you kidding me…”

But before he finished speaking, he saw the display screen hanging on the wall, which suddenly lit up. He looked at the display screen in surprise, “Really want to watch a movie?”

He soon realized that it was not, because the screen showed another box.

There was a man in a flowered shirt sitting inside. Alan Su took a closer look and looked familiar, “Isn’t this Feifei’s college classmate?”

Alan Su and Liu Feifei are also classmates, but not in the same class, and this rich second generation is in the same class as Liu Feifei.

Seeing him, Alan Su thought of many things before, “Do you remember Keller? Just him…”

Alan Su pointed to the person on the screen, “He drove Maserati to school. It was awesome. Isn’t he bankrupt yet?”

Keller Shen watched him silently.

Soon Alan Su discovered something was wrong, he looked at Keller Shen and then at Phillip Zong, “What are you going to do? Tell me to come to the restaurant, and if I’m not allowed to eat, let me see what a rich second generation is doing?”

Keller Shen was afraid that he would not be able to stand it when he knew the truth, so he said tactfully, “Have you ever thought about what Liu Feifei did all these years?”

Alan Su’s mind turned quickly, and he quickly grasped the key point, “It has something to do with this rich second generation?”

Keller Shen remained silent, as if by default.

Alan Su stood up suddenly, “I’ll ask him.”

Keller Shen held him, “When did you become so impulsive?”

Alan Su looked at Keller Shen, “Let me ask, what’s wrong?”

“Wait.” Keller Shen let go of him, “you will have an answer soon.”

Alan Su understood now, he looked at Phillip Zong and Keller Shen, “Have you investigated Feifei?”

When Keller Shen heard the phrase Feifei, his heart responded fiercely.

Squinting at him, he said nothing in the end.

At this time, there was movement on the screen, the originally closed door was pushed open, Liu Feifei changed her innocent appearance in front of Alan Su, and the old lover naturally had to dress up carefully when meeting.

The black sling dress, half of his calf, a fur cape with fox fur slanted on his shoulders, a pair of red high heels on his feet, and delicate makeup, looks very enchanting.

Lu Yuan took the initiative to ask her. She thought that Lu Yuan thought of her good. If Lu Yuan was willing to divorce and marry her, she would also be willing.

After all, it was too hard to save Alan Su.

Alan Su’s eyes widened. She saw Liu Feifei like this for the first time.

She has always shown that her face is simple, sunny, and green.

“Why do you think of me?” Liu Feifei gracefully twisted Yangliu’s waist and walked over and sat on Lu Yuan’s thigh. It seemed to be a natural thing, and it seemed to be a long-standing habit.

Lu Yuan glanced at the camera hole in the upper right corner, and put his arms around Liu Feifei’s waist, “I miss you, so I came to you, why, don’t you want me after being separated for so long?”

Elder Lu, that is, Lu Yuan’s father, had always wanted to cooperate with Phillip Zong on a project. Phillip Zong never let go. This time, Phillip Zong agreed to the cooperation of Elder Lu, but there was a condition.

This was the scene of Lu Yuan obediently appearing in the private room.

Liu Feifei pushed him away, “What’s the use? You have a wife, what am I?”

Lu Yuan came over, “I have no feelings with her.”

“Then can you marry me?” Liu Feifei looked at him eagerly. At her age, she desperately yearned for a home.

“Feifei, you know, my marriage partner is very good…”

“But I have been with you for ten years. At the beginning, I left everything and followed you. In these years, how many children did I have for you? Your wife took someone to beat me, and I couldn’t get pregnant again.” Speaking of the pain, Liu Feifei was particularly excited. She grabbed Lu Yuan by the collar and said, “How are you going to pay for my youth for these years?”

Lu Yuan looked at her quietly, “This is something you love me. Didn’t you abandon that poor boy and follow me because of my money?”

Liu Feifei was silent.

At that time, she was really interested in his money. She thought that with her beauty and wrist, she would definitely become a rich wife, but it was really too difficult to marry a rich wife.

Lu Yuan walked over to her, “I can still maintain a relationship with you now, would you like to come back?”

Chapter 341

Liu Feifei looked at him, “What is the relationship?”

Lu Yuan smiled, “What else do you have? Apart from being a mistress? You can’t have children and are not young and tender, what else do you want to do?”

Liu Feifei was speechless by Lu Yuan’s series of rhetorical questions.

Yes, she is not young anymore, what is the use of a shabby body?

She stared at Lu Yuan, “Then why are you looking for me?”

Lu Yuan looked to the upper right corner again and lifted his chin, “There should be someone over there who wants to see my relationship with you.”

Liu Feifei looked up and saw that a camera was installed in the inconspicuous place in the upper right corner. Her eyes widened suddenly. She looked with a pair of exploring and terrified eyes. Who would be there?

Her heart beat violently, “You framed me?”

Lu Yuan duplicating his pockets with both hands, like a jerk, “framing you? Didn’t you love me at the beginning? Whoever comes in, sits on my lap? Who is it, would rather follow me as a mistress? Framed? What are you worthy of me framed? You have to be fortunate that there is still use value until now. When you really have no use value at all, that will be the saddest time.”

Liu Feifei didn’t know where to put her hands, cold sweat broke out on her palms, what should I do? What should she do now?

I really want to escape.

Lu Yuan glanced at the embarrassed woman, showing no mercy, even if this woman had been with him for nearly ten years.

In his opinion, women are used for play, he pays money, and women pay for their bodies.

Suddenly, Liu Feifei rushed out of the private room and opened the door one by one until she pushed open the door of the second private room and saw Alan Su sitting there. The big screen on the wall also showed the private room where she was just now. In the picture.

She trembled all over, and even her voice became hoarse, “Alan Su, listen to me to explain…”

Alan Su cast his gaze slowly, there was no anger, no uncontrollable emotions, very calm, even he himself felt strange.

In fact, in the final analysis, he doesn’t love this woman anymore. After knowing her past, he is not very angry. What he is angry at is her deception.

This woman, whom he thought to be innocent before, was actually not innocent and full of scheming.

He thought he was funny, but he didn’t notice it at all.

“What do you want to explain? Explain that you left, not because of the rich second generation’s money? Explaining that you can’t have children is not natural, but artificial?”

“No, no…” Liu Feifei rushed in and grabbed his arm, “Alan Su, listen to me, I really love you…”

“To love me is to be a mistress for other men?!”

Alan Su threw it away, not only staring at her gloomily, “Why didn’t I find out before, your mind is so heavy?”

Liu Feifei pulled him into tears. She loved Alan Su in her heart, but the love for Alan Su was not as important as money, so she chose money.

Later, she knew that she continued to have no way out with Lu Yuan, and that she was old and declining. Lu Yuan was tired of her, so she wanted to come back.

If she has the opportunity to choose someone who can give her material life, and the person she likes to live with, then this person must be Alan Su.

By now, she regretted a bit. If she had been willing to endure hardship with Alan Su in the first place, she should be Mrs. Su now, with both fame and fortune.

Unfortunately, there is no regret medicine in this world.

Now she has nothing.

She hugged Alan Su’s leg, tears talked about the delicate makeup on her face, “For the sake of how well we have been, can you give me a chance?”

Alan Su laughed, “Give you a chance? Disgusting myself?”

Liu Feifei was speechless, but now she has no other way out, except for Alan Su’s accident, who else can she go to?

She looks so rich and she likes it. Looking around, she is Alan Su.

“Please.” Liu Feifei hugged his legs. “Alan Su, I know I was wrong. Really, please, give me a chance. I must change myself and stay by your side. You take care of grandma, Alan Su begs you.” Liu Feifei’s face was pressed against his calf, crying with tears.

Alan Su’s eyes were a little cold, and he said, “Let go of me.”

“I won’t let it go.” Liu Feifei held his leg tightly, as if she would lose him completely if it was loose.

Alan Su squatted down, stretched out her hand to pinch her chin, and forced her to look at herself, “How many of these things happened to you were you deliberately doing it? I remember that when your legs were in the hospital, you couldn’t walk, why? Can you even wear high heels at this moment? Or should you come over if you want to see an old lover even if you have it?”

“I was wrong, I really know I was wrong, Alan Su, please…”

Alan Su sneered, “I will only fall after you when I am blind!”

After speaking, he unceremoniously kicked her away, Liu Feifei leaned back and knocked down the chair behind him with a bang.

Alan Su did not look at her and walked resolutely.

“Alan Su!” Ren Liu Feifei screamed and never stopped.

His resoluteness was a disappointment to Liu Feifei. She broke the goodness of the past, and now even their memories make Alan Su feel sick.

After Lena Qin left the hospital, she called Ana Lin to make an appointment. She felt very tired.

“I want to leave.” Lena Qin lowered her head.

She feels tired and wants to rest.

Ana Lin looked at her red eyes, “Have you ever cried?”

Lena Qin did not deny, “I went to the hospital to see Alan Su, he and… Liu Feifei.”

Ana Lin’s heart sank slightly, and he couldn’t help but snorted, but now Alan Su must have known Liu Feifei’s true face.

“He knows about the child?”

Lena Qin shook her head, “I don’t know.”

“Whatever you decide, I will support you.” Ana Lin took out a bank from her bag and pushed it to her, “You take it.”

Lena Qin quickly pushed back, “I can’t ask for this.”

Ana Lin shook her hand, “This money is not for you, it is for the child in your stomach. Buy whatever you want to eat. Don’t wrong yourself. As for Alan Su, let him calm down. .”

Even if he knew that he was wrong now and came to restore Lena Qin, he couldn’t easily forgive him.

Such a big person is still unclear.

Must teach him a lesson.

Lena Qin smiled bitterly, this is no longer important to her, and now she wants to find a place to give birth to the child, and then live peacefully.

She left and didn’t want to return , “Are there not enough people on your side.”

Ana Lin made her feel at ease, “Don’t worry about this. If there is not enough manpower, I will ask Mrs. William to come over. Now the situation in the store can only be maintained, and the manpower is still sufficient.”

Lena Qin was relieved.

“Think about where to go, tell me, I’ll see you off.” Ana Lin said.

Lena Qin said yes, and the two chatted a few more words. The mobile phone in Ana Lin’s bag rang. It was the teacher in the kindergarten who called and said that Ruth had a fight with other children.

To say that Daniel had a fight with others, Ana Lin would not think it was ridiculous. Although her daughter is very good at acting like a baby and occasionally makes trouble with her brother, she will never fight with her.

She said that she had something to do and left in a hurry.

After Ana Lin left, Lena Qin also walked out. She walked to the side of the road to take a taxi. Suddenly a black van stopped next to her. Without a word, she would arrest someone.

Lena Qin was surprised, “What are you doing?”

But the other party was very tough and ignored her. The two big men controlled her, stuffed them into the van, closed the door, and drove away.

Chapter 342

“Who are you?” Lena Qin looked at them in horror. It was obvious that these people were unkind, and they were clearly directed at her.

It’s because they arrested her without saying a word. Seeing this, they knew who she was, so they were so direct.

The two men looking at her, a driver in front of her, ignored her.

Lena Qin was noisy like crazy, struggling, “Let me go down!”

The driver driving ahead seemed to be too noisy for her, and shouted at the two men, “Don’t let her noisy!”

The man immediately covered Lena Qin’s mouth and warned, “Be honest.”

Lena Qin’s brain was blank, everything was terrifying, she just wanted to leave this place that scared her quickly, but the only reason that left her told her that she could not escape.

She can only calm down for a while and wait for the opportunity to move.

As the car drove further and further away from the city, Lena Qin’s heart became more flustered.

However, facing two sturdy men, she had no chance to escape.

After about an hour, the car completely drove out of the city to the seaside of Repulse Bay.

There were a lot of fishing boats parked on the beach near the sandy beach, and the building was under construction. At the front of the hill, there were many fishing boats. After the car stopped, two sturdy men rudely pulled Lena Qin out of the car. Lena Qin didn’t leave, they just supported her Dragged his arm onto the boat.

Lena Qin was frightened and anxious, she yelled frantically, “Is there anyone, help? Is there anyone, help… slap!”

One of the men holding her slapped her and warned fiercely, “If you dare to shout again, I will kill you!”

Lena Qin’s head was beaten to one side, her right cheek was hot and painful, and a bloody smell spread in her mouth, “Are you asking for money? As long as you are willing to let me go, I am willing to give you all the money from me.” .”

Lena Qin had no relatives in the country, and no enemies, she couldn’t think of anyone who would arrest her.

The only thing I can think of is that these people arrested her just for money.

But the two men were not moved. They warned fiercely, “You’d better be honest, don’t yell or yell, we are all big guys, if you start, you have to peel off your skin if you don’t die. Be honest!”

Lena Qin felt desperate, and the blood all over her body seemed to freeze in an instant. They didn’t do it for money, but for what?

Lena Qin’s face was earthy, her tongue stiffened, and she stammered for a long time and asked, “Can you tell me why you are arresting me? Even if you die, do you want to make me understand?”

One of the men was impatient and squeezed her chin, “You fcking don’t understand people or why? Why do you catch you? You’ll know when you get there. Don’t give me the fcking bullsh*t!”

Lena Qin didn’t dare to ask any more, she didn’t dare to let these people hurt her again, she was not alone now, she didn’t care for herself, and she had to take care of the child in her belly.

Soon, Lena Qin was kidnapped by them to an old fishing boat. There were fishing nets on the plywood, and there were dead fish in it. I don’t know how long it has been since they have been killed. Lena Qin threw them into the small cabin. , The belt is dirty, and there is a strong fishy smell.

Lena Qin was already sensitive to smells and vomited severely. When she smelled this smell, the intense acid water rolled in her stomach, “Um…”

She couldn’t help it, got up and squatted up on the small square window.

The two men looked disgustingly and ignored her, because there was no other door in the cabin, just a small window that could stretch their heads, but couldn’t get out of them. Even if they got out, they would have to fall into the sea.

Lena Qin stretched her head like this, breathing the fresh air outside.

With her physical weakness and mental pressure, now she can hardly think calmly, just feel dizzy.

I don’t know how long it took, and suddenly the cabin shook, followed by footsteps. Lena Qin’s nerves tightened. She immediately turned back and saw Liu Feifei standing at the cabin door. She just wanted to speak, but saw her being tied up behind her. Old lady, Lena Qin’s eyes widened, “What do you want to do?”

Liu Feifei sneered, “Can’t you see what you want to do?”

She has nothing now, Lu Yuan won’t want her, and Alan Su also hates her now.

If there is no such woman, she can restore Alan Su, all because of this woman!

She hated and hated Lena Qin for taking Alan Su away, and she hated and hated the old lady’s dislike for her.

Since Alan Su cared about them so much, she arrested them all.

She waved her hand to make people tie up the old lady and Lena Qin.

Lena Qin struggled, “Liu Feifei, are you crazy?”

Liu Feifei wrapped her arms around her chest, mocking her with disdain, “Crazy? Hehe, I am so sober, I have nothing now, and I am not afraid of anything. I’m not having a good time, everyone should not be well!”

She walked into the small cabin, occasionally stepped on the dead shells on the ground, making a shattering sound. She stood in front of the tied Lena Qin and pinched her chin, “Did you design it?”

No one designed and investigated her, how could she know her past events so clearly?

Lena Qin was confused, “What design?”

Liu Feifei pinched her chin, “Pretend less!”

Not her, who else can investigate her in every possible way and let Alan Su know?

Except for Lena Qin, who else has a reason to do this?

“I really don’t know what you said…” Lena Qin’s voice overflowed from her throat intermittently.

Liu Feifei didn’t believe it at all, she believed that Lena Qin did it.

Because no one except Lena Qin can directly benefit from this matter, Alan Su hates her and will naturally return to Lena Qin.

Lena Qin still doesn’t know what Liu Feifei is talking about, but knowing one thing, she hates herself, mostly because of Alan Su, her heart is bitter and tight.

This man, in addition to causing her injury accident, is still hurt.

“You hate me. Why did you catch grandma over here? She is still ill. After all, you and Alan Su are getting better, don’t you miss your old love at all?”

Old love?

Alan Su kicked her away so decisively, have you ever read the old love?

Liu Feifei slapped Lena Qin’s face evilly, disgusted by this young and beautiful face, her strength became even stronger, and she wished to disfigure Lena Qin and destroy this face!

“Don’t worry, we will play a very interesting game later.”

After speaking, Liu Feifei laughed, crazy and evil.

Lena Qin trembled and kept thinking that Liu Feifei must be crazy, otherwise she wouldn’t be so frantic.

The old lady couldn’t speak yet, so she could only stare at her viciously, wishing to stare her out of a hole.

The old lady thought to herself that this woman was not a good person, and finally revealed her true face.

Just when Lena Qin tried to persuade Liu Feifei, another person was thrown in the cabin.

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