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Chapter 337

Jenkin Bai was speechless, and her reason seemed to be past.

“But as a son, if I am indifferent to the harm he has received, don’t you think my blood is cold?” The reason why Jenkin Bai is so obsessed with revenge is because Bai Hongfei raised him and brought the entire Bai family up. To him who is not related by blood.

He was grateful, but also heartache, such a affectionate man, lost his lover, and was tortured. He felt unfair.

Knowing that City B is not his site, I still want to make fairness for Bai Hongfei’s past!

Danna Cheng fixedly looked at Jenkin Bai for a long time, and had to admit that what he said made sense. If a person, even the person he cares about, is indifferent to harm, then this person must be cold-blooded.

“Everything I can say, I have said, you insist, and I have no reason to stop. This is City B, not Baicheng. Now they are in the light, you are in the dark, you have the upper hand, after this time, I’m afraid you won’t go well in the future.”

Jenkin Bai understood very well that this time he planned the car accident when Foster Wen and Phillip Zong didn’t know that he had come to bring city B. Once Phillip Zong or Foster Wen knew his identity, he wanted to do it again. It’s hard.

Jenkin Bai’s eyes deepened, “I can’t let myself regret it.”

Danna Cheng could see that Jenkin Bai had made a decision. She couldn’t persuade him with a few words, so he had to do it.

The only thing she can do is to keep him after the Dongchuang incident.

It depends on Bai Hongfei’s face.

She stood up, “I should go.”

Jenkin Bai did not move or speak.

Danna Cheng twisted her handle, and when she was about to open the door, Jenkin Bai stopped her, “My adoptive father said, I hope I will marry your daughter.”

Danna Cheng paused and looked back at him.

Jenkin Bai also turned her wheelchair to her.

“You have given birth to a child. I want to know where your child is now. If it is a girl, I would like to follow my adoptive father’s will and marry your daughter.”

Danna Cheng held the fingers of the handle and kept tightening, “I have never given birth to a child…”

“Impossible!” Jenkin Bai is decisive. If Danna Cheng had never given birth to a child, how could Bai Hongfei make his last wish to marry her daughter?

There is only one answer. Bai Hongfei knew that Danna Cheng was pregnant, but he didn’t know if she was pregnant with a boy or a girl. He thought that Danna Cheng might be a girl, because only a girl can marry him, so Bai Hongfei left this last wish.

Danna Cheng was flustered for a moment, and soon calmed down, “I married into the clan’s family later, everyone in the world, I have never had a baby in my life.”

Jenkin Bai looked at her sharply and said his guess, “Your child is Phillip Zong.”

Danna Cheng’s heart sank, “Do you have evidence?”

“I don’t. I can’t detect what happened back then. However, there are some things that cannot be faked. For example, why did my adoptive father give up on you? He can never marry for you. Why did he give up on you? The reason is simple, you and When another man has a child, he has to let go. Even if he is reluctant, even if his heartaches, he can only let go. He knows the importance of a child to a mother. Maybe you didn’t really love the one who made you pregnant and have a child. People, but for the sake of the children, you will stay…”

“I don’t want to hear this kind of speculation anymore!” Danna Cheng interrupted him, “Go back to Baicheng.”

“Forgive me for being unreasonable.” Jenkin Bai apologized, “Since I have come, I won’t leave easily. Even if I leave, I will have to achieve my goal.”

Seeing Danna Cheng’s avoidance, Jenkin Bai can affirm his guess, what he lacks now is only evidence.

If he can find evidence that Phillip Zong was born by Danna Cheng, then he would be very easy to deal with Foster Wen, and maybe he could help him.

After all, Danna Cheng was also imprisoned for six years.

Danna Cheng stared at Jenkin Bai and looked at Bai Hongfei’s face. Danna Cheng wanted him to leave City B safe and sound. If he insisted on dripping the muddy water, she could not condone it.

She will not tolerate anyone and uncover this secret. She knows very well who is the most hurt when this secret is seen again.

“Don’t blame me for not warning you. If I found out that you checked the previous things, even if it was not Bai Hongfei’s adopted son, I would not let you go.” Danna Cheng opened the door and walked out.

Because she came to see Bai Hongfei and didn’t tell anyone, nor did she use the family car. Instead, she took a taxi. She stopped the taxi from the hotel to go home.

Ana Lin was eating, and Yu’s mother specially prepared it for her, and Phillip Zong asked to give her some health supplements, saying that she was not in good health.

Wanda deliberately prepared a stewed sea cucumber soup for her, but she didn’t put anything, because there was nothing else added, so it didn’t taste much.

And the sea cucumber is whole, and it looks a little cramped.

Wanda put all three or four sea cucumbers into her bowl, “Sea cucumbers contain iron, vitamin B, and folic acid, which have the effect of nourishing, regenerating and nourishing blood.” Wanda approached her and said with a smile, “I listen. It is said that eating sea cucumbers can also beautify your face.”

Although Ana Lin is very beautiful now, he still needs maintenance.

Ana Lin took it with a spoon, “I can’t finish it, so much.”

“You have to finish it. Master said that you are not in good health and asked me to prepare it specially for you.”

This kind of sea cucumber is not artificially cultivated on the market. It is purely wild. It is all sea cucumbers over eight years old. As we all know, the growth period of sea cucumbers is very long. Wild sea cucumbers are salvaged by sea cucumber farmers by themselves, generally 5-9. When the ginseng harvester reaches the age of less than five years, he will throw it back into the sea and let it continue to grow.

The cultivated sea cucumbers mature every year, and it can be seen from the beginning that the effects of annual and multi-year sea cucumbers are different.

Moreover, wild sea cucumbers grow naturally on the bottom of the sea and eat algae shells on the bottom of the sea. Various essences accumulate in the body for a long time and are rich in nutrients.

The cultivated sea cucumbers eat artificial feed, which matures in one year, which is not good for the human body. There are even many hormones in the cultivated sea cucumbers which are harmful to the human body.

Because of the high price of sea cucumbers, there are not many wild ones after being caught in large quantities. Most of the sea cucumbers on the market are artificially farmed.

They are very old, they are pure and wild, and they are rare.

Can Ana Lin refuse this kindness?

It’s unpalatable, but also bite the bullet and eat.

Danna Cheng heard Wanda’s words as soon as she walked in. She lowered her eyes and hung up her coat.

In fact, Phillip Zong is kind to Ana Lin, she should be happy, but there is still a little bit of envy and’jealous’

She has never enjoyed such treatment.

She walked in, “Why do you eat at this order?”

She left early in the morning, but Ana Lin said that she was up late.

Ana Lin lowered his head, “Draw a design drawing last night. I slept late, so I got up a bit late.”

Danna Cheng didn’t think too much, because she was pretending to be something in her heart. She looked at Wanda and said, “Go ahead.”

Wanda knew, “There is no more food at home, I’ll go to the supermarket.”

Then she took off her apron and left the room.

Another servant was outside watching the workers pruning green plants and lawns. Such things happen every month, because without pruning, the flowers and plants will grow out of shape.

Ana Lin put down the spoon in his hand, “Have you seen Jenkin Bai?”

Chapter 338

Danna Cheng gave a faint hum.

“Then is he willing to stop?” Ana Lin asked eagerly.

Danna Cheng took a deep breath and shook her head, “No, and he seems to be aware of Phillip’s identity, but I will not let him continue to investigate.”

Ana Lin just wanted to say that Phillip Zong knew, and the phone on the dining table vibrated.

It shows Keller Shen’s number.

Ana Lin looked at Danna Cheng, “I will answer the phone first.”

She got up and walked to the window, pressed the answer button, “Hello?”

“It was me, what Phillip asked me to investigate, I found out.”

Ana Lin’s nerves tensed and his back straightened, “You said.”

“I don’t know a word or two, let’s talk about it when we meet.” Keller Shen said.

Ana Lin thought for a while and said, “Okay.”

After hanging up the phone, she put her mobile phone in her pocket and walked back to the restaurant, and saw Danna Cheng looking at the sea cucumber in her bowl.

She smiled and asked, “Mom, are you hungry too.”

When she was talking, she went to the kitchen and took a clean bowl and scooped her own sea cucumbers. “Don’t dislike it, you haven’t eaten it.”

Danna Cheng grabbed her hand, “I’m not hungry, you can eat it, see you are thin, Jenkin Bai is a pool of muddy water, you don’t want to get in.”

Ana Lin said yes.

With Phillip Zong’s temper, she just didn’t want to be led by Jenkin Bai.

Danna Cheng entered the house, Ana Lin suffocated her breath and swallowed the sea cucumber, drank a mouthful of water, put on her clothes and went out.

Keller Shen sent her the meeting address, and she drove forward.

It was a bar, because it was daytime, there were not many people in it, and it was quiet. Keller Shen sat in the booth and had a drink.

Seeing Ana Lin coming in, he asked, “What would you like to drink?”

“Just give me juice.” She sat down.

Keller Shen asked the bartender to pour a glass of juice. Ana Lin glanced at him, “How to choose this place.”

“It’s quiet at this time, and I want to have a drink.” He took a sip of wine.

When putting down the wine glass, he didn’t take his hand away and fiddled with him, “It’s despicable and shameless, this sentence can’t describe people’s nasty and insidiousness.”

Ana Lin asked cautiously, “Are you irritated?”

Otherwise, how could there be such a feeling.

Keller Shen didn’t say a word, but handed Ana Lin the paper bag he had placed on the card table, “See it for yourself.”

Ana Lin probably guessed what’s inside.

Looking at Keller Shen’s appearance, I’m afraid the things inside are not good.

She opened the file bag with curiosity and a little nervousness.

It contains more than a dozen pages of information about Liu Feifei’s past, as well as a few photos.

There are Liu Feifei, and there are scenes of Liu Feifei and a man entering and exiting high-end venues.

She put down the photo and read the files inside.

Page by page, her heart sinks as she goes back.

Alan Su said that Liu Feifei told him that she left because she couldn’t give birth and didn’t want to hurt Alan Su. But look at how many times she went to the hospital to have a baby in these years?

“How can she have such a thick skin? Is she still a woman?” Keller Shen grinned, if it weren’t for the only remaining reason to tell him that if a good man doesn’t fight with a woman, he will go to beat Liu Feifei, and then ask her, how Can you be so shameless?

It turned out to leave for a rich man.

Be a mistress for someone else!

The more Keller Shen thinks about it, the more angry it gets.

He was not angry about these things Liu Feifei did. He was angry that Liu Feifei did these things, how could he come back to Alan Su?

Should Alan Su be the pick-up man?

After reading the last page, Ana Lin threw the information on the table and knew in her heart why Liu Feifei would come back. It was nothing more than an old and declining man now. The man married his wife again. She had no hope before returning to think. To save Alan Su.

Keller Shen packed things up, “I have to go find Alan Su, lest he be deceived.”

“Wait.” Ana Lin stopped him.

“Go and tell him that there is no such thing as he found out!” Ana Lin narrowed his eyes, and the man above seemed to be rich, otherwise he would not be able to take care of his mistress for that long. A waste of money.

She thought, Phillip Zong knew some rich people, maybe he knew this.

After she had a countermeasure in her heart, she looked at Keller Shen and said, “I’m leaving now.”

Keller Shen called her, “Don’t forget to call me.”

He also wanted to see what Alan Su was like when he knew Liu Feifei’s true face.

Ana Lin said that he knew.

Instead of going to the store when she got in the car, she went to find Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong was in a meeting, and she went to his office to wait for him.

The spacious, sunny space makes the people in it feel comfortable. She walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows and overlooked the most prosperous part of the city. Even in the daytime, without the rendering of neon lights, it is still as brilliant as a rainbow.

The outside aperture fell down in a circle, Ana Lin reached out to touch it, but unfortunately, no one could catch it.

Phillip Zong finished the meeting and opened the door of the office, and he saw the woman standing in the halo, her slender back, like the heroine in a comic.

He approached with light steps, encircling her waist from behind, lowering her shoulders with his chin, “Miss me?”

Ana Lin said nothing, “Do you know someone named Lu Yuan?”

Phillip Zong didn’t know this Lu Yuan, but he had heard of him and knew him.

Phillip Zong’s face was buried in her long hair, and he made a dull voice, “What are you asking him for?”

Ana Lin turned to look at him, and said very seriously, “I want him to come to Liu Feifei.”

When two people have been together for so long, they will naturally interact with each other.

If Alan Su sees it with his own eyes, it is more convincing than any evidence.

Phillip Zong quickly understood, “Did Keller find out?”

Ana Lin gave a hum, and recounted what Keller Shen had found out. Phillip Zong didn’t change his expression and said indifferently, “I’ll arrange it.”

He didn’t like to deal with such things, but Ana Lin’s friend on one side, and his buddy on the other, he had to intervene.

Ana Lin believed that he had arranged well and said seriously, “Thank you.”

Phillip Zong put his hand into her clothes, gently pinched the flesh on her waist, and said in a low voice, “How do you want to thank you?”

Ana Lin felt itchy, twisted his body, and reminded him solemnly, “This is the company, your office, if someone sees it, would you still be shameless?”

“No one will come in casually.” Phillip Zong smirked, “Are you willing to do it with me here?”

Ana Lin, “…”

How could he be so faceless and skinless?

Ana Lin was unwilling to do it, and pushed back, “You shameless, I still want shame.”

Phillip Zong deliberately bit her neck and said heavily, Ana Lin almost instinctively screamed, “Ah!”

Soon she closed her mouth again, clenched fists with both hands, and kept beating his chest. Phillip Zong remained motionless, like a mountain that could not be shaken. Suddenly, he caught her two restless hands, raised her above her head, and pressed her against her. On the glass of the French window, possessed, k*ssed her lips…

Ana Lin struggled, so he bit her, and uttered heavily, Ana Lin snorted in pain.

He laughed, “Just call.”

Ana Lin knew he deliberately, she stared at him.

Phillip Zong k*ssed her eyes and gave her wet.

On the other hand, Lena Qin was vomiting a bit badly. She vomited almost everything she was eating. She vomited acid water when she had nothing in her stomach. She didn’t have any strength. She had no choice but to go to the hospital and ask the doctor to see if she could prescribe something. Take antiemetic medicine.

The doctor prescribed vitamin B6 to stop vomiting. When she was going to the pharmacy downstairs to get the medicine, she passed by the orthopedics department and saw Alan Su helping Liu Feifei walk out of the orthopedics clinic.

The corridor was empty, there was no place to hide, she couldn’t avoid it.

“Does it still hurt?” Alan Su asked concerned.

Liu Feifei shook her head, “Just to trouble you…” When she saw Lena Qin, she swallowed the words in her mouth and held his arm tighter.

Seeing her looking forward, Alan Su looked up and saw Lena Qin standing there.

Chapter 339

Alan Su’s body was tight, and it seemed that he didn’t expect to meet Lena Qin suddenly. He almost instinctively wanted to let go of Liu Feifei, but at the moment he let go, Liu Feifei caught her, intentionally hurting her feet. It seemed that if he didn’t hold Alan Su, he would fall down.

Alan Su did not move any more, nor did she push Liu Feifei away. At this moment, she also wanted to see if Lena Qin would be angry because he was with Liu Feifei.

Although she didn’t hide from herself, she would occasionally visit the old lady, but her attitude towards him was very cold, making him feel that Lena Qin had no feelings for him.

Just now Feifei Liu was by his side, he wanted to take this opportunity to test her attitude towards him. If she gets angry, it proves that she cares about herself.

Liu Feifei glanced at Alan Su secretly. He didn’t expect that he didn’t push herself away. He was delighted, but looked sad on his face, “Miss Qin, don’t get me wrong. My foot is injured and I can’t walk. Alan Su accompanied me to the hospital. …”

“I did not misunderstand.”

Lena Qin took the hand of the sheet and squeezed it firmly. Her nail penetrated the paper and sank into the flesh of her palm. Only with enough pain could she wake up.

She smiled lightly, “Mr. Alan Su and I, it doesn’t matter now, whoever he wants to be with is his freedom.”

Alan Su’s lips were pressed tightly, and his muscles were tense. His heart was overwhelmed, unable to calm down, as if he could not accept Lena Qin’s calmness.

The calmer she is, the less she cares about herself.

Liu Feifei was happy.

But she didn’t dare to show it on the face. After all, she couldn’t hold Alan Su’s performance now, because she gave up on Lena Qin, or something else.

This time, she must catch Alan Su.

Alan Su suppressed the loss and pain in his heart, said nothing, and put his arms around Liu Fufu’s waist, “Let’s go.”

When passing by with Lena Qin, I don’t know if he intentionally or unintentionally, he bumped Lena Qin’s shoulder.

Lena Qin vomited too badly, her body was not strong at all, and she almost fell over by Alan Su’s impact. Fortunately, there was a window next to her, and she didn’t fall down because she supported her with her hand.

Slowly, she knelt down to cover her chest, trying to cover the sadness overflowing from her chest.

Her only feeling was pain, as if a hole had been cut in her heart, and the blood kept flowing out.

She didn’t know if she would die with all her blood.

I don’t know if her emotions were too agitated, and there was another violent rolling in her stomach, she covered her mouth and ran towards the bathroom.

Outside the hospital, Alan Su put Liu Feifei in a taxi, “You go back first.”

Liu Feifei wanted to catch him, but she didn’t dare, because she was afraid that she would have a good impression, and Alan Su was disgusted because of her eagerness.

“Are you okay?” Liu Feifei tapped on the side.

Alan Su said indifferently, he didn’t want to say more, he closed the car door, Liu Feifei was a little panicked, it was obvious that he didn’t leave, he wanted to go back to Lena Qin.

She immediately lowered the window, “Are you going to explain to Miss Qin? Do you want me to make it clear for you, after all, we really don’t have anything.”

Alan Su was a little impatient, “No need.”

After speaking he let him drive.

Seeing the car galloping away, Alan Su turned and walked into the hall. He reached the corridor where Lena Qin had just met. However, there was no shadow of Lena Qin in the corridor. His brows were frowned, and he turned and walked towards the hall. Towards, Lena Qin was not found.

Alan Su couldn’t help but gave birth to a bit lonely.

He was downcast. Just as he gave up his intention to leave, he saw Lena Qin coming out of the bathroom. She was holding her abdomen and her face was a little pale, as if she was sick.

He walked quickly over and held her, “What’s wrong with you?”

The face that Lena Qin saw when she raised her head was a bit blurred. Soon, she could see the appearance of this face clearly. I don’t know why. After seeing that it was Alan Su, her throat became tight and her nose was stuffed. A large ball of cotton, a sourness ran wildly in her eyes, and she lowered her head, “Why come back again, do you want to see my joke?”

Alan Su was also stiff, he obviously wanted to see her, worried that she would be sick when she appeared in the hospital, “Yeah.”

Lena Qin laughed, tears coming out of her laughter, “You are not afraid of your ex-girlfriend if you come to me like this…No, now you should be your girlfriend who is as good as ever, are you afraid of her being angry?”

“She’s not that mean.”

Lena Qin scorned, does this mean she used to be stingy?

She laughed bitterly. She was angry because she cared. Isn’t it right?

True love is to be generous with indulgence?

Ha ha.

She felt that her three views would be subverted by Alan Su.

“Go, I don’t need you.” Lena Qin broke away from his hand.

Alan Su didn’t let go, “You are sick? What did the doctor say, what is the problem? How to treat it?”

After a series of questions came down, Lena Qin froze for a moment, and soon she recovered her sanity. She looked up at Alan Su, and suddenly laughed, “The doctor said I was injured here.” She clutched her heart, “I know how to hurt. Is it?”

Alan Su looked at her, “Is it because of me?”

Lena Qin stopped the laughter, “No, because of myself, I used to think I was not stupid, but after meeting you, I found out that I was a stupid. I would believe your rhetoric and would definitely treat me well, forever, ha ha , You are great, I believe you, you successfully deceived me.”

Alan Su shook his head, “I didn’t lie, I really want to be nice to you…”

“Save this to your current woman.” Lena Qin interrupted him. She was really sad for Alan Su and didn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore.

She left Alan Su and wanted to leave, but Alan Su was unwilling to let her go like this, grabbing her wrist, “I just want to tell you.”

“You let me go!” Lena Qin tried to shake his hand away, but he grasped it very firmly, and he didn’t have the strength. It was obvious that the struggle was futile.

Alan Su grabbed the medicine list in her hand and pushed her on the chair, “Sit here and wait for me.”

Alan Su was afraid that she would leave without saying anything, and warned, “If you dare to leave, I will go to the store to pester you.”

Lena Qin looked at him, and now she didn’t even have the strength to be angry, “Alan Su, when will you grow up? Are you naive?”

Alan Su smiled, yes, he was the most relaxed in front of this woman, and he was the most authentic himself. Even if he was with Liu Feifei before, he did not relax with Lena Qin.

“Wait for me.” Alan Su took the list and went to the window to fetch the medicine.

There was only one box of vitamin B6. Alan Su looked at it and asked the doctor who took the medicine, “Excuse me, what disease does this medicine cure?”

There were so many people in the hospital, the doctor who took the medicine did not hear.

Alan Su increased his voice and asked again, “Excuse me, what disease does this vitamin B6 cure?”

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