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Chapter 334

He was thinking, what would it look like if she was pregnant?

Perhaps it was too good to think about it, and a small smile burst out from the corners of his lips.

Ana Lin was completely unaware of the strangeness of the man opposite, and drank the soup Phillip Zong had given her spoon by spoon. Although it was already spring, the weather was still cold. Drinking some hot soup, she felt her body gradually warmed up.

She went to the bathroom in the middle. When she came out, she was stopped by the waiter in the restaurant, “Hello, are you Miss Lin?”

Ana Lin did not nod immediately, thinking she was very strange, and asked vigilantly, “What’s the matter with you?”

The female service took out a letter from her pocket, “A gentleman in a wheelchair, let me give you this letter.”

When Jenkin Bai bought her to let her deliver the letter for herself, he pointed out Ana Lin.

The waitress knew that it was Ana Lin, just asked her, just wanted to confirm it again, just in case she made a mistake, she didn’t expect Ana Lin to be so vigilant, she had to take out the letter.

Ana Lin glanced around instinctively, and the waitress said, “That person has already left.”

Jenkin Bai came to City B?

She took the envelope handed over by the waiter, hesitated to open it, there was not much content inside, only one line; I live in Kangting Hotel, Room 608, come to me, I have something to tell you.

Ana Lin frowned, thought he was strange, and didn’t plan to go.

He wanted to say that she might not want to listen.

She shredded the letter she had read and threw it into the trash can, and then walked towards the hall. Phillip Zong was answering the phone. He looked very serious. Ana Lin sat down and waited until he hung up and asked, “Who calls of?”

Phillip Zong said that Li Jing, Foster Wen had a car accident and are now in the hospital. Their son is not in the country, so he has to see.

He got up, “I’ll take you back.”

Ana Lin’s nerves were tense. Inexplicably, she felt that this had something to do with Jenkin Bai. Otherwise, how could it be such a coincidence. She received the letter and Foster Wen had a car accident on the other side?

She looked up at Phillip Zong, “Go to the hospital first and take a taxi to go back by yourself.”

Phillip Zong’s lips are obviously not worrying about her alone.

Ana Lin pulled his hand, “Don’t think of me as a child, wouldn’t I live a good life without you? I am an adult and take good care of myself.”

Phillip Zong was silent for a while, “Call me when you get home.”

Ana Lin nodded vigorously and urged him, “Go ahead.”

After Phillip Zong left, Ana Lin got up and left the restaurant. She stood on the side of the road and waited for the car. Although it was already February, the weather was still a bit cold, so she gathered her coat.

A black car drove up and stopped beside her. The plateau got off the car, opened the door, and made a please gesture to Ana Lin, “Miss Lin, please.”

Gao Gao Jenkin Bai’s assistant, Ana Lin now completely affirms that Foster Wen’s car accident is absolutely related to Jenkin Bai.

Otherwise, how could it be such a coincidence?

When Phillip Zong left, his people came.

Now, she was interested in hearing what Jenkin Bai wanted to say to her.

She bent over to get into the car.

Soon the car started and drove to the hotel.

The car stopped, the plateau came down to open the door for her, Ana Lin walked down, the plateau made a please gesture again, Ana Lin glanced at him and stepped in.

Gao Gao led the way, crossed the lobby and got on the elevator to the sixth floor, walked to Room 608, Gao Gao stood by the door, “Miss Lin, go in, and we will wait for you inside.”

Ana Lin held the handle and pressed it down to open the door.

With the warmth rushing to the face, Jenkin Bai was sitting with his back to the door next to the floor-to-ceiling windows on the whole wall of the main hall, as if he was admiring the colorful lights in the night, and he seemed to be waiting for someone.

She walked in.


Jenkin Bai did not look back.

“President Bai took great pains, can I not come?” Ana Lin stood beside him, also looking outside. The night of City B was beautiful, like a city shrouded in neon lights. It was brilliant, splendid, and colorful.

“No wonder you want to come back so much, it turns out that this place is really beautiful.”

“No, I want to come back, not because of this city, but because of the people living in this city.”

Jenkin Bai finally turned his attention to her.

But Ana Lin didn’t look at him, only left him a profile.

“If there is no Foster Wen thing, would you come?”

“No.” Ana Lin replied simply.

Jenkin Bai smiled helplessly, “Aren’t you afraid of my sadness?”

“I think if you are going to be sad, you should have been hurt?”

After all, he knew her relationship with Phillip Zong in Baicheng, and she didn’t choose to see him. Just don’t hurt him.

“I have been here for half a month.” Jenkin Bai said lightly.

Ana Lin turned to look at him. He has been in City B for half a month?

What has he done in the past half month?

“Don’t think it’s easy to want Wen Qian to have a car accident?”

Ana Lin was puzzled. In fact, he could take the initiative to find her without having to spend so much time and effort.

Jenkin Bai didn’t lie to her, “I see.”

“What do you know?” Ana Lin had a bad feeling in his heart.

“Foster Wen is the one who cut my adoptive father’s finger.” Jenkin Bai stared at Ana Lin deeply, “Do you also know that, right? You know all the causes and reasons, but you promised someone, you can’t say ,right?”

Ana Lin clenched his hands, and answered the question, “So you will come, is it revenge? Foster Wen’s car accident is inevitable. Did you plan for a long time?”

Jenkin Bai moved Roberson Cheng, knowing from Roberson Cheng that the person who cut Bai Hongfei’s finger was Foster Wen.

He didn’t want to disclose more, Jenkin Bai could see that Roberson Cheng also hated Foster Wen, so he revealed it to him.

However, it is understandable that after all his sister was imprisoned back then, he wanted to use his hands to seek justice for the sister’s hardships.

“This is what you want to say to me?” Ana Lin could not stop him from taking revenge, nor could he tell Phillip Zong that he did this thing.

“I want to see you.” Jenkin Bai looked at her.

Ana Lin pretended to be relaxed, “I have a husband.”

Jenkin Bai lowered his head and smiled, “Can you not sprinkle salt on my wound?”

Ana Lin did not continue to entangle him, “It is not easy to deal with him. This is City B, not Baicheng. If you are determined, I will not persuade you. Everyone has their own position, I just want to say In one sentence, when is the injustice reported?”

He retaliated against Foster Wen, can Bai Hongfei survive?

Can you go back in time without being imprisoned for a few years?


The so-called revenge is but a comfort in the hearts of the living.

“I should go.” Ana Lin turned and walked out.

Jenkin Bai stopped her, “If it is your relative who suffers such harm, can you forgive it?”

Ana Lin paused, but didn’t answer, because she didn’t know, it seemed hard not to resent, just like she resented Randall Lin.

Chapter 335

The plateau sent her back. When Phillip Zong came home, the two children had taken a bath and were about to go to bed.

Seeing Ana Lin entering the door, Ruth rushed over and hugged her leg, “Mummy, are you back?”

Ana Lin hugged her up and k*ssed her little cheek, “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

The little girl thought for a while and said, “I’m waiting for you.”

“Who are you waiting for, you are obviously drinking milk.” Daniel pierced her unceremoniously.

The little girl blinked and glared at him, “My brother is so annoying!”

Daniel was wearing a fluffy pajamas, put down the milk cup in her hand, and glanced at her sister, “To be honest, I hate it?”

The little girl was buried in Ana Lin’s arms, acting like a baby, “Mommy, look at my brother bullying me.”

Ana Lin patted her on the back, coaxing, “Well, he didn’t mean you.”

Daniel thinks that her sister is so naive, so she will act like a baby.

He went back to the room to sleep.

Now he sleeps alone, Ruth slept with Danna Cheng.

She stayed up alone and said she was afraid.

Daniel thought, what’s the fear?

Danna Cheng washed the milk cups that the two children drank and walked over, looking at Ana Lin and asking, “Are you alone?”

Because she didn’t see Phillip Zong.

Ana Lin put down her daughter, “Go and play with your brother for a while.”

“I want Mommy to hug.” Ruth lay in her arms, unwilling to come down.

Ana Lin coaxed her, “Ruth is the best. Wait till the weekend, Mommy will take you and brother out to play.”

“Really?” The little girl was excited.

In fact, she is very coaxing, just feed and drink and play.

Ana Lin rubbed her head and said that it was true that the little girl was willing to come down to find Daniel.

“You have something to tell me?” Danna Cheng asked.

Otherwise, how could she spread the child away.

Ana Lin said, “Go to the room and talk.”

“Go to my room.” After she took Ruth, she and Zong Qifeng slept in a separate room, and now it happened that there was no one in her room.

Lin Xiyan nodded.

After entering the room, Ana Lin closed the door and Danna Cheng waved to her, “Come and do it.”

Ana Lin sat down next to the edge of the bed, and she brewed in her heart, “Foster Wen had a car accident.”

“Is it serious?” Danna Cheng asked.

Ana Lin shook his head, “I don’t know, Phillip passed.”

Danna Cheng sighed, “This person always can’t predict what will happen tomorrow…”

“This is not an accident.” Ana Lin actually wants to know whether Danna Cheng hates Foster.

Danna Cheng’s eyes widened, a little unbelievable, not an accident, that is why people dare to do this?

“Bai Hongfei’s adopted son, Jenkin Bai, came to City B. He did this and wants to avenge Bai Hongfei.”

Danna Cheng lowered her eyes and thoughtfully, “It has been so long. Why bother.”

“No matter how long it has passed, the damage has been still there, don’t you complain?” Ana Lin asked what was in his heart.

Danna Cheng got up, walked to the window, and looked out the window.

“How do you comment on right and wrong? It was Wenxian who I promised at the beginning, and I have to bear the corresponding consequences, but what happened was outside my expectations. Think about it carefully, how much wrong Foster Wen has What? If I really broke Wen Xian’s marriage, he would just make people clap and applaud, right?”

“But you are not.” Ana Lin looked at her.

“However, things started with me. If Wen Xian came to me, I would refuse. Naturally, there would be no such things. Maybe it was fate or destiny. I had already seen the past.”

She feels that now is the pinnacle of her life, happy and harmonious, living together as a family, which she did not dare to think before, even if Phillip Zong still wouldn’t talk to her.

But it’s good to see it often.

She is quite satisfied.

“You help me persuade Jenkin Bai.” Danna Cheng knew that it was not easy to get revenge on Foster Wen, and Jenkin Bai was Bai Hongfei’s adopted son. She naturally didn’t want him to be in trouble.

“I’m afraid no one can persuade him.” Ana Lin could see clearly. This time Jenkin Bai appeared, obviously, he came for revenge.

Danna Cheng sighed, the grievances of the previous generation should not involve the next generation.

“If Jenkin Bai succeeded, would you be happy?” Ana Lin came over.

Danna Cheng shook her head, “I won’t be happy, Foster Wen is wrong, but it is true that he regards Phillip as a relative.”

She didn’t want Phillip Zong to know the truth, because she was afraid that he would not be able to accept it. He always respected Foster Wen, and how much Foster Wen cared about his sister, and how much she cared about the children left by this sister.

She saw it all.

She didn’t want her son to be involved in a past that was confused between right and wrong.

She was satisfied to see him from time to time like now. I don’t want to have any extravagant hopes, I will hear him call himself a mother in his lifetime.

“Where is Jenkin Bai?” Danna Cheng suddenly turned around.

She can’t just watch him asking for trouble, but because of Bai Hongfei’s face, she should also persuade him.

Ana Lin told her where Jenkin Bai lived.

She had been to the Wen’s house once and felt that Danna Cheng’s approach was right. Since it has been concealed, it has passed, so don’t be entangled in it.

Among them, the most hurt is Phillip Zong. The relative he has always respected is his enemy. The person he has always treated indifferently, even hated, is his biological mother. How can he accept this change?

How to face it?

She was very afraid that Jenkin Bai would break the current tranquility.

“rest early.”

Ana Lin gave a hum, then turned and walked out of the room.

However, as soon as she came out, Phillip Zong came in through the gate and happened to see her coming out of Danna Cheng’s room.

His eyes flickered.

Ana Lin came over, took the coat in his hand, and asked, “Is it serious?”

“It’s not life-threatening. I have a broken arm. I need to rest.”

After Phillip Zong finished speaking, he went up to the second floor, and Ana Lin hung up his coat before going up.

Pushing the door of the room, only a tall figure stood by the bed. He unbuttoned his shirt and turned his back to Ana Lin, “What are you doing in her room?”

Ana Lin closed the door and came in, “Ruth slept with her, I went in to see the child, why, can’t it?”

Phillip Zong didn’t answer the conversation, took off his shirt, threw it on the bed, untied his belt and went into the bathroom.

Soon there was a rush of water from the bathroom.

Ana Lin knew that he still had a gap with Danna Cheng.

She couldn’t help sighing, feeling that it was a kind of pressure to know too much. How good if she knew nothing?

You can stand in his position to look at all issues, and there won’t be so many troubles.

Thinking of Jenkin Bai’s affairs, she had a headache.

I don’t know whether to tell him or not, she is afraid that Jenkin Bai will do something else.

Having said that, if Phillip Zong is smart, he will definitely be aware of the connection.

She was so absorbed, she didn’t know when the water in the bathroom stopped.

“What do you think?”

She looked up and saw…

Chapter 336

He only has a white bath towel all over his body, his upper body is completely naked, and his strong muscles are unobstructed. With the texture of the muscles, large drops of water slide past his sexy thighs and rush to his sexier place…

This kind of him, matched with Leng Jun’s face, exudes a strong hormonal aura.

Ana Lin swallowed almost subconsciously, she turned her head aside, “Is the car accident an accident?”

She wondered if Foster Wen had noticed the clues.

If Jenkin Bai did something concealed enough to leave no traces, then she would temporarily not tell Jenkin Bai about Jenkin Bai’s affairs in City B. If Danna Cheng could persuade Jenkin Bai to put aside the grievances and leave City B, then This matter can be exposed as if it had never happened.

It will not affect anyone.

Phillip Zong lowered his eyes slightly, “No.”

“Artificial?” Ana Lin raised her voice suddenly, and soon felt that she was too excited. She tried to cover up with a smile, “I’m just worried.”

Phillip Zong was silent, staring at her faintly.

Ana Lin didn’t dare to look at him, lowered his head, “I’m going to take a bath.”

She was just moved by Phillip Zong’s wrist, and he commanded, “Look at me.”

Ana Lin still didn’t look up, trying to break free, “You hurt my hand.”

“Look at me.” The tone of neither high nor low is enough shocking.

Ana Lin panicked for a moment, then slowly raised his head, like a heavy hammer hanging on the tip of his heart, but connected to it is a thin cotton thread, which will fall down at any time and look at him. Every minute and every second of is suffering.

His eyes became deeper and deeper, and his voice became deeper and deeper, “What are you nervous about?”

“I’m not nervous.” Ana Lin pretended to be calm.

“You seem to be very concerned about whether this car accident was accidental or man-made, or, you know, it was not an accident?”

“I didn’t, I don’t know.”

A look of disappointment flashed across his eyes, which was quickly drowned, but Ana Lin did not catch it.

“I don’t like you hiding too many things from me. Another layer of concealment means distrust.”

He let go of her hand, he hoped that Ana Lin could take the initiative to speak to him.

Instead of being forced out by him.

Ana Lin stopped Phillip Zong at the moment he turned, “I… saw Jenkin Bai today.”

Phillip Zong turned around, his eyes narrowed slightly, and soon he grasped the key. Jenkin Bai had said before that he wanted to find out who imprisoned Bai Hongfei and wanted to avenge him.

When he came to City B, Foster Wen had a car accident.

In other words, he found out that it was Bai Hongfei who was imprisoned by Foster Wen that year, so he came to City B and planned the car accident.

Ana Lin hugged him and pressed her face against his chest, “Seeing that my uncle is not life-threatening this time, don’t pursue it. Give me some time and I will persuade him to leave.”

Phillip Zong frowned, he didn’t like Ana Lin begging for that man.

“When did you meet?” His face was tight, and his neck stretched out in a straight line.

“When you went to the hospital.” Ana Lin told the truth, now she and Phillip Zong’s relationship is not stable, and she doesn’t want to create a barrier for no reason because of this matter.

Phillip Zong recalled the situation at the time, she took the initiative to leave, not to get him to the hospital as soon as possible, but she was going to see Jenkin Bai.

“Where did you meet?”


“What did you say?”

Ana Lin looked up, her heart hurt a little.

“That said, he found out who killed his adoptive father. He came to City B for revenge.”

Ana Lin let go of him, and she felt that Phillip Zong did not trust her to ask her so much.

She lowered her eyes, her eyelashes flickered, “Don’t you believe me?”

Phillip Zong pulled her into his arms again, pinching her chin, “I didn’t believe you, I just don’t like him to pester you, or you see him.”

He possessed, overlapped his lips with hers without a gap, bit her lips and said vaguely, “From now on, you are not allowed to see him.”


She just wanted to speak, but he suddenly increased his strength, frowning her in pain.

He pressed the man onto the bed.

Ana Lin earned a little, “I haven’t taken a shower yet…”

“I don’t despise you.”

When Ana Lin woke up, the room was still dark, but there was no one around. She grabbed the mobile phone on the table, pressed the bright screen, and the time displayed 11:25. She did it violently. It was noon?

It may be that she moved too fast and felt pain all over her body, especially her waist and lower body.

He was obviously on purpose last night.

Ana Lin got out of bed and put on clothes, opened the heavy curtains that were relatively dark, and the sun came in instantly. Today’s weather is very good, the sun is shining, and at this moment it feels like spring is blooming.

Ana Lin washed up and went downstairs. There was no one at home. The two children went to kindergarten. Zong Qifeng went to see an old friend, and Danna Cheng went to the hotel.

When Jenkin Bai saw Danna Cheng, she was surprised, but she didn’t expect that she would take the initiative to find herself.

It just so happened that he also wanted to talk to Danna Cheng about this as a good opportunity.

“I took the liberty to come to you.”

Jenkin Bai smiled, “I treat you as a relative, so you are welcome to come in and say.”

Danna Cheng walked in with her bag.

Jenkin Bai asked the plateau to stand guard at the door, “No one is allowed to disturb.”

The plateau bowed to make it clear.

Jenkin Bai rolled her wheelchair into the room and closed the door, “Please sit down.”

Danna Cheng sat down on the sofa and said, “I won’t be too tempted, so I went straight to the subject. I don’t want you to seek revenge for Foster Wen for the past.”

Jenkin Bai was a little surprised at this point. He did not expect that Danna Cheng did not want him to take revenge.

He does not understand, does not understand.

“At the beginning, he imprisoned you, begging to imprison my adoptive father. You are a very important person in my adoptive father’s mind. Of course, I also respect you very much, but I cannot accept your words. How can I say that you and my adoptive father fell in love. He was chopped off his finger, I think you know it well. Now I want to avenge him. Not only did you not support it, but also stop it. I don’t understand.”

Danna Cheng clenched her hands tightly, her nails scraped red marks on the back of her hands, but she didn’t feel it at all.

She will never forget the scene of Foster Wen forcing her to call Zong Qifeng. Bai Hongfei was pressed on the table by two forced men. If she didn’t hit him, he cut off Bai Hongfei’s finger, threatened her, and forced her.

In the end, she had no choice but to do as he said.

“Do you care about my adoptive father?” Jenkin Bai actually wanted to ask, have you ever loved Bai Hongfei?

But thinking that Bai Hongfei had been dead for many years and Danna Cheng was not young, she didn’t ask any questions.

“I care about him, and I will see you today. I think if he is alive, he doesn’t want you to put yourself in danger. Let go.”

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