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Chapter 331

Ana Lin looked solemn, she walked in and patted her back, “Is it all right?”

Lena Qin shook her head, “It’s okay, I don’t know if I have eaten my stomach, recently…”

Having said this, she suddenly thought of something and suddenly shut up.

Ana Lin came here, and when she saw her vomiting, he thought of it, “Let’s go to the hospital.”

Lena Qin’s hands trembled a little, as if she didn’t know how to react for a while.

Ana Lin hugged her, patted her back, and quietly comforted her.

“Sister Lin, can you promise me one thing?” Lena Qin said hoarsely.

Ana Lin said, “Okay, you say.”

“…I mean if, if, I really have, don’t tell Alan Su, okay?”

She didn’t want to be with someone because of external reasons, she knew exactly what she wanted.

Ana Lin understood and nodded, “I won’t say, but if you really are… you still have to think about it later.”

After all, if you have a child, you must consider his future growth environment and how important a healthy family is to the child’s growth.

Ana Lin drove her to the hospital.

Because it was night, the emergency clinic that I hung up took a B-ultrasound and a urine test. The B-ultrasound showed that there were embryos in the uterus. About seven weeks later, the urine test was positive, and both of them determined that she was pregnant.

Lena Qin sat by the flower pond outside the hospital, looking at the test sheet, bowed her head and said nothing.

Ana Lin didn’t know how to comfort her. If she and Alan Su had a stable relationship, the arrival of this child would undoubtedly be a happy event, but now, it is clear that Lena Qin and Alan Su’s relationship has not been eased.

“I don’t want it.” Lena Qin hasn’t spoken since the inspection.

Suddenly speaking, Ana Lin caught Ana Lin off guard.

Ana Lin didn’t try to persuade, because she knew Lena Qin’s words were just impulsive, and she knew too much about her feelings as a mother.

She would definitely be reluctant to let her go to the operating room.

It’s not emotional, it’s nature.

Lena Qin was surprised that Ana Lin did not persuade herself to stay, and looked up at her, “Do you also think I should get rid of it?”

Ana Lin said seriously, “I know, you won’t.”

Lena Qin was speechless for an instant. Yes, when she said she didn’t want it, she felt heartache. She struggled in her heart and finally hesitated.

“It’s too cold outside, I’ll take you back.” Ana Lin helped her up.

When Lena Qin stood up, she hugged Ana Lin, “It’s nice to have you.”

She can always give her a very pertinent opinion, without excessively interfering with her affairs, the scale is just right, so that people who get along with her will be very comfortable.

Ana Lin sent her to her residence, “I won’t tell Alan Su, don’t worry, take a good rest.”

Lena Qin nodded, “Then I will go in.”

Ana Lin waved his hand and said that it was cold outside, and hurried in.

Seeing Lena Qin entering the corridor, Ana Lin started the car to go to the company.

When the car drove into the financial and commercial district full of tall buildings, even the pedestrians on the road walk faster than the people outside. It seems like a race against time, which is their normal state.

Ana Lin parked the car in the underground parking lot of the company building.

She had worked here for a few days before, and she didn’t know the route here, but she was more clear. She went up the elevator and pressed the button to the top floor.

When he reached the sixteenth floor, someone came up, and after pressing the button, he stood aside, and sometimes looked through the documents in his hand, as if he was making a final confirmation.

Upon reaching the top floor, the elevator door slid open. Only then did the man who entered noticed that Ana Lin was also on this floor, “Which department are you from?”

Regardless of the department, in a company, they always meet, but Ana Lin watched.

At this time Milton Guan came over, Ana Lin smiled, “I’m looking for him.”

The man knew, “It turned out to be Assistant Guan.”

Milton Guan saw her and walked over quickly.

Ana Lin greeted him first, “Long time no see.”

Milton Guan smiled wryly, “You didn’t hold a grudge?”

He meant to go to country A to investigate her.

Ana Lin’s pretentious contemplative appearance made Milton Guan uneasy for no reason.

“You, you know, this is not something I can call the shots, I’m just’according to orders’.”

He will be ordered to act and bite the words extremely hard, as if to remind her, to blame or not to blame him, to blame the initiator.

The man is a department executive who came to give Phillip Zong the documents to be signed. When he passed by Milton Guan, he joked, “Your girlfriend?”

Milton Guan is in the company with a very high status, and for the first time I saw him being so sincere and fearful of a woman.

Look at him.

Milton Guan’s face tensed. He still wants to live a few more years. There will be no harm to him. He was about to explain, but the man had walked to the office door and knocked on the door.

A low voice came from inside, “Come in.”

The man opened the door and walked in, handing over the document, “This is a new plan.”

The company is acquiring an electrical appliance. It used to be that the company’s electrical appliances were sold at home and abroad, and it had been brilliant. However, because of the inability of the successor, the annual sales volume continued to decline. Phillip Zong was about to explore the market for electrical appliances, so he focused This company.

The last time the plan was not passed, this was done again.

The door of the office was not closed. While waiting for Phillip Zong to read the plan, the man looked out and found that Milton Guan was still talking to the woman.

Ana Lin knew that Phillip Zong had a job now, so he deliberately didn’t go in.

After Phillip Zong browsed the new plan, he was still satisfied. After signing the letter, he closed the folder and looked up and saw him outside the door.

He glanced outwards and found Ana Lin, his lips pressed tightly, why didn’t he come in?

He threw the folder in his hand on the table and snapped, and the man returned to his senses and hurried to get it, and said angrily, “Assistant Guan’s girlfriend is pretty.”

Phillip Zong’s eyes narrowed, Milton Guan’s girlfriend?

The man thought Phillip Zong was interested, and pointed to Ana Lin, “Just her, I just took the elevator up with me, and said that she was coming to find Milton Guan, and she kept talking.”

Phillip Zong leaned back and unfastened his cufflinks. He looked gloomy and moved his lips, “Call him in.”

The man suddenly felt that the surrounding air had suddenly cooled down. He walked to the door and shouted Milton Guan, “Zong always calls you.”

Milton Guan looked at Ana Lin, “Go in together?”

Ana Lin saw that the men had come out with the documents, thinking that Phillip Zong should be busy coming, so he nodded.

Milton Guan and Ana Lin walked in. The man didn’t have any gossip thoughts, just the quickest moment.

“President Zong, I’ll go ahead.” The man said.

“Hold on.” Phillip Zong stood up. He was only wearing a shirt and his cuffs were rolled up, revealing half of his strong little arms. He tugged at the neckline, “Tell them what you just said.”

Chapter 332

The man looked at him, what did he say?

It seemed that he understood in an instant, he looked at Milton Guan, “Oh, I just told Mr. Zong that your girlfriend is pretty.”

Milton Guan’s body shook, and he almost didn’t fall off. The next second he opened his eyes wide and stared at the man, “Nima, are your eyes in the crotch? My girlfriend?”

Ana Lin was standing beside Phillip Zong, faintly seeing the blue veins on his forehead beating, she calmly leaned against him.

But I was spitting out in my heart. Didn’t others misunderstand it without knowing it?

As for being so angry?

The man is a little confused, what is going on?

Look at Milton Guan for a while, and Ana Lin for a while.

Did he say the wrong thing?

The man only sweats on his forehead, “That me…”

Ana Lin knew that this man had a weird temper. It was because she didn’t want to disturb his work and didn’t come in immediately, which made people misunderstand. She didn’t want Phillip Zong to anger people.

She looked at the man, “Actually, I’m here to find your Chief Zong, so go ahead.”

The man didn’t dare, he looked at Phillip Zong as if he was listening to his instructions.

Phillip Zong scolded in a deep voice, “Didn’t you hear what she said?”

The man opened his mouth wide, did he know something?

This woman…

“Don’t leave yet?” Milton Guanjai squinted him.

The man walked in a panic, not paying attention to the door, and bumped into it, a bulge on his head instantly, Milton Guan looked at him. “There is a problem with my eyes. Go to the hospital when you have time.”

“It’s time to go and see your eyes.” The man trot out, clutching his forehead.

Milton Guan smiled doglegally, “I don’t have a bad look, I’m messing with Mandarin ducks.”

It’s a pity that Phillip Zong didn’t pay the bill, staring at him lightly.

Milton Guan felt hairy in his heart and looked at Ana Lin for help.

This is his fault again, don’t toss him.

As soon as Ana Lin wanted to speak, Phillip Zong spoke, “Are you going to intercede with him?”

She closed her mouth decisively.

Milton Guan looks as though he is at your disposal.

He felt that he was particularly unlucky today.

Ana Lin took the initiative to take his arm and asked, “What time do you get off work?”

Phillip Zong’s anger didn’t disappear, and there was no answer.

Ana Lin stepped his feet and hooked his neck acted like a baby, “I’m hungry, shall we go eat?”

She waved to Milton Guan with Phillip Zong on her back, Milton Guan knew, and moved quietly to the door.

Phillip Zong lowered his eyes to look at her. She laughed. Her eyes were as bright as crescents. He did not look up, “You are responsible for this acquisition.”

Milton Guan breathed a sigh of relief, “Okay.”

After speaking, walk out quickly and close the office door.

Ana Lin let go of his hand and wanted to withdraw. Phillip Zong grabbed her waist and squeezed her body into his arms. He cocked his lips, “Why, I want to go after using me?”

The two bodies fit closely together, Ana Lin lowered his head and whispered, “You are too stingy.”

He squeezed her chin and lifted it, and pecked her lips, “Where am I stingy?”

Is he normal? That man can tolerate his own woman, who is said to be the girlfriend of another man?

Male chauvinism, Ana Lin thought silently in her heart.

She was awkward, “You call Alan Su, I want to see him.”

Phillip Zong, “…”

“By the way, what did you ask me to do?” Ana Lin suddenly thought.

He was very busy during this time, leaving early and returning late, and didn’t sit down with her for a meal. He asked the secretary to set a position and wanted to go out to dinner with her alone, so he called her over.

Phillip Zong didn’t answer her, but asked, “What is Alan Su doing?”

Ana Lin thought of Lena Qin’s uncomfortable appearance, she sighed, she looked up at Phillip Zong, “I want to beat him.”

Phillip Zong looked at her for quite a while, his eyelashes trembling, he rubbed his forehead, and he was a little bit dumbfounded for a while.

“You call him.” Ana Lin plunged into his arms and grabbed his collar. She seldom took the initiative to act like a baby in front of him, she still looked like a little girl.

Phillip Zong smiled, deliberately silent.

Ana Lin grabbed his collar and pulled it towards him, with the tip of his nose next to the tip of his nose. He could clearly see the fine hairs on her face and the extremely fine sweat on her forehead.

She pretended to be vicious, “Can you fight or not?”

Ana Lin had a plan in mind that she was different from Phillip Zong.

When she fights, she will show dissatisfaction with him later, and that is her alone. If Phillip Zong fights, then she will express dissatisfaction with him or say something bad, which can also show that Phillip Zong thinks the same way. of.

After all, he made the call.

Phillip Zong blinked, his eyelashes wrapped around her fluttering hair, he suddenly smirked, funny and helpless, “I listen to you.”

He turned around, “But there is a condition.”

She calmed down and asked, “What conditions?”

He lowered his eyes, pondered, and said with interest, “You take the initiative?”

Ana Lin, “…”

Her face flushed, Phillip Zong hugged her tightly and didn’t continue teasing. He wrapped her with one hand, pressed the phone on the desk with the other, dialed Alan Su’s number and asked him to come out for dinner.

What Alan Su promised was refreshing.

After hanging up the phone, Phillip Zong looked at her and asked, “Is this all right?”

Ana Lin whispered.

But now Phillip Zong still can’t leave, and there are some documents that need to be processed today. He asked Ana Lin to sit on his lap, holding her in one hand while looking at the documents. There were a stack of folders on the table, Chinese and English. , All kinds of data, all kinds of professional words, a lot of her can’t understand, dazzled, her head hurts, nestled in his arms, lethargic, Phillip Zong smoothed her back, let her sleep, “Wait for me Call you,”

Ana Lin half stared, and gave a faint hum.

Later, she really fell asleep, and Phillip Zong woke up when she hugged her in the car. She asked you if you were done.

Phillip Zong put on her coat and said, “Should you be hungry?”

Ana Lin nodded.

Supper time has passed long ago, now I am going to eat, I don’t know if it is supper or supper.

The lights are bright, and the night is rendered like day.

Soon Phillip Zong parked his car in a high-end restaurant.

Ana Lin looked out the window and inadvertently saw Alan Su talking with a woman on the side of the road.

She lowered the car window, and the cold wind came in. She closed her coat and stared at the woman, thinking that it was the ex-girlfriend of Alan Su?

Are there still contacts?

She squinted her eyes, obviously unhappy.

When Liu Feifei left the hospital that day, she had been looking for someone to follow Alan Su in an attempt to sabotage them.

Knowing that Lena Qin had left the Su family, the old lady couldn’t speak now.

She felt that now is a good time to save Alan Su.

But she knew that she could no longer use tough methods, so this meeting was still a strategy, but she did not take the initiative to speak to Alan Su, but instead played herself as a helpless woman who was trapped by a’pervert’ and made a profit.

Of course this’pervert’ is the one she arranged.

She can’t take the initiative to speak to Alan Su, so let Alan Su take the initiative to speak to her.

She didn’t believe it. Alan Su could watch her being entangled by a man, even if he drew a line, after all, had he ever loved her?

More emotional than strangers, right?

She calculated the time, and sure enough, when Alan Su saw her being entangled, she still came to relieve her.

In dealing with the’pervert’, she got her feet.

Liu Feifei deliberately didn’t want to disturb him, said thank you, and limped on her own.

Alan Su really didn’t want to have anything to do with her, but when she saw her walking unsteadily, she still moved with compassion.

“Where are you going, I will see you.” Alan Su held her arm.

Liu Feifei lowered her eyes, “Forget it, I’m afraid it will cause you trouble.”

“Even strangers can help this.”

This time Liu Feifei did not refuse.

“I’m sorry, I wanted to save you too much before, and did a lot of extreme things, which brought a lot of inconvenience to your life. I’m really sorry.” She looked empathetic, as if she had returned to what she was a long, long time ago. she was.

Alan Su was in a daze for a while.

Chapter 333

Liu Feifei lowered her head and used her peripheral vision to observe Alan Su’s expression.

Although his expression was not too loose, Liu Feifei knew that he did not reject herself this time, because she was too eager for quick success and quick profit, which made him disgusted.

She has forgotten one thing. She has been away for too long, and the relationship has faded long ago, or even gone.

If you want to get him again, you have to heart it.

Let him find the joy of being with her, they have many memories, these Lena Qin absolutely cannot replace.

She smiled softly, “Did you blame me?”

Without waiting for Alan Su to answer, she said to herself again, “It’s okay to blame me, after all, it’s my fault.”

Alan Su couldn’t say anything.

When he walked to the car, Alan Su took out the key, pressed the unlock button, and opened the car door, “Go up, I’ll take you back.”

Liu Feifei smiled and said, “You haven’t eaten yet? I’ll just take a taxi, so I won’t disturb you.”

Saying that she turned around and was about to leave, Alan Su held her, “Your foot hurts, let me see you off.”

Liu Feifei still refused, “It’s really not necessary. After all, you are already married. I walked too close to you. It was not very good. The mistakes I made before can’t be done again now.”

After speaking, Liu Feifei limped to the side of the road.

Alan Su stood there, looking at her back.

“Go if you want, why hesitate?” A mocking voice sounded from behind him, and Alan Su turned around and saw Ana Lin standing behind him.

He froze for a moment. Did she see it just now?

He almost instinctively explained, “We just happened to meet her, she was pestered by a horny man, I can’t help but help?”

Ana Lin smiled, “Heroes save the beauty. This is something every man will do. You are not wrong. It is me who is wrong. I am crazy, so I want to match you and Xiaoya. Now it seems that Xiaoya is right. Yes, you are simply a confused person.”

Alan Su stepped up, “This is really a misunderstanding…”

“What’s the misunderstanding?” Ana Lin looked at him in his spare time, “You are sympathetic and want to send people home. Is it a misunderstanding?”

“She hurt her foot…”

“She has no family or friends, so you have to?” Ana Lin interrupted him sharply.

Now she finally understood why Lena Qin didn’t want to have children.

Does he understand his mind?

Ana Lin closed her words and tried her best to calm herself down. She took a deep breath, “Alan Su, if you still have feelings for your ex-girlfriend, promise me one thing and don’t go to Xiaoya again.”

Alan Su was a little flustered inexplicably, he just wanted to reach out to pull Ana Lin, touched Phillip Zong’s fierce gaze, he withdrew his hand, “I like Lena Qin.”

Ana Lin wanted to smile, but facing Alan Su who couldn’t figure out the situation, he couldn’t smile.

“Do you like Xiaoya?”

“Yes, I like her.” Alan Su answered quickly.

“Have you seriously thought about a problem? If she loves you, why did she leave you in the first place? And after leaving for so long, you are not curious, where did she go during this time? Who did she meet? Is there any during this period? Have experienced feelings?” Ana Lin asked sharply.

I am a lawyer, and they all say that the thinking of a lawyer is incomparable to ordinary people.

But Alan Su at this time. Even ordinary people don’t have IQ!

Alan Su’s approach really disappointed her!

Alan Su did not think about it carefully, but Liu Feifei had said why he wanted to leave him.

“She said that she was infertile and left me for fear that it might hurt me.”

Ana Lin finds it ridiculous. If he really loves that person and leaves without saying anything, it is love?

Then her love is too selfish.

In her opinion, this is not fulfillment. If she loves, she will be reluctant, even if she leaves, she will feel heartache. Even if she wants to say that Alan Su, she left because of infertility and didn’t want to hurt him.

And it took so long as soon as I left, why do you want to come back now?

Are you afraid of hurting him now?

She thinks this reason is too far-fetched and illogical!

“Now I am particularly in favor of all Xiaoya’s decisions. You have disappointed me too much!”

After speaking, she turned into the car.

I don’t want to say a word with Alan Suduo.

How worried she was about Lena Qin’s situation, how tired of Alan Su’s procrastination at the moment.

Phillip Zong copied his pockets with both hands. He stepped over and reminded him earnestly, “She usually doesn’t treat people this way. Think about it yourself.”

His hands fell heavily on Alan Su’s shoulders, and Ana Lin suddenly offered to ask Alan Su, and he noticed the problem.

It must be something that happened to Lena Qin. Ana Lin took the initiative to find Alan Su for the purpose of matching him and Lena Qin. When he saw the scene between him and his ex-girlfriend Liu Feifei just now, I was very disappointed, so I was angry and didn’t leave it. Alan Su’s affectionate expression.

Alan Su’s heart was depressed, “Lena Qin is willing to see me now, but she treats me neither lukewarm nor warmth, and she does not respond to anything I say.”

No matter how hot the heart is, the temperature will be consumed.

Outsiders can’t intervene in emotional matters. This person is not Alan Su and he can’t say that just now.

Whether you can understand it still depends on Alan Su himself.

Phillip Zong got into the car and didn’t start the car, but went to slap her long hair, “Let’s go eat.”

Ana Lin felt that his stomach was full of flatulence, and was irritated by Alan Su.

In her opinion, this is a very simple question. If he loves Lena Qin, he should draw a clear line with his ex-girlfriend so that Lena Qin has a minimum sense of security.

If you still have feelings for your ex-girlfriend, don’t provoke Lena Qin again.

But what about him?

While saying that she loves Lena Qin repeatedly, she also made unclear contact with her ex-girlfriend.

She suddenly turned to look at Phillip Zong, “Lena Qin is pregnant.”

Phillip Zong actually had a guess, otherwise she wouldn’t be so excited just now.

He smiled dozingly, “So what do you want to do? Let me find someone to beat Alan Su?”

Ana Lin shook his head. This was obviously not a sensible behavior. When he beat him, it was just a sigh, and it was useless.

“I want to check his ex-girlfriend, where he went all these years, and why he came back suddenly?” If he left Alan Su because of infertility, then it means that his ex-girlfriend really loves Alan Su, so she asked Lena Qin to leave the country first.

As for whether Alan Su wants to get back with his ex-girlfriend, that is his own business.

All she can do is try not to let Lena Qin suffer more harm.

Phillip Zong sighed and felt that she was in charge of a lot, and at the same time she felt very’righteous’

Ana Lin seemed to see his thoughts and curled her lips bitterly, “Xiaoya has been following me and will return to China because of me. If she does not come back, she will not meet Alan Su, and she will not have the present Thing.”

She felt that she was also responsible.

Phillip Zong’s eyes twitched. What should he do if she doesn’t come back?

He hugged her and got out of the car, “Go and eat something first.”

Ana Lin absently followed him out of the car. Phillip Zong made a decision. The waiter led them to their positions. After sitting down, Phillip Zong took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to Keller Shen, asking him to investigate Liu Feifei. Milton Guan will be busy lately. ,No time to.

Only let Keller Shen go, he is manned, professional, and efficient.

The waiter brought the dishes to the table.

Phillip Zong likes light, so the dishes he ordered are also light. The main dishes of this restaurant are also based on health preservation, so there is no greasy or big fish dishes.

Phillip Zong served her soup. The main ingredient of the soup was black-bone chicken, supplemented with ginseng, red dates and wolfberry, and simmered on low heat for two hours. This kind of soup will be produced. There is little oil and the soup is fresh and nourishing.

He remembered that Ana Lin said that she was not in good health. When ordering a meal, he asked the woman what soup was good. The waiter recommended this soup.

Ana Lin took a spoonful and put it in his mouth. The ginseng taste was very obvious. There was almost no extra ingredients, it was the taste of the ingredients themselves.

Very light, and her appetite.

Phillip Zong leaned back casually without moving his chopsticks, his eyes fell on her lower abdomen.

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